Ich habe die Stummschaltung von jetzt wieder aufgehoben, das sollte für weniger kaputte Konversationen sorgen. Wenn der Spam von dort aber wieder zunimmt, dann sagt bitte unbedingt bescheid. #Mastoadmin

Mark Smith
7 hours ago

#mastoadmin In light of Louisiana law passed by the legislature (and likely to be signed by the Governor), this instance has added a rule:

"All residents under the age of 18 who reside in Louisiana are prohibited from using this instance, due to State Law. This instance is not verifying age of users. Those who live in Louisiana who create a user ID on this instance state by their action that they are 18 years or older."

Stefan Bohacek
9 hours ago

The instance will be shutting down on September 15th.

Any way the fediverse can help @maker keep it going?

#fediverse #admin #MastoAdmin #handmade #help #support

Roni Laukkarinen
10 hours ago

Admins out there, please note, #MastodonBirdUI CAN be now added as an optional theme. See the hack made by @stux: #MastoAdmin

Mastodon Bird UI as Site theme option on Mastodon, named as Elephant in the screenshot.

#mastoadmin tips for cheap Europa #backup #bucket storage

16 hours ago

#MastoAdmins I'm shutting down on September 15th in case your server is a good place for the member accounts to migrate. I just don't have the funds to keep it going beyond that.
Please also do not render unsolicited advice about cheaper DIY hosting. I'm the primary caregiver to a special needs child and do not have the tech chops or time. That is why is so awesome.
If you'd like to take over the instance, I'm open to transferring.

1 day ago

Does anyone have a Mastodon CSS template I can use to effectively replace the Mastodon purple (buttons, highlighted items, etc) with my own colour of choice?

I need this to work in the Admin interface in Mastodon - I don't have access to the underlying Mastodon box…

#mastodon #mastoadmin #mastodonhelp #mastodonadmin #css

Roni Laukkarinen
1 day ago


There are many things I'd like to have improved. That's why I have designed my own UI "in the meantime". If I had all the time in the world I'd be contributing more to the Mastodon core. But for now I just add my own #CSS.

Glad there's a choice to create your own. #MastoAdmin #Mastodon #MastodonBirdUI

@stux @Gargron

Camilo Bravo :drumset:
1 day ago

#MastoAdmin question: what are the default values for WEB_CONCURRENCY and MAX_THREADS in a non-Docker installation? I don't see these values defined anywhere in .env.production or /etc/systemd/system/mastodon-web.service

2 days ago

Hm. Versuche jenen, denen ich auf der alten Instanz folgte, hier zu importieren. Irgendwie hakt das. Kommt das zeitversetzt? #MastoAdmin #neuhier

2 days ago

Buckle up folks,

database cleansing has started.


Bryson Shepard 🌱🌻
2 days ago

@ Local People, sorry for the downtime a domain that was used internally was taken down on a server hold and caused a whole host of issues. Currently awaiting our smtp to come back up when it's finally released... until then will have some missing emails.

#serverIssues #serverAdmin #mastoAdmin #mastodonAdmin #namecheapSucks #shortDotToo

Watts to the Wheels
2 days ago

In eigener Sache #Mastoadmin #electroverse

Ich habe letztes Jahr diese Domain registriert mit .tech am Ende. Für ein paar Euro, nichts besonderes sonst wäre mir das direkt aufgefallen. Gerade wurde die Domain für ein Jahr verlängert. Mein Domain-Supplier berechnet für die verlängerung einer .tech Domain 90 Euro. Das hat mich gerade etwas schockiert.

Kennt jemand einen Domain-Provider mit normaleren Preisen?


(Bitte Teilen)

2 days ago

My single user Mastodon Instance now officially has 100% uptime for the last 30 days. 😊

Actually, my last recorded outage as on 4th April - will I get to 100% over 90 days?


Screenshot from uptimerobot, showing 100% uptime for the last 30 days, and 99.950% for the last 90 days.

welke #mastoadmin kan dit verklaren drie gebruikers maar en dan vierde actieve server???

teqqy :apple_dev:
2 days ago

Hmm. „tootctl media remove --days=60“ hat gestern nicht geholfen den Cache zu leeren.

"tootctl media usage" zeigt auch nur recht wenig an. Dennoch wird im S3 Sachen nicht gelöscht.

Gibts da noch ein Tipp von den #MastoAdmin

2 days ago

My favorite thing about #selfhosting my #mastodon instance on a surplus desktop from my university is the occasional swift kicks I have to give it to fix the buzzing of the poorly zip-tied-on case fan.

#mastoadmin #dell

Michael Potts (HMHackMaster)
2 days ago

Woohoo. Updated my [(unnecessarily) complex] Mastodon infrastructure to 4.1.2 with only a brief hiccup!

Speaking of updates, I find it annoying that some monitoring systems don't keep performing the monitoring during configured planned maintenance. Maintenance windows don't (shouldn't?) mean the service is hard down the whole time, it just means that downtime is expected.

Much prefer the "Maintenance: don't alert" and "Downtime: don't alert or poll" options.

#sysadmin #fediadmin #mastoadmin

Shadow :verified: :coffee:
2 days ago

I've come to the conclusion, #PWA apps are here to stay.

- auto-scroll federated timeline
- GIFs autoplay


Mastodon instance in PWA.
Sander Meijer
2 days ago

Currently Linode/Akamai is having its next connectivity issue to my used S3 bucket. This one has been one to many and I'm looking for alternatives. I have the VMs for in Frankfurt, Germany.

Any suggestions for a reliable S3 compatible storage provider?

Thanks a lot!


teqqy :apple_dev:
2 days ago

WTF?! Der S3 Bucket meiner Mastodon Instanz ist schon 77 GB groß?!

Muss wohl mal nach Aufräumtasks gucken. #mastoadmin

Jeroen Postma
2 days ago

Are you enforcing the use of the 'bot' flag for bot accounts on your instance? #MastoAdmin

3 days ago

Hi Fediverse admins / devs! I've got a question about instance software.

Up until now, I've been running a fork of glitch-soc that has served me well. Unfortunately, however, I'm starting to run up against some of Mastodon's limitations and the effort to maintain my own fork is just too much. (seriously, fuck Rails and especially Webpacker :blobfoxangry:​) I'd like to switch instance software to something with more features out-of-the-box. I'm considering Calckey, but I don't have any experience with it or any other Misskey derivative. The feature set looks great on paper but I'd like to hear from someone who has actually run it (or at least seriously evaluated the software). I'd greatly appreciate any and all input! I'm especially curious about these questions:

Can I migrate my account from a Mastodon-based instance?
How are the moderation features? I make heavy use of domain suspensions and even the occasional IP ban.
Both glitch-soc and Calckey support Markdown, but different variants. How does that work in practice? Does formatting break?
How's the security track record for Calckey / Misskey?
Has anyone contributed or forked the codebase? Is it difficult to start a local dev environment? (not planning to fork, but I like to keep my options open.)
The "Fediverse Software Comparison" table has a few mistakes in the Mastodon and glitch-soc columns. They're minor, but it makes me wonder if that table is really trustworthy?
Are there any major compatibility issues with other instances? Minor differences are fine and unavoidable, but if there's a big limitation or something then I'd like to know about it.

Any other thoughts or feedback would also be wonderful. Thanks so much!

#FediAdmin #FediAdmins #FediDev #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #SelfHosting #ActivityPub

Arp Laszlo • Comics • ADHD
3 days ago

Is there a #server / #security setting in #Mastodon that would prevent being able to login to an external #ActivityPub server for #migration ?

I'm trying to test #Calckey and figured moving my followers would be the best way (since I can move them back) but my #selfhosted #MastoServer won't accept the Calckey password (and I already set the 'moving from' account in Calckey.

Also (totally unrelated, except to my #adhd): Calckey is a horrible name, for anything except maybe a hacky villain in a b-grade film.

#MastoAdmin #ServerAdmin #Fediverse

DerDitsch | Daniel
3 days ago

Ich will ja gar keinen Fame für meine Arbeit als Admin eines Mastodon-Servers, Konzepte wie das digitale Ehrenamt müssen allerdings massiv gestärkt werden, wenn wir eine souveräne, pluralistische und freie digitale Gesellschaft bleiben (oder werden?) wollen! #MastoAdmin #Ehrenamt

3 days ago

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #FediblockMeta One advantage of the #FediBuzz #Relay I just realised is that it can help with federating Fediblock posts to smaller instances. Here is the relay link for that, if you'd also find it useful:
Of course, this will also unavoidably lead to discovering more people spamming the hashtag. Deal with them as best you see fit. :ms_wink:

3 days ago

Really pleased with how my single user Mastodon instance kept up with #WWDC yesterday, my home feed was near real-time. #MastoAdmin 🤓

#mastoadmin community:

Have a user who’s totality of posts are not showing when you click on their profile, despite the post count showing a substantial number of posts. There are only a limited number visible.

User sees no configuration issues - and I don’t see any on the server. While I’ll continue to research - seeking #admin input if you have perspective!


4 days ago

Dear folks.

We've decided to clean our database so that we can scale down our server resources and guarantee the life of for quite a few more months.

The process will delete all the posts from before 2 years ago. If you'd like to save a copy of your data you can export it and save it locally.

We'll trigger the process next Wednesday the 7th of June.



Lieve #edutooters Dank voor jullie steun
Op verzoek heb ik deze nu ook En twee steunen mij al voor 1 euro per maand!! hoe gaaf Hier is jullie #edu #mastoadmin erg blij mee

Ciechom :fuck_verify:
4 days ago

#mastoadmin I need help. After adding s3 to my instance I get a lot of errors: Aws::S3::Errors::RequestEntityTooLarge: Aws::S3::Errors::RequestEntityTooLarge
The s3 bucket is minio which is selfhosted. Can anyone point me where to look to fix it? My googling skills seem to be failing me with this.

4 days ago

apparently the fucking button to sign up for is broken on desktop and I can't figure out why.

the button works fine on mobile.

why? who the fuck knows.


Jeroen Postma
4 days ago

Last ops post for now.
Hooked up #metabase to the mastodon database in order to easily re-use some queries.

Here's the stats for a small instance with just a few users. The instance has been running since december 2022 although some accounts and data have been culled since.

I'd love to compare this with other instances to see degree of isolation from the rest of the network. Hope this helps some other instance admins as well.

#OpenSource #MastoAdmin

A dashboard showing the following tiles with questions and answers:

How many accounts does our instance know of in total?

How many human owned accounts does our instance know of?

How many bot accounts does our instance know of?

What is the total size of media files?
43 GB

What is the size of media files posted by humans?
39 GB

What is the size of media files posted by bots?
4278 MB
How many instances have we defederated from?

How many accounts have we suspended?

What is the size of the Mastodon database?
8074 MB
Jeroen Postma
4 days ago

TIL that any anonymous client can register apps on a Mastodon instance without approval/whitelisting. (Yikes)

Found out some data mining clients had registered for API access. Endpoint is now locked down and access revoked.

Also suspended all bot accounts as they made up ~13% of posts and were consuming lots of space. Imagine how wasteful those shitty weather/airline/news/AI bots are at scale...


4 days ago

In the meantime we're looking at downgrading the server's plan, that would make a huge difference financially-wise, but to do so we need to clean our database cache.

Doing so will mean deleting all the posts and interactions from a set date, for example everything before 2 years ago, which would be our first try to see how much space we can save.

I'm asking you frequent users of will you be okay with that?

Please let me know.




5 days ago

I just seen an account pop up on my TL that's from bird makeup, and I'm wondering if this might be a random scraper or something that doesn't ask for permissions to use or the like

#mastoadmin #fediadmin

Essem :skeeter:
5 days ago

Have any other instance admins running on the main branch/nightlies/glitch-soc had any OpenSSL auth errors when Sidekiq tries to send mail after upgrading to Ruby 3.2? Right now we're stuck on Ruby 3.0.6 because of this issue. #mastoadmin

The context for this screenshot is an account created on #Tooters while I was asleep was responsible for 95% of those enqueued jobs. Thousands of jobs per minute until the server couldn’t meet the demand. I honestly don’t even know yet how the hell they were accomplishing this.

If you have an account with Tooters, and noticed a 3 hour delay in your timeline overnight I apologize for that, and this is what led to that happening.

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

Sollte jetzt auch gehen das Problem war nicht IP sondern DNS wo irgendwie auf dem Primary eine alte Zone noch mal geladen wurde. 🙄


Irgendwie scheint es bei Hetzner mit der IP vom Neuen Server ein Problem zu geben. Ich hab da mal ein Support Ticket aufgemacht.


Admin Jerry
6 days ago

Someone appears to have implemented an interesting public service bot that may demonstrate a potential attack.

Overnight, someone opened an account on my server to advertise a gambling website. I suspend these account types every morning.

But, this morning I saw a report about the account, which surprised me, since the offending account hadn't posted anything. Why would anyone have seen it?

The report was placed by a bot, @mastodon.internal.

If this is a bot that finds scam/spam accounts, it is helpful. But, I didn't know bots could open reports and this is what bothers me.

Can a bot open countless reports as a DOS attack against a server?

Is there anyone who can comment on this?

#Mastoadmin #Mastodev #bot #DOS #DDOS #fediverse

Roni Laukkarinen
6 days ago

Added Share Mastodon posts better - By default, the Messages app on iOS and macOS shows a pretty meh preview of Mastodon links. Now you can make them look so much nicer!

Full list of tools:

#Mastodon #MastoAdmin #MastodonTools #Fediverse

6 days ago

C'è un modo per seguire un hashtag ? Per ora aggiungo un tab per ogni hashtag che mi interessa.

#mastohelp #mastoadmin

Hmm irgendwas war gerade komisch mit der Firewall auf dem Host. Muss ich mal beobachten.


Mastodon Migration
6 days ago

Great resource for Fediverse developers!

jointhefediverse . net developer @stefan has produced a great quick cookbook of Fediverse apps code for developers >>>

"Here's a very work-in-progress authentication server I use for my fediverse connections data visualization project >>> "

Here's his post from today linking these great resources >>>

Also check out

#mastodev #Fediverse #mastoadmin

so my finances for this server are $20yr hosting & $10yr on domain registration. small price to pay to talk to all the little people in my phone and have a good time

🍻 #mastoadmin

Christian Pietsch 🍑
6 days ago

Wer eine Mastodon-, Pleroma-, Akkoma-, Misskey-, Foundkey- oder Calckey-Instanz betreibt und diese an das ActivityPub-Relay der #Fedimins anschließen will, kann das hier beantragen:

Das ist ein Discourse-Forum. Für deutschsprachige Fediverse-Admins ist es in jedem Fall eine gute Idee, sich da einen Account zu klicken, finde ich.

#Mastodon #Pleroma #Akkoma #Misskey #Foundkey #Calckey #ActivityPubRelay #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

6 days ago

Since I’m running a singe user instance, I’m connected to a few relays to get more reach/rich feed.

But what if someone on another instance posts something illegal, and my server gets that posts and cache it for a while.

Since I have no chance looking through all posts coming to my server, I will not even know there is illegal stuff on my server.

Could I be liable for this in case police comes and take a look at my server?
I guess this might be a little different depending on which country you are in?

How does other admins handle this? 🤔

#Mastodon #MastoAdmin

Da ich durch den Umzug diesen Monat doppelte Server Kosten habe wäre es nett wenn der eine oder andere mal eine Spende dalassen könnte.


Falls sich jemand fragt warum ich den Sever verkleinert habe hier mal die Antwort in einem Bild. 🥱

Server Dashboard vom Server der letzten 90 Tage quasi keine CPU auslastung Speicher ca 16GB Festplatte jetzt  ca 50% war bevor ich die Festplatte verkleinert habe so um 20%.

You may have gone searching for and noticed you’re not able to defederate because you aren’t one of the ~2% of connected instances.

I searched for ‘RT_Russian [at]’ using Ivory for Mac, followed the account, and then you will see it within your federation panel.

#FediBlock #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

The instance is based in Russia, and has 142,790 user accounts, yet it only just came online, and is connected to ~2% of the total network.

Seeing as how it is home to RT I am choosing to defederate from this instance for breaking rule number 10 of Tooters:

No distribution of disinformation, or otherwise misleading information.

#FediBlock #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

Admin Jerry
6 days ago

Admins. Will you block?

A new Mastodon server, hosted in Russia,, which appears to glorify Elon Musk by showing one of his Tweets that says both that a publication named Pravda is equivalent to a publication that provides truth, and speaks against the the media, and which suddenly grew by 11K accounts overnight, which is not at all suspicious, is activated.

Admins. What are your thoughts? Will you Block? Limit? or Let it be?

#Fediblock #Mastodon #Mastoadmin #Russian

Shows part of the "about" section of, a Russian Mastodon instance, that displays an Elon Musk tweet, "Going to create a site where the public can rate the core truth of any article & track the credibility score over time of each journalist, editor & publication. Thinking of calling it Pravda ..."
1 week ago

And before anyone asks (and because I got a lot of comments saying I was mad) — no I don’t recommend this setup for a real, critical, production, #mastodon or #fediverse instance ;) it’s a single user thingie, and if it explodes or goes down for a bit no one will really care


Some #MastoAdmin got together and implemented various Pride flag SVG hacks into the Mastodon logo. Ours was done by @rrgeorge and is flying on the web UI now.

Screenshot of the with the Mastodon logo in pride flag colors.

There is no way I am going to preemptively decide to defederate from Meta without any reason. They haven’t even added any of their social media properties to AP yet.

I hate the behavior of Meta too, but limiting the potential growth of the fediverse because of this…I just can’t get behind that. Let them join the fediverse, and give us a reason to defederate.

I don’t flex nuts, ‘cause I know I got ‘em.

#FediBlockKvetching #FediBlockMeta #MastoAdmin

Timothée Goguely
1 week ago

🚩 As some of you may have noticed, last month was also the month of crypto scams. We resolved almost 70 reports only for the month of May!

Thanks to the moderators for their help and to all those who have reported these fraudulent accounts.

We hope that this will calm down a bit in the coming months, but nothing is less certain given’s moderation policy.


1 week ago

Definitely busy but seems to be able to keep up. #mastodon #mastoadmin #sidekiq

Busy task list for sidekiq
1 week ago

For what it’s worth, spawning a 2nd #sidekiq container (and setting DB_POOL=10) and letting it run for a few hours took care of all the delay. I now see posts from “a second ago” again. All this on a #raspberrypi

#mastodon #mastoadmin

1 week ago

I've given my 'Running a single-user Mastodon instance’ blog a full update, and it now includes details about

The server I'm currently running it on,
My S3 Object storage setup,
Full Text search,
Clear up tasks,
And - of course - #FediFetcher

#MastoAdmin #SingleUserInstance

1 week ago

You can see that #Sidekiq tasks have been slowly going down (fewer users using #Mastodon/#Fediverse?). Then I had this massive drop early May (not sure why, but likely a relay that stopped working).

I've now added a bunch of new relays and seeing the number of tasks going up massively (to the point Sidekiq is running 4-6hrs behind in my #Federated #timeline -- maybe I need to QA and remove some relays?)


sidekiq tasks over the past 6 months. Clearly slowly dipping down with one massive dip early May
Current list of relays
Paul Chambers
1 week ago

With servers shutting down, sometimes with little or no notice, a feature for #Mastodon could be automatic user backup to their personal cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows OneDrive, etc.

Yes, users can do manual backups but having it automated does add a bit of trust in the Fediverse ecosystem.

Then, when you create an account at a different server, say your server disappears, or a mass block event occurred and you want to move, you could #cloud import.
#MastoAdmin #MastoDev

Jeroen Postma
1 week ago

Did some analysis on media consumption per user/domain on our instance. #mastoadmin

It's unfortunate that 'reject media' is only available on domain level because the only user level action that's effective to mitigate heavy media posters is suspending their accounts.

Cleaned up a lot of bots, air traffic images, generative AI media and pornographic content.

Also, no, the internet doesn't need more generated crap every x minutes (looking at you, bot devs).

PowerBI analysis showing:

A horizontal bar graph showing the domains with the highest media size. Where is ranking 1st with 8.6GB in volume.

A horizontal bar graph showing the users with the highest media size. Where the 1st ranking user is using 3GB in volume.

A table showing each domain, how many media posters there are, the average media size per user for that domain and the total size.
1 week ago

@mariusor Hm. this isn't working the way I had hoped it would.

So, for context, I'm pulling data using the mastodon timelines/home endpoint.

I get back a list of Status objects. Each Status object contains a uri key, described as ' URI of the status used for federation.’

Here is a totally random example: https[://] When I curl this I get back HTML, regardless of my Accept header.

Any suggestions?

#mastodev #mastoadmin #fediadmin #ActivityPub

Hey other admins or moderators with access to do so, how often do you check your pending trending posts and approve them for the Explore page in the admin panel?

I can't imagine the sample size this poll will reach will be very big, but I'm still curious because I keep forgetting. :blobfoxwinkmlem:​ Give a boost if you're curious too. :blobfoxwinkmlem: #MastoAdmin #MastodonAdmin #MastodonMeta

every time I see something in the #VtuberHouse federated timeline that makes me go "eh?"--

like, it's sort of bizarre conspiracy-adjacent thinking, or 🙄 rah rah pro-Biden liberal whatever--

it turns out it federated to us via *one* specific account, followed by *one* inactive member of the House.

I'd feel strange suspending it, as it's not *hostile* content by any stretch, it's just sort of 😐, you know? Not sure if my job as #MastoAdmin extends to that sort of non-safety-critical curation.

Jerry Lerman
1 week ago

#peertube #fediverse #mastoadmin #newinstance

Hi All,

Because I wanted some experience with Docker so I have something familiar for playing with AWS Fargate (my next learning project), I set up a PeerTube instance (Fediverse application), using Peertube Docker containers.

I'm just now, a few moments ago, starting to play with it to see how I can follow and connect with Peertube, Mastodon, and Calckey users. This also means I hope there are no problems with it. It hasn't had much "shaking out" yet. I really don't know much about it yet.

If you're interested in playing with Peertube, or just interested in an alternative to YouTube, feel free to sign up. It will also help me test it.

Signups need to be approved to avoid the abuse that would come with a wide open registration. Just let me know in the request that you're coming from Mastodon and what your Mastodon handle is.

BTW, with Peertube you can directly import your videos from YouTube and, it says, you can share your YouTube channel in Peertube.

The server uses the Cloudflare CDN and videos are stored in Wasabi S3. If you're not in the U.S., I'd especially like to know how the performance is when playing videos.

And even better, it would be wonderful if you actually found it useful :)

1 week ago

#Introduction from my new and final home on the fediverse. This Mastodon server is #selfhosted on a #Raspberry Pi. Taking ownership of my social media will hopefully be empowering, enjoyable and educational.

Worked for 30+ years with software as my job, now just using it for fun. Master of the half finished #selfhosting project. #MacOS as desktop, #IOS on mobile, #RaspberryPi with #Ubuntu for #selfhosting. Also #Opensource #Privacy #Infosec #MastoAdmin

Husband, Dad and Spaniel owner also enjoys #Countryside #Cookery #GrimArt #Photography Interested in #OSINT and the fun party discussions topics of UK regionalism and social policy! Still hoping to one day move back to North East England.

Recovered football obsessive but still #NUFC

The Nexus of Privacy
1 week ago

@supernovae @tchambers @quintessence @stux and others in #MastoAdmin, very curious what your users think about the poll at

Anders Borch
1 week ago

Fixing your mastodon reply count - now with easy deployment for those who want to self-host. is now a github org, so it should be even easier to self-host.

#Federated #MastoAdmin #SelfHosting

Egh. Could be worse 🤷‍♂️

Media usage on my s3 bucket

Has any #mastoadmin found a multi-master redis config or alternative that is mastodon compatible that allows geographic diversity?

Oliphantasmal Force
1 week ago

For the #MastoAdmin who uses the "birdSiteLive" blocks, there's been several updates to the list.

I took my eyes off the road for one second…

Over the last hour I’ve had a huge (to reiterate: huge) influx of spam accounts being created. All registered with email addresses, and same IP address which resolves to Tallahassee.

Funny thing here is that reports the IP address being part of a range owned by Florida Department of Corrections. Uh…?

Apologies to those of you @,,, and who were @ mentioned.



I try and keep updated with what makes functional, but for those who like things in short bursts, here's the state of things. #MastoAdmin

Over the last month we've moved a lot of the core infrastructure to Kubernetes using Digital Ocean's managed platform. We roll our own containers based on a slightly modified version of the latest Dockerfile in the Mastodon repo. We "run from main" and we rebuild and push out updates almost daily, sometimes multiple times.

Alan McConchie
2 weeks ago

Ok, I just paid the US Copyright Office $6 for a three year registration as a #DMCA designated agent for the #SubduedSocial instance.

* I have no idea if I really needed to do it, since our server is hosted by @mastohost in Portugal I think?

* I have no idea if I did it "right", but you can at least find in the directory:

* I am certain there is a lot more I _could_ be doing, based on this: but oh well...

#FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

Grow Your Own Services 🌱
2 weeks ago

Mastodon admins, do you want your server to backfill missing posts that haven't federated to you yet?

There's a new tool for this called FediFetcher:


Bear in mind it's still very new, please read the github at

(If you're on managed hosting you cannot use this directly, you'll need to ask your managed hosting provider if they can offer it.)

Thank you to @nellie_m for highlighting this!

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #Mastodon #Fediverse #Backfilling

Eric the Cerise
2 weeks ago


Throwing in a #MastoAdmin hashtag to help attract your target audience.

2 weeks ago

spent some time updating my alpha antispam / general #mastoadmin tooling, mostly boilerplate and "add a web GUI" type stuff. Also, importantly, renaming all the components so that they are named after DBZ characters #mastodev #mastodonapi

A screenshot of a tool called "Detect-and-Ban-Zone", with a component called "Goku", some settings and component status to the left, logs to the right.
2 weeks ago

Don’t let a bad Apple spoil your #fediverse experience! The new version of Mastowatch includes the ability to obscure potentially gross or hurtful domains in the blocked domain list. And if you’re a #MastoAdmin, you can export any server’s list of blocked domains in a CSV that you can import into your own server, including comments and settings.

A screenshot of a list of blocked domains for a given Mastodon server where the severity of the block and the comments are visible but the actual domain names have been blurred
A screenshot showing the iOS share sheet open prompting the user to download or share a CSV of a list of blocked domains from a mastodon server
Günter :mildpanic:
2 weeks ago

@matt @dansup @pixelfed has this been proposed to @Gargron ? this looks amazing! What do other admins think? @CliffWade @stux @jerry @ruud


Art Rosnovsky
2 weeks ago

#LoungeTown has limited due to their hosting of @newsmax, a far-right transophobic and xenophobic misinformation outlet. If the issue at hand isn’t resolved soon and the account isn’t permanently removed, the instance will be suspended. #mastoadmin #fediblock

What I’ve learned so far with moderating an instance is that if someone who creates an account is going to be an issue it will happen fairly quickly.

Such is the case today, and nothing pleases me more than swiftly deleting TERF bullshit before it has a chance to breathe.


Julio J. 🀲
2 weeks ago

First impressions...

Why is every mastodon server out there flooding me with Delete Activities about users my server has never heard of?? And on a technical note, who is signing those activities? Is it the private key of the deleted user?

#mastoAdmin #fediDev #fediAdmin

Eric the Cerise
2 weeks ago

Addendum ... it's looking like nothing beyond 7 days ago is accessible, not even other people's post history.


Is this, perhaps, someaggressive way of saving bandwidth or disk space on our instance?

Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
2 weeks ago

For what it's worth, I felt this was relevant for filing this issue:

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

BT (Binary Tango)
2 weeks ago

Would love if admins had the choice to disable downloading and storing remote media from other servers and/or fine grain control if profiles are downloaded, only images, only video, etc.

Maybe put a placeholder image indicating remote media is available?


#Mastodon #Calckey #Pixelfed #MastoAdmin #MastoAdmins #AskFedi

Justin Ferrell
2 weeks ago

@stroughtonsmith added a free tier to @mastowatch, my Mastodon server inspector! Allows anyone to browse #Mastodon server rules, emoji and even blocked domains without having to sign up or register. I planned to hold off for #WWDC but got too excited and released this week. New features for #MastoAdmin folks like being able to copy and reuse any server’s list of blocked domains plus custom icons that I’m stoked about. #showcase

neville park
2 weeks ago

Yo what's that thingy for turning an RSS feed into a fedi account?

I've been meaning to set up something like that to help members keep tabs on accounts from big servers I have to silence/suspend.

(I feel like @darius might have set it up or at least know of it?)

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

2 weeks ago

The documentation on what exactly happens when suspending (“defederating”) another instance on a Mastodon server are now a bit clearer:



Equivalent to suspending all past and future accounts from the server. No content from the server will be stored locally except for usernames.

Suspending a server will remove all existing follow relationships between local accounts and accounts on the suspended server. They will not be restored in case the remote server is un-suspended later.