5 hours ago
Happy dog in front of the Siegessäule in Berlin, Germany
6 hours ago

You hear a lot about Ted who is a twat. But fizz, who is an adorable potato, needs love too. She's just so smol and so cute #dogs #mastodogs #dogsOfMastodon

Tiny sleeping border terrier
Layla H.
8 hours ago

sorry for the inactivity, but we received a new family member last week and i am busy mopping up piss all day!

this is ammy, a three month old pomeranian!

#mastoart #fediart #diarycomics #artjournal #mastodogs

a sloppy watercolor comic showing an anthro cartoony lynx picking up a puppy dog, lightening up the room
photo of a pomeranian puppy, very fluffy and round, sitting in a patch of grass and flowers
Chris Packham
1 day ago

You will not win the paw contest

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs

A sleepy hound dog with one gigantic paw sprawled out toward the camera

Familientreffen auf dem Weserdeich #mastodogs #bordercollie #askMeAboutMerle

Mutter und 2 Kinder (Tochter und Sohn) - welcher ist der Rüde?! ;)

3 Hunde (Rasse: Border Collie) sitzen im Gras. Das Gras gehört zu einem Deich, der im Hintergrund verschwindet und zu den Seiten abfällt. Weit im Hintergrund steht verschwommen ein Leuchtturm.
Die Hunde tragen Geschirre und schauen etwas rechts von der Kamera an. Ihre Fellfarben sind Braun-Weiß, Grau-Weiß und Dunkelbraun-Weiß. Alle drei hecheln etwas, der linke Hund am meisten.
Das Foto hat einen künstlichen Tiefenschärfe-Effekt (Portraitmodus).
Hanna Esmeralda
1 day ago
A dog drinking from a river.

Diese Bälle könnten sich ja auch mal selber holen! #mastodonrudel #hunderunde #mastodogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffedi #dogday #GoldenRetriever

Golden Retriever schwimmt ans Ufer eines Sees - mit einen Ball im Maul.
Josh McConnell :thisisfine:
4 days ago

We were just walking by and he wanted to go in. He’s trained well.

#pizza #dogs #dogsofmastodon #mastodogs

A dog stands outside a Little Caesars
5 days ago

#mastodogs Boddenhund im Kubitzer Bodden

Hund im Wasser -> Kubitzer Bodden -> Insel Rügen
Neil Clements
6 days ago

Ted (the gardener's friend) encounters ants for the first time. #mastodogs #dogs #gardening

A puppy attacks the garden path where he was ambushed by ants
Maria Alves
6 days ago
De focinho ao vento...a Foxy 🐾🐾
6 days ago

A North American Nesting Beagle in his natural habitat.

#beagle #mastodogs #NotAMorningPerson

Daniel the Beagle curled up in a tight ball in a pile of blankets on a chair.
1 week ago

Eigentlich würde ich mir so gerne Essensnachschlag holen. Aber ich kann nicht.

#mastodogs #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #dogstodon #hundeleben

Foto, von oben aus meiner Blickposition fotografiert. Man sieht meine ausgestreckten Beine, auf dem rechten liegt ein brauner Hundekopf (der restliche Hund hängt noch dran und ist am Bildrand auch zu sehen).
Paul Horn
1 week ago

Boomer is sad on mornings when the hoomans sleep in and the small dogs are on the bed.

Today he decided enough was enough.

Now to reinforce the training of “you’re allowed when I say you’re allowed.”

Wish us luck.

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDogs

Scene in a bedroom, viewed from the perspective of a person sitting up against the headboard looking down toward the foot of the bed.  Boomer, a very large Dane/Mastiff cross, has gotten his head and torso onto the foot of the bed, just beyond my feet. His two rear paws are still on the floor.
Same view. Now Boomer is fully onto the bed and is watching the bedroom door in the background, seemingly pleased with himself for getting this far. 

At left, Eloise (a small white dog) is sitting on the other side of the bed. Just beyond her, Stella (a small brown terrier mix) is on a gold chair just beyond the foot of the bed.
Hanna Esmeralda
1 week ago

Things that combine people living with little #kids, #dogs and #cats:

One can't even go to the toilet alone.

#Laika #ÄänislinnanLaika #koira #koirat #DogsOfMastodon #mastodogs #DogsOfFediverse #dog

A dog peeking behind a narrow door chink.
The dog has opened the door and is standing in a lot wider door chink.
Maria Alves
1 week ago


Good weekend my friends🐾🐾

My Foxy...🐾🐾☺️
2 weeks ago
Hanna Esmeralda
2 weeks ago

Fredrikan puistossa
Kriikunan alla
Laikalla koti oli kultainen

#Laika #ÄänislinnanLaika #koira #koirat #lenkillä #DogsOfMastodon #mastodogs #DogsOfFediverse #dog #dogs

A dog standing under a blossoming damson trea.
David August
2 weeks ago

Strike puppies unite 😃

This is Louie at the picket yesterday. He wants you to vote yes on strike authorization just like I do too.

#SAGAFTRAmember #WGAStrong #WritersStrike #UnionStrong #union #u1 #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs

Photo of a cute dog named Louie next to a picket sign that says: 
Acting Together for a Better Future

This is what I see every time I’m using a cutting board. They ❤️ veggies. Carrots are their favorite.

#DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs #Dogs #Vegetables #VeggieDogs

Three small dogs looking up at me with eyes of desire and wagging tales, on a wooden kitchen floor and rugs
3 weeks ago

Personally, I believe there are not enough Shiba Inu pictures available on Mastodon. So let’s start … 🐕

#shiba #shibainu #dogsofmastodon #mastodogs

Shiba Inu on a green meadow grinning with a tongue stuck out aside.
Tane Piper
3 weeks ago

When it's been a long week... (Yes this is how she fell asleep)

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #mastodogs

A puppy falling asleep in an awkward position
Tane Piper
1 month ago

Raising puppies is such a joy. This one just told me he wanted to come upstairs and be on his own, on our bed - instead of with his brothers and sisters. I guess even dogs need to destim sometimes

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #mastodogs

Artis the Polish hunting spaniel
Artis the Polish hunting spaniel
Artis the Polish hunting spaniel
Artis the Polish hunting spaniel
🌱 Fritillaria 🌱
1 month ago

Pluto T Dog puts himself to bed every night. What a goof.

#PlutoTDog #Mastodogs #DogsOfMastodon

Dog lying in bed and already sleeping
Sleeping dog has his mouth open slightly with a blanket in it a little. Not quite sure what’s going on here. What a goof!
Alec Perkins
1 month ago

Taking care of this knucklehead for the evening #MastoDogs #DogsOfMastodon

A mutt with floppy ears grins at the camera.

Earl “helping me” work on my book today.

#Writing #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs #WorkingFromHome

Small chihuahua in my lap resting his head on my MacBook trackpad with a glowing screen in the background
Tane Piper
2 months ago

5 week old #puppies having the best time #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #mastodogs

Polish hunting spaniel puppies playing with a swing
Brian Hough
2 months ago

@darth Mitzi says she’s part of the #mastodogs!

:steampowered: Harry
2 months ago

Here’s a timeline cleanse for you. Not that this server needs it, anyway.

“Heck!!! Wut laughing at? I was sleep”

#Dog #Blep #mastodogs

Dexter the dog has just been woken up by the sound of me taking a photo, and is looking back over his shoulder at me with discontent as his stupid long derpy blep hangs out of his mouth.

Ball holen und Löcher buddeln macht müde und dreckig. #mastodonrudel #hunderunde #mastodogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffedi #dogday #GoldenRetriever

Golden Retriever sitzt mit verdreckter Nase und heraushängender Zunge vor einem Ball auf einer Wiese.
2 months ago

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming... Spring has sprung!! Things are definitely looking up. ☀️ 🌸 😊

This is Beau, Ollie, and Sizzle doing a pose among the cherry blossoms for me. All my good buddies and all exceptionally good pups. ❤️❤️❤️

#Dogs #Dog #DogsOfMastodon #Dogstodon #MastoDogs #Pets #PetPhotography #Animals #Photography #Spring #Flowers #SpringHasSprung #Nature #NaturePhotography

Three dogs (a frenchie, a royal frenchel, and a dachshund) are standing together looking up to the sky. Their faces a dappled with sunlight as it shines through a row of cherry trees in full bloom.
Tane Piper
2 months ago

Our #puppies aren't even 3 weeks old and they are pretty much toilet trained in their whelping box. Is that a record? 😂

We started a couple of nights ago and now they are pretty consistent.

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #mastoDogs #mastoPups

The puppies get up and come over to the pad
4 out of 6 went in that little session
Tane Piper
3 months ago

Fuck sake Newsweek, I don't think you know the definition of funny - when this happened a few years back in 2019, to our dog in Amsterdam, we nearly lost her and she had to have her entire system flushed.

I hate people sometimes.

#dogs #mastoDogs #dogsOfMastodon

Nell with a IV to get drugs out her system
Nell with a IV to get drugs out her system
Nell passed out
Tane Piper
3 months ago

Watching puppies on the cameras (sound on) #bigBrotherHouse #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #mastoDogs

3 months ago

don't make me tap the sign at 2:30PM ok? #mastodogs

Deb Oppermann
3 months ago

Totally and completely enjoying the lovely autumn day at the campsite and oblivious to the fall leaves falling on him, the Golden Retriever, snoozes without a care in the world.
Available here
#dog #pet #canine #puppy #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastodon #MastoDogs #BuyIntoArt #SpringIntoArt #GoldenRetriever #animal #Retriever #peaceful #fall #autumn #mapleleaves #artwork #photography #artforsale

Golden Retriever sleeps on ground in the fall with Maple leaves falling on him.
Golden Retriever sleeps peacefully on ground in the fall with leaves falling on him canvas print on white wall with sofa, pillows, blanket and table with vase and tree.

it's been way too long since i last posted a photo of my #sillyDoggy, so let's make up for it with two photos!! 😊 :corgi_butt:​

i especially love these because in the first one it looks like he's smiling a big smile, and in the second one you can see all of his cute little crooked front teeth 🥺 💜 🥰

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #rescueDog #dogMom #boostsOK

[originally posted on january 9th, 2023]

A medium-sized fluffy white dog lying on the floor. He's looking in the direction of the camera and one of his ears is perked up. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and it looks like he's smiling.
A photo of the same dog, taken a few seconds after the previous photo. Now his mouth is only slightly open and his tiny crooked front teeth are visible.