4 hours ago

All that drip and you still don’t slay
Just cringe it is how you try to play
Low rizz, sus, not gucci, bet
What this means … I’m too old to get.


6 hours ago

Honestly, does the sun have to wreck
every ice cream cone?
The poor mothers with little children
and poor ice cream, dripping on the ground,
grandeur and cohesion eroding.
Then again, maybe that's just life.


Chewy A Dupp
7 hours ago

@tanweerdar Tap, tap, drip. Tap, tap, drip. How does it know when the coffees going to fall. It seems random. I don't know how the mice can tap. Perhaps there's something else in the walls and the reason I see them is because it scares them out in to the open. It's so consistent. Right before another drop falls. Tap, tap. How does it or they know.

A rapid deluge of knocks happen. Coffee floods the room. I can no longer see yet I still hear the knocks.

#MastoPrompt #MicroFiction #SmallStories

9 hours ago

#mastoprompt #drip

Aller G

I'm sick
I'm the GOAT
So much #drip
Its going down the back of my throat


from all sides
the drip
of accusation
undeniable trauma

those who don't listen
those who should be listened to

give some ground
there is no ground
just a trench
between ideologies

the world needs truth
but its voice is not heard
not because it's too quiet
because it doesn't pay
to be heard
because it can't afford
the price it has to pay
to be audible and

there is sun somewhere
behind the rain clouds

#MastoPrompt #Drip #Poetry #SocialJustice

kent the colorblind cowboy
13 hours ago

Stooping, dry hands cupped
Tantalus is greedy still
His tongue dreams to drip

#MastoPrompt #Haiku

katherine montalto
16 hours ago

up close it is clear
distant objects appear blurry
light is misguided
#SmallPoems #Poetry #poem #haiku
#MastoPrompt #myopic

Tony Zee
17 hours ago

The water drips from the rusted shower head in the motel. As I lay on the rickety bed, the noise of the water was amplified in the relative silence. The files from the local library and newspaper clippings were strewn over the small, well worn table.

That morning, the librarian looked at me wearily as I asked for the particulars of the crime.

"Why did you want to dredge that up? He's crazy, that bloke up there. Hasn't been out in years. He just stays there, day after day. They say he did it."

I stood there politely as she pulled out a manilla folder from the file behind the desk. The library was small. The mission brown borrowing desk was contrasted by a PC that seemed to intimidate the old librarian. I noticed that the screen was off.

"New fangled machines. Give me the old ways of a filing card and the dewey system any day. Make sure you don't lose anything. It's the only copy of the file we have."

I wipe off the thin layer of dust and make my over to the laminated desks. The details in the newspaper reports were sketchy. It seemed that the owner of the house was a local. All seemed well, until one day his family disappeared. Vanished into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again. There was no sign of foul play, but the suspicion in the town was rife.

I take my iPad out and scribble down a few notes, catching the eye of the librarian.

"Anything I can help you with? Why are you interested in that place?"

I asked myself that very question.

#MastoPrompt #Drip

Dylan Bragg
17 hours ago

#MastoPrompt #drip

The rain is falling. Drip by drip
It cancels out my craftsmanship,
Eroding what I’ve built by hand.
The narratives we shared were grand
Beneath this all-encompassing roof,
And statements made required proof.
But now I shrug and figure, “fuck it.
I’ll just put out another bucket.”

#poetry #smallpoems #riddlepoems #symbolism #metaphor #postmodernism #poetrycommunity

Marjolein Rotsteeg
17 hours ago

water drips
for centuries, creating
cave statues

#MastoPrompt - drip


18 hours ago


Each night, I am driven to insanity
Enduring the worst known to humanity
The faucet will make me flip
I'm forced to hear every drip
Silence is disturbed by profanity

#Limerick for #MastoPrompt

Grace :laserkiwi:
20 hours ago

Like a landslide
A rush of
Things once
Now not
Other days
It #drips
So slowly
Like a tap
That has
Turned itself
And keeps you
At night

#MastoPrompt #Poetry #SmallPoems #Drip

1 am. A #drip
Listen carefully
There it is again
What is that!?
Where is it coming from!?
Wait...Listen! It stopped!
No...I think...
Shut up neighbour!
I’m trying to hear the drip
Neighbours! So loud!
There it is again
It’s louder!
It’s getting worse!
A Flood!
My house is going to flood
Oh no! What will I do?
Please God no.
I can’t afford... Wait!
Wait! Let me go check
It’s just the fridge!
The fridge doing fridge things
Ha ha ha
I wasn’t worried

#Mastoprompt #Poetry

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
23 hours ago

The #MastoPrompt for Monday 20th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

1 day ago

Mother bear and baby bear played in the field, their paws twining together in a playful dance, with the rippling brook and the water splashing faintly behind them. They didn't notice, but the stream did provide a lovely respite when they needed a break.

Their play ended prematurely when baby bear, panting in excitement, rolled away too fast, his momentum sending him straight into a cluster of jagged rocks. Something sharp pierced his front paw and it really, really hurt! Baby bear whined, shaking himself.

Mother bear led baby bear to the brook and put his paw in the water. Confused, baby bear asked: "Why did you have me put my foot in the water, Mother?"

Mama bear said: "Because the coolness of the water has an anesthetizing effect."

Mother bear crouched down on her haunches and licked baby bear's face. "Be careful," she chided.

"I will be," said baby bear, wagging his tail. "I feel a little better now. A little anesthetized. 'Anesthetizing effect' means to make the hurt feel better? Did I understand that big word? We'll still play, right?"

Mother bear laughed. "Yes, my child. And yes, we will play in a different field," promised mother bear.
#MicroFiction #MastoPrompt

Jacqueline Dooley
1 day ago

we aren’t born alone
we enter the world
slipping into gloved hands
between wet thighs
wrapped in the soft cotton
of hospital blankets
placed within the waiting arms
of exhausted mothers
who would do it all over again
and we feel this
a cushion of protection
an anchor in a dark world

#mastoprompt #poetry

Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe
1 day ago

More thorn
Than rose,
I remember
The nothing
Behind the eyes
The eternal
Love with
A fixed
Too sharp
To hold.

#poetry #SmallPoems #MastoPrompt #Mother

Chewy A Dupp
1 day ago

Turn mother around
She's just all teeth and no skin
Call me a psycho

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry #Haiku #Senryu

Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
"Alexi order a bone"

#MastoPrompt #mother
#Haiku #Senyru #FreeHaiku @freehaiku

1 day ago


The first human to have a brother
was cursed by deeds of their mother
Even though they were kin,
one was destined to sin
He ended up killing the other

#Limerick for #MastoPrompt


Here, in the clearing, where she sleeps
With no cover, no house, no walls, no roof,
She lingers in the grasp of the spells she
Casts over the crumbling skeletons
Of what has been before, stretches
Her hair, her body, across the grass,
So smooth, so soft, closes her eyes
To see the whole world before her.

She is the #mother of this,
The single point of origin where
All things come from.
She is the goddess
Of all that grows,
And the seasons can't touch her.

#MastoPrompt #Poetry

2 days ago

Not another one,
A mother fucking haiku -
I might have to barf.

(This is just a joke. As you probably can guess, I love the haiku!)


kent the colorblind cowboy
2 days ago

Clean the blood with tears,
Poor Medea, a mother’s
work is never done

#MastoPrompt Mother
#haiku #mythology

MH Thaung
2 days ago

"Mercy!" he bawled. "If you kill me, what will my old #mother do?"

The warrior raised his axe. "That's not my problem, Grendel. Now face your fate like a man... er, monster."

#MastoPrompt #MicroFiction @tanweerdar

Marjolein Rotsteeg
2 days ago

mother of mothers
nature, source of all life
respect due

#MastoPrompt - mother



Roman ALAN
2 days ago


MastoPrompt 15 Mar: glaze

The travellers were far enough away
to look back on the rest of us down here;
The message they sent was perfectly clear –
Earth's atmosphere is simply a thin glaze.

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry

Roman ALAN
2 days ago


Mastoprompt 14 Mar: myopic

Peering through
the lensed base
of this glass,
I can see
just as far
as one more.
drinking game:
crosseyed, blurred
slurring slush,
"You with me?"
Stagger home:
the next day,
"Never again!"

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry

Marjolein Rotsteeg
2 days ago

a healthy foal
my mare's first
the birth of a mother

#MastoPrompt - mother


Tony Zee
2 days ago

An ode to my late mother

Cleopatra, the Queen
A lady of majesty and grace.
I have seen you faces in photos,
In my life, an empty space.

The memories of you are fleeting,
Ever distant with each passing year.
The love in my heart is beating.
My mum, I hold you dear.

My mother, I miss you dearly
I grieve your loss each day.
Your spirit lives within me,
Your light will show me the way.

#MastoPrompt #Mother #shortpoem

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
2 days ago

The #MastoPrompt for Sunday 19th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

2 days ago

Those intimate moments
Loom at first so large
But slowly shrink
As days breeze past
Like pretty clouds drifting
Until lost in the horizon.


2 days ago

I opened the fridge and almost slammed it shut in total exasperation. My roommate keeps filling the damn thing with bowls upon bowls covered in shrink wrap. She kept telling me she'd leave space for me to store my produce, but I have yet to see her actually act on her promise. Really, she needs to eat the leftovers she keeps bringing home from that fancy $200 a plate restaurant that she works at. It's as if she's trying to preserve the contents or something.

I shrugged, pulled out one of the bowls, peeled the shrink wrap back. Free food? Why the hell not? Food is food, whether it's heated up on the stove or paid for with a credit card.

The shrimp in the bowl seemed to come to life because the things appeared to move, writhing around on the slime clinging to the bed of linguine, immitating so many headless amputees.

I screamed so loudly and the bowl fell from my loose grip. My roommate ignored the noise. I didn't bother cleaning up the mess as I bolted.
#MastoPrompt #MicroFiction

Roman ALAN
2 days ago


MastoPrompt for 13 Mar:

In the forests dark
beneath stones, in pools
through the grassy fields;
along wooded paths,
alleyways, freeways,
city streets, side roads;
through closets, cupboards
empty rooms, black caves,
old pockets, old bags;
glove boxes were searched,
bookcases, stiff drawers
cushions, and sofas;
dusty coins, dust balls,
dropped earrings, lost toys,
detritus, dead bugs,
amassed mess, that's all:
The will to clean gone.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MastoPrompt

kent the colorblind cowboy
2 days ago

At Hades’ hand first
Did shrink Persephone — ‘till
Seeds red, lips partook

#MastoPrompt Shrink
#haiku #mythology

Tony Zee
3 days ago

I wasn't going to shrink away from this, even though inside I was completely broken. It would be easy to just sweep it under the carpet, pretend it didn't happen. Just go about my life and move on. That's what she wanted me to do. But I didn't subscribe to the whole forgive and forget premise.

I'd certainly wouldn't forgive, and I definitely know that I'll never forget. It was the ultimate betrayal, a breach of trust that has irrevocably damaged the relationship. She told me that she could be trusted again. That it was a mistake, but I'd heard the phone call. She thought I was asleep, not listening to what might be going on in the other room.

She denied everything, despite being caught red handed. A little part of me still cared for her, but she clearly didn't care for me.

*work of fiction

#MastoPrompt #Shrink

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
3 days ago

The #MastoPrompt for Saturday 18th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Grace :laserkiwi:
3 days ago

All kinds of things
Can be
There is no
In having been
The world
Cuts us all
In different
There is nothing
With looking
At a
And saying
"I survived that day
And here I still am, today"
This is not the kind
Of pride
That goes before
A fall
This is the kind
That it was
Meant for

#MastoPrompt #Poetry #SmallPoems (OK not really "small" but whatever)

kent the colorblind cowboy
4 days ago

Penelope waits
Pulls at threads, Ulysses with
Plow and salt plays mad

#MastoPrompt Plow
#Haiku #Mythology

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
4 days ago

The #MastoPrompt for Friday 17th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Mx. Kat Terban, MSc
4 days ago

The tooth fairy knows
nothing of inflation. Penny
candy costs more than
a quarter these days. ’Neath
pillows is a bygone branch
location where dreams, traded
inside, are never caught.
Always too far behind
the times wasted, lost,
bankrupt in unfavored fortune.

#poetry #MastoPrompt #writing #WIP

kent the colorblind cowboy
4 days ago

Choiceless maids' blood washed
Courtyard stone, Telemachus
giving no quarter

#MastoPrompt quarter
#Haiku #Greek #Odyssey

5 days ago


There once was a man who loved a quarter pounder
He ate them every day, which made him much rounder
And he, by his own admissions,
did not care for his emissions
His craving on meat makes him a real bounder

#Limerick for #MastoPrompt

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
5 days ago

The #MastoPrompt for Thursday 16th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Pamela Williams Fine Art
6 days ago

Shimmering sugar
Baked and filled with delicious
Morning time devours

Every Friday for the past 7 years my grandkids partake in #donutfriday and I get a little Snapchat video of the fun. A tradition I have grown to adore!

#mastoprompt #glaze


Please support Independent Artists

#TheArtDistrict #Haiku #Poetry #SmallPoems #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Writing #AYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #POTD #Photography #FediGiftShop #smile

Photo of a plateful of fresh glazed donuts ready to be devoured
6 days ago

Of all the glazes
Peter Glaze worried me most
Him from Crackerjack

#MastoPrompt Glaze

(a reference for us older Brits brought up on naff TV. Bit niche but hey)

Ben Deutsch 🌊
6 days ago

The jackdaw in me is irresistibly drawn to the shiny glaze of the doughnuts.

Though the human in me knows he's just going to eat the lot, and then feel bad about it.

And then, there won't even be any sparkle left to comfort me.

#MastoPrompt #glaze

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
6 days ago

The #MastoPrompt for Wednesday 15th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Today's #MastoPrompt #Myopic reminded me of this old #limerick of mine about #Monet:

A man with poor vision, Monet,
Had eyesight so weak, the display
Of the world that he saw
Was blurrily raw.
And that’s why he’s famous today.

#Art #Impressionism #Vision #Poetry #TinyPoems #SmallPoems #Poets #Prompts #Prompt #WritingPrompt #Poem #AmWriting #MicroPoetry #Writing #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Humor #Humour #Rhyme #Limericks

kent the colorblind cowboy
1 week ago

Polyphemus saw
Myopic, brave Ulysses,
Fleeced in sheepish drag

#MastoPrompt Myopic

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 week ago

The #MastoPrompt for Tuesday 14th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

1 week ago

There is nothing more rousing and satisfying of a morning than pouring a big, tall glass of ice cold milk and pairing that with some toast and peanut butter.

No creativity, just rambly thoughts for #MastoPrompt and #MicroPrompt today. Not all writing is flowery and I am a hungry soul. 😋 Besides, some truths are so important they just need to be written as they are. 😛

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
2 weeks ago

The #MastoPrompt for Friday 10th March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Pamela Williams Fine Art
2 weeks ago

Galloping spirit
Free to journey upon this earth
Impossible dream

#mastoprompt #impossible

Check out the gallery to see more digitally enhanced whimsical abstract photography.👇

#SharePamsArt #horse #equine #animal #country #farmlife #wildhorse #SharePamsArt #AYearForArt #free #gallop #smile #ArtMatters #digitalart #photography #haiku #poetry #mastoart

Horse galloping free on the open range with blues and brown earthy color background a farm building in the diatance
Ben Deutsch 🌊
2 weeks ago

Poverty, chastity, obedience.
Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll.
Hard work, determination, forward planning.
Harry, England, St George.
Larry, Curly, Moe.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Reading, writing, 'rithmetic.
Good breeding, good manners, good luck.
What are the three corners of *your* existence?

#MastoPrompt #triangle

3 weeks ago


Yesterday t'was ripe
But now blight has ravaged it
Should harvest early

#haiku for #MastoPrompt

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
3 weeks ago

The #MastoPrompt for Thursday 2nd March 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe
3 weeks ago

I will keep
The wake
For the
Death of
The last
With grief
My eyes fixed
Upon the roof
Of the sky
The ancient
Pours through,
A benediction,
A prayer
Of eons,

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Roof #Poetry

Eryn McConnell
4 weeks ago

I knew you once
Aeons ago
When we were both
Tiny atoms floating
In a starlit quantum sea

I knew you then
Your soul fresh and new
Just an atom sparkling
In a quiet quantum sea

And I knew you again
Stumbling across you
Serendipitously perhaps
Recognising your spark

And I remembered once
A time so long ago
When we swam together
In an ancient quantum sea

#Quantum #MastoPrompt #Poetry

Image is of a star in the night sky. 
The caption says, I found this very old picture of you.
Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 month ago


Not many people realise that the word #orifice is a contraction of the term "horrific office".

Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 month ago

#MastoPrompt #tremendous

Under tremendous pressure,
I misrepresented the measure
Of the man who commissioned the figure.
I made him out to be bigger.
And the sculpture critics all stated
That the subject had been over-rated.

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 month ago

The #MastoPrompt for Sunday 19th February is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 month ago

The #MastoPrompt for Friday 17th February 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

1 month ago

I long for summer
For warmth, sunshine
Bright flowers reaching
To high five the sun
And to see the land
Painted by vegetables
And to watch the dance of
Fields of corn and wheat
With the warm breeze
That tousles my hair

#Poetry #SmallPoems #MastoPrompt

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 month ago

The #MastoPrompt for Sunday 12th February 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 month ago

The minotaur was a prisoner too,
Nobody had asked if he wanted a different role:
To play music in the fields,
To practice medicine,
Or to teach children elementary mathematics.
No, he looked like a bull,
So they typecast him as a bully,
And told him that "home"
Was the damp and dreary labyrinth.
The only visitors he ever had
Were unwilling and unfriendly.
He could have helped them,
Shown them how to live in this place,
But they just screamed and ran away.

#mastoprompt #legendary

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 month ago

The #MastoPrompt for Saturday 11th February 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Grace :laserkiwi:
1 month ago

The mysterious "they"
Like to say
And everyone
Has a price
But the true
Of value
In this world
Are #priceless
That thing
Which just came
To your mind
Is what I
Am talking

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry #Priceless

1 month ago

that sound /
no one heard /
snowy forest

#MastoPrompt #Haiku #FreeHaiku

Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 month ago

I know that I spoke, I'm not sure that you heard.
You label me woke and call me absurd.
I was talking to you, perhaps I chose my words poorly,
Just trying to get through; will you choose to ignore me?
I'll seize one more chance to deliver my warning,
Through interpretive dance, after breakfast this morning.

Daft #Poetry for #MastoPrompt #heard

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
1 month ago

The #MastoPrompt for Sunday 5th February 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 month ago

#MastoPrompt #orange

Peeled like an orange,
Split like a banana.
Rotten to the core,
But with a zest for life.
Spit out the seeds,
And let them grow.

Grace :laserkiwi:
2 months ago

This one is for the one-legged blackbird who stole my solitary cherry 😂 🐦 🥰

Is halfway
Ruby and Gold
It is the
Colour of
And its
The flash
Of a kea's
The tiny
Dash of
On the face
Of a
And the
As he sings
And steals
My cherries
They are
To him
His song is
With joy
How can I not
Forgive him?

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #Poetry #Orange

2 months ago

an antidote

i am beginning to realise,
it is dawning on me,
that a way to healing
is through intimacy.

#MastoPrompt #SmallPoems #antidote


There is no point in weather forecasting.
The weather will be what it is, and the
Inevitable greyness will envelop our towns,
Invade our cities, and suffocate the few
Forests we have left standing. Of all
Things, this is certain, and we don't need
The false prescience of weather maps to
Tell us that the greyness isn't fog but
The smoke of the world burning while
We do nothing.

#MastoPrompt #Prescient #Poetry #SmallPoems

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
2 months ago

The #MastoPrompt for Sunday 29thth January 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

Nonsense Factory
2 months ago

Beneath the snow
Purple crocus bulbs

#DailyHaikuPrompt hibernate
#Poetry #MicroPoetry  #Haiku  
#Writing #Poem

Mx. Kat Terban, MSc
2 months ago

We backpedal from our words
From our actions, because our bodies
Remember the safety of stopping
Long before we learned to clench
Our hands to seize at undoing

#MastoPrompt #poetry #reverse #bicycle

2 months ago


Rebar as you may know
Is manufactured of
Steel and has quickly become
A staple of my sculptural building and
Installation occupation I am even now in
The middle of a project design where
It features prominently in establishing
The basic structure to hold a
Year’s collection of plastic
Bottles, jugs, and containers
And give me a bit of fenced in yard
For doggo to enjoy while granting
The neighbors yet another reason to
Look at me askance and the little
Chapel attendees to clasp their
Hands prayerfully while
Looking heavenward
Saying sotto voce
“My God, what has she
Now wrought?”
I’m so excited

#MastoPrompt Friday 27 January 2023
#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories