KC Lemson
10 hours ago

TFW you know you just took the pic that will be your phone wallpaper for the next few weeks

#MastoDog #DogsOfMastodon @dogsofmastodon

A small black dog with patches of white and brown on her chest, chin and paws, sitting outside on a stepping stone path on a sunny day. 

Some green bushes and a fence is in the background behind the dog, blurred out, with a Calvin & Hobbes scene painted on it.
16 hours ago
Yep here's a pic. Walking the tractor wheel ruts down this green corridor is exciting for him, all those scents and he loves finding whats around the corners.
#walking #nature #photo #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #MastoDog #MonDog #Labrador

A golden labrador looking happy and excited, his lead tight to hand at bottom edge of photo. The wheel rut of bare earth stretches vetrically in a straight line with lush greens crops growing either side creating a green corridor. Far ahead are trees at the field edge where the tractor ruts turn.

Here's a picture of Petie snoozing in the garden while wearing a fetching cooling collar :artaww:

#MastoDog #DogsOfMastodon

Lil terrier is snoozing in the garden while wearing a cooling collar
3 days ago

この「鼻先を両前脚で挟んで寝る」スタイルは、先代の犬も先先代の犬も好んでやっていた伝統のポーズである。こういうのにも、猫の「香箱座り」みたいに名前ついてるのかな #fedibird #dog #dogs #dogofmastodon #mastodog #

"Obi-Wan Kenobi? Obi-Wan... Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time... A long time."

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #spaniel

My tricolor spaniel dog Scotty, fresh out of a bath, his long ears still somewhat wet, wearing his brown bathrobe towel that sort of resembles a hooded cape similar to those worn by characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars films, giving a cute look to the camera.
Shut up, Jamie
5 days ago

This #mastodog is quite tired.

Me and Spud in bed.

Fuck yeah vet checkup! 🤘
(all is under control)

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #spaniel

My tricolor spaniel dog Scotty laying down on the floor in the vet's waiting area, looking particularly excited and cheerful.

The heat is coming.
The senior dooger is snoozing.

#dogsofmastodon #MastoDog

Snoozing old terrier cross dog on a blanket covered sofa. The vibes are cosy
6 days ago

I call this series “breakfast: hope springs eternal” #mochislifeishard #jackchi #mastodog #dogsofmastodon

Mochi offering to help make toast
Mochi eyeballing toast
Mochi hoping to get some English muffin
Mochi consoles herself by trying to lick dishes in the dishwasher
6 days ago

Very mad about her new jumper, thanks for asking.

#dogsofmastodon #mastodog

A little white and silver Shih Tzu/ Maltese cross sitting down in a purple coat looking incredibly mad.
1 week ago

Darf ich vorstellen? Mein #mastodog Mila.

1 week ago

Scout gets a birthday biscuit on his gotcha weekend. #beagle #mastodog

Petra 🦎 Geefeconomie
1 week ago

Our amazing Big Swiss Mountaindog Lobi!

#Mastodog #DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #BigSwissie #FamilyDog

A big nose of a black/white/brown dog looking for shelter from the rain in her homemade doghouse.
1 week ago

散歩中、道草を食う犬です #fedibird #dogofmastodon #mastodog #dog #dogs

my dog eating grass
Brian Dear
1 week ago

Barney the Beagle, only somewhat tolerating band practice in his living room today.

#music #dogs #mastodog

Shut up, Jamie
2 weeks ago

“I’m just a tiny little pupper who needs his cuddles.” #mastodog

Spud cuddled up on my chest.
Spud cuddled up on my chest.

浅棕色的小狗背影 @dog #dog #mastodog #

Josh :dancing_bear_pink:
2 weeks ago

Back from the groomers. So fresh, so clean.

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDog

A freshly shaved cavalier King Charles spaniel riding in a car home from her grooming appointment.

Lazy mornings are the best. ☕

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #thursday

My tricolor spaniel dog Scotty lounging on the bamboo swing outside, giving a cute side eye at the camera.

狗叼着塑料瓶子,表示自己没有恶意 #dog #mastodog # @dog

Fairhaven Person
2 weeks ago

Can't get enough #dog on the #beach photos? Here are some more. #WestIsland town beach in #Fairhaven #Massachusetts is Broxo's favorite place to zoom.

#SouthCoastMA #MastoDog #BuzzardsBay

Small dog in distance running on the beach with a trail for footprints on the smooth damp sand.
Brown and white Mini Australian Shepherd, back to the camera looking down a sandy path through beach grass and scrubby Eastern Red Cedars toward a rectangular, concrete, World War II observation tower painted with wide horizontal bands of blue and white.
Closeup profile, head and shoulders, of a Mini Australian Shepherd facing right with the wind blowing his ears flat against his head.
2 weeks ago

Whenever I put him in the raincoat, he just lies there and calmly waits for us to go. I feel like a mother that made her child wear a suit with a bow tie.

#dogsofmastodon #mastodog

Black dog in a red raincoat lying on the floor
2 weeks ago

Life with Mochi. First picture taken at 8:00 PM. Second picture taken at 4:30 AM. 🤦🏻‍♀️#mochislifeishard #jackchi #mastodog #dogsofmastodon

Mochi fast asleep at 8 PM
Mochi wide awake at 4:30 AM
Shut up, Jamie
2 weeks ago

Her Majesty with Her Loyal Subjects. #mastodog

HRH, a border collie, in her basket, surrounded by toys.
Shut up, Jamie
2 weeks ago

This dog is spoilt. #mastodog

In her basket, HRH’s toys. Moocow, Bruno, the Trashy Twins, Quacker, Mr and Mrs Clucker, Nelly, Fred Bear and Little Fred, Raggedy Bear, Woofer and Drake.

Currently in the process of figuring out the new dog mat.

We're getting there... 👍

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #Mondog

My spaniel dog Scotty laying next to a flat dog mat, only his left paw is barely touching the may with the rest of his body being on the carpet. He is giving the camera a cute look.
My spaniel dog Scotty laying next to a flat dog mat,fully asleep, only his left paw is barely touching the may with the rest of his body being on the carpet.

sliding in with a late, (maybe?) unconventional #MothersDay post! :zerotwo_peek:​

early in my adulthood, my mom (like many #Asian parents) would regularly badger me about getting married and having kids, because she wanted grandchildren asap and i'm her only child. :namazu_dead:​

unluckily for her, i'm like 99% sure i never want any biological children of my own - at the very least, not anytime soon (i'm 29). also, i like taking care of animals *much* more than i like taking care of human children.

so i adopted a #RescueDog. his name is hiro (pronounced like "hero") and he's my baby. (he's actually 8 years old - and we've had each other for 7 of those years - but he'll always be a baby to me.)

now, whenever my mom asks me when i'm planning on having kids, i point to hiro and am all like "i already have one! there's your grandson!" :vulpix_sparkle: :giggle:​

and she says something about how he's a dog, not a human... but i don't care. i'm his mom and he's my baby and i love him to bits. the end. :dog_boop: :hug_love:​ :lots_of_love:​

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #dogMom #sillyDoggy #boostsOK

My dog Hiro, a white Corgi-Jindo mix with tan ears, dark eyes, and a pink nose, lying in one of his doggy beds. He's mostly wrapped up in a fluffy white blanket with brown dogs printed on it, and only his head is sticking out. He looks like a cute, comfy, swaddled baby.
Tab Combs
3 weeks ago

I'm glad I checked my blind spot before pushing back in my rolly chair

#DogsofMastodon #mastodog

Photo looking down at 2 sleeping dogs lying back to back on a wood floor, right next to the caster of a rolling office chair
3 weeks ago
Hund liegt schlafend auf dem Rücken. Das Bild zeigt die Schnauze inkl Zunge und Zähne.
The Flight Attendant
3 weeks ago

This is Francis, my best friend @Hojanna's dog. He's walking through fallen cherry blossoms. #dog #dogs #spring #photography #mondog #mastodog #dogsofmastodon #corgi

White and tan corgi dog on a bright pink sidewalk completely covered in fallen cherry blossoms
The Flight Attendant
3 weeks ago

Meet my mom's dog, Zoey. She's half #shihTzu 1/8 Chihuahua 1/8 Maltese 1/8 Corgi 1/8 mutt & the best dog in the world! She loves to make intense eye contact, like she's looking into your soul. #dogs #dog #mondog #mastodog #dogsofmastodon

Small brown dog with a hot pink sweater sitting on the arm of a brown leather couch with a tiny amount of her tongue showing
3 weeks ago

Radar ears at work. Trying to catch a fly. #mochislifeishard #jackchi #mastodog #dogsofmastodon

I bought a small sandbox to be a pool for Glen to wet his belly when it gets hot.

#mastodog #dogsofmastodon

Black dog and empty blue pool in the backyard. Dog looks delighted.

Someone is quite happy that the sunny weather has finally returned.

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #mondog

My cavalier dog Scotty casually lounging outside in the balcony, enjoying the spring weather.
DaveGPT :protein:
4 weeks ago

Flashback to 2021 when my boy Ozzy was only on the BBC as part #DogsAtPollingStations #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodog

Very smiley Ozzy (Anatolian Shepherd cross) on BBC News as part of dogs at polling stations

When dem drugs hit

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDog

A high dog looking content on the sofa
Tab Combs
4 weeks ago

It's time to play everyone's favorite game, "How many earplugs did the puppy eat?"

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDog #Puppy

A close-up photo of an orange foam earplug, with teethmarks and small chunks missing. The earplug is sitting on the becrayoned surface of a wooden desk.

This old man is off to the vet for his first arthritis painkiller shot.

I really hope he copes with it

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDog

Old small black and tan dog on a sofa, looking comfy and smug. A human hand is holding his front paw
Shouty person
1 month ago

That’s a good bed for a dog.

#Mastodog #DogsOfMastodon

A large, blond dog, lying on a wooden floor with his head on a very small purple dog bed.

My poor elder pooch needs to go to the vet tomorrow to swap his liquid arthritis painkiller meds to injections 😟

Monthly. Injections.

Nobody tell him this, okay?

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDog

Cute elder terrier pooch sleeping. Hes smiling a little bit.
1 month ago

Also, once again, Kerby proved irresistible to the foreman of the road crew and compelled him to out himself as a pug person.

Regular folks: "Oooh what kind of dog is that?"

Pug people: "Pug and WHAT ELSE!?"


Kerby lies in repose.

Kerby's mother was a Jack Russell Terrier. His father was a Pug / French Bulldog mix.
Robert Mihaly 🐶🌍✌️
1 month ago

Awesome morning today, what a great start of the day, finally sunshine after a week of rain ☀

#DogsOfMastodon #Beagle #MastoDog #Mondog #Mikulov #Czechia #KozíHrádek

A Beagle sitting on a bench, green grass around, blue sky.
1 month ago

#Caturday pour les chats, mais aussi les chiens !
#chat #cats #catsofmastodon #dogsofmastodon #mastodog

Chat gris tigré appuyé contre un chien noir type labrador.
Chat gris blotti contre un chien noir. La chienne regarde l'appareil photo.

All my life I've been hearing and repeating "it's best to have a baby dog, so you could teach it everything and have the best dog", but now that I rescued a grown dog (over a year) I realized that you can never know what kind of a dog a baby will grow into. But you can pretty easily know what kind of dog you're getting when it's already grown.

As for teaching, a year old dog and even older seems to learn stuff just as well as a puppy.

#mastodog #dogsofmastodon

Sleepy Glen lying on bed getting cuddled.
KC Lemson
2 months ago

A friend pointed out that my dogs have a ‘buddy movie’ look in this photo, and he’s spot on.

@dogsofmastodon #Dog #MastoDog #DogsOfMastodon

Two dogs facing to the right while on a walk together. The dog on the left is staring off into the distance with an intense but heroic look on her face. The dog on the right is squinting and has a pained expression on his face, with a speech bubble over his head that says “I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT”

I *think* Wily enjoyed her walk on the bluffs this morning but could use a second opinion. #Mastodog

Wily is in the foreground in her harness and leash smiling wide in the sun. She is a caramel colored brindle Formosan Mountain dog with a long snout with black nose and muzzle. Her ears point straight up except one was clipped before adoption. Behind her are rocks and grass.

Petie was well enough to be a pub dog earlier today :blobfoxpleading:

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDog

A small black terrier in a yorkshire flatcap, looking up pleadingly at a human
Karen Dorman
2 months ago

Can I come in? It's cold and I'm done out here.

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Photo taken from inside of a dog who is outside looking neck in the patio door. Kira was a retriever/poodle mix and looks very sad because she is outside in the snow and wants to come in. Behind her is a huge snowbank and sun shining on a farm fence and corn fields and bush.
2 months ago

@darth #mastodog
Biggs and Roonie are here.

Biggs and Roonie have been waiting for you.

Ella es Garnacha, Nacha o Nachita pa' los cuates, la acabamos de adoptar ayer, fue rescatada de una situación de maltrato, es un encanto.

#MoonDog #MastoDog #AdoptaNoCompres #PerroRescatado #xp

Perrita criolla, pequeña, orejona, pelo muy cortito color miel con un rayito blanco desde la frente hasta rodear su nariz y bajar a su pecho, patitas color blanco como si fueran botas. Lleva un gran moño rosa atado al cuello. Se levanta sobre sus patas traseras y posa las delanteras en las piernas de una mujer, mientras mira con curiosidad a su fotógrafo.
Misma perrita criolla, posición similar pero recargada en las piernas de su fotógrafo, abriendo suavemente su hocico, como en una sonrisa.

Since today is apparently both #NationalPuppyDay and #ThrowbackThursday here's a picture of baby Scotty just a bit after I adopted him 13 years ago.

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #spaniel

A picture of my tricolor spaniel dog Scotty when he was a puppy, looking extremely adorable, holding his little plushie toy with his paws.
Alex Karp (he/him) :clippy:
2 months ago

It’s a hard-knock life for a Chicken Nugget. #Mastodog

Our adorable cockapoo, Chicken Nugget, sleeping on his back on his favorite chair in our living room.

Scotty, happiest, cleverest, most sociable dog you will ever meet, practically zero understanding of the concept of personal space.

#Mondog #DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #CatsOfMastodon #cats #cat #pets #floof

My spaniel dog Scotty having climbed up on the sofa to sleep next to my cat Carrie, practically squishing her into a corner with only part of her body visible behind him, raising her little head and resting it on his back.
Bernard Tyers
3 months ago

Eventhough it's not #MonDog on #MastoDog, Fionn still deserves a post.

Fionn by name, Fionn by nature.

He is a buachaill álainn.


it's been way too long since i last posted a photo of my #sillyDoggy, so let's make up for it with two photos!! 😊 :corgi_butt:​

i especially love these because in the first one it looks like he's smiling a big smile, and in the second one you can see all of his cute little crooked front teeth 🥺 💜 🥰

#pets #animals #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogstodon #mastoDogs #mastoDog #dog #rescueDog #dogMom #boostsOK

[originally posted on january 9th, 2023]

A medium-sized fluffy white dog lying on the floor. He's looking in the direction of the camera and one of his ears is perked up. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and it looks like he's smiling.
A photo of the same dog, taken a few seconds after the previous photo. Now his mouth is only slightly open and his tiny crooked front teeth are visible.

He has been slowly inching his way towards the pizza for the last 20 minutes. I think he thinks we don't notice it 😂

#DogsofMastodon #MastoDog

Smol dog is looking hopeful about receiving some pizza that can be seen in the background
Alex Karp (he/him) :clippy:
3 months ago

It’s Monday, so let’s do this #introduction thing again!

👋🏼 Hi, I’m Alex!
♾️ I’m #ActuallyAutistic!
💼 I’m an #EngineeringManager at #Thumbtack.
⏮️ Previously at #Twitter, #Wayfair, and #Microsoft.
📱 Before I became a manager, I was an #iOS developer. #iOSDev
🎹 Classically-trained #pianist of 25 years. Working my way through #Beethoven’s 32 sonatas.
🥃 #Whisky enthusiast. The peatier, the better.
📖 I wrote a free #book to help people get into tech (see above)!
💻 I have a #blog called @CryingUnderMyDesk.
🐶 Doggy daddy to a Chicken Nugget (Nugget to his friends). #Mastodog
📣 I like to talk about #tech, #leadership, #diversity, #inclusion, and #autism.

Tane Piper
3 months ago

6 healthy little puppies! 4 girls, 2 boys - 1 tired mummy (and 2 tired humans) #dogsOfMastodon #mastodog #puppies

Grace and her puppies
Tane Piper
3 months ago

It's happening. Whelping box/blanket castle all set up for puppies to appear any time soon! #dogsOfMastodon #mastodog

Puppy whelping box
Grace having a rest after a restless night
Andrew M
3 months ago

@molly0xfff #mastodog should be a thing if it isn't already

#MastoDog #MonDog this is Ripley. She was very, very high.

#MastoDog #MonDog (older one from the birbsite.)

This is Moxie. She is part shark.

Regal pub dog looking like a still life painting today

#MastoDog #DogsOfMastodon

Senior dog on a pub sofa with his own blanket draped over him, looking like a model