Guilherme Dea
1 week ago

Doing some test for my retro-gaming Twitch stream and is it me or the original Max Payne was already unforgiving on the easiest difficulty? 😂 #retrogaming #maxpayne #twitch #live #streaming

3 weeks ago

Being nostalgic with #MaxPayne! Come join me!

Max Payne with the face of Sam Lake.
Magnus Jonasson
1 month ago

Det här är ju en remake en väntar på! #MaxPayne

2 months ago

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives man wings"

Sam Lake is the GOAT


Panun peliuutistoimisto
2 months ago

Hieman Max Paynen henkeen tehty kolmannen persoonan vampyyrihidasteluräiskintä El Paso, Elsewhere on saanut PC:llä ja Xboxeilla julkaisupäiväkseen 26. syyskuuta.

Pelikuvaa sisältävän n. kuukauden takaisen tarinatrailerin voi katsastaa alta löytyvästä linkistä. Peliä voi myös kokeilla demon muodossa parhaillaan Steamissa.

#pelit #peliuutiset #maxpayne #suomimelkeinmainittu

3 months ago

Si vous avez aimez Hotline miami, je vous recommande OTXO. Ce rogue-like est bien sympa, et est un combo de Max payne et de Hadès.

À chaque début de partie, en buvant un verre, vous obtenez un pouvoir. Il y a concentration, l'équivalent du bullet time de #maxpayne , et si vous mourrez, vous recommencez tout de zéro.

L'avantage est qu'on récupère sa vie à chaque étage.

Un bon petit #jeuxvideo #indé !
Malheureusement actuellement pas sur console, que PC

#roguelike #hotlinemiami #alternative

3 months ago

Late #SteamNextFest recommendation for #ElPasoElsewhere. I had almost skipped this one because the visuals looked rough, but I'm really glad I didn't. A combination of dream-like level logic + a great noir narrator + trippy background music took me back to the drug-addled levels of #MaxPayne. Highly recommend checking out if you're on the fence, cause it plays way better than it looks.

(shoutout @shietka for recommending it)


Paul Nix
4 months ago

Didn’t even know #AlanWake2 was in the works. Huge Remedy fan due to being the perfect age for #MaxPayne 1 & 2 when they came out. (Dug 3 as well.) I wasn’t able to finish the first Alan Wake due to having a garbage PC back in the day and haven’t played Quantum Break because it’s a PC/Xbox exclusive. However the Wake news and finally having some time this weekend let me catch up on #ControlGame big time. Dig the vibe and the mix of powers. Can feel grindy at times but there’s enough atmosphere (I think) to keep things interesting.

May 31, 2023 - Day 151 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 167

Game: Max Payne

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Jul 25, 2001
Library Date: Dec 7, 2017
Unplayed: 2001d (5y5m24d)
Playtime: 30m

No, that is not a typo. Yes, this is the original Max Payne. No, I have never played it. Yes, this will be hard to review.

Max Payne is a... come on, you know: third-person shooter, undercover detective is framed, goes rogue to try & get his life back.

I'd started Max Payne at some time in the past, & closed it after three minutes. Possibly because it's buggy as hell.

As the game starts, "Remedy" pops up on the screen; "Wait... the people who made Control?" It added a new lens with which to judge the game.

Unfortunately, it doesn't help much. I can see why Max Payne was so groundbreaking in 2001, but almost 22 years later, it hasn't aged well.

Firstly, the face-tech that was amazing in 2001 makes Max look constipated, and that's a hard thing to get past. It makes the game feel cheesy now.

Secondly, it is quite buggy. Kudos that it still runs in 2023 (at 2K res!), but audio dropouts & random freezes make it tough to want to keep playing.

However, there's a core to the story there, and a foreshadowing of Remedy's future storytelling prowess. I can see why they're remaking it; I think I might wrestle with it for a bit longer.

Max Payne, even 22 years later, is:

3: OK

#MaxPayne #ThirdPerson #Shooter #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Vi ontem em um dos vods do cogumelando ele falando dessa pérola, já tinha vontade de zerar max payne 1 e 2 agora minha vontade triplicou kkkkkkk

#video #retro #maxpayne

Childhood memories! I just revisited #MaxPayne. While storytelling, atmosphere and music(!!) are still very nice today, the graphics and gameplay are clearly outdated. With under 10 hours to complete, it was very much worth the time. Now I can get hyped for the remaster which was announced a year back.

#gaming #videogames #games
Listen to the brilliant main theme:

Jim Bliss
6 months ago

Just fired up "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" for the first time in what must be nearly 20 years.

Technologically-speaking, it definitely shows its age (can't even get it running at my screen's native resolution), but it remains one of the most atmospheric games I've played.

Great use of graphic novel-style screens instead of cut scenes, and the in-game TV shows are worth the price of admission by themselves.

Always nice when nostalgia proves warranted.

#MaxPayne #MaxPayne2 #PCGames

6 months ago

HeadphonesNeil Gameplay Update
#StarWars #Battlefront 2

Looks like we're approaching the endgame with this level...

...also, a better level than the #MaxPayne dream sequence IMO 😛

#Xbox #GamePass #Android #LandoCalrissian

Childhood memories! I just revisited #MaxPayne. While storytelling, atmosphere and music(!!) are still very nice today, the graphics and gameplay are clearly outdated. With under 10 hours to complete, it was very much worth the time. Now I can get hyped for the remaster which was announced a year back.

#gaming #videogames #games
Listen to the brilliant main theme:

6 months ago

I'm really curious to play all of these games! #Castlevania #SotN is an all-time classic that I'm embarrassed to have not played! I didn't play a lot of PC games growing up, so I missed out on #HalfLife. #MaxPayne represents my lack of experience with third-person shooters, although the bullet time gimmick seems really novel! I've played through every 'Souls' game, so it's about time I tried #Sekiro, too!

Cast your vote above! I can't wait to see what we play!

Wulgarny Gracz
7 months ago

Dzisiejsza "niedzielna godzina z klasyką" to gra której nikomu przedstawiać nie trzeba. 🥰

#maxpayne #gry #steam #remedy #samlake #rockstar

♞ Pixel Prophecy 🇺🇦🇪🇺
8 months ago

Also, I couldn’t help myself from doing a little paint-over just now. Left is the original in-game, right is how I imagined it. Goodnight, nerds!

#ConceptArt #MaxPayne

♞ Pixel Prophecy 🇺🇦🇪🇺
8 months ago

I thought back to #MaxPayne and how I enjoyed it 22 years (!) ago. Wanted to check in on the first level and now it's 4:30 a.m. and I just finished Chapter 10.

Still a great game, very gritty and cinematic with excellent level design for combat encounters 😊

Schdadia :progresspride:
8 months ago

Heute mache ich einen entspannten und schau mein Freund bei Max Payne zu 😅 passt mir auch ganz gut, weil mein Montag nicht so geil und anstrengend war :meowsleep:

#Playstation #RetroMontag #Zocken #Gaming #MaxPayne #ShareYourGames #Feierabend

Der Startbildschirm von Max Payne

I replayed Max Payne 1 & 2. Still good. And the 2 aged pretty well I would say.

#gaming #maxpayne #maxpayne2

9 months ago

My most played games of 2022, according to Steam. A whole lot of pointing and clicking going on, and of course I'm so vain I played my own game the most.
#rocknrollwillneverdie #TheDarksideDetective #returntomonkeyisland #steamworlddig2 #maxpayne #whispersofamachine #pcgaming #pointandclick #adventuregame

My most played games of 2022 on Steam:
Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die!
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark
Return To Monkey Island
Steamworld Dig 2
Max Payne
Whispers of a Machine

Is it time to play it again?

> I felt like I was walking into a trap. I felt guilty, like I was about to get caught.

#gaming #maxpayne

Caleb 🦈
10 months ago

Two Game Codes for #MaxPayne 1&2 on #Steam. From the #HumbleBundle Rockstar Games Bundle from a while back. Codes will still work to be redeemed. Whoever gets them, please reply so I can remove this toot. Made them a little harder to copy/paste, make sure you check your numbers and letters.

Max Payne: Claimed by @edraac
Max Payne 2: Claimed by Unknown

May the odds be ever in your favor.

10 months ago


an old #Sixfanarts piece. here come the hashtags....

#maxpayne #nekoatsume #pso #battlechasers #magicaldrop #puchicarat #digitalart #art

Clockwise: Max Payne and the zombie tree from Open Quartz, the conductor cat from Neko Atsume, Sue the HUnewearl from Phantasy Star Online drinking a monomate drink, Peridot from Puchi Carat pointing at the viewer, World from Magical Drop F, and Red Monika from Battle Chasers
1 year ago

@SysadminLink has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Испытываем максимальную payne

#gaming #en #ru #maxpayne

Sadium Cast
1 year ago

Ори опять захватил мой эфир!

Испытываем максимальную payne

#ru #en #gaming #maxpayne
Live stream preview
1 year ago

@SysadminLink has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Испытываем максимальную payne

#gaming #en #ru #maxpayne

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.
Kurz informiert: Data Governance Act, Cookie-Banner, DeLorean, Max Payne
Die ersten beiden "Max Payne"-Spiele werden von Remedy in Partnerschaft mit Rockstar Games neu aufgelegt. Sie entstehen in der "Control"-Engine Northlight.
"Max Payne": Remedy und Rockstar entwickeln Remake der ersten Teile

我又带着消费主义陷阱来了,这回是 humble bundle 的乌克兰慈善包,$40 价值 $2562 的 122 款游戏:

跟上次的 相比区别是:
1. 大多数内容可以在 Steam 上 redeem(itch 那个只能本地下载)
2. 跟 itch 侧重 indie 不同,Humble bundle 里除了 indie 还有有很多 2A+ 游戏,大体看了一眼我看着眼熟/玩过/wishilist 了的
- #Back4Blood 前阵子才出的热门射击游戏
- #MetroExdous 地铁:离去。虽然我玩不下去这个游戏但是评价很高一度是很多人当年的 GOTY,有趣的是这个游戏是俄罗斯 studio 做的,侧面反映俄罗斯很多人支持乌克兰,所以请不要国籍歧视!
- #Quantum Break 量子破碎,当年科幻射击大作
- #MaxPayne 3 R 星的马克思佩恩 3 开放世界动作黑帮,缺点是得在 R 星平台领而不是 steam
- #SunsetOverdrive 当年 Xbox One 首发独占,一款很爽的超能力开放世界游戏
- #SlayTheSpire 杀戮尖塔,无需多说素质非常高的时间黑洞卡牌 roguelike,我之前在 switch 上玩的,一直想迁移到 steam 上来着这次绝好机会
- #Fable 神鬼传奇,微软当年奇幻开放世界良心之作,坊间期待良久要出续作活久见
- #SuperHot 我最喜欢的 VR 游戏。之前 itch 也有但是现在可以在 steam redeem
- #ThisWarOfMine 先前已经在各平台坐过好多次乌克兰相关的独立慈善无需多说,比较 depressing 大家量力而行
- #WarGroove 高级战争工作室出的像素风奇幻战棋游戏,我之前也是在 switch 上一直想迁移到 steam 来着
- #Satisfactory 我没玩过但是工业化游戏界(类似 #RimWolrd #戴森球 这种)声誉很高的工厂游戏
- #WizardOfLegend 素质很不错的像素奇幻 roguelite 动作多人合作(也可以单人)游戏,也是在 switch 一直想迁移到 steam 来着
- Yoku‘sIslandExpress Team17(分手厨房工作室)出的双人合作游戏
- 一些素质也不错的 indie: #Pathway #TheLongDark #StarBound #ToothAndTail #KindomTwoCrowns #Inmost

- Razom for Ukraine
- International Rescue Committee
- International Medical Corps
- Direct Relief

(就是感觉晚点会 redeem 到手软)

#gaming #deal

Boiling Steam
2 years ago

I finished Max Payne 3 (from 2013) on Linux with Proton not too long ago, and here's my thoughts about it (as well as how well it runs): #maxpayne3 #linux #linuxgaming #review #maxpayne #rockstar

Boiling Steam
2 years ago

Max Payne (the first one) running on the latest Proton 6.3-5 on Linux! This brings back memories: #linux #linuxgaming #proton #steamplay #maxpayne

Control: Remedy Entertainment mit übersinnlichen Räumen… #E32018 #MaxPayne #Playstation4 #QuantumBreak