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6 hours ago

Oh how we stand aghast
For Kevin McCarthy's past
A deep ignorance of history
His words, so preposterous and full of glee
In disrespect for our great land
He's revealed a ignorance grand
For ours is a nation
That oft takes possession
And to say it has not
Shows his lot
#AmericanHistory #McCarthy #Lies

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8 hours ago

Aww, it's hard being a vile, racist traitor who incites violence.

Via Acyn:

Liz Cheney says #McCarthy claimed he went to Mar-a-Lago after #Jan6 because #Trump was depressed and was not eating.

2 days ago

Via historian Joshua Zeitz:

This guy represents CA in Congress — one of 9 current states whose territory the US won in part or whole during the Mexican War of 1848. Then there is the Spanish American War that saw the US take Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Otherwise solid history.

Kevin #McCarthy:

Think for one moment. In every single war that America has fought, we have never asked for land afterward—except for enough to bury the Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom

1 week ago

Per #GeorgeTakai 😶

So let me get this straight. The #GOP got rid of their #Speaker, Kevin #McCarthy, because he dared push through a continuing resolution on the budget with the help of mostly #Democrats. So after cycling through four possible other #leaders, they pick a guy with #zeroexperience and tons of skeletons, who then proposes and pushes through…a continuing #resolution on the #budget with the help of mostly Democrats. Genius.

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
1 week ago

"Because #Johnson couldn’t get #Republican votes to take up the government-funding resolution under normal procedures, he instead had to suspend the rules and pass it with a two-thirds majority. This meant that #Democrats would have to bail him out — just as they had #McCarthy...

#House #Republicans have now proved beyond all doubt that absolutely no one can govern them."

#GiftArticle #GiftLink:

#GOP #Shutdown #Politics #USPol #USPolitics #USA #News

Text from article:
Because Johnson couldn’t get Republican votes to take up the government-funding resolution under normal procedures, he instead had to suspend the rules and pass it with a two-thirds majority. This meant that Democrats would have to bail him out — just as they had McCarthy.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) taunted during the floor debate: “It is the Democrats who have come to save America and to stop this dastardly shutdown.”

It was true. Two hundred nine of 211 Democrats voted for Johnson’s 60-day stopgap. But 93 Republicans voted against it — three more than the number who opposed McCarthy’s 45-day stopgap in September before they booted him from the speakership.

Will Johnson, after three weeks on the job, now face the same fate?

Unlikely, for a simple reason: House Republicans have now proved beyond all doubt that absolutely no one can govern them.
2 weeks ago

So #MagaMike ended up working with #Democrats because the #MAGA party couldn't cross the finish line without them. He did the same thing that #McCarthy did but unlike McCarthy he won't suffer the same consequences. Why? Because he is the darling of the MAGA party. He's a religious, fascist, autocratic believer that wants the US to become like Iran.

Cliff Jones Jr.
2 weeks ago

Yesterday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Sen. Markwayne Mullin acted like middle school bullies because that's what Republicans do these days.

My favorite part of this recap is just how gleefully excited these reporters are. A sad day for democracy but a great day for ratings.

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2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 15, 1919: The main headquarters of the New York City Wobblies (IWW) was ransacked and destroyed by agents acting under the US Attorney General Palmer. The Palmer raids were part of the first U.S. communist witch hunt, starting well before the more well-known McCarthy purges. It was also where J. Edgar Hoover cut his baby teeth. Between 1917 and 1919, the IWW membership had plummeted from 300,000 in the U.S. to around 30,000, due in large part to the mass arrests, murders and deportations of IWW members, anarchists, and other radicals during the Palmer raids.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #anarchism #wobblies #NewOrleans #RedScare #PalmerRaids #police #union #repression #FreeSpeech #solidarity #communism #McCarthy #JEdgarHoover

Pugilism is in; Civility is out with our #Republican legislators!

“It's no wonder that Americans gave #Congress an approval rating of 13% last month — its lowest mark since 2017.”

#McCarthy ‘elbows' Burchett
#Gaetz files ‘ethics' complaint against McCarthy
Sen #Mullin challenges witness to a fight
#MarjorieTaylorGreen calls Rep #Issa a ‘pu**y’
Rep #Comer explodes at Rep #Moskowitz

And remember when Rep #Rogers had to be restrained after lunging at Rep Gaetz!

Seinen Job als Vorsitzenden im US-Repräsentantenhaus hat Kevin McCarthy verloren, für Schlagzeilen sorgt er aber weiterhin: Ein Parteikollege wirft dem Republikaner vor, ihm mitten im Interview von hinten einen Ellenbogen-Check verpasst zu haben. Im US-Senat kam es derweil fast zu einer Schlägerei.#Newsteam #USA-Politik #McCarthy #Kevin #texttospeech #KevinMcCarthy #Politik
Kevin McCarthy: Schlag in die Niere – Republikaner-Zwist im Kongress eskaliert
2 weeks ago

GOP Fascist Party members apparently have issues with their, shortcomings.

It's also why they need to wag guns around.

Via Acyn:

LOL #Swalwell confirms #McCarthy threatened to 'kick the shit' out of him and then ran away after after Swalwell called him a pussy

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 weeks ago

"An aide to Rep. #GeorgeSantos (R-N.Y.) pleaded #guilty Tuesday to a federal charge of #fraud...

he collected money for Santos, then a candidate, by claiming he was seeking the contribution on the #McCarthy aide’s behalf...

Miele’s plea came three months after his arrest and it makes him the second person involved in Santos’s campaign to plead guilty to crimes involving the legislator, who also faces fraud charges."

#GOP #Republicans #Crime #Politics #USPol #USA #News

News headline: 
Aide to Rep. George Santos pleads guilty to defrauding donors

By Shayna Jacobs
November 14, 2023 at 4:17 p.m. EST
2 weeks ago


Via NPR’s Claudia Grisales:

Have NEVER seen this on Capitol Hill:

While talking to Rep Tim Burchett after the GOP conference meeting, #McCarthy walked by with his detail and McCarthy shoved Burchett. Burchett lunged towards me. I thought it was a joke, it was not. And a chase ensued 1/…

Matt Pritchett 📷♿️
1 month ago

Starting to think that Gym Jordan for #Speaker was a head fake & that these white nationalist, Christofascists & the few semi-intelligent members of the #ChaosCaucus, had #MagaMikeJohnson in mind for the job as soon as they booted #McCarthy.


***Dave Hill
1 month ago

So a lot of people, self included, had fun watching the #HouseGOP turn into the Kilkenny Cats the last 3+ weeks. Funny, right?

Except not. Because now it's clear who owns the GOP. It was his gang that got #McCarthy booted out, and then made it clear #Scalise would not be it, and that put forward #JimJordan and then sank #TomEmmer in hours. And it was his gang that got his fervent ally, Mike Johnson, through UNANIMOUSLY.

#DonaldTrump IS the #Republican Party, and vice-versa. God help us all.

Recent news photo of Donald Trump, on a stage with lots of flags.
L'Osservatorio - Esteri
1 month ago

#USA #House
Con 128 voti a favore, Mike #Johnson (#R|ECR) ha vinto il voto sulla nomina per il candidato repubblicano alla carica di Presidente della Camera.
L'altro candidato, Byron #Donalds, si è fermato a 29 voti.
Inoltre, 43 parlamentari hanno votato per Kevin #McCarthy.


“Amid the impasse, #McCarthy is floating a plan that would reinstall him as speaker and make #Jordan, a conservative Trump ally, the ♦️assistant speaker♦️.”

“Asked why the idea — which lacks key details, like how it would be enacted and whether it could even gain enough traction to happen — was being floated now, a GOP lawmaker replied: ‘🔸We’re desperate🔸.’”

1 month ago


Suggested edit:

"#McCarthy may run again for #Speakership with #Jordan holding the leash."

🇺🇸 #Republicans have chosen Tom #Emmer as their third nominee to be #Speaker of the House of Representatives, three weeks after their last leader was ousted in a right-wing revolt

The full chamber will now vote on the #Minnesota congressman's candidacy, though it is unclear if he can win

Mr #Emmer emerged as the party's pick in a series of secret internal ballots

The US legislature has been unable to pass bills since Kevin #McCarthy was removed on 3 October

#US #News

Tim Board
1 month ago

Wow. Just saw #McCarthy talking to the press after #Emmer won the nomination. The man is dumber than he looks. He needs to go back to Mar-A-Lago and stay there.
We are here because of you, Kevin.

1 month ago

via Michael de Adder....

The process for electing a Speaker of the House.

#TheWashingtonPost USPoli #GOP
#PostOpinions #deAdder #SpeakerOfTheHouse #McCarthy

Cartoon by Michael de Adder, showing a dry swimming pool, and McCarthy jumping off the high diving board, into the dry pool, walking back around to do it again. TITLE:

The process for electing a speaker of the house
amen zwa, esq.
1 month ago

Kevin #McCarthy is a highly unprincipled man. He's an exemplar #Republican. I don't understand why they dumped him.

"Even as Americans watch as the mean-spirited, violence-threatening, authoritarian face of the GOP rears itself, they are being taught a valuable lesson that would never have occurred had Democrats simply done the 'nice' thing—the “expected” thing—as they nearly always do, in keeping Rep. Kevin McCarthy afloat."

~ Dartagnan

#Republicans #McCarthy #RepublicansinDisarray #chaos #ChaosAgents #PoliticsofDestruction

1 month ago

“Every single Republican voted for it. They knowingly made Congress dysfunctional.” There. Are. No. Moderates. Clear?

Via Rep Casten:

McCarthy changed rules pkg in 118th Cong to put the nihilists in chg & then every sgl Repub voted for it. They knowingly made Cong dysfunctional. They know that's true...which is why they're so angry at themselves right now.

Welker: What do you say to Americans who look at this chaos & blue it's a sign GOP can’t govern?

#McCarthy: Well, it's embarrassing

1 month ago

Schadenfreude, redux, via Rupar:

*this message brought to you by the DCCC*

REPORTER: Is the Republican conference broken?

#McCARTHY: We're in a very bad place right now, yes

1 month ago

Oh good lord…

I can’t anymore with these jerks.

Via Jose Pagliery

Wait, I thought modern clinical psychologists said Stockholm Syndrome is a myth.

CNN’s Annie Grayer:

Kevin #McCarthy is expected to give the floor nominating speech for #JimJordan today, a source tells me.

1 month ago

#McCarthy spoke early on & said he backs empowering #McHenry. He argued that McHenry already has the power because the point of the position is for a continuation of government.

Rep Austin Scott (R-GA), who ran a protest candidacy against Rep #JimJordan last wk, said some members want to enforce a “majority of the majority,” meaning that if >½ of #HouseRepublicans endorse the proposal to expand #Speaker Pro Tempore #PatrickMcHenry’s powers, it would not be brought to the floor for a vote.

1 month ago

These are the misfits who are in control of the House. Swell.

Via Axios's Juliegrace Brufke:

Per a source in the room, #McCarthy screamed at Matt #Gaetz to sit down when he went to the mics, with the source saying Rep. Bost “almost lunging at him.” 1/...

1 month ago

#118congress #speaker #vote


Who had the 2 votes for #mccarthy lol ?

Now 1 #zeldin
And 1 #scalise

No path for #jordan

Round 1 will end with no #speaker if #jeffries is short 217

Republican vote for Jeffries?
Democrat vote for Jordan?

Severe fracture in Republican caucus.
#mccarthy votes for #jordan
#scalise votes for #jordan

Stop That
1 month ago

He just does not learn.

#McCarthy in fiery exchange with reporter blames Dems for bringing ‘chaos’ with ouster

Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

U.S. "House Republicans are leaderless and rudderless as they go back to the drawing board to sketch a path out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into."

The Hill reports on the fallout after Majority Leader Steve Scalise dropped out of the Speaker's race:

#House #Congress #Republicans #McCarthy #Scalise #USPolitics #Politics

Ricky de Laveaga
2 months ago

📡 Dysfunction in #DC leaves #MiddleEast without key diplomats: Having no #US ambassador to #Israel in place and #Republicans holding up more than 300 military promotions is a threat to democracy #Gaza #Tuberville #McCarthy #Republican #USA #NationalSecurity #diplomacy #policy #ForeignPolicy #military #war #defense #Pentagon

2 months ago


Via @emptywheel:

I mean, sure, it would be better for the country if there were a grownup at Speaker and better still if the #GOP was not filled with batshit insane crazy people.

But if the producers in this Realty TV Show keep scripting as well as this, I'll stick around for a week or so.

Rachel Scott:

#McCarthy just told us it’s a “big hill” for #Scalise to get the support —

“He told a lot of people he would be at 150 and he wasn’t there.”

2 months ago

Note to Politico: If they support McCarthy, they’re not “centrists,” they’re fascists who also support Trump.

“A bloc of Kevin #McCarthy's most vocal GOP supporters, many of them centrists, are vowing to nominate the former speaker to return to the job and support him for as long as they can.”

2 months ago

A bloc of Kevin #McCarthy's most vocal #GOP supporters, many of them centrists, are vowing to nominate the former speaker to return to the job and support him for as long as they can.

2 months ago

Who then? Please, not McCarthy... Insurrection, then resurrection?

Via Manu Raju:

Rep. Don Bacon told me it would be “very hard” to back a candidate endorsed by the eight Rs who booted #McCarthy.
“They don't support our party. All these folks care about is media clicks.”

“We're not here to accommodate eight people who just kicked us in the shins really bad.”

2 months ago

🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Former Speaker Kevin #McCarthy (R-Calif.), did not rule out returning to the post if the House Republican Conference cannot decide on a replacement.

2 months ago

No, assclown, you got that backwards. It was 8 Republicans who joined with 208 Democrats.

Dems were *never* going to vote for anyone but their Minority Leader because that’s what the minority party always does. Hoping for anything else was just demanding someone else clean up your mess, you entitled prick.

#GOP #Congressman #MikeLawler #speakerofthehouse #mccarthy

2 months ago

Via @atrupar who posted a vid of this, which I won't share because he says it all right here:

You won’t find a better encapsulation of #NancyMace’s phoniness than her going on CBS today & claiming her big problem with #McCarthy was he didn’t do enough for abuse survivors, then in the next breath endorsing #GymJordan for speaker. She stands for nothing beyond getting on TV.

2 months ago
2 months ago

Israel’s ambassador to the #UnitedStates, Michael Herzog, hailed the call between #Biden & #Netanyahu & expressed confidence that the WH & #Congress would be able to provide any needed support to #Israel.

“Right now we are assessing the situation, assessing our needs, &, to the extent that we will need some support, we will not hesitate to ask for it,” he said.

The #House is operating w/o a #speaker after #fringe #RightWing #extremists ousted #McCarthy bringing the chamber to a standstill.

2 months ago

👀Via Kyle Griffin:

According to video obtained by NBC News, just days before Matt #Gaetz led the effort to oust Kevin #McCarthy, Gaetz denounced Republicans' #impeachment inquiry as unserious at a private event.

"I don't believe that we are endeavoring upon a legitimate impeachment of Joe Biden."

"McCarthy thought he could harness forces of disruption. Instead they devoured him.

As far back as 2009, the future House speaker tried to channel the anti-politician, tea-party wave building into a political force, but the movement crushed him."

~ Paul Kane

Destroying is what destroyers do. Unleash those energies, and there's no controlling them.

#McCarthy #Republicans #PoliticsofDestruction #chaos #ChaosAgents

"KEVIN MCCARTHY IS THE LATEST but doubtless not the last Republican to find out that when you’re Donald Trump, they let you do it—and when you’re not, they don’t. So many deals, so many pledges, so many lies and reversals, so much hypocrisy and selling out. So much disregard for principle, truth, and consequences.

And for what?"

~ Jill Lawrence

#McCarthy #Trump #Republicans

2 months ago

🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Former House Speaker Kevin #McCarthy denied reports on Friday that he's thinking about resigning from Congress before his term concludes in 2025, after after hardline Republicans and Democrats forced him out of the speaker's chair earlier this week.

2 months ago

Toodles! 👋🏼

Kevin #McCarthy considers resigning from the House before the end of his term

The deposed former speaker has made clear he plans to stay at least through the speakership election before ending his House career, two people familiar with the matter tell POLITICO

2 months ago

Kevin #McCarthy is considering resigning from the House before the end of his term, two people familiar with the matter told POLITICO.

2 months ago

US-Repräsentantenhaus: Trump unterstützt Kandidatur von Jordan

Der frühere US-Präsident Trump unterstützt eine Kandidatur des republikanischen Abgeordneten Jordan für den Vorsitz des Repräsentantenhauses. Jordan gilt als einer seiner vehementesten Unterstützer im Kapitol.


#Trump #McCarthy #Nachfolge

2 months ago

“What #hubris or #stupidity lies behind the assumption that one’s own opinion alone can bring salvation?” Nelles asked, gesturing to the grandstanding of the #Republican hard-liners who triggered #McCarthy’s ouster.

2 months ago

#Corrosion has reached the heart of #power w/no plan other than #chaos & the personal promotion of the minority group that has taken #democracy hostage,” noted #ElPais…. It urged #Washington’s elites to “put institutions ahead of #politics.”

…Roland Nelles, …(of) #DerSpiegel, wrote that #McCarthy’s removal was an illustration of a system that “is rotting from within” & raised fresh questions about the viability of the #UnitedStates model of #democracy as an inspiration to nations elsewhere.

Journalist James Fallows agreed that this understanding 'is so deeply engrained in mainstream coverage and "framing" of DC that it doesn’t need to be said out loud.'”

#Republicans #Democrats #MediaFail #BothSideism #PoliticsofDestruction #McCarthy

"Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo commented: 'The idea that D[emocrat]s should have bailed out McCarthy is a codicil of the larger logic of DC punditry in which R[epublican] bad behavior/destruction is assumed, a baseline like weather, and D[emocrat]s managing the consequences of that behavior is a given.'"

~ Heather Cox Richardson

#Republicans #Democrats #MediaFail #BothSideism #PoliticsofDestruction #McCarthy

Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

Following Kevin McCarthy’s historic ouster as U.S. House speaker, names have started to emerge as possible successors to take over the gavel.

CNN reports "any speaker hopefuls will need to find 218 votes, or the majority of lawmakers present and voting."

#McCarthy #House #Congress #USPolitics #Politics #News

2 months ago

Acting #Speaker #McHenry Did Not Have Authority to #Evict #Pelosi Says Top Rules Committee Democrat

acting Speaker, operated outside of carefully crafted House rules when he evicted Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer, the former Democratic Majority Leader, from their Capitol Hill offices just hours after Republicans ousted #McCarthy
as Speaker.

He says the “Speaker pro tempore” has one job only: help elect a new Speaker of the House.

Didn't. Lift. A. Finger.

Didn't lift a finger to help the man who sold his very soul, his integrity and reputation, to serve the agenda of the morally filthy reprobate who pulls the strings for the party that has willingly enslaved itself to him, to their great woe.

This ever idolaters….

#McCarthy #Trump #Republicans

"It's the Democrats' fault" is the entirely predictable, utterly lame, and lamentably immature response of McCarthy and Republican leaders to the fragmentation of their party — which they themselves have created by courting what used to be called their loony fringe but is now their center.

They're bullies, and bullies are unformed adolescents in hulking mature bodies. Bullies are people who have not grown up enough to take responsibility.

#McCarthy #Republicans

Jerry Levine
2 months ago

I think it would have been great to get a power-sharing agreement, but REPUBLICANS rejected it. #McCarthy refused any deals. And (see picture) the Republicans KNOW it's their fault.

2. McCarthy was a super-weak leader, beholden to the WORST Republicans. Now it's even clearer to a large number of folks how bad the rot is. Is it great? No, this actually sucks -- we're still staring down a new shutdown, and the Republicans are out of their minds.


"Trump’s MAGA caucus demonstrated today, for anyone who still has doubts, that they lack any interest in governing. They are the party of Trump and of Steve Bannon, interested in burning down the house. But for what? For fun? For pleasure? Certainly not for the American people."

#Republicans #McCarthy #Trump #Bannon #PoliticsofDestruction #chaos #ChaosAgents

"It was a day for sad firsts, further evidence of the damage Donald Trump has done and continues to do to our country. Today was the first time a (thankfully former) American president behaved in such an outrageous manner as a defendant in a civil lawsuit that a judge entered a gag order against him. And it was the first time a Speaker of the House was removed by a motion to vacate."

~ Joyce Vance @JoyceVance

#Republicans #McCarthy #Trump

"It is the nature of nihilistic, burn-it-to-the-ground extremists to destroy everything around them, including the very party that once carried them to victory. …

One thing is clear, however: It was Trump, acting behind the scenes by pressing extremists to hold the line against the budget, who is in large part to blame for the destruction of the House GOP caucus."

~ Jay Kuo

#Republicans #McCarthy #Trump #ClownShow #ChaosAgents #chaos

2 months ago

OFFS. These infantile GOP misfits are unfit for office.

Via Jake Sherman:

NEWS — HOUSE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP has kicked Rep Steny Hoyer out of his Capitol hideaway.

Republicans — McCarthy — are taking revenge for Democrats voting with #Gaetz to boot #McCarthy from the speakership.

Expect more of this, GOP sources tell us.

Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

The U.S. House of Representatives is entering uncharted territory after a far-right effort to remove fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy from the speakership succeeded.

AP explains what happens next:

#McCarthy #House #Republicans #USPolitics #Politics #News

BBC News
2 months ago

News at 9AM: Paris Fashion Week is dominated by mega influencers. US financial markets are falling due to high interest rate fears. Political uncertainty continues in #Spain following the election. The HS2 West Midlands-Manchester line has been scrapped, with alternative projects to be announced by the #UK PM. #Ukraine calls for international help as western allies run low on ammunition. A historic vote sees Kevin #McCarthy ousted as US #House #Speaker, with Rep. #KevinMcCarthy #BBC #News

BBC News
BBC News
2 months ago

News at 6AM: Kevin #McCarthy has been removed as US #House #Speaker, marking a historic first. The successor remains unclear, with Rep. Patrick McHenry appointed as Speaker Pro Tempore. The US financial markets are falling due to fears of high interest rates, while political uncertainty continues in #Spain post-election. A bus accident in Venice resulted in at least 21 fatalities. Shanti Pereira made history by winning Singapore's first sprint gold medal since 1974 at the Asian Games. #BBC

BBC News
Deirdre Assenza
2 months ago

There have been 500 mass shootings in America in 2023. There have been -44,000- wildfires in America in 2023. There has been flooding from Kentucky to Manhattan since August. One of our closest allies is being invaded and blown to crap by one of our oldest adversaries. These people use our money to pay themselves to do nothing but act like 6th-grade bullies trying to dunk on the kids who actually do their homework. F*ck them all.

#US #News #Republicans #GOP #McCarthy

Daniella Diaz @ Daniella Micaela 

McHenry's first order of business as acting speaker? Boot Pelosi from her hideaway, according to an email shared with me and @ nicholas wu 12
2 months ago

#McCarthy suggests that Matt #Gaetz is not a real #conservative, after voting w/ #Democrats against #GOP spending bills. “It had nothing to do about spending," he said, adding, "It was all about getting attention.”

McCarthy says he “hasn’t thought about” #resigning from Congress. There is some precedent for that: When John #Boehner faced a motion to vacate in 2015, he relinquished the speaker’s gavel & resigned rather than face a vote on the #House floor.