Merrit DeBartolo MD (he/him)
2 days ago

All gave some.

Some, like my great-great-Aunt Nurse Helen Fairchild, gave all. 🇺🇸

I sincerely hope we as a country can improve and become worthy of their sacrifice.

But we have such a long way to go 😢

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Researchers identify 12 key symptoms to better define long COVID
The Washington Post (5/25, Morris) reports that a “study has identified 12 key symptoms that best define the debilitating condition known as long COVID.” The results, published in JAMA, are based on data involving “9,764 participants in a study called the RECOVER initiative"

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mike johansen
3 days ago

Wow; this is a really well done paper. Really remarkable stuff.

"We then show that receiving the herpes zoster vaccine reduced the probability of a new dementia diagnosis over a follow-up period of seven years by 3.5 percentage points (95% CI: 0.6 - 7.1, p=0.019), corresponding to a 19.9% relative reduction in the occurrence of dementia."

fwiw: I have no idea what to make of the heterogeneity by gender.

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IYKYK #MedMastodon 😇🙏

A screenshot of the Epic EMR inbasket showing no messages!
Lorraine C.
3 days ago


The spread of #antibioticresistant #bacteria is reaching new heights, quite literally. A first-of-its-kind study conducted by researchers from Quebec and #France has revealed this kind of bacteria can spread through clouds.
#MedMastodon #quebec #covid #news #usa #antimicrobialresistance #weather #Climate

Mathieu Desgroseilliers
3 days ago

Very interesting that “Critical Care and Resuscitation” is now an #OpenAccess journal!

#MedMastodon #FOAMcc #FOAMed

Critical Care and Resuscitation Journal is now Open Access

Thinking about a recent convo with a colleague when they said in healthcare, under stress, we’re quicker to turn on each other rather than the system

What can we do to change that?

#MedMastodon #ThursdayThoughts

Merrit DeBartolo MD (he/him)
4 days ago

Infection vs. colonization.
#MedMastodon #IDMastodon

“Jim Halpert Explains” meme. Top panel text: “If you ‘had a UTI and didn’t know it’…” Bottom panel text: “What you really had was a colonization.”

When you promised yourself you’d get your notes done tonight but the remote Epic connection keeps failing 😭
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Dwight from The Office staring into space with a frustrated expression

My latest narrative medicine essay, "Both And"

A reflection on #rural #oncology practice, and the "direct witnessing of the living of life"

#MedMastodon #WritingCommunity

Todd Fraser :verified:
4 days ago

On the ward round you find the following sign.

What is it? What does it mean?

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Jim Parsons
4 days ago


From an individual, family, #patient perspective, no surprise at all

• 🇺🇸&🇨🇦 no longer have #Healthcare systems, they have Sick Care systems

• 2 approaches
- Pathogenic (fix sick)
- Salutogenic (foster wellness)

• years of Corp+Tech influence has created an extractive industry💰⛏️TONS of perverse incentives + 🍑 covering

• Today: ZERO Physician & Institutional indemnification re: use of #Health #AI yet it's all the rage


Mark Kuczewski
4 days ago

Please boost: Ken Goodman & I call on bioethicists & health care facilities to take action to ameliorate Florida's #SB1718. It requires hospitals to ask about citizenship status, an action designed to create fear among immigrant patients and potentially prevent them from seeking needed care in a timely fashion. #medmastodon #bioethics

5 days ago

In the “Wild West” of Outpatient Vascular Care, Doctors Can Reap Huge Payments as Patients Risk Life and Limb

But a chorus of experts told ProPublica that the federal government’s decision to provide unconditional payments for vascular procedures — and then not pay attention to what happened — is a prime example of what’s wrong with the American health care system.


Todd Fraser :verified:
5 days ago

New module : Rhythm analysis in advanced life support

This great new Osler module reviews the interpretation of the cardiac rhythm in the context of cardiac arrest and resuscitation.

Perfect for beginners or as a refresher

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Laurie Anne Walden
5 days ago

"Leverage" x 2 (once referring to people)
"Operationalize" x 1
"Dual-purpose" (as a verb) x 2
(all in same article)

I expect a "synergy" any minute now.

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Mark Abraham
5 days ago

(3/n) In #Phoenix, a typical heat wave would kill 12,800 people if it were combined with a power failure.

Half the city's population (789,600 people) would require emergency department care. The city has only 3,000 ED beds.

"If enough #trees were planted to shade half of the streets, deaths during dual crises would drop by 27 percent in Phoenix, the study said."

#urbanforestry #publichealth #urbanplanning #MedMastodon c @kathhayhoe

Gabriele Pollara
5 days ago

Wow, only 14% uptake of the intervention (point of care CRP testing for suspected respiratory tract infections). Big barrier to implementing even the best diagnostics...
#IDMastodon #AMR #MedMastodon #antibiotics #diagnostics #viral

@luckytran And yet hospitals is where you get a higher concentration of vulnerable and at-risk patients. Even catching a common cold from someone in a crowded waiting room can trigger serious problems in people with #asthma, #cancer, transplant recipients, etc. There must be data out there showing a drop in #nosocomial infections during #mask wearing during mandates?
Not just hospitals, any healthcare setting where vulnerable people and sick people are likely to mix -- including their FP's clinic.
#COVID #IDmastodon #MedMastodon

Kevin Ault
6 days ago

"in most of these cases, the women described their doctors as struggling to do the right thing." - tagging #ObGynodon & #MedMastodon

Laurie Anne Walden
6 days ago

pharmacotherapies for the treatment of --> pharmacotherapies for

Such fun to snip ✂️
No shade at the authors; these things can be hard to spot when you're neck deep in data.

#AmEditing #copyediting #medical #MedMastodon

This is my life:

My family: really it’s fine to eat in indoor restaurants again

Me: I’ve diagnosed 2 people with #Covid already this week

My family: <does not compute>

The discordance just keeps getting worse and worse


Lydia Schoch
6 days ago

I recently finished “The Autumn Ghost: How the Battle Against a Polio Epidemic Revolutionized Modern Medical Care” by Hannah Wunsch.

This was a good book that I’d recommend to anyone else who likes to learn about history or medical advancements. Some passages were difficult to read due to how little doctors could do for this disease in the 1950s. Thank science for vaccines. #AmReading #Vaccines #Polio #BooksOfMastodon #History #MedMastodon #Epidemic

Book cover for “The Autumn Ghost: How the Battle Against a Polio Epidemic Revolutionized Modern Medical Care” by Hanna Wunsch. Image on cover is a black and white photo of a woman in a white medical gown examining a small boy who is lying on a bed while a man in a white medical gown peers at something on a table  to the left just out of view.
6 days ago

I know it's extremely cliché, but being a patient, or a family member of a patient, is a completely eye-opening experience and one I would not wish on anyone.

(Also, Arthur Frank was wrong, it is all chaos narrative all the time, and it sucks.)

#NarrativeMedicine #MedMastodon #Chaos

mike johansen
6 days ago

I'd put $$ on in-class switching to slightly superior medication worsening outcomes.


The Conversation U.S.
6 days ago

An exciting new development in #pain research: neuroscientists have for the first time objectively measured pain experienced by 4 humans, through sensors embedded in their skulls.

If this approach works and can be extended (always big ifs), it could be revolutionary: the subjective nature of pain can lead doctors to over-prescribe addictive drugs, and also to under-prescribe drugs to patients they believe are exaggerating.
#News #MedMastodon

mike johansen
1 week ago
Todd Fraser :verified:
1 week ago

Preparing for an ALS course? Or just want to refresh your resuscitation skills?

Either way, this new module is perfect for you - an Introduction to Advanced Life Support

The first in our new ALS series

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Gabriele Pollara
1 week ago

"Aggressive surgical debridement with a high local concentration of targeted antibiotics at time of 1st stage revision for hip PJI, without prolonged systemic antibiotics, provides a high rate of success"

V interesting and thought-provoking paper about local delivery of antibiotics into joints, sparing systemic antibiotics. #AMS #stewardship #AMR #IDMastodon #MedMastodon #orthopedics #infection

With manual treatment planning, a patient diagnosed with cancer often needs to wait 2–3 weeks for treatment to start.

“Our automation enables same-day treatment. We are making same-day treatment a standard in cancer treatment globally,” Hasan adds.

#Medmastodon #AI #MVision

my preference is to post informative threads rather than just farm my own self righteousness.

Ill be back to doing #mentalhealthawareness #CME topic threads by June is the good news.

In the interim, feel free to ignore my rants, but i think its important for the populace who rely on doctors to realize we are far from universally bootlickers in an unjust system.

good follows: @AlexPed @eeyam @MerritMD @nilikm

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mike johansen
1 week ago

Is there an area of medicine with as many null trials as adherence?


1 week ago

Solve M.E. posted about a clinical trial for a Long Covid treatment run by Hope Biosciences Research Foundation.

"Study Design:
A randomized, double-blinded, single-center, phase 2 efficacy, and safety study of allogeneic HB-adMSCs for the treatment of patients with Chronic Post-COVID-19 Syndrome"


Attached image (with #AltText) includes contact info.

#COVID #LongCovid #PostCovid #Research #ClinicalTrial #MedMastodon


"You are invited to join our groundbreaking clinical trial for treatment of Post Covid-19 Syndrome (Long Haulers).
This clinical trial is designed as a randomized, double-blinded, single center, Phase 2 study to assess the efficacy and safety of HB-adMSC's vs. placebo in patients with chronic post-COVID-19 syndrome.

What's the investigational drug product?
Allogenic (from a donor) adipose (fat)-derived mesenchymal stem cells that have been grown to specific quantities.

How long is the trial?
26 weeks. Each participant will come in for 4 intravenous treatment sessions with telephone follow-up visits and one end of study visit.

Where is the trial conducted?
At our beautiful facility in Sugar Land, Texas.

Cost to participate?
Absolutely free.

More questions? 
Call us: 346-900-0340, ext. 101
Or email:

Thank you to STAT News for having me on the First Opinion #podcast! I enjoyed talking with editor Torie Bosch about #AI & #empathy in #healthcare in the real world, & the intersection with #physician #burnout, understaffing, and lack of time

#MedMastodon check it out!

ME/CFS Medical Education
2 weeks ago

This illustration by Kornelia Paulsen shows beautifully how ME/CFS, as an energy-limiting illness, restricts the lives of those who suffer from it.
#MedEd #MedicalEducation #MedMastodon #MECFS #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #PatientExperience

Comic-style drawing. Title: M.E. How it can shrink one's world bits by bits. 

Panel 1: Before M.E. Ground, sky, tree, work, cafe, party with cake and balloons, air travel, mountains, tent and campfire, gym, house with bush and flowers. 

Panel 2: "Mild M.E." The ground has shrunk to a narrow cliff, there is only work, house and two flowers. In the background are rocks labeled 'PEM'.

Panel 3: "Moderate M.E." The cliff is even narrower, on it is just the house and one wilting flower.

Panel 4: "Severe M.E." The cliff is now impossibly narrow, and on it rests just a person lying in a bed. The background is darker.
Paul Chambers
2 weeks ago

Cats are in a mood today

My implanted spinal baclofen pump got refilled at home today so, a stranger was in the house today, "hurting" papa

A #paramedic filled it. #Nurses used to fill it but the law allows #paramedics to do it now

They insert a needle in my abdomen & into the pump, pull out all the meds in there that may be left and then fill it full

I numb up with lidocaine cream first, covered with sarin wrap so it doesn't evaporate #AMA

20ML meds replaced the ones pictured #MedMastodon

Many bottles of medications shown.
Lorraine C.
2 weeks ago

Via COVID Advocacy Initiative and Mandate Masks US @mandatemasksus

Day 3 -

May 17: CONTACT HOSPITALS AND HEALTHCARE SETTINGS: Contact hospitals & medical settings that ended mask requirements. Urge them to require universal masking. Thank those that still have a mask requirement. Let's raise our voices! #MaskWeekofAction #keepmasksinhealthcare

#covid19 #covid #CovidIsNotOver #news #usa #MaskUp #canada #medmastodon

Poster describing text aboveWeek of Action to Keep Masks in Healthcare, May 15-21 Day 3: Contact Hospitals and Healthcare Settings Contact your local hospitals and medical settings that have ended their mask requirements. Urge them to require universal masking. Let them know why you care! Thank those that still have a mask requirement. Find the contact information for administrators and patient relations. If you can, hold a phone bank. For tips and sample scripts, visit the toolkit at
Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago


Been following this space closely over 7 years.

#MentalHealth chatbots are a #privacy and ethical nightmare 😱 but there’s no shortage of institutions, researchers, #BigTech captured academia and #SiliconValley #VC's willing to prey on at-risk vulnerable populations.

"The Problem With Mental Health Bots” | WIRED

#Health #DigitalHealth
#AIEthics #EthicalAI
#Healthcare #OSI #PTSD
#MoralInjury #CPTSD
#MedMastodon #AI

When we say death by 1000 cuts, it’s things like this:
Going back into the exam room to tell the patient who showed up with 1 week of cough without calling ahead that yes the rapid Covid test is positive and they look you in the eye and pull down their mask to take a drink of water

(I was wearing an N95 of course, but still)


2 weeks ago

As of today the #documentary #film #Unrest, which tells the story of Jen Brea and her experience with #MECFS, is free through this link on #YouTube to stream legally.

It's a #SundanceFilmFestival winner.

#pwME #NEISvoid #longCOVID #PostViralIllness #MedMastodon


Screenshot of the cover image of the documentary film Unrest on YouTube. The image is of a woman laying in a bed looking up at a camera with electrodes on her head. In the upper right corner is a logo noting the film as a winner at the Sundance Film Festival
Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago

My #HealthTech founder lens is squarely focused on individuals, families and patients specific to #MentalHealth #OSI #PTSD and most of all – #privacy & #data agency that accrues to humans FIRST

For 7 years I've watched #SiliconValley #BigTech #VC's fuck up every opportunity to employ #AI #ML #BigData in service of “doing the right thing” to produce positive #health outcomes. At *every* opportunity they've exploited vulnerable populations in service of greed.


My latest piece is out. This was a fun one to write. A satirical piece inspired by “The Power” by Naomi Alderman

"Having it All? How Men can Manage a Career in Medicine and Fatherhood: A Satire"

#WomenInMedicine #MedMastodon #ThePower #WritingCommunity

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago

@jdp23 @Wolven

IMHO: Sam Altman seriously runs the Martin Scorsese “Casino" Philip Green character vibe: an affable oligarch front man for #ElonMusk #PeterThiel & #OpenAI's incumbent #BigTech business partners

From an individual, family, patient and #privacy perspective: I'm taking everything Altman says with a dump truck of salt.

#BigTech #Health

When I get home and my husband asks about my day and I just pause and say "it was okay," he knows that means it wasn't okay but I don't have the ability to talk about it, and it's enough

Merrit DeBartolo MD (he/him)
2 weeks ago

Coping mechanisms that helped our former selves can hurt our current and future selves.

#Psychology #MedMastodon

2 weeks ago

@gnuhealth I don’t understand very well… Is GNUHealth suitable for a family doctor practice ? I’m looking for an opensource alternative to prived software … Are there doctors on Mastodon using it to record their patients consultations ? #MastoMed #MedMastodon #opensource #medical

mike johansen
2 weeks ago

I have a feeling that we'll view viruses differently after we have a better understanding of all the harms they cause. These things always appear obvious in retrospect, but the resistance to recognition is strong.

#covid #medmastodon

2 weeks ago

I was a contributor to Medscape Blogs in 2021-2022 and I'm honored that they found my story worth telling

From Burned Out Oncologist to Published Novelist

#MedMastodon #WritingCommunity

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago

Humans experimenting with AI?
#AI experimenting with Humans?

Given #Musk & #Thiel are principally responsible for the injection of #OpenAI #ChatGPT into the world and human brains? – what do you think?

“ChatGPT Plugins And Web Browsing Beta Rollout For Plus Users”

#AI #ML #BigData
#BigTech #VC

Merrit DeBartolo MD (he/him)
2 weeks ago

Studies show that surgeons who play video games for >3 hours/week display improved surgical skills, with 37% fewer errors and 27% faster completion.

So the 200 hours I plan to spend on this should keep my skills sharp for the for the next 16 months or so.

You’re welcome, patients!


#ShareYourGames #Zelda #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom #MedMastodon #Gaming

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Arriving today by 10 PM. Shipped.
2 weeks ago

The entire board of the scientific journal Neuroimage resigned in protest against its publisher, Elsevier. “Elsevier preys on the academic community, claiming huge profits while adding little value to science,” said Professor Chris Chambers, head of brain stimulation at Cardiff University and one of the resigning board members. “All Elsevier cares about is money, and it will cost them a lot of money. They just got too greedy.” #MedMastodon #MedicoFriends

ME/CFS Medical Education
2 weeks ago

In honor of this year’s ME Awareness day we’re sharing a very simple message: for patients with long Covid or ME/CFS, exercise can be dangerous.

#MedTwitter #MedEd #MedicalEducation #Clinical #MECFS #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #MEAwarenessDay #WorldMEDay #MedMastodon #LongCovid

12: did you have a good day at work Mom? I know Wednesdays are usually stressful


#parenting #MedMastodon

Jim Parsons
3 weeks ago


Obfuscation now core to #BigTech vendors and the #Healthcare & Gov’t institutions they’ve captured (as customers and via Tech funding of #MentalHealth research)

So what does Health Information Exchange mean for 🇺🇸 individuals, families, patients, clients and the psychologist who serve them?

It means they’re ALL chickens-to-be-plucked of intimate #PersonalData and #Health #data (for fuel to feed commercial #AI’s and associated corporate profit engines)

#Health #BigData

Jeremy Kamil
3 weeks ago

When Covid emerged, we swiftly developed new molecular diagnostics like rapid antigen tests & LAMP that make detection a breeze. But there other widespread, dangerous infectious diseases that deserve our attention. #TB #tuberculosis stands out for its enormous death toll & burden on the poor. #MedMastodon #PublicHealth #GlobalHealth #IDMastodon👇

Laurie Anne Walden
3 weeks ago

for the treatment of --> to treat
for the confirmation of --> to confirm

These aren't wrong, just wordy. Tighter writing reduces readers' cognitive work.

#AmEditing #copyediting #medical #MedMastodon

Almost every day when I wonder if I can keep going in rural healthcare, I encounter someone in clinic who desperately needs my help and expertise, and that gives me the strength to keep going one more day.
It really is just literally one day at a time right now in healthcare. Which scares me because it means on some level I'm one day away from leaving. I think so many of us are. Let's hope we all keep finding the reasons to stay. Let's hope people GIVE us the reasons to stay.

This is some mindblowing info about #PrivateEquity

"... in the nursing homes owned by private equity, their loved ones were just a dollar sign. And the moment that dollar sign was under threat, the care would go downhill...the nursing home in question had accepted COVID patients as a way to generate revenues...the acceptance of these patients was a way to generate income for the nursing home, but it really threatened the existing residents of that home"

Teenager: You don't know everything about health just because you're a doctor!

Me: But ... I kinda do, because it's kinda my job

Teen: No you don't!

Me: And I went to many years of school and through a lot of training, like a decade, to study the human body and health and disease

Teen: You still don't know anything!

#parenting #MedMastodon

Paul Chambers
3 weeks ago

Family Dollar recalls some over-the-counter medications
#MedMastodon #Medication #Recall

The recall involves tablets, caplets and liqui-gels:

-Advil tablets (various sizes)
-Advil 200 mg caplet 24 count
-Advil dual action 36 count caplet
-Advil liqui-gels
-Advil liqui-gels minis

The retailer says the medication was stored outside of the labeled temperature requirements.

The medication was shipped to stores between June 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.


Brittly #Introduction continued: I like to use writing as a tool to advocate for change & feel it is one of the most powerful ways I can advocate in my current (very vulnerable) career stage. Last year, I co-authored an article with my MD/PhD cohort-mate Danielle Sawyer, advocating for increasing adcomm awareness/appreciation for the extreme hoops we have to go through as #FirstGen/#LowIncome premedical students. DM me if you wanna co-write something too! #MedMastodon

Screenshot of BMJ article: Medical schools must do more to open the door to first generation and low income students (Published 18 May 2022)

Danielle L Sawyer, fourth year doctorate of medicine and philosophy student,  Brittany DK Gratreak, fourth year doctorate of medicine and philosophy student
Author affiliations
Twitter: @DanielleSawyer_
Twitter: @BrittGratreak

For first generation and low income (FLI) students the path to medical school does not run smooth. Students who are the first people in their family to obtain a college degree and who are on low incomes start their pre-medical journey with fewer resources1 and less time for accomplishments that will burnish their medical school application than their more privileged peers. Yet admissions committees consistently fail to take this into consideration and mitigate against the resulting inequities.

In the US, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has made efforts to diversify medicine, for example by implementing a socioeconomic indicator status (SES- EO) on application forms to give this context during admissions decisions. Despite this, FLI students still face overwhelming hardships in their efforts to become a physician, which are exacerbated by a lack of support from the medical profession. As first generation college students who are now studying medicine, we know how these barriers can hold FLI students back from applying to medical school and being accepted.

Brittly #Introduction continued: I am a #CommunityCollege alum from a #LowIncome background & #FirstGen college graduate. I am the only physician-to-be & scientist in my family. I also proudly identify as disabled and queer. The road has been hard af, to be honest! I will use my career to make science & medicine more accessible, making medical education/higher education a smoother path for CC students. My DMs are open if you need someone to proofread statements or just need to vent #MedMastodon

Hi #MedMastodon! I migrated my account from another instance. I didn't realize all my posts would poof. 😿

I guess that means it's time for another #Introduction post! My name is Britt (she/they) & I am an MD/PhD student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. I am finishing my PhD in neuroscience, investigating novel chaperone protein (Hsp90) inhibitors in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and trying to prevent dementia. Follow for posts about #Medicine #Disability #LGBTQIA & cats!

Britt is pictured in a laboratory, with pale white skin, short hot pink hair and is wearing a white lab coat holding a pipette. She is wearing a rainbow mask with a little black cat on it. She is also wearing pink FL-41 glasses and a black hat, and looking into the camera. She is pipetting something (probably water) into a small microcentrifuge tube. She looks pretty stoked, based on her eyes and eyebrows that can be seen.

Just your semi-regular reminder that if you're interested in #AI, I wrote a speculative medical #thriller about its possible future in #healthcare. I wrote it in the pre-#ChatGPT era but its now eerily relevant. Here's a little ten second trailer my husband made for the book

#MedMastodon #bookstodon #books #SelfPromoSaturday

An animated gif. Opening image is of the cadeucus. One of the snakes then starts to glitch out as the camera zooms in. It then cuts to image of book cover of The Algorithm Will See You Now by JL Lycette. Blurbs: "A clever, ripping thriller" - Rob Hart, author of The Paradox Hotel. "A futuristic medical thrillers with keen medical details and fast pacing" - Kirkus reviews. available on amazon and barnes & noble.
The Conversation U.S.
3 weeks ago

"Candida auris" is a fungus that is resistant to many anti-fungal drugs, and becoming way more common.

It's type of yeast that was first identified in 2009 and is one of a number of species in the candida family that can infect people.

We asked a medical school professor who's an expert in infectious disease to explain what you should know about candida:

#MedMastodon #AntiFungal #CandidaAuris #News

Chart: Candida auris infections have risen rapidly in recent years 

Number of Confirmed Cases in US
63 (2013-2016)
1474 (2021)
2377 (2022)
Chart: The Conversation, CC-BY-ND + Data Source: CDC

The difference between working like an intern when you’re an intern in your twenties and working like an intern when you’re twice as old is how you feel the next day 🤪😂
#MedMastodon #old

Paul Chambers
4 weeks ago

FDA clears smart toilet seat for home heart monitoring

The seat is now approved to measure a person's heart rate and oxygen saturation

There are numerous medical devices on the market currently that provide those readings. Many of the devices take readings from a person's finger. #MedMastodon

#medicalDevice #technology #FDA #Heart #Cardiology

This was a very personal piece I debated about sharing but I'm glad I did:

How writing and storytelling helped me recover from burnout via @kevinmd

Because reframing my burnout as my midpoint and not my ending was life-changing

#burnout #MedMastodon