"Today, 10 states have an uninsured rate below 5 percent...Their success indicates that, even without another major federal health care reform effort, it is possible to reduce the number of uninsured in the United States. If states are more aggressive about using all of the tools available to them under the ACA, the country could continue to bring down the number of uninsured people within its borders."

#healthcare #insurance #healthpolicy #medicaid #aca #USpol

Panama Red
3 days ago

Effective today, thanks to N.C. Democrats, about 600,000 North Carolinians become eligible for #Medicaid who weren't previously. Roughly half of them will be enrolled automatically and begin receiving coverage. Well done, #NCDems!

Jim Breuer Goat Milk
4 days ago

> The parents of a disabled man in Tennessee who had been on Medicaid for three decades fought with the state this summer to keep him enrolled as he lay dying from pneumonia in a hospital.

#USpol #singlepayer #Healthcare #medicaid #universalhealthcare #deathcult #capitalism #latecapitalism #sadism #baroqueCruelty #USA #neoliberalism #barelife #demonic #cursed

More than 342,000 #Ohioans have lost their #Medicaid coverage since April
#Ohio #healthcare #sickness #GOP

Everyday Americans are feeling the pinch of costly drugs – that's why Doctors for America continues to advocate at the state level for things like Medicaid expansion and drug affordability. Donate today to help us to keep pushing for these important issues!

#givingtuesday #healthcare #advocacy #drugprices #medicaid

Stephanie Ortoleva
1 week ago

An alliance of #GeneticTesting companies, drugmakers, children’s hospitals and doctors have lobbied states to increase coverage under #Medicaid — and their efforts have begun to pay off. Since 2021, eight state Medicaid programs have added #RapidWholeGenomeSequencing to their coverage or will soon cover it.
“The only thing interfering with more widespread use is #insurance payment.”
#rWGS #HealthInsurance #WomensHealth

drawing of several strands of DNA

Is #Novavax, the Latecomer #Covid #Vaccine, Worth the Wait? "Research suggests that the Novavax vaccine is about as safe and effective as the mRNA shots. Its main disadvantage is arriving late to the scene." I'd like to try it, but availability in my city so far has been limited to drugstores that don't accept #Medicaid.

"Millions of people nationwide have lost Medicaid benefits after a pandemic-era mandate for coverage expired in March — most of them for administrative reasons unrelated to their actual eligibility. Even the Biden administration and state officials had braced for complications in the historic unwinding of the continuous enrollment requirement, and had assured the public they would guard against such lapses."

#healthcare #medicaid #insurance #disabilities #unwinding

2 weeks ago

#Reimbursement rates for pharmacies in the state of Virginia are so low, it’s dangerous. #Virginia is a rich state, but ranks 48 or 49 down on the list of social services b/c it’s hog-tied by Republicans who refuse to fund properly.
Va. pharmacies say low reimbursement rates keep them struggling to stay afloat
‘It’s gotten to the point where most pharmacies can’t function to a level that I would consider safe.’ #Medicaid #Medicare

2 weeks ago
Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 20 Nov: Medicaid might be a taxpayer-funded health program for the poor, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t getting rich off of it — including employees of a company Ohio is suing on antitrust grounds. - #medicaid #salary-compensation #inequality #healthcare #healthinsurance

Jennifer Morency :bc:
2 weeks ago

@arisummerland I was unable to schedule a #Novavax at either CVS or Costco because both are "out of network" for me. The county health dept. says they can schedule me for one in Dec., if stocks have arrived by then. #Medicaid

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
2 weeks ago

Panicked call from the old lady:
"I will use my medical."

She has #Medicare Advantage and is on #Medicaid, so this sounded weird.

Turns out, the insurer providing Medicaid is pulling out.
This is the *same* company that runs her Medicare Advantage, so we asked her to check that coverage.

Turns out, the insurer is dropping Medicaid but continues to provide #MedicareAdvantage.

[Faux Darth Putin voice: In US, patients don't choose insurer, insurer choose patients.]

Houston Public Media
3 weeks ago

Medicaid is a ‘lifeline’ for Texans, but the state kicked off more than 728,000 kids this year

Texas has the highest rate of uninsured kids in the nation. And advocates say it’s only going to get worse as the state continues to check whether people are still eligible for Medicaid.


#GeorgetownUniversity #healthInsurance #medicaid #TexasHealthInsurance

Cruel Virginia Medicaid
3 weeks ago

I was established in Medicaid long before the pandemic, and am purged. "Poof" my health care ended. I was in active treatment for Stage IV cancer and missed scheduled chemo treatments, lab work, imaging, with bald head, chemo fatigue and too much weight loss. I explained my situation in my renewal application, and was purged anyway.

In my notice: Would I like to be an organ donor?

The pdf file is available at

#medicaid #medicaidunwinding #cancer #virginia #insurance

Cruel Virginia Medicaid
3 weeks ago

Who has been purged so far? I could not find this answer presented in a simple way so I make it myself. These counts of total purges by category is using data taken from six charts at the Department of Medical Assistance Services Eligibility Redetermination Tracker

Find the current version on the home page

#medicaid #medicaidunwinding #cancer #virginia #insurance

Cruel Virginia Medicaid
3 weeks ago

How many are being purged and who are they? I could not find this answer presented in a simple way so I make it myself. Read about how I make this chart in the blog at How I Make the Overall Closure Tab Purge Chart

Department of Medical Assistance Services Eligibility Redetermination Tracker

Find the current version on the home page

#medicaid #medicaidunwinding #cancer #virginia #insurance

Cruel Virginia Medicaid
3 weeks ago

This image has early estimates of total expected purges plus my estimate of 337,946 as of October 1. It also has counts of total purges by month using data taken from charts at the Department of Medical Assistance Services Eligibility Redetermination Tracker

Find the current version on the home page

#medicaid #medicaidunwinding #cancer #virginia #insurance

Steven Zekowski
3 weeks ago

‘Worse Than People Can Imagine’: #Medicaid ‘Unwinding’ Breeds Chaos in States - KFF Health News #UShealthcare #USpolitics #states

Alice Marshall
3 weeks ago

Physicians gather in #Atlanta to march for #Medicaid expansion, AMC site
Demonstrators marched from Martin Luther King Jr. National Park to the former Atlanta Medical Center site in Old Fourth Ward

"Texas Children’s Hospital plans to close two major health centers that primarily serve low-income families...dealing a blow to hundreds of patients who rely on those locations for outpatient care...The centers, built in 2013 in historically underserved neighborhoods...a subsidiary of the hospital system that offers low-cost coverage for children through the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid."

#texas #medicaid #pediatrics #primarycare

Stephanie Ortoleva
3 weeks ago

An alliance of #GeneticTesting companies, drugmakers, children’s hospitals and doctors have lobbied states to increase coverage under #Medicaid — and their efforts have begun to pay off. Since 2021, eight state Medicaid programs have added #RapidWholeGenomeSequencing to their coverage or will soon cover it.
“The only thing interfering with more widespread use is #insurance payment.”
#rWGS #HealthInsurance #WomensHealth

drawing of several strands of DNA
Houston Public Media
3 weeks ago

Texas Children’s Hospital shuttering both of its Houston health centers dedicated to serving low-income families

The Houston-based hospital system said it is closing its Centers for Children and Women because it “identified an opportunity to create a different paradigm and care model” for the benefit of Texas Children’s Health Plan members as well as its other patients.


#chip #lowIncomeCommunities #lowIncomeWomen #medicaid #texasChildrensHospital #TheCenterForChildrenAndWomen

1 month ago

@JaniceSelbie Moreover, the #EmbattlementStrategy and #WhiteEvangelical #ChristComplex shapes policy. People are supposed to #Suffer as #Christ suffered, that's one of the reasons, besides costs, that #Healthcare #Medicare #Medicaid #SocialSecurity are not paid for by the #WhiteChristianNationalist agenda.

"According to KFF’s analysis, 71% of people lost coverage for procedural reasons — either because their eligibility was not automatically renewed by the state, or because they didn’t complete the necessary forms for Medicaid renewal. This is a small reduction from earlier this year, when 74% of disenrollments were procedural."

#healthcare #medicaid #insurance #USpol

1 month ago

'#MAGA Mike #Johnson' Wants Commission to Cut Socia lSecurity Formed 'Immediately'

Social Security Works said that the new House speaker's "NUMBER ONE priority is to cut our earned benefits behind closed doors."

When Republicans elected Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson as speaker last week, critics quickly sounded the alarm about his previous calls to cut trillions of dollars from #SocialSecurity, #Medicare, and #Medicaid


"Seven months into what was predicted to be the biggest upheaval in the 58-year history of the government health insurance program for people with low incomes and disabilities, states have reviewed the eligibility of more than 28 million people and terminated coverage for over 10 million of them. Millions more are expected to lose Medicaid in the coming months."

#healthcare #medicine #medicaid #insurance

"The ACA's health insurance markets, which offer heavily subsidized coverage for lower-income people, can provide a backstop for some of the millions who have been removed from Medicaid this year as states pare their rolls for the first time since the pandemic.

State health officials and health advocates are doubling down on their outreach strategies for this group over the next couple of months..."

#healthcare #medicaid #openenrollment #aca

1 month ago

"At an American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research event before he was elected speaker, Johnson did not mince his words, saying that entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security pose an 'existential threat' to the American way of life and the 'whole form of government.' "

#MikeJohnson #SocialSecurity #Medicaid #Medicare

1 month ago

If you are at all liberal, and have any interest in the topics below, then you have probably read many toots about how the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, is a right wing extremist

IMO, the piece by @pkrugman sadly paywalled, is better then what ever else you have read.

and why is that ?
Cause paul describes specifics as opposed to generalities

#uspol #USpol #GOP #Biden #Abortion #LGBTQ #Gay #SocialSecurity #Medicare #Medicaid #ACA #Healthcare

United States the only developed country in the world without free basic #HealthCare!

Paying for It: How Health Care Costs and Medical Debt Are Making Americans Sicker and Poorer

“Large shares of working-age adults say they struggle to afford health care, including 43 percent of those with employer coverage, 57 percent with marketplace or individual plans, and 45 percent with #Medicaid


Text Shot: Laine Carolyn goes through eviction paperwork and medical bills at her home in Alexandria, Va., on March 15, 2023. Our recent study shows that many Americans have inadequate health insurance coverage that’s led to delayed or forgone care, significant medical debt, and worsening health problems.

Profit-Hungry Middlemen Are Restricting Vital Medicaid to Children in Florida

Florida has outsourced Medicaid decisions on children’s therapy to a private company, depriving kids from low-income families of vital care. The company, Health Network One, could now expand to other states.
#USnews #florida #healthcare #health #medicaid

1 month ago

As Medicaid unwinds... Before the pandemic expanded Medicaid coverage, ~30% of prenatal Medicaid enrollees had lapses in Medicaid coverage by 9-10 months postpartum. State postpartum Medicaid extensions could prevent a return to prepandemic rates of postpartum coverage loss.

#Health #Healthcare #HealthEquity #Medicaid #PublicHealth #PublicPolicy #MedMastodon @publichealth

1 month ago

@stopthatgirl7 This nut job extremist also wants to cut trillions of dollars from #SocialSecurity, #Medicare, and #Medicaid benefits to #seniorcitizens.

1 month ago

Despite the fact that #MikeJohnson is opposed to both #SocialSecurity & #Medicare / #Medicaid, he represents one of the #poorest congressional districts in the nation. Acc/to an analysis of U.S. #Census data by the Center for American Progress, >160k people in #Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District were living in #poverty in 2022. That’s about 22% of all district residents.

#Congress #House #Speaker #HouseRepublicans #Republicans #GOP #ChaosCaucus #ConspiracyTheories #Extremism #MAGA

""The Arkansas Department of Human Services announced Monday it kicked 53,553 people off the state’s Medicaid program in September, wrapping up its six-month process of removing supposedly ineligible individuals from the safety-net health insurance program. Over 17,000 children and infants were among the Arkansans who lost coverage."

~ Benjamin Hardy

#Arkansas #Republicans #Medicaid #Pro-Life #healthcare

Thank you for calling attention to this.

Medicare Advantage providers commit fraud every day, get caught, pay millions in fines, and then get rewarded by the US government in the form of
1. not getting their business license revoked and
2. negotiating new gov contracts in expanded regions and
3. partnering with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in developing Medicare "innovations."

Medicaid was supposed to be a private sector experiment. It failed. It costs more. It creates government waste. End the experiment.

It's an absolutely criminal theft of taxpayer funds.

#Healthcare #HealthcareIsAHumanRight #Medicare #Medicaid #SinglePayerNow

As Audrey Dutton reports, since banning abortion, Idaho has dismantled support systems for pregnancies and births. She writes,

"Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage and turned down federal grants for child care."

#Idaho #abortion #women #MaternalCare #pregnancy #Medicaid #CrueltyIsthePoint #ProLife

2 months ago

#Idaho Banned #Abortion. Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births.

Since the #SupremeCourt overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum #Medicaid coverage and turned down federal grants for child care.

#Health #Healthcare #Pregnancy #Parents #Babies #Birth #News

Jew Of the Day
2 months ago

✡️ Today's Jew of the Day is Wilbur J. Cohen!

Wilbur Joseph Cohen was one of the key figures in the United States that is responsible for the social services that many Americans rely on today. He was one of the key authors of the Medicare, Medicaid, the New Deal and Great Society programs, which shifted US society and culture towards supporting those in need.

#JewOfTheDay #Medicare #Medicaid #NewDeal #GreatSociety #USHistory #SocialServices #Welfare #Jewdiverse

Paul Chambers
2 months ago

I am in an Ohio #Medicaid, nursing home care at home program called Ohio Home Care Waiver.

So, I found out today why certain health care approvals and care that has been approved months ago aren't being processed by my CareSource case manager.

The #MoveIt hack took out all of their laptops in their local office and they only have one laptop working in their office.

They are working with paper files now and don't know how to do that.

For months they knew but told me care 'was in the system'

Ohio Home Care Waiver
The Ohio Home Care Waiver allows individuals with physical disabilities and unstable medical conditions to receive care in their homes and communities instead of nursing facilities, hospitals or rehabilitation facilities.
Ohio Home Care Waiver
It also allows these individuals to have more control of their lives and remain active participants in their communities.  

To request an Ohio Home Care Waiver, complete the ODM 2399 waiver application and submit it to your local county department of job and family services. You may also need to complete a Medicaid application if you do not currently receive Medicaid coverage. You can use the county directory to find your county department of job and family services.   Waiver requests can also be made by calling Ohio Benefits Long Term Services and Supports (OBLTSS) at (844) 644-6582. 

The Ohio Department of Medicaid will assign a case management agency to conduct a level of care assessment of your needs. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the Ohio Home Care Waiver and the financial eligibility for Medicaid, you will be enrolled in the waiver and a case manager will be assigned to help develop a person-centered care plan for you and to coordinate your services.
T. T. Perry
2 months ago

Here is some food for thought:
The rate of unexplained infant deaths (SIDS) is 35% higher in male infants in states that have Medicaid funding for infant circumcision. In these states, circumcision rates are 50% higher. Death rates in girls do not show similar disparities.

So why are Maine Democrats trying to get circumcision added back to Medicaid? To kill more boys?

Elhaik, E. (2019)

#SIDS #Medicaid #Maine #Democrats #US

Just going to leave this link here.

"Arkansas Ranks First on Americans United for Life’s Annual 'Life List' for Third Straight Year"

#Arkansas #Medicaid #healthcare #ProLife #GOP

Benjamin Hardy reports,

"Arkansas kicked another 72,519 people off Medicaid in August, including at least 23,000 children."

By the reckoning of the newspaper Arkansas Times, for which Hardy writes, Arkansas' post-pandemic Medicaid purge is the harshest in the nation.

Other data show Arkansans as among the most resolutely "pro-life" voters in the country, in a state heavily dominated by white evangelicals.

Go figure.

#Arkansas #Medicaid #healthcare #ProLife #GOP

Paul Chambers
3 months ago

LOL. You'll see why
#ACA entered a rule that certain #Medicaid work earnings to caregivers are not taxable.
IRS notice 2014-7.

Under a 2020 court case, those non-taxable earnings are still eligible as ssa earning work credits, tax credits, eic, etc.

A person, unaware, working for the gov trying to navigate benefits review told my wife that #Obamacare messed everything up (when trying to determine public benefits.)

Without missing a beat, my wife said, 'not for us.'

woman making mocking face, saying 'burn' sarcastically.
Raymond Scott Pert
3 months ago

Home health provider to lay off 785 workers and leave Alabama, blaming state’s Medicaid policies

> An estimated 300k people could gain Medicaid coverage through an expansion. So far, the state has blamed cost – an estimated $225.4 million per year – for its lack of expansion. Yet, in 2023 alone, Alabama passed on more than $2B in federal money for #Medicaid.

> Help at Home, which provides services for elderly and disabled patients, has operated in #Alabama since 1975

A home health company that's offered services to elderly and disabled patients in Alabama since 1975 is exiting the state because of it hasn't expanded Medicaid. (Getty Images)
Raymond Scott Pert
3 months ago

#US - Rolling Medicaid Purge

> Largest Concentration of Health Insurance Loss in US History

> States across the U.S. have stripped nearly 6 million people of Medicaid coverage over just the past several months, creating what one healthcare activist and researcher described as "the largest concentration of health insurance loss in American history." #Medicaid #healthcare

Families gather for resources, including Medicaid eligibility and enrollment information, on April 27, 2023 in Springfield, Virginia., Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
a photo of the Medicaid logo on a blue background

"Walmart surprises with industry-leading change to wages"

Walmart's surprise is that it is *lowering* its starting wage by $1 this year.

A 2020 US Government Accountability Office study of data from six states found Walmart was a top employer of Medicaid [healthcare subsidies] enrollees and a top employer of SNAP [food subsidies] recipients.

Walmart's business model relies on corporate welfare while its employees work full time and struggle to pay for food and healthcare.

Employees need to surprise Walmart with a union ASAP.

#Walmart #WorkersUnite #Union #UnionStrong #Solidarit #CorporateWelfare #USPol #USPolitics #Medicaid #SNAP #Healthcare

3 months ago

How Health Insurers Have Made Appealing Denials So Complicated

"I spoke with more than 50 insurance experts, patients, lawyers, physicians and consumer advocates about building a tool anyone could use to navigate insurance appeals.

"Nearly everyone said the same thing: Great idea. But almost impossible to do."

#Insurance #HealthCare #Health Hospitals #Patients #Doctors #Medicare #Medicaid

3 months ago

And now good ole American DIY healthcare. After 6 months and 6 ER trips my insurance finally approved my spine MRI. And I’m making 4 calls today to schedule follow up with specialists. Not hopeful on timing. One specialist first opening is in 4 months. #USHealthcare #Medicaid #Medicare #Healthcare

Just a few of the imaging orders and specialist referrals I have to follow up on. 4 documents laid out on table. Identifying information is marked out.
Steven Saus [he/him]
3 months ago

From 21 Aug: Georgia Medicaid Program With Work Requirement Projected To Enroll Up To 100K People Has Signed Only 265 Thus Far. - #georgia #medicaid #uspol

4 months ago

Over half of #Florida residents who had their #Medicaid terminated may actually be eligible to get it!

"Last year, the state filed a federal lawsuit claiming Planned Parenthood improperly billed Medicaid for $10 million in payments during the period when the state was trying to remove the organization from the program...Planned Parenthood has called the lawsuit meritless, pointing out that there was an injunction in place that allowed it to continue to bill Medicaid during that time."

#healthcare #reproductivejustice #texas #medicaid

"Biden officials have tried to pressure states quietly to fix the errors—including long waits to get phone calls answered and slow processing of applications, as well as paperwork errors—but yesterday released letters it had sent to individual states to warn them they might be violating federal law. Thirty-six states did not meet federal requirements."

#Medicaid #healthcare #Texas #ProLife #Republicans

"In the last three months, 4 million people have lost their Medicaid coverage, mostly because of paperwork problems. (Texas dropped an eye-popping 52% of beneficiaries due for renewal in May.)"

~ Heather Cox Richardson

#Medicaid #healthcare #Texas #ProLife #Republicans

With the FCC's #Affordable #Connectivity #Program, you can save on your bill and may be able to get high-speed #internet for #free.

What are the program benefits?

👉Service discount up to $30/month

👉Service discount up to $75/month on qualifying Tribal lands

👉Device discount up to $100 for a qualifying device

Can I qualify?

You, or your child or dependent are enrolled in government programs like #Medicaid, #SNAP, #WIC, or others,

Based on your household #income

folks in the u.s., what does it mean to "receive #Medicaid services"? does being on #oregon's state health care b/c poor & disabled or SNAP count?

edit: the answer is that oregon's state health care (OHP) does indeed count. thanks everyone <3

#askfedi #disabled #disability

Rob Carlson
4 months ago

"It is critical that Marylanders receiving #Medicaid keep their information up to date. [...] To update information, recipients should log in to the Maryland Health Connection website and make sure their contact information is up to date. They should stay on the lookout for emails and letters from #Maryland Health Connection letting them know a) if they are still eligible for Medicaid, and b) when it’s time for them to renew."

Dhanaraj Thakur
4 months ago
OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
4 months ago

I was sick, and you said "You look fine to me".
I was sick, and you cast me off.
I was sick, and you used it against me.
I was sick, and you took my health care.
I was sick, and you battered and killed.
I was sick, and you fought for a wooden hammer.
I was sick, and you fought about blue and red.
I was sick, and you fought as the nations watched with disdain.
I was sick, and you fought the "wrong" while resembling it.
I was sick, as you fought for "all" but, forgot about us.

OutofExile_IDR ©2023

Click here 🧠 to expand.

My adaptation of Matthew 25:39 inspired by the work below. (Not an endorsement for religion or church)

I was hungry, and you blamed it on the communist
I was hungry, and you circled the moon.
I was hungry, and you told me to wait
I was hungry, and you set up a commission.
I was hungry, and you said "So were my ancestors".
I was hungry, and you said we don't hire over 35.
I was hungry, you said God helps those…
I was hungry, and you told me I shouldn't be.
I was hungry, and you told me machines do that work now.
I was hungry, and you had napalm bills to pay.
I was hungry, and you said the poor are always with us.
Lord, when did we see you hungry?

Adaptation of Matthew 25:37 by Anonymous – 1971

Image by Alex Velazquez from Pixabay

#disability #Politics #DisabilityEconomicJustice #CripTheVote #partisanship #humanity #InvisibleDisabilityRights #healthcare #Medicare #Medicaid #MentalHealth #accommodation #understanding #poetry #TearDownTheWall #PoetryNobodyWillEverFind

@disability @disabilityjustice @actuallyautistic

Photograph shows the remains of a large ocean vessel leaning as it rests in shallow water. The hull of the ship is rusted, tattered and demolished.  All that remains are rusted beams and scraps metal dangle from the upper deck's carcass.  The image is symbolizes the poor and disabled huddled masses, as well as the American political system. Time wasted on bickering and bureaucracy, has taken a toll in many ways.
Texas Observer
4 months ago

Maternal mortality rates are out of control in #Texas, and the U.S. in general: For every Dutch mother who dies, 50 #Black American mothers die.

It doesn't have to be this way. In the new Eye on Texas column, an experienced midwife explains:

From the July/August 2023 issue of our magazine.

#health #healthcare #racism #WhiteSupremacy #TXlege #medicaid #children #medicine #news #politics #USpol

4 months ago

Top Arkansas psychiatrist accused of falsely imprisoning patients, #Medicaid #fraud

At least 26 former patients have sued Dr. Brian Hyatt, alleging they were held against their will in his unit.

📰 Some stuff I read today:

• Fed Judge orders #Florida to stop parking disabled kids in nursing homes and spend the #Medicaid funds to allow them to live at home.

• Major #Northwestern #hazing scandal in men's and women's teams/sports; student athletes say coaches participated; #BenCrump is among attys repping victims.

#JasonAldean's music video for "Try That in a Small Town" was filmed at the site of a infamous 1927 lynching in #Tennessee.

🎁 No Paywall.

screenshot of washington post article. headline above a picture of the country music performer.

"Jason Aldean's new music video was filmed at a lynching site. A big country music network pulled it.
5 months ago

Via Rachel Maddow:

Under Gov Sarah Huckabee Sanders, nearly 220,000
#Arkansas residents have lost their health insurance coverage. Just since April 1.

Politico’s Megan Messerly:

Arkansas just released its June #Medicaid renewal data — which means we now have data for three of the 6 mos of its unwinding process. Nearly 220K Arkansans have lost coverage since April 1, nearly 150K of them for procedural reasons. #HealthCare #HuckaBS

This is really a stretch, even for Big Pharma.

Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, industry lobby group PhRMA, and the US Chamber of Commerce have all sued the US Federal Government, claiming it is unconstitutional for Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate lower drug prices.

On what grounds, you ask?

They cite the 8th Amendment. They believe that negotiating lower drug prices amounts to "excessive fines."

What the 8th Amendment actually covers:
"Eighth Amendment Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

Virtually every other developed country negotiates drug prices and pays many orders less for their medications. But in the US, apparently this amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

#BigPharma #Healthcare #HealthcareIsAHumanRight #Medicare #Medicaid #InflationReductionAct #USPol #USPolitics #UniversalHealthcare

John Carlsen
5 months ago


If your income and assets are low enough, you would qualify for your state's #Medicaid program, which includes basic dental.

However, note that it isn't so much charity as a *loan* against any assets you might have left in your estate when you die.

Still, the #USA provides some support to let us live longer, healthier lives.

Without major public assistance with an open heart (valve repair) surgery (and required dental care before it), I likely would have died a miserable death (perhaps accerated by overwork and exploitation) around age 48.

#Healthcare in #America

It's insane that teeth, eyes, and ears were left out of regular health insurance in America. Support the Medicare and Medicaid Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act

They should be declared essential benefits for the ACA too. #Medicare #Medicaid #healthinsurance #healthcare

Team Idgara
6 months ago

@asp_zuc @mekkaokereke

I live in #Texas. This is one of the, idk, #heritage or #legacy or whatever Things about Texas government. The #Racism ... is.

Back then, they ceded land so they could have slaves. Now they cede #Medicaid expansion.

And it's not going to change until we can vote the fascists out. I'm a volunteer voter registrar and a precinct chair. That's as much as I can manage atm.

Flipboard News Desk
6 months ago

Thousands lose Medicaid in Arkansas: Is this America’s future?

Politico reports: "As many as 15 million people nationwide are expected to lose coverage as states check eligibility for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic."

#Medicaid #Health #Healthcare #USPolitics #Arkansas

Cory Doctorow
6 months ago

The negotiations will use the prices of other drugs from the dysfunctional, monopolized market as a starting point and go up from there. The negotiations go on for three years, and there are multiple stages where pharma companies can hit pause with court challenges:

The system will *not* consider the prices that #Medicaid or the #VA (which *are* allowed to bargain on prices) pay.


This will get overlooked on this amazing news day.
#Medicaid Wins Big At Supreme Court Despite Fears That Right-Wing Majority Would Hobble Program

IT News
6 months ago

More and more Americans are skipping medical care due to money woes - Enlarge (credit:

The percentage of American adults who sa... - #healthcarespending #federalreserve #skippingcare #ushealthcare #medicalcare #inflation #medicaid #science #health

6 months ago

In the “Wild West” of Outpatient Vascular Care, #Doctors Can Reap Huge Payments as #Patients Risk Life and Limb

To move #vascular procedures out of expensive #hospitals, the government turbocharged payments to doctors’ offices.

Instead of saving money, it started a boom that is making doctors rich and putting patients in danger.

#Health #HealthCare #Medicaid #Medicare #CMS #Maryland #Surgery

7 months ago
Jennifer Morency :bc:
7 months ago

Permalinks: US poverty and class warfare

#Medicaid and #Workfare

Workfare in New York

The Suburban Century Begins (July 1992) How neoliberalism pits the working poor against the welfare poor. Three decades later and nothing has changed.

Justin Ekis
7 months ago

Isn't it illegal to send bills to a collection agency if the patient has #Medicare and #Medicaid? I'm pretty sure I've read that in several places. #TennCare #PatientsRights #SurpriseMedicalBilling

Madeline T. Morcelle, JD, MPH
7 months ago

Most #Medicaid enrollees who can work do. Those who don’t typically face structural barriers to work—unaffordable #childcare’s a big one. If Speaker McCarthy gave a single care about work, he’d focus on universal childcare, not Medicaid #WorkRequirements. Medicaid work requirements are just Medicaid cuts by another name. They impose burdensome paperwork and reporting requirements on enrollees that many low-wage workers—many of whom work variable hours—find impossible to meet. #DebtCeiling

Mark Dickerson
8 months ago

(4/6) These constraints really limit the options in an already difficult #Vermont #housing market. Homes in downtown #BurlingtonVT with the additional space for Aaron are more expensive than houses Ellie and I might look at for ourselves. Aaron has funds (#Medicaid, etc.) to help with month-to-month expenses, but the upfront cost of the house purchase is a barrier.

#Friendship #Autism #ASD #AutismAcceptance #Neurodivergent #NeuroDiversity #DifferentNotLess #DisabilityRights #Healthcare

Paul Chambers
8 months ago

If you get paid by #Medicaid to care for a loved one who lives in your home through a state #MedicaidWaiver program, it probably is income / #SelfEmployment tax free.

Many #IRS #TAX #IncomeTax #TaxPreparers / #Accountants don't know this.

#Disability #CareGivers

🔗 'Certain Medicaid Waiver Payments May Be Excludable From Income' via IRS

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
8 months ago

@rebeccawatson I was with you except for “…we live in a time when #capitalism has made our #healthcare system a dystopian nightmare.”

Because you went into very good detail about the onerous #DEA limits on #Adderall production and the secret limits on pharmacy dispensation. And the American health insurance market is already warped by #Medicare, #Medicaid, and most recently the #AffordableCareAct / #Obamacare.

The US healthcare system is #capitalist like homeopathy is “medicine.”