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#otd 855 Emperor Lothar I died. He was buried in Prüm Abbey. In 1874, this tomb was created with the financial support of emperor Wilhelm I. #medieval @medievodons #medievaldeath Pic: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows a high grave
Richard Littler
2 hours ago

'Godfrey' the #medieval crocheted poodle toilet-roll cover.

#history #realhistory #middleages

Woodcut from the British Library: 'Godfrey' the crocheted medieval poodle toilet-roll cover.
Claire Barnes
5 hours ago

All of the #Linocut images for 'William and the Werewolf', cut & then two days ago printed by Michael Smith, to accompany his new translation. Looking forward to the finished book!
The previous update discusses the #printmaking process:

#WilliamAndTheWerewolf #14thCentury #Bohun #romance #NewBook #medieval #medievodons #bookstodon @Unbound @bookstodon @medievodons @histodons

The printmaker in his studio, with completed prints spread out on the table in the foreground, and the presses in the background.
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Me: Huh, this looks like it's different texts mushed together in one binding
BAV: You're 50% of the way there, we just didn't bother to bind them together, all shelved in a lump
(#Vatican Ferr.90)
@bookhistodons @medievodons #Medieval #Medievodons

Candace Robb
14 hours ago

Medieval York in the news! This plays right into the concept for the 16th #OwenArcher (currently writing the 15th). More food for thought! #York #medieval @bookstodon

Thomas A. Carlson
14 hours ago

In searching out this word, I also discovered that Bar Bahlul (fl. mid-10th C) cited one "Ibn Sina," but presumably not the famous #IbnSina who died in 1037 CE, who was not born until c. 980 CE. Bar Bahlul describes his "Ibn Sina" as "I asked the Rumi (Byzantine?) physician Ibn Sina about this." According to the digitized text of Bar Bahlul's dictionary in the Simtho corpus, Bar Bahlul cites Ibn Sina five times, all in the first letter of the alphabet, and never thereafter.

This is like the phenomenon that if you share a name with a really famous person, no one can ever find you on the internet.

Does anyone happen to know anything about this #Byzantine(?) physician named Ibn Sina in the tenth century, probably in #Baghdad?
#Medicine #IslamicStudies #Medieval #MiddleEast

Thomas A. Carlson
15 hours ago

One of the things I did not expect when I started editing this #medieval #Syriac text (#Shbadnaya 's magnum opus) was catching places where he must have misinterpreted his own source(s). He never cites Bar Bahlul, but he uses hundreds of glosses from Bar Bahlul's dictionary, so it's one of his most important sources.

Today again I tried to explain a word in Shbadnaya's work which is not in any dictionary (ܡܦ̈ܘܫܐ), and the closest I can find anywhere is in Bar Bahlul's definition of "luminary" (ܡܲܢܗܪܢܐ), where he gives as synonyms ܐܡܦܘܡܐ and ܐܡܦܘܫܐ (a near match, with an extra letter in front). Bar Bahlul then defines it as "which gives light to the house and is called al-rawzana" (ܕܡܲܢܗܪ ܠܒܝܬܐ ܘܡܬܩܪܐ الرَوزَنة). The last word is #Persian and means "window," but Shbadnaya seems to be referring to a lamp, so perhaps he didn't understand the Persian word in Bar Bahlul.

Even Bar Bahlul's form ܐܡܦܘܫܐ seems to be a mistake for ܐܡܦܘܦܐ (a different penultimate letter)!

19 hours ago

I found my unfinished hand copy of The City of Ladies (feminism text from medieval times) Dutch edition

(inks: iroshizuku peacock green and morning glory blue, pens: pilot parallel and just a gold gelly roll for the gold)

#calligraphy #medieval

photo of two page spread of medieval style calligraphy using very modern inks that give an effect of transitioning back and forth between green and blue
23 hours ago

#otd 1197 Emperor Henry VI died. He was initially buried in Messina, but was later interred in this porphyry coffin in Palermo Cathedral. #medieval # medievaldeath @medievodons @histodons

Pic.: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows a coffin made of porphyry
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#otd (more precisely: between today and 9 October) 584 Chilperic I, king of Neustria died. The king was murdered during the hunt. #MedievalDeath #medieval @histodons

Pic: BNF, Français 1630, fol. 182v

The picture shows a woodland scene. On the left, an armed figure on horseback, a sword in his hand, far out to strike. On the right a crowned figure falling from his horse, he will be hit by the blow. In the background another figure, armed and on horseback, holding the fighter out for the blow. All three figures have no faces.
2 days ago

At the International Congress on Medieval Studies last May, I sat for an interview with Earl Fontainelle of the excellent Secret History of Western Esotericism podcast about my work on the 13th-c. Sufi occultist Ahmad al-Buni. That conversation has recently appeared as a pair of podcasts. I can't bring myself to listen to them, but other people tell me they came out pretty well.
#IslamicStudies #magic #occult #medieval.

2 days ago

I'm so happy to see a new medieval murder mystery/comedy from Howard of Warwick!

Brother Hermitage, Wat and Cwen are back in A Murder for Mistress Cwen is out now.

I cry-laughed so hard during the sample I read of the first book, The Heretics of De'Ath. 💜

#ebook #DRMfree #Medieval #Murder #Mystery #Comedy

Global Museum
2 days ago

Archaeologists working at Neuenburg Castle in central Germany have discovered the remains of one of the original towers that protected the main entrance to the fortress. They were surprised that the tower, which was built around the year 1100, was octagonal in shape.

Neuenburg Castle was built at the end of the 11th century by the Thuringian count Ludwig der Springer, and then expanded in the 13th century. #castle #medieval

Medieval Archives
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Today in 1066 - William the Bastard and his army set sail from the mouth of the Somme River, beginning the Norman Conquest of England #OTD #medieval

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#otd (more precisely: between today and 9 October) 584 Chilperic I, king of Neustria died. The king was murdered during the hunt. #MedievalDeath #medieval @medievodons

Pic: BNF, Français 1630, fol. 182v

The picture shows a woodland scene. On the left, an armed figure on horseback, a sword in his hand, far out to strike. On the right a crowned figure falling from his horse, he will be hit by the blow. In the background another figure, armed and on horseback, holding the fighter out for the blow. All three figures have no faces.
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Was hat ein Mönch aus dem 11. Jahrhundert mit unserem Blog zu tun? Hier gibt es Antworten: #medieval #mediavistik #digitalhistory

The Epic Quest Begins: D&D Comes to the Blocky World of Minecraft

Get this – Minecraft and Dungeons & Dragons are teaming up for a new DLC! I know, crazy right? But it makes perfect sense with both games about questing and fighting monsters. The release date was just announced for September 26th, 2023 – so soon! Just imagine the possibilities…You could craft a dwarven fortress in Minecraft, then defend it from a […]

Read more:

#2023 #Adventure #Biomes #Blocky #building #Classes #Crafting #Crossover #DD #DungeonsDragons #Explore #gaming #Medieval #Minecraft #Monsters #Quests #ReleaseDate #Roleplaying #September26 #Spells

Minecraft warrior battles a dragon in new Dungeons & Dragons crossover DLC
Ryan Lintott
2 days ago

macOS Sonoma is out today and if you update you can view Old English Wordhord iOS widgets on your Mac in small, medium, large and extra large sizes!

Old English Wordhord for iOS:

#macOS #iOS #widgets #OldEnglish #Medieval

macOS screenshot showing Old English Wordhord widgets in multiple sizes. Each has the word of the day hēof-sīþ, masculine noun, a lamentable condition. They also have a medieval manuscript illustration of two men shooting arrows at St Sebastian; the saint is tied to a tree, bleeding from many wounds.
3 days ago

#TilesOnTuesday with these beautiful medieval examples in Ewenny Priory 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

#Medieval #Wales

Quake Map of the Day
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Author(s): Dick Nelson
Title: Giblet Central
Date: 09.12.1997
Small to medium plain Medieval map.
#small #medieval #brick #quake

Elon Musk is Dante’s Ulysses for the 21st century

Please correct me if I’m wrong before my 2pm lecture

#Academia #shitposting #Dante #medieval

Played Commands & Colors: Medieval 2 times on 2023-09-25

Scenario 017 - Lazic War (Onuguris)
(Video 9/30)

@gmtgames #CommandsAndColors #medieval #Wargaming #HexesForever #bggplay via @BoardGameGeek

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#otd 1417 Cardinal Francesco Zabarella died. He was buried in the Cathedral of Padua. #medievaldeath #medieval @medievodons
Pic.: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows a reclining tomb figure in the regalia of a cardinal
3 days ago

Before the battle - commissioned

#illustration #medieval #history #saxon #viking #commission

Yvonne Seale
3 days ago

I just noticed that right now my and @hgwacha's edition of the #cartulary of Prémontré is a whopping *40%* off on Amazon (US)! That makes for a big deal on a very big book, so if you or a library you know of are into #medieval #manuscripts, please check it out!émontré-Medieval-Academy-Books/dp/1487544839/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1MLB5XGRKNDVK

Medieval Archives
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1066 - The Battle of Stamford Bridge: King Harold Godwinson and his English army defeat Harald Hardrada and his viking army

Tostig Godwinson, King Harold's brother, fought with the vikings and was branded an outlaw in England

Harald Hardrada was killed early in the battle when an arrow pierced his throat

The Battle of Stamford Bridge marks the end of the Viking invasions into England
#OTD #medieval

Aieganz Dnas
4 days ago

Agradezco si pueden compartir.

A partir de lo trabajado en mi tesis de maestría, en octubre vamos a estar ofreciendo este curso junto a Nicolás Moreira Alaniz en Facultad de Humanidades (Udelar) 😊


4 days ago

This painting in an unassuming corner in San Gimignano seems to have a lot of meme potential.

#memes #medieval #medievalmemes

4 days ago

Sequel to my previous post featuring Nur and Azad with his War-Chicken Tara.

Thankfully, the misunderstanding was all cleared! Azad is a very chill dude, and he's showing Nur mercy.

Tara, on the other hand, took the fact Nur was aiming at her very personally, misunderstanding or not. :P

#furry #anthro #furryart #TraditionalArt #medieval #pencil #drawing #sketch

Quake Map of the Day
4 days ago

Author(s): iYago
Title: Hushed Walls
Date: 15.05.2020
Small to medium-sized level in Gloom Keep style, with a dark brick dungeon
beneath. The map source is included.
#small #medieval #bricks #dungeon #source #quake

4 days ago

For this #BlackMetalMonday I present thee a fantastic 4 song split EP with two Finnish bands I've both made logos for

#Xavarthan & #Northeldir - Fierce Alliance Under the Northern Star

especially recommended for those that like #medieval #atmospheric kinds of #blackmetal like #havukruunu or #warmoonlord

We near the end of the Lazic War with a Byzantine counterattack along the River Hippus. This promises to be a bloody standoff in the shallow waters!

@gmtgames @CorellianPirate #CommandsAndColors #medieval #Wargaming #HexesForever

Global Museum
5 days ago

besties, Germany, 1540


Emma Cox
5 days ago

A worn medieval cross now sharing space beside the village shop with a defibrillator and a grit bin. Going by the size, it possibly had a previous life as a menhir.

#StandingStoneSunday #Menhir #History #Archaeology #Medieval

A worn medieval cross: an upright granite stone with a worn carving of Jesus on the cross at the top.
Old English Wordhord
1 week ago

A hord of Deorhords have arrived at @profilebooks! Which of these creatures are you the most curious about?
Find out more (and where to pre-order):
Coming out November 2, with a US/Canadian edition coming out by @princetonupress next February.
#Medievodons #medieval #OldEnglish #language #animals #bestiary #bookstodon

A stack of the book “The Deorhord: An Old English Bestiary” by Hana Videen, with one book on top of the stack showing the front cover and another book leaning against it showing the back cover, with plants in the background. The cover is green and gold, decorated with various animals and strange creatures in wood-cut style illustrations, and the frame around the text contains Old English words. The blurb on the back says “Why did the earn (eagle) fly to the sun? Where do you find henna (hens) that burst into flame? How do you defeat an ylp (elephant)? And what on earth is a moon-head? Welcome to the strange and delightful world of Old English animals - the ordinary, the extraordinary, the good, the bad and the baffling…”
1 week ago

btw I never shared the dress I made for the medieval festival in Eggenburg.
It's 100% handsewn and embroidered with real gold folie and pearls.
The left picture is what I fashioned it after but changed some minor details. Video is in the making but I probably need another 3-4months for it. :( #medieval #sewing #Reenactment #embroidery

drawing of a medieval woman
picture of a woman wearing a medieval dress in blue.
Old Book Illustrations
1 week ago

Timber-framed bartizan.
From "Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française..." vol. 7 by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, Paris: 1875 #illustration #architecture #medieval

Structure of a timber-framed bartizan as built in the late fourteenth and in the fifteenth century
1 week ago

Carnet (un cochon-chevalier sur une monture-lézard )

#illustration #gouache #cochon #pig #medieval #lezard #lizard #reptile #carnet_libon

Illustration à la gouache. Un cochon avec une grosse tête, habillé comme au moyen âge, chevauche une créature qui ressemble à un lézard avec de toutes petites pattes.
1 week ago

News story of interest for the #histodons : “A smoking quill? Notes in Bible margin could be handwriting of the Venerable Bede”
#medieval #VenerableBede

Ryan Lintott
1 week ago

The Old English Wordhord has been updated for iOS 17 with a new word-of-the-day StandBy widget! It’s also been updated with iPhone and iPad lock screen widgets.

#iOS #iOSDev #IndieDev #Medieval #OldEnglish #iOS17 #LockScreen #StandBy #Widget

An iPhone in StandBy mode showing the Old English word of the day widget on the left. þweora, crossness, peevishness. Today's date is on the left. The iphone sits at the back of a metal ink well with a feather in it on an old wooden desk.
An iPhone with the Old English word of the day lock screen widgets. The inline widget above the date shows a dragon symbol and the word fyrhþ-glēaw. The larger rectangular widget below the time  has the same word and the definition wise-minded, prudent. The iPhone sits on an old hand-ruled ledger full of handwritten notes.
Beko Pharm
2 weeks ago

Visited the abandoned silver/copper/barite mine in Hallwangen, 72280 Germany. It’s a rather interesting one as it dates back to #medieval times and is still excavated by voluntary workers. The earliest record found dates back to 12C and the upper mining gallery “Himmlisch Heer” shows markings that are the result of hand tools while the second gallery “Irmgardsglück” has holes for explosives drilled with machines powered by compressed air. That part also has wider tunnels while the upper part is mostly crawl spaces.

The mine was abandoned and reopened several times for different reasons. The last activity was in 1912 and some stuff like an old rail for push cars and parts of electric installations can still be seen to this day.

I liked especially that we were allowed to walk through the mine at our own pace. I remember a visit to another mine where we were ushered along so fast that the children had trouble keeping up. Not so in this case. Our guide was very friendly and described everything in an exciting way so the children would even pay attention 😀

Speaking of, the guide noticed my interest in the medieval part of the mine and recommended me the De Re Metallica (yes, like the band 🤘) by Georg Agricola, which is apparently a treasure drove on historic mining operations (and myths) and lucky me: A translation in English is available on Project Gutenberg (as well as the original Latin text) – figures included.

I can totally recommend a tour. We got to see a lot of interesting stuff packaged with fascinating stories and explanations. Been to some mines in my life already but seldom did I get to see so many details in such tiny tunnels. Granted, most mines were rather modern and huge drilled exclusively with modern machines.

If you visit don’t forget to greet the tunnel at the entrance with the classic “Glück auf!” shout of the local miners for safe passage and fortune.


This content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


Beko Pharm
2 weeks ago

Crawled around in some dark places today. Visited an old silver mine that goes back to #medieval times. What an interesting place.

Edith says: Article is up:

Me crawling around in an old tight mining tunnel.
2 weeks ago

A photo I took a couple of years ago of the Palazzo dei Consoli in the mediaeval hill town of Gubbio in Umbria, reflected in a puddle.

#photo #photography #photooftheday #smartphonephotography #umbria #italy #landscapephotography #medieval #reflections #PhotographyIsArt

A blue reflecting puddle of rainwater on a stone roadway in which is reflected the upside down image of a medieval building golden in the light of the evening sun.
Yvonne Seale
2 weeks ago

This petition is a way of showing support for our colleagues in #medieval and #earlymodern studies at Australian Catholic University, who are facing extreme cuts to their program as part of a clear (and wrong-headed) disinvestment in the #Humanities by ACU administration. Please consider signing.

Imperor 🎲🎮
2 weeks ago

Need some ideas for the next #castle you will visit in your #ttrpg ?

The History Squad has released a new fantastic video on the Tamworth Castle. A very compact little thing, showing very clearly castles weren't always huge sprawling affairs.

Even showcases the Motte & Bailey that stood there before.

#medieval #history #museum #youtube #video #uk

Alexander Corby
2 weeks ago

SELF PROMOTION! My book, Taliesin, Chief of Bards, was just awarded a 5 star recommendation from the Historical Fiction Company!

You can read their review of the book here:

And in case anyone wants to buy a copy, it's available here:

#Books #Bookstodon #histfic #Wales #Reading #WritingCommunity #ReadingCommunity #BookReview #Taliesin #Medieval #mythology #IndieAuthor

The cover of my book, titled Taliesin, Chief of Bards. The image shows a young boy in a green tunic looking up defiantly at a king sitting on his throne. The king, only visible from the back of his head, stares back. On the left side of the cover is the award badge from the Historical Fiction Company, a silver circular badge with the head of a red lion wearing a crown. The banner on the bottom of the badge reads HFC 5-Star Award, 2023
Old English Wordhord
3 weeks ago

Why did the earn (eagle) fly to the sun? Where do you find henna (hens) that burst into flame? How do you defeat an ylp (elephant)? And what on earth is a moon-head?

Welcome to the strange and delightful world of Old English animals - the ordinary, the extraordinary, the good, the bad & the baffling...

Find out more (and where to pre-order):

Coming to @profilebooks (UK) this November & to @princetonupress (US/Canada) in February 2024!

#medieval #OldEnglish #NewBooks

A book, “The Deorhord: An Old English Bestiary”, by Hana Videen, author of “The Wordhord”, against a red background with a gold border, with a griffin in the bottom left corner and a dove in the upper right. Profile Books logo is at the bottom right. The title and author’s name are written inside an arched window shape of Old English words, surrounded by wood-cut style illustrations in green and gold, each in its own compartment but overlapping slightly: a wolf, a whale, a dove, a crocodile-like creature, a dog-headed person holding a cross, a deer, a four-legged creature with three horns on its forehead, a phoenix in a burning nest, a medieval woman writing, a snake, and a griffin.
1 month ago

A friend shared this with me the other day and I can't stop returning to it - the Ebstorf mappa mundi c.1320, discovered in a convent in Lower Saxony.

30 goatskins stitched together - about about 12ft by 12ft - "1,500 text entries, 534 cities, 500 buildings, 160 bodies of water, 60 islands & mountains, 45 people & mythical creatures, & around 60 animals." (from the German wiki page)

Somehow feels similar to a Tibetan mandala - a sacred kind of geometry.

#maps #medieval #history

A large 12ft by 12ft map made of goatskins the joins just about visible, showing the world as a large circle with roads, buildings, animals in muted reds and oranges. Round the outside of the canvas there's dense pieces of text, illegible on the reproduction. Would be great to know what they say!
1 month ago

Time to introduce two new characters: Azad, the desert nomad, and his trusted war-chicken Tara. He was exiled from his tribe after killing his own uncle (who was an absolute piece of garbage) and now he roams the desert doing whatever he pleases.
He lives in the same general area as my other character Nur, but the relationship between sedentary catfolk and nomads is tense to say the least.

#anthro #furry #furryart #TraditionalArt #watercolor #watercolour #medieval #fantasy #drawing #painting

Quake Map of the Day
1 month ago

Author(s): MadFox
Title: Gravey Trail
Date: 01.08.2005
Medium sized metal/dungeon map.
#metal #medieval #quake

Can we panic yet?
1 month ago

Intro Post! 👋

Lefty panicking about #climatechange and #biodiversity loss due to #capitalism 💰

Proponent of #rewilding #renewables #degrowth and #ecosocialism 🌳

Member and active supporter of the #LGBTQ community 🌈

🤜 fascists, ✂️ billionaires, 🛡️ the vulnerable, stand with workers.

Studying and lecturing at #UCC with a focus on #Medieval Ireland and Celtic mythology 📚

1 month ago

So I’m 100% with @mekkaokereke@hachyderm.ioview that people getting conservative as they age is a lie. (My 86 year old dad has gotten more liberal and militant with age. same for my mom before she passed.)

But … I’m finding that I’m preferring old & #medieval things the older I get. (I literally just bought a leather costrel on Etsy) They’re simpler, more environmentally friendly and durable things and suddenly I’m like … oh god, am I turning “conservative”?! Like literally, that’s conserving old stuff …

Quake Map of the Day
2 months ago

Author(s): necros
Title: Castle Necrosis
Date: 26.07.2001
#medieval #castle #quake

Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 months ago

#Sunset behind Medellín #Castle, a beautiful X century fortress just a few km away from my hometown in #Spain. It was partially destroyed and rebuilt several times over the years, reaching its current shape in the XV century.

I planned this #photo with Photopills to frame the #sun exactly between the towers. I took the shot 4-5 km away from the castle with a #Canon 6D + Tamron 100-400 mm at 400 mm, f/11, 1/4000, ISO100.

#photography #architecture #medieval #history

Pitch black silhouette of a castle against an orange cloudless sky. The Sun appears as a large bright semicircle flanked by two towers of the castle.