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Learn more about knowledge
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Is there a greater freedom than the freedom to decide?

It's all very confusing, this business of
obedience. The training starts early, and
it transitioned from agreeable to tyrannical
while I dozed. The powers have made it clear:
Do as we say, and we'll all get along.

But, I say to myself, and quietly,
the authorities don't enjoy my input,
these orders appear random and arbitrary,
dictates of convenience, abominations
that do not serve me well, I protest.

To no avail, so I plot in silence, it's best
to plot in silence, waiting for the day to come,
I know it will, when I no longer have to do as I am told.
The glorious day when I am at once and always the
rightful maker of all decisions. Until that day I
allow them to pick me up and put me back in my crib.
It's undignified, but it's cozy, and the food is good.


Are you where you want to be?
Plan to Change

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The Alien Life, one panel Comic. A giant alien is holding a squid in her hands, with her arms extended towards a little alien sitting on the ground.  The caption reads:  Barry didn't know much, but he knew this: When Sue said, "Take the squid," you took the squid.
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Test case to see if this post gets traction here:

A Medium article, about writing and publishing books. Mainstream, includes video and text content. Easy to read, non- controversial. Yes, it promotes my efforts in the literary space; mea culpa, sorry if some "don't roll' with that. But my YouTube channel has serious and I hope useful content.

Oh, and as advised, I follow (almost) everyone AND use #

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Fabian Schaar
21 hours ago

Manchmal habe ich das Gefühl, dass es manchen Bloggern gar nicht um das Schreiben an sich gehen würde. Vielmehr habe ich den Eindruck, dass sich das Bloggen bei einigen nur um das "große Geld" drehen würde. Meine Gedanken dazu habe ich heute festgehalten:

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Patrick Stewart
22 hours ago
reinoud kaasschieter
1 day ago

Did you know that in the Netherlands mopeds should be constructed in such a way that they cannot go faster than the legal speed limit? Why don't we #Design our #AI, like #ChatGPT, in such a way that it cannot violate our ethical values? Putting #Purpose and #Values in the centre will help to avoid ethical mishaps.

#DesignByValues #ArtificialIntelligence #AIEthics #EthicalAI #Ethics #Ethiek

Read my latest blog post: via #Medium

📷 CC0

Black and white photograph of two policemen on mopeds in Rotterdam.
Adam Cook
1 day ago

Thank you @coachtony for solidifying my recent decision to publish on @medium.

I refuse to be platformed with deliberately unchecked hate under a cheap facade of "free speech".

My #Medium publication is coming soon, The Nameplate:

Articles to be published there. Updates and summaries to be posted here.

Stay tuned!

A Toot published by Tony Stubblebine that reads:

Just lost another author to Substack because we wouldn't let them use Medium to hate on trans women. That's two this month.
Meanwhile, I bet we have 1000 active trans authors writing useful things about programming, management, relationships, psychedelics, data science, AI, gardening, entrepreneurship, art, video games, movies.

When you see a *series* of #toots on #Mastodon that contain no text and just a link and are posted in a very short time span...


You're dealing with a #spammer.


I'm going to call today #Scammer Day in honor of the spammer I got on #Medium, the spammer I got on Mastodon and the scammer I got on #Feeld.


When you get someone on #Medium which gives you just one #clap, but then goes on to wax #poetic about your writing #prowess in a comment and asks you to write into another #publication, with link and all...


You know that you're dealing with a #spammer. Especially if they have no post whatsoever of their own on the platform.

Yep, happened to me this morning. What a nice #gift!


Hey @medium writers! Are you on the verge of becoming a paid member? Use our referral link and help support the publication!


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Have you ever asked yourself this #question?

Why am I here?

#writer Ann Christine Tabaka has!

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Can there be knowledge without investigation?

Can a thing be known at first on sight,
on taste or touch or feel, can you
smell a thing or, oddly, know it
only as an action at a spooky distance

Is it likely a thing has ever
been discovered and declared,
post-haste, 'this, then, is that'

With imagination, a consideration
of a thing is built upon the sense
of research best conducted, an exploration
of the nature before the naming

bless his heart
neglected art


Are you where you want to be?
Plan to Change

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The Alien Life, one panel Comic. Three aliens are standing together, the one in the middle has no left ear.  The caption reads:  "I am more comfortable sleeping on my left side. How did you know that?"
Sapphire Danielle Campbell
2 days ago

Hello #Mastodon! Time to introduce my very first article on #Medium as a #writer— "Mutual Aid is Not Mutual: An Essay

Understanding the rituals associated with a temple visit

An Eventful Evening by Prasanna

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3 days ago

Which details matter?

The cast on my arm was solid,
a badge of honour acquired through
a feat of derring-do, or I fell off my bike.
No matter, the truth has no business
crumbling my delusions and illusions.

I presented myself before a hero,
a sporty nation saviour of the day,
only recently returned to glory,
agreeably he signed the plaster.

This was my first encounter with
a doer of great things, an achiever.

I was much surprised at how small
and regular he was. I can recall a
pleasant man with an easy smile,
curly hair, and bad penmanship.
Or I can recall that day I met a hero.


Are you where you want to be?
Plan to Change

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The Alien Life, one panel Comic. An alien has just reached the top of a mountain. He is looking at another alien seated at the top  The caption reads:  "Look, I know it's a two day climb and you're disappointed, but the sign says: 'This Way To A Wiseman.' That's me, Andy Wiseman."
3 days ago

That Medium-based AI spambot follows me. It must be near the bottom of its list of accounts by now

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Glenna Gill
3 days ago

"What in the world was happening in my mother’s apartment? Why didn’t I know about it?" #medium #writing

🅰ε🅰3🅰 🌀
3 days ago

I posted new stuff on #Medium

Let me know if you are there, so I can support you.

Ivan Rodriguez ♠
4 days ago

I just read a blog post about how and why #Akkoma split from #Pleroma. What scares me is that our divisive human nature was the true culprit behind the free-speech vs FOSS debacle that caused the split. I have written on #Medium about how human nature's divisiveness is dangerous, but I would have never thought it would splinter a software dev team working on a platform for the #fediverse.


Nicholas Ashbaugh
4 days ago

If you missed the Weekly Collective, now's the perfect time to catch up. Everything is time-stamped! The special topic is "What You Need To Know to Thrive!"

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Nicholas Ashbaugh
4 days ago
Nicholas Ashbaugh
4 days ago

The Adventures Tales That Made Us Go to War With Each Other.

Black Jesus and Star Wars by @isleifssonhafsteinn

#medium #writing @writing #society #lifestyle #relationships

It's terrible that one person can shatter a life's long #dream, but it happens. Linda George had it happen to her based on #lies

A Dream Shattered by a Friend

#medium #writing #lies #dreams #dream #sharing

Alireza Dehbozorgi
4 days ago

The 4th part of 'Models of Computation' has just been published on @medium. This part focuses on 'Deduction'. Similar to my last blog on 'Inference', it took me several hours to write it. Thank you so much for your attention in advance!

#cognition #computation #deduction #logic #linguistics #ai #psychology #cognitivescience #blog #medium #published
Dave Volek
4 days ago

The TDG-Medium Papers

I repurposed 133 articles about my alternative democracy. Here is the story of my fifth book:

#democracy #tiereddemocraticgovernance #medium

Millan Fernández
4 days ago

En #Medium "Reacción" breve columna de opinión aparecida no Nós Diario o 02/06/23

Emory L.
5 days ago

current mood: trying to figure out why people post important things on #medium
5 days ago

It's a crazy #christian world out there sometimes. So, what do you do when you've already tried so many churches? Here is what Linda George did.

What should I believe?

#medium #god #christianity #church #believe

There's going to be some internal changes over here at The Taoist Online. We have seen some rapid growth in submissions and volunteer writers. So, I ask you...

How Many Editors Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb? by @Patrickstewart

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quaddicted motd
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Author(s): Michael Contorno
Title: Tab1: The Beginning
Date: 10.12.1997
Medium-sized plain beginner map with mixed textures.
#medium #mixtex #quake

⚡It's #Monday. What are you working on this week?

Any #opensource #foss projects, #sidehustles, or #writing anything?

Share a link if you can.

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6 days ago

Apparently some folks here on Mastodon don't think self-promotion is "the way we roll". How twee🙄🤣

Well, I DO roll that way, because I'd like people to read my stuff, articles on Medium, books on Amazon, and check out my FREE writing advice and support on YouTube at:

If I don't believe in myself who will?

#writingadvice #writingsupport, #books #literature #publishing #social #mastodon #youtube #medium

Our social media person was off this weekend for some family time but we posted several great articles today on @medium Take a look!

#Poetry, #prose, #stories, oh my!!

#medium #writing @writingcommunity @writing #poem

Chris Vitalos ✅
6 days ago

Here is a good #Medium article written by a #GeorgiaTech professor that lives up to its title: "A very gentle introduction to #LLM"

It also gently introduces related subjects -

1. #AI,
2. #machinelearning,
3. #neuralnetworks,
4. #deeplearning

Not too mathy, but it does reference matrix #mathematics, #probability and #statistics (take me back to my #Pitt #college days !)

Here is a good #Medium article written by a #GeorgiaTech professor that lives up to its title:  "A very gentle introduction to #LLM"
Chris Vitalos ✅
6 days ago

>Agile and machine learning is a match made in heaven.

Here is a noteworthy #Medium post on the benefits of using an #agileprojectmanagement approach when implementing #artificialintelliegence and #machinelearning based projects. #Agile is well suited to #AI projects due to high licensing costs and #implementation risks.

The other valuable insight is its description of the agile contract management method.

IMHO worth a read -

"Agile and machine learning is a match made in heaven."
Alireza Dehbozorgi
6 days ago

I'm privileged to announce that I've just published the 3rd part of my blog on 'Computational Theories of Cognition: Models of Causal Inference' on @medium. I did my best cover as much as possible. Comments are highly welcome!

#cognitivescience #linguistics #computation #knowledgegraphs #reasoning #datascience #ai #blog #medium
David Todd McCarty
1 week ago

Rome. A different sort of political magazine.

#Politics #Medium #Journalism

Rome Magazine. Image of a woman giving the camera the middle finger.
David Todd McCarty
1 week ago

Introducing the one thing no one wants, more talk of all things political. Oh, but wait. There’s actually a huge audience of educated, opinionated policy wonks with fewer places to turn? There has to be some place for we masochists to go.

Enter Rome.
#Politics #Medium #Writers

Rome Magazine logo.
1 week ago

#medium #poetry #gothic
I am trying to write my victim impact statement, but it is too hard, so I wrote a poem instead.

David Todd McCarty
1 week ago

Introducing Rome Magazine. A new political Medium publication. Coming soon. Recruiting writers now.

#Politics #Medium #Writing

Rome Magazine Logo
David Todd McCarty
1 week ago

Introducing Rome Magazine. A new political Medium publication. Coming soon. Recruiting writers now.

#Politics #Medium #Writing

Image comp by Hopping Frog Studios, LLC. Cover Photo: Tom Williams. Inside Spread: Hasan Almasia.
David Todd McCarty
1 week ago

Introducing Rome Magazine. A new political Medium publication. Coming soon. Recruiting writers now.

#Politics #Medium #Writing

Rome Magazine bus shelter featuring a photo of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore.
David Todd McCarty
1 week ago

SUBMISSIONS: Consider this a soft launch. I still have a lot of work to do with the branding, but I thought I might get a jump on recruiting political writers.

Welcome to Rome.

#Politics #Writing #Medium

Chris Trottier
1 week ago

It's not worth bemoaning that #ActivityPub is, in fact, an open protocol.

And this is because it's not worth bemoaning that
#SMTP is an open protocol. Or Hypertextual Transfer Protocol (#HTTP) is an open protocol.

Or for that matter that anyone can use these protocols as they see fit.

Do I like every use of these protocols? Not at all. We can't always have good things because shady assholes insist on exploiting the open web for their own greed.

The trade off is that we get to have an open web.

Now occasionally, I get people popping by who tell me, "Screw you! I don't care about an open web! I just want to keep my community intact!"

But the only reason your community exists is because we have open protocols.

If you don't think so, find me all those thriving communities still using AppleTalk or IPX/SPX. Wait. There aren't any.

And that's because the only entities that have bothered with a *closed, proprietary* protocol happen to be for-profit corporations that have largely discontinued them due to -- again, wait for it -- the prevalence of open protocols.

Which brings us to a further problem.

You can't use an open protocol while simultaneously pushing for it to be closed. The
#W3C already validated ActivityPub. The proverbial cat is out of the bag.

So yes, corporations will adopt ActivityPub. That's already happening.
#Meta, #Automattic, #Medium, #Flipboard -- many more to come -- are developing for it.

But openness also means
you can build upon it. You can create your own thriving communities. And some of these communities can be private if you so choose.

Just as it's possible for you to build your own newsletter or publish your own webpage, it's possible for you built your own
#Fediverse server.

You see, openness cuts both ways.

I'm looking forward to telling people what #Medium Day is and what date to put in their calendar.

Hint: it's August 12th.

Congratulations to our chief editor and founder @Patrickstewart on reaching 1000 followers on @medium!!

You can read his thank you article on #Medium below:

1,000 Followers Celebration!

#writing #celebration #followers #follow @blogging

What do you do when you're down? Are you able to cheer up on your own or do you need help? New TTO writer, Jennifer Bolanos could use some help.

Let Me Know If I Can Do Anything

#medium #blog #mom #family #happy #self #mentalhealth #writers #writing @writing

I'll be frank. I need more people reading me on #Medium and more people subscribing on ko-fi.

I'm #disabled from my #cancer, but also from the fact that my #cancer caused me to lose my ability to #mask my #autism. Maybe I'll be able to find myself in place in the workplace, but right now I'm not seeing it.

#Subscriptions on ko-fi start as low as one dollar a month. At that level you're supporting me and you get to direct message me if you want to.


Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

I wonder who is stealing whose look here? Can't be a coincidence, surely.

#Medium #Patreon #App #Logo

David Todd McCarty
2 weeks ago

I seem to have two gears: Quiet indifference or apoplectic rage. Not exactly what I consider a healthy approach to life. Even back when I used to get into physical altercations with people, I was never one to talk shit in the face of someone. The rules of street fighting dictate that you say as little as possible, you hit first, hard, and fast, and you don’t quit until your opponent relents or stops moving.

#Life #Culture #Writing #Philosophy #Medium #LMNO

An Inadvertent Pacifist’s Relentless Pursuit Of Peace
Or why I can’t find the joy in conflict like other Americans.

By David Todd McCarty

If you're trying to create something original and feeling overwhelmed with the daunting task of coming up with a new thing, STOP.

Try one of these approaches instead.

(It's from my list of 7 approaches to creating original work, which I've turned into an article, with fun examples and question prompts, too.)

#medium #innovation #creativity

Patrick Stewart
2 weeks ago

I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to participate in @medium's Beta Boot Program!

Are you into #spirituality, #philosophy, #religion, or a similar topic? Write for my publication on #Medium, and you might have a pretty big surprise come your way. Find out more below:

The Taoist Online Joins Medium’s Boosting Program:
Medium’s Philosophical Eye Has Opened

I am proud to announce that we have been chosen to participate in @medium's Boot Program! This allows us to generate views for writers so that their work is shown to more people on Medium.

Are you into spirituality, philosophy, religion, or a similar topic? Write for us! Find out more below:

The Taoist Online Joins Medium’s Boosting Program:
Medium’s Philosophical Eye Has Opened

#medium #philosophy @writingcommunity @writing @philosophy #writers #authors #boost #beta

Diane Ademu-John
2 weeks ago

Week 4 of the #wgastrike. The fight continues. Out on the picket lines demanding fair wages with several of the writers from shows I’ve written for for the last 20 years! #wgastrong #medium #thevampirediaries #empire #theoriginals #bodyofproof

Michael Wilson
2 weeks ago

I think I might just copy and paste "Was this written with AI?" as a stock reply to every Medium article I read now. About 75% of the posts I have commented on with that, have confirmed that AI was used

#medium #ai

David Todd McCarty
3 weeks ago

Discover new writers. Explore fresh ideas. Expand your world. #Ideas #Writing #Life #Medium #Magazine

“Fresh voices telling honest stories in the search for truth.”


hmm, wonder how hard it would be to build a #blocklist of instances known to federate with #Meta and friends

(or #Tumblr, #Flipboard, #Medium, #Bluesky bridges, #Nostr bridges, etc.)

answer: not very hard as long as admins keep leaving their federated timelines open

you'd want to base this on regular periodic timeline sampling so that instances that defederate will automatically drop off the blocklist after a week or whatever

So I'm experimenting with the way I use #Substack.

Posts are now free to read for everyone, but will lock a few weeks after publication.

I always appreciate it when #Medium members choose to read my work on that platform, but for everyone else, you won't miss out if you have a read before the lock-out time.

I'm thankful for my paid subscribers on Substack, and think it's fair that access to archives should be one of the perks of membership.

#blog #blogging

Tim Nolte
3 weeks ago

So while one key piece of the #Fediverse is that entire instances can be blocked as a form of moderation, and keeping things safe for people. I think it should be clearly stated to newcomers to any instance if entire platforms such as #Meta / #Tumblr / #Medium / / #Bluesky (through a bridge) are being blocked.

If someone wants to have a federated identity and follow family/friends on Meta then they are SOL if an instance completely blocks the entire platform. #fediblock

3 weeks ago

So let me wrap my head around this regarding #ActivityPub...

- #Tumblr (572M blogs) wants to integrate it
- #Instagram (2B users) wants to start an app that supports it
- #Mozilla starts its own #Mastodon instance
- #Medium started its own Mastodon instance
- #WordPress now has an official ActivityPub plugin
- #Flickr (60M users) is considering using the protocol


Am I missing something or does it look like the #Fediverse might actually win the "social media wars" in the end? 🤔

Eric S Burdon
3 weeks ago

Productivity seems like a simple concept, but there is a lot of nuance to it that many brush over.

The reality is productivity by definition is different from job to job, industry to industry, and person to person. And yet we act like there is just one pure definition and measurement for it.

Here's an article I put together to talk about some of the nuances and how we're dropping the ball on productivity.

#Medium #Writing #writer #productivity #hustle

David Todd McCarty
3 weeks ago

I’m leaning towards the idea, heavily leaning, that most writers should not be able to choose their own artwork to accompany what they write.

I’ve found this to be true with almost all self published authors, as well as most contributors on Medium. Being a good storyteller, let alone a good writer, has no bearing on your visual taste and sense of design. They are different skill sets and not often combined.

I’m not convinced most editors are any better.

#Writers #Medium #LMNO

Books on a shelf.

As most of you know, I write almost exclusively about matters of #privacy and #security in the world of #tech

But I'm also a human and a #jewish man, so world events impact me as they do you.

I've authored a piece on #medium about #fascism

My goals?

• To help those of you who do not understand Fascism's one, true goal

• To help you learn how to spot it.

Early detection is KEY to stopping a fast-growing cancer. And Fascism is a #cancer

E. Ardincaple
4 weeks ago

I have been working on this for months and it is FINALLY launched!

Meet Fiction Friends 2.0, a new and updated way to share and discover fiction on @medium.

If you've published #fiction on #Medium, you should check this out!

Free link:

📸 Engin_Akyurt on Pixabay.

A close-up photo of a book and a mug of coffee, with a sweater-covered hand holding the mug.
1 month ago

#Medium cleaned up their UI. The story page is now is mostly the article contents without any distractions on the sides:

A screenshot of a blog post on showing all the empty space on the left and right sides.

@milkteawitch @actuallyautistic Like others have mentioned I do meditate and I take walks.

I also take #kava. It does taste pretty vile if you don't put something in it to enhance the flavor, but it has anti #anxiety effects. (And anti #tinnitus effects if you do have tinnitus, which I do.)

Sometimes I even write on #Medium. 😱

n8chz ⒶⒺ
1 month ago

@parkermolloy Ah, a stealth #substack. All my self-training in hover-link-see-tld-and-move-on defeated. And here I tought memorizing the list of TLDs that are really #medium was a mental payload.

Do you consider yourself a fan of #philosophy? Are you a #thinker? Are you a #writer and do you love to share your stories?

If so, we are looking for you! Come write for us on #medium!

#philosophy #writing #writers @writingcommunity @writing @philosophy #help #volunteer

Tim Chambers
2 months ago

@box464 Very into a "how to get verified wizard idea.

And if you already have a #GitHub, #Medium, #Flipboard or #Gravatar account already, I'll be the wizard could just connect the two and give you a greencheck pretty seamlessly.

2 months ago

#Medium#Mastodon の投稿がより自然に埋め込まれるようになったみたい :tony_happy: :vivaldia_2:

Now, you can embed Mastodon posts in Medium stories | by Chris Stiteler | Apr, 2023 | 3 Min Read

2 months ago

@Atomicbutterfly #WhatsApp is indispensable sadly. But I use it only via the #matrix bridge so I deny #Facebook much #data.
But I’m not happy. The best option is to give the #alternative. Don’t host on a single page, not #medium, not #anything. We have to be reachable and offer options. Thank you so much

It’s emerging public knowledge that #AICompanies are going to have to pay for #TrainingData. I’m assuming that this will happen.

Given that. Should #Medium participate on behalf of our Authors and how should we pass that money on to authors? The per article price is not going to be very much money, say $0.10. But we could put the money into the author payment pool and pay out by Quality/Popularity.

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Can #ActivityPub save the #internet?

The tech industry is abuzz about a new standard for social networking that is more open, more user-centric, and potentially more powerful than #Twitter and #Facebook. But we’ve been here before.

#Flipboard, #Medium, #Mozilla #Meta #Wordpress #tech #SocialMedia

Zum "Engelsmedium" wurde der Bildhauer Johannes Marhenke nach seinem Kontakt mit Jana Haas. Frau Haas bietet Engelsheiler-Kurse ("Cosmogetic-Kurse") für 4.000€ an und tourt mit ihren Vorträgen durch dutzende #Waldorfschulen. berichtete:

#JanaHaas #Waldorfschule #Engel #Medium #Cosmogetic

We added #Mastodon to Embedly. So now Mastodon links embed more naturally on #Medium and every other service that uses Embedly to handle embeds.

2 months ago

#Medium This will be a dark and twisty one today. #AmWriting Medium has become a Box. The Algorithm, Its Packing Tape

❝Nothing good comes of building your identity on a thing you do not own…❞ — @adampknave

This absolutely applies to where you put your work online! It's so tempting to #blog on platforms like #Medium and #Substack, because they do so much of the heavy lifting for you.
I'm in that boat, too, but I own my domain, and I'm keeping backups of everything.

Chris Hedges
2 months ago

Revolutionary Trans Joy

"Trans joy is love-based.

Love always wins.

It is a source of energy and power, knowing the trans joy based on love will overpower any fear."

A friend link is here to bypass the paywall:

#trans #transgender #transjoy #transrights #medium #prismnpen

@atomicpoet This is interesting, but I wonder if it's because #Cloudflare did not take time to understand the #Fediverse culture.

Both #Medium & #Flipboard’s instance communities are far more active, but the leaders of each took the time to know the Fediverse culture (well, rather #Mastodon culture).

2 months ago

Blogging income on its way:

Look, Ma, I made it!

#medium has to be hating "writers" like me... transaction costs are not worth it

$0.05 income from blogging
2 months ago

#Mastodon サーバーも立ち上げた #Medium のCEO が Mastodon クライアントの #IceCubes の開発リソースを支援することを検討してるみたい。
っていうか、 IceCubes の作者って Medium のエンジニアの人だったのか…! :tony_astonished:
資金のこととか課題もあるみたいだけど、面白い展開… :mastodance:

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
2 months ago

After a year of publishing articles on #medium, some #usability issues have come to light that Medium should address, to make better software. Their #ios app has several flaws that disrupt an author while creating and editing their article. I list 5 salient points in this article I published, ironically, on Medium:

Andrew Pretzel
2 months ago

Two weeks ago I posted an article with my strategies to revive a 'dead post' on Medium. Surprisingly, this post revives himself every day. 👻 🤯

#Writing #medium #MediumWriters #mastodon #reading #press

Two weeks ago I posted an article with my strategies to revive a 'dead post' on Medium. Surprisingly, this post revives himself every day.