Max Leibman
4 hours ago

Outlook should have a “Calendar Tetris” setting—once an entire day books full of meetings, it clears the column by auto-declining them all.

#Outlook #calendar #meetings #scheduling

Craig Maloney ☕
3 days ago

Secure Your IOT by Taking It Out of the Cloud (January 10th 2023 – MUG Meeting) #MUGVideos #meetings

Max Leibman
4 days ago

My emotional calendar groans and sags under the weight of a new, one-hour weekly meeting that runs through October.

#calendar #meetings #ProjectManagement

Craig Maloney ☕
4 days ago
Max Leibman
6 days ago

Project Management Perk (PMP) number one: when you are the project manager . . . you decide when the meetings happen.

#ProjectManagement #scheduling #meetings

6 days ago

This called to mind discussions a friend and I have had about #meetings. Courtesy of working somewhere with a lot of offices world wide, even pre-pandemic nearly every verbal interaction I had looked like a meeting to Teams analytics, because almost everyone I worked with was elsewhere. Once things went full remote for everyone that could, well then.

Kyle Anderson 💙🌼✊
6 days ago

tfw they use one of 20 minutes to explain how they're going to keep it brief out of respect for everyone's time...

then they run over...

Love #meetings

Craig Maloney ☕
1 week ago
Tim Nolte
2 weeks ago

@beandev I'm on #Linux so I might "fork" this and add a shell script to do the same sort of detection as your #PowerShell script. #HomeAssistant #meetings #WorkFromHome

Eric Maugendre
2 weeks ago

Collaboration happening in three phases:
- before a real-time gathering,
- during that gathering,
- and after.

"Making effective #meetings accessible to people not in the room": by @sisiwei #brainstorming #meeting #community #organising

Andrew Melder
2 weeks ago

Should we end meetings forever?

Meetings have taken over. It is time for a revolution. Right?

More fantastic stuff from the Good Work team.

#meetings #corporate #GoodWork

@schenklklopfer Zumal das Zeit ist die mensch gerne produtiver nutzen würde wollen...

#Meetings sind shice und wer's nicht hinkriegt Zeug in #Tickets und #eMail|s zu gießen sollte keine Projekte leiten!

Knowledge Zone
2 weeks ago

An Anatomical #Quirk Could Explain Why #Whale Brains Aren't Pulverized When They Dive : Science Alert

More than half of the world’s largest #Lakes are drying up : Science News

Do #Scientific #Meetings matter? Turning up for talks brings surprise benefits : Nature

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

2 weeks ago

Good morning and happy Tuesday to all of you around the #Fediverse

For the #MorningMoments today, tell me about your day so far, or what you have planned going forward.

For me, I have a work meeting at 2pm and then hopefully afterwards I can get some Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom play time in for a bit.

Afterwards the wife and I will watch some TV shows we need to catch up on.

#GoodMorning #HappyTuesday #Meetings #Meeting

An animated image that says good morning and has  kitten on its back with his front paws above its head.
Jacob Chromy (er/ihm)
2 weeks ago

Die nächste Folge der #FacilitationRundschau ist in der Produktion.

Wer die Tipps für bessere #Meetings, #Workshops und Events zuerst im Postfach haben möchte, meldet sich für den kostenlosen Newsletter an:


Thomas Dugaro
2 weeks ago

If we can't change anything, why are we having a #meeting?

Think about it:
If you can't change my mind or anyone's
If we can't change the course we were going on before
If we can't change direction...
Let's collaborate asynchronously instead.
Update me, inform me, show me what you've achieved but don't bother me with a meeting.

Meetings can have a very good team making impact, hence no hard progress on a topic. But in order to do so you need room for it. And cause.
#Meetings #businessculture

2 weeks ago

Nach Abzug aller #Meetings bleiben mit heute drei Stunden zum Arbeiten. Leider nur in ein paar halbstündigen Slots. Viel geht heute also nicht 😟

Craig Maloney ☕
2 weeks ago

Rat Operated Vehicle & Brief Introduction to CircuitPython (November 8th 2022 – MUG Meeting) #meetings

2 weeks ago

Plan to End Early - I love it!

This article gives some tips for “inclusive scheduling.” It all seems good to me, but one thing in particular stands out, and I’m going to try to do this going forward:

Try on purpose to make the meeting end early.

There are so many benefits. It allows people to hit the restroom between meetings, or grab a drink. It allows “social” time while still in the meeting if desired.

Good stuff all around. Give it a read!

#management #meetings

Jos Schuurmans (EN)
2 weeks ago

I'm testing

on the free plan one gets 300 minutes of real time transcription per month.

Otto can also otter can also transcribe audio that has been recorded previously I'm wondering if the 300 minutes count against such previously recorded audio

I'm also wondering if otter is the best solution the best transcription solution

#OtterAI #SpeechToText #AI #transcription #notetaking #interviewing #meetings #KnowledgeManagement #KM #productivity #curation


Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
2 weeks ago

Okay, major rant right now. Anyone else despise it when #Zoom hosts force you to turn on your #camera? For the past 3 years I’ve never had any issue joining meetings with my camera turned off all until this last week when not one, but two #meetings held by deferent hosts said I couldn’t join if my camera is off. I find this extremely discriminatory cause

1. #Neurodivergent people often don’t feel #comfortable on camera
2. Many people don’t have cameras on their devices, especially on #desktop #PCs where it’s still not a standard feature built into #monitors.
3. The meeting also did not have #endtoend #encryption enabled which to me is too much of a #security risk.

The biggest #kicker is the group didn’t have any issue before with people having their cameras turned off during the meeting but now all the sudden they are not okay with it. Not cool. And just making it very clear, none of the #events I host will ever require a camera. So if you aren’t #comfortable with being on camera in meetings, your #safespace is right here.

Max Leibman
3 weeks ago

My meeting runneth over.

#meetings #MeetingOverload

Dawan Stanford
3 weeks ago

Use Fluid Hive’s Event Design Questions as a tool for creating #meetings, #workshops, and #conferences that solve problems, save money, and protect your reputation. #eventdesign #designthinking #facilitation

3 weeks ago

Unfortunately, my work #meetings hijacked my #productivity leave me stranded on the deserted island of unaccomplished #tasks.

Max Leibman
3 weeks ago

A gathering of two or more crows is referred to as a “murder.”

A gathering of two or more excuses is referred to as a “meeting.”

#meetings #CompanyCulture #CollectiveNouns

Richard Rathe
3 weeks ago


Highly recommended!

"The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within" ($5)


"PowerPoint Does Rocket Science--and Better Techniques for Technical Reports"

#EdwardTufte #Powerpoint #Communication #TechincalReports #ColumbiaDisaster #SpaceShuttle #NASA #Meetings

The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within by Edward R. Tufte
4 weeks ago

Flipped through this little notebook where I sometimes jot down meeting notes and found this page. Maybe it was a Teams meeting with Elmo #elmo #OfficeLife #meetings

Notepad that says “Colder in Winter. Hotter in Summer.” That’s the entirety of my meeting note
4 weeks ago

Meeting is over and as expected, it was good like these meetings are every 2 weeks that we have them.

All sorts of good stuff was talked about with regards to @novalauncher and it looks like tomorrow I'll have a busy day!

#NovaLauncher #Nova #Android #Apps #Meetings #Sync #AllThingsTech

1 month ago

👨‍🍳💼 How would Gordon Ramsey assertively decline meeting participation without compromising professionalism: #GordonRamseyApproach #Meetings #Productivity

Craig Maloney ☕
1 month ago

A Tour of Spritely’s next-gen decentralized networking tech (October 11th, 2022 MUG Meeting) #meetings

Jeden Montagmorgen berichten wir über fünf Dinge, die zum Wochenstart wichtig sind.

Diesmal geht es unter anderem um eine #Homeoffice-Warnung des #IBM-Chefs, die anstehende #Google I/O und einen Produktivitätstipp von Steve Jobs.

Hier findest du das t3n-Weekly: 👉

#apple #stevejobs #meetings

Roboter im Homeoffice (Bild erstellt mit Stable Diffusion)

Meetings sind Zeitfresser – das hatte Steve Jobs schon zu Lebzeiten im Jahr 1986 erkannt.

In einem historischen Memo aus seiner Zeit bei Next zeigt er, wie er das Problem lösen wollte.

#SteveJobs #Apple #Meetings #Produktivaet

Bild-Credits: dpa/Monica_M._Davey

Steve Jobs bei einem Vortrag
1 month ago

Boah ey, einen ganzen Tag Lebenszeit sinnlos verschwendet...

#AdminLeiden #Meetings

Adrian Segar
1 month ago

(Re) #introductions: I
…❤️ to facilitate connection, 🎤, 🕺🏻& 🧘‍♂️
…design & facilitate meetings that become what people want and need
…have written three books on #meetingdesign
…am a recovering #physics prof
…was born in England & live in Vermont

More about me & my work at 750+ posts—1/week for 13 yrs—on #meetings, #facilitation, true #stories e.g. being trapped in an elevator with a Nobel prize winner, & much more…
#eventprofs #assnchat #events #consulting #facilitation

Kent Pitman
1 month ago

A stone in a stream,
Disrupts flow, upstream and down.
Meetings are such stones.

#haiku #senryu #poem #meetings
#575prompt #flow

Joseph Zikusooka
1 month ago

My friend Johan Bernhardsson demonstrates how to record a video call meeting in Nextcloud HUB 4. Check out the short video on his Youtube channel:
@nextcloudclouders #webinar #meetings #Opensource

Jennifer Moore
1 month ago

Meeting-software question:

I just recently heard of "Sesh", which can do an interactive pic of your meeting agenda timeline on Zoom, showing time elapsed & remaining. But the free version of Sesh limits you to 4 people.

I'm not that interested in the rest of what Sesh does, so I wonder if there are other apps that will do a similar interactive meeting timeline, collectively-viewable on Zoom? (not necessarily free, but cheap-ish)

Clues very welcome!

#software #meetings #Sesh #Zoom

Craig Maloney ☕
1 month ago
Nathan Smith
1 month ago

A few weeks ago, I asked y'all to fill out a survey for a grad school class that I am taking. Yesterday, I finished consolidating responses into a slide deck. Here 'tis, if anyone is interested.

#gaming #meetings #survey #usability

How do you use a #barbarian in a #DnD #work?

He's really good at getting things moving and getting people to do stuff. He's absolutely awful at communicating detail.

On the one hand, I don't want to run endless, tedious #meetings with these people. OTOH, I want to know the facts, not a bad rendition of his misunderstanding.

Maybe you have to be in the raid/meeting yourself and let him bash his way to the treasure chest/thing you want to talk about, then activate self as #wizard.

1 month ago

I've started doing chores during meetings so that I can keep focus on the meetings. How do you stay focused during remote meetings?

#remotework #meetings #remote

1 month ago

Good lord I needed this!

Effortlessly Plan #Meetings Across Time Zones
#ZoneJam helps you organize meetings across multiple time zones

Jacob Chromy (er/ihm)
1 month ago

#Meetings besser machen. Im zweiten Teil des MITgestalten Podcasts geben meine Kollegin Lena und ich Tipps.

Es ist auf jeden Fall, die Podcast-Folge mit meinem Lieblings-Cover-Foto :-)


Und wer direkt Lust bekommen hat, Remote Meetings und Workshops besser zu moderieren, schaut mal in unser Remote Training.

Der Sommerkurs startet Mitte Juni:

Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

given all the documented benefits of walking on creativity and brainstorming, has anyone tried like… walking offsites?

not power walking but the ideal three mile per hour stroll

I don’t even know the right hashtag for this... #meetings ???

Spaceflight 🚀
2 months ago

@sciguyspace "#SpaceX's development process is messier, but it's also much faster. One could sit in #meetings for ages 🕸️ and discuss everything that could go wrong with a rocket like this. The alternative is simply to get the #rocket into a "good enough" configuration and go fly 🚀."

2 months ago

Genuine questions:
What is up with the trend to play music prior to the start of a virtual meeting?
Am I the only person who feels like this is invasive?
Does it make anyone else want to immediately leave?
#work #werk #meetings #introvert

Craig Maloney ☕
2 months ago

The Great Chip Shortage of 2021: September 13th 2022 – MUG Meeting #meetings

Nathan Smith
2 months ago

⭐ I have a favor to ask. For a grad school class, I am doing a user study project. If you have 10 minutes to spare, I would appreciate you taking this anonymous survey.

The purpose is to better understand how people spend time:

– In online meetings
– Playing video games
– Playing board games

Thanks for your time.

#gaming #meetings #survey #usability

Promo graphic for the Games for Work app.
Craig Maloney ☕
2 months ago
2 months ago

[I’ve gifted this article on #knitting at #meetings. No paywall - it should stay free through 04/14/2023]

Knitters Say Stitching Helps Them Follow the Thread in Meetings
An official in Wales was called out for knitting in a virtual meeting, setting off a debate over etiquette. Experts say the fine-motor movement activates the parts of the brain used for focus.

Craig Maloney ☕
2 months ago
Patrick Stewart
2 months ago

Greetings on this #Wednesday (aka hump day). We are half way to the #weekend! Just gotta do more #meetings, #writing, working, karate, cheerleading, tests, and forcing #children to do homework. See...easy! 😞

Here is your #morning #mantra

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help those I can.

#Photography for today is Fort Worth #Texas #Amazon distribution center.

Sunrise over a building and a highway full of cars.

lol icebreakers over zoom are like half the people keep it to the bare minimum and the other half be like, "I was born on a dark and stormy night in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and..."

#zoom #meetings #why

I used to have a problem with a thought gremlin called Dread Buddy.

This little monster would show up in the hours before an important meeting and wreak all sorts of havoc on my day.

Here's how I tamed this and other anxiety beasts.

#anxiety #meetings #monsters #medium

2 months ago

Over the last few years, I received many comments and questions about my office studio video and audio setup. In this blog post (and YouTube video), I walk through what I've put together. I hope it gives you some ideas!

#video #streaming #webinars #tutorials #recording #videocontent #videoconferencing #audio #zoom #meetings

Paul Rosen
3 months ago

Happy Ides of March to all who celebrate! It's the day we remember how dangerous meetings can be.

#ides #meetings

Adrian Segar
3 months ago

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) has published some useful lessons learned from organizing six online scientific meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is my summary of what I think are the most interesting findings, plus some commentary.

#eventprofs #assnchat #pandemic #covid #meetings #meetingdesign #diversity #inclusion #online #science

Craig Maloney ☕
3 months ago

Introduction and discussion about the Fediverse March 14th 2023 – MUG Meeting #meetings

3 months ago

Monsieur Renard was a little grumpy (and vocal!) during my work meeting but he's calmed down now.

On the plus side, he did make some valid points and we're going to invite him to the next meeting.


A sulky gray cat with white whiskers and white ruff peers with half-closed eyes at the camera
Präsident des Landgerichts KA
3 months ago


In #Norwegen ist es etwa üblich, #Meetings + #Fortbildungen so zu terminieren, dass auch #Teilzeitkräfte daran teilnehmen können - inkl. An- und Abreise. #OnlineMeetings + #OnlineFortbildungen sind grundsätzlich leichter in #Familienalltag zu integrieren.

Das setzt #Bewusstsein + #Bereitschaft voraus. Deshalb ist es gut, wenn durch den #Weltfrauentag dafür Aufmerksamkeit geschaffen wird.

Es profitieren am Ende alle: #Diversität macht #Teams + #Organisationen stärker!

Adrian Segar
3 months ago

In a new paper, a transdisciplinary collective of scientists argues that “interaction is at the heart of cognition".

I agree—and interaction is at the heart of events too!

#interaction #cognition #eventprofs #asssnchat #meetings

An illustration of two people interacting, with their thinking/cognition generated by their interaction.
Eric R. Dahlen, Ph.D.
3 months ago

I'm not sure what the best solution is, but the use of Doodle and similar platforms for scheduling meetings drives me crazy. By the time everyone completes the poll (which often takes 2+ weeks), the times I indicated as available are inevitably full.

#doodle #AcademicMastodon #meetings #AcademicChatter

4 months ago

Wo arbeitet ihr, Homeoffice, eigenes Büro, Remote, Hybrid?

Eine Frage die mich aktuell wieder sehr beschäftigt: Wo arbeiten?

Ich arbeite seit 2 Jahren straight outta Homeoffice, aber bin natürlich auch in den Cafés der Stadt unterwegs, für Besprechungen ect.

Nun überlege ich den Schritt zu einem eigenen Büroraum zu wagen.

( Das Magazincover ist von Neue Narrative #16 : )

#Raum #HomeOffice #Arbeitsleben #Arbeiten #Remote #Meetings #WorkLife

Cover des Magazins "Neue Narrative - Das Magazin für neues Arbeiten"

Der Title der Ausgabe #16 lautet: "Raum - Wo wollen wir arbeiten?"

Das Cover hat eine große Illustration mit dünnen Lininen, die Farben sind eher hell, das Cover ist bunt und es sind Menschen zu sehen die in verschiedenen Räumen arbeiten.
Craig Maloney ☕
4 months ago

Introduction to the Fediverse (February 14th, 2023 – MUG Meeting) #meetings

The #Sunday #meetings.

How is your Sunday?

Frontier Magazine
5 months ago

In this week’s newsletter, discussion of @samkap’s Inclusive Design Communities, which is a great new primer on the subject, and Shopify’s recent “calendar purge.” I didn’t mean to defend meetings, but …

#inclusion #shopify #meetings

We just had a meeting with #Nozbe experts team and as weather was nice I attached my iPhone to my bike and attend a meeting while slowly biking along the river in a sunny day 🚲 😎

#Meetings #Productivity

Mano Marks
5 months ago

A lot of people jumped on the anti-meeting bandwagon this week with the announcement by #shopify. I think it's important to note: a) Shopify didn't get rid of all #meetings, they got rid of recurring meetings with more than 2 people. That's a significant difference b) Shopify is currently struggling a lot. Stock value is down because sales are down etc. One failure mode companies try in this situation is to have more and more meetings. Shopify is trying something different.