Adrian Morales
3 hours ago

If someone hurts me and I hurt them back, I am just as bad. Actually, I am worse because I know better. I am better. I have the power not to respond to pain and violence.

I can positively influence the world.
I can enact change, the change that I need, that is needed.
I am a force of goodness. I stumble and I fall, but my heart remains pure.
I am forgiveness.
I am love.

#Goodness #Change #Positivity #Mindfulness #MentalHealth #Monday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Be the change. The tree of kindness and compassion that you plant today will shelter future generations from going through the trauma that you have.
16 hours ago

Been checking out the #megalodon mastodon app on Android since yesterday. I'm liking it. So far I think my only very very small UI complaint would be I wish there was a touch more space and clearer delineation between the posts, but that's it.

Haelus Novak
20 hours ago

The #mastodon or at least #megalodon feature I want is able to block paywalled news sites from the #News tab. Does the app get #money from when I click it but do not read it? Even a simple #filter for urls of constant offenders would be better than nothing, but can't seem to do it.

Catherine Berry
4 days ago

I've been using #Megalodon on my Android devices, but today I'm experimenting with #Fedilab to see how its notification merging works. If a few people wouldn't mind liking this post, that would be most helpful.

Oh, and let's see if *Markdown* works, also.

Adrian Morales
4 days ago

"An economy run for the benefit of a wealthy minority will never be socially or environmentally just."

#Thursday #Capitalism #CorporateGreed #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #Injustice #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

4 days ago

#megalodon moment 🤪

Adrian Morales
5 days ago

Here is one of the many wonderful miracles performed by the real Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas of Myra. The most amazing thing is that each and every one of us can do it. 🎁

#Wednesday #SantaClaus #SaintNicholas #Miracles #Charity #HelpingEachOther #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse #Patreon

The struggle to find a favorite #Mastodon #app for #Android.

Official app v2.2.4: This app came from far. Almost perfect for me, but can't edit the toolbars (like adding lists), I can't increase the text size of posts (it's a bit to small for my eyes - yes, rest of Android is fine) and I can't schedule posts.

#Moshidon v2.1.4 (102): This was the perfect app, but since this version it crashes just to much. Older versions work, but the official app has more features. Let's hope it will make a come-back.

#Megalodon v2.1.6 (107): This was my number two, but Moshidon has more features. But the most important reason it was number two is the ugly (IMO) pink launch icon. I know, I can change it using icon sets, but to much work. Plus it also crashes, just like Moshidon. Megalodon is a fork of the official app and Moshidon is fork of Megalodon AFAIK.

#Tusky v24: It still looks outdated; no Material You support or other modern themes (only dark/light) and the icons look outdated. To much blue. The notifications don't have a separate tab for mentions (only a filter, you much change every time, and that's not user friendly). That said, the new Tusky 24 is great. I must admit.

I also tried many other apps, but they all had to much flaws

I now use the Official app and Tusky for post scheduling.

Так... В Megalodon появилась опция Content Type с Markdown и HTML.

Это чо, в ванильный Mastodon завезли Markdown?


> тест цитаты

#Megalodon #Mastodon #test #markdown #formatting

Adrian Morales
6 days ago

When is McDonald's leaving Israel?
When are the yachts of the Israeli billionaires being impounded?
When are all the sanctions we saw imposed against Russia being applied to Israel as well?

Instead, the U.S. wants to send 10 billion dollars to the genocidal Government of Israel. Might as well write a check to Russia too.

#Gaza #IsraelWarCrimes #Sanctions #DoubleStandard #Hypocrisy #Tuesday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

1 week ago

Do any other #megalodon users have this happen? Images not embedding randomly

Screenshot of a post of what should be an embedded image of a possum, but instead it's a download for the image
Adrian Morales
1 week ago

I'd always wanted one of those lichen frames. Then I remembered I create things. That's what I do. Long story short, I've made my very own lichen cat wall art.

For more of my creations:

#Caturday #Lichen #Art #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Lichen wall art in the shape of a cute orange tabby cat.
2 weeks ago

#megalodon хватит блин кршится при выборе стикеров в случайный из Разов! Это очень раздражает >:(

Ilkka Tengvall
2 weeks ago

This shows the bad side of mastodon. I see interesting post, click to see the thread, but only see couple of the posts. Going to original server by browser is the only way to get it fully. Or who knows if I still get it fully..?
@csoriano #mastodon #megalodon

Partial thread.
Stefan TRMSC | eduBW
2 weeks ago

Some inspirations for todays #GivingTuesday 🤝

@kde #KDE 💙

@gnulinux #gnulinuxch 🐧

#bildungsocial #mastodon @fries @ebinger @favstarmafia #FediLZ :mastolove:

#espanso 🪄

@libreoffice #libreoffice 📝

@megalodon #megalodon 🐋
Thanks for the #MutualAid call - can we also buy you another coffee? 💝

Be creative supporting people and projects that are close to your heart! 🌎

Hauk (poet)
2 weeks ago

Below the dark trench,
Megalodon's ancient rise,
Come to wreak havoc.

#poem #poetry #haiku
#megalodon #mariana #trench

2 weeks ago

Mon appli #Megalodon fonctionne très mal aujourd'hui. Pourtant je n'ai pas fait de mise à jour très récente. Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?

2 weeks ago

Been using Moshidon for over a month now, and I don't want to switch back to Megalodon. Super fast and responsive, easy to use, supports reactions, Material You design language.

If you guys are looking for a new Mastodon client for mobile, be sure to give this one a shot. Megalodon is great, don't get me wrong, but this one takes the cake for me.
#mastodon #moshidon #megalodon

2 weeks ago

@otterX When you open toots on their original instances, you'll see that they usually have more favourites than boosts. It's just that favourites don't federate particularly well because only those by local users and users followed by local users get registered (if I remember correctly).

However, I do agree that "like" may be a more useful term, which might make people more generous with their positivity. I know they use that over on #Pixelfed and #Friendica. I am using #Megalodon, which has the option to change the favourite button to a heart, which I currently use.

Kalle Kniivilä
2 weeks ago

The new Tusky beta seems to be the best Android app for Mastodon at the moment. I can adjust the font size as I like and timestamps can be displayed as absolute time. Also works fine for reading oldest to newest. The way it displays edited posts is very good.
Main feature missing is reverse timeline (oldest posts on the top) but no Android app seems to have it yet.
Hope @megalodon and @trunksapp get these features soon.
#tusky #megalodonapp #megalodon #trunksapp

Adrian Morales
2 weeks ago

It's raining. It's cold. We might even get some snow. Junior is not having it. He would rather sleep throughout the entire weekend than deal with the adverse weather. #Caturday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

My big boy gatto, Junior, is sleeping on the couch because the adverse weather isn't to his liking.
3 weeks ago

Now testing out 3 different apps for #mastodon / #fediverse stuff because I keep having trouble with #megalodon, which I want so badly to love.

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

What we should all be doing: #Love #Thursday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse ❤️

As the world fights to figure everything out, I'll be holding doors for strangers,
letting people cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning,
keeping babies entertained in grocery lines, stopping to talk to someone who is lonely, being patient with sales clerks, smiling at a passersby. WHY?
Because I will not stand idly by and live in a world where love is invisible. Join me in showing kindness, understanding, and judging less. Be kind to a stranger, give grace to friends who are having a bad day, be forgiving of yourself - today and every day.
Be the change. Be the light. Start today and never stop.
(Audrey Loves Fary)
3 weeks ago

#Megalodon#fedibird の [参照] リンク付きの投稿の詳細を開こうとすると落ちる?

When I replied to messages using the official #Mastodon client, I was missing a preview of the message I was replying to. It was so annoying...but I try to not go crazy.

But I changed it to a #Megalodon, that has this preview and is still simple, fast, intuitive and good looking as Mastodon.
Only that pink icon sucks... 🤪😏

If anyone is looking for Mastodon with some nice features that Mastodon doesn't have, pick Megalodon!

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

What I wish for each and every one of you. What I wish for myself as well.

#Happinesss #Freedom #Equality #Wednesday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Your country should be a place that makes you happy to be alive!
3 weeks ago


#Megalodon #fedibird

3 weeks ago

どうやらMegalodonはFedibirdの絵文字リアクションは表示はできるが付けることはできない模様 (404になる)

#Megalodon #fedibird

3 weeks ago

With that being said, I just fixed an issue, where posts from an Akkoma instance would display their hashtags as link cards.

#Moshidon #Megalodon

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

There's a Food crisis, a Climate crisis, a Drug crisis. My mum has to reserve her medication in advance because Big Pharma wants to keep supplies low and prices high.

There isn't a Weapons crisis, though.

"Help, we don't have enough guns and bombs to protect ourselves!" 😒

Why? Why? Why? Why be part of such an evil society that wants people sick, poor, frightened, dead?

#BigPharma #GunControl #Capitalism #Greed #Corruption #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

Someone said they didn't like clothes that smelled like detergent.
Because I wanted to be accepted, I went along with this insanity.

But that was the old me. The new me loves detergent and always has. If you don't... Well, it's wrong, but no judgment.

Anyhoo, I have no intention of making myself popular or affable just to belong. If you like me, I'm genuinely grateful to have made a friend. If not, I don't mind.

#Friendship #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

A spoonful of powder detergent.
ㄍㄌ :seal:
3 weeks ago

#Megalodon 貢獻了一點翻譯,有在用 Android 版 Mastodon 的不妨試試

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

《Farther》 or 《Further》?!
Despite various guidelines, they're 《Interchangeable》 The one thing that sets them apart is that only 《Further》 can be used as a 《Verb》

As the article mentions, "Welcome to English." I wouldn't want it any other way. 😅👍

#English #Grammar #Writing #Friday #Webster #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

#megalodon seems nice, has editing and alt-text capabilities unlike #husky, but for some reason the home scroll is a bit jerky/laggy…

4 weeks ago

Tired of polls with "View Results" options? Me too, so now you can see the results directly without voting.

#Megalodon #Moshidon #MoshidonUpdate #MastodonApp

A video showing a post with a poll on the Mastodon mobile app. Below the poll is a "View Results" button that, when clicked, displays the poll results. Upon being clicked a second time, it changes back to the default interface.
Matthias Drexel
4 weeks ago

@motzmichel Kennst du #Moshidon? Lässt auch #Firefish Accounts zu, hat auch in der Usability super Features (auch für #Mastodon)
Nur die #Features die ich bei #Firefish so gerne nutzen würde (Lesezeichen, ANtennen,...) das kann sie leider noch(?) nicht.

App jedenfalls klar zu empfehlen, kann auch Multi-Accounts und ist auf #fdroid

Kann #Megalodon Antennen und strukturierte Lesezeichen?

Der Motzmichel
4 weeks ago

Update zu meinen Problemen mit der Browserversion von #firefish am Smartphone:

Die App
#megalodon hat den Account akzeptiert!

Wenn die App reibungslos funktioniert, wäre ich mittelprächtig begeistert ... :-)

4 weeks ago

#Megalodon такий самий.

4 weeks ago

El hecho de que en la #nueva #versión #v2.1.6-fork108(108) de #Megalodon el #listado de #notificaciones (pestaña) de vez en cuando se cargue de nuevo, lléndose a la punta arriba me cabrea un montón. Y eso que he #desmarcado Ajustes > Comportamiento: Cargar publicaciones nuevas automáticamente

Eso de que estés viendo unas notificaciones y que de pronto, sobre todo si pinchas en una para ver la conversación o un enlace que tenga, y cuando vuelves a las notificaciones se mueva toda la lista a la punta arriba me desespera.

#Megalodon #Android #Mastodon

cc @megalodon

Wie viele Haie sind warmblütig? Phänomen der partiellen Warmblütigkeit könnte verbreiteter sein als gedacht. #Haie #endotherm #Fische #Meerestiere #Megalodon

Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

Well, I suppose it's was to good to be true. I'm getting the same duplicate post problem in #trunksapp as in #megalodon. At the top of the feed, after reading a few hours of accumulated posts in chronological order (bottom to top), the posts start repeating.
So is this something that is wrong with the api or what?

@trunksapp @megalodon

Grumpy Old Goat
1 month ago

#Megalodon it's is then no trackers so far clean gui easy to use decently featured quick and as a nice bonus it makes a point of showing pro nouns which is useful for someone like myself who gets easily confused about such things.

Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

@trunksapp The new Trunks beta for Android for the first time feels like I might use it on constant basis. I still prefer the look and feel in #megalodon but #trunksapp is better at keeping track of where I was last time and filling gaps without losing duplicate posts.
That seems to work even when switching accounts, which doesn't work at all in Megalodon. However, the home feed settings default to "all" when switching accounts. And I still think these buttons should be settings.

Screenshot showing the top of the home feed in Trunks


#Tusky. Gefällt mir besser... ist ein Klassiker.

Beides sind übrigens App-Familien, d.h. es existieren Varianten und Abspaltungen.

Bei #Tusky: #Pachli, #Yuito, #Husky.

Bei #MfA: #Megalodon, #Moshidon.

Zudem gibt es weitere, z.B. #Fedilab.

🪻laura 🏴‍☠️
1 month ago

Whoaa how cool is this! Look at all those options!! 🤯
To edit a timeline in #Megalodon, just tap on it once you're on the Timelines page (second screenshot). More detailed explanation in the alt text!


Screenshot of the menu that pops up when you tap the three dots at the top of any timeline in Megalodon. The option "Edit timelines" is highlighted.
Screenshot of the Timelines page in Megalodon. It shows the Home, Local and Federation timelines as well as any lists you've created and  hashtags you've pinned to your Home.
Screenshot of the "Edit timeline" options that pop up when you tap any of your pinned hashtags, including a button to "Show advanced options".
Screenshot of the advanced options: 

Below the original hashtag, there's a field labeled "... or any of these", where you can enter any number of other hashtags you want to be included in that timeline. I've entered 7 more.

Below that, you can specify even further which hashtags you want to include or exclude:
"...AND every one of these"
"...BUT none of these".
There's also the option to show only local posts (i. e. only posts from your server).

At the bottom, there's a disclaimer clarifying that not all servers might support all of these options:  "Please note that the server handles these operations. Combining them might not be supported."
Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

@trunksapp Looking nice, I like being able to select completely white background for the text. However, I still prefer the very clean interface in Megalodon.
Scrolling still a bit too sticky. Can't make the notifications work. Language selector should have latest used languages more visible. Better layout for uneven number of images needed
I'd like to update the Finnish translation soon, but hoping that you will first make the translation files available on Weblate?

#trunksapp #megalodon

Muss nochmal "nerven"

Wäre es nicht schön, wenn es im #Fediverse leichter ersichtlich wäre, ob wer sich auf #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #Firefish etc angemeldet hat.
Manchmal sehe ich mit meiner App #Megalodon bei Profilen gar keine Beiträge oder Follower oder oder ...

Ich weiß, dass es manchmal schon schwer sein kann unter den verschiedenen #Instanzen Mastodons, aber außerhalb davon ist es nochmal etwas trickiger.

Kann wer #helfen?

@ErikUden @Mastodon @MastodonDE @ueckueck

1 month ago

Did you know that in #Moshidon and #Megalodon you can create a timeline with multiple hashtags? To do so, go to the Edit Timelines page and add a hashtag timeline. Then edit the timeline by tapping on it, the options to add other hashtags is under advanced options.

#MastodonApps #Apps #Android

Alison Hawke
1 month ago

That "megalodon tooth stuck in whale vertebrae" fossil is a fake, and I'm a bit sad now, but this page gives some cool extra info:

#Megalodon #Fossil

1 month ago

Not sure why some #AltText keeps disappearing (using #Megalodon; android)
Has happened a few times now in the past 2 or 3 days

Adrian Morales
1 month ago

"Modern men are, sooner than later, becoming aware of their sensitive sides and emotions. It is beneficial for women and children, as well as for other men too."

It's still an incredibly difficult and painful process, but I'm doing the work, and I know I'm not alone in this.

#MentalHealth #MensHealth #Wednesday #Patriarchy #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Huh, discovered an interesting bug in Megalodon, when you share images from the "Share" button on your phone, it uses the default accent colour, not a big deal and won't affect your mastodoning, but interesting nonetheless.

Normal Megalodon window, it uses the correct accent colour that I have set, in this case red.
Megalodon window from the "Share" button, it has the default blue accent colour.
1 month ago

I just realized my S9's led displays #megalodon notifications as pink omg I love it


Achja, #Mastodon for #Android.

Weiß nicht, ob #MfA inzwischen die föderierte Zeitleiste im Angebot hat. #Megalodon und #Moshidon leiten davon ab und bieten ggf. mehr Funktionen.

Adrian Morales
1 month ago

“If you start with a national goal for reducing transportation emissions, it will force you to focus more on public transportation and less on road construction.”

#PublicTransportation #CarFreeCities #AlternativeTransportation #Monday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

-- Bjørne Grimsrud, director of the transportation research center TØI

1 month ago

@Rusty I actually use multiple, namely #Moshidon, #Tusky, #Fedilab, and #Megalodon. But the one I use most of the time is Moshidon. I like the UI and being able to follow other instances. For Tusky, I like being able to make separate lists comprised of hashtags.

1 month ago

@violet Not really. But you can, for example, install the Google Translate app so that it'll translate any text you select on #Tusky.

Or (much easier) just use any of the other Mastodon clients that have the translation feature, such as #Megalodon, #Moshidon, or #Fedilab.

Hey Android users, what Mastodon app are you using these days? Gotta do one of these polls every now and then. :otter_peek:​ Keeps me youthful.

Boost please! :ameowbongofavboost:​​ And if you wouldn't mind, drop a comment on why you picked that app. I'm curious! :pupper_wag:​

#Android #Mastodon #Megalodon #Moshidon #Fedilab #Tusky #Poll #MastoPoll #MastodonMeta #MastoMeta


Both apps come with family members (forks, derived apps).

#MfA: #Megalodon, #Moshidon.

#Tusky: #Pachli, #Yuito, #Husky.

Maybe one of them works better for you?

1 month ago

Another teaser of what I'm working on: an improved edit history, with highlighting of the text changes that have been made.

#Moshidon #Megalodon #MastodonApps

Screenshot of the Mastodon for Android edit history view. The differences between posts are highlighted with green, if text was added, and red, if text was removed.

💬 Lucas, der Entwicker von @moshidon ist 17 und kommt aus Brasilien

Er schreibt zu #Moshidon:

"Ein Fork von #Megalodon, einem Fork der offiziellen Mastodon-Android-App, der wichtige Funktionen hinzufügt, die in der offiziellen App fehlen und möglicherweise nie implementiert werden, wie z. B. die föderierte Zeitleiste, nicht gelistete Beiträge, Lesezeichen und einen Bildbeschreibungs-Viewer."

Screenshot mit der kurzen Beschreibung von Moshidon
Adrian Morales
1 month ago

The Food industry puts sugar in everything these days, including fish. FISH! They know sugar can cause addiction, so they use it to sell more, always more...

#FoodAndDrink #FoodIndustry #Friday #Capitalism #Greed #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

@trunksapp It's nice, but I still prefer the clean look in #megalodon . I'd like to have black text on white background with my default font. Scrolling is a bit too sticky.
The greatest feature in #trunksapp is that it keeps my place in the timeline and gets new posts when needed with no gaps and no duplicate posts. More apps need this. (I'm looking at you @megalodon )
Reverse order timeline would be nice. Now one must scroll back and forth when reading posts in context in the timeline.

I don't get there feed setting buttons at the top of the feed. Shouldn't they be in the settings instead? I only see them when I'm at the top of my feed, and that happens maybe twice a day, when I've read it all, as I read upwards, in chronological order. But at least the don't flicker behind the posts, as they did earlier.

#Megalodon recently changed the UI of their app and now there's no longer a "Posts" feed made up of notifications from my favourite follows 😭 bring it bacccck

#Mastodon #SocialMedia

Adrian Morales
1 month ago

You go to the doctor's where you're told about a new drug, not because it's supposed to make you feel better, but because Big Pharma's rep has promised the doctor to pay all their medical expenses.

No, this isn't the plot for Pain Hustlers, the Emily Blunt and Chris Evans Netflix drama. My mum's a nurse. I've seen this firsthand. It's gross. It should also be illegal.

#BigPharma #Greed #Capitalism #Corruption #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

1 month ago

I'm in the process of adding support for @megalodon / @moshidon to allow translation of not only the text of a post, but also alt text, CWs, and poll options.

#MastodonApps #Moshidon #Megalodon #Android

Screenshot of two mastodon posts. Both have text and a poll with three options. The upper one is in French, the lower one is translated to English, including the poll options
Adrian Morales
1 month ago

An animation project I did for Halloween. It's on PeerTube, so no ads or tracking algorithms. You can activate subtitles too. Please enjoy.

#Halloween #HappyHalloween #Tuesday #PeerTube #Spectra #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Adrian Morales
1 month ago

This is my very first video on PeerTube using the Spectra instance.

Think of PeerTube as the video version of Mastodon, serving as an alternative to YouTube and TikTok.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy it.

#Halloween #PeerTube #Spectra #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse


#Tusky is a classic app, available also on F-Droid. There exists more members... #Pachli was started based on Tusky 23. And there are #Husky (adding #Pleroma specific stuff) and #Yuito.

Regarding #Mastodon for #Android, there exist #Megalodon and #Moshidon (as forks or family members).

And then of course #Fedilab...

... and some more apps for #Android.


Mark Darbyshire
1 month ago

I switched to #Megalodon on Android because it has more or less the features I want. I'll stick with Megalodon because it's pink.

Head to @megalodon to learn more and stay in the loop.

Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

@thyberg Is there an Android app with absolute timestamps? Not a big deal for me, but could be nice.

#megalodon #trunks

Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

@harald @Gargron It does? Last time I checked Moshidon didn't work at all when reading in chronological order, filling gaps made me lose my place.
Fedilab and Trunks don't have gaps at all. But they are too ugly 😭

#moshidon #megalodon

Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

I've removed the official Android Mastodon app from my phone again. It's still impossible to read the timeline in chronological order (upwards). When filling gaps, I lose my place. Tusky, Trunks and Megalodon can do that. (But Megalodon unfortunately shows duplicate posts at the top of the timeline.) And the "new posts" nag button is irritating.
It should be possible to turn the timeline upside down (right side up) as you could in some Twitter apps

#megalodon #trunksapp #MastodonApp


AndroidでおすすめのMastodonクライアントアプリ - Megalodon|YUUKI_1365

公式 Mastodon クライアントアプリからフォークしたと言う「#Megalodon」、気になって検索してヒットしたブログ見てみたら、見知った顔が♪ww

ブログ書いてる Yuuki_1365 さん、Vivaldi Social ユーザーなのね。 :tony_smiling:

アプリ自体は今のところ Android 版しかないみたい。公式クライアントと比べると、いくつか改良されてるみたい。

1 month ago

#Megalodon は好きなタイムラインを選択しておいて、横スワイプで切り替えたりできたりして、今回公式アプリがリスト表示とかに対応してもまだ、#Megalodon としての特徴というか優位性は残っている感じもある。

そもそも、こういうクライアント選びって意外と機能面だけじゃなくて、#UI の雰囲気とかアプリアイコンが好きとかそういうちょっとしたことでも「私はこれ!」って決めて使うこともあるし、そういう選択肢が複数あるっていうことが :mastodon: のメリットだし、#X formaly #Twitter があんなことになったせいで力のある開発者が :mastodon: に流れてきてから 1 年くらい経って、実際にユーザーも体感できるレベルでサードパーティーのクライアントの魅力と多様性が増してきてる :tony_smiling:


1 month ago

新しい :mastodon: の公式 :android_logo: アプリは、#Megalodon っていう公式アプリをフォークしたサードパーティー製のアプリにちょっと近い感じ。
サードパーティーのアプリが公式にも良い影響与えてるというか、お互いに切磋琢磨してる感じがあってユーザーにとっては色々魅力的な選択肢が増えて素晴らしい :tony_smiling:

自分は今 #Phanpy っていう Web クライアントメインに使ってるけど、これもつい一昨日に初めて知ったやつだし :mastodon: クライアント盛り上がりを感じる :tony_santa:

使うツールが変わるとタイムラインの見方・見え方も変わってくるし、 #UI が違うだけで #Mastodon そのものの印象も変わってくるから面白い :tony_smiling:

#Mastodon #Android

@Mastodon #tusky and #megalodon are way ahead of you ...

@Tusky @megalodon

1 month ago

そういうカスタマイズは #Elk でも出来ないし、#Android 用の #Megalodon とか #SubwayTooter 的なタイムラインの切り替えが出来る


Amadeus Maximilian
1 month ago

I really wish there was a way for #PWA to open links in the default browser instead of the browser I used to install them with…

#FirefoxFocus doesn't have PWA support (understandably), but one feature I love about native #Mastodon clients is that all the random links I click on *get opened in a privacy respecting browser*.

I still haven't found a native #iOS app that's as good as #Megalodon, so I'm sticking to #Elk and #Phanpy there and yeah… 😅

Adrian Morales
1 month ago

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you're thinking of getting something for yourself or as a gift, please consider this awesome mug.

It's a product that I'm selling via teespring based on a design that I myself painted. I get a margin, too, so you'd be helping me directly.

Here's a PROMO CODE for 40% off your order: FGO86X5PA3

#Halllowen #Friday #Mug #CaturdayIsEveryday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

A Halloween mug with a design painted on both sides by yours truly, featuring a black cat sitting inside a carved pumpkin. Lots of bats and your friendly neighborhood spider, as well.

Between projects like #PhanpySocial #TangerineUI #Elk #Ivory #IceCubesApp #Megalodon and others, there is no shortage of beautifully designed ways to interact with the fediverse. Nowadays it’s hard to choose because there’s so many good ones. 🐘💜

@jaystephens @alexture fortunately I filter them out. I use #Megalodon which allows you to control your feed to a minute degree. I have a special category of people I follow where I make sure to keep track of to comment on their posts. I do not place people who post outrage there. I find outrage over any issue unhelpful. Fosters a sense of helplessness. More constructive ways to deal with pressing issues.

Ilkka Tengvall
2 months ago

@rolle suosituksesta kokeilin pitkästä aikaa sovellusta mastodoniin. Kyllä tämä kevyemmin rullaa kuin pwa. #megalodon vaikuttaa tosiaan käytettävältä. Pitäisin enemmän jos *kaikki* valikot olis alhaalla. Nyt toi striimi nappi on ylhäällä. Yksi kiva asia on todellinen musta amoled näytöllä. Ja se että paikka ei katoa vaikka luet juttuja tai vaihdat näkymien välillä, toisin kuin nettiversiossa.

Anu Lahtinen
2 months ago

Luettuani näitä mikroblogisome-vertailuja sain aikaiseksi myös ladata suositellun #Megalodon-appin.

Noelle :verified:
2 months ago

Just installed the Megalodon app which I haven't used for a really long time. Exciting times. 😄 :mastodon: :mastogrin:

#mastodon #megalodon #app

ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 months ago
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ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 months ago

I'm liking #megalodon over #tusky or the official app.

Both are excellent free android options for #mastodon 🐘

Megalodon presents more of a user's followers across other servers. Whereas Tusky has a simpler cleaner feeling interface.

BUT.. Is there a way to change the focus point on an image when you toot? Such that the (aggressively) cropped image visible in the TL shows the best possible portion.

This was simple in Tusky, but I can't find the feature in Megalodon..

Steve Frenzel
3 months ago

I really like the newest version of the #mastodon app for #android.

Really the only thing I'm missing is a little warning icon for missing #AltText of images, like in #Megalodon.

Really like how #Megalodon gives me the ability to control what I see on a granular level. They have an option called "posts" which notifies me when people I follow share a new post. Now, each time I hit the Home button, I see the posts of people I follow. These are folks that I make sure to at least talk to once in a while 😘

I tend to get overwhelmed by my Following feed, so this helps me refine it down further.

#Mastodon #SocialMedia

Mastodon post screen by #Megalodon
Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
3 months ago

Moshidon and Megalodon are shaping up to be such good Mastodon clients for Android. They’re fluid, native, Material You, and based on the upstream codebase—but they add extremely nice features that are lacking in the “official” app.

Open source is so cool. Even if the upstream project is more top-down driven and less of a community effort, it still allows for awesome downstreams like this.

#Mastodon #Moshidon #Megalodon #OpenSource #Android

#megalodon ist im Übrigen KOSTENLOS. Man bittet um Spenden. Das ist mehr als nur fair! ... :-)

Wer das #fediverse und vor allem #mastodon auf einem Android device erkunden möchte, der hat die Qual der Wahl bei den Apps.

Die offizielle Mastodon App ist, mit Verlaub, zumindest für Menschen mit (Seh-)Behinderung eine einzige Zumutung!

#tusky ist sehr gut, recht übersichtlich und wird relativ gut gepflegt.

Neu im Dauertest bei mir: #megalodon. Die App ist sehr schön und strukturell gut aufgebaut. Man findet sich schnell zurecht. Einstellungen für größere Schrift: Leider nö!

Megalodon: Eine Mastodon App.

Ich wünsche mir als kurzsichtiger Mensch noch die Möglichkeit, größere Schrift einzustellen.
Adrian Morales
4 months ago

We humans need to hug, not gun each other. More hugs, less guns. Seriously, let's do it: Hug the person next to you, with their consent of course. 🤗 🫂

#HugsNotGuns #Tuesday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Adrian Morales
4 months ago

Queen of the Skies, Bessie Coleman (January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926), was the first female of African and Cherokee descent to become a pilot in the U.S. She made up her mind one day to try. She tried and she succeeded.

Happy Aviation Day! ✈️ 🎊✨️

PS: Please consider joining my Patreon, and a big 《Thank You》 to those who already have. ❤️

#AviationDay #Liberty #WomenPower #WomenRightsAreHumanRights #Flying #Saturday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

It seems I've list push notifications on #megalodon after my phone restore, has it happened with anyone else?

4 months ago

#Megalodon のホームタイムラインで、フォローしてるハッシュタグ経由で表示されてる投稿が左肩のインジケーターでわかるのは良いよな〜:tony_normal:

Megalodon のホームタイムラインのキャプチャ。投稿の左上にハッシュタグ名が表示されている様子