Greg Hills
9 minutes ago

Good grief, #Melbourne, get a grip!

I missed last night's #earthquake - probably throught it was just a passing goods train and instantly washed it from my memory.

I remember the Great Quake of Sept 2021 and the obsessive media focus on the one building - just around the corner from us - that lost a bit of wall. And I remember the one from June 2012.

There's been more quakes than that, of course -

Meanwhile, here's how they roll over in the Shaky Islands: @eqnz

2 hours ago

Day 1458 #Pedal2Work

Comfortable ride into #Melbourne CBD this morning. Weather was cool, but not cold, and there was a slight breeze, but it wasn't a gale force headwind. Would be happy if conditions stayed like this for the ride home. 😃🚲👍

2 hours ago

@trif #Melbourne, we will rebuild. #melbournequake

Daniel Bowen
4 hours ago
5 hours ago

It is a calm morning, not too cold but still not many out as I went for my ride. I did get to pat two doggies so all is not lost. Now it's blue skies!

#Melbourne #cycling

5 hours ago

Woo we had a little earthquake overnight! That must have been the loud noise that woke me up late last night. No shaking though. Doh.

#Melbourne #MelbourneEarthquake

6 hours ago

Weird. I had a dream we were having an #earthquake and felt the gentle shaking. Woke up to outside sensor lights on. I assumed it was our resident kangaroo setting it off again.

Just turned on the #ABC to see the earthquake in #melbourne

I live in #brisbane

DM for psychic readings!...😅....
(Dont. thats a joke.)

Eric Ireland
6 hours ago

My daughter slept through the #Melbourne earthquake. Felt pretty strong here!

6 hours ago

An #earthquake? In #melbourne? 🤯

An one with an interesting variety of magnitudes 🤔

Search results for yesterday's earthquake in Melbourne, with 4 news articles reporting 4 different magnitudes for the earthquake.
Jeri Dansky
7 hours ago

@maegul I saw one Mastodon post about the earthquake in my timeline and it used the hashtag #Melbourne, and not #earthquake. That led me to a number of other posts about the quake. (This is *not* an argument against your point about search — just an observation.)

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and one reason I joined was so my local timeline would light up in case of an earthquake. But we get quakes more often than you do.

13 hours ago

Having the #Android Earthquake Alerts System notification pop on my phone as the earthquake happened is pretty damn impressive.
#Melbourne #Earthquake

Android Earthquake Alerts System. Now. Earthquake nearby. Initial estimate magnitude four point seven, about [REDACTED] kilometres away.
13 hours ago

Yikes! Stay safe peeps, that sounded like a truck going through.

#earthquake #melbourne

4.7 on the Richter scale
13 hours ago

An earthquake? In THIS economy? #Melbourne

Jeremy Bornstein
13 hours ago

The number of times I have put something somewhere with the thought "that will be fine since we don't have earthquakes here" is... not zero. #melbourne #earthquake

Daniel Bowen
13 hours ago

Ok, I didn’t imagine it. #Melbourne #earthquake

Estimated magnitude 4.7 earthquake 29 km from Melbourne VIC • 11:41 pm
13 hours ago

🇦🇺 An #earthquake happened in #Melbourne, #Victoria, #Australia 10mins ago at 1:41PM on 28/05/2023 UTC. The earthquake had a magnitude of M3.8 and it was 3km (1.86 miles) deep in the ground. Stay safe! #sismo #quake

Site Used:
Information from EMSC.

13 hours ago

🇦🇺 An #earthquake possibly happened in #Melbourne, #Victoria, #Australia 3mins ago at 1:43PM on 28/05/2023 UTC. More information about the earthquake soon! #sismo #quake
(Seismograph via Raspberry Shake -

Anyone else in #Brimbank or #Melbourne feel that #earthquake

Ameel Khan
13 hours ago

That was fucking impressive from #Android on my #Pixel phone! I felt the #earthquake in #Melbourne *just* as this notification came through.

Screenshot of a notification from an Android phone. The time is 11:42pm on Sunday, 28 May. The notification is from 'Android Earthquake Alerts System' with the title "Earthquake nearby". The alert reads "Expect light shaking. Initial estimate M4.5 about 16.2km away".
13 hours ago

good time to be a tectonics student in melbourne! #naarm #melbourne #earthquake

13 hours ago

Ok, that wasn't a possum jumping on the roof was it?
#naarm #melbourne #earthquake

Alan Harper
13 hours ago

At least this #earthquake in #melbourne I had an idea what I was supposed to do

13 hours ago

Ok well that earthquake just scared the crap out of us. #melbourne

13 hours ago

For those in Melbourne, did you just feel that earthquake? #earthquake #melbourne

Yvonne Perkins
13 hours ago

It seems that a few people in #Melbourne including me, just felt a tremor, possibly an earthquake?

Owen 🇦🇺
13 hours ago

Short, sharp earthquake in #Melbourne.

David Burela
13 hours ago

Felt like there was a small earthquake in #Melbourne
Only lasted 5s. But all the items in my apartment were shaking

Ewen Bell
13 hours ago

WOW that was an earthquake. Wow.


Luke Miller
13 hours ago

earthquake! #melbourne

Rhys Parton
14 hours ago

My weekend in Melbourne, Australia’s biggest city, was the best - met great people in person for the first time (that was the best thing to come from Twitter, connections with good people). 🇦🇺

#Melbourne #MelbourneAustralia #VictoriaAustralia #Victoria

14 hours ago

Finally, last night we marched through the CBD, blocking intersections for around ten minutes while we danced to Highway to Hell and then dramatically “died” on the ground. When we got to the corner of Swanston and Collins, a band on the back of a truck played for a half hour Oz Rock dance party.

In photos: me, Violet Coco, Aiv Puglielli, Mat Morgan

Images by Julian Meehan
#xr #xrVIC #xrAustralia #melbourne #naarm #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #protest #auspol

Emma and Violet Coco smiling and holding signs. Emma wears a JK-47 t-shirt, Violet wears an Occupy 4 Climate XR t-shirt
Aiv Puglielli holding a sign that reads “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and wearing a t-shirt with “No more coal & gas” on it
Mat Morgan marching in a crowd and smiling
Emma smiling and waving a pink XR flag
15 hours ago

Second protest was with VIC Greens at the public housing estate the VIC Govt wants to knock down for privately owned and managed residential housing

Photos by me

#protest #auspol #PublicHousing #SocialHousing #Melbourne #Naarm #VicGreens #Greens

Mat Morgan holding a sign that says “Housing justice for all”
Samantha Ratnam speaking into a microphone
Woman in power chair next to another woman speaking into a microphone
15 hours ago

Home after a full weekend of protest action with friends in Naarm / Melbourne. Started with an XR slow march in the CBD… along with Blinky the koala, Ms Bee Have the bee, and Rupert Murdoch.

Images by Matt Hrkac
#xr #xrVIC #xrAustralia #melbourne #naarm #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #protest #auspol

People walking down a street with red smoke everywhere
Giant bee sculpture in the middle of a climate change protest march with lots of XR flags
Person wearing a giant head that looks like Rupert Murdoch
Giant sculpture of a partly decomposed koala with skeletal arms and red eyes in the middle of a protest march
The Streets of Melbourne
1 day ago

#MaidOfTheMist or the #Gladiolus dalenii is a flowering plant in the iris family.

I’ve driven past the front garden where these are growing all week, and haven’t been able to stop. But today I made an exception and disregarded the steady falling rain to snap a few pics to share.

So glad I did because up close they’re just stunning.

These (pictured) are one of the most widely distributed species of Gladiolus, ranging from eastern South Africa and Madagascar throughout tropical Africa and into western Arabia.

This garden has heaps. And the colours are dynamic and bright.


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

Daniel Bowen
1 day ago

Thanks, I hate it.
"The works mean buses will replace trains on the Williamstown, Werribee and Sunbury lines from 9pm on 23 June until the last train on 9 July." #WestGateTunnel #BigBuild #Melbourne #PublicTransport

The Streets of Melbourne
2 days ago

A large #japanesemaple for your Saturday viewing. From #melbourne #Australia.

#autumn is such a lovely time of the year and so many visually hedonistic delights are on offer!

This maple is stunning in the morning sunshine, couldn’t resist stopping, snapping and sharing.

#Altext first image.


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

About ten distinct leaves in the foreground and a mass of foliage; leaves and branches blurred in the background with patches of light blue sky.

Each leaf has I believe five to six individual fingers (portions), medium sized growths, spanning outward from the middle part, that end at a point at the tip. Each leaf is around 100 millimetres (4 inches in diameter). 

The general colour of the leaves range between yellow, a handful display in light green, burnt orange and light red. They appear bright as the morning sun is shining from the back of the photographer and onto the leaf surface. They’re truly gorgeous.
2 days ago

Heading off on march soon from gardens at Spring St Melbourne
#occupy4climate #occupy #melbourne #xr #ScientistRebellion #xrACT #xrVIC #xrAU

The Streets of Melbourne
2 days ago

Just look at this cute mural created by Melbourne’s own, artist #Juzpop.

It features on a feature wall, opposite the bar in the city’s #herosmelbourne and was painted June last year.

I love the fem strength and sass of this woman featured. So too the gorgeous flowers and foliage that sits around the main feature.

Oh, and that pretty #butterfly… oh so good!

Justine (Juzpop) nailed this mural perfectly, matching perfectly with the vibe of this bar, in #melbourne #Australia.



📸 - Pic 1 and 2 supplied by artist, with permission. 3rd pic -


#fembeauty #femskill #fempower #feminineenergy #urbanart #urbancanvas #femaleartist
#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#muralart #melbourne #narrm #murals #mural #publicart #art #victoria #Australia #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

Daniel Bowen
2 days ago

I think we're at the point where a map like this is needed for #VLine and #MetroTrains, with a time selector, given so much #bustitition happening at any given time.
Currently you get a wall of text, or best case scenario, a wall of calendar items, making it very difficult to see if your journey is affected or not.
#Melbourne #PublicTransport

TFL: Tube, Overground, Elizabeth Line, DLR disruption map, showing disruptions on Overground and District Line
Tim Richards
3 days ago

Bring it on! Let's just hope the car obsessives don't try to nobble it.
Melbourne CBD traffic: Melbourne City Council proposes new curbs on cars

#Melbourne #MelbourneCBD #Pedestrian

Cc @TheWarOnCars

Tim Richards
3 days ago

Lovely piece of writing, and she's right about Melbourne restaurants exuding a sense of place:

"Spend an evening eating and drinking at Gerald’s Bar, at the Carlton Wine Room, on the street outside Grossi. Stop in for a bowl of amatriciana at Mario’s, go eat falling-apart lamb shoulder in the grand Victorian dining room at Epocha. Where are you? You know exactly where you are."
Melbourne v Sydney: Why Melbourne restaurants are the best in Australia

#Melbourne #Restaurants #Dining #Australia

The Streets of Melbourne
3 days ago

I just love this mural. I’ve posted some time ago, but can’t get enough of it

Found it again in my travels recently.

The #rosella is astonishingly good. So too the #wombat to the right of scene in the second pic.

Painted by in 2019, this scene complements another painted on brick, just off Acland Street in StKilda. It has the same humanoid figures and #Australiana themes.

I’ll visit that and feature it here, sometime in the not too distant future.

This mural (pictured in this post) however, is located in #Bentleigh #Australia.

Gorgeous, and intriguing huh?

#altext first pic 👇

#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#burbs #muralart #melbourne #MostLiveable #narrm #muralart #Australia#Australia #murals #mural #muralart #mastoart #publicart #art #melbourne #victoria #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

This scene takes in a portion of a larger mural (around 20 metres wide) on a brick wall. This section of the scene is around 4 metres wide by 4 metres high, with a vibrant rosella mid flight, tilted slightly flying from left to right, zooming through the air. 

The bird is looking at the observer (the camera) almost with human intelligence in its eye. Has various blue coloured wings, spread wide and individual / distinct feathers showing. Great painted detail. Very detailed. 

Its back and body is adorned with red and a bit of black individual feathers and it’s head is red, darker blue chin, grey curved beak and black eye. 

It’s a side shot and the bird almost has what appears to be a grin… most certainly has a cheeky look in its eye. 

Riding on its back (closer to its neck) is a slim and slender humanoid woman (has breasts) in a teal
Coloured skin suit. 

The woman has flowing blonde hair, flowing in the wind, but no face. It looks like a light brown (perhaps skin tone) disc, for a face. 

It is a real fun scene.
The Streets of Melbourne
4 days ago

This little crazy critter was pecking at the dried sap on this gumtree.

It’s a #noisyminor. I love them!

It hung upside down for a good while and flitted about flapping its wings, though was in full control and a bird on a mission!

Noticed too, this gum tree had a bulge near the base of its trunk. See last pic. Some may think it an anomaly or even unsightly. I thought it unique and quite appealing.


#birdsofmastodon #MostLiveable #animalsofmastodon #melbourne #MostLiveable #victoria #Narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

The Streets of Melbourne
4 days ago

These are lovely.


I’m astounded at the various species of native #bottlebrush that adorns our beautiful country.

These ones are no exception. I love the long stems, covered in pink hair-like spikes. They are so pretty.

The #bees were having a ball! 🐝

📸 - #Mckinnon #Australia

#Altext, top-right image.


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

These flowering bushes in this close-up shot show a few long stems that are displayed horizontally. Each stem is around 20 centimetres long and covered with fine spikey hair-like structures, dozens of them. Maybe a hundred or more. 

The spikes are coloured white (each about 2 cm in length around the branch’s circumference) and closer to the stalk or branch, which is hidden (the branch), because there is a 1 centimetre growth in diameter around the branch of pretty dark pink flowering material. It is quite a unique looking flowering mass. 

A few small green leaves about the size of a pinky fingernail, protrude out from the branch also. 

At the base of the plant are a greater amount of light green leaves about 5 cm in length. A modest size. 

The plant bush is around 1.8 metres tall and spays out around two metres in circumference. 

Not shown in this shot, but bees were everywhere on this bush, as there were about a half dozen separate shrubs growing in this garden. I observed half a dozen bees on a single flowering stem at one stage.
The Streets of Melbourne
5 days ago

I believe this is a type of #Hawthorn.

It’s fruit looks delightful.

Bright and vibrant, the fruit even shines in the late afternoon sunlight . It must attract the birds big time.

I think It was this same kind of larger fruiting tree, that was being stripped a few weeks back at sunset, in a leafy #melbourne suburb (near #Kew), by at least 150+ #longbilledcorella.

It was like a scene out of that movie ‘The Birds’… a real mess of leaves, fruit and branches strewn over the road and footpath.

They were screeching and chortling, a real dynamic and noisy scene to behold.

Never quite observed anything like that in suburbia.

This gorgeous Washington Hawthorn (I believe it is) was snapped in #Bentleigh #Australia.


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

Tim Richards
6 days ago
The Streets of Melbourne
6 days ago

A weed I know.

But clover in any shape, size or variety for mine, is beaut!

Especially the all elusive four leaf!

As a kid, my dad said he’d give me $50 if I ever found a four leaf clover. Hunted for years, found one in my latter years, now preserved between the pages of a book.

Offered the same deal to my two boys a few years back and inflation meant $100.

Im $200 lighter in the bank account, as a result!!

They were super diligent 😂


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was a thorough talk by Ariel Ezrachi deconstructing in exacting detail how #BigTech companies discourage innovation at the University of #Melbourne (5/11)

🆕Latest #yarrabike newsletter, let's quietly cheer on modest good news

📰May 2023: Good news for Elizabeth Street protected lanes and Walmer Street Bridge works, 30km trial update, Yarra Council Budget feedback, #3CR ‘Stay Tuned, Stay Radical’ radiothon & more


Subscribe to #yarrabike newsletters right here, its #ActiveTransport easy peasy >>

#cycling #advocacy #BicycleUserGroup #naarm #Melbourne #bicycle

3CR Radical Radio 2023 Radiothon poster. White text, vividly colourful motifs. Artwork by Nicky Minus
Daniel Bowen
2 weeks ago

There have been many #Myki myths over the years, and the latest one is that you'll need a bank card to travel. This is incorrect. It'll be an option.
You'll still be able to get and use a Myki card. This is essential for kids and others who might not have a bank card. #Melbourne #PublicTransport

Passengers at a railway station entering through the fare gates
Ameel Khan
2 weeks ago


"Commuters will be able to pay for Victorian bus, tram and train fares with a debit or credit card as part of a new contract for the state's public transport ticketing system."

#PublicTransport #melbourne

The Streets of Melbourne
2 weeks ago


Hi Jen! Good question!!

Generally Australia does not experience wide spread #snow falls during #winter but we do have what’s knows as our #HighCountry in the State of Victoria.

We do have #snowfields, good skiing in general. Most of Victoria's alpine resorts lie to the north-east of Melbourne. Anywhere from say 2 to 4.5 hrs drive from our capital city Melbs.

These are a few of Victoria’s snowfields: #LakeMountain, #MtBawBaw, #MtBuller and #MtStirling, #MtHotham and #FallsCreek.

These👇are stock photos (source: and various), and #snow will start dumping early next month im guessing.

#newsouthwales has awesome snowfields. The largest ski resort in the #SouthernHemisphere is #Perisher. It has 47 lifts, plenty of runs, five terrain parks and around 100km of cross country trails. In #Thredbo you can ski Australia’s longest runs.

The Australian State of a #Tasmania, the island located to the south of Victoria, experiences flurries and snow falls throughout winter too. It’s closer to the #SouthPole. #Tassie is a gorgeous part of our country. 👏👍

PS I’m sure I’ve left out a load of other locations.


#melbourne #victoria #Narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

The Streets of Melbourne
3 weeks ago

An intriguing building at #StKilda Junction, #Melbourne #Australia.

This design and build has polarised opinion of many #Melburnian’s since it’s completion in 2015.

It’s known as ‘The Icon’ or ‘Lego Building’. It stands at 56 metres tall, divided into six sectional levels…with varying (and may I say; ‘bright’) colours.

The Icon houses 119 apartments within its stacked boxes.

What do you think??

👍 OR 👎??

First pic from Facebook. Others, mine from yesterday.

#melbourne #victoria #Narrm #architecture #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

3 weeks ago

In #Melbourne this weekend and super excited to be seeing Judith Lucy in HAPPY DAYS

Daniel Bowen
4 weeks ago

No matter which company gets the next ticketing contract, the govt must ensure that bank/credit card fare payments (including via iPhone) are enabled. This fixes multiple problems with the current system. #Myki #Melbourne #PublicTransport

Daniel Bowen
4 weeks ago

Talking #Myki on ABC Melbourne shortly... Listen here #Melbourne #PublicTransport

The Streets of Melbourne
1 month ago

Meet a scary looking critter, the #orbspider, but she’s pretty harmless all the same.

This is a female. They’re the big ones! Males are way-smaller in size.

I saw a heap of these (nearly walked into this one’s web) a week ago, along the #LoddonRiver in #Bendigo #australia.

Australian golden orb weaver:

Found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, northern New Zealand, and New Caledonia.

The female typically grows to around 40mm (1.5 inch), whereas males only reach around 7-10mm (quarter to a third of an inch) in length.

It’s web is normally over 1 metre in diameter. Once built, it never leaves its web.

They’re harmless and not poisonous to humans.

Its main predators are birds and parasitic wasps.

Breeds throughout late summer and spring, and produces an average of 380 eggs.

The tiny males tie down the much larger females before mating, weaving silk threads over their abdomens.

Sexual cannibalism is rare with this species, however up to 50% of males are cannibalised throughout the natural course of life, as ‘prey’.

They’re an edible spider and are considered a delicacy in New Guinea. They’re plucked by the legs from their webs and lightly roasted over an open fire. Ummm, no thanks 😳

#altext, first image

#creepycrawley #spider #spiders #scaryshit #urbanflora #flora #Bendigo #Centralvictoria #bush #river #gardening #garden #melbourne #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

A lanky legged spider sitting in a thick spider web in wait. It sits, head pointing to the ground, pictured from above. 

The web is thick and is almost luminescent in places where the sun hits its surface. I’m over 6 foot tall and the web surface was from waist to head height, with a network of web threads splaying out in all directions as the-downs, down to knee-high connected to dry grass on the ground, whilst connected to the to the lower parts of the tree tops (Gumtree’s) about 2.5 metres (8 foot) high. 

This female has a large body size; around 5 centimetres from end to end of it’s splayed out legs and it’s black from first observations but has an intricate network of different shades of greys over its back surface. Some patches near it’s head appears silver. The main bulbous body is as large as my thumb nail. 

It’s legs are hairy, short hairs. Grey-white in colour closer to its body and lengths of browns and dark grey to black, the rest of the leg length. 

It’s head is about 1/4 the size of its body and is silver in appearance with half a dozen black patches. At the front of it face you can see two short, thin feelers, I think they’re called. Maybe pincers not sure. 

The background consists of blurred vision of a gumtree trunk, branches, leaves and powder blue skies. 

Another spider, a tiny male; I suspect around 1/4 inch in size shares the web, above this giant huntress!
"The Eddie Show" 😎
1 month ago

🎧 Forty years ago tonight, #MenAtWork's "Overkill" had just entered the charts in the US.

🎥 #TonyStevens directed the #film in #StKilda (#Melbourne).

#music #rock #pop #colinhay #Australia #80s

1 month ago

Hey #Aussies looking for #MothersDay presents 🎁 come take a look at the WhoozQueen Etsy store. Lots of pretty smaller earrings if that’s her preference and plenty of artier styles too.

#earrings #mothersday #giftsforher #presents #australia #melbourne #sydney #adelaide #perth #darwin #brisbane #hobart #cairns #karratha #albany #geelong

Five pairs of smaller scale handmade earrings in a variety of styles
The Streets of Melbourne
1 month ago

Was directed to this work-in-progress by a fellow #VisualHedonist around the corner, as we were both taking pictures of a recent mural in #Mckinnon #Australia, lunchtime today.

And OMG, glad I went to have a sticky-beak!!

Such #feminine elegance forming here. Accompanied by leaves, perhaps some roses and plenty of #fem #love!!

I’d suggest this gorgeous piece is about halfway complete and the detail (face, neck, arms, fingers, surrounding scene etc) will take the longest to complete; will be painstaking. Just guessing.

I can see this coming along beautifully, with shading and more depth to come. This will look absolutely breathtaking once complete.

Justine, the creator of this emerging masterpiece took a little time out to chat to passers by and me. This accomplished artist is a marvel to speak to and you can see why she’s an angel who paints from the heart. Just wow and… gosh!

Posted, with permission (this work-in-progress) by @Juzpop herself.

Check her works out, on socials.


#Altext, first image.

#fembeauty #femskill #fempower
#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#muralart #melbourne #narrm #murals #mural #publicart #art #victoria #Australia #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

The Melbourne artist (Juzpop) on a small ladder, poised to place brush to the wall, one third up from the ground. 

Painting is partially complete; I’d suggest half-way done, with the basic layers applied on a brick wall about 20 metres in length and 7-8 metres high. This building is an eye sore, an old brown brick telephone exchange building, I know it well. 

The main feature of this creation is a young woman’s face, most likely mid-twenties, pretty, tanned complexion, black hair and red lipstick (face is not complete), with her hands framing her face, blue fingernail polish on right hand (left not yet complete). Her face is surrounded by a sea of blues, purples, reds, pinks and subtle oranges which are to become leaves and foliage of some sort… perhaps in bright and dynamic, typical autumn colours going by the aesthetics thus far! Also roses or some other flower forms are in the making too. I can see this coming along nicely, with shading and more depth and detail to come. This will look absolutely breathtaking once complete. Just wow.
Raspberry Pi :raspberrypi:
1 month ago

Melbourne 🇦🇺 Raspberry Pi Meetup on 7 May!

Makers are invited to bring along their projects and project ideas, and come connect with other makers. Get your questions answered, show off the work you are doing, and get support to resolve nagging issues.

#RaspberryPi #Melbourne

1 month ago

See you at Melbourne's May Day rally on Monday May 1st! Game Workers Australia is organising our contingent to meet at the George & Dragon statue by the State Library of Victoria, at 5pm.
Go to to pop in the discord and stay in the loop.
Non-members welcome!

#Melbourne #MayDay #InternationalWorkersDay #GameWorkersAustralia #ProfessionalsAustralia #union

1 month ago

Are there any genuine European-style bakeries in #Melbourne suburbia?

Most of #Europe has bakeries in nearly every village and even the average #bread is om nom nom. 🤤

I haven’t tasted anything like it here, possibly because even the flour has additives, so special preparation doesn’t make much difference?

I don’t mean inner #city #suburbs, I mean out here with the millions of plebs. Maybe we’re doomed to eat rectangular blocks of meh…

Tim Richards
1 month ago

Fun piece of art spotted along Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, yesterday...

#Melbourne #Art #StreetArt #Fitzroy

Colourful art featuring a dog playing a ukulele.
Daniel Bowen
1 month ago

It's about time we had a public transport service that reflects our big city size. "Metro" trains only every 20-30-40 minutes isn't good enough. Hundreds of bus routes running hourly or not at all on weekends/in the evenings definitely isn't good enough. #Melbourne #PublicTransport

The Streets of Melbourne
1 month ago

Sunset along #CothamRoad #Kew #Australia with tram tracks and the usual urban infrastructure.

This neck of the woods is one of many ‘leafy’ suburbs of Melbs.

The camera captured only a portion of the true magic that was 🍂🧡🍁🌅

#narrm #melbourne #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy

#ABCNews Police search for driver after #Melbourne #cyclist left with life-threatening injuries

The driver struck a bike rider at about 3:15am (3 April 2023) while driving a black Volkswagen hatchback along #BrunswickStreet in #FitzroyNorth, according to police

Dr Annetta Mallon
1 month ago

@aurynn ah! You'e in #Melbourne for the weekend too, eh!?!

1 month ago
A shot of the sidewalk in Collins St Precinct, Melbourne after work

New! #3CR #podcast: Planning your #VLine cycling adventures, bicycle-themed news incl Paris Roubaix, 2023 Indy Pac, e-scooter trials, subscribing to YarraBUG newsletters, #CriticalMass Chapel Street & more!

#bikepacking #CommunityRadio #bicycling #Melbourne #naarm #dotwatchers

The Streets of Melbourne
2 months ago

The ID app tells me this is yet another #Hibiscus in bloom!

#HibiscusMutabilis, also known as the Confederate rose, Dixie rosemallow, cotton rose or cotton rosemallow, is usually a plant grown for its showy flowers. And I can see why!!

Originally native to southern China, it is now found on all continents except Antarctica.

#Melburnians are being treated to a visual feast atm, as they grow sensationally here in suburban Victoria!

This one was photographed in #ashburton #Australia.


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