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Showing who's the boss

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I'm a vtuber now thanks to @RaysOfRed

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Steam: Neues Spiel ist RimWorld im Mittelalter, kommt großartig an – „Werde hunderte Stunden meines Lebens versenken“ #gaming #nerd #gamer #ps #playstation #videogames #xbox #games #twitch #pc #memes #pcgaming #gamers #gamingcommunity #youtube #nintendo #streamer #esport

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Does anyone have the "cybersecurity professionals in movies vs real life" meme? The top image is a guy in a high-tech place, and the bottom image is a furry on a couch.
I know it exists somewhere, but so far not anywhere I can find. Thanks.
(I need to show someone their future)

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Well that’s just the funniest freakin’ thing I’ve seen all week (30 Photos)
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A picture from the feed of Well that’s just the funniest freakin’ thing I’ve seen all week (30 Photos)
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Countries with the Highest GDP Per Capita... (Countryballs)


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All trains are delayed until further notice!

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He just wanted to share his wealth... :(

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Mark Tisdale
1 day ago

I have excuses...

#StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #Memes

Star Trek DS9 Meme. Kira and Odo are speaking to each other. Text reads: "What kind of people spend all day looking at Star Trek memes?"

Second panel, Kira and Odo are looking at the viewer.

Trump’s new 2024 Presidential campaign bus

Department of corrections bus
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After years of praying and worshipping, God finally gave me a sign.

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A picture from the feed of The wildfire smoke in NYC is out of control & so are the memes (30 Photos)
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Also those good people who bad stuff happens to? Not THAT good. #Comics

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New expansion leak

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🎧 @pivoinebleue

Not much of meme scholar, but I know what I like when I see it! Read your "favorite meme" and my wee mind hyperlinked to Paula White/Cat/Eminem. 🤷‍♂️


Me trying to open sessions literally every week


The "Why is it always empty" cat meme but instead of a food dish there's a computer and it says "Why is it always updating"
4 days ago

Call us now on 0095 4RS3 #memes #humour

5 days ago

@alisynthesis I have a #Quote for that!

“There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you will still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.” - Tsunetomo Yamamoto, The Hagakure: A Code to the Way of The #Samurai

No #memes!

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 week ago

Words mean nothing if you're not willing to actually take a REAL stand against fanatical bigotry, Joe :FaceExhaling:

#meme #memes #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+ #queer #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #USPolitics #USPol #Pride #Pride2023 #PrideMonth #PrideMonth2023 #PrideIsAProtest

This image uses the High Five artwork by Gudim as a meme template. It shows 4 panels in a 2 by 2 grid.

Panel 1 - A hand is seen reaching out of water, requesting help. It is captioned: "LGBTQIA2S+ rights in the US."

Panel 2 - The hand has sunk more into the water. Another hand is approaching from the left, as if to help, captioned: "Joe Biden".

Panel 3 - Instead of helping, the approaching hand high-fives the sinking hand. This is captioned with a quote from a recent Whitehouse statement: "My entire administration stands proudly with the LGBTQI+ community."

Panel 4 - The other hand is now gone, having performed the high-five. The drowning hand that needed help can be seen sinking into the water forever, as its final bubbles of air float to the surface.
Daniel Detlaf
1 week ago
Meme: A section of rollercoaster with the coaster starting down a sharp drop from a great height.

Caption: (at top): Harambe's Death
(down slope): Everything Since

I’ve just noticed that

a) the MP3 playing nowadays at is 30 % larger than the MP3 stream embedded in the original flash animation (401 vs 310 KB), but of considerably lower quality (11 kHz instead of 22, and with heavily compressed audio) and
b) apparently the #InternetArchive doesn’t have the original file in their flash animations archive.

Time to at least fix the latter, I guess…?

#archival #Zombo #ZomboCom #FlashAnimation #SWF #vintage #memes

Audacity screenshot comparing the two sound files. The original (on the top) has a far wider dynamic range and is even slightly longer than the HTML5 version (below), which is heavily compressed.
Nonbinary-Naturalist (it/its)
1 week ago

Here's some memes I created in response to the iNaturalist staff being transmisic. It's so pathetic because doing the right thing would literally require *less* effort than this charade lofl...

Not sure how many images I can upload at once...

And yes, I am fueled by spite :)

not sure how to tag this, let me know if I should add any more.

#memes #inaturalist #transmisia #misgendering #exorsexism #transpride #nonbinarypride #queerpride

The "and you should feel bad" meme from Futurama - A cartoon squid alien wearing a tuxedo holds their hands up to their mouth, shouting, now edited to be saying: "Literally doing nothing would have been better than what you did!"
The "and you should feel bad" meme from Futurama - A cartoon squid alien wearing a tuxedo holds their hands up to their mouth, shouting, now edited to be saying: 

"Your "allyship" is conditional upon the unresisting silence of the oppressed in the face of hatred and intolerance, you would rather side with bigots than defend minorities, you think calling someone a bigot is worse than the bigot being bigoted in the first place, you literally favorite posts where someone is purposefully misgendering a trans person instead of defending that trans person, your only response to bigotry is to tone police the victims of it for defending themselves, your silence is louder than your words, your promises are shallow and false, your allyship is fake, you would rather punish all the queer people on the platform than remove two bigoted posts, you do all this a week before pride month starts, and expect us to volunteer for you to show off how welcoming and safe you literally are not even in the most clear cut of situations, you are no better than any other corporate pridewashing for show, and you should feel bad!"
[ID: The meme of Patrick Star, a pink cartoon starfish from the show Spongebob, raising his hand to ask a question, now edited so he is saying, "Is tone policing and equating the anger of the oppressed with the hatred of the oppressors supporting the Queer community?"
[ID: The meme of a person in the desert crawling away from the camera, following a road sign that reads: "Tone policing the victims of purposeful bigotry, pretending both sides are equally wrong, saying that calling out bigotry is the same thing as name calling, liking a purposefully bigoted post, and locking the thread to punish Queer people for standing up for one another even though the argument was over - 100 miles away".

A smaller sign on the other side reads, "Removing two (2) bigoted posts that are purposefully misgendering a trans person despite multiple corrections - 1/4 mile away".
Philip Borenstein
2 weeks ago

"Hey, Dad, you were around during the Cold War, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"What were the memes like back then?"

"Sweetie, you know there was no internet then."

"But every culture has memes."

This was the only thing I could think of, and it occurs to me that commercials were the memes of that era.

#coldwar #memes

Nona Rose
3 weeks ago

Needs cheering up. Send pretty pictures, please. Or funny memes. Or just good vibes. Thanks in advance.

#mood #GoodVibes #memes #PrettyPictures

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3 weeks ago

if it's not right then it's wrong

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Mark Tisdale
3 weeks ago

Just in time...

#Pride #Pride2023 Stolen #Memes #lgbt #lgbtqia

Pallets of bricks with the text "2023 Pride Merch just dropped."
3 weeks ago

#SocialMedia #ViralContent #InternetCulture #HumanRelationships #memes #CouchGuy

'When individuals share videos about surprise reunions with their intimate partners on the internet, the reaction from viewers may not be the roses and unicorns the posters expected. Viewers’ responses to shared videos have the potential to shape offline relationships, a case study of one such video found.'

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 weeks ago

You're just all so lovely :PleadingFaceWithRedHearts:

#trans #transgender #TransFem #femboy #femboys #meme #memes #KatyMontgomerie

CW for meme: shows direct eye contact

4 panel comic in a 2 by 2 grid. It's in the style of the Drake meme, but features the lovely Katy Montgomerie instead (a UK trans woman, writer & bigot-basher).

Top left - Katy putting her hand up to say "no" to the panel on the top right

Top right - text reads: "getting gender jealousy from cis women"

Bottom left - Katy wagging her finger & nodding her head approvingly at the panel on the bottom right

Bottom right - text reads: "getting gender jealousy from other trans women, trans fems, or femboys"
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3 weeks ago

A meme, posted from RogalikYT on the r/me_irl subreddit
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LANdalf the Grey
3 weeks ago

me when I realize the time on the router is set to 1/1/1970 and I need to enable NTP and/or set the clock

#networking #engineering #memes #cisco #mikrotik #networks #internet #tech

/r/soylent reads like those worldbuilding text logs you find in a video game from just before an apocalypse

#memes #humor #jokes

white chunks in soylent 2.0?
Do people worry about you?
Soylent hasn't shipped or replied to emails.

Ok just to let you know I am mostly here for shitposts & memes


4 weeks ago

In uncertain times of deep-fake realities & AI-driven propaganda, memes can be a tool to produce shared imaginaries and showcase some of our possible futures.

Join HYPECOMPASS workshop by #Clusterduck: June 6, 7pm ACUD MACHT NEU in #Berlin.

Learn more & get tickets:

#meme #memes #propaganda #workshop

4 weeks ago

Listen to your wife!

#Humor #Memes #Cartoon #Funny

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago
Futurama meme. Bender is staring at a door with lots of signs on it. The signs say:

* Hating going to the hairdressers.
* Wishing to be a different gender to my AGAB.
* Hating clothes shopping.
* Struggling with body & facial hair, body shape, height, voice etc.
* UWU.
* Hating public toilets.
* Preferring playing characters in games whose gender did not match my AGAB.

Bender is labelled as "my younger self" & says: "I choose to not understand these signs". The last two words ("these signs") are coloured in the light blue, pink & white of the trans pride flag.
Josh Lemon
1 month ago

This is still one of the best #memes in #cybersecurity and #DFIR......funny and highly accurate. Happy Friday!

Franchement je comprends pas pourquoi certains râlent contre les décisions des syndicats 🤔🤔🤔

#memes #réformedesretraites #politique

Meme avec un homme qui type qui tire au pistolet sur une personne dans un fauteuil.

Dans le premier panneau, l'homme qui tire symbolise "Les manifs super espacées, le mépris des manifestant'es déter, le droit de vie ou mort sur la mobilisation, l'entresoi la bureaucratie"

La personne dans le fauteuil symbolise les travailleur'euses, les chômeur'euses, les précaires.

Dans le second panneau, l'homme qui a tiré a l'air surpris (et un peu blasé). Un texte indique "les grandes centrales syndicales"
L'homme s'interroge "pourquoi les gens n'aiment pas l'intersyndicale ? Pourquoi la mobilisation ne prend pas ? Certains devraient faire des efforts"
1 month ago

Hello, this is my #introduction post.

I post about creative stuff, my day &
#dogs & #ADHD (the pros & cons) it's #NeuroDiverse not neurodiminished. Surprising how many in creative / tech now have diagnosis.

I sometimes post funny stuff &
#politicalcartoons & #memes. I listen to a lot of #albums / #music new & old and may post a favourite track.

I believe in hope, in optimism, in learning from our mistakes, adapting, innovating, improving. I like to post about interesting advances, about beneficial things we can, or could do, at individual or large scale.

I like to follow lots of different people. It can be good for keeping a bit of my scrappy european languages skills together too. Also I intensely disliked Twitter's unheard serfs vs broadcasting overlords model of low follows but high following (for post visibility) it seemed sort of arrogant & elitist.

Everyone matters. I profoundly
❤️ that #Fediverse leaves air in the room for the quiet ones, the shy ones, the awkward ones. Sometimes I can talk to a room, sometimes I'd rather watch from the sides, depends on the day or setting.

That's probably enough for most people, I might add more below.

1 month ago

I tooted Hello World on November 30, 2022.

Then I began tooting my #music and a ton of #puns #jokes, and #memes. And you all responded so genuinely, and with such positivity, that I very quickly was made to feel at home.

My deepest gratitude goes out to the #Mastodon community, a #community that has literally improved the quality of my time on this spinning rock as it hurtles through space, towards a future that seems more uncertain every day. It’s unlike any other “social media platform” here.

Today, I celebrate the arbitrary milestone of five thousand followers, and I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for the favourites, the boosts, the follows, and the comments.

Thank you for your conversations, discussions, and corrections.

Thank you for listening to my music and sharing your thoughts on it with me, and for following along on your chosen streaming service. This has been amazing.

But, above all, I’d like to thank you all for making Mastodon the friendly and welcoming place that it is. My experience here is one of wonderful acceptance, and it has been truly humbling. There is nowhere else quite like it.

Massive big huge love to you all,

- Jon (Dgar)

A photo of Jon (Dgar) with shaved head and glasses.
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Someone on #birdsite (@bostonandbaby1) just pointed this out to us and well... 😂

The #Simpsons' Richard Texan vs. #Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (of the infamous 'dress code'):

So many unanswered questions like... why does someone who dresses like a Simpsons character get to tell anyone else how to dress?

#agriculture #queer #LGBTQIA+ #transphobia #trans #news #memes #cartoons #fashion

At left, the Simpsons character Richard Texan, a parody of a Texan wearing a pin suit bolo tie, belt with a big buckle, huge white cowboy hat and holding twin six-guns. At right, Sid Miller in his broad suit, and massive white cowboy hat looking remarkably similar.

There’s not a lot of coherent ideologies anymore.

A whole bunch of institutions, parties, and people have been reduced to vibes, memes, and performance art.

Being a heretical moderate might be the way forward:

#radicalmoderate #vibes #memes #performanceart #humanism #modernism #postmodernism #socialjustice #environmental #ethnocentrism #racism #sexism #religion #myth #inequality #identitypolitics #individuality #liberty #Enlightenment #integraltheory

Juan Luis
2 months ago

Is the Captain Haddock "what a week" meme already on the #Fediverse? #bots #memes #tintin

2 months ago

Before leaving Twitter and after leaving Twitter

Art by Michelangelo (c. 1541) and Christiaen van Couwenbergh (c. 1620)

#meme #memes #art
#ArtMemes #Twitter

Top: man looking like he is in despair. Bottom: Happy and smiling man holding a glass
2 months ago

When you're in the middle of nowhere and have to call roadside assistance

#vintage #postcard (early 20th century)
#illustration #gnome
#meme #memes #gnomes

Gnome riding a snail that is being pulled by a butterfly