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I just want to say, without any reservation or softening, that men are the fucking worst. There is really nothing that male culture possesses that anyone should be the least proud of. #MGTOW #MensRights #Manchildren

Hannu Ikonen, MD
2 months ago

Friendly reminder Incels are easily incited into bullying, terrorism, and fascist action.

Gamergate is what happened when the reactionary rejects of 4chan teamed up to be the personal army of an abuser and attack women who make and write about video games with a molecule-thin veneer of being a consumer movement for "free speech" and "ethics in video game journalism".

#Gamergate #fascism #MensRights #MensWrongs #Misogyny #Thiel #Incels

No one said #AllLivesMatter, before they heard #BlackLivesMatter.

No one championed #StraightPride, until there was #GayPride.

No one cared about #WhiteHistoryMonth, before we had #BlackHistoryMonth.

No one mentions #MensRights or #Egalitarian, until there’s talk about #Feminism.

Sorry, the good ol’ days, when women and black people knew their places - and Queer was just the dirty family secret no one ever talked about - are over. Welcome to the 21st century.

#blm #pride #womensrights


No one said #AllLivesMatter, before they heard #BlackLivesMatter.

No one championed #StraightPride, until there was #GayPride.

No one cared about #WhiteHistoryMonth, before we had #BlackHistoryMonth.

No one mentions #Men’sRights or #Egalitarian, until there’s talk about #Feminism. 

Let’s face it. You never cared about these things before. And the only reason you bring them up now is because your cozy bubble is about to burst, and the thought of marginalized people having the same rights that you’ve always been able to take for granted scares the shit out of you. 

Well, sorry. The good ol’ days, when women and black people knew their places - and Queer was just the dirty family secret no one ever talked about - are over. Welcome to the 21st century.
T. T. Perry
3 months ago
Carsten Buus
4 months ago

An informative and entertaining comparison between the “Manosphere” and Ken’s character development in the recent “Barbie” movie. The sense of entitlement, gendered power struggles, grievances, etc.

“Ken’s rights? Our research shows Barbie is surprisingly accurate on how ‘men’s rights activists’ are radicalised.” Nicholas 2023. @TheConversationUK.

#BarbieMovie #Barbie #Manosphere #MensRights #Feminism #WomensRights #GenderEquality #InEnglish

Anais Rim
5 months ago

Men's Rights is often code for misogyny. Here's a longform story on the history of men's rights movements in the United States going back to its founding in the 18th Century, written by a woman. Connecting it to perceptions of religious persecution to laments of great poets like Walt Whitman in the 1850s.

It's not particularly sympathetic to complaints by men, but it does provide much needed context.

#USPolitics #USHistory #men #mensrights #man #religion #misogyny

Paranoid Factoid
5 months ago

Elon Musk promotes interview between Tucker and Andrew Tate on Twitter, who's currently indicted in Romania on human sex trafficking, sexual assault, and rape charges.

There is no bottom. It's horrible all the way down.

#humantrafficking #sextrafficking #menswrongs #incel #incels #mensrights #rape #kidnapping #Romania #crime #twitterhellscape #fuckelon #twitter #fucktwitter #socialmedia #antisocialmedia #elmo #elonmusk #Elon #FuckElonMusk #tuckercarlson

Sometimes I hate being a man.

Some women seem to hate men just for being men. Seems like nobody ever supports men’s mental health, men’s rights, or even cares how we feel. I don’t mean to devalue women’s rights and feelings - but we’re here too. 😞

Please, consider the men in your life. Society expects us to do everything and never cry or break down. It’s hard. I can’t imagine raising a family or buying a house when I can barely look after myself.

#MensHealth #men #mentalhealth #mensrights

7 months ago

The men's rights movement (MRM), also known as men's rights activism (MRA), masculism, or "The Men's Human Rights Movement", is a fringe movement which espouses the view that social, legal, and economic discrimination against men is present in society to the extent that fighting it deserves an organized effort mirroring that of #feminism, and crucially, that any and all variants of feminism do society and the individual far more harm than good.

Some may present men's rights as a loose organization of concern groups. Unfortunately this is not the case. These aren't dealing with "men's issues" but instead with a non-existent problem they call "men's rights". Their primary concern is not supporting one another through uniquely difficult challenges (which is more than valid) but painting a picture where men are systematically oppressed (which is ridiculously absurd).

#RationalWiki #mensrights #misogyny

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THIS #meme is horrendous. Then to learn that a big group of people (on @facebook ) were in agreement and also mocked those that objected should be infuriating and disturbing to any sane person.
Unfortunately it's not uncommon to see these types of memes or opinions on social media, as if men are a fair and reasonable target for harassment, aggression, and violence. They're not, and this type of attitude must be met with firm responses and non-negotiable facts.
I stand by #men and #mensrights

Woman beating a man, text says "When he doesn't cheat on you, love you unconditionally, pays all your bills, and treats you like a princess."
Avery Jenkins
1 year ago

Supporting #mensrights isn't #misogyny,. In fact, it's the opposite.

2 years ago

Happy #InternationalMensDay! This year focused on “better relations between #men & #women”.

#feminism #gender #MensRights

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In the 🇺🇸 #US, in 2021, #men represent only ~41% of #college students (source). #Women have been the majority of four-year college graduates ever since 1982.

Yet what is the debate and the media reaction (if any)? To denounce that “men with college degrees have become so cocky that they’re ruining romance for their female counterparts”.


(When in university, it was less than 20% females at my college, yet somehow at the time I missed all the headlines about those arrogant women playing hard to get…)

#feminism #mensrights

2 years ago

“Boys form the vast majority of all short suspensions (75.4%) and long suspensions (73.9%). […] This appalling reporting bias in the article ignores not only the predominate suspension of #boys from Australian schools, but the impact of this on the disengagement of boys from a hostile and misandrist Australian education system, reflected in the year 7-12 retention rate for female students of 88.0%, compared to 79.3% for boys (again based on NSW government schools 2019 data).”

“This erasure of boys from an analysis that should have acknowledged the extreme gendered nature of exclusion from #schools is consistent with the erasure of men and boys from other extremely gendered issues (suicide prevention, health, family) by ideologically biased academics, policy makers and service providers, and the erasure and abandonment of men and boys from humanitarian programs run by the UN, WHO, UNICEF and NGOs (i.e. Gates Foundation).”

“So, when we see […] the decreasing enrolments of young #men in universities and colleges, we must be aware, not just that the #misandry of our #education systems begins from pre-school education and continues through-out boys education experience, but that this is just one part of a larger endemic trend of erasing men and boys from analyses that should be identifying their urgent needs. An erasure that pretends issues that predominately impact men and boys are #gender neutral, or paradoxically impact women and girl more.”

#feminism #mensrights #patriarchy #gender

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“At the close of the 2020-21 academic year, #women made up 59.5% of college students, an all-time high, and men 40.5%.”

“U.S. colleges and #universities had 1.5 million fewer students compared with five years ago, and men accounted for 71% of the decline.”

“This #educationgap, which holds at both two- and four-year colleges, has been slowly widening for 40 years.”

“After six years of college, 65% of women in the U.S. who started a four-year university in 2012 received diplomas by 2018 compared with 59% of #men during the same period.”

“In the next few years, two women will earn a #college degree for every man, if the trend continues.”

#feminism #gender #educationgap #gammabias #mensrights

Skip Intro, KRUB News at 9
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Why is it always big mommy milkers but never big daddy milkers? Men need to get milked too, you know! #mensrights #milk #important

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Now, if you want to see some weapons grade doublethink, check out this article about how women get half the sentence men do, and that it's still way too much and they should get lesser ones.

Won't hear a peep out of the spinster radfems about this. #mensrights

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Public safety: PMS assault awareness

Before I started this topic, I need to define what is a PMS assault first... I found something like that on urban dictionary, it calls "PMS strike":

"A word used to describe an event where a male is attacked physically or verbally due to the internal chemical conflicts of a woman's pre-menstrual cycle. These attacks are ruining relationships everywhere and are the number one killer in North America. If a woman is having a PMS strike it is best to disappear and die if possible. The use of profanity and violence is common in PMS strikes everywhere.

My wife had a PMS Strike last night.

PMS strikes are ruining my marriage!""

This definition is incorrect, PMS assault often targeted the assaulter's boyfriend or husband, but even female toddler could be the target, and the assaulter used PMS as a legal defense.

I think it's very common actually because toddlers have no concept about PMS so they have no awareness to protect themselves.

The cause of PMS, quoting here:

“In the past, women had many fewer menstrual cycles than women in modern societies, because they did not have control over reproduction and were either pregnant or breastfeeding most of the time,” said Gillings.

“Imagine that a woman was pair bonded with a sterile or infertile male. Then, even in the past, they would have had regular cycles. If women in these relationships exhibited PMS and this increased the likelihood of the pair bond dissolving, this would be a huge reproductive advantage.

“This simple phenomenon might explain the frequency of PMS. There are various lines of evidence from DNA and behavioral studies that confirm this idea.”

The hypothesis was supported by the high heritability of PMS, and the fact that gene variants associated with PMS can be identified, not to mention the data that show animosity exhibited during PMS is preferentially directed at current partners.

So, if they want to assault you, they can just pick the right time (the fourth week at the cycle), and if they got caught, they use PMS as a legal defense to getting commutation, here are some successful cases.

"Earlier this month, a two-judge bench of the Rajasthan High Court overturned a conviction of murder."

Dr. Geraldine Richter, a 42-year-old orthopedic surgeon, was acquitted June 4 by District Judge Robert J. Smith.

And the PMS incidence is more than 80% in women with estrus cycle... That is a major public safety issue forbid to talk long time, I noticed every time I want to mention this topic, there must some feminist started on me and called their friends clicking the "flag" button. My freedom of speech is being bullying and suppressed. But I think they can't do it easily again on fediverse.

I am not saying all of them is going to assault people, but I want to share ways to helping people avoid the ones could be the assaulter.

I noticed before any kinds of PMS assault, they usually use verbal attack to target the person they dislike first, for trying that person is weak enough could be the victim or not. And there is a feature signal of PMS assault: They change their attitude to some people in 2 weeks cycle, many people don't know this since this is not in sexual education textbook for teens, so they being the victims of PMS assault but even don't know the reason. The standard human estrus cycle is 28 days (but tons of people not in the "standard"), day 14 in heat, so the second week is the week they being nice to people for getting sexual intercourse with the ideal male. If they can't be pregnant, the fourth week is to time to attack and treating people as shit to changing their social network. And they will notice the problem because they "treating bad to people" at the fourth week, so they will try to be nicer to people in the second week to "compensate" them for don't want to lose the interpersonal relationship. This is obviously a torture to people around them.

Many gynecologists recommended them "do not try to break up or making huge decision at the fourth week", I agreed this is better option for their patients but not the best option to the society. My opinion is they want to break up at the fourth week, just let them break up, this is the natural order. Keeping the discordant relationship may lead to more PMS assaults but their clients and lawyers will need those gynecologists to proof... in court...

I think this is a thing the majority need to know and discuss. Please boost me.

#mra #mensrights #abuse #mgtow

(I am not targeted any groups, but some people used these tags may notice this public safety issue before.)

swashberry :verified:
4 years ago

Signal boosting for Domestic Violence Awareness Australia.

#mensrights #humanrights

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I just got a fresh six-pack of ManHoods today. These things are great because they protect a circumcised glans from abrasion and help to restore sensitivity and act as a retainer during foreskin restoration exercises. Highly recommended.

Unfortunately nothing can fully restore the function of an intact foreskin, so please remember that #circumcision is #genitalmutilation and keep your son intact. #HisBodyHisChoice #mensrights

An image of a pack of ManHoods, containing a business card with the company website, a contact e-mail, and a coupon code
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@grainloom I think the people who refuse to seriously consider #mensrights talking points should think about the fact that baby girls have a fundamental human right to intact genitals under the law, and baby boys do not.