8 hours ago - #git pre-commit hooks are a great place to check #security, #MergeConflicts, and #lint both #k8s and any #code. Great article Nicolas Giron and Hicham Bouissoumer.

Jake Miller
9 months ago

This doesn’t leave us with a solution to our migration conflicts. (#MergeConflicts? 😃) However, as someone celebrating my one-month anniversary, I see a lot of good and well-intentioned people who perceive the technology, communities, and potential of the #Fediverse in different and conflicting ways. I think it’s helpful to think about how we think about it. How to do we think about the Nature, Strategy, and Use of Mastodon, and in which ways do others have different #frames? 12/12

Today my evening will be spoiled by [rolls dice] #git #MergeConflicts.