Aitch - Þei/Þem
2 weeks ago

Also, here is my wall of my own art! Here there is #ink #watercolour #gouache and some #mixedmedia.

The painting of the boat, and the rocky beach, were #PleinAir #watercolours up in Northumberland. The trees in the lake were Plein Air watercolour in Alabama. The remaining paintings are from reference photos.

The ink portraits were #MastoArt challenges sometime in 2022. The #mermaid is from #MerMay and the purple cape character is an adult #AoyamaYuga from #MHA / #BNHA.

#art #painting

16 A5 and smaller paintings and ink drawings arranged chaotic aesthetically on my wall. Art as describes in the text.
Aeris Lina
3 weeks ago

My first post and it’s my mermaid artwork. I really enjoyed painting the water but struggled a bit with the water.
#art #procreate #digitalart #semirealism #semirealistic #mermay #mermaid #seascapes

Mermaid sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean. Drawn in Procreate.
1 month ago

Title: Unexpected first meeting
Original post:

#mermay #queer

Galaxy of Gover
1 month ago

Something I had put together back in May for Mermay, featuring mermaid versions of Raine, Ven and Klee!
#ttrpg #MastoArt #mermay

A group of three table top role playing game characters turned into mermaids. One is Raine, a thin, pale and has a shark tail, and gills on her neck. She has short hair that sweeps back and a smirk on her face. She is wearing a lowcut shirt with puffy sleeves that hang off her shoulders. She has a corset on but it cuts off at her waist showing off her lower belly. Her hands turn into sharp claws at the end. 
Next to her is a Venkilia with long brown hair. She is a little thicker in body type. She has tanned skin, blue tattoos on her neck and face and back and an orca tail. She has a loose shirt that falls off her shoulders that shows her midriff. 
Finally is a Klee, who has gnome-like proportions. She has big eyes, long hair with beads in it, and freckles. She has a poncho on, and a wrapping of clothing around her chest. Her midriff is showing and she is looking at an Angler fish. She is smiling at it.
Close up of the previous image focusing on Raine.
Close up of the previous image focusing on Venkilia.
Close up on the previous image focusing on Klee.
1 month ago

An illustration and type treatment I did for a little brewery in Indiana called New Oberpfalz. Pretty happy with how this one turned out, altho I missed #mermay by *a lot*.

#illustration #procreate #digitalart #mermaid #siren #space

Illustration of a bio-mechanical mermaid figure in a flying posture, heading to the left of the frame with her hand and webbed fingers extended out toward the viewer, colored in greens, blues, aqua, and turquoise, with pink and coral accents. A number of mechanical hose or tentacle-like pieces extend from her head and torso flowing behind her into her hair which is made of pink tendrils. She's holding a golden harp with a dragon's head and other scaly details on it. She's emerging through a golden ring that contains the lettering 'Galactic Siren India Pale Ale' running around it. Everything is extremely shiny and sparkly. All this is set against a spacescape of stars and multicolored nebulae.
Detail of the previous image

[CW : (Drawing) Face - No Direct Eye Contact]


I did this drawing for a #dtiys during last #mermay on another platform (before deleting it and moving here).

That was a very fun #challenge to draw this one ; this was not my original art style - I tried to go deeper in what I could do, and, I think, that was a very interesting process and discovery for me.

I am very proud of it, because it opened a door I didn’t know at the time.


#MastoArt #DigitalArt #Mermaid

This is a digital drawing of a mermaid with freckles on her shoulders and face. Her hair is some kind of pink / salmon and are floating around her face. Three orange fishes pass around her, and one of them in front of her right eye. The landscape behind is blue water with some darker blue algae dancing around.

Another way to beat the heat in a midsummer #CoatiMonday? Why not take on a fish aspect? I drew this as a #MerMay picture, as who wants to miss that kind of fun, but I like how it came out overall, especially in the paws looking webbed but not too wrong. Note the bold choice to just let my right hand be hidden instead of figuring some way to fit it on-screen.

In a small globe/bubble because why not?

Original at

Digital illustration of a coati-fish caught in a transparent globe too small for him to even stretch out, but he seems happy with it.  One webbed forepaw reaches out and seems to touch the globe's interior; his tail's arched around back so that his fins might be touching the back of his head.
2 months ago

:mermaid1: Splendeur Aquatique :mermaid1:

Completed for #mermay earlier this year, I had so much fun playing around with art nouveau elements in this piece! Also I'm heccin proud of how the hair came out, it's my fave part of this :bunhduwu:

#MastoArt #Mermaid #Fantasy #DigitalArt

A blue and purple mermaid gently hugs herself and toucher her face while looking tenderly towards the viewer. She is in front of a gold border in an art nouveau style with a seaweed inspired design. The frame appears to reveal a calm sea behind the mermaid with seaweed and schools of fish.
2 months ago


Así empieza el escrito en mi posteo de Pixiv: "Algún día quiero que me reconozcan como el artista que falla a todos los trending topics." No hay mucho que agregar, más que se suponía que publicara la ilustración en mayo, por el mermay, y terminé haciéndolo en Julio. También es una práctica en blanco y negro porque quería ver si podía hacer algo simple y rápido para poder crear historias y al final me puse todo el empeño y me llevó un toco de tiempo xD

"Someday I want to be recognized as the artist who fails at all trending topics". This was the first sentence in my Pixiv post for this illustration. Nothing to add except for the fact that it was supposed to be uploaded on may, for mermay, and I end up doing it on july. Also, it was a black and white practice, to test if I could do something simple and quick in order to illustrate my stories, but a lot of time and effort was invested here at the end xD

failed #Mermay2023


Fanart digital en blanco y negro del webcomic The Little Trashmaid por s0s2. Básicamente la sirenita del mundo de hoy, o sea, que vive rodeada de toda la mugre que termina en el mar, pero Tidy, así se llama ella, siempre positiva y tratando de inventar cosas con todos esos desechos, si hasta se hizo una musculosa con una bolsa del 7 ele... o que diga, 11 twelve.
En la ilustración se la ve al lado de un muelle, contenta porque recibió de regalo una plantita de tomate, que ya tiene uno bien grande (a ella le gustan los tomates, gusto adquirido gracias a los envases de ketchup que terminan en el mar).

Digital black and white fanart from the webcomic The Little Trashmaid by s0s2. Basically The Little Mermaid of today's world, that is, she lives surrounded by all the filth that ends up in the sea, but Tidy, that's her name, always positive and trying to invent things with all that debris, she even made herself a tank top with a 7 ele... or should I say, 11 twelve bag.
In the illustration we can see her next to a dock, happy because she received a tomato plant as a gift, that already has a big one (she likes tomatoes, a taste acquired thanks to the ketchup bottles that end up in the sea).
Polpengiun ✔️
3 months ago


เป็นภาพที่ไปแจมพร้อม #mermaygems2023 ในIGมาค่ะ

#mermay #mermay2023

BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
3 months ago

Just updated my patreon! Its in free-tip jar mode, so you can check out what's going on with me and my work!

#mastoart #artwork #queeart #mermay

A chubby purple mermaid with ocean blue hair and pink eyes is seated with their hands in their lap. Their chest is covered by two seashells. They have fins and a ruffled purple tail.
There are weird sealife and jellyfish around them in pastel colors.
The background is a gradient from ultramarine blue to a lighter sky blue.
Oona is drawing animals
3 months ago

sometimes life happens, and sometimes some extra life happens, and yikes it's been a moment!

Anyway, back in may, for days 92 and 93 of #drawing #animals, and still in #mermay mode, I experimented with ways of drawing jellyfish. Which reminded me how I really have not been doing much watercolor..the last 2 years or so? Or 5? Or.... longer? Too many tasty media out there!

#Art #Watercolor

a drawing of two bright white and brown jellyfish in watercolor and gouache on blue-grey paper, with the background partially filled in with very dark blue watercolor
a drawing of three bright white and red-brown jellyfish in colored pencil on blue-grey paper, with the background partially filled in with black ink
3 months ago

Really old drawing that I did for Mermay once.

Not explicit but marked sensitive just in case lol.

#MerMay #DigitalIllustration #LunaArtistaFinished

3 months ago

goash I'm late for #Mermay ... like 20 days overdue (# ̄0 ̄)

#MangaWitch #dailydoodle #sketchbook #dailysketch #warmupsketch #warm-up #mermaid

Anna ☃️
3 months ago

All of my #Mermay pieces together :mermaid1:

#MastoArt #CuratorMermay

5 merfolks based on different fish species. They all have fish like features on their bodies and faces such as scales, fish eyes or skin markings. They all are more a fantasy creatures than half-human-half-fish.

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#ttrpg #CypherSystem

4 months ago

Another Mermaid I drew for mermay I didnt post here yet!

#mermay #mermaid #DigitalArt #artist #drawing #illustration

I tooted that I am/was planning a #mermay picture with the title "Ursula raising"
This is now a super rough concept study in #krita

But I'm not sure to put more work into it and make a #oilpainting out of it....

I'm not very convinced.

#art #mastoart

super rough digital painting for color concepts of a mermaid with a octopus lower body which is holding a black perl.
4 months ago
Digital art piece (glazed), main colors are black, blue and red. It shows a read-haired Mermaid reaching forward with both hands, and a skull is floating above one of her hands. She wears a green bra with subtle scale pattern, and her fins are like thin transparent fabric. Her hair is extremely long and forms swirls that rise up beyond the edge of the canvas, and two ghost-like transparent betta fish are swimming around her.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
4 months ago

If I celebrate #MerMay in May, I guess it’s time for #Junicorn in June!

This is a detail of an older linocut Unicorn Amongst Umbrellas.

#linocut #unicorn #umbrellas #printmaking #washi #collage #Junicorn2023 #MastoArt

A linocut unicorn printed in black ink on white paper surrounded with a welter of umbrellas printed on assorted coloured and patterned Japanese washi, Thai and European papers.
4 months ago

I improvised a lot on this one haha

#mastoart #CreativeToots #mermaid #mermay #timelapse

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#ttrpg #CypherSystem

4 months ago

Probably my best drawing I did for Mermay this year!
Usually I'm too scared to draw 2 characters in one drawing but I think It turned out pretty good!
#mermay #mermaid #drawing #DigitalArt #illustration #artist

Jadenoot :mastocheck:
4 months ago

#SailorMoon 🌙
#Mermay 🧜‍♀️

A drawing depicting Sailor Moon as a mermaid. Tail is navy blue and fins are a transparent hot pink. The rest of her looks exactly like the regular Senshi outfit. The style is my best attempt at recreating the anime aesthetic.
4 months ago

The #mermay that was late: Sea Lamprey Mermaid.

Traditional art drawn with dip pen and coloured with ink washes. Content warning: MANY TEETH.

Reference pose provided by the spectacular @JookpubStock

#MastoArt #fediart #ink #traditionalart #drawing #painting #mermaid #lamprey

Traditional art drawn and painted with inks, showing a sea lamprey mermaid with a gaping maw full of teeth.
4 months ago

She is the earth
He is the sea
She is the sea
He is the earth

“The Selkie’s Bride” a little late for #Mermay but better late than never?

I actually started this last May and didn’t have enough time to finish it. I dusted it off this year, scrapped all the work I had done on it, and redid it from the base sketch. The characters are oc’s of mine.

#art #MastoArt #romance #illustration #folklore

most normal mermaid i've draw this year even though she's still technically a taur. anyway support women's wrongs!


drawing of a muscular shark mermaid with long flowy white hair. she has a huge toothy smile and wild eyes, and is holding a clawed hand out to the viewer. her other arm has a shark-themed chainsaw fused to it, with many wires pumping what appears to be her blood into it. text: day 30, great white.
4 months ago

Barbie mermaid for Mermay! I got inspired by the 90s Jewel Hair Mermaid Teresa doll.

#Barbie #mermay #MastoArt

4 months ago

Day 31: #GoodNight
It’s been a long month. We’ve had a lot of fun. The mermaids are sleeping now. Good night!

#mastoArt #MerMay #MerMay2023 #Turtle #Mermaid #MarineLife #Watercolor

Watercolor of a turtle swimming slowly through the ocean. A mermaid sleeps on its back.
Megan Huang
4 months ago

I never do Mermay or the typical social media art trends... but I figured with The Little Mermaid out, I'd make a warrior Ariel piece. don't mess with her!

#TheLittleMermaid #ariel #mermay

Benjamin Brinckmann
4 months ago

I want to make a creature design portfolio with really consistent pieces of work using the the workflow of Hardy Fowler, from Digital Painting Studio. I'm just in time for the last day of #Mermay, so here you go: A mermaid/merfolk inspired by an #Oarfish! I forgot to record the creation process, unfortunately. I'm probably going to focus on creature design the coming weeks, so you can expect more of these kinds of work.
#FantasyArt #CreatureDesign #Mermaid #Merfolk

A digital creature concept painting of a mermaid/merfolk inspired by an Oarfish.
4 months ago

With just a day to spare for the #mermay2023 challenge, this piece was painted in Krita.

#krita #mermaid #mermay #mastoart #fediart #digitalart #painting #art

Image depicts a mermaid seated on a buoy. Her fish tail is partly submerged in the water and her tail fin rises above the water behind her.

A barge with a rusted hull enters the scene from the left.

On the far shore behind her, an industrial waterfront can bee seen, including a power plant with a tall smokestack.

A seagull floats in the water near her and in the distance, a second seagull flys in front of the barge.

My gouache piece for this year's MerMay.
Experimenting with angles and a limited palette.

I still have to name my merman OC.


#2023 #alnair #orc #merman #mermay #bara #gouache #oc-ace

Ace and a Merman
Matt T
4 months ago


To finish of @cara_artists prompts for MerMay, I eked out on more mermaid piece with a darker tone. Enjoyed making the atmosphere.

And my assumption on how this guy is still alive underwater, well, if a mermaid's kiss lets you breathe underwater, maybe they're just saving you for a later meal.

#mermay #MastoArt

Underwater scene of a man tied to rocks as hungry mermaids circle him. Greens, blues, yellows, with heavy blends of atmospheric dark color.
Alex Moore
4 months ago

since it’s #mermay season here’s an ancient-yet-topical #risograph for you enjoyment!

#bass #guitar #mermaid #CreativeToots #illustration #riso #lettering #mastoart

4 months ago

Day 30: #Blue

There are so many layers of paint on this! Tape was no match for the amount of buckling that happened here.. I kept having to wait for it to dry & then press it flat under a stack of books before adding a new layer. Worth it!

#mastoArt #MerMay #MerMay2023 #Monochrome #Mermaid #Watercolor

Monochromatic blue watercolor looking out from a dark underwater cave. Seaweed & branching coral grow on the sea floor. In the distance a mermaid is swimming .

catching up with a quick silly one


drawing of a brown sunfish creature with red eyes. it has feet in place of its dorsal and ventral fins, and hands on the side of its body. it's trying to walk and looks very unhappy about its situation. text: day 29, mola mola.
4 months ago

Decisions were made 🙈
#mastoArt #mermay #merman #illustration

Digital illustration of two merman sharing a loving and intimate hug
4 months ago

Scanned. :)
Mostly acrylics on black paper and anti-cat-hair edits after scanning.

#mermay #drachenmagier #fantasy #traditionalArt #traditionalMedia #MastoArt #mermaid #creature #blue #fish

A greenish mermaid with long hair swimming in the complete dark
Jadenoot :mastocheck:
4 months ago

Hello, I’m back, speeding through the last 3 #mermay prompts I have time for. First one is #hallebailey as Ariel in #thelittlemermaid, which I haven’t had time to see yet, but I loved this part I saw in the trailer

A dynamic, stylized  drawing of Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid movie, based on the sequence where she’s surrounded by pink jellyfish
4 months ago

Wowow dude! What's that?!

Have a good day everyone!

#CreativeToots #Art

tritone ink sketch
mermaid ink sketch
Katria Raden
4 months ago

Mermaid’s inventory 🐚

#mermay #MastoArt #DigitalArt

Digital flat-lay illustration of a mermaid’s inventory featuring shells, fish, a bag, treasure map, brush, mirror with mermaid’s expression, pearl necklace etc.

In honor of the new release of The Little #Mermaid, as well as the new Merfolk Netflix series (since I'm part of that community), and it being #Mermay, plus my birthday today, I decided to draw the #Mastodon mascot as #Ariel the Little #Merstodon. Hope y'all like! :mermaid1: :dabart:
#LittleMermaid #MastoArt #illustration #ToonyArt #DigitalArt #Medibang #iPadPro #CreativeToots #MastodonMascot #Mermay2023

A "Merstodon" (mer-mastodon) drawn in a cartoon style, in the iconic pose of Ariel the Little Mermaid, propped up on a rock in the sea, with the waves spashing around her. She has red hair, an aqua-green tail, and a purple clamshell bra. There's a red starfish on the rock, and the sky is sunny and pale blue.
dance along the edge 💬
4 months ago

#FinlayFriday meets #MerMay part 2

Virgil Finlay cover painting for Fantastic Universe, July, 1957, which I guess is kinda-sorta illustrating August Derleth's Cthulhu Mythos story which was later changed to "The Seal of R'lyeh." I don't remember any mirror-obsessed mermaids from that but part of it does take place in the sea!

#VirgilFinlay #AugustDerleth #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #WeirdTales #CthulhuMythos #Mermaid #Illustration @fantasy

A blonde-haired mermaid seated on rocks by the shoreline checks herself out in the reflection of a window to a...spaceship? A submarine? Your guess is as good as mine. Behind her on the shore either an astronaut or a deep sea diver gasps for air or is already dead.
The same image as it was used for the cover of the July, 1957 issue of Fantastic Universe.
Daniela Schreiter
4 months ago

One of my all-time favorite #Mermay illustration 😊🌈.

#MastoArt #procreate #Mermaid #Queer #QueerArt

Comic illustration of a BlPoC Mermaid, floating in the sea. She has long rainbow hair and a violet fishbody. Her eyes are closed, she looks happy. She is wearing a T-Shirt with a rainbow heart on it.
Daniela Schreiter
4 months ago

Es ist #Mermay, da muss ich noch mal meinen Comic "Eine alte Liebe" zeigen, den ich 2020 für
@queerwelten zeichnen durfte 😊.

#MastoArt #Mermaid #Queer


Comic in 7 Panels.
Erstes Panel: Eine ältere Frau sitzt im Wasser und stützt sich auf einem Felsen auf. Sie seufzt und 
schaut verträumt.
Zweites Panel: Die ältere Frau ist jetzt von hinten zu sehen, es ist nun zu erkennen, dass sie eine Meerjungfrau ist. Sie schaut an den Strand, wo eine weitere ältere Dame gerade Wäsche aufhängt.
Drittes Panel: Die ältere Dame vom Strand schaut aufs Meer hinaus.
Viertes Panel: Die ältere Meerjungfrau erschreckt sich ganz fürchterlich!
4 months ago

Second #mermay participation ! This time it is an addition to my stone girl series !
So let me introduce you Emiliana H. or the limestone

A mermaid in the bottom of ocean, sitting on some corals. She have multicolored hairs with a sidecut and a lot of shell based jewels and tatoos
dance along the edge 💬
4 months ago

#FinlayFriday meets #MerMay
Virgil Finlay preliminary cover design for the July, 1948 issue of Fantastic Novels, which the editor rejected in favor of this basic Lawrence Stevens woman in peril by blue meanie cover. Unbelievable.

#VirgilFinlay #LawrenceStevens #Mermaid #Fantastic #Pulps #WeirdTales #Illustration #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SF #SFF @sciencefiction

Fish are swimming around a mermaid who literally holds the earth in an embrace.
Blue monster with red eyes attacks sleeping woman with ample breasts.
Mar del Valle
4 months ago

This mermaid kills fascists ✨

[CW: bare torso]

#illustration #MastoArt #mermaid #Mermay #NSFW #nudity

Black and white illustration of a mermaid with two tails. She is drawn with her body in profile facing left and her head a bit turned towards us with a powerful and severe look in her face, her right hand is holding a black trident. She is thick and dark-skinned, and her head is shaved except for a long thin braid. She has triangular tattoos or marks on her face and arms, and her chest is bare, she is wearing big hoop earrings. The background is a red rectangle.
Ilustración en blanco y negro representando a una sirena con dos colas. Está dibujada con el cuerpo de perfil hacia la izquierda, con su cabeza girada hacia nosotres por encima de su hombro en un gesto poderoso y severo, sostiene un tridente negro en su mano derecha. Es carnosa y de piel oscura, y tiene la cabeza rapada excepto por una larga y fina trenza. Tiene tatuajes o marcas triangulares en sus brazos y rostro, el, torso desnudo, y lleva unos grandes pendientes de aro. El fondo es un rectángulo rojo.
Denman Rooke
4 months ago

Popped into Galway Drink & Draw at Pálás to draw a mermaid for #mermay

A sketch of a mermaid which has a sense of beauty but is also a little creepy.
Oona is drawing animals
4 months ago

on day 91 of #drawing #animals I had a brad brain day and felt unable to make a decision, but I still wanted to honor #Mermay, so I just drew a random assortment of #fish. And because many pictures on Unsplash are really hastily titled or described if at all, I have no idea what kind of fish these are!

But I am happy with using the blue toned paper for underwater things, works better imho than the ink washes I experimented with the day before.

#Art #Ink

a drawing in grey ink on blue-grey paper, hightened with white colored pencil, of four different fish in various sizes
Lughaidh, the 🐅
4 months ago

little piece for #MerMay :ms_smile_hearts: to be a merperson as the sun sets :ms_merperson: #illustration

An illustration on watercolour paper. A trans masc merperson sits on a rock in the middle of the sea with an orange sky.
Nausica'art account
4 months ago

Today I had a great idea for my first (and also last) #mermay

Some fun fact about this banana-mermaid:
- The bottom half is rigid like a banana and is not articulated.
- On her banane tree, she is upside down.
- She cannot swim but she can crawl on the ground, and Miyazaki does not like it.
- I was inspired by a Disney movie for half the banana-mermaid but I won't say which one.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid, except the bottom half is a peeled banana. Her bra is composed of two peeled banana too.
Oona is drawing animals
4 months ago

on day 90 of #drawing #animals, still honoring #Mermay, I finally drew some manatees! I'd been wanting to draw them for much too long. 10/10 would do again. Had fun playing around with re-wetting the ink of my pens & using a bit of wash. Sharp dry ink lines feel less appropriate for catching the diffuse light under water.

#Art #ink

a landscape format drawing showing 5 manatees, two larger and partially cropped in the upper half of the page, three smaller and with their full bodies shown in the lower half. The largest is the one in the left upper corner, and it is shown in the process of grazing on the bottom of the body of water it is in. The drawing is done in dark grey felt tip pen, which has been re-wetted in some places to produce a light wash, and reinforced with additional layers of darker wash, to produce a more watery impression than simple lines could make.
Petra Brandström
4 months ago

We're basically halfway through #mermay ! I've done a total of *three* sketches so far. 😊 Not much, but more than I thought I'd manage! How about you guys, are you drawing mermaids or focusing on other stuff? It's not too late to start, if you're up for a challenge or just want some ideas for arting!

These sketches are for the prompts companion, mama, and mushroom.

#pencil #sketch

Pencil drawing of a mermaid feeding a small fish to a seagull that's balancing on her head. For mermay 2023 day 12: Companion.
Pencil drawing of a mermaid dragging a sack filled with eggs through the kelp. For mermay 2023 day 14: Mama.
Pencil drawing of a mermaid covered with various fungi and with a puffball on her head, swimming away in a mushroom forest. For mermay 2023 day 6: Mushroom.
5 months ago

I don't normally do #mermay stuff, but It seemed like I could do something a little out of the way on the topic, as I often do. This one is slightly inspired by the Leafy Sea Dragon.

A monochrome digital illustration of an unusual mermaid, with a fish/human hybrid face, hair made of flat leafy tendrils, and bony external patterning on her upper body,  in the manner of a leafy sea dragon.
Andy P
5 months ago

TIL about the mermaid cosplay community holy crap look at that craft quality #mermay

A blond mermaid covered in tattoos under water in a seamlessly fitted metallic bronze Mertailor Silicone tail.
An underwater mermaid with dark turquoise hair, wearing a purple crown of coral (maybe) in a brightly colored blue, purple, and pink Finfolk silicone tail.
Merbella silicone tail that looks like a detailed lion fish with metallic bronze and neon blue highlights.
Woman underwater between two walls of bubbles in a Merbella Silicone tail designed to look like a clown-fish.
Ashenwave 👾
5 months ago

At last! An illustration for #Mermay !👏✨

I love the concept of jellyfish mermaids and this is not the first I draw but it’s certainly the best :)

#mermaid #mastoart #creativetoots #AshenwaveArt #fantasy #creature #2dart #humanartist

A jellyfish mermaid in pink and orange colors, with a blue background. The jellyfish part of the mermaid looks like a voluminous dress skirt with fine tentacles trailing from it. Her expression is peaceful and charming.
Victoria Audley
5 months ago

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside (unlike Skaði)! Join Ether & Ichor Podcast this week for some fun with the mythology of the sea.

Links and more on the blog:

#mermay #mythology #folklore #podcast

gif from the animated film song of the sea. a small black-haired girl in a white coat dives down into blue water with a lighter blue spotlight on her. grey seals swim around her in a spiral, and as they cover her from the viewer, she transforms into a little white seal.
Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

on day 88 of drawing animals I maybe stretched the definition of "marine animal" for #Mermay a bit, but I just really felt like drawing #lizards, and these Marine Iguanas dive and feed underwater. The sketches on the left side of the page are all of these guys moving under water. And they have the best faces and claws! I might have to do them a bunch more. Clawssssssssssss.

#art #ink

a horizontal format page with various overlapping sketches of Marine Iguanas from different angles all done in brown felt tip pen. They look a lot like some sort of very stocky scaly dragon or monster.
Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

on day 87 of drawing animals I was tired and completely underestimated how hard giant #Isopods would be to draw for me. I am still a bit confused about it. Might try them again some time when I am more awake, maybe that really _was_ the thing that tripped me up. Still, I did not falter! And still sticking with the marine theme for #Mermay.

#Ink #Art #Invertebrates

Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

Some sea #turtles for my 86th day of drawing animals as well as #Mermay

#ink #art

a horizontal page with three drawings of sea turtles in two shades of brown ink, with two of them larger and their patterning visible, and a third only a small thumbnail
Oona is drawing animals
5 months ago

For #Mermay my original plan was to do a study of a marine animal every day, and then turn that animal into a humanoid somehow. Alas, that turned out to be much trickier and my energy esp. much lower than expected, so my mermaids are only a bunch of very scraggly ballpoint sketches so far. But the marina animal studies actually did happen, so are some hermit #crabs. Simultaneously day 85 of #drawing #animals.

#ink #art

a drawing in black ink of three different hermit crabs with the sea shells they live in, each seen from a different angle
Dusty Raven
5 months ago

20€+shipping cost + free to pay
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Two mermaids skeleton like holding hands in a cold embrace. Glitch effects added
Incognito Pencil
5 months ago
Watercolor artwork of an upside down mermaid with fish swimming around them
Ele Willoughby, PhD
5 months ago

A selkie for #MerMay (the mermaid 🧜‍♀️ celebration month)!

This is a hard-carved and printed lino block print of a selkie shedding her skin, seated on rocks, surrounded by harbour seals.

In Celtic, Norse, Faroese and Icelandic mythology, selkies (also spelled silkies, sylkies, selchies) or selkie folk meaning 'seal folk' can change from seal to human form by shedding their skin.


#linocut #printmaking #selkie #folklore #harbourSeals #silkies #mermaid #mythology #MastoArt

Linocut on speckled cream coloured washi paper of a selkie shedding her sealskin and several harbour seals lounging on rocks or swimming on a cloudy day.
Dusty Raven
5 months ago

In a way it's vegan inside
25€+shipping cost+ you can add more for support

#art #dustyart #mermay #mermay2023

Happy mermay doing heart with her hands, her tail cut into makis, some colours have been applied with promarkers. A5 format
5 months ago

ancient egyptian mermaid all done! 💜

#mermay #mermaid #art #mastoart #illustration #egyptian

A drawing of a mermaid in ancient Egyptian style.
Dusty Raven
5 months ago

25€ prix libre + frais de port

#dustyart #art #mermay #mermay2023

Siren with three creepy heads and body and flesh dripping down, with glitch effect