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Funny that #Meta are talking about producing a Twitter rival - not that it would encourage me to jump anyway. I gave up Facebook a long time ago and really have no desire to start losing my data to another company in the same group.

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#Meta and #Microsoft I think are gonna be the two biggest purchasers of Vision Pro's and they will Xerox Alto the heck out of it.

Corporate Social Media is run by Silicon Valley Libertarian freaks and now all the websites have a massive problem with

#Instagram #Meta #Twitter

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At this point we celebrate anyone who can replace #Twitter. I’m interested in #Project92, even with all the bad things being from #Meta. It sure looks likes the #Instagram comment threads.

I feel like #Bluesky has lost a bit of its momentum/hype. A lot of people are still in a wait and see mode before posting.

It might become an interesting challenge for #Mastodon and others to deal with Project 92’s #ActivityPub integration.

#️⃣ #TwitterMigration

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1) #Apple are selling vapourware saying the #VisionPro is their next big thing after the iPhone with only a CGI presentation, #Facetime doesn't exist, you didn't see what you saw, it's not a real product, Mark Zuckerberg only tells the truth and nothing but the truth.


2) #Meta were caught off-guard, #Zuckerberg is flat out lying, saying things that will only fool his most faithful minions. Also, he thinks we're stupid.

Which is the simplest and most likely explanation?

Does Apple’s Vision Pro Leaves Meta in the Dust?

“Mark #Zuckerberg will have to overindex on openness, and hang in tightly, if he wants his big #Metaverse bet to pay off.”

#Apple #Meta #VisionPro #Android

Text Shot: Instead of being the only major player with a mixed reality consumer device, Meta will now settle into a position akin to Android’s on mobile. In this case, Meta’s started first, with plenty of developer relationships in hand. But unlike Android, it doesn’t offer an operating system to all device manufacturers, something that may have to change.

“Zuck’s aspiration was always to be the Android option,” Josh Miller, an ex-Facebook product manager, told me. “He knew Apple was coming, so his best shot at success was being the operating system that all the other device manufacturers prefer since they can’t compete with Apple either.”
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#Apple's #VisionPro enters the AR/VR market, but #Meta CEO #MarkZuckerberg questions its ability to bring anything new to the table

I don’t think #Meta understands the reasons people are seeking out alternatives to legacy platforms like #Twitter. It’s not just that these platforms are run by libertarian ideologues, Zuckerberg doesn’t see that as dangerous or himself as the villain, but the dawning realisation by people that they’re being manipulated, held hostage by narcissists and psychopaths. The fediverse turns that rampant individualism on its head.

Aida Akl
2 hours ago

If you trust Zuckerberg more than Musk. 🤔 #instagram

#Meta's Twitter Alternative Will Probably Be Called 'Threads' @PCMag

Here's the original story from the @verge News-Bot
2 hours ago

#Meta kommt bei #Twitter-Konkurrenzangebot voran #IT

Alexander Hay
2 hours ago

Whether #Meta will carry out its threat to launch a #Twitter clone or not, there are better names than 'Threads' - y'know, the BBC nuclear war drama we all claim to have been horribly traumatised by.

Unless there is, of course, an option to 'Nuke' a 'Thread', or just give birth to #EdSheeran at the end.

#Media #SocialMedia #News #SiliconValley

Bernd Kilga
3 hours ago

Meta thinks I'm an idiot.

> Your Meta Quest battery is low. Charge your device now so you can immerse yourself in VR whenever you want.

#Meta #Oculus

der Akku deiner Meta Quest ist schwach. Lade dein Gerät jetzt auf, damit du in die VR eintauchen kannst, wann immer du möchtest.
Aida Akl
3 hours ago

I doubt #Apple sees Quest as a threat. Apple and #Meta exist on different planes.

Mark Zuckerberg is not worried about Apple’s competing #VR headset

Anonymous Germany
3 hours ago

#Meta's Antwort auf #Twitter via #Instagram mit #ActivityPub-Support läuft unter "Project 92" und könnte unter dem Namen "Threads" auf den Markt kommen, sagt The Verge, die bei einem internen Preview dabei waren.

"The new standalone app will be based on Instagram and integrate with ActivityPub, the decentralized social media protocol. That will theoretically allow users of the new app to take their accounts and followers with them to other apps that support ActivityPub"

Dave Mark
4 hours ago

Read Mark Zuckerberg’s email (see pics) responding to the Apple Vision Pro demo.

I found it interesting. A big giant has been awakened, he knows it, he’s trying to reassure his troops.

The giant is still coming.

#Apple #Meta #VR

Email text:

Apple finally announced their headset, so
I want to talk about that for a second. I
was really curious to see what they were
gonna ship. And obviously I haven't seen
it yet, so I'll learn more as we get to play
with it and see what happens and how
people use it.
From what I've seen initially, I'd say the
good news is that there's no kind of
magical solutions that they have to any of
the constraints on laws and physics that
our teams haven't already explored and
thought of. They went with a higher
resolution display, and between that and
all the technology they put in there to
power it, it costs seven times more and
now requires so much energy that now
you need a battery and a wire attached to
it to use it. They made that design trade-
off and it might make sense for the cases
that they're going for.
Email text:

But look, I think that their announcement
reall showcases the difference in the
values and the vision that our companies
bring to this in a way that I think is really
important. We innovate to make sure that
our products are as accessible and
affordable to everyone as possible, and
that is a core part of what we do. And we
have sold tens of millions of Quests.
More importantly, our vision for the
metaverse and presence is fundamentally
social. It's about people interacting in new
ways and feeling closer in new ways. Our
device is also about being active and
doing things. By contrast, every demo that
they showed was a person sitting on a
couch by themself. I mean, that could be
the vision of the future of computing, but
like, it's not the one that I want. There's a
real philosophical difference in terms of
how we're approaching this. And seeing
what they put out there and how they're
going to compete just made me even more
excited and in a lot of ways optimistic that
what we're doing matters and is going to
succeed. But it's going to be a fun journey.
Ci Demi 🌚
5 hours ago

#Mastodon: Full of "my people", but not my social or professional circles.

#Bluesky: You can use your own domain as your handle, but Jack Dorsey can sell it to the next megalomaniac.

#Instagram's upcoming #Twitter clone: It'll probably use #ActivityPub, but it's still a #Meta product.

I will have to choose one eventually. Instagram's clone has the advantage in my case because I've already got my social and professional contacts on there.

For now, I'm just trying to have fun. I'm on vacation!

Mark Mullen
5 hours ago

"In a culture war, you need weapons and a weapon needs a targeting mechanism."

Christopher Wylie

#ZEG2023 #Tbilisi #Facebook #Meta #FB #Trump #Bannon #CambridgeAnalitica #Whistleblower #Hero #ZEG

5 hours ago

People rooting for #AppleVisionPro to break #meta is a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face sort of deal.

chikorita157 🐰
5 hours ago

Meta might put an end to Jack's #bluesky (good riddence) and Twitter with their own competitor to Twitter powered by ActivityPub.

As much I don't like Meta, it might be a good thing as ActivityPub that powers Mastodon, Calckey, Misskey, Pixelfed, Akkoma, etc will finally go mainstream.

I still recommend users to join Mastodon, Misskey, Calckey, etc for their microblogging needs as Meta's solution will probably be limited in terms of features.

#meta #instagram #activitypub

Daniel :fednet:
5 hours ago

Wir haben von Creatorn und Persönlichkeiten des öffentlichen Lebens gehört, dass sie eine Plattform wollen, die vernünftig geführt wird, bei der sie glauben, dass sie ihr vertrauen können und auf die sie sich für den Vertrieb verlassen könne
Ist jetzt nichts womit ich #Meta in Verbindung bringen würde, aber Ok.

exiltoaster :breadified:
6 hours ago

@heiseonline spannend für mich ist die Frage wie das #Fediverse damit umgehen wird…

Pascal Leinert 📯
6 hours ago

@heiseonline #Meta im #Fediverse? How about no?

7 hours ago

‘Already explored’ — Apple Vision Pro fails to impress Mark Zuckerberg - Zuckerberg highlighted divergent philosophies, with Meta emphasiz... - #technology #metaverse #apple #meta #web3

IT News
7 hours ago

Apple’s Face Computer, Crypto Chaos and How Teens Really Feel About Social Media - This isn’t the first time Apple has introduced a bulky piece of hardware that nobody is s... - #teenagersandadolescence #scienceandtechnology #genslergarys #coindeskinc #appleinc #binance #meta

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#MarkZuckerberg reveals his plan to steer #Meta back on track after a challenging year of layoffs and #virtualreality struggles

Tech Geek
7 hours ago

💯🙌 Cheapest copy ever by #WhatsApp (#META)
U can't even call these as channels compared to #telegram 🤣

This is what u actually call something as channels :

8 hours ago

Comparing FaceBook's Quest with Apple's Vision Pro is like comparing an electric bike to a car. Similar price difference. #VisionPro #Quest #Meta #Apple

Olhar Digital
8 hours ago

I'm not an #Apple fan person. I've never owned any of their products, and when I used them, I did not like the UX (yeah, I know, I'm the weird one).
The #VisionPro has me excited, because it continues where #Google gave up and #Meta failed.

Not now, and not from Apple, but - in about 5 years, I'll finally be able to buy the wearable headset I've always wanted as a commodity.

Y'all go out and overpay for this one to make it happen for me, please?

Steffi :calckey:
9 hours ago

Sehe ich das falsch? Wenn #facebook / #meta seinen activitypub Dienst mit #mastodon bzw. dem #fediverse verbindet, landet alles von uns auch auf metas Servern und kann frei von denen benutzt werden, für was auch immer sie mit gesammelten Daten anstellen?! Die Nutzer des Meta-Dienstes quasi wie ein trojanisches Pferd?
9 hours ago

Es ist nicht überraschend, dass Mark #Zuckerberg Apples #VisionPro nicht überschwänglich lobt, der #Meta-Chef hat aber einige durchaus interessante Argumente und Kritikpunkte.,136713.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

L'aplicació de #Meta no es dirà #Barcelona sinó #Threads. Millor.
En las captures es veu interacció amb un compte de, confirmant que serà compatible amb el #fedivers.

9 hours ago

Dues actualitzacions d'impacte de #Meta (Facebook) per als pròxims mesos:

1- #WhatsApp farà canvis molt importants, permetent noms d'usuari i la creació de 'canals'. Sí, tot molt a l'estil de #Telegram, però en una app que absolutament tots ja tenim. (Blog de WA)

2- #Project92, el competidor de #Twitter d'#Instagram, va agafant forma i es confirma la seva compatibilitat amb #ActivityPub. Segur, una bona sacsejada al #Fedivers. (via #TheVerge)

La imatge mostra com seran els nous canals de WhatsApp
La imatge mostra una previsualització del Projecte 92 d'Instagram

#Projekt92 #Meta #Fediverse #activity-pub Screenshots veröffentlicht. Sie wollen das Zeitfenster nutzen, um sich als Twitter Alternative zu präsentieren.

He said “coding began” for the app in January and that Meta will be making the app available “as soon as we can.”

This is what Instagram’s upcoming Twitter competitor looks like

10 hours ago

"‘A watershed’: Meta ordered to offer mental health care to moderators in Kenya

Trauma experienced by staff at Nairobi Facebook hub recognised in legal ruling that may have global implications"

#Meta #Facebook #TrustAndSafety #Moderation #Wellness #Wellbeing #MentalHealth #Health #FrontLine #Trauma #PTSD #Kenya #WorkersRights #Employment #Law

Cedric :ivory_logo:
10 hours ago

Chris Cox showed #Meta's employees its “response to #Twitter”, an #Instagram-based text app that integrates with #ActivityPub; docs: the app could be called #Threads

— This is what Instagram’s upcoming Twitter competitor looks like

The Hindu :press:
11 hours ago

#Meta CEO #MarkZuckerberg told employees that while Apple's mixed reality gear may be nice, it is not his vision of the future #press #technews »This is what #Instagram’s upcoming #Twitter competitor looks like: #Meta is talking to celebrities like Oprah and the Dalai Lama about being early users.«

Mastodon Migration
12 hours ago

@profcarroll When you sign up for #Bluesky, #Twitter or #Meta you agree to give them a license to content you post. It is a very broad perpetual license giving them lots of rights to your content, including the right to sublicense. When you sign up for Mastodon, most instances do not take a license, the content rights you give them are defined in the privacy policy, and they do not include reposting your content to corporate sites that assume licenses to the content.


#Meta #Twitter alternative coming soon? No thanks.

Not sure if my clients will want to create an account there. Word of mouth seems to work for them more than getting involved with toxic #socialmedia companies.

This is a specific question asked constantly at #meta via 800MHz-1kHz #V2S 🗣️🔈🔉🔊💀👂

💁‍♂️🔪 #HowDoesThisMakeYouFeel🔪

Plate :

This is a specific question asked constantly at #meta via 800MHz-1kHz #V2S 🗣️🔈🔉🔊💀👂

💁‍♂️🔪 #HowDoesThisMakeYouFeel🔪

Plate :
15 hours ago

#Meta のInstagramアカウントで使えるActivityPub互換SNS #p92 がMetaの全社会議で公表されたそう。
ホントに出すんだ。ActivityPubだとオープンだから囲い込みや閉鎖的の批判を避ける意味でもMetaにはメリットがあって、さらに前に予想した「ActivityPub採用は機械学習用のデータを取るのでは?」を加えると、参入のメリットはあるよなぁ #Project92

Instagram’s upcoming Twitter competitor shown in leaked screenshots - The Verge:

@dangillmor @doctorow Exacy why I am boycotting, all corporate-sponsored social media, including #Reddit, #Twitter, #Facebook, #Meta, #Snapchat and #TikTok. Did I miss any?

"Meta is talking to celebrities like Oprah and the Dalai Lama about being early users. ‘We’ve been hearing from creators and public figures who are interested in having a platform that is sanely run,’ a top exec told employees."

This is how you do marketing, #Fediverse take notice. We need to get our act together, otherwise Meta will be the default marketing department for the Fediverse, and that would be ... suboptimal.

h/t @jdp23

#Meta #Barcelona #P92


iWonder when the #DOJ is going to investigate his #InstaCSAM Goggles 🥽, since they are cheaper and lower resolution and bad at.. text viewing. 🥴🤨

Per his previous #CISO A.Stamos - "... a few months... " 👀👀

Watch 🥽 Citations 🥽:

Oddly when this is breaking #META's stock price.... went... 💁‍♂️📈🆙⬆️🙄


X = #InstaCSAM

Apparently, the upcoming #Twitter clone by #Meta will be called Threads

It will be compatible with #ActivityPub, and thus #Mastodon

Maybe this upcoming app will bring the culture shock Mastodon desperately needs

Social Network e Fediverso
18 hours ago

Ecco come si presenta l'imminente concorrente di Mastodon e Twitter creato da Instagram!

La nuova app indipendente sarà basata su Instagram e si integrerà con ActivityPub..

Meta si unirà molto presto al fediverso, non si tratta più di uno scenario teorico.

Uno dei principali dirigenti di Meta ha mostrato ai dipendenti un'anteprima del prossimo concorrente di Mastodon e Twitter durante una riunione a livello aziendale

#meta #twitter #mastodon #activitypub #instagram

L. Rhodes
18 hours ago

Based on:

Be extremely skeptical of #Barcelona #ActivityPub integration until you've seen it in action. E.g. "That will theoretically allow users of the new app to take their accounts and followers with them to other apps that support ActivityPub, including Mastodon." Even apart from the fact that account migration on #Mastodon is already hard, the odds that #Meta will help users take monetizable data off-platform is effectively nil.

20 hours ago

@9to5Mac Correct. The one he wants is the one where he can sell what you look at. I can’t think of anyone I want to have that information less than #Zuckerberg/ #Facebook/ #Meta

Tom Cook
20 hours ago

Apple: “Vision Pro was designed to help protect your privacy and keep you in control of your data”

Mark Zuckerberg: “their announcement really showcases the difference in the values and the vision that our companies bring to this”

#Meta #VisionPro #WWDC23

1 day ago

Cow vigilantes are flooding social media with videos of violent crimes—and becoming celebrities online

A violent movement is festering online.

#haryana #rajasthan #CowVigilantism #CowLynchings #lynching #HinduMobs #youtube #facebook #meta #hindutva #HateSpeech #HateCrime #muslims #india

Emelia 👸🏻
2 days ago

LOLOLOL Apparently #meta is hiring software engineers. Guess they needed those people they just laid off.

Aida Akl
2 days ago

Self-regulation is a farce. Time and again, tech companies have proven they have no clue what responsibility is and don't even care. #cybersecurity #AI #privacy

Researchers discovered #Meta's systems helped "connect and promote a vast network of accounts" devoted to underage-sex content.

Meta vows to take action after report found #Instagram’s algorithm promoted pedophilia content @engadget

The original story: @WSJ

Downshift 🇺🇦
2 days ago

The 7 most detested brands in America

1. The #Trump Organization
2. #FTX
3. #Fox Corporation
4. #Twitter
5. #Meta (#facebook, 'et al')
6. #Spirit Airlines
7. #TikTok

Damon Outlaw
2 days ago
nosh :fosstodon: (ʘ‿ʘ)
3 days ago

Apple Vision Pro

After looking at all the Vision Pro marketing I have realised that Meta Quest 3 is what I would really like to buy now 😂


3 days ago

Zuckerberg spent $13.7 billion on Meta's virtual reality division until 2022, and another $ 4 billion in 2023 so far. Wall Street didn't like that, so Zuckerberg went and axed heads, mainly in customer service, trust, and safety. Wall Street aplauded, and the stock rebounded. And Meta's clients are without customer service, trust, and safety.
#meta #facebook

Byron Miller
3 days ago

Can anyone on here get me in touch with Meta's P92 Instagram/ActivityPub team or the PR folks who can speak to it?

All the posts about it don't name the PR person who confirmed any of it so I can't chase down who to reach out to see how we can know more about what may happen and how to have representation if they do go live.

#facebook #meta #activitpub #mastodon

Jake Beamer
3 days ago

Rewriting a post on virtual reality I wrote back in April, then a response to an article that claimed "American teens aren't excited about virtual reality", now a response to the newly announced Apple Vision Pro, which will cost $3500 (🙄).

I've wanted to try virtual reality since I was a kid in the 80s and 90s, when you'd often have to physically go to a place (see for examples of this) to try it. Now I'm 43, and I'd never pay a company (especially Apple) $3500 for something that you can get from Sony for like $600. And I don't even feel like the game selection is too expansive for the PSVR yet. There's a couple of cool-looking games I've seen for it, but that's mostly it. Then there's Oculus (which is owned by Facebook) and their Meta Quest 2. I'm not keen on giving Facebook/Meta money either. My kid got his hands on a Meta Quest 2, I tried it (he just had Beat Saber), and I did like it. A LOT. I still feel like the game selection still isn't fully there for the Meta Quest 2 either, though. There's maybe 4 or 5 games I've seen that I'd want to try.

I just can't imagine spending over $3k (I can't even see spending ONE thousand) for ANY kind of gaming system, even a virtual reality-based one. I don't care HOW MUCH disposable money I had, I just can't see it ever happening.

I don't think many people are going to buy these things. Especially with the economy the way it is. Rising prices of everything, food, rent-- people are really struggling.

This just really feels like a tone-deaf thing for Apple to release right now for this price. Who the hell is the target demographic??

Maybe it was just planned to be a new toy for the ultra-rich.

#VirtualReality #Apple #VisionPro #AppleVisionPro #VR #games #gaming #Oculus #OculusMetaQuest2 #MetaQuest2 #Sony #PSVR #SonyPSVR #BeatSaber #Facebook #Meta

Michael Gale
4 days ago


Is it time to remove #twitter #opengraph #meta tags from our websites?

Is this just digital waste that only serves the purpose of improving UX for society's most atrocious humans?

6 days ago

The most hated brands in America:

1. Trump
2. FTX
3. Fox
4. Twitter
5. Meta (FB, IG, WhatsApp)
6. Spirit Airlines
7. TikTok

#Brands #Twitter #Meta #TikTok #Apps #Companies #Media #Lists #DataPrivacy #Cybersecurity

Dr Bob
6 days ago

These are the 7 most hated brands in America—Elon #Musk's Twitter is No. 4

#Twitter, #Meta and #TikTok are three of the world’s biggest social media giants.

They’re also three of the brands with the worst reputations in the U.S., according to the recently released 2023 Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings.”

Text Shot: Here are the seven brands with the worst reputations in America, according to the poll:

The Trump Organization
Fox Corporation
Spirit Airlines
Americans named the Trump Organization as the company with the worst public perception in the country. It’s the only business on the list with a “very poor” overall score, the lowest possible tier.

The Trump Organization scored particularly low in the “character,” “trust” and “ethics” categories.
David Carroll
6 days ago
Alan Kotok
6 days ago

Infographic – VR, AR Yet to Reach Critical Mass

While applications of VR and AR technologies can seem compelling, the numbers of people actually using these systems remain relatively small.

#News #Technology #Business #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #MarketResearch #Software #Headsets #Users #Meta #Apple #Infographic

Bar chart: VR and AR adoption through 2027
6 days ago

Another of these. Facebook is not our friend. #Meta is not our mate. #SurveillanceCapitalism not a tool for social change.

#UK #mentalHealth charities handed sensitive #data to #Facebook for targeted ads

Chris Trottier
1 week ago

Yes, there's slowdown in #Mastodon sign-ups. My conjecture for why it's happening:

#Bluesky became the hotness and sucked the oxygen out of the room
2. People are awaiting
#Barcelona to see what #Meta has to offer
3. There hasn't been a big Mastodon release in a long, long time -- which dulls curiosity about the product
4. Growth of
#ActivityPub has moved more towards *key apps (#Misskey, #Calckey, etc.)


1 week ago

(1 /3)

...s/: No need for explanations why #Twitter’s new head of trust and safety, Ella #Irwin resigned this week. (1)

We all know she had to resign for personal liability reasons./s

#Twitter could now be next in line in the #EU, even before the anticipated showdown with #TikTok(2), after #Meta was fined a record 1,300 million USD last month.(3)

/s: #DublinCalling: /s

"You can run but you can’t hide, "
tweeted the the #EU’s internal market commissioner,...

"@VeraJourova :

"Bye, bye birdie.
#Twitter has chosen a hard
way to comply with our
digital laws.
Russia's disinformation is
dangerous and it is
irresponsible to leave EU's
anti-disinformation Code.
3:18 PM : May 27,2023
Read the full conversation
on Twitter
Reply 2 Copy link
Read 535 replies"


"Twitter leaves EU voluntary Code
of Practice against
But obligations remain. You can
run but you can't hide.
Beyond voluntary commitments,
fighting disinformation will be
legal obligation under #DSA as of
August 25
Our teams will be ready for
10:30 PM : May 26, 2023
2 Copy li..
Read 5.3K replies"

Pratik Patel
1 week ago

Congratulations on the PR.

Current and ex-employees: #Meta staff generally aren't using the #Quest 3, especially for meetings, and even those in the #VR unit don't use it regularly for work.


1 week ago

Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston.

Boston lawyer Kimberly West has been appointed as the chief prosecutor on war crimes in Kosovo at the #Hague.

#Meta says it's prepared to block #news content in Canada permanently from Facebook and Instagram if a bill passes requiring the company to kick some $$ to news companies.

A woman in California found a #Mastodon tooth 🐘 🦷 walking on the beach on Memorial Day!

Damon Outlaw
1 week ago

Just to be clear. I’m not saying let’s just wholeheartedly trust #Meta what I am saying is that it’s actual people that will be using those accounts and they will be the ones to feel any negative impacts. We have to be mindful. #mastodon in particular has gain a negative reputation due to a loud minority in regards to gatekeeping and other issues. We shouldn’t reinforce any of those. Let’s have a healthy level of skepticism #Fediverse #Barcelona

Chris Trottier
1 week ago

It's not worth bemoaning that #ActivityPub is, in fact, an open protocol.

And this is because it's not worth bemoaning that
#SMTP is an open protocol. Or Hypertextual Transfer Protocol (#HTTP) is an open protocol.

Or for that matter that anyone can use these protocols as they see fit.

Do I like every use of these protocols? Not at all. We can't always have good things because shady assholes insist on exploiting the open web for their own greed.

The trade off is that we get to have an open web.

Now occasionally, I get people popping by who tell me, "Screw you! I don't care about an open web! I just want to keep my community intact!"

But the only reason your community exists is because we have open protocols.

If you don't think so, find me all those thriving communities still using AppleTalk or IPX/SPX. Wait. There aren't any.

And that's because the only entities that have bothered with a *closed, proprietary* protocol happen to be for-profit corporations that have largely discontinued them due to -- again, wait for it -- the prevalence of open protocols.

Which brings us to a further problem.

You can't use an open protocol while simultaneously pushing for it to be closed. The
#W3C already validated ActivityPub. The proverbial cat is out of the bag.

So yes, corporations will adopt ActivityPub. That's already happening.
#Meta, #Automattic, #Medium, #Flipboard -- many more to come -- are developing for it.

But openness also means
you can build upon it. You can create your own thriving communities. And some of these communities can be private if you so choose.

Just as it's possible for you to build your own newsletter or publish your own webpage, it's possible for you built your own
#Fediverse server.

You see, openness cuts both ways.