1 day ago

The next episode is still in progress, here's a quick look at what the editor's working on.


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Edgar de Almeida
2 days ago

Second pre-order in my life, the only one so far was Metal Gear Solid (PS1). There wasn't a pre-order trend back then, but I remember perfectly calling the store to keep one on the side for me as soon they arrived.

#cyberpunk2077 #metalgearsolid

2 days ago

#MetalGearSolid Locked At 30FPS In Master Collection, #Konami Confirms

The original game will run at the same modest framerate regardless of platform

4 days ago

I'm starting to enjoy this 3D thing.

#lowpoly #pixelart #3d #Blockbench #metalgearsolid

5 days ago

Make your own Codec call video with our new Instagram and TikTok filter! #metalgearsolid #gaming

#videoGames #gaming #gamingNews

YouTube cover image for a video titled Make your own Codec call video with our new Instagram and TikTok filter! #metalgearsolid  #gaming
5 days ago

😱 Metal Gear Solid torna anche su PS4, ma c'è una brutta notizia: la versione rimasterizzata è disponibile solo per i membri del PlayStation Plus. #MetalGearSolid


Laura Luna
6 days ago

29. #MetalGearSolid, desde hace años. No podía pasar ni el tutorial pero siento que el cosmos está desordenado si no juego a ese juegazo. Con el Remake tendré una oportunidad

Y Snake es muy sexy.

Solid Snake gira la cabeza despacio y en tensión en Metal Gear Solid
6 days ago

The next episode is still in progress, here's a quick look at what the editor's working on. If only I'd just let them pee on my box when I came through before.

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6 days ago

Aussie Bargain Roundup: Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1
What a thrill....
#Switch #BargainRoundup #MetalGearSolid

dino 🌈
1 week ago

[🧵 5/x] (Astute viewers will no doubt immediately see the parallels to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which sees, from the perspective of Big Boss (explorer), the complete destruction of Mother Base by Cipher and the XOF (gorilla). Given Kojima's love of referential media, we must conclude that Congo Bongo played *some* influencing role in the official Metal Gear timeline)

#MetalGearSolid #Kojima

An image of a cinematic from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros. Big Boss looks at the destruction of mother base from the bay door of a helicopter.
2 weeks ago

short snake + tall otacon is my fave. snake being able to manhandle otacon is my other fave

#metalgearsolid #otasune

Teacher Rogue One :verified:
3 weeks ago

Oh! Auch Solid Snake ist ganz schön in die Jahre gekommen.. #MetalGearSolid #scholz

Good morning, Fediverse!

Breep-Breep! CODEC call coming in as it's the 25th anniversary of the Japanese release of the seminal METAL GEAR SOLID on PlayStation.

It's hard to understate just how landmark a title this is. It's everything that the stampede to FMV games on Mega CD and 3DO tried to do in terms of being a cinematic game - but with amazing gameplay. You didn't need live-action to be 'realistic' and 'cinematic' - Metal Gear Solid truly showed where the emphasis should be placed.

It's still an awesome game to play today and if you don't have a PS1 and a copy to hand, it's worth emulating that version with a memory card file full of saves just for a certain scene!

If you have any MGS memories you'd like to share, let's hear them! When did you first play it and did you import it from Japan or the US if you're in PAL?

#Retrogaming #MetalGearSolid #videogames #gaming #ps1 #psx

3 weeks ago

Metal Gear Solid was released 25 years ago on 3rd September 1998.

One of the craziest games ever made and the one that took the series to worldwide fame and success. One of the games that made 1998 probably the greatest year in videogame history.

#1998InVideoGames #MGS #MetalGear #MetalGearSolid

1 month ago

For some reason, MetalGearSolid always lives on in Soulsborne.

#MetalGear #MetalGearSolid #MGS #Soulsborne #Elden Ring

IT News
1 month ago

Konami warns players of “outdated” content in Metal Gear Solid collection - Enlarge / Someone had better warn that snowsuit-clad guard about the "o... - #metalgearsolid #disclaimer #outdated #gaming #konami

Tech news from Canada
1 month ago

Ars Technica: Konami warns players of “outdated” content in Metal Gear Solid collection #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #MetalGearSolid #disclaimer #outdated #Gaming #Konami

Kojima creep factor intact. But let’s be realistic, odds are at least some of these are emulation and no one at Konami was gonna go in and do patches on anything to change them.

Quoting @arstechnica:

#retoot #Gaming #PlayStation
#Xbox #Nintendo #PCGaming
#MGS #MetalGearSolid

Screenshot of quoted toot from Ars Technica:

“Metal Gear Solid re-release features
disclaimer for ‘outdated’ content—Games will be presented ‘without alteration’ to match ‘creator's original vision’.
1 month ago

Some New #MetalGearSolid Collection Games Are Barely HD

Several games will only run at 720p according to a new round of previews


Box art shows games included in the Metal Gear Collection.
1 month ago

Konami compartilha trechos emocionantes de gameplay de Metal Gear Solid 1, antecipando a estreia no Xbox. Confira!
#MetalGearSolid #MGS #Konami #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore
1 month ago

🎮👊 Gioca a Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection in 720p! Una collezione di classici che non puoi perderti. #MGS #MetalGearSolid


Sounds like the versions of #MetalGearSolid 2 and 3 in the upcoming #MasterCollection are just straight ports from the old HD Collection, probably with some video content removed for licensing reasons.

A surprise though: Seems #SnakesRevenge is included - a game that was never re-released in 31 years.

Mit #MetalGearSolid Master Collection Vol. 1 wagt sich Konami wieder an die Serie. War langsam auch nötig, denn die Zugänglichkeit ließ über die Jahre nach. Was die Portierungen zu bieten haben und welche Boni warten, hat Kevin herausgefunden:

1 month ago

#metalgearsolid collection coming almost in time for my birthday 🥲

Dobes Crusher
2 months ago

Possibly one of the silliest/most niche crossovers I've done for a patreon card.

#fediart #mastoart #artistsonmastodon #mastodonart #metalgearsolid #solidsnake #dog #postcard #mgs3 #bluey #blueheeler

A vintage postcard with a drawing of Bluey the blue heeler dressed as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3
Maia Starchild | VTuber
2 months ago

Let's get Rex on his feet
Continuing our #metalgearsolid model build tonight~

Come join us, right now!

#vtuber #envtuber #twitchstreamer

2 months ago

Día 27: aquí pondré 4 grandísimos protagonistas a mi juicio, sin ningún orden:

#BigBoss de la saga #MetalGearSolid, el mejor soldado del siglo XX, el hombre que vendió al mundo.

#JillValentine de la saga #ResidentEvil, la mejor miembro de los STARS y además, the master of unlocking.

#Aloy de #Horizon, pura perseverancia, curiosidad, inteligencia y habilidad, y además un personaje super agradable.

Y #ArthurMorgan de #RedDeadRedemption, el personaje mejor escrito y desarrollado que he visto.

2 months ago

My #videogames plans for the immediate future:

- Finish #EldenRing
- Replay Elden Ring (so I understand what's going on)
- Finish #HollowKnight
- Start #BaldursGate again for the 25th release day
- Finish Baldur's Gate 2 with ToB for the second time since release
- Replay #TheWitcher 2
- Start The Witcher 3 again (lost my first attempt save when my PS4 died in 2019)
- Finish #Cyberpunk2077
- Replay #KotOR

And then, maybe, I have the time to replay #MetalGearSolid 1-4. In 2028 or so... 😅

2 months ago

Snake, your clips are rendering as "Media Offline!" You've completed ruined your file repository, Snake! ... Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE!?

Please enjoy my stupid shit:

#MetalGear #MetalGearSolid #FOXDANK

2 months ago

Snake, your clips are rendering as "Media Offline!" You've completed ruined your file repository, Snake! ... Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE!?

Please enjoy my stupid shit:

#MetalGear #MetalGearSolid #FOXDANK

Maia Starchild | VTuber
2 months ago

Let's continue #MetalGearSolid tonight~ We just beat Psycho Mantis!

Going live right now~

#vtuber #envtuber #twitchstreamer

Maia Starchild | VTuber
2 months ago

We're continuing work on Metal Gear Rex tonight! Going live right now!

More itsy-bitsy parts to assemble!

#vtuber #twitchstreamer #metalgearsolid

Laura Luna
2 months ago

2. A #MetalGearSolid, si supiera manejar el sigilo. Pero un día llegaremos allí.

Metal Gear Solid intro
Ted Martens
2 months ago

You like Castlevania, don't you?
#pixel_dailies #pixelart #ドット絵 #MetalGearSolid

2 months ago

Today’s #gaming trinket is this limited edition #MGS4 watch that was sold by gamestation.

Only 500 were made.

#MetalGearSolid #Konami

Photo of an analogue watch in its case with a certification of authentication numbered 489/500.
Matias Hettich Castillo
2 months ago


First time doing this. Chance to pause and reflect on who I came to be:

#KillerInstinct (Main Glacius 🧊)
#SuperMarioRPG (Made me a JRPG fan!)
#MetalGearSolid (That 🇪🇸 translation tho!)
#MetalGearSolid2 (My favorite of the saga)
#FinalFantasyXIII (My favorite of the franchise)
#KOTOR2 (Loved the first one too)
#StarWarsBattlefront (The old one, from 2004)

It was hard doing this, cause I forgot titles that were really important growing up. (Edited, more accurate version)

Did you know, #MetalGearSolid2 contains a full book, covering the events of the first game from the perspective of Nastasha Romanenko, Snake's weapons expert contact, over several hundred pages?
Someone on YouTube turned it into an audiobook. #MetalGearSolid

2 months ago

Some animations for Koss, the main character of my little stealth game Covert Critter! You can play a new demo of this for the Steam Stealthfest right now 🦎

Link ▼

#covertcritter #indiedev #indiegame #lowpoly #psx #metalgearsolid #mgs #playstation #retro #32bit #snake #gecko #anthro

2 months ago

Loving the latest #SillyCuratorPrompts drawings!

Bit sad though- I initially read #broccolotl as #broccelot. The image of a Broccelot sprang fully-formed into my mind, & then I realized I had read the prompt wrong! I have decided everyone deserves to see it anyways- or at least, a quick-&-dirty image edit of what my drawing would have been!

Without further ado, I give you:
Revolver Broccelot

#mastoArt #MetalGearSolid #Krita

Revolver Ocelot's iconic picture, only his head has been replaced by a stalk of broccoli.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

Hari Kari 69!

Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor Paul Eiding Speaks Out on Fans, AI Using His Voice Work Without Permission - IGN

#MetalGearSolid #VoiceActiing #AI #GamingNews

Retired Colonel Roy Campbell in a helicopter in Metal Gear Solid 4.
3 months ago

If you didn't know, the #MetalGearSolid master collection volume 1 is available for pre-order on #Steam. The remake of Snake Eater is listed but not yet available to buy.

It's very, very rare that I pre-order anything, but this is huge for me because emulating 2 and 3 properly is kind of a chore and I've never actually finished 3. This will give me native PC ports that I can keep playing on whatever future PC I happen to have. I think the last game I pre-ordered was Portal 2.

#gaming #pcgaming

A photo of my TV screen on the Steam interface showing:
- Metal Gear 1/2
- Metal Gear Solid
- Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
- Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
- Metal Gear Solid Master Collection bonus content volume 1

🌈 Introduction 💬

Hi there! I'm Georgie and I'm #NewToAethy :bi_heart: :nonbinary_heart:

I'm #multifandom and I like a lot of things lol. I'm mainly into #horror movies and #videogames. I also draw and occasionally write!

I enjoy dark themes and kinks, I'm pro-fiction and anti-harassment.

List of fandoms / interests:
#Gaming - #MGS #MetalGearSolid, #SilentHill, #ResidentEvil, #DMC #DevilMayCry, #DBD #DeadByDaylight
#Movies / TV - #IASIP #AlwaysSunny, #TheBoys, #CobraKai #TheKarateKid, #Hetalia, #JJBA #jojosbizarreadventure, #Yellowjackets
➳ Other stuff - #Homestuck, #HTML, #CSS, #Neocities
(Will probably update these in the future)

More tags - #intropost #introduction #NewToMastodon #fandom #profiction #profic #proship #deaddove

3 months ago

New #introduction

Hello! I'm Maxxy. I'm 25 years old, non-binary, and do busy work in IT to make ends meet. I'm really into games, anime, manga, and all of the typical nerd stuff that I'm sure everyone is used to seeing here.

I'm the biggest fan of Chika Fujiwara on the Fediverse, so expect to see some pics of her from time to time :akko_giggle:

Minors, please do not interact!

Anime/Manga I'm currently interested in:

Games I'm currently playing/favorites:

I hope to meet and get along with everyone! :ElainaHappyAnim:

Steve Frenzel
3 months ago

Revisiting #MetalGearSolid 5 after many years and this game still slaps. I'm not sure to what extent, but I heard #HideoKojima was not too happy or much involved in it.

I can see why, cause I don't think how they did the open world stuff and building your mother base works 100%. I think it should be there and it's important but this game works best when it's linear, as it's like a movie in some way.

Anyway, story is still somewhat confusing but I'm having a blast! #VideoGames

The Video Game Library 📚
3 months ago

More books!! 📚

Next up is Pierre-William Fregonese''s "Raconteurs d'Histoires".

Focusing on the writers, this book delves into the importance of #GameWriting and #NarrativeDesign, and what sets story-driven games apart from their "instant enjoyment" counterparts.


#GodOfWar #NieR #Persona #TOTK #BOTW #Zelda #TLOZ #MGS #MetalGearSolid #LifeIsStrange #FinalFantasy #RPG #Gaming #Game #VideoGame #VideoGames #Gamer #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon

The French Cover of "Raconteurs d'Histoires". It is purple and yellow text against a white background. The center is an upsidedown triangle shape of famous characters from story-driven games such as Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Persona, Life Is Strange, NieR and more.
Steve Frenzel
3 months ago

I just finished "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow" by #GabriellZevin and it's easily one of my favourite books. The story has an amazing flow, the characters are memorable and easy to imagine and it's set in the world of #VideoGames.

Once #MetalGearSolid was mentioned, I was totally immersed, spent a significant amount of time playing that game and it's still on of my favourites!

Also it has one of the best and trippiest hard covers 😍

#bookstodon #books

Front cover of "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin. In the background is The Great Wave off Kanagawa, in the foreground the title of the book and the author name in all capitalised letters with a rainbow coloured gradient.
Nick Gonzo
3 months ago

After doing a typo looking for the new Metal Gear Solid remake I was inspired to draw some Metal Geese Solid related content.

Metal Geese Solid.

Like Snake is a Goose.

It’s #art Mum look it up!

#MetalGearSolid #MetalGear #goose

A three panel comic. Panel 1; a digitally painted picture of a bridge. A caption reads “The Hudson River, Two years ago”. Its dark and raining, and the lights are glowing in the dusk. Panel 2; a close up of a shadowy figure on the bridge a glowing cigarette poking out of the hood of their cloak. Panel 3: the figure throws their head back revealing they’re a goose with a bandanna and a mullet. The goose honks.
A stylised logo for a Metal Geese Solid game. A goose with a cigarette and a knife wearing combat armour and a bandanna in the style of the video game character Solid Snake swoops across the bottom of the image.
Manuel Correia
4 months ago

Metal Gear Solid on the Game Boy Color is impressive. Great job translating the gameplay to the limited controls, scope, fluid animations and somehow they even made tense music out of the sound chip.

I'm not as fond of the puzzles they've introduced, there's a lot of trial and error and getting lost around the map, but it's worth checking out.
#retrogaming #gameboy #gameboycolor #metalgear #metalgearsolid

The cover for Metal Gear Solid, for the Game Boy Color. Has an illustration of Solid Snake on a white background.
A screenshot from Metal Gear Solid on the Game Boy Color. It's a outside environment with hedges and dirt paths. A guard is walking on the top of the image, and Snake is crawling around the middle hedge.

Me, in 2001: "That Kojima guy is so quirky. Misinformation controlling the news cycle, use of AI to generate all kinds of content, camera drones, organized domestic terrorism? Man, #MetalGearSolid2 is so out there, it's awesome!"
Me, in 2023: "Oh." #MetalGearSolid #HideoKojima

4 months ago

So it looks like they've clarified that the voice lines will just be recycled from the original game, which hopefully means they're just giving it a new coat of paint and calling it a day. I'd rather they do that than totally remake and re-record an iconic game like this.

#gaming #metalgearsolid

4 months ago

So if you've tried playing #MetalGearSolid 3 on your #SteamDeck with PCSX2 and had issues with extreme slow down during cutscenes, I've found the fix.

Go into the emulation settings and set the "EE cycle skipping" to "mild underclock".

What this seems to have done for me is that parts that would normally slow down just drop from 60 to 30 fps, but continue running at normal speed so it's much less jarring.

Side note, this setting may break other games, but it fixes MGS3.

#gaming #Playstation2

The cover art for Metal Gear Solid 3
A photo of the emulation settings for PCSX2 on my Steam Deck.
Galmesh Rosewood
4 months ago

What a thrill...I did a Snake Eater fanart as a follow-up to what I said yesterday. I went with Eva, I tried a Boss, but couldn't pull it off. The bra is to make you look away from the zipper, by the way.

#MastoArt #art #illustration #DigitalArt #metalgear
#mgs #Metalgearsolid

Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, a blonde woman in an open bicycle jumpsuit revealing a black bra.

Konami announcing remake re-release of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, as well as other Metal Gear games in the works for remake.

#MetalGearSolid #metalgearsolid3remake #metalgearsolidsnakeeater

Chris 👾
4 months ago

Wow #MetalGearSolid Snake Eater PS5 Remake confirmed! #PlaystationShowcase #MGS :playstation:

Title screenshot of the game Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater for PS5
5 months ago

Ey! I finished it in time! Happy April 30th babes. #MetalGearSolid

A digital drawing of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 at the end of the game. This is a redraw of the shot where he says "April 30th?" in the artist's style.
Doug Parker
6 months ago

The campiness is still there for sure, though it also hits the uncanny valley a bit. The giant robot is still in the game, but it doesn't come alive at any point, so I'm really not sure why it's there? Having the robot just draws attention to the fact that they weren't willing to all the way with the encounter, and I feel like it would have been better to drop it altogether.

Ramón in particular just generally sucks. He's so much less fun than the handful of clips I've seen of his original version. He's just ugly and dull.

Removal of quick time events is probably a good decision (though they're still kinda there in gameplay). I didn't particularly enjoy the Krauser 1 fight though as the knife is incredibly awkward to use. It felt like the final fist fight in a #MetalGearSolid game without all the build up which makes those engaging.

Krauser 2 on the hand was excellent and probably my favorite part. Loved the traps and ambushes in particular.

Megan Fox
6 months ago


do we think Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is an open world game? (this was originally on the PSP)

What about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (the one right before MGS 5). Open world?

(Boosts appreciated! Wanna get a wider sense of this)

#metalgearsolid #mgs #games

Bob Dendry :gamepad:
7 months ago

Alright, new account, so introduction time.

I've created this account to split off my gaming-related posts out of my more serious account @lachlanstevens - so here I am!

I game on PC (Windows and Linux), PS5 and Switch. I love collecting games, especially 90s-era stuff (nostalgia!)

Some of my favourite games/series are #CitiesSkylines, #TransportFever, #MetalGearSolid, #Fallout, #DragonAge, #CommandAndConquer, #Battlefield - I also enjoy giving all sorts of different games a go!

#MetalGearSolid was hugely influential to me. I played the PS1 entry when I was in 5th grade, and it shaped me in a lot of ways.

beyond reinforcing a love of slow and methodical gameplay combined with deep, emotional story (a seed already planted by #FinalFantasy VII), it also laid political groundwork.

young me learned to be sus of the military-industrial complex, of abuses of power, of war justifications, and shirtless blonde dudes in trench coats.

Boiling Steam
8 months ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay (PS3 with RCPS3 Emulator) on the Steam Deck. My least favorite episode of the series but seems to run OK: #linux #linuxgaming #hardware #gaming #steamdeck #mgs4 #metalgearsolid #ps3 #emulation #rcps3

8 months ago

I used to really love video game parodies. I made this before I had access to Aseprite, so each frame of the animation was drawn in MS Paint. 🙃 #MastoArt #MetalGearSolid #Parody #GIF

Metal Gear Solid codec parody.  Conversation between Mei Ling and Solid Snake about languages.