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This week on STEAM Powered, our conversation is with Lan Tran, Tech Evangelist & Doyenne of Professional Business Standards.

You have to pivot or reinvent yourself to stay relevant. This idea gets bandied about a lot these days but there are going to be times in your life and in business where it has to happen.

Lan Tran is a powerhouse in sales and marketing is no stranger to this concept. She has seen the decline of the paper business directory with the advent of Google ads, the challenges of returning to work after raising a family, and the devastating impact of crypto on a local metaverse game studio.

We speak about approaching reinvention with humility, and Lan's observations about innovation and entrepreneurship in tech and Western Australia.

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#innovation #entrepreneurship #tech #WesternAustralia #WA #web3 #metaverse #careers

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#Metaverse #cryptocurrencyexchanges #cryptocurrencyindustry Hong Kong Cyber Police Unveil CyberDefender Meta-Universe Platform: The Hong Kong Police Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) has unveiled a new meta-universe platform called CyberDefender

The Cyber Police and the Police Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) launched a platform called CyberDefender of the Metaworld and held its first online event, "Exploring the Metaworld."

They decided to educate…

13 hours ago

Metaverse: China investiert 8,5 Milliarden US-Dollar ins Metaverse #Krypto-Markt #Metaverse #China #Fonds

Architecture News
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DesignBoom : NFT ART DAY ZRH returns to immerse visitors in the worlds of web3 & crypto art #NFT(non-fungibletoken) #NFTARTDAYZRH #metaverse #art

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The Metaverse is a term used to describe a shared virtual space that is created by the convergence of physical and virtual worlds, where users can interact with each other and digital objects in real-time. #metaverse

Haptic Monkey
1 day ago

We're in the open... #opensource #metaverse #virtualreality #VR #Desktop #overte

A field trip to Madders Place is in store...

Kean Bean
1 day ago

Facebook/Meta is doing what it does best: getting rid of their content moderators.
They recently laid off their Kenyan team consisting of 180 people. The team was being paid absolute shit, have no savings, and have been barred from re-submitting applications. They have a fundraiser that is currently only at 7% of its goal.

Meta obviously hasn't learned from what happened in Ethiopia. In 2020–2022, an estimated 385,000–⁠600,000 (the conservative count) died in the Tigray war. This war was largely fueled by a desire for ethnic cleansing, which was exacerbated and spread by Facebook posts. These posts containing hate speech would have been caught if Meta had an adequate content moderation team.

With about half a million people dead and 13 million affected by the resulting famine, Facebook is currently being sued for 1.6 billion. And instead of making sure that their social media site doesn't insight violence, they're laying off moderators and pouring money into virtual worlds that no one actually wants.
If you have the money, please donate to the ex-moderator's legal fund. The more legal pressure put on Meta means a lower chance of another genocide.

Link soup ahead:
#facebook #meta #metaVerse #tormentNexus #markZuckerberg #Tigray #TigrayWar #kenya #ethiopia #genocide #ethnicCleansing #donate
#affirmativeAction #legalFunds #fundraiser #fundraising #contentModerator #contentModeration #employment #poverty

Holocluck Henly
1 day ago

Sometimes #SecondLife is the only way to get with nature. I think someone on here showed me Mindful Cove #VirtualWorlds #Metaverse

2 days ago

Ultimately, the metaverse is a reflection of our evolving relationship with technology, offering both opportunities and challenges as we navigate this new frontier. #metaverse

Ryan Schultz
2 days ago

Using the tips I earned from last Friday night's drag performance in #SecondLife, *THIS* is my new look for next week's drag performance! 💋 (Yes, MissDrag is seven feet tall with the wig! The higher the hair, the closer to God.)

Drag in Second Life is addictive, and I might need an intervention! #VirtualWorlds #Metaverse #Drag #DragQueen

Closeup of MissDrag, my drag queen avatar in Second Life
Full view of my new outfit (MissDrag, my drag queen avatar in Second Life)
2 days ago

Most virtual lands on some of the leading metaverses have depreciated by approximately 90% since their peak in 2022. According to a study published by CoinGecko, the value of popular metaverse assets such as Otherdeeds, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium, and Voxels declined between January 1, 2022, and May 24, 2023. As demonstrated in the table above, the most expensive property at the time, Otherdeeds by Otherside, which once sold properties… #Metaverse #News #Apple

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3 days ago

Top metaverse property investments suffer massive losses: Report - Popular metaverse properties, such as Otherdeeds, The Sandbox, De... - #virtualproperty #virtualreality #virtualland #metaverse #meta

3 days ago

As the metaverse becomes more sophisticated, it is expected to blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds, creating new opportunities for creativity, innovation, and collaboration. #metaverse

3 days ago

The Sandbox CEO's Twitter was hacked, used to promote alleged 'airdrop' scam - The executive appears to have now recovered his account.
... - #thesandbox #metaverse #phishing #twitter #hacks #scam

3 days ago »Second Life Fashion Friday: Witty Style Ideas from Jordan Whitt« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality


You can also pick up some classic layer clothing and some mesh clothing for #RothToo and #RuthToo, including the RothToo/RuthToo mesh bodies, at my #SecondLife store here:
A few of those items, including the RothToo/RuthToo mesh bodies, are also on the MarketPlace here:

#OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #MeshBody #MarketPlace

Jupiter Rowland
3 days ago
It's a pity that there's no good place for #OpenSimulator users to meet and discuss and exchange ideas and such. I guess Google+ used to be one, but when it shut down, people couldn't agree where to go instead. Luckily, they didn't agree upon Facebook instead. But still, the #OpenSim community ended up largely strewn about.

In order for there to be a healthy discussion and exchange culture, a minimum critical mass of users is required. Small groups can only serve as support groups for common technical issues, for example, but not so much for discussing things. If they're a bit larger, discussion may become possible, but only about whatever is mainstream in that group. Anything that's niche is either too underrepresented, i.e. there may actually be only one group member able and willing to talk about it, or it isn't represented at all. And OpenSim itself is already pretty niche.

If you want to talk about something that's niche within your niche, an overall fairly large group is required. The bigger the group, the bigger each niche, the more likely it becomes for people interested in non-mainstream things to find someone to talk about it. Otherwise, you can post away about your thoughts, seeking a meaningful dialogue about it, but you're completely ignored at best or out-right told that you're wrong or dumb for not doing as everyone does at worst.

Now, when I say "niche", I don't mean weird kinks. In OpenSim, "niche" can be a lot from immersion and realism to preferring or only using legal content. In all these cases, you're likely to be told that you're doing it wrong if you aren't doing it like everyone else, and that you're either clueless or stupid or both.

A big, international OpenSim forum would be nice. Whatever your "niche" interests and topics are, you'd be likely to meet like-minded people. But there is no such thing. What forums there are are either specific to one certain grid each, so you at least have to feel bad for posting about other grids, or only for rather small, tight-knit communities.

#OpenSimWorld is currently the OpenSim community hub. But one of its biggest shortcomings is that it's almost total anomy. There is absolutely no moderation whatsoever except for the admin sometimes deleting stuff without saying a word. In fact, there aren't even any community rules because the whole thing was primarily created as a sim catalogue and not so much for user interaction.

Besides, unless some drama erupts somewhere, there's hardly any discussion going on. The forums are being used for advertising events without having to pay gold coins, but hardly for discussion. You can't even be sure to get any help there. There's even a discussion group feature which could be useful for niche topics, but which is hardly used because people don't know that OpenSimWorld has groups in the first place. It is as if the sidebar to the left doesn't even exist for most users.

Also, what doesn't happen on the frontpage or in the chat box counts as not happening at all because nobody notices it. And getting posts onto the frontpage costs gold coins which you have to buy for real money.

In practice, OpenSimWorld is almost entirely about showcasing sims and pushing their rankings, announcing events and the occasional drama erupting from comments.

Some OpenSim users ended up on MeWe. But MeWe has even less meaningful exchange, and it's even more about presentation and less about interaction than OSW. That's also because the OpenSim community on MeWe is so small and inactive that it isn't worth checking the various OpenSim-related pages daily. Thus, you can't get discussions going, for even if you get a reply to anything, you get it after a couple of weeks or months.

Only few OpenSim users have found their way into the Fediverse so far. The main gateway for OpenSim users into the Fediverse is through #WolfTerritoriesGrid and OpenSimSocial, so everyone who doesn't enter the Fediverse there is even more of a proverbial lone wolf than Lone Wolf himself because connections from there to the outside Fediverse take their time, if they happen at all.

Still, regardless of which instance OpenSim users are on, they hardly have any interaction. It's extremely rare that I see even one measly comment on OpenSim posts.

Interestingly, there's an OpenSim community forum on #Hubzilla with connections from all over the place, from Mastodon to Diaspora*. Unfortunately, it's dead. New connections have to be confirmed by the owner who hasn't shown up in ages, so you can't even hijack and revive it. By the way: It was named "Metaverse Community Forum" years before Zuckerberg claimed to have invented the #Metaverse.

For topics that aren't OpenSim-specific, it might sound like a good idea to join a community that isn't OpenSim-specific. I'm not too sure it is one, though.

First of all, you can forget any place that only talks about #VirtualWorlds that are too different from OpenSim in structure and UX. If you have to explain how #SecondLife works and then that OpenSim works the same whenever you want to talk about it because people can't imagine what having an inventory or modular, configurable avatars is like, then you're in the wrong place. Even more so if the general consensus is that virtual worlds absolutely require blockchains, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, because those communities aren't really about 3-D worlds, they're all about making lots of money through crypto and NFTs while claiming to have a halfway working 3-D world.

Speaking of Second Life, one of the biggest forums about virtual worlds is the official Second Life Community forum. But neither Linden Labs nor the other users will tolerate people joining and then never talking about Second Life itself, but instead about something that's actually direct competition to Second Life and, unfortunately, living on pirated Second Life content being distributed for free.

However, there's also It's a general discussion board about virtual worlds that even has an OpenSim subforum. Yes, it's very Second Life-centric, it's more about Second Life than anything else, but talking about certain topics with Second Life users is likely to be a lot easier than with, what, Horizon or Roblox or VRchat users.

There's still the risk of Second Life users shunning OpenSim users for reasons such as being pirates/supporting piracy or not using "the real deal" or something. And there's certainly the risk that Second Life users completely ignore the Virtual World General because they're only interested in Second Life and nothing else. Not to mention that it's very hard to talk about OpenSim-specific topics if only few people there use OpenSim in the first place.

Also, has a reputation of being a shitposting hive. It sometimes does have that certain "4chan before Anonymous became the good guys" vibe. But then again, since I occasionally communicate through memes myself when that's easier than writing out what I'm thinking, that doesn't have to be too bad as long as it's still possible to have a meaningful discussion there.
Jupiter Rowland
3 days ago
@kaleb I was one of the first to use #Roth2 v2, and I still do. Not in #SecondLife, though, but in #OpenSimulator which it was originally made for. The body has been out for three years, and I got it in June 2020.

For those who don't know: Roth2 v2 is open-source and published under various free licenses.

The #RuthAndRoth project leader is in the Fediverse, by the way, @Austin Tate, as is his avatar, @Ai Austin, another Roth2 v2. He may be behind that Marketplace seller himself. One contributor is @Sean Heavy ✅🤙🏻☯🏳️‍🌈 who still maintains his own Roth 2.0 fork, #RothToo RC#1.

I've got some good advices for you after almost three years of using this body:

Get the Extras box along with the body. You may need it, although it isn't as essential as in the case of #Ruth2 v4.

Look around for good classic skins. Roth2 v2 is geared towards these. The body can handle 1024x1024 textures with no problems.

Don't use an unmodified stock shape. Make a copy of the one that suits you better (the Extras box contains a second shape), and then spend a few hours tweaking it, especially the face.

Speaking of the face, this goes for both Roth2 v2 and Ruth2 v4: First pull up the mouth closer to the nose. Then lift the chin so that it isn't as massive anymore.

Also, Roth2 v2 is as susceptible to short "T. Rex" arms as all the other bodies including the system body. You may want to change that.

If you can get loose skin textures as graphics files somewhere, and if you think you can afford importing them to SL after modifying them, edit them in GIMP or somewhere, carefully remove the toenails and import them to SL. Otherwise, don't wear sandals.

Roth2 v2 has very advanced #BakesOnMesh capabilities. For example, you can switch the alpha mode of the body on the HUD. This comes in handy if, for some reason, your alpha masks stop working.

Unlike older pre-BoM mesh bodies, Roth2 v2 does not have a fine-grained alpha HUD. It largely relies on alpha masks. And you will need alpha masks for just about everything you wear.

There are hardly any clothes that are rigged for Roth2 v2, only a very few all-clothes-in-one complete outfits. You will have to try clothes rigged for other bodies and see if they fit, and if so, how well. Get lots and lots of demos.

Forget beaches unless they're nude beaches. It's very very unlikely that you'll find swim trunks that fit Roth2 v2 well enough. I myself have to resort to classic layer swimwear plus a modified sculpty bulge I've found somewhere. In Second Life, you probably won't have any of this at your disposal.

Normally, I'd suggest you learn how to make your own alpha masks. I usually make my own ones. But in #OpenSim, I can upload as many alpha textures as I want for absolutely free whereas this can become quite expensive in Second Life.

Essentially, Roth2 v2 is a body for tinkerers. It is compatible with Second Life, but it was made for OpenSim and under the assumption that you can upload textures and other stuff without having to pay for it.

This meme shows what Roth2 v2 can look like in OpenSim with some work and some third-party additions.

Finally, a picture of my whole avatar:

#Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #MeshBody
Self-portrait on Nebadon Izumi's Universal Campus with the main building in the background
Haptic Monkey
3 days ago

We're in the open... #opensource #metaverse #virtualreality #VR #Desktop #overte

Meshroom scans! I love me a room from shrooms!

Jupiter Rowland
3 days ago
I haven't posted a #meme in a while. Here's another one based on Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh I've had lying around for a while. And I'm meming myself again.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #Griefing #TuxedoWinnieThePooh
Modified Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh meme with myself in Pooh's place, sitting on a blue bean bag chair. Upper picture: me in a dark orange polo shirt; label: Griefing. Lower picture: me in a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bowtie, smirking; label: Surprise load test.
Second Life
3 days ago

Happy Friday everyone! Check out Cosmic Linden's post for an exclusive sneak peek of Second Life's upcoming Terrain with Physically-Based Rendering!

Learn more ➡️

#SecondLife #LindenLab #VirtualWorld #Metaverse #PBR #PhysicallyBasedRendering #SecondLifeTerrrain

3 days ago

Chinese city releases policy draft for metaverse industry development - The policies include a series of cash benefits to attract metaverse-rela... - #investments #technology #metaverse #china

3 days ago

Welche Potenziale hat das #Metaverse für Baden-Württemberg? 🌐🚀 Darum ging es am Montag im S-TEC Expertenform #CyberLänd. Vertreter*innen aus wichtigen Branchen Baden-Württembergs, darunter Produktion, Gesundheit, Bauwirtschaft, Kreativwirtschaft und öffentliche Einrichtungen, haben sich intensiv ausgetauscht und #Geschäftspotenziale sowie erste Anwendungen des Metaverse für Unternehmen diskutiert. Was ist Ihre Meinung zum Metaverse?


Holocluck Henly
4 days ago

Lots of fun and amusements at Vic Funfaire in Bellisseria's Victorian Theme Community Region Merrymount #SecondLife #VirtualWorlds #Metaverse

4 days ago

The metaverse is not just about gaming and entertainment, but also about creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of community. #metaverse

4 days ago
4 days ago »A Second Life Memorial to George Floyd's Murder -- And a Plea Not to "Move On" From It« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality

The Wastelands
4 days ago

🧵 (1/9) Here's the upcoming Wastelands events for this week! All times are in SLT. If you would like to see your own event in The Wastelands posted here, please contact me with details about your event.

Of special note, Promageddon is Saturday, and the Buzzard hunt starts on June 1st!

#SecondLife #SL #Metaverse #TheWastelands

4 days ago
Juno Rowland
4 days ago
Do you know Sinus?

You don't? I can't blame you. Sinus is one of the oldest and most obscure sims in #CraftWorld, and as far as I know, #OpenSimWorld has never listed it. But it's also one of the most interesting ones.

Sinus may be old, as may be what it has to offer. But most of what it offers is exclusive to here, and everything is exclusive to Craft-World.

One good reason to go here is layer clothing, especially for the ladies. Whether you still have a classic system avatar or a mesh body with #BakesOnMesh, you're likely to find things that are hard or out-right impossible to find elsewhere. Especially grid founder Tosha Tyran's shop, Faire Belle, offers a lot from lingerie to sheer hosiery to knit stockings and tights for cold winter days.

Everything I'm wearing in this picture is being offered in shops on this sim. The boots are by Ada Wong; I've actually acquired them during this visit. The velvet shirt and the stockings are by Tosha. The jacket and the skirt are by Eva Kraai, based on meshes by Damien Fate. That is, unfortunately, the jacket cannot be copied, but a red version of it is available at the Craft-Store, and if you re-tint it from red to white, you get the same thing.

There's also a lot of home decoration to find here. If you should get hungry or thirsty, there's also a ristorante. And when you're done, you can explore the neighbouring sims or use the teleporters.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualTravel
Me standing at the harbour at Simus, wearing a white suit jacket, a black velvet top, a knee-long white skirt, a pair of black stockings and a pair of black ankle boots; in the background, there are Italian-style archways with various shops, a group of static people that serve as teleporters and a rainbow in the sky
DJ Mao Mix
4 days ago

Jueves en Vale Todo, con música freeStyle; Un poco de todo para que pasemos un rato agradable y divertido.
#SecondLife #Metaverse #mundovirtual #metaverso #dj #disco #party #djmaomix


Escúchame en directo desde tu navegador o móvil

URL para tu land:

Portal Web:

Holocluck Henly
4 days ago

The #DoctorStrange series 2018 issue 2 version is as good as it's going to get without elbow & knee pads :) Here are shots from the comic for reference and of course credit where due: ©Marvel & drawn by one of the best Strange artists of the past 20 years IMHO, Jesús Saiz.
Tweaked Somnium Retro Space Suit (you should see my pseudo Gachaman outfit as well) and changed up the facial hair.
#SecondLife #VirtualWorlds #Cosplay #Metaverse

#Metaverse #Dystopedia

"Human being" --

1. Distributed DNA-based compute that operates an avatar.

2. Increasingly unpopular class or race that avatars may choose to represent themselves as.

3. Sustenance for "Zuck's basilisk".

Andrzej Marczewski
5 days ago

The #metaverse is a con. Discuss!

5 days ago »What UploadVR's Ian Hamilton Will Watch for at Apple's XR Reveal at Next WWDC -- And What I Fear« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality

5 days ago

Best Crypto to Buy Now 24 May – Kava, AiDoge, Render, ecoterra, Toncoin, yPredict, DeeLance - The minutes from the Federal Reserve's early May meeting reveal a lack of consensus regar... - #bestcryptotobuytoday #fundamentalanalysis #bestcryptotobuynow #technicalanalysis #bestcryptotobuy #cryptopresale #recycletoearn #altcoinnews #bestcrypto #memetoearn #metaverse #ecoterra #ton

Haptic Monkey
5 days ago

We're in the open... #opensource #metaverse #virtualreality #VR #Desktop #overte

I dug in the furniture to find coin for this...

5 days ago
5 days ago

Today in Crypto: Crypto Hacks Drop 70% in Q1 2023, Binance CSO Said Reuters' 'Weak' Article is Filled with Conspiracy Theories, Solana Integrates AI with a ChatGPT Plugin - Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news – investigat... - #altcoinnews #metaverse

Holger Hellinger ✔️
5 days ago

I want to found a #company, one that sucks as much as possible money out of other companies selling them fancy generative AI stuff they don't need. Similar to #NFTs, #Metaverse, or #Coins

I will be bankrupt in 3 years, but hey, I have sucked as long as I could...

Who joins my journey?

<not />

6 days ago

Chinese city launches govt-backed metaverse platform - The platform aims to consolidate the resources of academic instit... - #technology #metaverse #china #web3

6 days ago

Best Crypto to Buy Now 23 May – Conflux, Copium, Neo,, Kava, Sponge, Ecoterra - Hong Kong's financial regulator announced it will allow retail investors to trade certain... - #bestcryptotobuytoday #bestcryptotobuynow #recycletoearn #altcoinnews #bestcrypto #memetoearn #metaverse #ecoterra #conflux #$copium #sponge #kava #neo #cfx #nft #ai

6 days ago »Does OpenAI Actually Prohibit ChatGPT-Powered Sexbot Avatars in the Metaverse?« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality

6 days ago »Today's SL Flickr Pick: Perfectly Composed, Story-Rich Screenshots by Kiva« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality

2022 #Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse.

2023 #AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI, AI.

I feel like an old man now, I don't want AI in every single aspect of what I do. The next generation won't know how to live without it 🤣

Rene Schulte
6 days ago

All the news from Microsoft #msbuild in one document? 🤔

Check out the Book of News 👉

Big announcements with #AI all over the place. I like the "groundedness” metric with Prompt Flow and support for foundation models. Also the #Metaverse Mesh news. 🤩

Second Life
6 days ago

Immerse yourself in a stunning replica of a beautiful stretch of California's Central Coast, complete with beaches, hiking trails, waterfalls, and seagulls who may steal your taco!

Video by Draxtor Despres

Teleport Now ➡️

#SecondLife #SecondLifeDestinations #VirtualWorld #Metaverse #Machinima #BigSur

O smierci #metaverse

"Był to środek do zwiększenia ceny akcji, a nie prawdziwa wizja przyszłości ludzkich interakcji. Zuckerberg wykorzystał swoje ogromne bogactwo i władzę, aby skłonić całą branżę technologiczną i znaczną część amerykańskiego świata biznesu do podporządkowania się temu niedopracowanemu pomysłowi."

Dla mnie to po prostu brzmi jak wiekszosc efektow pojawienia sie firm z branzy technologicznej / #IT / #gamedev na gieldzie 😆

Dan York
1 week ago

This Communiqué from the G7 governments is worth a read, because beyond all the geopolitical aspects, they do get into “Digital” down around paragraphs 38 and 39… and in there they touch on #AI, #metaverse, #InternetAccess, #InternetFragmentation, and so much more…

Granted, this is all just words… yet to be seen as to what actually happens… but they ARE words from the leaders of 7 major nations!

From: @memeorandum

1 week ago
heise online
1 week ago

"P92": Metas Twitter-Alternative auf Instagram-Basis kurz vor Veröffentlichung

Metas Twitter-Alternative auf Basis von Instagram könnte bereits im Juni erscheinen. Erste Tests mit ausgewählten Promis und Influencern laufen schon.

#ElonMusk #Instagram #MarkZuckerberg #Mastodon #Facebook #MetaPlatforms #Metaverse #Twitter #news

Smartphone mit den Apps von Facebook, Facebook-Messenger, Instragm, WhatsApp und Oculus vor dem Meta-Logo
2 weeks ago

Ich glaube, der Zug rund um das Thema reglementierte Nutzung von KI ist bereits abgefahren. Das Thema hätte aufgegriffen werden müssen, als die ersten Ideen dazu bearbeitet wurden. Jetzt Regelungen zu setzen ist zwar irgendwie richtig, aber es ist auch irgendwie so, als wollte man Amazon nach all den Jahren in die Schranken weisen. #verpasstodon #ki #musk #neuralink #google #metaverse

Ryan Schultz
2 weeks ago

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The New Free Erika Zero Mesh Body by Kalhene (and Where to Get Free Clothing and Shoes for It!) #SecondLife #VirtualWorlds #metaverse

Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

The media is pronouncing the death of the #Metaverse.

I don't think it is dead. Anyone who's ever played an open world RPG with a VR headset can tell you that it's very alive.

But Meta's idea that we'd all be plugging into VR to do virtual meetings? I don't see that happening for a long, long time.

That's not to say it's "dead" -- just not feasible for now.

The metaverse was supposed to be the future of the internet. Is that dream now dead?
In February, Meta announced it was focusing on AI technology, which some in the industry took as a sign that Mark Zuckerberg is burying his dream of the metaverse.
Andy Piper
2 weeks ago

Off to central London to talk about the #Metaverse to an All Party Parliamentary Group in the House of Lords. My life is pretty interesting right now!

What do I know about this? I was using Second Life for work back in 2007… which is about the time that @michaelrowe01 @michaelmartine and I started podcasting about it together @gamesatwork_biz (longer story!)

Very honoured to be asked to be part of the bcs delegation on this subject. Research findings published today:

Ryan Schultz
2 weeks ago

Sometimes the lucky boards in Second Life align to spell a word! (If your first initial matches, you click and win a free skin for your avatar.) #SecondLife #VirtualWorlds #metaverse

Paris Marx
2 weeks ago

It’s Sunday morning, and that means it’s time for the roundup!

This week, Twitter’s new right-wing CEO is revealed and more nails are added to the metaverse’s coffin. Plus, recommended reads, labor news, and other stories from the past week!

#tech #elonmusk #twitter #socialmedia #metaverse

Andy Piper
2 weeks ago

I’m excited and honoured to share that I’m joining a range of my peers in the UK technology space on a panel for the #bcs at the House of Lords on Monday, providing advice and evidence on #Metaverse and Web 3 topics.

Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

I'm sorry, Guardian, but the #Metaverse was never #Meta's to own -- even with the corporate name change.

And I also hate to break it to you, but they haven't stopped working on their version of the Metaverse. In fact, they just released a dodgy-but-glowing report about the Metaverse's alleged growth opportunities.

A moment’s silence, please, for the death of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse
John Naughton

Meta sank tens of billions into its CEO’s virtual reality dream, but what will he do next?
Ryan Schultz
2 weeks ago

Doing Drag in Second Life: Pal’z Premier Drag Club, the Anatomy Mesh Body, and SeraPRIDE’s Ultimate Drag SuperStar Contest! #SecondLife #VirtualWorlds #metaverse #Drag

ZZ Bottom
2 weeks ago

#Music #Magma #SecondLife

I only found out about Magma on Second life; due to a friend, sadly gone now from this Earth into the Mythical paradise of the #metaverse

The reason was that he played all types of amazing music, from King Crimson to Jimmy Hendrix, live on solo guitar, for 2 hours straight, every single day of the week, from 2011 until he passed away in 2021.

Me and my soulmate attended most of his concerts in Second live, and he always was able to play masterly any song any one could ask for, as well as some Originals.

His biggest triumph was that he could play the full #Red album of #KingCrimson, live with one of his guitars that he loved so much.
Another was his 2 hour performance of #JimmyHendrix songs.

He had a serious french accent when singing in English but it was his skill on the guitar that made him a legend in all the #metaverse and made us love him so much.
And we will never forget what he used to say, about #Magma
That it was the only #Music he didnt dare to defy, cause even for him, it was to hard to play and sound as good as the original.

Dylan R. Fox
2 weeks ago

Tickets still available for the
@xrAccess Symposium on June 15-16 y'all! Whether in New York or online, you're going to want to check it out if you care about making an inclusive metaverse.

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Rene Schulte
2 weeks ago

Say “Hello!” to digital humans 👋

We have a new landing page for our AI-powered Digital Human solutions showcasing use cases, references. demo videos and more. 🤩

Check it out 👉

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Jupiter Rowland
2 weeks ago
@theregicide What is what?

Yes, I was partly talking about #SecondLife of which many are absolutely certain that it was shut down in late 2008 and 2009 when it'll actually celebrate its 20th birthday this year. And no, it doesn't look anything like the crummy and choppy old video footage from 2007 anymore.

But what I was mostly talking about is something called #OpenSimulator, #OpenSim in brief.

For those who do dare to tap/click on links and let them open in a Web browser: the official OpenSimulator website/wiki; Hypergrid Business: "What is OpenSim?"

For everyone else, I'll explain it right here: OpenSim is a server application that's the basis of a big network of 3-D #VirtualWorlds which are very similar in technology to Second Life. Thus, the name "OpenSimulator" is also used for the whole ecosystem.

OpenSim was developed around the Second Life Viewer API ("viewer" = "client" = the desktop app which you use to visit Second Life and OpenSim worlds) after Linden Labs had made their own viewer open-source in 2006. OpenSim itself was launched in 2007. It is free (BSD license), open-source, non-commercial and not owned by a corporation; instead, it is developed by volunteers in their spare time.

I've already said, "network of 3-D virtual worlds" which implies there isn't only one. There are many. They're called "grids" because they themselves are split into so-called "regions" of 256x256m; it is possible to walk (or drive or ride a scripted vehicle) from one region to another without teleporting, though.

OpenSim is fully decentralised, much like Mastodon and the other Fediverse projects. And in 2008, a feature called the #Hypergrid was introduced. It created the federation between OpenSim grids which made it possible to have an avatar registered on one grid and still teleport into a wholly different grid. It's even possible to pick up content on one grid and take it to another grid; like Second Life, but unlike many modern virtual worlds, OpenSim has an inventory.

While Second Life has only got one grid, the stats on Hypergrid Business count over 420 public grids. The stats recently submitted by the DreamGrid distribution which bundles OpenSim with an easy-to-use Windows point-and-click interface count over 10,000 private and public grids; most public grids aren't based on DreamGrid, though. More than 95% of all grids are connected to the Hypergrid.

In spite of its age and being largely unknown, OpenSim is not only large, but still growing. As for land size (which, by the way, is not measured by actual dry land, but by active regions), in the latest stats, only the 40 largest grids count 108,112 standard regions and thus measure 7,085 square kilometres or 2,737 square miles. 38 of them are connected to the Hypergrid, still counting, 106,175 standard regions and measuring 6,958 square kilometres or 2,688 square miles.

OSgrid, the first OpenSim grid and both the oldest and by far the largest OpenSim grid, counts 26,885 standard regions alone which amount to 1,762 square kilometres or 681 square miles. This is only slightly less than Second Life (27,741 standard regions, 1,818 square kilometres/702 square miles).

One reason why OpenSim is so huge is because it has some of the cheapest land of all 3-D virtual worlds. Especially some crypto-based virtual worlds sell patches of land which are smaller than a Second Life/OpenSim standard region for millions of dollars.

Second Life and OpenSim generally don't sell land, they offer it for rent. In Second Life, a standard region costs from about $250 a month upward.

On the Hypergrid, most grids charge you $10 a month for a standard region, some even less than that.

Better yet: Unlike Second Life, OpenSim has "varregions" which consist of multiple regions behaving like one with no borders between them, always arranged in a square. If you rent these, you get land for even cheaper. @Lone Wolf, owner of the #WolfTerritoriesGrid, the second-largest grid by land area, charges a little under $30 for a 4x4 varregion (that's the equivalent of 16 standard regions or a bit more than one square kilometre). Varregions can grow up to 32x32 AFAIK, and 16x16 have been seen.

Well, and of course, you can always start a grid of your own.

There is no "official" grid, by the way. The core devs don't run their own grid; in fact, the lead dev only owns one personal region on #OSgrid.

It's also worth mentioning that the term #metaverse has been used around OpenSim for much longer than most people have even known it. While I don't have records about it, the Hypergrid may have been referred to as a "metaverse" as early as its own inception in 2008; maybe even OpenSim itself was called that as early as 2007. The Infinite Metaverse Alliance has used that word in its name since it was founded in 2016.

There are even grids with "metaverse" in their names which predate Mark Zuckerberg's "metaverse" announcement by years such as the IMA's own Metaverse Depot or Alternate Metaverse, established in 2019.

Essentially, OpenSim with its Hypergrid is the free, open, decentralised, distributed "metaverse" which several initiatives are currently working on creating from scratch, all believing nothing like this had ever been done before.

And it is all that without a blockchain, without a cryptocurrency and without NFTs.

CC @bdonnelly, in case you can't believe that this exists.

Watching a great talk about what the #metaverse _can_ become and the failure it has been until now, I hope the world will make also good uses of it to solve real problems. #Appdevcon

heise online
2 weeks ago

Mit Geruch von Rosmarin ins Metaverse: Schnittstelle bringt Geruch in die VR

Wissenschaftler haben eine neue Methode entwickelt, um Gerüche über kleine, drahtlose Schnittstellen in die virtuelle Realität zu bringen. ​

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Jupiter Rowland
3 weeks ago
@theregicide My take on this is different:

The Metaverse isn't dead; it just isn't what you believe it is. And it is older than everyone thinks.

Also, the concept of a free and decentralised metaverse is already reality. Surprise: It is not #Decentraland. It doesn't need a #blockchain, a #cryptocurrency or #NFTs. And it has been around for a decade and a half.

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3 weeks ago

So the current Meta business plan is to continue to advance work in an area no-one wants and also invest in AI where they have no products to counter those already being developed? How does Zuckerberg keep his job?

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Jupiter Rowland
3 weeks ago
Well, of course they do.

The #Metaverse as mass and tech media had predicted, i.e. #HorizonWorlds, it has officially been pronounced dead. #VirtualWorlds based on #Blockchain, #Crypto and #NFTs proved not to be the get-rich-quick schemes the #cryptobros imagined them to be.

And if they claimed that the future of #AI is based on crypto, it'd be too obvious that they'd just be bullshitting everyone again.

So they're coming for federated social networks now, hoping to be still in time before every last Internet user with money has learned that a) the #Fediverse exists and b) it doesn't show any signs of dying down. After all, they have to compensate the billions they've lost when the crypto crash dragged their fancy 3-D worlds down the drain. If they had had working 3-D worlds at that point in the first place, that is.
Jan Penfrat
3 weeks ago

#BigTech corporations like #Meta are using targeted commercial advertising for #lobbying EU officials in strategically selected subway stations to sell their #metaverse crap as something desirable.

This is possible because we accepted to plaster our precious #publicspaces with #advertising space in exchange for a few bucks for our local public budget.

Instead we should #tax the hell out of big tech.

Huge Meta advertising strategically placed at Schuman subway station right under the European Union's major institutions.
Rene Schulte
3 weeks ago

🎙️New episode alert🎙️

I talked with Marc Pollefeys, Professor at ETH Zürich and Director of the Microsoft Mixed Reality and AI Lab Zürich, about Mixed Reality and Computer Vision. 👁

Tune in to find out more about this fascinating research that can bring us closer to the Real-World Metaverse 👉

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3 weeks ago

#EDPS Director speaks today on the "New challenges of #DataProtection in #ArtificialInteligence and the #Metaverse" - 1/4

EDPS Director Leonardo Cervera Navas is delivering his speech at the Universidad Alicante. He stands behind a pulpit and some people of the audience are sitting in front of him. There is a big banner behind him from the university.
JW prince of CPH
3 weeks ago

@seldo 👆 just a reminder, this was about as hyped as AI is now... #tech #business #metaverse #ai

Where are you on the #metaverse?

@Polychrome SO FECKING TRUE!

Remember: #Google threw $120M on #Juicero and #Meta nee #Facebook threw billions into the inevitably failing #Metaverse bullshit!

3 weeks ago

Our tech space pundits get near rabid with new shiny things but after these things settle the actual outcomes are far less or the tech is even gone. Examples since the 90s

Java will kill Microsoft - nope

All things will use XML- nope

Peer 2 peer will kill client server - nope

No browsers after IE - nope, Chrome

Google wave kills email - nope

Clubhouse is next social giant - nope

So thread in more with my
starter tags #Bluesky #LLMs #ChatGPT4 #Metaverse NFTs, crypto, & many more

Gosh, maybe "rich people get to decide where all the resources go" isn't actually the most efficient or effective system!

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Chris Trottier
3 weeks ago

Just when you think #Meta is moving away from the #Metaverse, no, they are not.

Meta claims that the Metaverse will contribute $45.3B to Canada's annual GDP by 2035.

Meanwhile, the Metaverse is costing Meta $13B a year to develop.

For good reason, they're flogging the Metaverse -- Meta is sinking lots of costs into it, and it will be horrible for them if the Metaverse doesn't pan out.

Meanwhile, the Fediverse has been developed at a fraction of the cost -- and it's already overtaken the Metaverse in terms of end user adoption.

A report released Tuesday by consulting firm
Deloitte, which the tech giant commissioned
last May, estimated the metaverse could
contribute between $45.3 billion and $85.5
billion to Canada’s annual GDP by 2035, making
up 1.3 per cent to 2.4 per cent of the country’s

Such stats are “not surprising,” said Kevin
Chan, Meta’s global director of policy programs,
in a media roundtable held in the metaverse

“There are a lot of interesting tech hubs in
Canada, in Toronto, and a lot of gaming hubs
Hrefna (DHC)
3 weeks ago

You can find pretty distinct parallels between #ExpertSystems claims and discussions in the 1980s and the current generative #AI (and the #AGI, of course) claims today.

You can also find parallels between the discussion of virtual reality in the early 1990s and FB's ideas over the last few years around the #metaverse.

You don't need to have looked into too many of these cycles to become disillusioned with the entire idea of tech and tech-adjacent people predicting technology trends.

Ivan Moscoso
3 weeks ago

#ChatGPT killed the #metaverse the way running over a euthanized horse kills an already dead horse. #TooSoon

Headline from Entrepreneur:

“RIP Metaverse”

“The Metaverse, Zuckerberg's tech obsession, is officially dead. ChatGPT killed it.”

(Chat GPT is underlined and two squiggly question marks are hand-drawn above)
Frankie ✅
3 weeks ago
Thomas Jöchler
3 weeks ago

R.I.P. Metaverse (2021-2023)
"The death of the Metaverse should be remembered as arguably one of the most historic failures in tech history."
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Ian Brown :fedi:
3 weeks ago

‘The global consulting firm #McKinsey predicted that the #Metaverse could generate up to "$5 trillion in value," adding that around 95% of business leaders expected the Metaverse to "positively impact their industry" within five to 10 years. Not to be outdone, #Citi put out a massive report that declared the Metaverse would be a $13 trillion opportunity.’

Dom Arbuthnott
3 weeks ago

@tanepiper gigantic, fascinating article arguing that #zuckerberg championed the #metaverse to pump up #Meta 's shareprice and should be sacked, only he can't be, #capitalism at its worst.

Bernard Marx
3 weeks ago

@rysiek @TechDesk @intelwire
#Facebook + #AI = #dystopia and #psyops at a new level. Perhaps the #metaverse adventure was just a smoke screen or distraction from what they have been working on all along. There has never been a more urgent time for Facebookers to poison their data and orchestrate escape.

Terence Eden
3 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “Let's (not) share our VR headsets”

It is hard to get people excited about VR. Even at its best, it is an isolating experience - that's why Zuck is pushing the social features of The Metaverse so hard. But, worse still, it's hard to show people what the VR experience is like. If your friend buys a 4K laser projector, you […]

👀 Read more:

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Tall retail unit with a CRT TV on top - it has Sega Dreamcast branding.
3 weeks ago

@TruthSandwich @gruber

sure but it's not all or nothing, the #metaverse is already big enough to be self-sustaining

I think that people currently singing the #ArtificialIntelligence / #ChatGPT / #whatever song need to look at what happened to the people (many of them the same as now!) who sang the #Metaverse song only a couple of years past.

The Metaverse has become the Meh-taverse with most companies that were "all-in" now running all-out.

Including, ironically enough, Meta.

The company that literally changed its name because Metaverse.

Get ready for a similar dunking in #AI.

Doctor Popular
4 weeks ago

In less than an hour, I'll be doing our weekly Torque Social Hour livestream to cover recent #WordPress news and events.

@michellefrechette will be joining today to talk about and WordCamp Buffalo #wcbuf

We'll also talk with William and Aida Jackson about their project to help bring WordCamps to the #Metaverse. The show starts at 3pm Pacific. Watch it here

Leigh Garland 🐓
4 weeks ago

How could we possibly have foreseen this? The collapse of the #Metaverse is a total surprise to me...

Andy Piper
1 month ago

An episode of @gamesatwork_biz recorded on #EdBallsDay #EdBalls with some great chat about #Metaverse and an a discussion of the brilliant #AI commentary from @paulsq

Michael Rowe
1 month ago

We had an awesome episode this week … over at @gamesatwork_biz with my friends @andypiper and @michaelmartine talking #ar #edballs #metaverse #lego and #space

There’s obviously still significant differences, even if the carbon impact ain’t one of them. Like the fact that it’s unambiguous licensing which is not strictly oriented around bragging and reselling. It also doesn’t seem to open up the door to creating a #metaverse of artificial scarcity.

But, after the reputational hit and the value plumetting that NFTs have gotten… isn’t it weird that people with money are still asking for them and people are getting used to the idea?

Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “Rejected Sci-Fi Ramblings from my MSc”

It was only after I started editing my MSc down to its prescribed word-count, that I finally understood the phrase Kill Your Darlings. I spent ages writing florid prose, only to realise it was needless verbiage. The delete key was hammered mercilessly. But... As all fans of Jasper Fforde know - there is a "Well […]

👀 Read more:

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VR view of a room. A graph floats in midair.

Experts say that China's mostly government-led #metaverse efforts are more about supporting the economy, health care, and industry than about consumer services (Yaling Jiang/Wired)

Graphic - red and yellow. Little man in suit’s
1 month ago

@seldo Zuck has proved time and time again, he has no ideas. His original Facebook was a copy of MySpace with some refinements that let it go viral. That’s it - full stop. After that, it has all been about acquisitions to grow his empire. His only other idea has been the MetaVerse which stubbornly refuses to take off. More than half of Meta employees have no understanding of what this is about and why he thinks it is going to change the world #Facebook #metaverse

1 month ago

@mho Habe das System, #mastodon #metaverse immer noch nicht verstanden.
Mit Lebensmittelpunkt in #Hessen lag sprachlich@hessensocial nahe.
Gedanke an #Plattformwechsel aber nicht fremd; :fragezeichen: aber wohin, wozu?

heise online
1 month ago

Mehr Nutzer, mehr Werbung: Meta steigert Umsatz trotz sinkender Werbepreise

Gewinne sinken, aber der Facebook-Konzern übertrifft Erwartungen, kann Umsatz wieder erhöhen. Die unerwartet positive Prognose lässt Aktie nach oben springen.

#Börse #Facebook #Geschäftszahlen #Instagram #MarkZuckerberg #MetaPlatforms #Metaverse #OnlineWerbung #Werbung #WhatsApp #news

Smartphone mit den Apps von Facebook, Facebook-Messenger, Instragm, WhatsApp und Oculus vor dem Meta-Logo