David Brent 📚
2 days ago

I love The Grinch, but I was not expecting to be staring into his cold green calculating eyes as part of my morning commute.

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Poster of a close up of The Grinch and red tinsel in a Metra train car next to the door passage to the next car.
1 month ago

A group of kids just boarded this #metra train, and the conductor is soliciting guesses from them about how many people are on this train.

Furthermore, the conductor seems to know them all by name and their guesses seem to follow a normal distribution averaging 175.
This is the adorable nerd stuff I love for. #transit #chicago #trains

Sean and Ruchika
2 months ago

A warning to all the dancers out there riding the Metra in Chicago. Stay in that Chorus Line!

We saw this recently on our way to an event at the Chicago Botanical Garden.

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A sign on the Metra Commuter Rail in Chicago. The sign reads Danger: Stay Behind the Yellow Line Until the Train Stops. However, the poll holding the sign up covers part of the G in Danger making the word seem like it is Dancer.
damian entwistle
2 months ago

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: this shot of the Metra, downtown Chicago.

#chicago #downtown #METRA #CTA

against a backdrop of blue sky, Chicago's skyscrapers stand tall. Immediately in front of the viewer, in a cutting, the Metra trains run beside S Michigan Avenue.
Michael Labowicz
2 months ago

Up early today to take the #metra downtown. Nice to see the sunrise 🌅

#chicago #train

Michael Labowicz
2 months ago

My union paciific northwest #metra station has three tracks, two for inbound (I think), and one for outbound. However, I can't find a way to tell which inbound train will be on which track, other than waiting to see what side people line up on. How do they know???

#chicago #transit

Great video on why highway median train stops are terrible. "A rolling museum they refer to as 'Metra'" also killed me. :blobfoxlaughsweat:​ If you're from #Chicago, you know. Fuck the #Metra.

Fonts In Use
2 months ago

Talking about #Metra: did you know that the #logo uses a #typeface named Crillee?

The italic wordmark is in use ever since the commuter rail system for the #Chicago metropolitan area got a unifying identity in 1985.

#FontsInUse #Fonts #PublicTransit #PublicTransport #Trains #Railway

The Metra logo spotted on the METX 193 in 2005. Photo by Tripp (Creative Commons CC BY)
Fonts In Use
2 months ago

#Metra is the commuter rail system in #Chicago’s metropolitan area. Every month, their #tickets feature a new design. 🚇 🎟️

@fhardwig took a look at the #typefaces used in 1990 and 1991:

Featuring scans from the great collection by Nick @Rougeux (C82). #ephemera #FontsInUse #typography #1990s

Two examples for Metra’s monthly ticket designs, for August and September 1990. The former is green and features Salut, a 1930s bold upright script, for the abbreviated month name. The latter is red, with Moderne Schwabacher, an early 20th-century blackletter.
Allan Chow
4 months ago
Richard Lewis
4 months ago

Off for day two of #devopsdays chicago this time via #metra still looking the same after 3 years just a lot less people. #devopsdayschi

4 months ago

Found on the train this morning.
#found #heart #commute #metra

A small heart shaped earring on a floor with different shades of grey.

Taking #Metra Electric for the first time and I'm not a fan of Millennium Station. I had to jog from Union Station to catch the train in time, the entrance seems to be unnecessarily nondescript and hidden, and I had to ask people where the actual platforms are from the waiting area. :S


Adam Cook
5 months ago

First time using the Ventra app for the #Metra train…

Think I just had the monthly wallet card, back in the day.

Cool Art Deco graphics on the ticket!


A screenshot of the Ventra app showing an activated Metra train ticket.

The ticket features an Art Deco depiction of Chicago and a Metra train engine during twilight hours.
6 months ago

“Now approaching Evanston Main St.”

#train #Metra

Video of train approaching a commuter station from the train’s vantage point
Max Ng
6 months ago

Integrated payment system would definitely make riders' lives easier. That includes #CTA, #Metra, and #Pace.

Andreas Wiedenhoff
6 months ago

#Chicago|land 🇺🇸 is home to a dense rail network. The western approach, nicknamed BNSF “Chicago Racetrack”, is among the country’s busiest railway lines. The stainless steel bi-level “Gallery Cars” designed by #Budd in the 1950s are still to be seen in #Metra #BNSF commuter trains.

7 months ago

It's so great that I have to go into the office today. Because instead of having a commute by train for 1 hour 10 minutes, I'm having a commute by train that is going to be 2 hours 30 minutes. And that's just on the way in. If everything goes well this afternoon it'll be 1 hour 30 minutes home, so for an 8 hour day I'll have spent 4 hours commuting instead of my "usual" 3 hours. I'm sure my day spent on Teams calls in the office is really worth it to the company. #frustrated #remote #wfh #metra

7 months ago

Just before sunrise a few weeks ago at the train station.
#train #metra #photography

A train station shelter illuminated in warm light against the blue of the sky just before sunrise. Sidewalk is visible in the foreground with a cell tower visible in the background against the sky. Lights for my few nearby buildings also are illuminated.
David Brent 📚
7 months ago

First time taking the train downtown since January 2020. What have I missed?

#PublicTransportation #Chicago #Metra

Tracks and platform at the Metra North Central Service train station servicing Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
Michael Labowicz
7 months ago
Michael Labowicz
7 months ago

On the #metra this morning

Ukrainets 🇺🇦
7 months ago

Пасажирські вагони в два поверхи це новинка для мене але до хорошого звикається швидко.
#Чікаго #метра #metra #Chicago

Pete Rijks
9 months ago

Good morning from #illinois. Wishing you all a wonderful day. Thank you for brightening mine.

#coffee #metra

View from a Metra train. The right side of the image shows the interior of the train with a few empty rows of seats. The left side is the view out the window and is out of focus. Some trees and blue sky and train tracks can be seen. In the foreground is a cup of coffee
Pete Rijks
10 months ago

Good morning, #Chicago. Surprised the “#Metra window” filter hasn’t taken off yet

Chicago as seen from a Metra train approaching Union Station. The Sears Tower and other tall buildings are visible in the background. Curving train tracks and the front of the train are visible in the foreground. Everything is gray and reflections from inside the train obscure things a bit.
11 months ago

Heading to the office for the first time in a month and I have an entire Metra train car to myself this morning. #photography #vanishingpoint #blackandwhite #metra #commute #morning

Black and white photo inside a Metra commuter train car. Stairs are visible in the foreground, the vestibule in the center, and the other half of the car in the background. A vanishing point to the next car is seen.
Alyssa Voronin
11 months ago

I wish #Metra ran trains more frequently. As it is, if you're not going into/out of #Chicago at rush hour, then you're stuck driving.


Mike Miley
11 months ago

Once again, I didn't get to fly. I did, however, take a tour of my town... as I tested cameras.
#photography #drone #gopro #learning #UP #Metra #rail

Screen grab from a hacked together video showing a passing Metra train
1 year ago

When I have to go into the office, this is my morning view. #metra #work #train #commute #blackandwhite

View of two different types of empty seats on a Metra commuter  train. Photograph is in black and white.
Papal Penguin aka Derek Graham
1 year ago

@SorenSpicknall what a coincidence I we ventured out on the #Metra to Deerfield for dinner tonight. We rarely leave the City

conputer dipshit
1 year ago

I missed the #metra so much 🥲 #chicago

3 years ago

Trains are so fucking cool


When severe cold and winter weather hits, Metra fights it with fire. Get the inside scoop about our switch heaters here: #winter #metra