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3 weeks ago

Instead of embracing #microgrids, #batteries, #hydrogen, and distributed energy resources, “investor-owned utilities are putting up walls around their existing infrastructure”

Shyam Varan Nath starts at ~26m discussing the use of #DigitalTwins and #Microgrids to enhance and encourage sustainability in regions through renewable energy and storage solutions


2 months ago

"For more remote areas, it could mean support for micro-grids. Instead of building long power lines, this involves setting up small, self-sufficient hubs, which could combine solar and wind power with batteries and other renewable technologies, depending on the location. The International Energy Agency estimates that half of households currently without power could be switched on using decentralized solutions in the next decade."


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@dangillmor which is why the old, centralized thinking doesn’t work. TeleInterActive #Microgrids that share information and energy as sensor analytics ecosystems #SensAE responding to changes in renewable generation, storage and consumption through #IoT concepts and causal #DigitalTwins are required for solar, photovoltaic, wind, tidal and geothermal heat pumps, at every building, over every parking lot and along every roadway and railway #sustainability

Steven Webb
2 months ago

Personally I think the elephant in the room is residential #ESS and #MicroGrids. Distribution networks can try to ignore them but they will come

Steven Webb
3 months ago

Just by shedtop #GuerillaPV alone, using easy access to the shed roof, 25% of my household electricity was covered by solar last week. This is in winter alone. This gives me hope #NetZero is achievable now and more effort is needed in the direction of #MicroGrids

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5 months ago

🔎#H2020Energy #Projectspotlight

👀 how the #EU funded @TigonProject project enhances #microgrids with more reliable, resilient & cost-efficient power supply for 🇪🇺#energytransition @CORDIS_EU

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Michael Shank
5 months ago

Can’t think of a more unifying justification for decentralized #renewableenergy models and #microgrids. Dems, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians should be all over this. “People are shooting, sabotaging and vandalizing electrical equipment in the U.S. at a pace unseen in at least a decade, amid signs that #domesticextremists hope to use #blackouts to sow unrest.” #energysecurity

Steven Webb
5 months ago

@gardeningwell I'm surprised there aren't more #community #MicroGrids popping up all over the place.

Steven Webb
5 months ago

@emilyhopkins intuition tells me #MicroGrids are the solution to curb the profits of large energy suppliers

Felix Reutter
5 months ago

Some students at Leipzig University are seeking the opinions of #energy experts on #offGrid #electrification in #Africa. It's for a term project in their international master's program "Sustainable Development".

Boosts are welcome and if you know a bit about the off-grid topic, your participation in the #survey (5 min) is highly appreciated!


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Microgrids: Energiewende von unten

Spätestens 2022 hat unmissverständlich deutlich gemacht, dass eine wirksame #Energiewende aktuell nur von unten kommen kann. Die großen Konzerne haben ein System errichtet, bei dem sie sich allein durch Nichtstun und Verknappung auf lange Zeit enorme Gewinnsteigerungen sichern können.

Daher müssen sich Privatleute und Unternehmen jetzt um Eigenenergie kümmern und #Microgrids aufbauen, die sich mehr und mehr von den zentralen Energieversorgern entkoppeln. 1/4

Tim Moore
6 months ago

@Coho #microgrids and community energy would also have less impact on the environment than large centralized power generation

Tim Moore
6 months ago

The water in Lake Powell is swirling like the water draining out of a huge bathtub. Soon the turbines are going to be shut down. We in the SW United States ought to think hard about collecting rainwater and eating foods that require less water to grow and building decentralized energy #microgrids. I think there is a fulfilling life to be had without all the resource consumption. It's a time to replace despair with works of hand and mind. We can accept the challenge or not but can't hide from the truth.

I’m just gonna drop the summary. But this is a nice talk. #microgrids are promising but have quite an attack surface.

To summarize MENSA is the first distributed hybrid key management and authentication system for microgrids It eliminates the need for a TTP, while ensures high availability DHT is used for efficient discovery of trust relationships among the microgrid nodes • It is a decentralized and flexible solution that promotes scalability and resilience It paves the way toward developing microgrids further and it will help realize their full potential in terms of scalability and performance efficiency
Adam Greenfield
6 months ago

This is also why I think we should be supporting every initiative aimed at building out #communitymesh networks and neighborhood-scale #microgrids with everything we have. With the fediverse’s moment having come ‘round at last, maybe it’s clearer now that our present as well as our future belongs to #decentralized and #distributed forms of infrastructure.

Michael Powers
6 months ago

Resilience-hungry Oregon to deploy two community microgrids, reflecting national trend

In Oregon, which suffers from the effects of climate change, two cities are developing community #microgrids. The projects reflect new models emerging to get more community microgrids on the ground nationally.

Mike Barker - MicroGrids
7 months ago

So here we have it ?
#MicroGrids are a thing !😁 ( and if it's in the dictionary it's now official )

Helena Claire
7 months ago

@00Aaron In energy I’m excited about the possibilities in #MicroGrids as a way to reduce dependencies upon large centralized energy distribution systems. In places like Puerto Rico, this can be the difference between having power after a major storm, or not having power for months. Once a community has installed its own solar energy system, the power itself is free.

Also #Stromtausch und #Energiegemeinschaften über größere Entfernungen sind ja einmal eine gute Sache.
Dass diese aber nur dann von #Gesetz gedeckt sind, wenn sich die Beteiligten auf #SmartMeter Zwang einlassen ist für mich ein No-Go!
Ich glaube, da müssten die Leute wirklich ihre eigenen, lokalen Energienetze bauen.
#ErneuerbareEnergien #Energiewende

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1 year ago

US Army turns to microgrids, EVs to hit net zero by 2050 - Enlarge / A US Bradley Fighting Vehicle drives during a joint military ... - #greenhousegasemissions #electricvehicles #climatechange #microgrids #netzero #policy #usarmy

4 years ago

Clean Power Sees First Win Over Fossil Fuels in Emerging Markets

Bruno Callens
6 years ago

Le potentiel des #microgrids urbains à la loupe
Une étude évalue le potentiel économique et technique des microgrids en zone urbaine. Si dans l'industrie et les aéroports, ces réseaux locaux fermés ont une réelle pertinence, dans d'autres cas, les réseaux locaux intelligents sont plus appropriés.