Tylor Sweeney
56 minutes ago

@Techmeme Well, that didn't take long... #BingChat #ai #microsoft

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2 hours ago

#microsoft #Edge 千萬不要更新到版本 111.0.1661.54 (官方組建) (64 位元)

#微軟 #肥大

2 hours ago

So I just started using #Loop, which is currently in preview version. It's like #Notion, but more barebones. I can't even upload my own images to use as cover photo, and have to choose from a limited set of stock pictures instead.

I'll just keep on tinkering with this for now.

#microsoft #pkm #noteTaking

5 hours ago

Microsoft has addressed an authorization misconfiguration for multi-tenant applications that use Azure AD, initially discovered by Hillai Ben-Sasson, a security researcher at Wiz ( #microsoft #azure #cloud #office365 #outlook #teams #sharepoint #provider #vuln #networks #services #informatique

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5 hours ago

Holy damn this is wild

“I hacked into a @Bing CMS that allowed me to alter search results and take over millions of Office365 accounts.

How did I do it? Well, it all started with a simple click in Azure… 👀

This is the story of #BingBang

#Microsoft #Azure #Bing #OpenAI #InformationSecurity #Cyber #Cloud #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #ThreatIntel

Super Troopers Wow GIF
IT News
7 hours ago

Microsoft Patched Bing Vulnerability That Allowed Snooping on Email and Other Data - Microsoft patched a dangerous security issue in Bing last month just days before i... - #microsoft

#Microsoft '#Windows 12' leak just teased powerful AI upgrades — here's what we know

Windows 11 successor will reportedly be faster, tougher and powered by #AI with machine learning algorithms to try helping you out by providing context-sensitive assistance in day-to-day computing


#Microsoft slips ads into #AI-powered Bing Chat | by Devin Coldewey

Also, '#Windows 12' leak just teased powerful AI upgrades — here's what we know

Windows 11 successor will reportedly be faster, tougher and powered by AI with machine learning algorithms to try helping you out by providing context-sensitive assistance in day-to-day computing

🔗 📚
8 hours ago

#Microsoft's at-times-glitchy #Defender service is again causing headaches for IT admins by flagging legitimate URLs as malicious.

Ben Stegink
8 hours ago

Microsoft Cost Management updates—March 2023
#azure #microsoft

CK's Technology News
8 hours ago

User hacked into Microsoft #Bing #CMS

#Microsoft and security ... lol....

RT @hillai
I hacked into a @bing CMS that allowed me to alter search results and take over millions of @Office365 accounts.
How did I do it? Well, it all started with a simple click in @Azure… 👀
This is the story of #BingBang 🧵⬇️

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
9 hours ago

#Microsoft unveils Security Copilot in preview! Powered by #OpenAI's GPT-4, it offers end-to-end defense 🔒 at machine speed and scale.

#Microsoft #SecurityCopilot #InfoSec #GPT4 #Cybersecurity

rodtrent :verified:
10 hours ago

Meet the enhanced Microsoft Learn Community!

#Microsoft #MicrosoftLearn
10 hours ago

#Microsoft hat für alle Nutzer der #Windows11 Version 21H2 ein optionales Update freigegeben. Enthalten ist eine Verbesserung der Suchfeld-Erfahrung auf der Taskleiste mit einem neuen Flyout.,135407.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia
10 hours ago

#Microsoft hat für #Windows11 22H2-Nutzer ein neues, optionales Update freigegeben. Enthalten sind wichtige Fehlerbehebungen und auch neue Feature. Es handelt sich um die Vorschau für den April-Patch-Day.,135406.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia 📚
10 hours ago

#Microsoft released an optional update for #Windows11 this week. The update includes a feature which shows a notification to back up files to #OneDrive. There is debate regarding if this type of notification is an ad or not.

I am now eight months in my new #job as a #cloud #solutionarchitect for #microsoft, and all I know is that I still know nothing. :)

But I love working as a support engineer in my role and helping customers out with development problems and enabling them to go further with their #azure workloads.

In few months I need to do my personal review and also plan what will be my next steps.

#working #CloudComputing #software #developer #development #devops

IT News
11 hours ago

Tech big wigs: Hit the brakes on AI rollouts - More than 1,100 technology luminaries, leaders and scientists have issued a warning ag... - #artificialintelligence #emergingtechnology #microsoft #chatbots #security #privacy #google

Ben Stegink
11 hours ago

Defend against DDoS attacks with Azure DDoS IP Protection
#azure #microsoft

11 hours ago

Google Drive tem um limite “secreto” mesmo para quem tenha espaço na conta


#google #microsoft #reddit #noticias #tech #tugatech

Aida Akl
12 hours ago

"More than 50% of identities are defined as 'Super Identities', meaning they have access to all permissions and all resources." #cybersecurity

#Microsoft: Just 1% of Cloud Permissions Are Actively Used

Ben Stegink
12 hours ago

Enhanced Azure Arc integration with Datadog simplifies hybrid and multicloud observability
#azure #microsoft

12 hours ago

Tja… 🤷🏻‍♂️
Mit Linux kann mir das nicht passieren! 😁

#microsoft #windows

12 hours ago

Microsoft Defender encontra-se a marcar conteúdos legítimos como malware


#malware #microsoft #reddit #segurança #software #noticias #tech #tugatech

Aida Akl
12 hours ago

Meanwhile, "there are reports that Microsoft's expansive layoffs are hitting the company's identity team." #Microsoft #cybersecurity @theregister

13 hours ago

CEO da Activision deixa duras críticas contra a Sony


#microsoft #playstation #Sony #noticias #tech #tugatech

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
13 hours ago

I finally don't need to create a custom Elite controller.

Gear Up Like the Pros and Play in Style - Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Now Available in Vibrant Red or Blue - Xbox Wire

#Xbox #Elite #Controller #Console #PC #Microsoft #GamingNews #Hardware

A product image of the new red and blue Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.
13 hours ago

Bing Chat irá formatar melhor as respostas para os utilizadores


#microsoft #programação #noticias #tech #tugatech

13 hours ago

Microsoft зосередиться на безпеці та штучному інтелекті в наступній версії Windows #НовиниIT #Microsoft #Windows #Новини 📚
13 hours ago

Using the latest #GPT4 tech, #Microsoft aims to give overworked and overwhelmed #cybersecurity experts a new tool against attackers.

Nicola Ferrini
13 hours ago

#Microsoft #Security #Copilot can augment security professionals with machine speed and scale, so human ingenuity is deployed where it matters most. Welcome to the new era of security. #cybersecurity

Who in the hell thought turning Command Prompt into a terminal was a great thing, and then on top of that decided to automatically set it at 300 baud by DEFAILT??

I was already trying to diagnose a performance issue and thought I’d list my mind doing IPCONFIG/ALL and reliving my BBS days watching the answer slowly draw in the screen.

WRONG! BAD!! I hate you #Microsoft #Windows. Stop it. What I hate worse I’d an industry stuck in the OS. Time to get on Linux, folks.
13 hours ago

#Microsoft will #Activision #Blizzard übernehmen - sollte das scheitern, dann wird die Beziehung zwischen dem #CallofDuty-Publisher und Sony aber ziemlich vergiftet sein.,135403.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

heise online
13 hours ago

Kurz informiert: Microsoft Security, Nintendo Switch, DRAM-Chips, LNG-Terminals

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#DRAM #kurzinformiert #Microsoft #news

Blair Pleasant
14 hours ago

RT @zkerravala
Kudos to @MicrosoftTeams and @Webex for putting the gloves down and doing what's best for the customer. #Interoperability drives up usage and @Microsoft + @Cisco is much better than #Microsoft versus #Cisco @KjesbuSnorre @ilyabu #EnterpriseConnect 📚
14 hours ago

#Microsoft has released a new cumulative update for #Windows11 22H2 that sees the arrival of Microsoft account #notifications in the Start menu. There are also new features and improvements in Microsoft #Defender for Endpoint.

14 hours ago
Kingsley Uyi Idehen
14 hours ago

Q: How does #Bard fair against #ChatGPT?

A: No comparison in regards to the kind of stuff I've been testing regarding structured data generation from text.

Bard tells me that it isn't trained to handle such requests, from the get go.

#Comparison #OpenAI #Google #Microsoft

Dave Mackey
15 hours ago

something I don't appreciate about #Microsoft's #Bing #AI: the heavy-handed forcing me to use #Edge if I want access to it. 😠 #search

iX Magazin
16 hours ago

Remote PowerShell: Einfallstor bei Exchange Online jetzt mit Gnadenfrist

Ein halbes Jahr länger bleibt Administratoren, bis sie sich von ihren unsicheren PowerShell-cmdlets für Exchange Online verabschieden müssen.

#Systemverwaltung #EMail #Microsoft #MicrosoftExchange #PowerShell #Security #Server #news

heise online
19 hours ago

Weekly: Intelligenz von GPT-4, E-Fuels, Coronavirus

Im wöchentlichen Nachrichten-Podcast der MIT Technology Review spricht die Redaktion über aktuelle Themen aus Wissenschaft und Technik und ordnet sie ein.

#Coronavirus #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MITTechnologyReview #Podcast #news

Fynn Becker
19 hours ago

Compared to #Google, #Microsoft’s multi-account management sucks big time.

I have to juggle 3 to 4 different Microsoft accounts. It’s like rolling dice which account is used for Teams and Outlook. Sometimes I have to re-enter my password, sometimes I have to reload a couple of times before anything works.

It’s a complete mess and I’m someone who is supposed to know computer-y stuff.

Hans Brender, Mr.OneDrive
21 hours ago

What's new in Microsoft Teams Rooms and Devices at Enterprise Connect

The audience that gathers for Enterprise Connect is obsessed with finding the best tools for communications and collaboration. So when we first introduced Microsoft Teams at Enterprise Connect six years ago, we knew we’d found our people. And Microsoft Teams Rooms was there too, meeting a need our customers had for easier-to-use meeting rooms...

#Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams

Alexander Schäfer ツ
21 hours ago

Wenn ich #Wettbewerber von #OpenAI / #Microsoft wäre, würde ich ein solches #Moratorium für die Weiterentwicklung von #LLM #Chatbot|s vielleicht auch fordern. 😇

Hans Brender, Mr.OneDrive
21 hours ago

Simplify the lifecycle of sensitive data

Data security continues to be top of mind for business leaders. Data security continues to be top of mind for business leaders. The high data breach costs concern everyone, and these costs keep increasing each year. Let’s look at some of the data from 2022.

#Microsoft #LIfecycle #SensitiveData

Hans Brender, Mr.OneDrive
22 hours ago

A proactive and comprehensive approach to data security with Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

In today’s modern workplace data security incidents can happen any time as users collaborate on data across a myriad networks, devices, and applications. And the volume of data, people who interact with the data, and activities around the data are all constantly changing. All of this means ...

#Microsoft #Pureview #DLP

Hans Brender, Mr.OneDrive
22 hours ago

Manage the most critical data security risks inside your organization with intelligent automation

Data security incidents are often caused by insider actions and account for nearly 35% of all unauthorized incidents*. Even the strongest cybersecurity programs can be undermined by insiders who either intentionally or unintentionally put an organization at risk.

#Microsoft #Security

Hans Brender, Mr.OneDrive
22 hours ago

2023 State of Cloud Permissions Risks report now published

As enterprises adopt and embrace multi-cloud infrastructures, identity credentials have increased on three leading cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GPC). While this shift offers new opportunities for innovation, it also presents enterprises with new challenges in granting permissions that they were previously unaware of.

#Microsoft #AWS #GPC

heise online
22 hours ago

Microsoft macht den KI-Copiloten für Security verfügbar

Der Copilot soll auch im Bereich Security aushelfen. Er lernt, nutzt die Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence Database und kann Reverse Engineering.

#ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #Security #news

heise online
1 day ago

Mittwoch: Bestechungsvorwürfe gegen FTX-Gründer, Scoring-Auskünfte rechtswidrig

Anklage gegen FTX-Gründer wächst + Scoring in Österreich illegitim + Nintendo mit Zelda-Neuheiten + Microsoft und Truepic gegen Fake News + Lidl als IT-Anbieter

#Datenschutz #FakeNews #ITDienstleister #Korruption #Kryptowährung #Microsoft #NintendoSwitch #OLED #Scoring #Spiele #Verbraucherschutz #news

Mann in Anzug hält breit gefächerte Dollarscheine in die Kamera; Mittwoch: SBF-Anklage, Scoring-Datenschutz, Nintendo-Neuheiten, Bild-Manipulation & Lidls IT-Dienstleister
c't Fotografie
1 day ago

Kampf gegen manipulierte Bilder: Microsoft und Truepic testen neues Verfahren

Um Fake News entgegenzutreten, dokumentiert eine NGO das kulturelle Erbe der Ukraine. Microsofts Azure soll Quelle und Inhalt von Fotos dauerhaft speichern.

#ctFotografie #Fotografie #Microsoft #UkraineKrieg #news

Beispielbild mit Echtheitsmarke von Truepic
Joe B
1 day ago

Frankly, #Slack should have sold to #Microsoft

Mark Carter
1 day ago

🤔 Prediction: following #microsoft security copilot announcement, every #security vendor will be launching gpt4 integration by end of 2023. We are in the era of ML infused security #infosec #machinelearning

1 day ago

Piti siitä tai ei, monelle toimistotyöläiselle Microsoft Teams on yksi tärkeimmistä työvälineistä.

Siksi uusitun Teamsin lupaukset ovatkin mannaa monen korville: uusi versio syö puolet vähemmän muistia, toimii 2x nopeammin - ja jos kuulut useampaan organisaatioon, ei niiden välillä tarvitse enää hyppiä.

#teams #microsoft #microsoftteams #uutiset #teknologia

1 day ago


That's interesting. What does iptables offer that a pure-DNS solution wouldn't?

(This is uppermost in my mind at present, because my Windows-based work laptop doesn't use my DNS server when I'm connected to the work VPN. But there's a Linux box between the laptop and the rest of the network, and #iptables would be one way to defeat #Microsoft's #telemetry if IP addresses don't change too often.)

@sc42b00d @stefano

Marcus Rohrmoser 🌍
2 days ago

#Monopol: Kartellamt prüft Bedrohung durch #Microsoft -
das muß die #CIA sein. Was die alles rausfinden.

I thought it might be possible to convince #GPT4 #chatbots of false claims, by exploiting their naivete. I tried that with #Bing #chatbot with the "more precise" mode on.

It turns out #Microsoft has trained/prompted that mode to not believe any claims the user makes, especially related to identity. It can play along if you say you experienced raining frogs, but it won't trust the user no matter what. It says it only relies on "verifiable information from trustworthy sources".

When asked about how it deems sources trustworthy and how it verifies information from users, it says it defers to Bing search engine trustworthiness score and doesn't verify facts given by users - it simply doesn't believe in them.

So, Microsoft and #OpenAI have done great job in practically negating all the inherent gullibility in language models at least as far as user input is concerned. This will be useful when these things are used to manage businesses and handle negotiations and such.

However, I do wonder if there needs to be some tuning for giving the users some benefit of doubt sometimes, because it would be a bit dystopic if we had an #AI overlord which we couldn't convince in any way it accepts that it is doing something wrong.

OpenAI #ChatGPT was often wrong, but it always apologises and tries again differently if the user tells it it is wrong. I don't see that in the Bing "more precise" mode. It even claims that its incorrect math is correct, and doesn't believe the user when the user tells them it is wrong. It just says "I apologize *if* my previous response was incorrect." and doubles down on it being correct.

Here we see how the scepticism actually goes too far, and perhaps it will be foretelling of more serious future problems in the same theme.

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 days ago

"Natural language is now the primary interface that we're going to use to describe things to computers"

by #BillGates via #KevinScott #Microsoft cc #edtechSR #AI #OpenAI #ChatGPT

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 days ago

[VIDEO] Bill Gates on AI and the rapidly evolving future of computing

by #Microsoft #KevinScott interviewing #BillGates
#AI #ChatGPT #edtechSR #MediaLit

iX Magazin
2 days ago

Microsoft: Aktualisiert Exchange – oder es stellt den Dienst ein

Veraltete Exchange Server sind Microsoft ein Dorn im Auge. Jetzt zieht der Anbieter die Daumenschrauben an: Exchange Online verweigert bald die Zusammenarbeit.

#Systemverwaltung #EMail #Microsoft #MicrosoftExchange #Security #Server #news

heise Developer
2 days ago

.NET 6.0/7.0: In sechs Heise-Webinaren zum Experten fürs moderne .NET werden

Das Angebot der heise Academy befähigt .NET-Developer mit allem, um zu Experten für die neue moderne Ausrichtung von Microsofts Entwicklungsplattform zu werden.

#Net #Framework #Microsoft #Softwareentwicklung #news

heise online
2 days ago

Bundeskartellamt prüft Microsofts Marktmacht

Nach anderen US-amerikanischen IT-Unternehmen knöpft sich das deutsche Bundeskartellamt nun auch den US-Softwareriesen Microsoft vor.

#ChatGPT #CloudComputing #KünstlicheIntelligenz #LinkedIn #Microsoft #Wettbewerbsrecht #Wirtschaft #news

Markus Tacker
2 days ago

Sorry, #Microsoft

Screenshot from a survey: Question (in Norwegian) "What does Microsoft do good?"

Answer: "The only Microsoft products I am happy with are TypeScript and VS Code."
Author Help
2 days ago

Does anyone actually buy these reports?

For just $5.5k you can hear how #Sony, #Samsung, #Microsoft and #Tesco dominate the #ebook industry in 2023 - The New Publishing Standard

iX Magazin
2 days ago

iX-Workshop: Microsoft 365 sicher und datenschutzfreundlich konfigurieren

Die Cloud-Version von Microsofts Office-Paket sicher und gemäß der eigenen Compliance-Regeln einsetzen – Online-Tagesworkshop am 19. April.

#Microsoft #news

Sicherer Einsatz von Microsoft 365 (iX-Workshop)
heise online
2 days ago

E3 2023: Spielemesse steht nach Ubisoft-Absage auf der Kippe

Mit Ubisoft hat ein weiterer großer Publisher die Teilnahme an der E3 abgesagt. Die wichtigste Spielemesse steht damit vor dem Aus – nicht nur dieses Jahr.

#E #Gaming #Microsoft #Nintendo #Sony #Ubisoft #Spiele #news

heise online
2 days ago

Dienstag: Microsoft Teams ganz neu, USA reduzieren Spyware

Microsoft Teams doppelt so schnell + US-Regierung schränkt Spyware ein + iOS 16.4 mit Neuerungen + EU-Rat zum Data Act + Kommentar zum geplatzten Verbrenner-Aus

#Apple #Datenschutz #EU #iOS #Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams #Pegasus #Security #Spyware #news

Microsoft-Logo an Bürofassade, dazu Text: DIENSTAG Microsoft Teams, Spionageprogramme, iOS 16.4, Europäisches Datengesetz & Verbrenner-Aus
Mark Carter
2 days ago

#Zoom announces #openai integration for smart meetings, closing the gap with #microsoft teams and putting #google meet, #webex and blue jeans on notice 🤔 Evolving Zoom IQ, our smart companion, with new features and a collaboration with OpenAI #machinelearning #productivity

heise online
2 days ago

Das neue Microsoft Teams ist da

Die neue Version von Teams für Windows ist doppelt so schnell. Sie wird zunächst mit Geschäftskunden getestet. Updates für Mac und das Web sollen folgen.

#Microsoft #Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams #Windows #news

Schild "Microsoft" an Einfahrt zu Firmencampus, dahinter Bäume
Uli Kusterer
4 days ago

OMG Microsoft's ClipChamp is a horriffic piece of software:

Cookie warning (= tracking code!) at startup. Forgets the name of your file so all exports are "ClipChamp Video ..." unless you re-type the name. Second startup asks you "what should we call you" (unskippable) and keeps damanding more info. On top of that abysmally slow startup because it logs into your Microsoft account.

WTF MS I am trying to edit a local video file. This is all unnecessary! #microsoft #clipchamp #windows11 #tracking

heise online
4 days ago

Activision-Übernahme: Britische Behörde schließt Bedenken für Konsolenmarkt aus

Die britische Wettbewerbsbehörde hat einen Großteil der Bedenken zur Microsoft-Übernahme von Activision ausgeräumt. Ein Punkt bleibt weiter kritisch.

#ActivisionBlizzard #EU #FederalTradeCommission #Gaming #Spielkonsolen #Microsoft #Übernahme #news

Wortbildmarken Activision und Blizzard durch eine Lupe gesehen
Alice Stollmeyer
4 days ago

Irresponsible launch of #AI #chatbots by #BigTech:

Chatbots are already citing one another in a #misinformation shitshow.

This threatens to unleash a wave of misinformation & mistrust across the web.

"#Microsoft, #Google and #OpenAI have decided that #market share is more important than #safety."

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

Right, in what can only be described as masochism, I’ve added a step-by-step guide to installing Kitten under Windows¹ (on Linux and macOS, installation is seamless and takes seconds):

¹ As my reward, fucking #Microsoft threw every dark pattern in the book at me to try and sign me up for a Microsoft account. Also, the screenshots have minor artifacts because their screenshot tool is crap.

Anyway, it’s done.

What a horrible OS made by horrible people.

#Kitten #Windows

Screenshot of README on codeberg showing an excerpt of the installation instructions mentioned in the post:

“Heading 2: Install Kitten on Windows under WSL 2

Kitten runs on Windows under WSL with the following caveats:

    Requires WSL 2 (will not work with WSL 1).
    You must manually install Kitten’s local development-time certificate authority in your Windows browsers.

If you haven’t installed Kitten on Windows or used WSL 2 before, the instructions, below, take you through the whole process.

Heading 3: Instructions

    Open up a Windows Powershell tab in Terminal App.

        🪤 Windows comes with a couple of terminal apps and shells. Make sure you use the exact pair mentioned above.”
Darnell Clayton :verified:
5 days ago

I am glad #OpenAI said no to #ElonMusk, although I am not happy about them teaming up with #Microsoft (but I understand why they did it though).


Carl T. Bergstrom
5 days ago

Anyone willing to boost on twitter? I'm half tempted to return just to tweet about this.

This is real mess.

Further documentation below, just in case anyone from #microsoft is paying attention.

(It totally doesn't matter but Bing's answer to my first query is also wrong.)

who sculpted the sculpture of Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman that is at the NAtional Museum of African American History and Culture

Searching for: sculpture of Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman 

Generating answers for you... 

The sculpture of Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman that is at the National Museum of African American History and Culture was sculpted by Rigo 23...[detailed and incorrect answer follows]

can you find me some newspaper headlines about Al hallicinating 

Searching for: Al hallucinating 

Generating answers for you. 

Sure, | can find you some newspaper headlines about Al hallucinating. 

Here are some examples: 

What Is Al Hallucination, and How Do You Spot It? | MakeUseOf

Those Raised Fists Still Resonate, 50 Years Later | NPR 

Hallucination (artificial intelligence) - Wikipedia 

How to avoid Al hallucinations when generating text | VentureBeat 

Al Hallucinations: Why Do Neural Networks See What They See? | Medium 

I hope these headlines are helpful. 

 Learn more: 2.
Chris Pirillo
5 days ago

#Microsoft Researchers Claim GPT-4 Is Showing "Sparks" of AGI ~ ~ #tech #news #ai #chatgpt

Mark Carter
5 days ago

☹️ Leaked #Microsoft documents show layoffs coming to Charlie Bell's #security organization on Monday. The cuts will affect hundreds of employees in the US, one person familiar with the plans said. Affected staff will be notified Monday, according to the documents. Microsoft declined to comment. #infosec #layoffs

With all of the weird integrations for #ChatGPT that are cropping up there are two good examples of it being integrated into products.

One is #GitHub Copilot. Removing a lot of friction for both inexperienced, and experienced programmers.

The second is also by #Microsoft with #Copilot being added to Office 365. It just makes sense being there, and they are able to do so because people are already paying for Office. Think #Google can add AI to the free Google Docs? I don’t see that happening.

@aral @EU_Commission

#Github is an important one that's missing on the #Microsoft entry.

Looks so deceptively open to the naive eye, but is a huge trap of walled garden lock-in, esp. with all the stuff that's being added right now to this all-pervasive platform.

#FreeYourCode or otherwise #GiveUpGithub I'd say to all the many governmental institutions in the #EU that are considering it in their - well-meant - efforts to move towards #FOSS. Before the next problem is at your doorstep.

Jake Coppinger
6 days ago

You start using Bing because the AI is amazing, you start using maps, and see an edit button - brilliant!

You're editing Microsoft's map, right? Wrong! You'll probably miss it, but the 7 pixel grey text explains you're actually editing OpenStreetMap.

As the series of blog posts by @pietervdvn explain in detail:

> In other words, 99% of the users will never see this. 99.99% will never realize that they are editing OSM. This is not only in breach of the letter of the ODbL (and thus illegal), this flies into the face of everything what the OSM-community stands for. It strongly suggests that Microsoft actually wants: people contributing to Bing, not to OpenStreetMap.

Skip the middle man, and head to to edit the map! Hopefully Microsoft resolves the situation.

#openstreetmap #microsoft #bing #mapbuilder

What’s excellent about MS-Loop? It’s an alternative to Share-💩-point for collaboration for business customers. Anything is better than Share-🤮-point! 😅
#Microsoft #Microsoft365 #Sharepoint

heise online
1 week ago

Kurz informiert: ICANN-Warnung, Windows 11, WhatsApp, Counter-Strike 2

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#ICANN #Internet #kurzinformiert #Microsoft #WhatsApp #Windows #Windows #news

So, #Microsoft #Teams really chooses all the user hostile #UI/#UX patterns, doesn't it?