13 hours ago

When #Microsoft try hard to sell #BingChat using #MicrosoftEdge

heise online
2 days ago

Kurz informiert: Produktions-Verbot, Microsoft KI, Activision, Nadel-Roboter

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#ActivisionBlizzard #EU #KünstlicheIntelligenz #kurzinformiert #MicrosoftEdge #news

heise online
3 days ago

Freitag: Microsoft mit mehr KI-Unterstützung, Surface-Laptops mit mehr Kernen

KI-Boost für Edge & Bing + Windows-Update mit Copilot + Upgrades für Surface + Updates für Apple + Satellit findet Methanlecks + Podcast zu EU-US-Datenverkehr

#Apple #Bing #Datenschutz #Exploit #Klimawandel #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Laptop #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #MicrosoftSurface #Notebooks #Satellit #Sicherheitslücken #Windows #news

Mensch am Laptop mit symbolisierter KI; Freitag: Edge- & Bing-KI, Windows-Copilot, Surface-Upgrades, Apple-Exploit, Methan-Lecks & Datenschutz-Podcast
heise online
3 days ago

Microsoft Edge und Bing bekommen neue KI-Modelle und -Funktionen wie Dall-E 3

Die Integration Künstlicher Intelligenz in Microsofts Browser und Suchmaschine wird vertieft. Der Copilot hilft beim Einkauf und Bildkreationen werden schöner.

#Apps #Bildbearbeitung #Bing #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Suchmaschine #news

Roboter umrundet von Sprechblasen
Jukka Niiranen
3 days ago

"We noticed that you wanted to hide the useless Greeting from your #MicrosoftEdge profile, so we decided to add ANOTHER Greeting next to it - which you can't hide."😛

#Microsoft #browser

Microsoft Edge browser showing 2 greetings (weather) in the same profile
Carlo Zottmann
4 days ago

I’m working on a new app called Browser Actions: It's for #macOS 13.3+, and it brings solid Shortcuts support for #BraveBrowser, #Chromium, #GoogleChrome, #MicrosoftEdge, #Vivaldi. And for #Safari!

(See the diagram to decide if you should be excited.)


Public beta TestFlight starts in early October, sign up for it the website!

If you're interested in the first *alpha* TestFlight very soon, please post a note in the forum:


Venn diagram with three overlapping circles:

- Humans who use macOS
- Humans who use browsers
- Humans who like automation

The overlapping area is marked with “Let’s talk”.
4 days ago

Walked into my partner's office and noticed he was using #MicrosoftEdge on #Linux. When I inquired what motivated him, he said he was tired of fighting #Firefox's poor performance on Linux. Frequent crashes and high CPU utilization.

We agreed that while Linux users might love #Mozilla, Mozilla doesn't love us back. For my part, I'm shifting over to #GnomeWeb despite my grievances about bookmark usability. I'll adjust.

5 days ago

@scottjenson I have found that the products which are specifically tuned to help you write are slightly better than the ones that are generic chat spaces; see the #BingChat compose mode in #MicrosoftEdge and also the Write tool from #DeepL.


My preference of the two is the DeepL #AI because it's more about editing your words than writing fresh text.

6 days ago


I can't see too much on what they log, but #Microsoft :microsoft: are offering a free VPN service in #MicrosoftEdge. Up to 5GB of free network traffic every month. They don't route popular streaming services through the #VPN.

A screenshot of the promotional page on Microsoft's website for Edge VPN. It reads:

"Edge Secure Network VPN
Get online security protection that is smart enough to turn on when you need it the most– like when you’re connected to an open Wi-Fi network. Edge Secure Network uses VPN technology to stop third parties and bad actors from accessing your sensitive information, so you can make purchases online, fill out forms, and keep your browsing activity away from prying eyes. And best of all, it’s built in and free in Microsoft Edge. "
Carlos Solís
6 days ago

OK, I finally found one single thing to envy from #MicrosoftEdge that I don't know if #MozillaFirefox can properly implement using extensions: a way to group and pin tabs directly on the tab bar instead of on a submenu. Furthermore it can automatically give a name to each tab group - which I fear is a bit too invasive, as it must be sending info to Bing to generate the name, but otherwise it comes really handy!

(PS: And I just learned that the ability was added almost TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO)

"#EdgeAlert 🚨 - Multiple Vulnerabilities Detected in Microsoft Edge 🌐"

Microsoft Edge users, be wary! Multiple vulnerabilities have surfaced, some of which can lead to remote code execution, privilege escalation, and security bypass. Ensure you're updated! 💻🔓

Source: HKCERT Infosec Express

Tags: #MicrosoftEdge #Vulnerabilities #BrowserSecurity #InfoSec #PatchNow 💡🔧

1 week ago

Microsoft Edge browser 117 is available with 14 security fixes, and several new features and improvements including #MicrosoftEdge Sync Bookmarks Recovery, Autofill Suggest and more. Download Microsoft Edge 117.0.2045.31 on Windows 11 and Windows 10

1 week ago

Any time I read about a new #microsoftedge feature, only one word comes to mind: "BLOAT".

Because it always seems as if #Microsoft hasn't learned anything from the failure of the late, and definitely unlamented #internetexplorer

I have to commend the #Outlook team. They have clearly implemented new logic that integrates much more intuitively between Outlook and Edge. Now, when I click a link from my personal mailbox, it opens in my Edge Personal profile. From my work mailbox, my Work profile. Perfection.

#outlook #email #producitivity #microsoftEdge 👏🏻

Microsoft тестує AI writing у браузері Edge – зручне та швидке редагування тексту в інтернеті за допомогою ШІ #Штучнийінтелект #MicrosoftEdge #Microsoft #Новини #Софт #Bing

How-To Geek
1 week ago
2 weeks ago

Huh, can't access the OpenBSD website on #MicrosoftEdge but I can on another Chromium browser on the same computer and network. 🤔

I think there's another kind of insecurity at play with Windows. 🤣

Seth G.
2 weeks ago

#BigTech #content algorithms are undeniably pushing #RightWing, #Conservative agendas.

Using #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge to access some work applications, more than half the " #News sources" on their start page are #misinformation shills. 11 of the top 17 article suggestions. Not #FoxNews, but sites I've never heard of.

Same with #YouTube. Despite watching only known good sources for history content and news sources like #DW, Jordan Peterson and other bullshit content fill my suggestions.

Jukka Niiranen
2 weeks ago

Nothing says "for Business" more than #Microsoft deciding to advertise their Rewards point system in the #MicrosoftEdge profile picker.🙄

With all the amazing new features included in Edge for Business, I can't think of any #browser LESS suitable for business use today.

Microsoft Rewards banner added to Microsoft Edge browser profile picker.
Sean Murthy
2 weeks ago

I don't know how long Microsoft Edge browser has had the Split Screen feature, but I just discovered it and love it. I see myself using it frequently.

#edge #microsoftEdge #browser

Katakis Lives
2 weeks ago

Now this is what I call ultimate browser productivity!


2 weeks ago

Why is #firefox the only browser out there that respects the pinned tabs function and doesn't overwrite/open a page inside that pinned tab. It just makes sense that it should open new page/site should be opening in a new tab. I've pinned these things for a reason.

#chrome #googlechrome #edge #microsoft #microsoftedge #web

A ja to w ogóle się dziwię, że #Google nie wykorzystało swojej dominującej pozycji i nie zablokowało pobierania wtyczek z #ChromeWebStore w innych przeglądarkach #Chromium niż #Chrome 🤷‍♂️

#GoogleChrome #MicrosoftEdge #Opera #Vivaldi #Arc #ArcBrowser #browser #przegladarki #przegladarka #internet

Shawn O.
3 weeks ago

The browser struggle is real. #browser #microsoftedge #vivaldi #brave #firefox

Jukka Niiranen
3 weeks ago

When #MicrosoftEdge introduces a feature that starts opening Teams tabs in another profile, while you explicitly try to keep 20+ customer tenant identities as isolated as possible. #Browsers, a hard computing problem to solve - at least for #Microsoft.

Bart Simpson "worst day of my life" meme picture, but on Microsoft Edge updates.
How-To Geek
3 weeks ago

Struggle With Large Blocks of Text? Check Out Edge’s Immersive Reader Mode

Check it out! 👇

#Accessibility #MicrosoftEdge #AppsAndWebApps

Marcel SIneM(S)US
3 weeks ago

«Dass Windows 11 bald alle Links mit dem Standardbrowser öffnet, gilt nur für den Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum, also der EU und der EFTA ohne die Schweiz.»
— Interessant, dass die Schweiz 🇨🇭 nicht dabei ist, aber das Fürstentum Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 🤔 Da hilft bestimmt ein Registry Key :mastocheeky:

Nur in Europa: #Windows11 wird Standardbrowser künftig ausnahmslos akzeptieren | heise online #MicrosoftEdge #DefaultBrowser #Browser #Webbrowser

Carlo Zottmann
3 weeks ago

Today was brutal, I am spent, but: My relaunched website is finally A-LIVE! The rework became necessary — because I'm working on more than just one app now…

Allow me to introduce you to Browser Actions 🎉

> Adding well-rounded macOS Shortcuts capabilities to #BraveBrowser, #Chromium, Google #Chrome, #MicrosoftEdge, #Vivaldi, and #Safari.

More details and TestFlight soon!

#macOS #productivity #ShortcutsApp

heise online
3 weeks ago

Windows 11 akzeptiert Standardbrowser künftig ausnahmslos – aber nur in Europa

Auch wenn man unter Windows 11 den Standardbrowser ändert, wird das teilweise ignoriert. Das soll sich mit einem Update ändern – aber nur in Teilen Europas.

#Browser #Chrome #Firefox #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Windows #news

Windows 11 auf Laptop
Benjamin Mathis
4 weeks ago

Interesting. Looks like #WindowsInsiders in the Dev and Beta channels can now preview new features in #MicrosoftEdge without having to download the separate Edge Insider apps.

From what I can tell, it looks like you'll only be previewing new features and not whole new builds of the browser, but regardless, this is a great addition!

Screenshot of the Microsoft Edge  browser Version 117.0.2045.12 (Official build) stable app, beta channel (64-bit) open to the About settings page. Below the build info and updates space is a new toggle that reads, "Preview Microsoft Edge releases early. Windows Insiders can try new features and experiences before they are available to everyone. Learn more."
Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
4 weeks ago

This is a quite long video and it's two years old, but it's worth it. It explains how the stuff people hate in modern #Windows has its roots all the way back in #WindowsXP, despite it being beloved by many as one of the best OS'es ever made. Stick until the very end to get the answer to solving all these issues.

#Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #InternetExplorer #XP #Windows98 #Windows2000 #Windows10 #Windows11 #ProprietarySoftware #Linux #ArchLinux #LibreSoftware

4 weeks ago

Have you tried the Fedica extension for @MicrosoftEdge?

If you use #MicrosoftEdge, install the Fedica extension to experience Twitter like never before

@msedgedev #EdgeExtensions

Microsoft Edge, is getting full of "extra's" that border on Bloat, so they are trimming some, although some people feel they are getting rid of the wrong ones. the following are being removed:

- Math Solver
- Picture Dictionary
- Citations
- Grammar Tools
- Kids Mode

Bing chat sidebar, Microsoft loans, shopping helper, and integrated games are staying put.

#Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #EdgeBrowser #WebBrowser #Browser

How-To Geek
1 month ago

Microsoft Edge Is Removing a Few Useful Features

Check it out! 👇

#MicrosoftEdge #Web

Kunal Chowdhury :verified:
1 month ago

Microsoft Edge (Beta) Version 117.0.2045.9: What's New and Improved →

Explore the latest updates in Microsoft Edge (Beta) Version 117.0.2045.9, from enhanced business features to AI-driven search capabilities. #MicrosoftEdge #EdgeInsiders #EdgeBeta

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
1 month ago

Oooh, the number of helpdesk calls we've had this week about the new pretty little briefcase on the Edge icon...

#microsoftedge #edgeforbusiness #icon #helpdesk

The new Edge For Business icon - the standard Edge icon, with a little briefcase picture on it
Mark H
1 month ago

I see that #Microsoft #Edge has a new layout for windows with a rounded border that reduces viewport width and height. Thanks for that, Microsoft, but no thanks. My pixels are precious to me. Don't you be stealing my pixels. Found the setting to turn that unwanted feature off, fortunately.


1 month ago

So, Mom has somehow turned her Microsoft Edge homepage into Swedish. She has no idea how she did it. I have no idea how she did it. How in the world could it be so easy to do that a 78 year old confused woman could do it????

#Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge

Nevermind, she found what she had done and fixed it. Something something in settings on the browser something I need more coffee OMG

Jukka Niiranen
1 month ago

"Welcome to Edge for Business! We're excited to announce we have solved NONE of the browser profile clutter issues mentioned above. However, we did move the profile picker to the other side the screen, and we think you're gonna love it."

#MicrosoftEdge #browsers #Microsoft

"Meet Microsoft Edge for Business"
Jukka Niiranen
1 month ago

When creating a new #MicrosoftEdge profile it takes 13 steps to get to this point:

1. Start without your data
2. Allow MS to save your browsing activity
3. Pick a theme (Next)
4. Get to the sites you love (Finish)
5. Accept cookies from MS
6. Auto-hide sidebar
7. Change language to English(US)
8. Layout: focused
9. Show sponsored links: off
10. Quick links: off
11. Show greeting: off
12. Content: off
13. Import favorites: delete

Thoughts on #browsers & #Microsoft:

New Microsoft Edge browser profile with the clutter removed through 13 configuration steps.
Kunal Chowdhury :verified:
1 month ago

𝗠𝗶𝗰𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗼𝗳𝘁 𝗘𝗱𝗴𝗲 𝟭𝟭𝟲: A New Era of Business Browsing and Enhanced Productivity 👉

Explore @MicrosoftEdge 116's new features: tailored business browsing, an attachable sidebar for #Windows10, updated policies.

#Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Windows #Windows11

heise Developer
1 month ago

heise+ | Edge AI: KI auf eingebetteten Systemen – Teil 1

KI in Embedded-Systeme zu integrieren, bedarf geeigneter Techniken und Werkzeuge. Der Artikel führt in die Grundlagen ein und stellt Anwendungsszenarien vor.

#MicrosoftEdge #EmbeddedSystems #InternetderDinge #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news

Edge AI
Benjamin Mathis
1 month ago

Okay, so I don't know if this is an intentional change or just a bug, but I'm liking the more minimal looking dark mode thing going on in #MicrosoftEdge Canary.

Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Canary version 117.0.2044.0 running on Windows 11 with dark mode enabled. The browser is a lighter grey than before, and the UI elements in the Title Bar all have a little more padding between them. And the actual tabs themselves are the same shape and size as before, but it's just outlined now, which makes it look more minimal.
Jasdemi 🎮
1 month ago

I still remember when #Google has first released #Chrome browser when Internet Explorer was still dominating the market. Now the situation is even worse than before.

#discord #steam #chromium #opera #microsoftedge #meme #microsoftedge

An astronaut in space looks at various internet browsers in front of him and says "Wait, it's all Chromium?"
Another astronaut behind him points a gun at him and says "Always has been."
Frank Lesniak
1 month ago

Scenario: multiple email accounts in #outlook. Clicking on a link in one of the email accounts opens the link in an #Edge browser profile associated with that email address. This started about a month ago.

This is very annoying because when I'm using saved passwords, they are associated with one of my Azure AD Premium-licensed Edge profiles. I do not have saved passwords in my personal accounts, making it cumbersome to sign in.

Furthermore, if I were to store passwords in my personal accounts, I'd lose Azure AD Password Protection.

So... here's the question: how do I get Outlook to open links in my default or last-used Edge browser profile instead of the profile associated w/ my personal email account?

#EntraID #AzureAD #MicrosoftEdge #MicrosoftOutlook

Daryl Hornsby
1 month ago

As a product owner, I work with a lot of web apps in a lot of tabs. Chrome wasn't making this easy, but Brave has completely changed the way I manage my day and turned my browser into an actually effective tool.

Here I compare my experiences with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave:

#GoogleChrome #Web3 #NoCrypto #BraveBrowser #BrowserWars #Chromium #Edge #MicrosoftEdge

A screenshot from Brave Browser on Android saying "Bye, bye, Google Chrome!"
Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
2 months ago

For a bit more tech savvy people: Why do chromium based browsers (specially Edge) consume more memory?

I mostly use #firefox and #bravebrowser but often would access GPT4 through Edge. And the system would become very slow (both windows and mac) with fan sound coming out!

It is relatively much faster with Firefox.

#browsers #foss #microsoftedge #mozillafirefox

2 months ago

Microsoft Edge for Business, le mode pour les utilisateurs pros, sera disponible dans les prochains jours ! #MicrosoftEdge #Logiciel-OS #Microsoft

2 months ago

Microsoft Edge veut prendre une capture d’écran de toutes les pages que vous visitez… #MicrosoftEdge #Logiciel-OS #Microsoft

apfeltalk :verified:
2 months ago

Bing AI bald in Safari und Chrome verfügbar
Microsoft hat sechs Monate nach der Markteinführung seiner ChatGPT-ähnlichen AI-App bekannt gegeben, dass die Technologie demnächst auch in Browsern wie Safari erhältlich sein wir
#News #Services #Apple #BingAI #chatGPT #Chrome #DrittanbieterBrowser #KnstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Office365 #Safari #SechsmonatigesJubilum #Technologieerweiterung

Sass, David
2 months ago

Dear #MicrosoftEdge

We had such a good year, why are you trying to ruin this for me?

How it started | How it is going

This is nice | Oh crap.

Microsoft Edge Profile selector showing that the corrent profile is a work profile
Two identical Microsoft Edge icons on the task bar.
heise online
3 months ago

Microsoft integriert KI-Shopping-Funktionen in Bing und Edge

Microsoft führt KI-Shoppinghilfen für Bing und Edge ein: Einkaufslisten, Preisvergleiche und Paket-Tracking.

#Bing #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #news

Michał Stankiewicz
3 months ago

@podryban na Macu zamiennie #MicrosoftEdge i #GoogleChrome (chociaż będę robił podejście do #ArcBrowser), natomiast na iPhonie generalnie #Safari

heise online
3 months ago

"Dystopische Funktion": Frankreich will Browser zum Sperren von Websites zwingen

Um gegen Phishing und Spam vorzugehen, will Frankreich Browser dazu zwingen, staatlich vorgegebene Websites zu sperren. Mozilla hält das für gefährlich.

#Browser #Chrome #MicrosoftEdge #Firefox #Internetsperren #Mozilla #Zensur #news

HTTP-Fehler 451 (Unavailable For Legal Reasons) auf PC-Monitor
🕹️ jbz
3 months ago

🕵️ Edge sends images you view online to Microsoft, here is how to disable that | Neowin

⎧ The biggest problem with Edge's "super-resolution" and other questionable services is that it is enabled by default. Therefore, unaware users automatically give the browser permission to send pictures to Microsoft for processing and enhancement ⎭

#MS #MicrosoftEdge #Privacy #Tracking

Cédric Belin
3 months ago

Have you seen the "edge://credits/" page in #MicrosoftEdge browser? It uses a #Firefox component!!! Yeah 🥳

heise Security
3 months ago

Privatsphäre: Microsoft Edge-Vorschau hübscht Bilder mit serverseitiger KI auf

KI-verbesserte Bilder sollen das Surfen mit Microsoft Edge in der Vorschauversion zum Erlebnis machen. Dazu sendet Edge sie aber an Microsoft-Server.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Datenschutz #Security #news

Microsoft Edge-Browser auf Laptop auf Schreibtisch
3 months ago

#MicrosoftEdge is raising #privacy concerns as it has been discovered that the browser is sending every picture viewed online to Microsoft.

Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

Yeah, no, that’s great, #Microsoft, you keep doing you

“Edge sends images you view online to Microsoft”

> #MicrosoftEdge has many convenient features to improve your browsing experience. However, some of those features raise privacy concerns. One, for example, sends images you view directly to Microsoft.


James Bartlett :terminal:
3 months ago

I've been doing this with the "Read Aloud" feature in #MicrosoftEdge. Doesn't run on eInk tablets though. 😢

We used to say that Microsoft's IE was "a great browser for downloading (Firefox/Chrome, whichever you prefer)". Not anymore. It turns out IE's successor, #MicrosoftEdge, isn't even good for downloading your preferred browser - instead, it'll just advertise Bing at you!

*Very* poor behavior by #Microsoft. 😒

有中国大陆用户注意到自己的 Windows 设备被静默安装了微软电脑管家(之前也有被静默安装 Office Plus 的报道)。分析表明此静默安装来自 Microsoft Edge 的更新。


#Microsoft #Windows #MicrosoftEdge #PCManager

Telegram 原文

Grimm :bc:
4 months ago

If you ever opted out of a relationship with someone because they were too needy and attention-seeking with a conspicuously high potential to lurk outside your windows, I can almost 100% guarantee you that you, like me, will never ever make #MicrosoftEdge your default browser.

Sass, David
4 months ago

Maybe - just maybe - when we sign-in into an Azure VM using Azure AD based auth and open Edge... Edge shouldn't SSO-us-into-AzureAD and behave like it does on a proper Windows client machine... because it is running on a Windows SERVER!!!!

#MicrosoftEdge on #WindowsServer should be restricted #OutOfTheBox like #InternetExplorer used to be.

📡 Daan Berg
4 months ago

Honestly, if you ask me: #MicrosoftEdge is not a terrible browser.

But #Microsoft is doing good ol' Microsoft things again, now forcing their own apps to open links exclusively in #Edge, ignoring your default #browser setting.

#Outlook first, #Teams will follow later.

#Microsoft365 #MicrosoftOutlook #MicrosoftTeams #anticompetitive #tech #cloud #Windows

4 months ago

The new #microsoftedge UI looks a lot like #firefox Proton:

It's kinda jarring how often Mozilla's UI team seems to release where the puck is moving months in advance - here, I am sure they were tipped by Apple. I suppose #microsoft newly slavish devotion to copying #macos was going to ensure that the new look would be coming to Windows, too.

It's sad also that Microsoft managed to release a copy that avoids #a11y issues like bug 1704347 before Mozilla fixed it.

heise online
4 months ago

Microsoft Build 2023: Copilot für Windows, Plugins und ein verbesserter Edge

KI ändert die Arbeit von Entwicklern, aber auch die Zukunft der Arbeit, heißt es bei der Microsoft Build. Entsprechend viele KI-Anwendungen werden angekündigt.

#Bing #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #news

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

@randomgeek I found how to remove that ugly #Bing button from #MicrosoftEdge:
• If #Edge’s sidebar appears, click the ⋮ button there
• Otherwise open Settings (⌘, on Mac or click ⋯ then Settings in the toolbar), then Sidebar on the left, “Discover” under the “App and notification settings” heading
• Turn off the switch next to “Show Discover”

The button will disappear from the toolbar and you never again have to worry about its sidebar popping out when you hover over it

heise online
4 months ago

Microsofts Bing wird visueller und zieht in Edge, SwiftKey und Skype ein

Das neue Bing nutzt Videos und Grafiken im Chat, synchronisiert Chats und zieht in weitere Anwendungen ein – inklusive KI-Funktionen.

#Bing #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Suchmaschine #news

Smartphone mit Bing-Suche und der Aufforderung "Ask me anything"
4 months ago

#Google released their new #Bard AI chat at their #GoogleIO this week. Has anyone tried it out? How do you find it in comparison to #ChatGPT, #Snapchat, and #MicrosoftEdge AI bots? #AI

heise online
5 months ago

Mehr KI für Bing und Edge: Bilder, Diagramme, Speichern und Plugins

Microsofts neue Suche Bing und der Browser Edge bekommen weitere KI-gestützte Funktionen. Bing ist nun in der Open Preview für jeden verfügbar.

#Bing #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #news

5 months ago

I couldn't find the CSS that was causing an element to draw a border unexpectedly in my web app.

Thanks to this development tools setting in Edge/Chrome (Dev Tools > Rendering > Emulate a Focused Page), I found the culprit in seconds.

There are some other handy debugging tools in that same area too.

#WebDev #MicrosoftEdge #Chrome #DevTools #CSS #HTML #Debugging

Edge/Chrome Dev Tools settings screen.

Rendering > Emulate a focused page
Carlo Zottmann
5 months ago

#MicrosoftEdge is the absolute thirst browser. You can barely click any UI element without MS telling you about their other shit.

Aside from the #Blippy icon being an unasked-for eye sore (it fits in neither stylistically nor size-wise) there's now a sidebar on the right with search, shopping coupons, games and an "e-tree" etc. because of course they are.

It's only a matter of time until people get to see ads in their #Windows start menu.

What's that? — Oh, they do that already? NO WAY

Carlo Zottmann
5 months ago

This is getting ridiculous, isn't it

Well, at least Edge didn't inject a Bing/Clippy ("Blippy") overlay, "It looks like you want to install an extension, do you need help?" #SmallWins

#Google #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge

Screenshot of the Chrome Web Store showing an extension, with an overlay injected by MS Edge ("You can now add extensions from the Chrome Web Store to Microsoft Edge - Click on 'Add to Chrome'") and another overlay shown by the site ("Switch to Chrome? Google recommends using Chrome when using extensions and themes")
Jeff Sikes
5 months ago

Have a site with an invalid SSL cert error that won't let you through? In Edge, just type "thisisunsafe" on your keyboard with focus on the browser warning page and you're in. #SSL #MicrosoftEdge


Screenshot of Edge website showing an SSL certificate invalid page.
Daniel Aleksandersen
5 months ago

Do you have any thoughts on this new prompt that Microsoft puts up when you click on a link in the Microsoft Outlook app for Android? The right option is always to use the system #DefaultBrowser! #BrowserChoice #MicrosoftEdge

Bottom sheet dialog prompt asking you to choose between opening a link with “Microsoft Edge, recommended by Microsoft” and “Default browser, configure in Settings”.
heise online
5 months ago

Feature mit Bug: Microsoft Edge telefoniert besuchte Seiten nach Hause​

"Folgen von Creator". Die neue Funktion im Microsoft-Browser hat offenbar unerwünschte Nebenwirkungen: Edge schickt die URLs besuchter Seiten an eine Bing-API.​

#API #Bing #Browser #Datenschutz #MicrosoftEdge #Microsoft #Security #Windows #news

5 months ago

@wilander #FediHelp Does anyone have a reliable method for uninstalling #MicrosoftEdge from Windows 10?

I found an article that described running an uninstaller from the command line, but it didn't work.

RossMinor👨‍🦯: CPACC
5 months ago

Can we stop for a second to point out that when viewing a PDF in Microsoft Edge, screen readers automatically snap to an accessible table of contents that make it extremely easy to jump to a specific spot in the document? Not sure if that’s a feature of tagged PDFs, or if since the PDF was tagged, Microsoft was able to generate an accessible table of contents. Either way, so useful!

#Blind #Accessibility #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #NVDA

5 months ago

New version of #MicrosoftEdge :microsoft: just dropped and the landing page suggests these new features:

1. A.I. powered copilot for the web
2. Edit images directly in the web browser
3. Share files across devices
4. Increased security

The image editor works quite well; you can crop, recolour, draw, and add filters to an image, but its missing the ability to add text - which would mean you could instantly create memes from any image on the web 😆

heise online
6 months ago

Microsoft Bing und Edge: Jetzt zieht Werbung in die Suche ein

Bing und Edge bekommen Werbung: Microsoft plant diese direkt in den Chats zu zeigen. Und will Publisher an den Einnahmen beteiligen.

#Bing #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Suchmaschine #Werbung #news

Smartphone mit Bing-Suche und der Aufforderung "Ask me anything"
heise online
6 months ago

Mit Edge zum Web3: Microsoft testet eine Krypto-Wallet

Zwischen MicrosoftMitarbeitern soll eine Testversion von Edge kursieren, die eine Krypto-Wallet integriert – inklusive Links zu Krypto-Börsen.

#Browser #MicrosoftEdge #Ethereum #Kryptowährung #Microsoft #news

Tech News Worldwide
6 months ago

Microsoft is testing a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for the Edge browser

#cryptocurrency #MIcrosoftEdge #Tech

heise online
7 months ago

Video-Upscaling im Edge-Browser: Microsoft experimentiert mit KI-Funktion

Microsoft stellt für die Betaversion von Edge eine Upscaling-Funktion für niedrig aufgelöste Videos bereit. Sie benötigt jedoch aktuelle Grafikkarten.

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heise online
7 months ago

Künstliche Intelligenz: Microsoft bringt Chatbot aufs Smartphone und für Skype

Da die meisten Suchabfragen mobil erfolgen, integriert Microsoft KI in seine mobilen Bing und Edge Apps. Der KI-Chatbot kann sprechen und hat auch Skype.

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heise online
7 months ago

Nun ist er wirklich tot: Das Ende des Internet Explorers

Aus und vorbei, der Internet Explorer ist nun wirklich gestorben, wenn auch sehr langsam. Microsoft verhindert das Öffnen und bietet Edge an.

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Sid Vishnoi
7 months ago

Just saw that #Firefox, #MicrosoftEdge and #Chrome are all at v110 at present.

Screenshot of about pages of Edge, Chrome and Firefox, showing v110.
heise online
7 months ago

Acrobat PDF Reader zieht in Microsofts Browser Edge ein

Der Standard PDF-Reader in Microsofts Browser Edge wird Adobes Acrobat. Das soll für ein "In-Browser-PDF-Erlebnis" sorgen.

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heise online
8 months ago

Mittwoch: Microsoft setzt auf mehr KI, Zoom auf drastischen Stellenabbau

Mcrosofts KI-Aufrüstungen + Zoom kürzt Mitarbeiterzahl + ISO-Standard für Datenschutz + Chinas Handys ohne Datenschutz + Preiserhöhung zur Glasfaserförderung

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heise online
8 months ago

Microsoft rüstet Bing und Edge mit KI auf

Microsoft Suchmaschine und Browser erhalten KI samt Chat und Textgenerator. Es ist noch kein fertiges Produkt und noch nicht für alle da.

#Bing #Browser #MicrosoftEdge #Google #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #Suchmaschine #news

Stuart Langridge
8 months ago

oi! #MicrosoftEdge team! Someone over there went, hey peeps, here is a wizard wheeze, when we first start up, we'll go completely fullscreen without even any title bars, that'll get people's attention! and presumably whoever was in the room who said "this will be massively disorienting and weird and we should not do it, we are a window, not the most important thing in their life" was shouted down. Find the person who suggested it and got it approved and give them a wedgie or something.

Adriana Jara
8 months ago

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