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Just when you thought #Trump couldn't possibly get any more #insane...

While gleefully watching the #January6th #insurrection play out from the comfort of the #WhiteHouse, Trump began loudly shouting, "HANG!" as he watched his insurrectionist supporters chant, "Hang #MikePence!"

Take a moment to visualize, and really appreciate how crazy that is.

2 days ago

Watching #CassidyHutchinson on #Maddow and am still of the opinion that, like #MikePence, she's an idiot who, fortunately for us all, happened to do the right thing at a critical juncture, after doing the wrong thing became untenable.

5 days ago

But some #JudicialEthics experts criticized Justice #RuthBaderGinsburg for affiliating herself w/an advocacy group.

13 #Republican lawmakers, including #MikePence & #MarshaBlackburn, who now sits on the #Senate #Judiciary Cmte, went further, calling on Ginsburg to #recuse herself from any future cases related to #abortion. The justice brushed off the criticism: “I think & thought & still think it’s a lovely thing,” she said of the lecture series. (#RBG died in 2020.)

Does Karen Pence Wish Mike Pence Was Hung?

Karen seen here throwing #OathKeepers #ProudBoys gang signs...

Even though those gangs attempted to hang her husband and murder her entire family on January 6th...


#KAREN will do ANYTHING for the #MAGA #VOTE!

#KarenPence #KKKaren #KKKarenPence #Pence #MikePence #Jan6 #January6th

Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago

Pink News: Weeping mum of trans child powerfully challenges Mike Pence on anti-LGBTQ+ policies #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #gender-affirminghealthcare #Republican #transyouth #MikePence #Politics #Trans #News #US

Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago

Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: The Plot Thickens Around GOP Candidate Tim Scott’s Alleged Girlfriend #Jezebel #jenniferdecasper #humaninterest #rondesantis #mattschlapp #mikepence #benterris #brianheck #timscott #schlapp #trump

John Linton Roberson
3 weeks ago

That would be why Pence refused to get in that car
Ex- #Trump Lawyer Keeps Mum On Rumored #Jan6 Scheme To Replace #MikePence With #charlesGrassley

Preston MacDougall
3 weeks ago

Recalling a 1964 speech by #RonaldReagan , #MikePence cited eerie foresight by the #Republican icon: “(The #RepublicanParty) “should not be based on personal grievances and performative outrage.” 👉

Remind you of anyone? 🤔

#SaveAmerica from the #MAGA cult of ignorance and hate: #PrimaryFromTheCenter in the #GOP presidential primary. 🗳️

3 weeks ago
realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 weeks ago

@wjmaggos @threalist @luke @EvilSandmich @gmcgath So this actually started before #Jan6, as multiple states had individuals who had alternative electors’ slates that they wanted to present to #MikePence on #Jan6, because of the questions had at the time about who won certain states. If I recall correctly, most of these alternate electors weren’t allowed to enter the building.

The initial rumor I heard was that the rioters wanted to basically kidnap #MikePence and force him to accept the alternate electors’ slates rather than the primary slates, but I haven’t seen much evidence that that was the plan, nor much chatter of it since.

Preston MacDougall
4 weeks ago

If you doubt that the #MAGA mob would’ve hanged #MikePence after #DonaldTheDeplorable instigated them to be HIS retribution in a tweet on what is now known as the #Xitter 🚽, then you don’t know history at all. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 👉

#SaveAmerica from #MobMentality and #CultKillings. #Histodons

The Japan Times
4 weeks ago

Eight Republican candidates sparred Wednesday over immigration and abortion in the first debate of the 2024 U.S. election cycle — but the spotlight was still stolen by Donald Trump even as he boycotted the event. #worldnews #politics #republicans #donaldtrump #2024uspresidentialelection #rondesantis #mikepence

Addendum 9

In Iowa, Pence Preaches Old-School Conservatism to a Dwindling Flock
Former vice president’s time in the spotlight at the debate did not lift his position in the polls, where he continues to languish in the low-single digits

#MikePence #ChristianRight #neofascism #CultureWars #theocracy #DominionTheology #GOP #CapitalPunishment #DeathPenalty #neoconservatism

Addendum 8

Pence Criticized Over Call for “Expedited” Death Penalty for Mass Shooters
Experts on violence widely agree that death penalty is not an effective deterrent

#MikePence #ChristianRight #neofascism #CultureWars #theocracy #DominionTheology #GOP #CapitalPunishment #DeathPenalty #neoconservatism

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@copter_chief Right! Unable to find himself anything wrong in Trump's demands to reject pro-Biden electoral votes, Mike Pence was so insecure, he even felt the need to consult a constitutional scholar to confirm, that he & his office didn't have the power to overturn the election as desired by Trump.
Mike Pence lacks the thing called "moral compass" as much as Trump does.
Otherwise he'd have shoved his VP-office title up Donald's ass on Jan 21st, 2017.

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #MikePence #SellingOutAmerica #BanTheGOP #SusceptibleToTreason #DefraudingAmerica #LawlessnessAndDisorder

Addendum 7

Mike Pence Attempts To Moderate On Abortion Magnifies How GOP Spiraling

"After I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my lord & savior I opened up the book & I read
'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.
And see I set before you life & death, blessings & curses.
Now choose life.'
I knew from that moment on the cause of life had to be my cause."

#MikePence #ChristianRight #neofascism #CultureWars #theocracy #DominionTheology #CatholicChurch #GOP #transphobia

David Ano
1 month ago

At last night's #RepublicanDebate, moderator Bret Baier asked "If former President #Trump is convicted in a court of law, would you still support him as your party's choice? Please raise your hand if you would."

#NikkiHaley, #TimScott, #VivekRamaswamy, #DougBurgum, #RonDeSantis & #MikePence raised their hands, saying they would support #DonaldTrump as the party's nominee – even if he was convicted.


#news #politics #GOP

At the Republican Presidential debate, GOP candidates raise their hands to indicate they would support former President Donald Trump as the Republican nominee if he was convicted of a crime on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023. 

Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images
1 month ago

“Consensus is the opposite of leadership." Mike Pence

One of the single dumbest things I've ever read. #gopdebate #republicandebate #mikepence

Key Biscayne Independent
1 month ago

GOP Debate: Most would support Trump even if convicted :

Most of the participants raised their hands to say they'd support Trump even if he was convicted
#ChatGPT #debate #DonaldTrump #FoxNews #GOP #MikePence #NikkiHaley #republican #RonDesantis #VivekRamaswamy
#Miami #news

Eight Republicans hoping to be the next US president have held their first debate.They criticised President Joe Biden's economic policies and sparred over ab...
Race for the White House: Trump misses first republican debate
Acht republikanische Präsidentschaftskandidaten treffen sich zur ersten TV-Debatte. Donald Trump geht nicht hin – und ist trotzdem omnipräsent.
TV-Debatte der US-Republikaner: Das Ringen um Beachtung
1 month ago

▸ NEW YORK. Trump saknades. Men en ny politisk stjärna har fötts efter den första primärvalsdebatten, enligt unga New…

NEW YORK. Trump saknades. Men en ny politisk stjärna har fötts efter den första primärvalsdebatten, enligt unga New Yor#vivekramaswamy #rondesantis #mikepence #amerikanskpolitik
Nytt stjärnskott efter republikanernas debatt: ”Han ägde”

🥥 #MikePence: We don't need someone too old in the White House, and we don't need anyone too young in the #WhiteHouse.
So Pence must think we need Goldilocks in theWhite House. 🥥

They're really trying to rally against the southern border

#GOPdebate #MikePence

1 month ago

#mikepence followed #danquayle 's advice on #jan6

Let's not forget.

Tonight, #MikePence bragged about helping get #RoeVWade overturned, not realizing it's not the winning statement he thinks it is

#Women'sRights #AbortionRights #HumanRights

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 month ago

Poor #MikePence, he is doing whatever he can to remind people that he’s still on the stage 😂

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 month ago

I’m liking what I’m hearing from #VivekRamaswamy so far, although I do think that calling everyone else bought and paid for is a high risk move. It might be true, but it might also make him look like a nasty, petty person. We’ll see what the people think when the #GOPDebate is over.

Meanwhile, #RonDesantis and #TomScott are doing better than I thought they would. #NikkiHaley had some reasonable policy proposals, but her sexist messaging isn’t the type that’ll land with #GOP voters. #AsaHutchinson is the only one who got outright booed when being introduced… we’ll ignore him. #MikePence looked okay, but going after #VivekRamaswamy just didn’t seem like a move that made sense. And #ChrisChristie lashed out way too aggressively with personal attacks, I don’t know what the heck he thinks he’s doing.

Allen Michie
1 month ago

Does anyone know if Pence’s head fly has agreed to show up for the debate tonight?

#pence #gopdebate #debate #mikepence #thefly

‘Jesus Wasn’t a Pacifist’: Training Christian Minutemen to Remove ‘Domestic Enemies’ From Office

* “Elijah Streams” program increasingly focused on promoting far-right conspiracy theorists, self-proclaimed “prophets” who resolutely insist Trump still president

#Trumpism #neofascism #ElectoralFraud #ChristianRight #extremism #ConspiracyTheorists #QAnon #DominionTheology
#theocracy : #MikePence #LeonardLeo

US Republicans vying for their party’s nomination will gather for their first presidential debate on Wednesday.All but one, that is.Leading contender Donald ...
Who will be at first Republican presidential debate – and who won’t?
U.S. Politics in Real Time
1 month ago

Mike Pence and Mark Meadows Just Ruined Trump’s Defense in Classified Docs Case: The former president appears to be caught in a huge lie.

#NewRepublic #MikePence #MarkMeadows #TrumpDefense #ClassifiedDocsCase #HugeLie #Politics #News

1 month ago

will the fly that helps ID el Diablo show up next week?


Donald Trump was indicted a few days ago in Atlanta, Georgia and his rivals for the Republican Presidential nomination are meeting to rally support for their...
US republican candidates: Six presidential hopefuls to speak at conference
Chip Unicorn
1 month ago

I'm somewhat surprised that the Republicans haven't coalesced around Mike Pence.

Mike Pence has experience in the Oval Office (and experience as a governor).
Unlike Donald Trump, Mike Pence *is* a fundamentalist Christian.
Mike Pence was extremely loyal to Donald Trump's vision.

On the other hand, Republicans may never forgive him for putting country over party on January 6.

#USElections #MikePence #DonaldTrump

1 month ago

Mike Pence at the GOP Iowa State Fair after party.
#MikePence #Pence
#TheSimpsons #Simpsons

GIF of Smithers from the simpsons cringing as two strippers grind on him
Prosecutors in the US state of Georgia have indicted former president Donald Trump and others on charges that they conspired to overturn President Biden’s vi...
Trump in­dict­ed in Geor­gia over 2020 elec­tion med­dling
Former United States President Donald Trump has been hit with a fourth set of criminal charges by a grand jury in Georgia, which issued an indictment accusin...
Trump charged with attempt to overturn 2020 US election loss in Georgia
The grand jury in Georgia, United States, investigating Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss has handed up a criminal indictment, thoug...
Indictment returned in Donald Trump US election subversion probe in Georgia
2 months ago

The #SecretMemo had been a missing link in the public record of how #Trump’s allies developed their strategy to overturn #Biden’s victory. In mid-Dec, the #FakeElectors could go through the motions of voting as if they had the authority to do so. Then, on #Jan6 VP #MikePence could unilaterally count those…, rather than the ofcl & certified ones for Biden.

While that basic plan itself was already known, the memo provides new #details about how it originated & was discussed behind the scenes.

2 months ago

@RollingStone @lisamelton #MikePence is an execrable, party-over-country waste of human skin.

🥥 These white t-shirts and the existence of former Vice President #MikePence begs the question: "Is it possible to be too white"? 🥥

2 months ago

Backstage after a Mike Pence presidential rally.
"No! MOTHER! Only for Mother!"
#TheSimpsons #Simpsons

GIF of Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons, being grinded on by two scantily clad strippers, as he covers his eyes and tries to escape
Bruce Mirken
2 months ago

@crooksandliars I don't think #MikePence's religion allows him to have a sense of humor.

Former US President Donald Trump faces four criminal charges over his push to overturn the 2020 US election results.Trump appeared in a federal courthouse in...
Donald Trump pleads not guilty at arraignment for 2020 election indictment
Former US President Donald Trump has arrived at a Washington, DC courthouse to face federal charges related to his effort to overturn the 2020 United States ...
Don­ald Trump at Wash­ing­ton court to face charges in elec­tion case
2 months ago

@w7voa he should go with Afraid of Breasts. #MikePence #TheOnion

Trump has left his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, about three hours before his scheduled court appearance in Washington, DC.He is expected to enter a n...
Trump leaves New Jersey golf club en route to Washington, DC
Former US President Donald Trump is set to appear in court in Washington, DC to face federal charges related to his effort to overturn the 2020 United States...
Trump indictment: Ex-president to be arraigned in 2020 election probe
Democracy Matters :verified:
2 months ago

Star prosecution witness and chief Trump sycophant. LOL. #MikePence #GOPTraitors

Mike Pence Is No Hero. His Actions Might Send Trump to Jail Anyway. 03-AUG-2023

Former US President Donald Trump has been criminally charged for trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.The four-count, 45-page ind...
What to know about the election interference charges against Trump
Kit Malone
2 months ago

#MikePence stopped by #Indiana to let us know that he "chose the constitution over #Trump." #Hoosier folks who remember him as governor will note that he did that in typical Pence fashion - at the very last second, after all the damage had been done, and purely in order to absolve himself of responsibility so that he could rescue his own political career.


Bruce Mirken
2 months ago

@DemocracyMattersALot If #MikePence had a spine he wouldn't know what to do with it.

2 months ago

Like a novel! Like a suspense thriller! Like, read this for yourself:
One minute later, at 2:25 p.m., the United States Secret Service was forced to evacuate the Vice President to a secure location. #indictments #jan6 #donaldtrump #mikepence

111. At 2:24 p.m., after advisors had left the Defendant alone in his dining room, the Defendant issued a Tweet intended to further delay and obstruct the certification: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!”

112.  One minute later, at 2:25 p.m., the United States Secret Service was forced to evacuate the Vice President to a secure location.

113. At the Capitol, throughout the afternoon, members of the crowd chanted, “Hang Mike Pence!”; “Where is Pence? Bring him out!”; and “Traitor Pence!”
2 months ago

Truth just does not exist for this guy: That night, the Defendant approved and caused the Defendant’s Campaign to issue a public statement that the Defendant knew, from his meeting with the Vice President only hours carlier, was false: “The Vice President and I are in total agreement that the Vice President has the power to act.” #indictments #jan6 #donaldtrump #mikepence

99.  That night, the Defendant approved and caused the Defendant’s Campaign to issue a public statement that the Defendant knew, from his meeting with the Vice President only hours carlier, was false: “The Vice President and I are in total agreement that the Vice President has the power to act.”
2 months ago

Burn it down. People will die. We don't care. We want it:
The Vice President’s Counsel expressed to Co-Conspirator 2 that following through with the proposal would result in a “disastrous situation” where the election might “have to be decided in the streets.”

#indictments #jan6 #donaldtrump #mikepence #page35

95.  On the morning of January 5, at the Defendant’s direction, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff and the Vice President’s Counsel met again with Co-Conspirator 2. Co- Conspirator 2 now advocated that the Vice President do what the Defendant had said he preferred the day before: unilaterally reject electors from the targeted states. During this meeting, Co- Conspirator 2 privately acknowledged to the Vice President’s Counsel that he hoped to prevent judicial review of his proposal because he understood that it would be unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court. The Vice President’s Counsel expressed to Co-Conspirator 2 that following through with the proposal would result in a “disastrous situation” where the election might “have to be decided in the streets.”
2 months ago

Just imagine; Just imagine if this had transpired.. on Jan 6th, Mike Pence up there at the dais:
Next, Co-Conspirator 2 proposed steps that he acknowledged violated the ECA, advocating that, in the end, “Pence then gavels President Trump as re-elected.”
#indictments #jan6 #donaldtrump #mikepence #jacksmith


89. On the same day, Co-Conspirator 2 circulated a two-page memorandum outlining a plan for the Vice President to unlawfully declare the Defendant the certified winner of the presidential election. In the memorandum, Co-Conspirator 2 claimed that seven states had transmitted two slates of electors and proposed that the Vice President announce that “because of the ongoing disputes in the 7 States, there are no electors that can be deemed validly appointed in those States.” Next, Co-Conspirator 2 proposed steps that he acknowledged violated the ECA, advocating that, in the end, “Pence then gavels President Trump as re-elected.” Just two months earlier, on October 11, Co-Conspirator 2 had taken the opposite position, writing that neither the Constitution nor the ECA provided the Vice President discretion in the counting of electoral votes, or permitted him to “make the determination on his own.”
2 months ago

Well, well, I think it's safe to say that Mike Pence has sung a tune for the DOJ...

#MikePence #DonaldTrump #politics #USPolitics

A press release from Mike Pence for President. The header reads, "Mike Pence Statement on Latest Trump Indictment". The statement is as follows:

Mike Pence today issued the following statement on news of Former President Trump's indictment:
"Today's indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States.
I will have more to say about the government's case after reviewing the indictment. The former president is entitled to the presumption of innocence but with this indictment, his candidacy means more talk about January 6th and more distractions. 
As Americans, his candidacy means less attention paid to Joe Biden's disastrous economic policies afflicting millions across the United States and to the pattern of corruption with Hunter."
Zach Everson
2 months ago

Government pensions made Mike Pence a millionaire in 2019, but he really cashed in after the 2020 election forced him back into the private sector.

#USPolitics #News #MikePence #Wealth

2 months ago

A fake Christian and a genuine sinner — neither has a prayer.
Alas, no words could ever do this rich moment justice. Ungodly.
#MikePence #DonaldTrump #UngodlyCharlatans #PosingForPiety #CINO

Vice President Mike Pence is seated at the front of an audience, immediately to the right of President Donald Trump. Pence’s head is bowed and his hands are clasped. Trump’s hands are clasped, but his head is up and his eyes are open, as he glowers while staring at something in the distance, to his right.

Rejecting the politics of personality is really the only chance for a person who is known globally for having no personality.
#USPolitics #MikePence

Diego Pappalardo
2 months ago

@RollingStone #mikepence doesn't resent #donaldtrump because he's been well dressed.
Good puppy! Now, rollover!

I'm pretending to support #RFKJr so he'll be encouraged to run as an independent and completely split the #Republican vote after #Trump fails to seal the nomination against #MikePence. Hell, I might even donate some #Bitcoin to the cause. #election2024 #2024Election

Erika Wittekind
2 months ago

Staking out a horrifically extreme position that would pointlessly endanger lives, former Vice President Mike Pence says abortions should be banned even for pregnancies that aren’t viable. Such a ban would force pregnant people to carry pregnancies to term, even if there is no chance of the fetus surviving. My story:

#abortion #ReproductiveRights #MikePence

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

@rvawonk #MikePence wants to make ALL states #SlaveStates in the American #WarOnFreedom ?

Clearly he wants to beat #DonaldTheDeplorable in the primaries but never be #POTUS himself. And that’s fine with me. I might just strategically vote for him the #Tennessee Republican primary!

Cory Doctorow
3 months ago

These same states are hotbeds of "religious liberty" nonsense. In about a dozen of these states, Jews, Christians, and Satanists are filing "religious liberty" challenges to the abortion ban. In #Indiana, the #HoosierJewsForChoice have joined with other religious groups in a class action, to argue that the "religious freedom" law that #MikePence signed as governor protects their right to an abortion:


My favorite thing to do on #TruthSocial right now is post mean things that other #Republican presidential candidates are saying about #Trump and then agree with the #MAGAts when they complain about the "#RINOS".

It's gonna make the crow so much harder to eat when #election2024 comes around and their guy doesn't get the nomination because he's in prison!

#politics #maga #mikePence #ronDesantis #chrisChristie #AsaHutchinson #BillBarr #MitchMcConnell #pence #desantis #gop

F = Pence says he ‘can’t defend’ | 3" .»» allegations in Trump indictment b /&v Former Vice President Mike S _ Pence on Tuesday said he could : ‘ not defend the “very serious” ‘ allegations against former " S President Donald Trump in a federal indictment over the 3 ¥ handling of cl... . EAGT N H A Q: 2 O & - harleykathy @harleykathy - 12m Replying to @AndFindOut Back stabbing piece of TURD GRASS! (e RF=TN VRS Ele VR TV VT @AndFindOut Replying to @harleykathy He's made of plastic. | bet he doesn't have any genitals. It's just smooth like a Ken Doll! NG Jun 13, 2023, 8:30 PM


One thing about Pence we can take to the bank: no one will ever call him a great man.

James Bartlett :terminal:
4 months ago

In a way, I kind of feel sorry for #MikePence.

#Trump is a #ChaoticEvil grifter who will say or do whatever he thinks will bring him more power. No principles whatsoever, apart from the pursuit of power for its own sake. He doesn't actually believe in anything at all, and for him, objective truth is merely an obstacle in his path, which he must overcome through the use of propaganda, extortion, violence, and corruption.

Meanwhile, #Pence is a true believer. He literally believes that God is calling him personally to lead the nation on a path of righteousness, like #JoanOfArc or #Gideon. It's really sad, because he's a guy with an incredibly strong sense of morality and steadfast adherence to principles, but he's got them all wrong. He's like a #LawfulGood #Paladin who thinks he's been sent on a crusade by #Pelor to rescue the world from evil, but the deity he thought was Pelor was actually just #Nerull in disguise.

Democracy Matters :verified:
4 months ago

How many fucking presidents does God want? Anyway, I'm pretty sure this isn't the one God wants to win.
#MikePence #NeverMikePence #TheyTriedToHangYouBro #GOPCircus

Mike Pence Claims God Is Calling Him To Run For President

James Bartlett :terminal:
4 months ago

Someone rang my doorbell this morning while my wife and I were trying to sleep in. I groggily answered the door, and it was a #MikePence canvasser. I took her literature, tore it up right in front of her, then shut the door in her face.
That felt SO good, y'all.

Paul Chambers
4 months ago

🤔 Full transcript: Fmr. VP Mike Pence's interview with Scripps News

Former Vice President Mike Pence sat down for an exclusive interview with Scripps News Political Director Andrew Rafferty on Tuesday.

Talks of "woke" #Disney, banning #transgender healthcare, supports McCarthy's crushing poor, seniors and other aid. #Medicare

Just Mike Pence being Pence.

#USPol #MikePence #Pence

"Mike Pence - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
4 months ago

I didn't know that #MikePence commanded the #Starship #Odyssey in #DS9 - I am expecting him to screw up and become dead pretty soon though.

Erika Sumner
6 months ago

#BREAKING #NEWS: #MikePence will NOT appeal the federal #Subpoena to testify!!!!! The former VP is going to answer questions about Trump and his cronies trying to undermine the #2020election. #ItsAboutToGoDown

6 months ago

“Six months from now we might look back and this is a footnote that pales in comparison to potential Justice Department indictments.”
#News #DonaldTrump #indictment #alvinbragg #stormydaniels #MichaelCohen #RonDeSantis #DavidPecker #TuckerCarlson #mikepence

6 months ago

The real story is that one of our two major political parties has an “anti-insurrectionist lane”—and few of its most powerful elected officials are in it.
#News #Politics #BreakingtheVote #mikepence #DonaldTrump #Jan.6Riot #stormydaniels #GuoWengui #SteveBannon #RonDeSantis

6 months ago

“Had he sent the votes back to the legislatures, they wouldn’t have had a problem with Jan. 6, so in many ways you can blame him for Jan. 6,” Trump said.
#News #DonaldTrump #mikepence #jan6 #CapitolRiot #2020election

7 months ago

Rep Adam Schiff tweets:

Pence is now claiming the Speech and Debate Clause — meant for senators and members — allows him to avoid testifying about Jan 6.

Just shows the lengths Pence will go to avoid doing his duty and telling the truth.

What a way to launch a presidential campaign.


8 months ago

This week the state’s new GOP-dominated court made the very unusual decision to rehear recently-decided cases on controversial voting restrictions.
#News #northcarolina #moorevharper #mikepence #January6 #capitolinsurrection #stormydaniels #DonaldTrump #Dominionvotingsystems #ChadWolf #TinaPeters

8 months ago

Trump special counsel subpoenas former VP Mike Pence in Jan. 6 probe

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been issued a subpoena by Jack Smith, the special counsel overseeing criminal investigations of ex-President Donald Trump.

The probe that led to Pence's subpoena is focused on Trump's efforts to overturn his loss in the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

#MikePence #Election2020 #JoeBiden #Trump #JackSmith

8 months ago

Former Vice President Mike Pence said he had not been aware that classified documents were at his Indiana home and said he takes "full responsibility" for the security breach.

Pence, speaking at Florida International University in Miami, said a review was conducted of his personal records after classified documents were found at President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware.

#MikePence #ClassifiedInformation #PersonalResponsibility

8 months ago

Classified documents at Pence's home, too, his lawyer says

Documents with classified markings were discovered in former VP #MikePence's Indiana residence last week, his lawyer says

"A small number of documents," taken into #FBI custody last Thursday, "were inadvertently boxed and transported" to Pence's home at the end of the last administration, Pence's lawyer, #GregJacob, wrote in a letter to the #NationalArchives shared with The AP.


DemocracyMatters :verified:
9 months ago

Nuf said.


Did Mike Pence buy up his own book to get on the bestseller list?

9 months ago


#MikePence calls his wife 'mother'.
So that means he is a real motherfucker.