Mark Andrew Thomas
2 days ago

"Cosmic Trails" - The Milky Way over the beautifull restored boardwalk trail at West Lake in Everglades National Park. 🌌 #milkyway #evergladesnationalpark #astronomy #astrophotography #planetearth #everglades #evergladesmilkyway #nightscape #sceniclandscape

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Der Dennis
4 days ago

Erinnert ihr euch noch?

Heute vor 140 Jahren (24.09.1883) wurde Frank C. Mars geboren.

(Ja, der mit den Schokoriegeln. 😋)

#raiders #twix

4 days ago

Heute ist Herbstanfang, Tag- und Nachtgleiche. Da bietet es sich doch an, mal Nachtfotos zu posten.
Die Drei Zinnen und die Milchstraße.

#dreizinnen #trecime #milchstrasse #milkyway

Nachtaufnahme: Die Drei Zinnen als Schattenriß. Dahinter der sternenreiche Nachthimmel mit der Milchstraße, die direkt aus der Großen Zinne aufzusteigen scheint.

I remember seeing the Milky Way with my own eyes while lying on my back in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey as a kid.

I've never seen the Milky Way since.

#astronomy #milkyway #lightpollution
The loss of dark skies is so painful, astronomers coined a new term for it: Noctalgia

Mike Bolam
1 week ago

A #CrawickMultiverse #Milkyway composite pic.. This is a shot I’ve had in my head for a while, but never had the conditions just right, so it’s a quick and dirty photoshop combo

#Scotland #Stars #MilkyWay

The Standing stones of the North South line at Crawick Multiverse backlit with the Milky Way This is  a composite image.

🎙️ ✨ A new episode has been published on @ITSPmagazine

Show: Stories From Space With Matthew S Williams

Episode: The Drake Equation

Podcast format: Audio



#space #extraterrestrial #extraterrestrialcivilization
#Milkyway #stories

Louis Marmet
1 week ago

#MilkyWay #DarkMatter #MOND
"Recent Developments Concerning the Gravitational Potential of the Milky Way. II. A Closer Look at the Data"


Peter Gutsche
1 week ago

“We all share the same sky, and anyone from the same culture can identify the same constellations night after night. The loss of that access and heritage is a loss of part of our humanity.”

A thought-provoking text:

The photo shows #LightPollution in the Northern Black Forest.
The lights of the metropolitan area of Strasbourg obscure the night sky over distances of 50-100 km.

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #Stars #Sky #Astronomy #AstroPhotography #MilkyWay

The silhouettes of trees in the night are visible in front of a distant landscape and a starry sky that is strongly illuminated by the light of the distant villages. The sky, nevertheless, is so clear that the stars and the Milky Way can be seen.
Florian Kriechbaumer
1 week ago

Milky Way arch over one of the many amazing rock formations of Wadi Rum, Jordan 🇯🇴.
You can see more of this amazing place on my blog:
#wadirum #jordan #milkyway #milkywayarch #nightsky #benropolaris #omsystem #visitjordan

1 week ago

My car meets the nebula. #photography #astrophotography #milkyway

A car with red lighting in the dark with the Milky Way nebula filling the sky
1 week ago
Universe Today
1 week ago

The Milky Way's Disk is Warped. Is That Because our Dark Matter Halo is Tilted?

Astronomers have measured the Milky Way's shape and found that the disk is warped and not a flat spiral like many of the galaxies we see in the Universe. It was assumed a collision with another galaxy in the ancient past caused this warping. Observations have shown that the galactic stellar halo is tilted concerning the galactic plane, and a new theory proposes that the dark matter halo is tilted, too. This tilt might be torquing the galaxy, causing the warp that astronomers have observed.


Illustration of the Milky Way's warped shape. Credit: ESA/Stefan Payne-Wardenaar
Michael Müller-Monsé
1 week ago

Michael Müller-Monsé - Photography

Last Night, Space Night!

#milkyway #Germany


Yiming Wu ✅ Use OurPaint
1 week ago

Pic from yesterday 🤔

#photography #astronomy #milkyway

Marvin Johanning
1 week ago

Quite an old photo (summer 2016) but still my favourite photo I've ever taken of the Milky Way. Taken at my parents' house in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. I haven't been able to take a photo as good as this one since!

This is not a stacked photo but a rather simple long exposure taken with my old Canon 1100D and its kit lens.

#photo #photos #photography #space #stars #milkyway #galaxy #nightsky #foto #fotografie #fotos

A photo of the Milky Way. The bottom of the photo is glowing slightly orange due to light pollution from the city. Part of a house and part of a tree can be seen as well.

Some shots of the Galactic Center I took up here in the gorgeous Berkshire Mountains. It was super fun putting all my new gadgets to work to get these shots! I’m super blown away at how much light this Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens let’s in. These were shot at f/1.8, ISO 640, for 25 seconds. #photography #astrophotography #milkyway #galacticcenter #nightphotography #nightsky #stars #space #longexposure #night #galaxy #nature #cosmos #milkywaychasers #sonycamera #sonya7rv #sony20mmf18 #adobelightroom

Shaun Davey 🇪🇺 #FBPE
2 weeks ago

The Milky Way last night from Webber’s Post in Exmoor National Park’s Dark Sky Reserve, UK. #exmoor #exmoornationalpark #milkyway #darksky #darkskyreserve #astronomy #astrophotography

The milky way arches down over a small wooden shelter structure on the moor. The night sky is bright with stars.
Sharon Gascoigne
2 weeks ago

We had wonderfully clear skies at #FreshwaterBay on the #IsleofWight last night, so my husband headed out to photograph the #MilkyWay

The Island is a great place for #nightsky photography as we have little light pollution over the majority of the land and seacape.

A clear sky, full of stars over a coastline and a couple of large rock stacks. The sea is perfectly still, lights froma distant town in the far distance. Some colour left in the sky from the day time. A peaceful picture.
2 weeks ago

How it's going...

Click to open complete image.

Wide angle photo of the nightsky with mily war. Pole for electricity and tree in the foreground.
Universe Today
2 weeks ago

The Hubble Imaged Some Globular Clusters in an Unusual Place: Near the Milky Way's Centre

The Milky Way is surrounded by hundreds of globular clusters in the galactic halo, stripped away from dwarf galaxies long ago. Astronomers were surprised to find globular clusters near the galactic center, too. A new survey from the Hubble Space Telescope searched for globular clusters near the core, which is challenging to observe with all the gas and dust. Two well-known clusters aren't part of the bulge but happened to be passing through the region on a journey out to the halo, but some did appear to have formed near the Milky Way's supermassive black hole.


Most globular clusters are found in the Milky Way's halo. But some, like the glittering globular cluster Terzan 12, are near the galactic centre. Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Cohen (Rutgers University)
Mike Bolam
2 weeks ago

Cows.. watching the Aurora…

While I was out wandering the country lanes at 2am, as you do, I came across this group of cows all facing north, at about the same time a rather spectacular outburst of Aurora occurred.. it was brief, and once it subsided, they moved away.

#MilkyWay #Galaxy #Galloway #Scotland

A small group of cattle gathered in a field watching the northern lights..  set against the core of our home galaxy, The Milky Way.
kernpanik 🐾
2 weeks ago

Two quick shots at the #Milkyway, one taken from our terrace and the other from behind the house.

First photo shows a lot of light pollution from the city of Halkida (which is about 20 km from here) but also from Athens (c. 75km).

The second one shows some kind of antique space craft … or is it just the antenna on our roof? 🤭

(photos: @kernpanik | license:

A photo of the Milky Way.
A photo of the Milky Way.
Peter Practice
2 weeks ago

I’m in my deck chair watching the night skies. So beautiful! #stars #MilkyWay

Florian Kriechbaumer
2 weeks ago

I spent 10 days in July around the south of Tasmania in the hope to capture Aurora Australis with our home galaxy - this was the first night, and literally the only time the right conditions came together for about 20 minutes. A lot of sleepless nights with not many results followed 🤪.
You can also spot the Large Magellanic Cloud in the centre, and the purple Carina nebula on the top right.
#tasmania #milkyway #aurora #southernlights #astrophotography #omsystem

Aurora over the ocean with person in the middle
Florian Kriechbaumer
3 weeks ago

Have you ever used a drone for light painting? We used the dark skies and amazing landscapes of Mongolia as our canvas 🇲🇳❤️. #milkyway #mongolia #nightsky #dronelightpainting #drone #lightpainting #starryskies

Video of night sky with two photographers using a drone for light painting shapes
Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
1 month ago

This is the kind of dream #photography that many would like to #shoot. This #picture from Petr Horálek taken in the #Maldives last February shows the #MilkyWay over a beach, with a #meteor passing by.

What's make this #image so gorgeous is the #bioluminescence of the #planktons, which are even brighter than the stars.

Just a pity the #sky is polluted by artificial #lights.

Credits: Petr Horálek / #TWAN

#Astronomy #Sky #Space #Astrophotography #Night #Star

From the photographer: “Deep in the Indian Ocean, an emerald can be found. Not large, but truly natural and full of plants island called Thoddoo, Maldives. Proud locals produce their own fruit and vegetable, welcome the tourists with wide-open arms, and show them the importance of the true relationship to the natural heritage of the island, such as endangered turtles and other species. Unfortunately, the island itself is a source of light pollution and so it is not easy to find a good spot for stargazing. I was lucky to find one, from where I saw all the natural lights of the night. The rising Milky Way followed the captivating light of the bioluminescent plankton while a small meteor appeared in the sky, close to the Gegenschein. Even if the tourist ship turned on its bright light in the distance, still remember the best of the dark skies there.”
1 month ago

Probably the last image of the #MilkyWay for this year before it sinks too low and is no longer so well visible.

Taken at the Hochälpele in #Vorarlberg

#astrophotography #fotografie #photography #mastoart

Photo of the Milky Way with a marker column in the foreground. At the bottom of the image are mountain peaks glowing from light pollution.
Vineet Tiruvadi
1 month ago

First Milky Way/Pal Vali pictures. Still unedited.

What needs work?

#astrophotography #photography #mirrorless #fisheye #lumix #milkyway

Picture of milky way at night with a few perseids and planes.
Mary McIntyre Astronomy
1 month ago

On 14th August 2023 I had 2 #Canon1100D cameras shooting the #MilkyWay from my garden in Oxfordshire, UK. 10mm shots: 25x25sec ISO-3200 f/4.5. 50mm shots: 45 & 49x10sec ISO-1600 f2.2. Stacked with 20 darks using #Sequator. Click the images to view in full #UKMilkyWay #Astrophotography

Widefield shot of the Milky Way in the southern sky from Oxfordshire. It forms an almost vertical band down the sky with dark dust in the centre. There are many clumps of stars and dust in the lower regions
Widefield shot of the Milky Way in the southern sky from Oxfordshire. It forms an almost vertical band down the sky with dark dust in the centre. There are many clumps of stars and dust in the lower regions
Close up shot of part of the southern Milky Way. This area is full of clusters and patches of red nebulae with ribbons of dark dust woven through them
Close up shot of part of the southern Milky Way over the top of a house roof and chimney. This area is full of clusters and patches of red nebulae with ribbons of dark dust woven through them
1 month ago

Haven't had the time to draw anything the past weeks, been spending some quality time outside with friends and family, should be able to get back to drawing next week ^^'
Have some of the picture I've taken meanwhile :blobfoxcamera:

#photography #dog #beach #sunset #sunsetphotography #astrophotography #stars #milkyway #overgrown #moss

A big black dog on a beach holding a huge stick in his mouth
The sunset through some grass/reeds
The night sky with many visible stars and a vague Milky Way at the top side of the picture
A reddish brown old log overgrown with moss and flowers in a forest
Juan Carlos Muñoz
1 month ago

This is Arp 271, a pair of spiral galaxies locked in a gravitational dance. In a few billion years the #MilkyWay and the Andromeda galaxy might look like this!

This is the very last #photo ever taken with the VIMOS instrument at ESO's Very Large #Telescope in #Chile, back in 2018. After I finished the decommissioning procedures that night, I decided to take one last image as a farewell, and this was the result.


#astrodon #astronomy #space #astrophotography

A telescopic image of two spiral galaxies next to each other. The galaxies are nebulous structures with denser arms shaped like spirals that meet at the centre of each galaxy. One galaxy is face-on, and the other somewhat inclined, and they're almost touching. The image is sprinkled with foreground stars and small distant galaxies.
Dennis Wilkinson
1 month ago

Spent the weekend in Vermont for a family birthday, and knew the skies should be dark enough for some night sky photography, but the weather didn't look like it was going to be cooperative. Ended up with a very narrow window last night to get a few shots in, so despite not having packed the tracker, got a few that were usable enough.

Here's one, from outside the vacation rental in Shaftsbury looking south towards Bennington.

#milkyway #nightsky #stars #galaxy #astrophotography #landscape

The Milky Way, with the galactic core towards the bottom of the photo at the horizon, stretches up into the sky above Shaftsbury, VT.

A non-Perseid meteor whizzes past the core of the #MilkyWay in SW #NewMexico on Saturday night.

#space #astrophotography #astronomy #meteor #perseids

Ian Robinson
1 month ago

The Milky Way, as shown by one of the meteor cams near the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. From 21:07 local time. If you go to the live feed URL below and scroll the play head back about 2 hours (as I write this post), you can see it "live”. The scrollback buffer is about 5.5 hours.

#Astronomy #SubaruTelescope #Perseids #MilkyWay

Screenshot of the YouTube video feed from the Subaru Telescope site in Hawaii. Showing the telescope building in the foreground and the night sky in the background Stretching from bottom right to middle top is a fuzzy band of light that is the Milky Way galaxy.
Mike Bolam
2 months ago

After almost two months of cloudy night skies we got a break last night.

There were some really good, bright #Perseids and the #MilkyWay was superb. But from my location the number of satellites crossing the sky has changed single shot astro photography forever. This single 8 second frame has 1 meteor, all the other light trails are satellites..

Our home galaxy the Milky Way with numerous satellites crossing the frame, in a short 8 second window. There is one Perseus meteor near the middle of the frame, all the other light trails are satellites
Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 months ago

🚂 "The #train now boarding at Platform 3 is the 02:30 Paranal Express service to Proxima Centauri." 😉

I took this #photo at ESO's Paranal Observatory in #Chile back when I worked there. This wagon was donated by the FCAB (Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia). It's being restored by ESO engineer Roberto Castillo, and it will serve as a museum showcasing various astronomical instruments.

#astronomy #astrophotography #MilkyWay #astrodon #space #transport

A night image of a lonely old train wagon under a starry sky in the desert. The wagon is painted green. Running along the top of the train there's a blue banner with the letters "FCAB" painted in yellow. Above the train, the night sky is packed with stars. There's a dense band of stars and dark patches running almost vertically through the middle of the image.
Jared Stevens
2 months ago

Took another crack at editing this photo from last year. I've since got new things I need to try. I need time to get out and make some photos.

#photography #milkyway #offroad

Milky way above a desert butte in Utah.
Sharon Gascoigne
2 months ago

Steps under the stars at #ComptonBay on the #IsleofWight

There is very little light pollution at this location and my husband took advantage of the clear conditions to grab this shot.

Those steps are a bit of a killer when you're heading back up from the beach!

#MilkyWay #LandscapePhotography #AstroPhotography

A steep and lengthy tiered set of wooden steps leading down to a deserted beach. The night time sky is full of stars and the Milky Way is visible. The sea is flat calm, scrubland made from a eroding cliff surrounds the steps. The colours are blues, purples, yellow on the horizon. Ships out at sea appear as a yellow glow in the distance. A calming scene with an isolated feel.
Bryan Hansel
2 months ago

The Milky Way over a lake in northern Minnesota.

It was hard to believe how calm everything was on the night I took this photo. The reflections were mind-blowing!

#photography #night #MilkyWay #Fotomontag

The Milky Way rises vertically through a deep blue dark sky. Below the Milky Way there's a peninsula covered with a boreal forest. Both the Boreal forest and the Milky Way reflect into a completely calm lake.
Martin Herfurt :verified:
2 months ago

Last week, I visited the satellite ground station #raisting near #ammersee in #bavaria #germany. This is my favorite shot from this #night. #milkyway #sequator #astronomy #space

Nick Golledge
2 months ago

Just popped outside, sky's looking quite pretty right now... Shot on my 6yr old #OnePlus5, tweaked with #lightroom app.

#astrodon #astrophotography #milkyway #wairarapa #nz

Photo of Milky way showing stars, bright patches and dark gaps.
Photo of Milky way showing stars, bright patches and dark gaps.
Photo of Milky way showing stars, bright patches and dark gaps.
Photo of Milky way showing stars, bright patches and dark gaps.
Luke MacNeil
2 months ago

Sometimes the clouds roll in. That's ok.

#MilkyWay #Astrophotography #Photography #Clouds

someone holds a flashlight pointing out at the milky way peeking through the clouds.
Ricardo Harvin
3 months ago

#Aliens may have already visited #Earth.

Presuming that they'd be here at any point during our wafer-thin moment of existence on this #planet is the pinnacle of #narcissitic #human arrogance.

We're also far out in the sticks of the #MilkyWay #galaxy.

Maybe we only get scanned every #epoch (1,000,000 years) or even half an epoch. They could have "just" missed early #HomoSapien.

Anyway, the premise for 65, on #Netflix, "the atmosphere is breathable" is the most unbelievable part of the plot.

3 months ago

Epic view of the Milky Way.

This incredible #photo was taken by Steffi Lieberman and won the Milky Way Photographer of the Year award in 2023.

It was taken during a yearly #photography expedition to Socotra, a remote island in the Indian Ocean that is vastly unexplored.

The photo is a panoramic astro landscape from #madagascar featuring the complete Milky Way arc over the imposing baobabs.

It is titled "Night under the Baobab Trees"

#MilkyWay #photography

“Night under the Baobab Trees” – Steffi Lieberman
Luke MacNeil
3 months ago

I love spending time under the milky way. All Milky Way hours are time well spent.

#MilkyWay #Astrophotography #Photography #Utah

A night scene of a detailed glossy rock under the milky way
Bryan Hansel
3 months ago

The Milky Way over a Lake Superior island.

#photography #night #MilkyWay #Minnesota

A small tree-covered island on a large body of water. The Milky Way is overhead.

@APoD 🥥 There's a distribution of heavenly bodies in the #MilkyWay that looks to me like a #CanadaGoose.
Not really surprising since those birds seem to be pooping everywhere these days. 🥥

Flipboard Science Desk
4 months ago

What’s the story behind the hundreds of thread-like structures extending several light years at the center of the Milky Way? The astronomers who happened upon these strange filaments by accident are trying to get to the bottom of it. Vice has more.
#Space #MilkyWay #Science

Angry Budgie
4 months ago

Bioluminescent plankton stimulated by the lapping waves on a tropical island of the Maldives give this photo its magnificence, but to also have the Milky Way hovering overhead is simply remarkable

Milky Way over a Turquoise Wonderland Image Credit & Copyright: Petr Horálek / Institute of Physics in Opava, Sovena Jani

#AstronomyPictureOfTheDay #AstroTuesday #AstroPhotography #Astronomy #MilkyWay #Maldives

Looking along a beach at night toward an oasis of tropical trees on an island lit up by bright blue plankton. The bioluminescent plankton gives life to the lapping waves as the Milky Way lights up the overhead skies
Harshad Sharma
4 months ago

Got ~4 seconds of time-lapse.

10 second exposures + 3 second delayed shutter to avoid mirror-slap.

#photography #MilkyWay #TimeLapse

Time-lapse of the Milky Way Galaxy moving across the frame and daylight fading everything to white towards the end.