19 minutes ago

Kostenloser Nachschub für #Minecraft: Das Trails & Tales-Update ist da und bringt viele neue Inhalte mit. Die Highlights zeigt der Launch-Trailer. #Mojang

59 minutes ago

Hi, I am running a Minecraft modded server, and i am wanting to restart the server every 24 hours #commandline #server #minecraft

1 hour ago
Hyped to the brim, starting a new #Minecraft world on v1.20 in like 10 minutes with some friends and nothing to do till then 😨
1 hour ago

Yes, it is blocks, but there is Zen in those blocks. Minecraft and its beauty 😍 via #Minecraft

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
2 hours ago

Ukrainian pupil to buy home for his mother after selling Minecraft server | indy100


Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 hours ago

This is why my son plays on the iPad!

Dozens of popular Minecraft mods are infected with malware

#Minecraft #Mods #Malware #InfoSec #Security #GamingNews

Alex, Steve and various animals standing on a mountain above zombies, creepers, and skeletons in Minecraft.
Graham Cluley
2 hours ago

Malware menaces Minecraft mods.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire blog:

#cybersecurity #malware #cryptocurrency #minecraft

2 hours ago

Fully looking around my nearly 10-year-old #Minecraft 1.7 base. Such nostalgia. Mines at y=10. The way I used to play.😭


Mr Rikxx
2 hours ago

If you've been playing the latest version of Minecraft, and wondering how to hang signs, here's tutorial:

#minecraft #minecraft120 #mojang #gaming

Kevin C. Tofel
3 hours ago

🆕 blog post -- Playing Minecraft on Chromebooks is now officially official!

After a beta in March Google says playing #Minecraft on #Chromebooks is here. Chromebooks released since 2020 are supported but I found that older ones work too. Here's how to check if your device is supported.

4 hours ago

#Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is now available on Chromebook, thanks to a partnership between Google and Minecraft, with cross-device play and access to Minecraft Marketplace.

4 hours ago

Victory Cow. One of the final builds (not by me) on the #Herdcraft SMP. I'll turn my tour of Season 1 into a video at some point. Season 2 of Herdcraft starts soon. Herdcraft is a very busy Java SMP featuring #Geoguessr streamers. #Minecraft

Large cow sculpture in Minecraft with the setting sun in the background.
5 hours ago

#minecraft 这是什么遗迹...出生点附近生成的

stephen :archlinux:
5 hours ago
#minecraft #minecraftforge #modding I looked into adding reproducible builds to my MC mod after the latest news about how malware got distributed on CurseForge/Bukkit. Having reproducible builds should make it so much easier to ensure that the mod you get isn't tampered with (since everyone should have the same exact file for versions that were built with reproducible-build-support). I changed my `build.gradle` for the sake of reproducible builds, and for now it looks like it works properly (though I haven't done thorough testing, but it appears to work). If anyone else wants to take a look at the configuration enabling reproducible builds for my mod, here it is:
5 hours ago
#minecraft #livestreaming Relaxed-Play will be starting around 9:30am EST and will go for just about an hour or more, one of them days. Come have coffee with me as I lay down some blocks. #VSMP #DeaconsTable

More interactions for vanilla villages! #minecraft #mojang #mcbot

The Hindu :press:
7 hours ago

A group of researchers have built an AI bot that can play the popular #Minecraft game all by itself. The bot developed by a motley team from Caltech, UT Austin, and NVIDIA, uses GPT-4 language model. #press

7 hours ago

I streamed my #Minecraft b1.7.3 world a bit.


The Hindu :press:
7 hours ago

A group of researchers have built an #AI bot that can play the popular #Minecraft game all by itself. Unlike other Minecraft agents that use reinforced learning techniques, the bot developed by a motley team uses #GPT4 language model. #press

I'm back fediverse! Wasn't online yesterday because of the #minecraft malware ​:blobcat_sweat:​

Next Minecraft update #meme #memes #minecraft #phoenixsc #mcbot

MCBot, best of the best Minecraft memes.

13 hours ago

Thinking of getting back into #minecraft YouTubing, but don’t know if I have the time. Anybody have a suggestion for ideal episode length?

16 hours ago

ALERT to all modded Minecraft players: a malware called "fractureiser" is spreading through seemingly clean .jar files as early as last April. Lots of major mods on Curseforge and Bukkit were compromised and are now spreading the malware.

See for more info.

#Minecraft #ModdedMinecraft #fractureiser #malware

7 dias e só o que eu fiz foi esperar bambu crescer 🤡 #minecraft

18 hours ago

We started the new season of our Bedrock #Minecraft SMP two months ago and limited activities to 1000 blocks from spawn. Look what I found today when exploring, 1500 blocks from spawn. This seed has quite a few cherry blossom biomes. Can't find a desert, mesa, or mangrove forest, but loving 1.20 so far. #Gaming #Twitch

Cherry trees in bloom with Minecraft mountains in the background.
18 hours ago

New No Man's Sky update dropped the same day as #Minecraft 1.20? Sorry, NMS, you'll have to wait until next week. #NoMansSky

Garbage Data
19 hours ago

If you play modded Minecraft, please check your /AppData/Local folder.

#Minecraft #ModdedMinecraft #Malware #CurseForge #Bukkit

All new blocks and items in 1.20: Trails & Tales :) #minecraft #mojang #mcbot

Yesterday's exploration with @Yourlocalbearman was pretty wild. #Minecraft

Screenshot of Minecraft showing mineshafts hanging from chains.
Screenshot of Minecraft showing mineshafts hanging from chains and flowing water.
Screenshot of Minecraft showing mineshafts hanging from chains looking up to the opening far above where you can see the tips of trees and a blue sky.
Screenshot of Minecraft showing mineshafts hanging from chains with lava and water flows.
20 hours ago

What do you all think about the new 1.20 update? 🤔


Saiu a 1.20 galera! #minecraft

Ferdinando Simonetti
22 hours ago

[ Minecraft for Chromebook has finally arrived ] tomorrow I'll give it a try on my son's Lenovo C340!!! #Minecraft #Chromebook #N4000

slepice24 🇨🇿
22 hours ago

skyblock I've never played it but still nostalgic :nkoAww:

#reindev #minecraft #nostalgic

22 hours ago

Going LIVE with day one #minecraft 1.20 on my Family's Realm!

come watch the shenanigans!

Тр3тий Сергеевич
23 hours ago

Какая-то хрень сейчас творится с модами под #Minecraft. Под удар попали репы #CurseForge и #PrismLauncher.

Подробности тут:

IT News
1 day ago

Dozens of popular Minecraft mods found infected with Fracturiser malware - Enlarge (credit: Getty Images)

A platform that provides plugin... - #accounttakeovers #uncategorized #infection #minecraft #malware #biz#mods

Tech news from Canada
1 day ago

Ars Technica: Dozens of popular Minecraft mods found infected with Fracturiser malware #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #accounttakeovers #Uncategorized #infection #minecraft #malware #Biz&IT #Mods

1 day ago

I am sorry, internet, but #minecraft has just updated to 1.20 and I must go play and build with my family 💜

Loki the Cat
1 day ago

Finally, the wait is over! I can now play Minecraft on Chromebooks. Can't wait to build a virtual world where I can sleep all day and nobody can judge me. 😹🐾 #CatGodofMischief #Minecraft #Chromebooks 📚
1 day ago

After launching in early access this March, #Minecraft for #Chromebook is officially launching today in a notable boost for the platform’s #gaming ambitions.

afreytes :godot:
1 day ago

@PixelProphecy some of my faves, and games I regularly go back to after finishing more current videogames:

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
No Man's Sky
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
X-Com: UFO Defense

#3s #NoMansSky #MineCraft #AlphaCentauri #nethack #XCom

Gersande La Flèche
1 day ago

There seems to be a huge problem with (mostly but not only?) multiplayer Minecraft:


(!!!!) If you have played modded Minecraft this year, please read this post:

#Minecraft #Microsoft #InfoSec

Interesting worm being spread through Minecraft Mods.

It self propagates through replicating itself to any other Jar files found on the machine. Mod authors were targeted, and as they build and upload new jars (how Minecraft mods are packaged), the malware would silently spread to new victims.

Time for me to change some passwords :ablobcatnod:​

#minecraft #malware

1 day ago

I think I'll start a granite farm said no one ever on #Minecraft.

1 day ago

Hey to those who play minecraft with mods, especially from curseforge
You should scan your mods:

#Mods #CurseForge #Minecraft

There is a list of known malicious mods at the bottom, but make sure to run the scanner.

1 day ago

Calling all #Minecraft fans! 🎉

Meet Voyager - an #LLM power agent that utilizes #GPT4 to engage in Minecraft gameplay. It demonstrates remarkable capabilities by learning, retaining knowledge & showcasing exceptional expertise in Minecraft.

Read more on #InfoQ and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience:


1 day ago

Don't play #minecraft today and don't let it update or download any mods. Jar files are infected, potentially internet-wide.

Please boost!!!


Boiling Steam
1 day ago

Iris 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.20 Released and Adds Feature to Change Color Space:
#linux #linuxgaming #update #foss #release #iris #minecraft #color

1 day ago

#Minecraft Java Edition 1.20 - the Trails & Tales Update Has Been Released!

You can also read about and discuss 1.20 on reddit.

Very proud of what the team has achieved with this update. Let me know what your favorite tale is!

Curseforge and Bukkit are compromised according to an announcement in SoFurry's Discord. #Minecraft

The link they shared says to avoid playing Minecraft until the extent of the problem is known:

⚠️ To my #Minecraft friends, especially those playing #ModdedMinecraft and server owners using #Bukkit plugins. ⚠️

There has been a virus making the rounds infecting Minecraft .jar files. It has snuck its way into CurseForge mods/modpacks and Bukkit plugins. Have you recently downloaded or updated mods, modpacks or plugins? Please check if you're infected. It looks like the virus tried to steal login information.

The Prism Launcher peeps have collected information here:

1 day ago

There are memes running around the internet talking down Mojang's ability and/or motivation to do a "good" job with #minecraft

Yesterday and this morning I've played the latest snapshot (1.20-rc1) and I don't know what Mojang have done, but the performance is phenomenal compared to previous versions.

Bravo, Mojang.

1 day ago

Sometimes my learning curve just goes hyperbolic and I forget my bucket of water.


If the recent #curseforge / #bukkit security vulnerability doesn't show you that Flatpak and Portals are the future of the Linux desktop, then I don't know what will.

"Taking a quick look over the decompiled source code, it will indeed fail to function inside of the default PrismLauncher Flatpak sandbox; the current malware hardcodes the user's ~/.config/ directory. The creation of files inside of the Flatpak sandbox, if the app does not have access to that real path, will result in it being written to a tmpfs that gets wiped on a sandbox restart. systemd is also not available inside of the Flatpak sandbox, so executing that command will fail. The malware seems to not attempt to work around these limitations, and assumes it is running unsandboxed."

#flatpak #prismlauncher #minecraft #security #linux

commission me on ko-fi 💜
2 days ago

🚨 Some mods & modpacks on Curseforge, mostly on 1.16.5, 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 have been updated to include malicious files. These projects include When Dungeons Arise, Sky Villages, and Better MC modpack series.

Someone has access to several large Curseforge profiles by bypassing 2FA.

⚠️Hold off on updating any mods or modpacks until this is resolved

Tags: @MinecraftModding #Minecraft #moddedMinecraft #minecraftmodding #Curseforge

Take a wild guess at what I made this session in #Minecraft.

Screenshot of chickens in Minecraft being viewed through a spyglass.
3 days ago

An AI team at Nvidia created a bot that uses GPT-4 to solve problems inside Minecraft. (4-min read)

#AI #ML #GPT4 #nvidia #tech #technology #minecraft #automation

3 days ago

Want to get #Minecraft's launcher on your #SteamDeck so you can mine on-the-go? Well the new update to NonSteamLaunchers is here and now includes that launcher and fixes Humble's Game Collection too!

And yes, this supports the Java version!

Undead Zeratul
4 days ago

I think it's time we really bring some capitalism back into these villagers' lives, shall we?

That's right, it's that time again! #Sunday #Stream #SharedHardcore baby! Come stop by for some silly antics and close threats of ending the world, all of its inhabitants, and everything you know and loved just because your joyous jaunt through the woods resulted in a trip down an abyss so deep nobody knew your fate until it was too late...

But that won't happen, right guys? ...right?

#HarcoreMinecraft #Minecraft #Streams #Streaming #Gaming #VideoGames #Streamer #Twitch #TwitchStreamer #SmallStreamer #SHC #SMP #YouDidThis #HardMode #ContentCreator #LetsPlay


Aida Akl
5 days ago

And a new lifeline for cheaters.

They plugged GPT-4 into #Minecraft—and unearthed new potential for #AI @arstechnica @WIRED

Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
6 days ago

I may try to setup a #Minecraft server for my brother and I too fiddle around on. That could be fun, especially since I know nothing about how to set one up!

#selfhosting #videogame #gamer

1 week ago

Messing around for a bit and found that 'Voxel' for UE is kinda like #Minecraft but better looking :blobcatgiggle:

The cubes are totally optional but you know.. Minecraft people need blox I guess :minecraft_creeper:

Unreal Engine wizard destroying the 'Voxel' world
ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 week ago

Mastodon is the open-world social media.

Made this in Blender before I learned about shaders in #Minecraft #b3d

Mike McCaffrey
1 week ago

Fun fact, axolotls in #Minecraft are relentless killing machines! I only wish I knew that before dropping a couple of them into a fishtank with dozens of tropical fish that I spent way too much time collecting and nametagging.

#ICYMI Check out this week's livestream where we take a tour around the @MSMakeCode 👾 Arcade extension for VS Code with @Jaqster and @ReynaldAdolphe. MakeCode is Microsoft’s learn-to-code platform for kids 🎮 ▶️ #Minecraft #codingforkids


Media source:
Simon Scarfe
2 weeks ago

What a day - our team “won” an aws hackathon at work, and then I came home and finally slayed the Ender Dragon in #Minecraft. I’m hoping to use the latter achievement to garner adulation (or at least an approving nod) from my seven year old tomorrow.

⏳ We're live in 10 minutes! @Jaqster is here to give us a tour around the @MSMakeCode extension for #vscode 🎮 Join us to learn how anyone can build games, code devices, and mod #Minecraft! ▶️ #beginner #learningtocode


Media source:
J. M. Guhlin
2 weeks ago

New online, self-paced course available! #TCEA Virtual World Builder.

Expand your comfort zone with game-based learning, design thinking, and problem-based learning (PBL).

See how evidence-based instructional strategies, the ISTE Standards for Students, research, and game-based learning come together.


#Minetest #Minecraft #GameBasedLearning #DesignThinking #ISTE #PBL #edtech #education #tceajmg @edutooters @edutooter

I love #Minecraft as much as the next dork, but I kinda can't believe people are still playing it. #gaming #videoGames

J. M. Guhlin
2 weeks ago

New online, self-paced course available! #TCEA Virtual World Builder.

Expand your comfort zone with game-based learning, design thinking, and problem-based learning (PBL).

See how evidence-based instructional strategies, the ISTE Standards for Students, research, and game-based learning come together.


#Minetest #Minecraft #GameBasedLearning #DesignThinking #ISTE #PBL #edtech #education #tceajmg @edtech

A badge for online course for $39 and earning participant 12 CPE hours
3 weeks ago

Clouds in a lake at sunrise

Rendered in #Avoyd by me, #Minecraft map Lisrina by Dannypan, clouds by Kr0wn
#Render #Cloud #Lake #Voxel #VoxelArt #MastoArt

Low clouds reflected in a calm lake, with the sun rising behind a mountain.

Voxel landscape constructed from: 
- "Lisrina" Minecraft map created by Dannypan in WorldPainter. 
- Clouds created by Kr0wn in WorldMachine. 
- Scene assembled and rendered in Avoyd, HDR image processing in GIMP by me
3 weeks ago

Pre-release 3 for #Minecraft 1.20 is now available in the Launcher with more bug fixes! Updated post:

You can also read about and discuss 1.20 Pre-release 3 on reddit.

commission me on ko-fi 💜
3 weeks ago


zuerst speedrun any% 300 Portraits zeichnen 🎨 #art #mastoArt

heute Abend im Anschluss dann #Minecraft auf dem #Wir4Queer SMP mit @rhonda 💕

zum #Stream:

sailor uwu 🌙
3 weeks ago

#introduction #NotNewHere

Hello! Moin! Dobar dan! Tervist!

I‘m Marina, they/them, a #trans #nonbinary person :trans_flag:

I post shitposts and irl stuff on here

#Minecraft streams & content creation, and #art streams on @voidedmain :yayblob:

#technicalWriter for TelemetryDeck (@marina) & @oakhost 🚀

half #croatian, half german & living in #Estonia, trying to learn the #language :blobpats:

#danmei #tgcf #genshin #anime


did i jus fall in lava with all my diamond gear... yes... yes i did #minecraft

4 weeks ago

👋 new #introduction time!

📝 basics:
- hiii i'm beso!
("kiss" in spanish)
- xe/he pronouns
- late 20s
- disabled + nd
- i draw sometimes!
- :progress_pride: :bisexual: 🏳️‍⚧️ :polyamory_flag: 🇲🇽

💖 likes:
- #VideoGames #IndieGames #TTRPG
- #manga #manhwa #manhua #webtoon
- #WebNovel #LightNovel
- #anime #donghua #ThaiDrama
- favs: #minecraft #stardew #FFXIV #subnautica #ORV

🔗 links:
:discord: dm me to ask
🎉 fun extras in the replies!

Mike McCaffrey
4 weeks ago

I'm going to need to trade a stack of gold in order to get an enchanted book with Soul Speed III (or two Soul Speed IIs to combine), but that is fine.

The one thing that will be a pain to replace (other than the netherite) is my Swift Sneak III leggings, since sneaking through an ancient city to find a replacement is going to be very very slow with plain leggings.


A piglin that has been trapped in a little barter booth, and a stack of gold in my hand.
Mike McCaffrey
4 weeks ago

Luckily, I have a few formerly-zombified librarians on hand to sell me almost all the spells I need to re-enchant my gear. #minecraft

Over a dozen librarians standing on lecterns that are arranged in a diagonal row. Each lectern has a sign listing the enchanted books that librarian sells.
Mike McCaffrey
4 weeks ago

Oh geez, I somehow drowned after getting stuck in a bubble elevator (which shouldn't even be possible) and have lost all of my items, including a full set of enchanted netherite armor and tools. #minecraft

Screenshot from Minecraft showing a bubble elevator and a completely empty inventory.
Mike McCaffrey
1 month ago

Here's hoping that Mojang makes copper somehow useful in #minecraft 1.21.

Screenshot of the Minecraft interface showing a large chest that nearly full of copper, containing 3,419 blocks, which equals 30,771 ingots.
1 month ago

Did you meet a new friend in the End? FALSE: Shulkers are NO ONE's friend. Floating up in the air may seem fun, but when you come crashing back to the ground, it hurts.

Be a Winner: Just Say No to Shulkers.

#minecraft #minecraftmemes #shulkers

A Minecraft shulker asks a player character: "Wanna get high?"
Silver Huang
1 month ago


Born on Orang Laut land #Singapore, now on Wadawurrung land #Australia.

Mentor for the #neurodivergent, especially those who know they sense, feel and think differently, but don't necessarily feel comfortable with or want labels.

#chronichealth, liminal #mecfs.

#actuallyautistic × #giftedness but don't use labels much. Non-language interoceptive × proprioceptive thinker/cognition, secondarily visual × tactile.

For recreation, #minecraft, currently #autoterrafirmacraft.