14 hours ago

The ME Super is no slouch either. Still my favourite 35mm SLR. Southern breakwater, Port of Sunderland #35mm #FilmIsNotDead #Pentax #MEsuper #minimalist #Kentmere #Kentmere100 #minimalism #photography #SLR

Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
2 days ago

No. 820 is one of my minimalist pieces, with four rough orbs in fiery hues against a near-black background with lines of smoke-gray between them. Find it here: #AYearForArt #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt #FallForArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #ContemporaryArt #AbstractArt #CreativeToots #Minimalism #ArtForInteriorDesign #ArtPrints

Shown framed and on a wall: Number 820. Four bright, intense, hot red splotches form the corners of a rough square shape, glowing like embers from a field or near black. Each pair of fiery splotches is shored up by a gray band of wavy, subtly undulating vertical strands across the canvas in this new minimalist-inspired abstract work from contemporary artist Jon Woodhams.
Richard Littler
2 days ago

#NowPlaying. My late teenage years and early 20s rush back in an instant.
The much-missed Argo label, which released so many great modern classical albums in the 90s.
#minimalism #MichaelNyman #soundtrack

Michael Nyman - Drowning by Numbers
Michael Nyman - The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover
Michael Nyman - Piano Concerto / MGV
Michael Nyman - Prospero's Books
John Linton Roberson
2 days ago

If you've never heard it check the drum thing starting around 10:30
Philip Glass - Akhnaten (original production) #opera #minimalism #

I found the minimalist phone app an easy way to spend less time on my phone in today's increasingly addictive climate.

#minimalism #screentime #android

Jon Fazzaro
4 days ago

"Today's minimalist content creator now needs a podcast, an online course, an Instagram account, downloadable PDFs, a YouTube channel, a Medium account, a documentary series, and, of course, a book, to tell you about their simplified lives." #minimalism #content

Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
5 days ago
Three vintage marbles stand in solitary on a backlit plain in this minimalist photograph by contemporary artist/photographer Jon Woodhams.
Moving Furniture Records
5 days ago

What labels these days still accept demos for (pressed) CD releases?

I have an album finished together with Kenneth Kirschner. It is contemporary ambient music with a rather experimental touch.

Recommendations welcome

#orphax #dronemusic #ambient #minimalism #experimentalmusic

Indulgently Minimal
5 days ago

The latest episode of #indulgentlyminimal is live! Listen for free on our website or on your favourite #podcast platform.

This week we are discussing whether the concept of slowing down, could be the solution to both our own problems and the larger issues that trouble us. Join us as we chat about making our #tech last, #robots writing #poetry, nostalgic #ear-worms, as well as #trains, planes, and automatons runing wild.
#minimalism #ai #consumerism #iPhone #Apple

Moving Furniture Records
5 days ago

Early Summer I released a CD Echoic Memory.
It was recorded live at a beautiful evening at Cube Cinema in Birmingham by Stereocilia (John Scott)

Warm slow evolving ambient drone

For those who previously missed it feel free to check it out
#orphax #dronemusic #ambient #drone #newmusic #minimalism #experimentalmusic #cdcollection #CDfriday

Artwork for the CD Echoic Memory by Orphax (that's me). In the artwork is a picture of withering flowers.
6 days ago

I just migrated the 50 odd repos from my #selfhosted #Forgejo instance used for small and personal projects and deleted it (which ran #Gitea and even #Gogs before).

The dev-ops push has made it too big, slow and difficult to maintain for me (new versions frequently breaking things). 90% of the projects only need issue tracking, pull requests and a wiki anyway.

I'll now try a barebones ssh-hosted setup with git hooks, #GitBug and #markdown files instead. #minimalism

6 days ago

Eglise Notre Dame de Neufchâtel-en-Bray, detail from an entombment of Christ 15th century,
#visualzen #normandie #france #church #minimalism #abstract #art

Debra Martz
1 week ago

A few summers ago I was walking through a meadow in Dog Canyon, Texas when I spotted this tiny, colorful wildflower blooming in the tall grasses. I thought it was beautiful in its simplicity.

#meadow #GoldenGrasses #orange #wildflower #simplicity #minimalism #nature #NaturePhotography #flora
#lea #delicate #simple #natural #ShopEarly #PhotographyIsArt #BuyIntoArt #GiftThemArt #giftideas #FediGiftShop #DebraMartz

A field of tall golden grasses bending with the wind.  In the center there is one lone green stem with a few tiny orange flowers adding just a touch of color.  Photography by Debra Martz
Simone Margio
1 week ago

A couple of years ago I was following a MUJI Hut project on the constriction of mini houses.

Am I the only crazy person who loves this genre?

#House #Minimalism

A quaint, dark-colored wooden house nestled in an isolated setting near vibrant green grass and a small mountain in the background. A light from a lamp inside the house provides a cozy and intimate glow, revealing the presence of a comfortable bed inside, suggesting a serene and secluded atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
1 week ago

Started serial-production recently with my #plantbased milk making #habit:

Making two bottles for the week reduces the (cleaning) effort. 🙌

Also kept the receipe & procedure, just added one TL rice sirup (in lack of sugar). Now the taste is perfect. 😋

Also my waste amount got so small for #projectCarFree that it's sufficient to bike to the recycling yard every now and then. 🥳

#sustainability #minimalism

Richard Littler
1 week ago

#Nowplaying Steve Reich. Music for 18 Musicians. Dreamy, but also highly organised.

album cover: steve reich - music for 18 musicians (ECM)
1 week ago
view into a ceiling a church with light spots
1 week ago

I wrote a generative composition;
then I disassembled it into equal-sized blocks;
and then I assembled the blocks (with repetitions).
The result is a minimalistic composition that I called "Agitato"

#generative #minimalism



Karen Kaspar
1 week ago

For my friends in Europe - my ink drawing "Bunny minimalism" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für meine Freunde in Deutschland - meine Tuschezeichnung "Bunny Minimalismus" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

#art #mastoart
#bunny #minimalism #minimalist #blackandwhite #ink #drawing #cute #cuteAnimals #nature

Sustainability and Tech and Us:

In tech, we’re exceptionally bad at sustainability. While those of us who focus on #sustainability, #performance, as well as code #minimalism are already contributing to improvements, we can do more. A few thoughts.

Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
2 weeks ago

I did a series of minimalist still life photographs a while ago. This is one of the entries from the series. You can find it here: #AYearForArt #FallForArt #BuyIntoArt #Photography #Minimalism #FediGiftShop #FediArt

Shown on a wall, framed, a photograph. Four vintage marbles stand behind a brave amber-colored compatriot in this minimalist photograph by contemporary artist/photographer Jon Woodhams
Richard Littler
2 weeks ago

I appear to have listened to, and watched, Einstein on the Beach in its entirety 4 times this week. (Running times differ, but each performance typically runs between 4 and 5 hours).
I've been mainly listening to the 1978 studio version and the recent live performance by the Elbphilharmonie.
I'm yet to hear the 1993 recording.

It's fair to say I might be slightly obsessed with it at the moment...

'These are the days my friends, and these are the days my friends'

#PhilipGlass #Minimalism

Video title screenshot: Philip Glass Einstein on the Beach. ELBPHILHARMONIE LIVE
Philip Glass/Robert Wilson. Einstein on the Beach.
Philip Glass/Robert Wilson. Einstein on the Beach. 1979 album cover.
Philip Glass/Robert Wilson. Einstein on the Beach. 1993 album cover.
2 weeks ago
Richard Littler
2 weeks ago

If you don't know it already, I highly recommend WTC 9/11, written for the Kronos Quartet & pre-recorded tape by Steve Reich. For me, one of the most powerful pieces of music written so far this century. In fact, just checking now, I see that it's ranked 'the 17th greatest work of art music since 2000.'
#911Anniversary #September11

Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet - WTC 9/11

#Squarepants supports variant types (aka sum types, custom types and another dozen names...)

I'm trying to decide how to define them, and I have three different options:

The first one just uses commas:

var Maybe a =
, 'just a
, 'nothing

The second one does not use any separator, constructors start with an apostrophe anyway:

var Maybe a =
'just a

The third uses "or", which could help making it clear that you need to pick only one:

var Maybe a =
or 'just a
or 'nothing

Squarepants priorities are #accessibility and #minimalism , I want something that works for the broadest possible range of skills and ability.
Comments much appreciated. =)

#PLdev #functional #programming

Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
3 weeks ago
Shown on a wall: A sky-blue oval hovers on a field of neutral color in this striking minimalist abstract art by Jon Woodhams.
Karen Silvestri
3 weeks ago #minimalism #family #fog #rain #beach #summer #reflections #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt It was a cloudy, rainy summer day.I captured this family walking along the shore at low tide. It was so nice to see parents having their kids outside, even with bad weather

Richard Littler
3 weeks ago

#NowPlaying I'm approximately 800 hours into this Glass opera... somewhere near the start.
(I love it!)
#PhilipGlass #minimalism #opera

Philip Glass: Einstein on the Beach
Richard Littler
3 weeks ago

#NowPlaying sheer gorgeousness...
#minimalism #stevereich

Steve Reich – Octet • Music For A Large Ensemble • Violin Phase
Richard Littler
3 weeks ago

🎵 The more I look at it,
The more I like it.
I do think it's good.

The fact is…
No matter how closely I study it
No matter how I take it apart
No matter how I break it down
It remains consistent


... I LIKE IT!🎵
#KingCrimson #newwave #progrock #artrock #vinyl #minimalism

Vinyl: Discipline by King Crimson
Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
4 weeks ago

This is "Umbra." I've always liked its color palette and the simplicity of the composition. It was juried into the "Color Schemes" exhibit at Crosstown Arts in Memphis. Find it here: #minimalism #AbstractArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #ContemporaryArt #ArtForInteriorDesign #FediGiftShop #CreativeToots #GeometricArt #FediArt #ArtForSale

Shown on a wall, framed: Umbra, by contemporary artist/photographer Jon Woodhams. Semicircles in soothing, cool green and deep blue come together in this minimalist abstract art.
Aaron Reuland
4 weeks ago

Every six months or so I get the itch to add to the series I call 'figures' of very minimalist imaginary animated textbook illustrations. Here was the first 'chapter' using circles.

I'm working on chapter 3 (triangles) now.

#minimalism #creativeCoding #p5js

A series of minimalist animated illustrations using only circles and lines.
Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
2 months ago

As with several others among my artworks, this piece emerged from a waking dream. Born in the depths of the global pandemic, "So Close but Still So Far Away" is a minimalist work that I did to capture the isolation many people felt during this time. Available in print and other forms here:
#minimalism #FediGiftShop #ContemporaryArt #AbstractArt #ArtForInteriorDesign #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #CreativeToots #AYearForArt

Shown on a wall: minimalist abstract art from contemporary artists Jon Woodhams. Against a stark white background, two less-than-perfect circles emerge from a frame of black and come close but do not touch in a tense, fraught yet fearful attempt at connection, evoking the strange tension we experienced in the uncertain days following a time of social distancing.
Joseph S Giacalone Photo Art
2 months ago

I don't plan to be on here much. My minimalism has been morphing into essentialism in recent months. So it wasn't just deleting Facebook in 2020 and deleting Twitter more recently. It's saying no to absolutely everything that's not essential to making the most of however much time I still have left to be alive. #essentialism #minimalism #quietlife #simplicity

2 months ago

Second step in the #projectCarFree thingy (

Create a #sustainable rhythm or #habit that enables me to get rid of the waste I so far stored in my car's trunk (driving to the recycling yard every now and then.

Aiming for '#recycling cycling' every 14d 📦📰♻️ 🚴‍♀️

First tour done today. Might even result in slowly less waste overall. 💪🥳

#sustainability #minimalism

My big 75l backpack full of carton, paper, tetrapaks and bottles. Another flat huge carton lying besides my cycling helmet.
My bike parking on a bike parking lot at the local recycling yard. Helmet hanging on the handlebars, bike rear bag open and already emptied.
Brian Lavelle
2 months ago

aswirl: the minimal quarterly is a lovely little thing. Small, but beautifully designed and handmade by Robin Boothroyd and brimful of thought-provoking pieces from a variety of poets. Something here for everyone, I think.

#aswirlPoetry #minimalism #poetry #minimalistPoetry #visualPoetry #concretePoetry #theMinimalQuarterly

Two issues of tiny (A7 size) poetry zine, aswirl, sitting on a green cutting matt. A small stone sits in the middle of both issues
Johann Bourquenez
2 months ago

So, I sent my piano solo works to @radiofreefedi as a proposition for them to broadcast - if they feel so.

If you want to risk a listen, here are these three releases, all on #BandCamp.

- Jamuary 2023 (16 short tracks, 33'20)
daily compositions

- Aurorae Chaos (2 tracks, 15'25)
about Mars

- Solo 1 (4 tracks, 26'54)
even more abstract and dronish

take care 🖤

#piano #solo #musodon #RadioFreeFedi #minimalism #drone

@fuzztech @volpeon @ubuntu depends...

OFC if you like #Minimalism and prioritize #speed, then maybe @bunsenlabs #BunsenLabs #Linux is a better choice...

For me, #Ubuntu #LTS is the way to go since it's bsically "Install and Forget" for the support lifespan as #updates just work and all the toolz my customers/employers/colleagues could ever ask for just work on it.

Light bulbs
2 months ago

#Minimalism and #tableware: Any tips for owning fewer items?

Ideas I’m considering:
– Sporks instead of separate spoons and forks
– Shallow bowls instead of plates (via @jpmartin)
– Only mugs, no glasses?

R. Natale Fine Art
2 months ago

The original B&W photo of the lake in late May in the rain. I love the minimal quality of the stark landscape.

#art #rain #BlackAndWhite #Photography #minimalism #stark #MastoArt #artist #weather #spring #buyintoart #ayearforart

B&W minimal landscape photo at the lake in the rain
Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
2 months ago
Shown, framed and matted, on a wall, three vintage marbles stand in solitary on a backlit plain in this minimalist photograph by Jon Woodhams.
Indulgently Minimal
2 months ago

The latest episode of #indulgentlyminimal is live! Listen for free on our website or on your favourite #podcast platform.

This week we chat about loosing the internet platforms we relied on, the anxiety this has left many of us with, how we can react to these changes, and what may come next. Mentioned are articles from @pluralistic & @mariyadelano

#Fediverse #enshittification #minimalism