General Strike Now
2 days ago
... national strike to demand better wages from automobile companies. Lacey Alexander. Mississippi auto workers join national UAW strike. 00:00 00:00.#news #breaking #issues #local #mississippi #mpb #whathappened #latest #current #stories
Auto workers picket outside Brandon GM plant
Drought Center
2 days ago

This week’s CMOR photo is from Wayne County, Mississippi.

“We started feeding hay and protein tubs by the start of August 2023. The water in the pond is down also.”

Share your own photos:

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Cattle eating hay in Wayne County, Mississippi.
CMOR map showing Wayne County, Mississippi.
Lorraine C.
3 days ago

The #NewOrleans mayor, LaToya Cantrell, signed an emergency declaration for the city on Friday amid concerns about saltwater from the the Gulf of Mexico that has been creeping up the drought-hit #Mississippi River in #Louisiana.
The declaration came amid concerns the #saltwater, which is impacting the river because it is at such low levels, could impact the drinking water of thousands of residents in the next few weeks

#usa #news #globalwarming
#drought #emergency

Colin Purrington
4 days ago

I wish the powerful ant lobby would get outraged and force the U.S. EPA to shut down Spartan Mosquito. Here's a recent video review from Amazon, one of many complaining that only ants are trapped (not mosquitoes). Ants also likely transport the boric acid back to their nests, killing them all. #pesticides #ants #insects #entomology #mosquitoes #epa #nature #mississippi

Video of a man in shorts taking down a plastic tube that is hanging in a tree, removing the cap, and zooming in on the dead insects (ants, a beetle, and a wasp) that are floating on the liquid inside.
Hanson Oak :verified:
4 days ago

In this short (4 min) episode, I dive deep into my library to discover an old journal that chronicled the horrifying last days of a man moving through the deep woods in #Mississippi long ago.

Some creatures are better left alone.

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“White said there should be no taxpayer funding for “useless degrees" in “garbage fields” like Urban Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, German Literature, African American Studies, Gender Studies and Women's Studies. Claiming some academic programs are hotbeds of political radicalization…”

#Mississippi #HigherEd #GOP

Colin Purrington
5 days ago

@futurebird Pesticide companies should be legally required to have at least one biologist on staff. From Spartan Mosquito's website I'm not sure they even have a person who took biology in high school. But they all have advanced degrees in scamology. #mississippi #mosquito

Dennis A
5 days ago

#Mississippi #ShadWhite
Like anthropology...? 🤦‍♂️

The Associated Press:
Mississippi auditor says several college majors indoctrinate students and should be defunded

"Mississippi's state auditor says numerous social science and humanities degree programs are 'indoctrination factories.'"

Mark McElroy
6 days ago

Research into #Transcendental #Meditation today took me down the link-hole today, and I ended up reading a PDF of an old copy of #Omni Magazine.

Oh, Omni. Just the layout and the distinctive title and body font swept me backward in time. I must have been between sixteen and twenty when I used to devour every issue of Omni. Just seeing images of the pages made me feel younger and more hopeful.

For a kid growing up in #Alabama and #Mississippi, Omni was a window on a larger, better world.

#Mississippi auditor says several #college majors indoctrinate students and should be defunded

“White said there should be no taxpayer funding for “useless degrees” in “garbage fields” like #UrbanStudies, #Anthropology, #Sociology, German #Literature, #AfricanAmericanStudies, #GenderStudies and #WomensStudies.”

Preston MacDougall
6 days ago

#Mississippi State Auditor and #BananaRepublican #ShadWhite ‘shad himself’ when he said #Anthropology and #Sociology are among the many #woke “garbage degrees” that should be defunded in the state that is perpetually ‘burning’ 🔥 from SOCIAL upheaval resulting from centuries old bigotry and disinformation. 👉

#SaveAmerica from the #MAGA cult of hate and ignorance!

Raymond Scott Pert
6 days ago

#Mississippi auditor says several college majors indoctrinate students and should be defunded

> White said there should be no taxpayer funding for “useless degrees” in “garbage fields” like Urban Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, German Literature, African American Studies, Gender Studies and Women’s Studies. Claiming some academic programs are hotbeds of political radicalization,

> education, remains at the center of America’s culture wars.

Republican Mississippi State Auditor Shad White speaks at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, Miss., July 29, 2021. Calling numerous social science and humanities degree programs “indoctrination factories,” Mississippi’s auditor says the state should defund several college majors and invest in subjects that match the state’s workforce needs. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)
1 week ago

#Mississippi #Republicans are celebrating a horrible appeals ruling that essentially allows the poor state to continue providing sub-standard #mentalhealth care. Mississippi is one of the 10 worst states in the nation for mental health care #access, and #outcomes. Republicans are committed to making sure the state maintains those poor rankings. Just another reason to #voteBlue!


Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

#Drought expanded in the Midwest, Lower Mississippi Valley, Southwest and Pacific Northwest on the US #DroughtMonitor this week, while easing in #Texas. States along the Gulf Coast remain in the grip of intense #flashdrought. The low #MississippiRiver is hindering navigation along the lower part of the river and is affecting #water supplies below New Orleans.
#Louisiana #Mississippi

The US Drought Monitor shows drought conditions across the US.
The 1-week change map for the US Drought Monitor.
The 5-week change map for the US Drought Monitor.
Mark McElroy
1 week ago

I ended up ordering both the #Hobonichi #Techo and the #Cousin journals so I could get a sense of their size and weight. Even out here in the jungles of #Mississippi, #Amazon had next-day delivery for these (which is very, very rare).

I love the portability of the #Techo, but worry the pages might prove too cramped. I'm going with it, though, for the rest of 2023. If I feel constrained, I'll switch to the Cousin for 2024.

Meanwhile: I'm loving this little #journal.

Mark’s hand, adorned with a white watch band and Apple Watch, holding a Hobonichi Techo — a life book. You can see the black textured cover stamped with the Japanese characters for Te and Cho in gold foil. It’s tiny and elegant, but still holds a whole year of pages.
Alice Marshall
1 week ago

#UAW Member in #Mississippi: We Couldn’t Be Happier

A UAW member calls in to talk about why he is proud of his union and proud of their leader, Shawn Fain, for leading this charge against the Big Three (Ford, GM, Stellantis).

General Strike Now
1 week ago
The United Auto Workers' strike against the Big Three automakers could have an impact on the national economy and further into the automotive industry ...#UAW-Ford #LaborStrikes #Nissan #Mississippi #UnitedAutoWorkers #OverallNegative #Work&LaborIssues #AutomotiveIndustry #CompanyNews #BusinessNews #Manufacturing #EconomyNews
How does the UAW strike impact MS auto plants? See here
salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
1 week ago

"Steep rise in criminalizing #pregnant people during #Roe era, new data shows"

"Almost 80% of all cases documented in the report took place in #Alabama, South #Carolina, #Tennessee, #Oklahoma and #Mississippi."

Hanson Oak :verified:
1 week ago

In my personal #library, I collect many rare things - #books, #drawings, and specimens among them.

Some of the most fascinating artifacts are personal journals of interesting people who've witnessed horrible creatures.

In tomorrow's episode, I dive deep into such writings to tell a listener what lurks in the forests of #Mississippi.

Miss an episode? Catch up now!
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1 week ago

Mississippi Courts Won’t Say How They Provide #Lawyers for Poor Clients

Six years ago, the #Mississippi Supreme Court told judges around the state to file plans showing how they meet their obligations to poor defendants.

This summer, amid increased scrutiny of public defense in the state, the first one was filed.

#CriminalJustice #Courts #Judge #HumanRights #CivilRights #Crime #Prosecutors #News

2 weeks ago

Ben Shahn was one hell of a photographer.

Scene in Natchez, Mississippi, October 1935, with sidewalk shoeshiner.

Resettlement Administration /FSA/WPA photo by Ben Shahn, via Library of Congress website.

#1930s #WPA #BenShahn #Natchez #Mississippi

Black and white photo of urban sidewalk scene. A shoeshine stand of raised wooden steps is by the street curb. A white man  sits in raised chair getting his shoes shined.  The shoeshiner and small group of onlookers are all Black. The shoeshiner is seated on a small barrel in front of the stand; he smokes a cigarette and appears to be missing the lower part of his left leg; he has a crutch strapped to the upper leg. 

At left  of scene is a window labeled "Cafe", a man wearing a cook's hat and outfit is seen inside the screen door.
Eric R. Dahlen, Ph.D.
2 weeks ago

We have a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Counseling Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi. We hope to recruit applicants interested in providing clinical supervision of practicum students, as well as mentoring graduate student research.

#CounselingPsychology #AcademicMastodon #faculty #jobs #hiring #mississippi

Mark McElroy
2 weeks ago

Turns out the states with politicians who shout loudest about “protecting the children” are the worst at actually protecting actual children.

The report finds that #Mississippi, where I live, is the worst state for children.

Denise Gutzmer
2 weeks ago

#Drought has affected the quantity and quality of produce able to be grown in #Mississippi, and the meager selection of items available at farmers markets shows the impact. Yields are lower, and prices are higher.

Jack Vance
2 weeks ago

"Long active in promoting conservative politics, the AFA 'believes true morality flows from biblical principles' and has been outspoken in its opposition to gay marriage, LGBTQ rights and abortion."

#ChristianExtremism #mississippi #harassment

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
2 weeks ago

#Mississippi @gop gov upgraded governor’s mansion using over $2 million in #taxpayer dollars

Baby turtles leave for sea from rare nest found on Mississippi beach.

"Baby turtles leave for sea from rare nest found on Mississippi beach

Baby turtles made it safely to the sea after they were dug out of a nest on a beach in Mississippi."
#Mississippi #Turtles #BabyTurtles

Rewilding Magazine
3 weeks ago

“There’s a lot of pressure and enough changes happening in the river that the Corps is going to be pushed to think more about how to be innovative,” says Renfro.

“Can we create a solution to Neptune Pass that balances the restoration needs of the area with the navigation needs? I don’t think it has to be one versus the other.”

#mississippi #restoration #rewilding #rivers

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
4 weeks ago

One more shot from Sauk Rapids. I love taking photos under bridges, not sure why.

#Drones4Fun #Mississippi #Minnesota #DronePhotography

Looking across a shallow stretch of water with lots of rocks all underneath a large bridge. Trees on river banks are green and the blue sky has scattered clouds.
Raymond Scott Pert
1 month ago

Alabama Describes Proposed Nitrogen Gas Execution; Seeks to Become First State to Carry It Out

>The state described the procedures for the proposed new execution method in a redacted court filing. Alabama is seeking to become the first state to execute a prisoner using nitrogen. Nitrogen hypoxia has been authorized as an execution method in #Alabama, #Oklahoma and #Mississippi, but no state has used the method (yet) #deathpenalty #capitalpunishment #execution

photo of a gas chamber for execution found on the internet note the Alabama method does not use a chamber
Ang Black
1 month ago

#Mississippi elects openly gay lawmaker for first time in state’s history

> Victory for #FabianNelson, a Democrat, leaves Louisiana as only state never to have elected LGBTQ+ person to its legislature


Fabian Nelson
1 month ago

> ... the agency’s testing protocols for persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity are “unsuitable for complex mixtures” and contended that these substances are similar to existing petroleum-based fuels....
> When Doa first saw the 1-in-4 cancer risk for the jet fuel, she thought it must have been a typo. “... let alone a 1.3-in-1,” said Doa. “This is ridiculously high.”
#MariaDoa #Pascagoula #Mississippi
#BioAccumulation #Persistence #Petroleum
/HT @iffybooks and @diogenes

Steve Herman
1 month ago

State record alligator capture in #Mississippi at 364 kilograms and 4.3 meters long.

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago

Yesterday's photo was one of my most popular yet. This one was taken very nearby in Sauk Rapids.

#Drones4Fun #Minnesota #Mississippi #naturephotography

My archive:

Looking downriver at very low angle we see several large rocks protruding from the water with about 7 seagulls sitting on them and one duck floating between them. There is a bridge in the distance.
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago

This is taken in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. This is the Mississippi River.

#Drones4Fun #DarkTable #Minnesota #Mississippi #landscapephotography #djimini2

Photograph taken very close to the water looking downriver through an area dense with rocks sticking up out of the water. Tree line the banks on either side of the river and the sky is blue with scattered clouds.
1 month ago

Today in Labor History August 28, 1955: Teenager Emmett Till was brutally murdered on this day in Money, Mississippi, for speaking "inappropriately" to a white woman. The brutality of the murder and the lack of justice for his family helped to mobilize opposition to segregation in America. An all-white jury acquitted Till’s killers, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J. W. Milam. The next year, both men publicly admitted in an interview with Look magazine that they had tortured and murdered the boy. The magazine paid them selling $4,000 (equivalent to $43,000 in 2022) for the story. Between 1876 and 1930, over 500 African Americans were lynched in Mississippi, alone, and over 3,000 across the South. A memorial marker for Emmett Till, erected in 2006, was defaced with "KKK", and then completely covered with black paint. 8 more markers were erected at sites associated with Till's lynching in 2007. Some of these were vandalized, too. One of the signs received over 100 bullet holes. In 2018, three University of Mississippi students were suspended from their fraternity after posting to Instagram a photo of them posing in front of the bullet-riddled marker, with guns.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #racism #lynching #Kkk #EmmettTill #mississippi #JimCrow #torture #BlackMastadon

Till's mother looks over his mutilated corpse. With her is her fiancé Gene Mobley. Mamie Till had insisted on an open-casket funeral. Images of Till's body, printed in The Chicago Defender and Jet magazine, made international news and directed attention to the lack of rights of blacks in the U.S. South. By David Jackson - "See the photo Emmett Till’s mother wanted you to see", Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting, August 28, 2020First published in Jet magazine, September 15, 1955, Public Domain,
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago

#Drones4Fun is back. It's been a chaotic summer and I just haven't found time for droning. But, I'm looking forward to autumn and want to start now so that we can see the changes as they happen.

Planning some short trips in the weeks to come to collect images.

#Minnesota #Mississippi #djimini2

Looking directly down on a plaza sticking out into a rocky portion of the Mississippi river. A power crosses vertically on left side of image and there are some pools of stagnant water to the right of plaza.
Denise Gutzmer
1 month ago

Percent of normal precipitation across the U.S. for the last 30 days. The remnants of Hurricane Hilary are evident in the West.
Exceeding dryness has affected #Texas, #Louisiana and #Mississippi.

Percent of normal precipitation for the last 30 days.
Drought Center
1 month ago

Mississippi is among the states feeling effects from the #Midwest’s sweltering #heatdome this week. On Thursday, the National Weather Service in Jackson, Miss., reported a #heatwave in central and southern parts of the state, with highs approaching all-time heat records of 104 to 107 °F.

#droughtmonitor #drought2023 #climate #science #data #maps #US #USA #Mississippi

USDM Hot Topic 8-24-23. Climate focus: Mississippi. A heat wave and recent below-normal rainfall contributed to one-category degradations in southern Mississippi. Conditions of moderate drought or worse in the Magnolia State are now 36.94%, with a severe drought expansion to 19.11% up from 2.29% last week. The state’s northwest corner is also experiencing dryness and moderate drought.
1 month ago


#Mississippi has a lower life expectancy than #Bangladesh. Damn, that's embarrassing. Not embarrassing enough to try to change, though, apparently.

Charlotte Alter reports about a 13-year-old girl in Mississippi who was raped, denied an abortion, and has just given birth — as she prepares to enter 7th grade.

Because Mississippi.

#abortion #rape #Mississippi #ForcedBirth #ForcedMotherhood #teen

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 month ago

Republicans must be SO proud!
#Mississippi #ForcedBirth #GOP #Republicans #VoteBlueIfYouWantToHaveALife

She Wasn’t Able to Get an Abortion. Now She’s a Mom. Soon She’ll Start 7th Grade.

2 months ago

Power Outages Top 500,000 As Severe Weather Batters Several States

Story by Jan Wesner Childs, August 7, 2023

"M​ore than 500,000 homes and businesses were without power across five states as severe storms packing damaging winds and hail battered the South and moved east.

"Downed trees and roof damage were reported in several areas, including parts of #Tennessee and #Mississippi.

"H​ail crashed down in several areas, including around #Huntington, #WestVirginia.

"T​op power outage numbers as of about 6:15 p.m. eastern time, according to more than 130,000 in #NorthCarolina; about 120,000 in #Georgia; more than 100,000 in #Maryland; about 97,000 in #Tennessee; and 73,000 in #Virginia.

"The severe weather was part of an outbreak of severe storms in the East and South expected to produce widespread damaging wind gusts, hail, flooding rainfall and isolated tornadoes.

"Areas likely to be most affected were northern Alabama, northern and central Georgia and much of South Carolina northward to the mid-Atlantic. Cities include #Atlanta, #Baltimore, #Charlotte, #Philadelphia and #WashingtonDC."

#Wx #weather #SevereWeather #PowerOutages #SoutheasternUS

2 months ago

Climate change, New Orleans, Mississippi River ... via The Washington Post (gift article).

#Louisiana #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #NewOrleans #NOLA #Mississippi #Wetlands

"But since 2010, the U.S. Gulf Coast has seen a sudden burst of rapid sea level rise, with rates that scientists didn’t expect to see until late this century. At its center lie the wetlands that make up the first line of defense for New Orleans,..."

Michael Crews
2 months ago

This is huge.

"United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided Friday, ... that the prohibition constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, violating the Eighth Amendment."


2 months ago

EPA Approved a Fuel Ingredient Even Though It Could Cause #Cancer in Virtually Every Person Exposed Over a Lifetime

An #EPA document shows that a new #Chevron #fuel ingredient has a lifetime cancer risk more than 1 million times higher than what the agency usually finds acceptable — even greater than another Chevron fuel’s sky-high risk disclosed earlier this year.

#Chemicals #Plastic #Plastics #Biofuels #Mississippi #News

2 months ago

This is an event so horrific, so racist, it's almost - but only almost - hard to believe it took place this year.

In rural Braxton, #Mississippi, this January, six white cops raided a home without a warrant and without any official purpose. Once inside, they beat, tased, tortured, and sodomized the two Black men living there, eventually shooting one in the mouth.

All because "a white neighbor had complained that Black people were staying with a white woman."

In 2023.

Ex-Mississippi officers plead guilty to racist assault on 2 Black men during raid
2 months ago


Six white former law enforcement officers in #Mississippi have pleaded guilty to a racist assault on two Black men during a home raid that ended with an officer #shooting one man in the mouth, federal prosecutors say

2 months ago

“Six former law enforcement officers in #Mississippi have been charged with federal civil rights offenses against two Black men who were brutalized for more than an hour during a home raid, before an officer allegedly shot one of the men in the mouth.” #legal

2 months ago

When police took Jimmy into custody, they followed protocol for people charged with a crime: mug shot, fingerprints.

But Jimmy had not been charged with a crime. His father asked the county to bring Jimmy in for a mental evaluation & treatment after he'd threatened to hurt family members & himself.

On his booking form, under "offence," was a single word: “LUNACY," a charge that doesn't exist.

#MentalHealth #CivilRights #CriminalJustice #News #Mississippi #Jail #Police

USA billionaires are openly waging war & Americans are tone policing each other.

it's that SUBURBAN mentality.

what's happening in #Texas #Alabama #Mississippi #Florida is an all out Civil War of SECESSION paid for by Musk, Bezos, Thiel, Gates, Cook, Waltons, Devos, Kochs along with their 700+ American billionaire cohorts


Dallas is taken hostage by billionaires?

take away what their billionaires love most.

then do it again to all of them

2 months ago

👍🏻Via Kyle Griffin:

In a win for voters with disabilities, a federal court has temporarily blocked a #Mississippi law that restricted who could help voters complete mail-in ballots. #VotingRights #legal

2 months ago

Their Families Said They Needed Treatment. #Mississippi Officials Threw Them in #Jail Without Charges.

In Mississippi, serious mental illness or #SubstanceAbuse can land you in jail, even if you aren’t charged with a crime.

The state is a stark outlier in jailing so many people for so long, but many officials say they don’t have another option.

#MentalHealth #CriminalJustice #Police #JusticeSystem #Prison #News #Health #HumanRights

Preston MacDougall
2 months ago

@blogdiva #Mississippi is still burning. 🔥

“All hate begins as self-hate.” - Dalai Lama

Share this with teenagers and young adults in your life who may be facing censored libraries at school and in many communities.

The Seattle public library is proving free digital library cards to teens and young adults nationwide!

#Libraries #Books #Oklahoma #Montana #Mississippi #Florida #Texas

Books Unbanned | The Seattle Public Library

Steve Herman
3 months ago

#Mississippi man arrested and charged by indictment for allegedly engaging in cyberstalking and communicating interstate threats, targeting "his victims based on their actual or perceived religion, that is, the Jewish faith."

3 months ago

Via Democracy Docket:

NEW: Justice Department asks to join a federal lawsuit challenging a #Mississippi law that seats unelected judges in Hinds County, home to Jackson. DOJ argues the law discriminates against the county's majority-Black residents & violates the 14th Amendment. #legal #DOJ

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"By preventing the natural flooding process of the #Mississippi River, #levees stop sediment from replenishing wetlands and marshes. That speeds along the process of #erosion and #subsidence.

A study published in March 2023 found that #oil and #gas exploration and fluid extraction cause increased rates of subsidence."

3 months ago

Mississippi Says Poor Defendants Must Always Have a Lawyer.

Few Courts Are Ready to Deliver.

A rule requiring poor criminal defendants to have a #lawyer throughout the #criminal process took effect Saturday. Few #courts in the state have plans in place.

#Mississippi #CriminalJustice #Lawyers #Justice #News

3 months ago

‘Extreme threat’: Large swathe of southern US at dangerous ‘wet bulb temperature’

by Jeremy Tanner - 06/29/23

"Readings of a key indicator of heat exposure danger have reached the highest possible threat level in multiple southern states, as well as in a few states in the #Midwest.

"When it comes to the 'wet bulb temperature,' nearly all of #Louisiana, #Mississippi, and #Arkansas are under 'extreme threat.' The wet bulb temperature measures multiple stressors on the human body in direct sunlight, not in the shade, as the #HeatIndex does.

"When it’s hot, humans sweat to cool off, but if the humidity is also high enough there’s a point at which sweat loses its cooling effect.

"The upper limit that humans could withstand was thought to be 95 F at 100% humidity, according to a 2010 study. New research out of Penn State University’s Noll Laboratory found that the critical limit is in fact even lower – 88 F at 100% humidity."

#ExtremeWeather #WetBulb #ExtremeHeat #Humidity #Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe #USA #SouthernUSA

Read more:

Jordan Hill Photography
3 months ago

Serenity At The Lake

I always enjoy the simple yet dramatic moments outdoors. Davis Lake, which is located in Tombigbee National Forest just a few miles from the Natchez Trace Parkway, makes a great setting for sunsets.

#lake #lakelife #lakeview #fishing #fish #fishinglife #photography #photography #nature #naturephotography #outdoors #mississippi #davislake #sunset #photo #photooftheday #picoftheday #sunrise #wallart #art #homedecor #country #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt

Beautiful way to end the day with a calm and colorful sunset at Davis Lake.
Colin Purrington
3 months ago

Somebody in Cleveland, Mississippi, sent me some photographs of mosquitoes massed near her front door. Images aren't that clear but I'm wondering whether anyone can help me ID them. They look like Anopheles quadrimaculatus, and that might make sense given rice farming in area. #mosquito #mosquitoes #diptera #Mississippi

Mosquito resting on white wall.
Mosquito resting on white wall.
Large numbers of mosquitoes on a wall near a door.