Kent Brewster
3 months ago

Very sorry to hear we lost #mollyholzschlag, the Web's Fairy Godmother.

Here are some photos taken at SxSW in 2006 when we were all so very young and innocent; she's is in some of them, as are a bunch of people who later did very well for themselves.

We will miss you terribly, Mols.

#webdev #rip

Kevin Yank
3 months ago

A career highlight: #mollyholzschlag complimenting me after my talk at the Fundamentos Web 2006 conference in Spain. #rip

Kevin sits on the edge of a stage while Molly stands in the pit, head cocked with a look that says “you did good!”
Kevin Yank
3 months ago

A little story about a time I spent with #mollyholzschlag in an airport, stranded between Sydney and Spain. #rip

It was very definitely saddening to get off a plane yesterday, excited for this trip, just to find out #MollyHolzschlag, had passed away.

But as @Meyerweb said, "She loved stories. Tell hers.":

Molly was quite possibly the first person in the web space I was out as trans to, back in 2007. Her reaction was honestly what I expected—caring and compassionate to no end.

So many know she fought like hell for the web, but she also fought like hell for her friends.

Grégoire Hoin
3 months ago

Sad to hear about #mollyholzschlag’s passsing.

3 months ago

Was trying to remember who #MollyHolzschlag was and… saw that she followed me on Twitter?? Humblebrag, I guess.

Craig Lee
3 months ago

Took some time this evening and collected my Molly photos into a Flickr album. #mollyholzschlag

3 months ago

One of first two #web #design books that was given to me was the Zen of CSS Design. I followed #MollyHolzschlag on the birdsite. On there, she was raw. I learned she had many difficult years at the end. I’m glad to get to know about her better days through other people’s memories. Rest in peace, design ancestor.

Scottish Lass
3 months ago

Tucson's Molly Holzschlag, known as 'the fairy godmother of the web,' dead at 60 | Obituary
#MollyHolzschlag #Web

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 months ago

"She was steadfast in her insistence that the World Wide Web be usable by disabled people, including sites being able to be parsed by screenreader technology for people with impaired vision."


Adrian Roselli
3 months ago

Lots of folks are sharing how #MollyHolzschlag affected their (web) career.

No blog post from me, just a quick missive…

She wrote the introduction to my first book (2002, ‘Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself’) and was an editor for it. Her name carried a lot of weight. It might be why some (most) folks bought it. I was certainly thrilled to be a part of _her_ book.

Hit the hashtag for more personal missives than mine.

Joseph Kohlmann
3 months ago

@Meyerweb @samkap Oh no, that’s very sad news 😢💔 Thank you @Meyerweb, may #MollyHolzschlag's memory be a blessing for all of us 💜

3 months ago

#Development #Obituaries
Memories of Molly · Molly Holzschlag, the ‘Fairy Godmother of the Web’, has died

“The Web is a little bit darker today, a fair bit poorer.” — Eric A. Meyer

#WebDev #WebStandards #OpenWeb #MollyHolzschlag #RIP

Remembering Molly, from @grigs :

"My best memory of Molly is my most treasured.

We skipped an afternoon of sessions at Web 2.0 and visited an art exhibit at the The Contemporary Jewish Museum.

We talked about the web, her career, our shared love of challah, her family, and her extended web family.

That afternoon remains one of my fondest memories from all of conference experiences."


David Bailey :verified:
3 months ago

I am saddened to learn that the legend Molly Holzschlag has passed. She taught me not only how to be a good webmaster, but also a good web advocate. Thank you. RIP Molly. #mollyholzschlag

Carsten Bach
3 months ago

She was one of my heroes!

So I made this wallpaper, to make sure every of my colleagues gets an introduction to #mollyholzschlag (and @Meyerweb) when they were asking about my desktop background. This was in 2007.

Eric Meyer and Molly Holzschlag from the in golden image frames, curated as a desktop wallpaper.

Remembering Molly Holzschlag. She's the force behind what many of us take for granted on the web.

Her books influenced me and inspired me to start my freelance web design business.

I was lucky to meet her in person, when she accepted my invitation to come to and speak in Detroit.

We stayed in touch online over the years.

Miss you, Mols.

#MollyHolzschlag #WebStandards

Craig Lee
3 months ago

@Meyerweb "held court," you say? I wrote the same thing in a caption from SXSWi 2005. #mollyholzschlag

The irony for me with Molly Holzschlag is her influence on my journey through web design towards UX is that it is subtle. Molly was not subtle. But she was fierce, kind, and would still be here if we had a medical system in the US that wasn’t privatized. #RIP to a sometimes-forgotten catalyst for the modern responsive web. #mollyholzschlag

Eric A. Meyer
3 months ago

📝🫗 I wrote about #mollyholzschlag and a very, very few of the stories from our shared history. And I included some photos of her from years past.

Jérôme Coupé
3 months ago

I am old enough to remember the original WaSP project, its members and what that group did for the web. Thank you, #MollyHolzschlag for using your fairy superpowers to make the web more of a magical place for me and generations of others.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago #mollyholzschlag was a pioneer and a hero. The web would be much worse without her. Let's try to continue her legacy of open and accessible web standards.

Luke Dorny
3 months ago

…I’d only met Molly a handful of times at conferences, but she was the infectiously inspiring Fairy Godmother of the Web that we all needed. A truly wonderful human.

She wrote books about web design and HTML since 1996!
But her book with Dave Shea changed my career forever in 2005.

She changed the web for the better.
#MollyHolzschlag #webDesign #CSSZenGarden #ZenGarden

Dan Connolly
3 months ago

Her work in the web industry made me proud to be part of it.

Her battle with the health system made me embarrassed to be an American.

#RIP #MollyHolzschlag

#MollyHolzschlag passed yesterday. )-:

She was instrumental in building the Web we came to love, and was rightfully outspoken against the travesties as it evolved into today's mess.

She emoted anger toward the end as her health problems worsened and she spoke out against a broken system, but she was always nice, encouraging, and understanding with me, in our interactions. 💔

Seems this has been coming for a long time, and I'm relieved in some ways that she found the peace she's been demanding.

Jason Garber
3 months ago

Before I even entered the profession, as a kid pecking away at a text box on site creators like Angelfire, I crossed paths with #MollyHolzschlag’s teachings. Hard to forget such a unique name and powerful voice, right?

She did so much good for so many and I will miss her dearly. Rest well, Molly, and thank you.

I'm grieving #MollyHolzschlag today. She had a hard time finding her place in a world that didn't have an easy assigned spot for her. But her absolute refusal to accept injustice kept her always struggling to redesign and reconfigure the constraining structures around her -- from Web standards to healthcare. She felt both joy and sadness very deeply and would not shield you from either. People who do so much good for so many people deserve so much better. RIP.

Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
3 months ago

RIP #MollyHolzschlag 😔😢

Craig Lee
3 months ago

The moment I first met Molly on the first day of my first SXSWInteractive on March 12, 2005 in the lobby of the Austin Hilton. We ended up in a big lunch group shortly thereafter. #MollyHolzschlag

Jeremiah Lee
3 months ago

Molly Holzschlag, the fairy godmother of the Web, has died.

I remember the first time I met her at a Web dev conference. She chatted with me for a half hour, telling stories of browser rivalries and HTML5’s renegade group that saved us all from XHTML. We ran into each other several times over the years. She always was kind, encouraging, and genuinely interested in what I had to say. She gave us all so much. 💔

#MollyHolzschlag #RIP

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
3 months ago

Wow. #mollyholzschlag passed away. An invaluable force for adoption of web standards and usability. May Molly's loved ones find solace in sharing those memories that inspired them most.

Yves Van Goethem
3 months ago

I haven't gotten to know Molly very personally, but she had a contageous energy, having drinks with her was a lot of fun and I remember her talk @ParisWeb like if it was yesterday.

The community lost someone that had a big positive impact ♥️


Adieu to #MollyHolzschlag who was an inspiration to me and many others. Also, she was friendly on the Web in a way that didn't require you to be cool to play with her. Good bless you Molly.😿

3 months ago

I met #MollyHolzschlag once at the beginning of my career, at my very first workshop, feeling rather starstruck. Her books and articles around web standards guided me in the right direction, and is still a large part of my ethos.