Dirk Haun
4 hours ago

„You woke up in black and white again“ #50FootWave #mood

Michael Murray
14 hours ago

If you have a phone, you can do Random Mood Sampling and Analysis (RMSA).

This is a program I created that prompts you to report your mood at random times. In mood research they call this "ecological momentary assessment".

But ecological momentary assessment can also can be a tool for an individual or clinician.

I think one's general subjective sense of how they are doing is very valuable information.

But what if someone wants more information? How about their average mood over a period of month, calculated from data collected through random prompts?

What if you are curious about whether therapy will be helpful for you? While your general subjective sense is valuable, you could also do a round of Random Mood Sampling and Analysis before, and then another round 3 months into therapy.

Let me know if you are interested. I can provide this service to anyone with a phone.

#mentalhealth #mood #moodresearch #rmsa

15 hours ago
Meme dit « judgemental voluri » assorti d’un commentaire sur la supériorité morale du supportariat du SRFC sur celui de l’équipe de France de rugby
Yahia Lababidi
15 hours ago


'Stańczyk', 1862 by Jan Matejko

#art #artist #painting #mood

Sarah Bocelli
1 day ago

pov : tu as dormi 4h, n'as pas pris de vacances depuis plus d'un an, et le #mood au boulot est de plaindre la pauvre collègue en plein jetlag après ses 3 semaines de vacances.


Straight Fuse
French Fuse
YouTube Audio Library
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2 days ago

#mood « verse quelques larmes ça ira mieux après »


2 days ago

Today's #Mood

by Christian Schloe

The Balance by Christian Schloe
DarK'oi! :antifa: :communism:
2 days ago

Happy wednesday people from the internet!

LES SHERIFF - Grand bombardement tardif

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Rush Rush, Get The Yeyo
Scarface - The World is Yours (OST)
#musik #mukke #mood

Krazy Kat's
2 days ago
Daniel AJ Sokolov
3 days ago

#AceOfBase is an antidote to Serge #gainsbourg
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:peglin: Ghoul
3 days ago
Recorte de Aziraphale y Crowley de la serie Buenos presagios delante de la bandera no binaria
Dad Wood :damnified:
3 days ago
3 days ago

muss jetzt packen für eine 4-tägige Reise, finde packen voll schlimmmmmmm


3 days ago

#mood #prinsjesdag

(via @Kos_ )

3 days ago
Ham on Wry
4 days ago

Current #mood

In Woche 37 wurde es sehr sportlich in der #52WochenFotoChallenge von @norberteder

37/52 Sport
Fly Free
Until late afternoon of this warm and sunny day, quite a few paragliders were still in the air - following the dream of free flying.

#outside #sport #paraglider #fly #freedom #nature #mood #availableLight #photography #52wochenchallenge #darktable #paperg

:nikon: :darktable:

A paraglider prepares for landing with still some distance to the ground. We see the pilot with the legs pulled up, the full para-glider above with stripes of green, yellow and blue. It is a landscape picture with very soft light from the already quite low standing sun. Haze softens the silhouettes of the woods and shapes of meadows and mountains in the background. The right part of the foreground is made of the silhouettes of two coniferous trees. Some large clouds can be guessed in the hazy sky.

AI disclaimer: Using my work, its meta data, written or derived description to create media with or train AI based systems is prohibited.
6 days ago

The guy in front of me is a whole #mood - but also not wrong :blobfoxcrylaugh:

“Human beings fucking suck assholes live forever” hoodie
Ham on Wry
6 days ago

Current #mood

🎧 #Mood | "Good Thing" from #FineYoungCannibals (1989).

📹 #Video by #PeterCare.

▶️ Clip plays within this post.

#EddieFM #NorthernSoul #Pop #Soul #UK

Ham on Wry
1 week ago

Current #mood

Ham on Wry
1 week ago

Current #mood

Der mit dem Hund geht
1 week ago

Die Luft verliert die Schwere des Sommers, umgreift mich kühl und freundlich und macht mich leicht. Getragen von der Traurigkeit des Abschieds liegt der Tag wie schwebend vor mir.


Ein Karrenweg liegt in der frühen Morgensonne. Nach wenigen Metern beginnt säumender Baumbestand und der Weg verliert sich in einer Linkskurve.

🎧 #Mood#Psychedelia from #Australia | #TheHeavy's "Minor Setback" by GUM ft. #AmbroseKennySmith (2023).

A brilliant song with an equally epic #film by #JacobArmstrong.

#EddieFM #Rock #PsychedlicRock #Indie #Animation

Ham on Wry
1 week ago

Current #mood

Matt Sexton
2 weeks ago
Night shot of the Cleveland Guardians with the Terminal Tower lit in red.
Jeff Forcier
2 weeks ago
Zoomed-in photograph of a backyard patio, dominated by a red ‘faux-wood’ Adirondack style chair, upon whose arm is splooting a common gray squirrel. It’s that hot, yo.

(Sploot = lying down, belly on ground, limbs splayed out)

Comet C/2023 P1 Nishimura !!!

07 Sept - part deux

Two views, 135mm lens...clouds, haziness, moonlight on clouds.

It's a #Mood

This is a stack of 154 images (1.5 seconds exposure) when the comet was not obscured by clouds, and morning twilight was not too bright.

This is an example of what you can do in a dark sky, with relatively simple equipment (fixed tripod, many short exposures.)

Friday will probably be my last chance for this morning apparition. In six days or so, the comet will be very, very low in the west right after sunset.

Recap - Thursday (135mm lens)

Recap - Wednesday (85mm lens)

Recap - Tuesday (55mm lens)


Comet Nishimura, Thursday morning, rising above clouds on the horizon, with faint moonlight shining on the clouds.

It's a mood.
Crop of previous image, with a bit more contrast boost.
2 weeks ago

Cookie Monster is a #mood right now

2 weeks ago
current mood:
David Tennant hiding in a loft
picture is David Tennant hiding in a loft, buried under bags of stuff
R. Natale Fine Art
2 weeks ago

TWO BOYS AND A DOG - watching them play with their dog in the lake as the sun was setting. Processed as a B&W, seemed to add to the mood of calm.

Prints available:

#Photography #BlackAndWhite #art #fallforart #ayearforart #buyintoart #mood #MastoArt #interiordecor #travel #sunset

B&W photo taken at sunset of two boys and their dog playing in the lake.

🎧 #Mood | #NewMusic | "Bauhaus Staircase" from #OMD, the title track from their new collection of songs coming in October.

#EddyFM #Electronic #Bauhaustreppe #Bauhaus #UK #OrchestralManoeuvresInTheDark


art for the single.
3 weeks ago

#mood (Questionable Content)

I am not designed to be a flotation device, literally or metaphorically [too bony to float]
1 month ago

I want to believe that justice will prevail. But as history tells us, it will not. Justice only exists in the minds of fools who blindly trust in what they are told every day in a counrty where rich white men are given free reign to do as they please with little to no consequences.

§ Jason :mastodon:
1 month ago


I hate my generation
I offer no apologies
I hate my generation yeah

I hate my generation
I picked it up and threw it away
I hate my generation now

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
1 month ago

The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul is an ancient underground water reservoir. 100s of carved columns support the roof of the cistern creating a dramatic & moody atmosphere. Dimly lit, unusual stone sculptures reflect across the still water.

The ART:

#architecture #Photography #Turkey #Mastoart #History #Travel #Art #artist #buyintoart #Photo #Photos #sculpture #Istanbul #turkish #fediart #mood #moody #Photographie #water

Dimly lit, stone columns hold up the roof of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. A large hand sculpture rises from the water between the columns reflecting on the water.
ZDF :zdf:
1 month ago

Sasha will unbedingt als Sängerin zum Star werden. Dank Influencerin Carly kommt sie zwar in die glamouröse Welt, das aber für Webcam-Services und Escort-Dienste. So verliert Sasha ihr Ziel immer mehr aus den Augen.

Schaut #Mood, auch in OV mit UT.

Sasha sitzt umringt von sechs Männern, die sie begehrlich ansehen, auf einer Bühne. Die Szene erinnert an ein Musikvideo. Die Grafik hat die Aufschrift: Das erwartet euch in der Musik-Serie "Mood"

Nr. 1
"I ain't come to play, I came to slay!"
Nicôle Lecky spielt nicht nur die Hauptrolle, sondern ist auch die Autorin der Serie, hat die Musik geschrieben und aufgenommen.
Drei Frauen in Bademode posieren lächelnd für ein Selfie. Eine der Frauen trägt eine Sonnenbrille, eine andere einen lilanen Handschuh. Die Grafik hat die Aufschrift:

Nr. 2 Influencer - Partyleben par excellence
Eine Party dekadenter als die andere - es gibt harten Alkohol, jede Menge Drogen und Sex.
Zwei Frauen in aufreizenden Partyoutfits stehen vor einem Gebäude an einer Straße. Eine der beiden hält ihr Handy in der Hand.
Die Grafik hat die Aufschrift:

Nr. 3
She makes money online - fast!
Und das mit freizügigen Videos auf der Plattform "DailyFans" und Escort-Aufträgen.
1 month ago

New #comic on the way, here's a sneak peek.

#sketch #mood #cats #wip

A cropped sketch of a cartoon cat scared of something, with big eyes and open mouth.
Karsten Schmidt
1 month ago

The Cinematic Orchestra & Roots Manuva - All Things To All Men (2002)

#Mood #Music4Coding #NinjaTune

🎧 #Mood | #ElectronicUK was a side project of #NewOrder's #BernardSummer and #TheSmiths' #JohnnyMarr. The self-titled debut LP combined Marr's guitar with the synth sounds of New Order to make something new.

This is the "DNA Groove Mix" of "Get The Message" (1991).

#EddieFM #Electro #Dance #eCulture #UK

🎧 #Mood | #TheCommodores' tribute to #MarvinGaye and #JackieWilson who died the year before. "Nightshift" (1985).

📹 #Video directed by #WilliamTannen.

#EddieFM #Soul #RnB

Woche der #Liebe in der #52WochenFotoChallenge von @norberteder

31/52 Liebe
Love for Detail
When strolling through the streets, I love to look at doors. And so often, I can see and feel with how much love (sometimes also for details) and passion people take care of a welcoming decoration and design of their entrance areas and doors.

#architecture #door #mood #decoration #outside #availableLight #photography #52wochenchallenge #darktable #paperg

:nikon: :darktable:

Looking at the upper part of the white wooden front door of a private house. In the vertical direction, the door consists of three parts. 
The middle part contains a white frame with two rectangles. At the top of this frame there is a small board that acts like a rain guard for the frame below. Inside the frame, the top white rectangle is offset inward. The rectangle below is again a white wooden frame holding a leaded glass ornament with a symmetrical geometric shape. 
To the left and right of the center section, the vertical profile of the door is like a wave that slopes from the center to the edges.
Below the glass ornament we see the upper half of a gray-green wreath with Marguerite-like flowers. 

AI disclaimer: Using my work, its meta data, written or derived description to create media with or train AI based systems is prohibited.
Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 months ago

Watching Jon's stream, the following is such a mood:

"Oh, the std lib has function X, I think..."

*looks at the docs*

"...naawww, it's only in nightly."😢


#Rust #RustLang #Mood

Ham on Wry
2 months ago

Current #mood

2 months ago

This food truck is a whole #mood :blobfoxcrylaugh:

Food truck that says “I taste better than I look!!!”
Maike Küper
2 months ago
2 months ago

#mood on #Tuesday :blobfoxcrylaugh:

I didn’t realize I was supposed to know how to do everything by my second rodeo seems like a very low amount of rodeos

I need some energy to get to the end of the workday. Let's see if the angelical voice of Alissa helps me here...