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The #Illuminati views this as an opportunity to remind the public of the power of choice, and the importance of making responsible decisions. #GTA is simply a game, and no one should be blamed for their decisions within it. #FreeWill is a core principle that should be respected and encouraged. #MoralPanic is never healthy and only serves to limit our potential as a society. #ChooseWisely and think twice before judging. https://www.vice.

Jeff Jarvis
1 day ago

Horrendous violation of privacy: requiring uploading photo-ID; facial age estimation; phone company gating access; age via credit card... #MoralPanic
Pornography websites will have to check users’ ages, under draft guidelines

Parents are concerned with a growing trend at area high schools where students are wearing D20 bracelets indicating they are willing to give any student that asks an opportunity to roll the dice. Once the asker rolls the dice, the wearer is willing to engage in that many minutes of quiet contemplation with the other individual about their collective value outside of capitalism. #Capitalism #MoralPanic #GelBracelets

Stable Genius Liberal
2 weeks ago

Woke has joined CRT, Cancel Culture, Sharia law, postmodernism, partial birth, death panels and political correctness in the litany of retired right wing moral panics.

Don't worry, there are plenty of well paid goons coming up with fresh moral panics to keep the rubes entertained.

#woke #MoralPanic #politicalHumor

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

Osama, TikTok, panic
Stirs cultural debate, fear
Social media divides -
Moralizing internet

#tiktok #osamabinladen #lettertoamerica #moralpanic #cinquain #poetry

Alex Bardsley :orangewine:
4 weeks ago

What was this person afraid of? That saying 'I love you' instead of 'I love thee' would lead to polyamory? #pronouns #MoralPanic

Liam Sullivan
1 month ago

Opinion: Are We Having a Moral Panic Over Misinformation?
False and inaccurate information runs rampant online. But how much is it actually changing our behavior?

#misinformation #MoralPanic #FakeNews

Jeff Jarvis
1 month ago

This guy has nothing more important to write about and The Post has nothing more important to devote space to than this #MoralPanic. I hate to think of what he'd say about Picasso.

Google Pixel’s ad campaign is destroying humanity

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

"Off-duty pilot who tried to cut engines took mushrooms for 1st time before flight, complaint says"

I'm seeing a ton of headlines making a case about the mushrooms.


The guy took those mushrooms 48 hours prior to the incident. I've not taken mushrooms, but there's no substance I've taken that would affect me that long.

He also admitted to depression, having not slept in 40 hours prior to the incident, having experience the death of a friend recently. These all seem to me more important than the mushrooms.

I'm not saying the mushrooms should be disregarded but they are more indicating of his state of mind, then a cause for the crash.

Even in the article, you find this:

Police reported that Emerson did not appear to be intoxicated at the time of the interview, and in a statement Tuesday, Alaska Airlines, which owns Horizon, said neither the gate agents nor flight crew noticed any signs of impairment that might have barred him from the flight.

But let's focus on the damn mushrooms, shall we? Because moral panics do sell.

"Mushrooms almost crash plane!!!!" 😱

#USNews #pilot #airplane #mushrooms #MoralPanic

Jeff Jarvis
1 month ago

To "clean up the internet." What a mission. Patronizing and puritanical. #MoralPanic

TechScape: How the UK’s online safety bill aims to clean up the internet

Jeff Jarvis
1 month ago

#MoralPanic Comic books. Nickelodeons. Television. Video games. Rock lyrics. Mods and Rockers. Hippies. Kids today.
Meta Accused by States of Using Features to Lure Children to Instagram and Facebook

From @ErinInTheMorn:

I'm deeply worried about anti-trans legislation being enacted at a federal level. Living in a blue state won't protect us if that happens.

Looking To 2024: What’s Next In The Fight Over Trans Rights In America
#fascism #transphobia #persecution #MoralPanic

ErosBlog Bacchus
2 months ago

If you don't have the ability to recognize a new moral panic when it's presented to you in any information channel, or if you don't understand that aligning yourself with a moral panic -- doesn't matter which one -- is *always* in service to somebody else's agenda and hostile to your own interests, your cognitive preps are failing you. #MoralPanic

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

Here is a thread filled with research that does not justify Gov Hochul's intrusive legislation and #MoralPanic.

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

#MoralPanic spreads from red states to blue. Political cynicism is universal. This is not backed by research and evidence. It will harm young people...
New York Seeks to Limit Social Media’s Grip on Children’s Attention

Pauline von Hellermann
2 months ago

5/5 As a mother of children of this age i continue to be concerned about #Vaping - i know this may be #MoralPanic but it’s really exploded amongst 11-13y olds in the last couple of years, all so recent that we don’t have real knowledge of impact yet. Meanwhile children buy #9K (9,000 puff - equ of 100 cigs and banned in UK) #vapes under the counter and use them in one week. Need much more awareness

Never start vaping, says 12-year-old girl with lung damage

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

The industry might be creepy but this is a BS lede: 11 grafs before the reader is told that the scenario is fictional. #MoralPanic
The Creepy New Digital Afterlife Industry

The #HomeOffice admitted that #trans #issues had been “heavily discussed” across the #UK and that the hostile #political #discussion by #rightwing #media, #politicians, and #socialmedia #pundits could have led to an increase in #Hate #offences.

— The #UK must end the #Antitrans #moralpanic in the media, and actively start to #enforce their #hatespeech and #hatecommunications #laws.

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

I do not understand why Musk's lie of Autopilot is not regulated and banned from the road. So much attention to #MoralPanic over social algorithms, so little to this fatal technology...
The final 11 seconds of a fatal Tesla Autopilot crash

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

"To 'feed the beast' of new tech."

Meta may be using your Facebook, Instagram to 'feed the beast' of new tech #FoxNews

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

I'm so confused: I thought we were supposed to be concerned about the internet ruining society and now we are to be concerned about AI ruining the internet. One needs a #MoralPanic scorecard these days.

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

A rather weak-tea counterpoint to all the #MoralPanic headlines in this newspaper & others about teens and the net....

What Social Media Does to the Teen Brain

2 months ago

#GOP has zero in terms of policy proposals supported by a majority of voters polled
They can't win a fair #Election promoting their actual #Fascist agenda (like ending #SocialSecurity #PublicSchools & #Libraries)
So they use dirty tricks, lies, #VoteSuppression, #gerrymandering, & #MoralPanic to distract folks from the issues

Sadly for us & luckily for them, #CorporateMedia is happy to let them as long as the #Advertising 💰💰💰 keeps flowing


Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

A whiff of xenophobic #MoralPanic here:
China’s quest for human genetic data spurs fears of a DNA arms race

Jeff Jarvis
2 months ago

To not include the role of Tegmark and his Musk-funded institute in the noxious faux philosophy of longtermism is not just incomplete but irresponsible reporting. #MoralPanic
AI-focused tech firms locked in ‘race to the bottom’, warns MIT professor

#Journalists' #platforming of #AntiLGBTQ #HateGroups under the guise of a #hateful #moralpanic can lead to serious real world #consequences for #trans health.

Suspected #hatecrime against #Dublin #lesbian #couple deemed “#shocking” by #judge

In that episode, the 16-year-old youth, who was unknown to the #victims, approached the pair after seeing them #cuddle at a bus shelter. He initially used #homophobic #slurs against them and then repeatedly #punched them while allegedly under the influence of #drugs.

#Women #Lesbians #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Ireland #MoralPanic #HateSpeech #StochasticTerrorism #Hatecrimes

"#Detransitioner Wave" Fails To Materialize, #Trans #Regret #Rates Remain exceptionally Low.

In a #commercial for a #special on #detransitioners, #SevenNews featured #ChloeCole prominently. This left many asking: why can they find no one else? The detransition wave has failed to materialize.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Media #MoralPanic #Culturewars #HateSpeech #Hate #Bigotry #Discrimination #Transphobia

Jeff Jarvis
3 months ago

Yes, but Harris is no expert in AI, only in #MoralPanic.

Washington crowned a bunch of rich dudes the most important people in AI

Joshua Holland
4 months ago

DeSantis's general counsel defined "wokeness" in testimony before a court as "the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them."

Just plug that definition in wherever you see the word.

#propaganda #moralpanic #fascism

Kevin C. Smith🖖
4 months ago


Banning books has always been a huge negative for me. It's a bad omen. When I was in elementary school the library had "banned" books removed from the shelves. Being a bibliophile that didn't sit well with me and I fought to get access; and eventually did. A small victory, but I credit that experience for determining my political (and religious) affiliation going forward. In highschool we had to read out loud a sanitized version of Romero and Juliet. I brought my own copy. The teacher would nod to me when we reached the missing text and I would read from my copy. My point is we don't have to comply.

#bannedbooks #books #politics #moralpanic #bibliophile

Burning book
Jeff Jarvis
4 months ago

SO important, SO perilous to freedom of speech, the poison fruits of #MoralPanic about the net and youth... By @ParkerMolloy:

Jeff Jarvis
5 months ago

A very good report on the history of Germany's unique #MoralPanic over Google Streeview (I'm in it), which also reveals that Apple has been doing this without fuss for two years and Google is daring to return.

Jeff Jarvis
5 months ago

#MoralPanic, Elders fretted about youth's imagination with novels, too. Give our kids some credit....
Big Tech Algorithms Are Killing Kids’ Sense of Discovery

Joshua Holland
5 months ago

Couple of dudes at the dogpark were whining about "cancel culture" and how everyone is always so sensitive these days that you can't say anything and I wasn't having any of it. And they seemed legitimately shocked to face pushback.

Talk about living in a bubble.

#bullshit #cancelculture #moralpanic

Jenna Freedman
5 months ago

Great letter from UCLA iSchool
faculty about the Montana State Library Commission's "homophobic witch hunt."

Great example of what
@alalibrary should be saying instead of extolling it's own virtues and failing to say a single word in support of its president.

#ALA #homophobia #MoralPanic

Jeff Jarvis
5 months ago

Getting past the #MoralPanic in the headline, there is a good discussion of where education should go....

How we can teach children so they survive AI – and cope with whatever comes next | George Monbiot

Jeff Jarvis
5 months ago

@Kev @leo @jasonhowell
Google already scrapes the entire web to enable ... search. #MoralPanic

5 months ago

Interesting. There was an attack on a convent (in what is now #SomervilleMA) in the 1820s that I always thought should be better known.

It was an early anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic moral panic, and this writer likens it to an early Pizzagate.

#ConspiracyTheory #Pizzagate #MoralPanic

Jeff Jarvis
6 months ago

I got almost all these wrong. "X-risk" tropes are that generic. #MoralPanic #TechnoPanic
A.I. or Nuclear Weapons: Can You Tell These Quotes Apart?

A.J. Fish
6 months ago

@jeffjarvis OMG remember when they warned of the dangers of cigarettes? #moralpanic

Neo-Athenian Empire
6 months ago

@jeffjarvis We must end this #MoralPanic by encouraging Teens to participate in activity our parents and our parents-parents had their #MoralPanics about.

Jeff Jarvis
6 months ago

Let them watch TV, play videogames, listen to rock music, and read comic books instead. #MoralPanic
Limiting teens’ social media feels impossible. But we have to try.

Jeff Jarvis
6 months ago

The surgeon general just went on TV to tell Morning Joe social media is dangerous to youth.
Fifty-one years ago, the surgeon general contended television was dangerous to youth. In both cases, they talk correlation, not causation.
And forty years ago, the surgeon general was contending the video games were dangerous to youth.
See also Kirsten Drotner in Paedaggoica Historica on histrorical amnesia:
#MoralPanic #MediaPanic

But this belief is facilitated by, indeed founded on, an intrinsic historical
amnesia. Every new panic develops as if it was the first time such issues were
debated in public, and yet the debates are strikingly similar. This amnesia is closely

related to another common characteristic of the panics: their historical incorpora-
tion. The intense preoccupation with the latest media fad, immediately relegates

older media to the shadows of acceptance. Thus, the trends towards cultural
democratisation are chiefly seen with media that we have grown accustomed to,
media that have proved their innocence, so to speak. So, today comics can be
hailed in safety: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were appropriated by pop artists
such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol in the 1960s, the ICA in London and
other renowned museums went on to promote cultural cross-overs as gallery
pieces, and even the comic figure Tin-Tin now has his own museum. But the new
media, such as home videos in the 1980s and in the 1990s action-games on cd-rom,
still conjure up anxieties that are very similar to those expressed over periodicals
a hundred years ago.