Jim Frost
4 days ago
Post Storm Agnes at Morecambe Bay
Dave Smeg
1 week ago

Absolutly stunning view from the golf club over the bay yesterday.

#morecambe #bay #lancashire #cumbria #mobilephotography

Dave Smeg
4 weeks ago

So miss being back home.

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UK Theatre Web
1 month ago

Seen today at #Morecambe #Vintage Festival.... lovely to see Morecambe so lively & so vibrant... get over there tomorrow for more vintage & all sorts of things to enjoy

Photo: Women standing on the Stone Jetty in Morecambe dressed in a vintage dress with five standard poodles on leads
Catriona Gold
1 month ago

Does everyone who moves to the NW develop a personal fascination with a certain heavyweight champion & his family, or is that just me & my friends?

I know watching this would upset me, and yet #boxing #realitytv #morecambe #lancashire

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

It's not widely known, but one of the biggest stories in #Blackpool right now (apart from the Taco Bell opening) is the ongoing saga of a #Pelican who broke out of the zoo.

Like a latter day #Cryptid, there are regular sightings of the bird, plus lots of people worrying about the poor thing's welfare. (It is only a juvenile.)

Anyway, it is now approaching folk hero status. Its most recent sighting is up in #Heysham, near #Morecambe, where the below image was taken.

A picture of a pelican swimming in a lake near Morecambe, Lancashire. It's a sunny day, albeit also cloudy. The pelican is large and a non-native species (Pelecanus onocrotalus). Three ducks are swimming past in the opposite direction. In the background, the bank leads into thick bushes and small trees, plus bullrushes.

Original image by Jack Pearson, first posted on Facebook:
Dave Smeg
2 months ago

Looking gorgeous in #Morecambe #Bay right now.
Wish we were back there.

Soft waves lapping the shore beyond a car park on a sunny day.

@fencoul @Judeet98

As a Southerner turned Northerner - I move North over 15 years ago, the grumbling is something I've noticed a lot... however, it is unevenly distributed.

In the North West a particular hotspot would be #Morecambe... and at the moment quite often targeted at #EdenProjectNorth (which is subject to, shall we say, a mixed reception)

A View From My Seat
2 months ago

These clubs will be moving from League 1 down to League 2.
#ForestGreenRovers' 1st Tier 3 season was last year.
#AccringtonStanley were in Tier 3 since 2018/19.
#MKDons made it to the Championship in 2015.
#Morecambe's first promotion to League 1 was 20/21.

While visiting #Lancaster uni, we stayed in nearby #Morecambe for a couple of nights. Apparently I've been before but I have no memory so I was obviously a tiny non-scarred-face nine toes at that time! Of course, when in Morecambe, you have to get the obligatory photo of the Eric Morecambe statue (wiki link below for any unsure-who EM-is among you). It was a wild, wet windy weekend but Morecambe is a lot calmer than nearby #Blackpool. Maybe the weather made it feel that way, too... And the #Lakes are nearby, too, so there's a bonus if you ever find yourself in the area. I love #Lancashire, best county in the land and all the world! #EricMorecambe #Statue #Seaside #WhatDoYouThinkOfItSoFar #Ruggish

The Eric Morecambe statue, which is black and has the comedian in the standard right arm and left leg raised pose that he and Ernie Wise signed of their shows with. The statue is on a black circular plinth surrounded by red stony ground. Behind the statue are small blue railings and some benches looking out to the sea, that is Morecambe Bay, and the hills in the distance. Beyond everything are grey clouds.
The Eric Morecambe statue but taken from further back. In the foreground are decreasing white circles with some text on, the smallest centre circle has a silver Star within it. Below the centre circle, in grey, is written "Ruggish!". This is based on when Eric Morecambe used to use a ventriloquist dummy's head in sketches and would ask the head "What do you think of it so far" and the head would reply "Ruggish!". Either side of the statue is a low wall with red and white flowers and then a green hedge behind the wall. There are steps leading up to the statue which is in the centre. Beyond everything are grey clouds.
Ian Cylkowski Photography
3 months ago

After the recent thunderstorms and increase in temperatures, it was nice to get a clear few hours.

After thunderstorms, the atmosphere was nicely cleared up so we head to Morecambe to enjoy the immense and expansive views across the Bay. 🔭

Loads more photos are ready for you here -> 👍

#landscape #seascape #nature #travel #morecambe #lancashire #uk #britain #summer #heysham #photography #photo #photographie

Breakwater boulders curve away across the sands into the distance on a sunny summer's day.
A row of old stone-hewn tombs give way to views across the sands to a small town.
A sculpture comprising of the frame of a viking hull with two figures mounted on either side. Clear blue sky day, with the sea and beach in the distance.
A zoomed in composition of layers of sand and sea, which give away to the distant mountains of the Lake District.
3 months ago

Windy at Hest Bank today. #Morecambe

UK Theatre Web
3 months ago

For those of you who live in #Morecambe & rural #Lancaster and who've been saddled with David Morris MP for years - you'll be interested to know that he was part of large group of #Tory MPs unwilling to vote on the #Partygate report at all....

Oli ✅
4 months ago

Interesting coincidence: The junction in #Morecambe where this mural is painted is labelled as "" on #what3words

#IOMTT #motorcycles

A mural on a wall of John McGuinness "The Morecambe Missile" riding a motorbike
A screenshot from the what3words website showing the "" location, a mural on a wall of John McGuinness riding a motorbike
UK Theatre Web
4 months ago
UK Theatre Web
4 months ago
Marc Prill
4 months ago
UK Theatre Web
5 months ago
Marc Prill
5 months ago
Marc Prill
5 months ago
Marc Prill
5 months ago
Marc Prill
5 months ago
Marc Prill
5 months ago

Great to see #Morecambe (partnered with Silverdale) featured in the Guardian this weekend - mentions #EdenProjectNorth which is going to see a major shift in the town's reputation.... we locals already cherish the town (with all its unevenness), perhaps give it a visit - the views across Morecambe By are worth savouring.

UK Theatre Web
5 months ago
Justin Farrimond
6 months ago

Dame Thora

What goes on within I've no idea. My eye was caught by the wonderful Dame Thora Hird mosaic by the open door.

#PhotoOfTheDay #DameThora #ThoraHird #Morecambe #MonochromePhotography #BlackAndWhite #PhotographyLovers

Black and white photograph showing a large opening to a building that appears to be having work carried out.  Within can be seen lumber, ladders, and doors.  By the open door is a large tiled mosaic showing the British actress Thora Hird.

Meanwhile in #morecambe:

Hot on the heels of #levelingup money for #EdenProjectNorth, the long awaited refurbishment of the town's magisterial Winter Gardens has just been given a boost with a £2.8m grant from the Cultural Investment Fund...

Its almost as if the #Tories have realised that there next-to-useless placeman, local MP David Morris will not hang onto his seat if his (fanciful) claims to be supporting Morecambe are not made real (this time).

UK Theatre Web
6 months ago
7 months ago

I know promoting longform writing on social media is a fools errand, but still, here is a piece I wrote about theme parks, UK trains, Westerns made in Scotland, the time British Rail built a rollercoaster, and Blobby Land.

Ultimately it is about the difference between spending money on a community and spending money in front of them.

#writing #essay #themeparks #morecambe #westerns

7 months ago

#Morecambe getting ready for the #Lights Festival.

Watch the Marine Road car park on the link below.

8 months ago

Radio is playing Grieg's piano concerto in A minor but of course all I can hear is...
#Music #Grieg #Morecambe&Eise #AndrePrevin #MrPreview

Morecambe & Wise at the piano whilst an exasperated Andre Preview looks on, his head in his hands.

Welcome my very good friend @siobhancollingwood to Mastodon.

She's a wonderful advocate for #trauma informed #education, does amazing work in #schools drawing on her long experience as a Headteacher in #Morecambe (now retired) & works with the Violence Reduction Network to help children from families with a history of violence escape the cycle, while is also active in the #teachers #union
She's new to this space, but please follow her as she is a voice worth listening to!


Kirsty Darbyshire
8 months ago

#Morecambe I’m always happy to be beside the seaside, but suspect this place isn’t at its best on a drizzly Saturday afternoon in January. Some nice bits of public art though. Just needed to stay away from the apocalyptic amusements and crappy cafes.

Metal seabirds on a real rock.
Boats at the seaside on a grey day.
Pavement art: 

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Pavement art:

One swallow does not make a spring.

Further to my post about Ian Hughes, the originator of the idea of #EdenProjectNorth here is a Lancaster Guardian (updated) profile from yesterday... Without Ian; no Eden in #Morecambe - what a star!

Over the next few days there are going to be a lot of people claiming they played a pivotal role in #EdenProjectNorth coming to #Morecambe, so I want to record that none of this would have happened without one man: Ian Hughes.

Ian developed over a decade ago (on his own time) a comprehensive feasibility study for bringing Eden to Morecambe... he was generally ignored as a fantasist, until we (at the University) worked with him to engage Eden and get the project under way.

We should salute Ian!

David Thomas Jackson
8 months ago

An announcement confirming the £50m government cash injection needed to make Morecambe’s #EdenProjectNorth a reality was made at 10.30pm yesterday, Wednesday.

The news means work can now begin on the £125m development on #Morecambe promenade.

As I expected (last night) #EdenProjectNorth in #Morecambe has (finally) secure the £50m it needs to break ground (for the Govt.'s #LevellingUpFund.

its so great to see this amazing project clear the final hurdle to get building!

For locals this is the final vindication for Ian Hughes' vision & if David Morris tries to take any credit for this ignore him... he had noting material to do with the success of this project whatsoever!

Fingers-crossed... a source has whispered in my ear that we may be about to hear the #EdenNorth's funding, for #Morecambe has been confirmed.... hopefully will be able to celebrate this great news (if it is actually finally coming through) before the end of the week!

Went for a gentle ride to see the sea today

#cycling #Morecambe

A mountain bike leaning against railings. Morecambe Bay and Cumbria in the background
Juggling With Eggs
9 months ago

This story caught my eye as I’m currently reading the excellent Stewkey Blues by DJ Taylor (collection of short stories set in #Norfolk )

#Ghost stories are often reminders of the horrors that our ancestors had to live (and die) in. It’s impossible however, to read this and not be reminded of the more recent tragedy of #Morecambe Bay. The spectre of coastal poverty is sadly real.

The view of the UK from the other side of the Atlantic, courtesy of NBC... featuring #Morecambe, whose MP has in the past denied #poverty is in an issue in his constituency;
sometimes it takes strangers to tell you the truth David Morris MP

(this is not an east read, but I'm sure the stories could be repeated across the country!)

Ian Cylkowski Photography
1 year ago

A mix of the old and new.

Over the weekend, Lisabet and I enjoyed a walk from Morecambe to Heysham, in particular to see the “Ship” sculpture.

It was a beautiful day, full of history and art.

Loads more photos from this day are available for you right here 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #summer #lancashire #photography #photo #photographie #morecambe #heysham #uk #britain #england

Ian Cylkowski Photography
2 years ago

We felt the coast calling us. So we went to Morecambe!

Light and weather were gorgeous. I’ve got loads more photos, plus a bit history, on my blog if you’re interested -> 👍

#landscape #nature #architecture #history #photography #photo #photographie #lancashire #morecambe #uk #britain #england #winter

More than a 100 #naturists are to step out over the treacherous sands of Morecambe Bay this summer in the first naked walk across the estuary.

#British #Naturism members will be disrobing for the trek in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

Naked walk across #Morecambe Bay to raise charity funds - #BBC News

#nudism #fundraising