10 hours ago
Yellow-green moss and pale mint green lichen. Dharug and Gundungurra country.
10 hours ago

This bit of wall is pretty adorable, with tiny ferns, moss and lichen #Mosstodon #phonetography

Brick wall, triangular brick 'teeth' on top. On it grows lichen, moss and very small ferns.

Thought I’d do a slightly more unusual example for #mosstodon today.

A black sign covered in moss. The sign says this is a private road owned by the UK Atomic Energy Authority
11 hours ago

Sunday walk in the forest.
#nature #forest #trees #mosstodon

View down a forest path framed by leafed trees in the shadow. The path opens up onto a field with green grass and small trees against a blue sky.
A small clearing in the forest a tree in the center, the sun lights up the floor and tree leafs.
View up a mighty oak tree with rough bark. The tree canopy glows green against the sunny sky.
A dead tree branch covered in moss. The background hardwood forest with thick old growth oaks lit by the sun.
Outi Leskinen
14 hours ago


apea, masentunut ja masentava päivä.
tein sitt 2 minuutin luontoretken parvekkeelle. sammalia on joissakin kukkaruukuissakin.

naapurilla on *tuulikello*. eikö he tajua ett sitä pahuksen kilinää joutuu kuuntelemaan muut kuin he itse? lintujen laulua on huomattavasti vähemmän kuin muutama viikko sitten. mutt joku rastas vielä harvakseltaan pikkaisen sirkuttaa. liikenteen ja kaikenlaisten kaupungin moottorisoitujen äänten kohina kuuluu kovin vahvana. hieman tuulenkin ääni pihan puussa.

lähikuva pienestä sammaltupsusta, parvekkeen lattiasta ja likaisesta kaiteesta jonka läpi näkyy kaupungin rakennuksia ja sininen taivas ja muutama pilvenhattara.
Vendy Art
15 hours ago

I can finally add something to mosstodon. Pics were taken in Brdy Czech Republic its wonderful place
#mosstodon #moss #nature #naturephotography #SilentSunday

Photo of creek with ferns moss and clear water
Pics of forest with pond everything is drenched with moss
Pet Rock
16 hours ago

It's strange how, from a certain angle, a moss-covered tree may look like a troll. #Mosstodon

A mossy young-growth forest, with sunlight filtering down to the undergrowth. A peculiar tree looks very troll-like indeed
かわ kawa
17 hours ago

#一日一苔 #mosstodon
育てている #フルノコゴケ が、蒴をひらいて胞子を飛ばし始めた😉


#コケ # #こけ #liverwort #bryophyte #bryophytes


@gjquartermaine Hi. I know this sounds weird, but maybe this is the place to post more broadly, and then to enjoy interactions that follow. For example, you might post about some lovely moss you found and use the #Mosstodon hashtag. As that conversation develops, people learn you have books and videos and then make decisions about investigating them further. This is true for cars, robots, science-fiction, and every other conceivable topic. I hope you find the connections you're looking for.

Le Gnou
21 hours ago
Vue sur le tronc d'un arbre.
L'écorce est rugueuse, on voit deux "bandes" de mousse.
Andrew Briscoe
1 day ago

Made it back home so here’s some bonus photos and a trail report for those in the area. Within the last two weeks the Larch Mountain trail has been completely cleared of downed trees. The trail hasn’t been this well maintained since 2019. Snow at 4000 feet has mostly melted. Only one tiny patch on the entire trail. Hoping that Wahtum Lake will be clear in two weeks but it’s apparently still super snowy.

#PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Mosstodon

Multnomah Falls. Two-tier waterfall with a bridge over the lower tier. Moss covers the rocky slopes on both sides of the falls. Bushes in the lower section of the photo partially covering the pool of water underneath the falls.
Trail through a forest in the cascade mountain range. Tall trees and shrubs line both sides of the trail.
A selfie of me with green forest behind me and Mount Hood on the right side of my head.
2 days ago
Brian Repko
2 days ago

Taken in North Wales #Mosstodon

Mossy landscape - trees, ground, and rocks
かわ kawa
2 days ago

#一日一苔 #mosstodon
(#Dicranodontium denudatum)

#コケ # #こけ #moss

2 days ago

Bei den Temperaturen braucht es (zumindest im Kopf) eine klare Abkühlung. Was gibt es da besseres, als sich in der Natur zu erholen ☺️ 😍
#fotografie #natur #landschaft #schwarzwald #wasserfall #bach #stimmung #mutternatur
#photography #nature #landscape #forest #woodland #waterfall #longexposure #postprocessing #creek #dreamy #moody #mothernature #mosstodon
#art #fineart #mastoart #fediart
#mastodon #pixelfed #fediverse

Eine Kaskadenfolge eines kleinen Bachwasserfalls, umgeben von vielen bemoosten Steinen
Derek Wessman
2 days ago

台風一過 is the perfect moment to get to the mountains. the unsung moss of Takao and TMH is happy with all the rain. water aplenty everywhere


2 days ago

ĉe la sanktejo Futa'arajama #mosstodon

3 days ago

For the voice inside the head that said, long time no #mosstodon

Wide shot picture of forest with trees in front and big rocks in back and both trees and rocks are coated with moss
Art Hunter
3 days ago

For Fungi Friday I have what I think is Scaly Ink Cap, Coprinopsis variegata. It's a new one for me!

#FungiFriday #Mushrooms #mosstodon #Fungi

A mushroom with a flattened bell-shaped cap, black around the bottom edge, and several smaller, immature oval-shaped examples growing from a moss-covered log.
Petra van Cronenburg
3 days ago

@sharoz @debivort @NicoleCRust there are hashtag lists for topics. And every instance has trending hashtags! If you are f.e. on an instance with climate scientists, you find mostly hashtag trends about climate. Or you can try the nerdy ones like #mosstodon to teach bryology to fans.😉

かわ kawa
3 days ago

#一日一苔 #mosstodon

地衣類はトゲシバリ、コケは #カモジゴケ の仲間かな?

#地衣類 #lichen #LichenSubscribe
#コケ # #こけ #moss

3 days ago

Alpen-Brunnenlebermoos im Blumentopf eines Feigenbaums.


Im Blumentopf eines noch jungen Feigenbaums hat sich ein Alpen-Brunnenlebermoos angesiedelt. Es besteht aus rundlichen, fleischigen „Blättern“, die bis dreieinhalb Zentimeter groß werden können und in ihrer Form an Leberlappen erinnern.
3 days ago

Couldn't upload any pictures yesterday.
Now I have loads of pictures because I showed my son around.
Let's start with some
#mosstodon pictures of my fairy forest in bright sunshine 🌞 😉

#Moss #Ireland #Beara #forest #green #sunnyDay

A forest, the ground covered with moss. Sunn is shining through the trees. Rocks on the ground, the roots and most of the stems are also covered with moss
A broken tree laying on the ground showing many roots, everything is covered with moss. The forest is pure green
Cole Peters
4 days ago

Wreck Beach, Vancouver

#mosstodon #森林浴 #わびさび

4 days ago

Does something like #mosstodon exist for #fungi? I have never seen a #mushroom grow on a tree like that! That looks completely bonkers! 😳 🍄

A grayish brown tree trunk in a forrest, at about 2m height grows a massive yellowish brown mushroom out of the tree trunk, complete with a stem and a cap
this image shows the same shroom on a tree, just in a closer caption
4 days ago
Swirls and partial swirls of moss or lichen on a centuries-old gravestone in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Reminiscent of an embroidery pattern of yellow, white and grey on a black background.
4 days ago

A small ecosystem in the woods with an island of moss.
These vernal pools are home to amphibians and mosquitos.

#mosstodon #moss #nature

A large clump of moss in the centre of a  shallow body of water. The moss is mirrored in the clear water, looking round  like a ball.
4 days ago

Given just a simple text based boost from @doot Is not enough to slashdoot my instance, it was suggested that a photo might work better. Looking through my photos, I find no moss for #mosstodon, But I did find some lovely Lichen I took in the North of Finland. Perfect for #LichenSubscribe

Please enjoy my Lichen.

Reindeer Lichen aka Cladonia rangiferina, photographed on a log north of the Arctic circle somewhere near Muonio Finland.

White and grey fronds, taken with a macros lens. A fractal pattern fills the field of view, except for a little bit of Bokeh in the top left. A symphony of greyscale. 

I don't know who reads my alt text, and I don't know if I'm doing it right, but hello to those who made it this far. Thank you for reading my text.
Cole Peters
4 days ago
4 days ago

A combination #WaterfallWednesday and #mosstodon

Fall Creek Falls in the background. From a hike this spring

Olympus OM1/12-100 f4

#hiking #tennessee #chattanooga #outdoors #naturephotography #moss #photography #waterfall #microfourthirds #olympus

A green moss covered rock in the foreground with a out of focus waterfall in the background
Nonya Bidniss
5 days ago

From Nature briefing:
"Moss-loving biologists did a ‘bioblitz’ to catalogue the incredible diversity of bryophytes in the lush Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. This beautifully photographed feature includes plenty of loving portraits of the non-vascular land plants and their rainforest bedfellows."

Uh...sea pork? Really?
Cannabinoid-producing liverworts?
#mosstodon #lichensubscribe

5 days ago

quite fond of moss on sunny logs #Mosstodon

Greenish-yellow moss on a fallen log in the sunlight.
6 days ago

strange hairy log #photography #Mosstodon

A fallen log with hairy, brown-green-red moss growing on it, against a background of stagnant blue water.
かわ kawa
6 days ago

#一日一苔 #mosstodon
ベランダで育てている #ネジクチゴケ(たぶん)の、ねじれた蒴歯
(#Barbula unguiculata? )

雰囲気だけでも伝わるかしら? とりあえず投稿してみます。。

#コケ # #こけ #moss

Ingolf Kühn
6 days ago

A colleagues of mine created a collection of unique cutout images with precise high quality assets (by combing several hundred images into a high resolution image to magnify across the full "depth of field").

Please visit him

#biodiversity #flowers #photography #mosstodon

A set of cut-out images of Allium ursinum, Bellis perennis, Tortella tortuosa, Pseudovernia furfuraceae, Wisteria floribunda and a herbarium specimen of Convallaria majalis
6 days ago

Moos. Stein. Berg. - Moss. Stone. Mountain.

#Mosstodon #Moose #Natur #nature #Naturephotography

Nahaufnahme von Moosen auf einem Stein. Der Fokus liegt auf dem Moos. Im Hintergrund sind unscharf die Berge zu erkennen. 

Close-up of moss on a stone. The focus is on the moss. In the background the mountains can be seen out of focus.
Tim Kellogg
6 days ago

Honestly, this place is incredible. It’s practically unknown, yet rivals the coolest shit I saw in WA, OR and CA #mosstodon #SilentSunday #NorthCarolina

Pond water with a thick layer of beautiful green algae that contrasts with the blue sky. Water gum tree islands sprouting from the pond
Pond water with a thick layer of beautiful green algae that contrasts with the blue sky. Cypress tree islands sprouting from the pond with thick Spanish moss hanging from the branches
Turtles on a log
かわ kawa
1 week ago
Alx 🐈
1 week ago

Is #Mosstodon still a thing? Here a little contribution from South Devon 😊

Found along our way to #Dartmoor

With @inqbiol
#Moss #Nature #NaturePhotography #Walking

Rock and trees covered with green moss and ivy
Rock and trees covered with green moss and ivy
Rock and trees covered with green moss
Anne Jefferson
1 week ago

Hiking with a toddler means time to practice my plant ID with the Seek app and enjoy little beauties like the diversity growing around this stump. #hiking #FamilyHikes #Vermont #FernDiverse #LichenSubscribe #Mosstodon

Ferns moss and lichens growing at the base of a broken stump surrounded by a trail of bare ground
Jonathan T
1 week ago

It's a long overdue #FollowFriday from me, this time with a photographer theme:

@Rachelburch - photos of one of my favourite places in England, Dartmoor. Amongst many other things, Rachel's photos are great for #Mosstodon enthusiasts

@johnmaher - beautifully bleak photos of the Outer Hebrides and little snippets of British music history from the former drummer of the Buzzcocks

@AbandonedAmerica - speaking of bleak these are just chef's kiss good

Tim Bray
1 week ago

Forest floor, 2023/05/20.

#mosstodon #photography

On a moss-covered forest floor scattered with a few fallen sticks, five small plants, each with five richly-green pointed-oval leaves and one or two tiny white star-shaped flowers.
2 weeks ago

You're seeing this, too, aren't you? --- Ihr seht das auch, oder?
#pareidolia #MoosMittwoch #Mosstodon #infrared #infrarot

Moss on a tree stump looking like a skull
Even more creepy in infrared
It's smiling, though
Jake Rayson
2 weeks ago
Mossy tree trunk surrounded by verdant ferns

More moss-covered granite from the woods adjacent to Diana's Baths. #NewHampshire #photos #mosstodon

2 weeks ago

Mosses cover a China-size area of the globe and have a significant impact on ecosystems and climate change, according to a new study.

Soil mosses can potentially add 6.43 billion metric tons of carbon to the soil globally, an amount equivalent to the annual emissions of 2.68 billion cars.

By LizKimbrough

#News #Mosstodon #Conservation #Environment #ClimateChange #Carbon #Nature

2 weeks ago

#moss #mosstodon #carbon #CarbonStorage #ClimateChange #ecology

'... mosses sequester around 6.43 billion metric tons more carbon in the soil than is stored in the bare patches of soil without any plants typically found nearby them in global semi-arid areas. To put it into perspective, this is six times the annual global carbon emissions caused by changes in land use (e.g., deforestation, urbanization, mining, etc.) worldwide.'

2 weeks ago

Here are some small tufts of broom moss and some lichen palms waving hello from a lilac limb. #Moss #mosstodon #lichensubscribe #lichen

Close-up image of Parmeliaceae lichen and some broom moss in the lower left of the image, with the substrate limb of silver-brown lilac growing upward and to the right. Off-camera: me crying at the fading of the lilac blooms, to whose sweet faces and fragrance I look forward every spring.