SinclairLewis [Minnesota]
16 hours ago

Today’s VentTalk™️ is a quote from my soon to be ex…he looks at the huge list of jobs needed to get the house ready for sale and says: “Wow, the first three things have been on my list since we moved in 13 years ago.”

#moving #VentTalk

Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

Having a desk again means Jesus is back in his rightful place.

Few celestial beings are more supportive than Buddy Christ.

#Jesus #Christianity #Moving #RealEstate #Housing

Search Climate Toots
2 days ago

Should I also move to ClimateJustice.Social???

Does it matter?

What if the carbon lobby manages to take down that server??? Will there be a hole in Mastodon's climate information?

#climaecrisis #mastodon #moving


Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

Y'all, another plus.

The couch is now adjacent to my desk, which means there's pretty much always going to be...

<dramatic pause>


#Moving #RealEstate #Housing #Home #Dogs #Cute #CuteAnimals

Shows a view of a sofa from the side, upon which two dogs are napping. One is a blonde yorkie, the other a brown and black aussie, and both are on pillows and multicolored blankets.
Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

It's so odd how having my new desk put together and having my living room set up the way I wanted makes the new place feel like home.

Camping out on my dining room table wasn't bad.

But it wasn't home.

#Moving #Housing #RealEstate

2 days ago

Now this is a bumper #Paramount! What a lovely recap. #CaptLiamShaw running through some of the best hits on #sttng! I can’t wait for Sir Patrick’s New Book! #tiktok #funny #moving

We definitely didn’t pack this many boxes… they propagated while in the U-Haul, 100%.

One… Eternity… Later… ⏰

So. Many. Boxes. #moving

#UHaul's website is a #PWA! Guess I'm a dedicated customer for life now!

I'm a simple person; your website asks to be installed, I install it.

#webDev #progressiveWebApps #moving #rental #truck #trailer

In the process of preparing to move, when I pack some of what's in one place, I tend to leave a small amount of mess somewhere else. Right now my basement storage is mostly clean, but I have piles of mess in the living room, family room, and computer room.

I need to shift my focus from the storage to the family room, since that's where I store most of the finished boxes.

#relocation #packing #moving #movingboxes

5 days ago

Dtr wanted company at the stylist's while she gets her Grace Kelly updo for graduation. So, for the first time in the midst of days of moving-POD-loading, i am sitting here listening to music with nothing I can do. It's glorious.

#moving #relaxing

Verđandi K Soldusty
5 days ago

🆘 , Neurodifferent Me!

"Your application is pending review by our staff. This may take some time. You will receive an e-mail if your application is approved."

It's three days!


(how long is "some time"?)

The instance I'm on is shutting down in just over 2 weeks

#SOS #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #Moving #Migration #Home #Help #MastodonMigration #NewInstance #Stress #Lonely #Invisible

Flash Mob Of One
6 days ago

The recurring them of my move this week has been: "I'm really glad my building doesn't have a membership committee."

I've overheard multiple neighbors on the elevator talking about their vacation homes. One of my neighbors talked to me about touring the place I bought with the intention of breaking down the wall and expanding.

I am kinda sorta a peasant here, haha. With that said, the building kicks ass and I'm so glad I was able to get a condo here.

#Moving #Housing #RealEstate

Big Wags Chicago
1 week ago

A glimpse into your friendly neighborhood #pet pro's life. I'm #moving, so my life is slowly being put into boxes. Back to #dog content soon, I promise.

#DogsOfMastodon #PetPro #Queer #MovingSucks

A bunch of boxes stacked up against a wall.
A bunch of boxes against a wall. There's also a terrier in the lower right corner.

Of COURSE we get the Florida U-Haul truck for our move… 😆😆😆

I’m cackling. 😂

We got the truck.
We got the auto transport.
We move tomorrow.

Be ready for travel photos through the Rockies and beyond over the next 4 days!! #moving #travel #Canada #BC #AB

Pictured in a U-Haul truck (left) towing an auto transport trailer (right). Another truck and trailers are pictured in the background . The sky is beautiful, blue with streaks of white clouds mostly in the top left of the frame.
Flash Mob Of One
2 weeks ago

Made a point to enjoy my first sunset in the new place in the rooftop lounge.

The scenery didn't disappoint.

#Moving #RealEstate #Housing #Landscape #sun

View of a beautiful sunset from a rooftop in Kansas City.
A panoramic view of a sunset from a rooftop in Kansas City.
Flash Mob Of One
2 weeks ago

Last night in the apartment. We're camping out, meaning I'm in a shitty sleeping bag and the empress has a huge couch cushion and four blankets.

#Cute #Dogs #Moving #realestate #Housing

A cute blonde Yorkie dog on a burgundy couch cushion with four blankets of various patterns and colors.

I have drastically underestimated what it takes to move if you’re #disabled.

I’m mid 30’s and moved well over a dozen times in my adult life … and this just feels so different.


We’re fine, it’s just been in progress all month but I still feel so …. not ready … and the movers pack the truck on Saturday. #moving

2 weeks ago

Goodbye Texas. I will not miss you. #moving

I wrote a little something about importing weird stuff like swords into Portugal from the US:

#Portugal #Moving #Expat

3 weeks ago

Trip down memory lane continues. The bookshelf was also keeping memories of my time as a raid leader.

Always have a good plan and strategy. Well planned is half done.

#gaming #raiding #NeuroDifferent #moving #memories

A few pages of my old raid notes from World of Warcraft. Printed pages with handwritten notes on them about the positioning of each raid member and pressure points I have seen relevant to emphasise.
3 weeks ago

We have moved on to the old #gaming treasures.


A set of old games. Diablo 2 and Diablo expansion set, two copies of World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade, old Lemmings floppy disc from 1991 and the original Wolfenstein 3D floppy disc.
3 weeks ago

Doing the moving thing after spending 9 years in one place. Decided to start with the bookshelf and by going over my old cds.

Oh boy what a trip down memory lane sorting these is. Feels a bit sad that I haven't even had a cd player in use in years.

Trying to let go of the ones that aren't so dear to me, many of the ones in this pic will have to stay though.

Then there's the books and the old lps to go over next. So many memories, many decades of life lived.
#life #music #moving

A selection of my old cds on a table. Everything from Janis Joplin to Joe Satriani, from Opeth to Prodigy. Genres from classical to melodic death metal.
Lisa Hamilton
3 weeks ago

Ok there is absolutely no work for me within a reasonable driving distance from here and I have 1 month's money left so it is now critical I move

Is there anywhere in the US not under siege by Trumpists?

Or what country would be best for an older single female to be welcomed into a community?

The top thing I care about, after finding work that can pay for housing and food, is not being so isolated and lonely

Please boost. This is serious.
#moving #jobs #community #loneliness #travel #joinin

Talyaa 🦋
3 weeks ago

I’m in Mexico now and this is my view. It’s been a very stressful month, especially on the cats who had no clue what was coming. I’m grateful to be here, though! It’s a beautiful city and I’ll get to know it in time. Don’t know a soul here yet, though.
#mexico #cats #moving #stress

Panoramic view of a small city in Mexico with red tiled roofs and colorful walls. Mountains in the background.
Tom Rodebaugh
3 weeks ago

My wife got her dream job, and I'm the spousal hire! I will join the clinical psychology program at UNC Chapel Hill in the fall (and my rockstar wife, Tess Thompson, will join the School of Social Work there).

Washington University has been a wonderful place to be! I expect UNC will be also.

#AcademicChatter #Moving #SpousalHire #WUSTL #UNCChapelHill

Tom Rodebaugh and Tess Thompson pose for a selfie in Carolina blue t-shirts reading CAROLINA, smiling at the camera.
Daniela Kubesch
3 weeks ago

#Moving to another country within the EU is more challenging than expected. Somebody just declined us a flat because we don’t have payrolls and a work contract from a company within that country (yet).

It doesn’t matter that we are financially stable. It doesn’t matter that my partner has a job in the country we currently live in. It doesn’t matter that I’ll get a job in that country as soon as I finish my degree.

Very frustrating. 😔

It really makes me feel special when the rental office at my new apartment sends an email saying "we hope you are enjoying your new apartment" **before** I've actually moved in.

It really feels like they've put the human touch in their work.

#email #apartment #moving #rental #robots #special

Matthew Graybosch
3 weeks ago

#Moving accounts

I'm not leaving the #Fediverse; I've just decided to stop using #Mastodon in favor of #friendica.

My new account is

I've already imported everybody I follow, but transferring people who follow me doesn't seem to work between Mastodon and Friendica.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

a stylized dolphin leaping over a Douglas Adams quote: "So long and thanks for all the fish."
Meeple Mountain
4 weeks ago

Today we unload the U-HAUL in our review of Stack'n Stuff, from Uwe Rosenberg and Lookout Games.

#BoardGames #2PlayerGame #Patchwork #UweRosenberg #Packing #Moving #Boxes

Meeple Mountain Stack'n Stuff review header
4 weeks ago

I think the ending of the Doctor's story in this VOY on #allstartrek is very #moving. The problem even a computer can't solve 😔 (Only complaint: it makes the eddy story seem #pointless, just something 2 fill the time while telling the Doctor's story)

1 month ago

Leaving the parental home: Across the world, it's more than a symbol of modernity & individuality #GrowingPains #moving @Gobserver_nu @oishikahota @khalili_sabira

Jesse Saenz
1 month ago

#moving house is empty and car is shipped. Just counting down days now.

So excited to announce my wife and are are moving to Halifax next month. So excited to join the east coast community. #halifax #june #moving

1 month ago

The masses have spoken! One suitcase down, two more to go. Just gotta line some drawers so I can put away my clothes.


1 month ago

Last night a van arrived and we've spent an hour in the dark, lugging our lifetime belongings off the boat and sending them onto a 3500km journey across Europe. Hope they get there safely!

The boat now floats so high it's kinda difficult to step on the bow ladder! 😆

A few days to relax (living squeezed between boxes wasn't very fun), clean one last time and if all goes well, we're off to new adventures in a week.

Mixed feelings, tending to positive.

#Moving #CruisingLife #Landlubbering

Inside of a large van. Our stuff is stuck against the back of the driver cab, occupying maybe a third of the cargo area. A few bags of someone else's stuff and some empty space remain. The van has nice bright LED ceiling lights, which made loading in the night easy.

Our stuff consists of a random mix of plastic crates, cardboard boxes, bags of every size and shape and even two old sailbags stuffed with clothes and blankets.
1 month ago

I have to say, moving long distance as an established adult with a family is one of the more difficult things I've done

#moving #change

1 month ago

I've been scrolling social media for hours cuz I'm not sure what to focus on.
#procrasination #adhd #writing #amwriting #moving #meh #weekend #writingcommity

Help me decide what to work on...

✅Choice 1: unpack the suitcases in the corner of my room that have been waiting accusingly for 2 weeks (don't judge me).

✅Choice 2: #Write, prolly a new story idea I got in the last few days bc 🧠 is like that but also I accidentally shipped my manuscript via surface mail (don't judge me).

Antonio Páez
1 month ago

#moving #home

Home is where the wifi is.

1 month ago

These vacuum bags seemed like a good idea for saving space on board, but almost all of them have failed. Had to resort to duct tape bondage to keep this one restrained.

#Moving #CruisingLife #VacuumBag

Gif animation, showing the theory of a vacuum bag. You put in airy items, such as clothing or especially bedding/pillows, then remove the air with a vacuum cleaner or hand pump and keep it out with a valve. The item is now shrunken to 20-30% of original volume.
Photo, showing vacuum bag use in real life. The bag has successfully been vacuumed and the two pillows within have shrunken down to the size of a towel. A web of duct tape around the failed bag holds it in compression so the air leaking back in cannot expand the contents too much.

Some smartass wrote "" on the tape. The whole thing rests on a distracting duvet cover with penguins.
1 month ago

Lots more apartment rejections today because of accessibility issues. This is not going well and I am really starting to stress. I hate #moving it's the devil I swear.

It seems that bingeing Morrissey on Ewe Tuba while packing keeps things going.

1 month ago

Still packing up the boat! So far we've reached 3.2 m³ and counting. Can't say there isn't lots of stowage space aboard! :)

Here's my trusty general boat tool bag, weighing in at a sporty 17kg. It withstood the #CruisingLife well and didn't mind being lugged to fix other boats occasionally, although for the most part I just stuffed what I needed into a backpack instead.

#Tools #Moving #Bag #TheBoatyard

A large Magma brand fabric tool bag with two zipped side compartments, a top access one between, a few pockets on the outside and strong carrying handles and shoulder strap.
1 month ago

I have got the first box packed for our move to the cabin. It's books. It's a box of books. Of course the most important thing on my list.

I am allowing myself one box of books which I am hoping will carry me through October with the addition of my Kindle, Scribd app, and the Serial Reader app. Of course, I will always be able to pick up more books from the house when we visit.


#books #moving #reading

Sandra Winters
1 month ago

#Postdoc/#PhD application now live!

Come join us in the #EEILab lab to study how #avian #predators interact with #moving #prey!

(Please submit applications through the University of Helsinki Recruitment System in the link below. Deadline 24 May.)

1 month ago

Packing all weekend for a cross-country move:

"Whew, almost done with this room. Just need to go through that cabinet, my desk drawers, and what's on those shelves."

<A few hours later.>

"Alright. I'm done with this room. Wait... crap... I always forget about the drawers under the built-in."

<Many hours later>

"I'm done, right? This room is done? Everything is packed?"

<Opens closet. Dies.>

Only a mild exaggeration. Packing always takes longer than I expect.

#moving #stuff #TooMuchStuff

1 month ago

Just realized I packed Draft 1 of my #WIP (I print out manuscripts to edit cuz I'm old, I dunno...) with my books. And the book box got sent via surface mail. Sooooo...I'll be seeing that draft in 3-5 months. 🫢

#amwriting #writing #moving

1 month ago

Still packing up the boat. Turns out we've been a cargo ship all along. It's astonishing how much stuff we managed to cram into our little 40 footer.

Hope it all fits in the van and the rear axle doesn't snap in half the moment it leaves the marina.

Self-sufficiency means hauling around half a chandlery, a workshop, rigger, sewing studio, plumbing warehouse and tons of random supplies and materials. In addition to clothing, food, cookware and electronics.

#Moving #CruisingLife #Landlubbering

Yes, she is coming with

Jon Bowie
1 month ago
A herd of buck and doe prairie antelope standing on top of a hill in SW Saskatchewan
Poetry News
2 months ago

From New York to Arizona I flew
Where house prices were much more on cue
The wages were higher
So I decided to acquire
A house to call my own, so true

#newyork #arizona #moving #homeownership #limerick #poetry

So it begins!

The boat was nice and tidy for a few weeks while we had buyers (and a surveyor) looking. Now chaos erupts one last time for us as we clear out all the lockers.

Most of the boat stuff stays, but the rest gets packed up in various containers, which need to be stacked up somewhere, so have to work our way backwards - clear out an area, then stack packed boxes back into it.

#Moving #CruisingLife

Salon of a sailboat. One under-seat locker is open and emptied out. The cushions and stacked on the other half of the couch.
Ingrid Murray (she/her)
2 months ago

It was hard, but we did it.

After months of prepwork and paperwork, a solid week of packing and cleaning and purging and sleepless nights, and a rough 15 hours of travel, my cats and I are finally settling in at our new home in Germany. ❤️🇩🇪


Sandra Winters
2 months ago

Interested in #SensoryEcology, #colsci, and #moving #prey? We're recruiting a PhD student or postdoc in the #Ecology and #Evolution of #Interactions lab! More details and application instructions to come soon.

2 months ago

My son and I are completely moved out of the house we shared with my husband. We are hard at work unpacking boxes and figuring out where to put everything.

I have started making a list of things we need to complete the organization and made a couple of Target runs already. One thing I can't find anywhere is the bag of remote controls. I ended up buying a new universal remote, but I still need to find the remote to work the HDMI switcher.

The closing on the house is later today. It will feel good to have that step completed. Once we get the money from the house squared away, I will file for divorce.

#divorce #moving

Pile of boxes and bins lined up against a wall.
Pile of boxes with a cat tree in the foreground of the picture.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
2 months ago

This month my wife, our #cats, and I have been #moving from a small #apartment to a #house twice the size. It has been 7 years since I last moved. I feel so out of it. I feel a little #overwhelmed. Is it normal for someone's #brain to not be fully functional during this period?

A kitchen with a stack of boxes on the right reaching three-fourths of the way to the ceiling. An island with a sink sits in the middle. Part of the island’s counter that reaches over the floor, so that one day it might be a serving location for people sitting on stools. Some more boxes are stacked under this island counter. More boxes are in the foreground. In the background is seen a refrigerator in the middle and an oven on the left.  A door to the pantry exists between the refrigerator and the oven. One can see a door to the far right down the hall, beyond the boxes to the right.

So they're giving me this generous relocation stipend, but I still feel incredibly guilty over how much random crap I own.

My mom and I have been trying to pare down as much as possible (I took 5 garbage bags' worth to Goodwill b/c I couldn't wait for a Vietnam Vets pickup and HAD to declutter), and at this point I'm tossing the rest indiscriminately into boxes, and doing lots more decluttering once I officially move to Seattle.

#moving #MovingSucks

3 months ago

Oklahoma looks to be the 'next Texas' with new population growth

Read about it here:

#oklahoma #texas #moving

The sign at the Texas-Oklahoma border located in the panhandle of both states north of Amarillo.
Zate 🦘🇦🇺
3 months ago

Wow, wish I had known about HSBC Premier ( before moving. Would have made my fights with Wells Fargo and opening an account in Australia significantly simpler.

Tip, if you are planning a move abroad in the next 6 months or so, should look at HSBC Premier.

#australia #relocation #moving

Not a #RHCP fan, but Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now is the perfect moving/packing motivational anthem.

Also, apparently it’s actually about “altruistic behavior and the value of selflessness,” and not a double-entendre! (For once.)

#RedHotChiliPeppers #GiveItAway #moving #MovingHell #SongLyrics #90sMusic

Screenshot from a song lyrics page of the latter part of the song that just says, “Give it away now” and “Give it away” on repeat.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Having been relocated, Malala and Marjon are engaged in deep discussions about our decision to move from a tiny apartment to a house that is twice as big.

#Caturday #GreyCats #BlackCat #GreyCats #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #GreyCatsOfMastodon #Moving #Relocating #Catsodon #catsOfFediverse #CatsOfMasodon

A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat has turned to look at the black cat.
A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat is looking forward. The black cat has narrowed his gaze.
A black cat is inside a carpeted closet. A grey cat is approaching from a room with a hardwood floor.
A grey cat examines a shower stalky while a black cat is standing looking out the entrance to the bathroom.

Hey again, everyone!

Thank you so much for your support so far! I'm at 50% of my goal of $100, so I'm asking once more for just a little bit more #help with some moving prep. Specifically, the biggest expense is stocking up on psych #meds for the out-of-state move, giving me more wiggle room as I get established with another provider on Iowa.

Love you all, and thank you so much! 💙💙💙

#mutualaid #grateful #broke #moving #trans

3 months ago

Sell me on a good place to move to!

* Safe Blue state in the U.S.
* House for ~300K
* Good schools
* Small to medium city, but with good amenities
* Outdoor activities (hiking, biking. skiing a plus)
* Good air quality
* High quality broadband internet
* Low drought and climate risk
* Fun vibe
* Not insane crime

#moving #samegrassbutgreener #AdviceNeeded

I'm moving on March 6 from Colorado to Iowa! I'm very excited!

Unfortunately, I'm still super #broke in Denver, and there's still a few things I have to take care of before I go, and my unemployment has expired.

I could really use some #help right now, all. Your #donation will help me get boxes, refills for my meds, and other necessities prior to my move to Iowa. Any and all help is highly appreciated.

Thank you! 💙

#mutualaid #moving #trans

Maia KB Chowdhury
3 months ago

It’s time for a three good things update!

1. My novel is available, and all the website links are updated! Only the Barnes & Noble and Amazon links are ready – I think Apple too – but not Indigo, and I will have to check the others as the week progresses. The publication is on the publishing website, and I am happy! Happy dance!

2. House renovations are going well! I’ve been ripping out old medicine cabinet frames and refinishing tile, deep cleaning the kitchen cabinets. It’s a major reuse job. My general contractor will be starting on the guts of the building soon, and I’m working on the cosmetic stuff that I can take on myself. Very cathartic!

3. Don’t know what number three should be, but I’m generally happy so let’s see what I can put here… Will be moving in a couple of weeks… Barely seems possible… Will start moving some art today in between the job work. Lunchtime art moving. Coffee fueled!

@3goodthings #3GoodThings
#NovelWriting #EcoRenovation #Art #Coffee #Moving

Pics is of me wearing an apron I made in 8th grade Home Ec class and that I use for painting now.

Pics is of me wearing an apron I made in 8th grade Home Ec class and that I use for painting now.

If I am not mistaken, I just emptied the last box from #moving (it had a ceiling lamp in it that I just put up). That’s with a beer or champagne or something, even if it is 11:30 in the morning. 💃

An open and empty cardboard box, seen from directly above.

People keep telling me my #Electric #FordF150Lightning is overkill. Yet I keep using it for stuff it’s meant to be used for..

Today, #Moving my daughter to her new Apartment…

A Ford F150 Lightning parked up with a U-Haul enclosed trailer behind it.
4 months ago

I came up with an ingenious way to make a Kanban Board for moving.

Basically column 1 is "stuff" and each column afterward is representative of 1 box per column.

In this screenshot I also have a column "maybe" and "no" which are kind of extra because if they're not in the numbered boxes they're not coming with.

#Kanban #moving

Trello Kanban board screenshot. There is a column called books with many books listed in it. The next column is maybe, then no. After that are boxes numbered 1, 2, and 3 representing the actual boxes
4 months ago

#Moving is a total PITA and showings are the PITA-iest. But this ADA-compliant roll-under vanity in the new house will make it all worthwhile:

aimee rivers
4 months ago

don’t look so worried Blåhaj, i’ll see you next week! and you’re gonna provide protective squashy padding for my glass lamp in that box! i’m grateful for that!
#blåhaj #moving

an ikea blue shark awkwardly squashed into a cardboard box poking their head out like they don’t want to be put in a box!

I might actually get this done. #moving

4 months ago

Much moving. Many boxes. Infinite bubble wrap. And.... planning week at work. I took Friday and Monday off for the move; we'll be flying out at 7:30 in the morning on Friday. Can't wait for all of this to be over and done. #Moving

Me, trying to research for our relocation to #Calgary or #Edmonton … and releasing nearly everywhere in our limited price range, with accessible units… won’t allow pets.

Hmph. :goomba2:

#moving #housing

Neil Patrick Harris in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ saying “Why, WHY, WHY?!” in frustration.

What's the term I'm looking for if I want adjustable straps that I can use to tie down stuff on this flatbed that attaches to my #bike for #moving? I tried searching on a hardware site for "straps" and I only got ones I can't cinch down


5 months ago

First stop: resting before crossing NY.

#moving #roadtrip

Pensive Creature
5 months ago

If you:
Have moved out of the US (or are currently moving), and
Have a disability or health condition,

What do you wish you had known before starting the process? What advice would you have for someone who is just starting to look into possibly escaping this hell country?

Please boost if you can. Thanks!

#expat #immigration #moving #disability #NEISvoid #chronicilless #health #neurodiversity

João Pinheiro
5 months ago

Bom dia queridos amigos!

Estes serão os últimos dias em que irei usar esta conta.

Quando receberem o pedido de joao de para vos seguir, já sabem, sou eu!

Obrigado por continuarem aí!

Sejam felizes!


Good morning dear friends!

These are the last days I'll be using this account.

When you receive the following request/notice from joao at, it's me!

Thank you for being there!

Be happy!

#moving #newaccount #fediverse #friendica

5 months ago

We signed the lease a week or so ago: I'm moving cross country from #Boston to #austin in late January. The epitome of cross country in a lot of ways, it'll be my first time selling and re-buying many things. This presents a chance to purge and minimalize, although minimalism is relative when I already live in a large studio. Nervous, excited, and eager to have a large living space again. #moving #minimalism #CrossCountry

Anne Jefferson
5 months ago

After 6 hours of driving, I’ve arrived in a place colder and snowier than Ohio, but not yet Vermont. NY is a wide state, and the toddler took a 4 hour nap! Tomorrow is a somewhat shorter drive, with a more climactic ending. #moving

Anne Jefferson
5 months ago

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. We’ve been busy packing boxes at home and work. Here’s my last view of my office and lab at Kent State. Tomorrow, I’m #moving.

Room with computer and lab equipment and big empty floor space
Selfie of woman in room with a full recycling bin and green carpet fluorescent lights
6 months ago

Any advice on moving one's #presscheck from a previously joined instance?
I got the green at, and SolarPACES is listed in the PRESSCHECK #news sites but haven't been able to get a response from them on #moving it since I moved in November to

Anne Jefferson
6 months ago

First #AGU22 #Plastics session starting now. I'm not going to try to post about the talks in real time, but please join at McCormick Place - E354b or online. We're starting with some talks about #plasticpollution in the ocean, and featuring work by #ECR #EarlyCareerResearchers.

Thanks to my co-conveners for helming these sessions. Sorry to abandon you for #moving chaos.

Anne Jefferson
6 months ago

When you are virtually attending #AGU22, during finals week, and 1 week before #moving, the first time you get to watch anything is exactly half way through the conference...while packing boxes. I'm super glad to be able to watch in person talks though!

Anne Jefferson
6 months ago

Final final exam at Kent State under way. Time to finish packing those office and lab spaces. Eek!

Got 1 lab mostly done yesterday. The two crates contain samples I need for further analysis for our #trashystreams and #plasticbeaches work. A few things left on the counter to pack, and a well stocked lab ready for a new hire next year. #moving

Two black plastic crates on linoleum floor next to lab bench. Some small boxes and a hard hat on black counter
Anne Jefferson
6 months ago

Spent morning wrangling grant budgets before the big move, and having last meetings with a student and some collaborators. 8 days. Now emails and boxes, and an exam to write. #moving

Erika Sumner
6 months ago

Buongiorno mes amies! (Yes, I know a mixture of #Italian & #French, but c'est la vie;)

As a #Mastodon newbie who only used the bird site to share #news, #tech & #SocialJustice info. I found my recent desire to share #moving #photos curious. But that's exactly what I wish to do, particularly for people having a #RoughDay as a #PickMeUp (I've certainly had many💕 ).

My last post of the baby gorilla was the 1st. Stay tuned for more Monday morn. Until then, here's a joyful one from my #Pinterist.

Toddler boy, seemingly gleeful, w/ other kids out-of-focus in the background appearing excited.

I really, really, really want to move somewhere in #Europe one day. Maybe Scandinavia? #Norway? #Sweden? What about southern #France? #Switzerland?

We live in such a beautiful world, I wish to explore more than the US and Canada one day.

#DreamsOfTheDisabled #Travel #Moving