Project N
2 months ago

Moving Out 2 – Convoque seus amigos, pois é hora de embalar e etiquetar

Check it out! 👇

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Project N
2 months ago
Mr Rikxx
2 months ago

Moving Out 2 is launching today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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2 months ago

He probado el juego #MovingOut y la verdad, ha superado mis expectativas, sobre todo porque me he divertido un montón jugándolo.

4 months ago

Moving Out 2 is moving in on August 21st
Get a move on.
#Switch #MovingOut

Why is there always so much stuff left to pack the last few days before moving?!?! 😆 #movingout

May 19, 2023 - Day 139 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 155

Game: Moving Out

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 29, 2020
Library Date: Sep 25, 2022
Unplayed: 236d (7m24d)
Playtime: 20m

Moving Out is an isometric couch co-op game.

First mistake I made was trying to play it with keyboard and mouse. Definitely designed for controller. Picked up the controller, it became playable.

Take your cartoony avatar, rush into the house, grab the highlighted objects, load them into the truck as fast as possible.

Rinse, repeat.

The moment I saw the option for multiple players, I should have twigged that this was designed to be played co-op.

I can see how it might be fun co-op, as you get in each other's way and coordinate to try and beat the timer.

Single player? It's not much fun at all. Is this the kind of game I'd pull out to play on the couch with friends? Maybe, if I had friends who came over to game, or a party.

Alas, I'm 49, and neither of those things happen.

Moving Out is just a bit:

2: Meh

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:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
9 months ago

I tried a little of the #MovingOut game on PS+premium. It's a very fun game, but quite challenging on my hands
It can be played in coop as well.
So maybe I can find someone willing to play this game with me? 😊

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Box and cover art for the Playstation 4 game Moving Out.
It shows two characters running on a street, followed by a truck with two more characters. Loads of furniture surrounding the truck.
9 months ago

@/Fur_Rent on Telegram is for furries needing a place to stay or place to rent out

I posted an ad there cuz I'm looking to move within #Chicago. My budget is 500/mo

Please DM me if you'd want me as a roommate ^_^

#rent #movingout #rentals #furryfandom #furries

Daniela Kubesch
9 months ago

Packing all the stuff I accumulated this year into one suitcase and two bags is pretty tricky. I hope my luggage doesn’t have too much excess weight I have to pay for. Wish me luck 😬

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10 months ago

I hate moving.

I’ve always said my favourite move is one I don’t have to be present for@and the movers just take it all away.

Today is really testing that theory as I’m completely across the country while movers and my ex move everything out of our home.

It feels so hard to say goodbye like this.
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Damage Control Blog
3 years ago

Demo Impressions: Bravely Default II, Moving Out
In which more mileage is gotten from the Switch Store's "Games With Demos" search.
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Guinnyn (Bruno)
4 years ago

#MovingOut, que é basicamente Humans Fall Flat de mudança de casas, vai ser lançado em 28 de Abril.