Jörg Kantel
11 hours ago


Es gibt mal wieder ein Update des Donnervogels ohne daß – wie normalerweise üblich – ein Update des kleinen, roten Pandas (aka Feuerfuchs) vorausgegangen war. Die Entwickler des Mozilla Thunderbird haben außer der Reihe das Update auf die Version 102.9.1 freigegeben und damit auch Sicherheitslücken behoben. #Mozilla #Thunderbird #Update #Security

14 hours ago

Land your next job with these Firefox extensions

As the saying goes, looking for a job is a job in itself. First, there’s all the writing that needs to be done. Then, it’s doing your homework to learn about the companies and the industries you’re applying and hopefully interviewing for. Lastly, it’s your state of mind, remaining positive despite the many obstacles you’ll […]

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18 hours ago

#mozilla #ia

Comment la fondation Mozilla veut créer une IA de confiance pour nous sauver des géants de la tech

Andy Scott
1 day ago

Dear #android, #rust / #cargo, #cmake, #dbus, #hp, #mozilla #firefox & #thunderbird, #npm, #pipewire / #pulseaudio, #putty, #python, #steam, #wine, #yarn (and I'm sure many, many others),

Why don't you use #xdg defaults? This doesn't seem ridiculous to you?

Screenshot of the results from the "ls -a" command in my home directory. It shows about 15 hidden folders and files belonging to applications that blatantly disregard XDG specifications.
Greg Brooks
2 days ago

. #FireFox was almost out of money last year, where did #Mozilla get $30 million to fund an AI project?

2 days ago

Ok, so with #Mozilla taking the #BluePill on the subject of #AI / #LLM (as per their newsletter on today) they key question is:
What other #browser|s are out there? Obviously nothing from #Google (not sure if #Chromium is safe?). While I love the idea of #Tor, for most of my day-to-day I'm ok with slightly less bullet proof stuff. What are YOU using on your desktops and laptops?

2 days ago

Here on #QConLondon #ArtificiallIntelligence is a huge topic as well and after a discussion about big tech investors riding the hype around #AI, someone mentioned

It's an #OSS project under the umbrella of the @mozilla foundation, initially funded with $30m. Contrary to the big tech investors, Mozilla intends to apply best practice #OpenSource principles on the project.

#FOSS #Mozilla

Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI

Dunbar's Number
2 days ago

Regarding #Mozilla and #AI: In a different world, they would have persisted with #ubiquity and thus AI could seamlessly integrate into #Firefox. Despite claims to the contrary about the impact #artificialintelligence will have on the Internet, it will be deployed, for the most part, at OS level. To make it compelling to a browser, you'd need something like a profile in the cloud. But for that you'd need tab groups and Firefox doesn't have them in any form.

2 days ago

@thunderbird In fact, I learnt a lot about how #Thunderbird and @mozilla are actually related, and I always thought it's a hardwired #Mozilla product just like #Firefox.

I'm really looking forward to the improvements in Supernova and also future updates to #K9Mail. I used to be a #GMail user but ran into performance problems on older devices and under bad networking conditions. Not a problem for good old #IMAP! :)

3 days ago

AI tools like GPT are changing the world, but how far you can trust these programs is another question. #Mozilla wants to create "responsible #AI," but is $30 million enough to even sit at the table? by @sjvn

me ☁️
3 days ago
"is mozilla a tech support scam search" search. bing ai: Yes, according to 2 sources.

Mozilla is reportedly working on a fix for this issue, but users with less technical knowledge may be unable to get rid of the locked page even after restarting the browser. This attack is, at its heart, a classic tech support scam.
Stefan Engels :verified:
3 days ago

Spannende Aussage: #Mozilla gründet KI-Start-up für „vertrauenswürdige“ #kunstlicheintelligenz . Impliziert, dass werbefianzierte Unternehmen im Grunde keine vertrauenswürdige #KI entwickeln können. Stimmt!

#softwareengineering #artificialintelligence #ai #futureisnow #google #microsoft

3 days ago

@kingu my browser of choice is #firefox. Because #gecko ans #mozilla.

me·ta·phil, der
3 days ago

💡 #TIL #HowTo always enable #Reader mode icon in #firefox:
You have to set 'reader.parse-on-load.force-enabled' to true on the about:config page.

(Of course, Firefox #documentation was not helpful, because, why would it.)

#config #lifehack #mozilla #browser #clutterfree #distractionfree

Screenshot of Mozilla Firefox documentation showing how to enable the clutter-free Reader Mode for web-pages through a button in your address bar (or by pressing F9 key). Unfortunately, the button sometimes is just hidden and unavailable for reasons intransparant to the user.
Deekshith Allamaneni
3 days ago

@DragonZlaver Haha yeah. Helps the entire community so thats good. Kind of like people use #MDN (Web docs by #Mozilla) more than their #Firefox browser 😀

3 days ago

I had a very different week last week, not being in work and helping manage the Mozilla Festival as a Volunteer Coordinator. As with other non-tech events I help run, there was the same sense of community in the volunteer team - people coming together and using their experience to help others.

It is not so much what you do at a tech event, but what you do when you get back - I very much look forward to sharing a couple of fun projects soon.

#mozilla #mozfest

4 days ago

My final project for the #Mozilla Hubs Artist in residency program is now online - Synthcity. A cyberpunk city inspired by synthwave and the 80s.

You can check it out on any device, including a phone. #VR is optional. Enjoy!

#SocialVR #art #3dArt #Blender3D

Emanuele :spiderman:
4 days ago

L'intelligenza artificiale dilaga come un virus e colpisce #Mozilla che effettuerà un investimento iniziale di 30 milioni di dollari in una startup che costruirà un ecosistema IA open source affidabile e indipendente.

@sufloese … in einer anderen (en) Diskussion gab es eine Art vorläufiges Kompromiss-Ergebnis:

1. Hier (#Mastodon & #Fediverse) aktiv posten (weil das natürlich auch die Anzahl qualitativer #Kultur toots / Inhalte steigert ;-)

2. Drüben (#twitter) durchaus für Info s & Kontakte noch (passiv) nutzen, aber lieber kopieren als retweeten oder cross-posten

3. Dort drüben dann aber gerne (und extra) auch regelmäßig “Werbung” für Masto machen - und/ oder bei “Kampagnen” wie #joinmastodonday oder #LeaveTwitterDay mitmachen

3. abwarten und geduldig sein (denn wenn schon auch #Medium oder #Mozilla im fediverse auftauchen, wächst das fediverse auch langsam an Substanz …

4. auch gerne außerhalb / offline aktiv dezentrale Social Media promoten (z.B. bei Museen, Organisationen, Institutionen …)

5. viel mehr #hashtags, #Followers & andere tools benutzen - aktiv suchen & folgen - ein neues Netzwerk etablieren …

was noch ?

Jay Robbie
4 days ago

@thunderbird, I'm enjoying the updated Thunderbird 112 Beta UI, but I was wondering if you could give us the option to disable the tab area and/or the new top menubar depending on how we configure our UI. If I choose to use the left-most vertical menubar, the other areas seem redundant and take up space. Otherwise, I like the new direction! 👍

#Email #Mail #Mozilla #Thunderbird #UI #UX #Outlook #Office #Office365 #Microsoft365 #OfficeSuite #Alternative #PIM #Tasks #Events #Calendar #Contacts

Screenshot of Thunderbird 112 Beta emphasizing UI / UX menubar elements
Marcel SIneM(S)US
5 days ago
Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
5 days ago

Check out my cool ass 3D #Firefox. This comes from Everaldo's Crystal Project icons.

#FrutigerAero #Mozilla #Nostalgia #2000s #Skeuomorphism

The cool ass 3D Firefox icon from the Crystal Project.

Attending " Building a Trustworthy Tech Stack for the Generative AI Era" at MozFest. A good chance to know more about the company and the people behind it

#mozilla #ai

DigitalNaiv = Stefan Pfeiffer
6 days ago

Der Status Quo in Sachen Künstlicher Intelligenz gefällt #Mozilla nicht. Deshalb gibt es nun – ein neu gegründetes Start-up, wie es Mozilla nennt, das mit 30 Millionen US-Dollar ausgestattet ist und ein "unabhängiges, dezentrales und vertrauenswürdiges KI-Ökosystem" schaffen soll. Neben dem Start-up soll auch eine Community entstehen, die sich mit einer Open-Source-KI beschäftigt, berichtet @heiseonline #KI #OpenSource

6 days ago

An interesting #MozFest event today:

Be an ethicist – Participate in an AI Ethics Review Committee

08:45 AM - 09:45 AM

#Mozilla #ethics #ai #AlgorithmAudit

6 days ago

This is great work from Mozilla

In a regulated environment like our FinTech space at Upvest things are more restricted meaning you can't use things like Grammarly due to data being sent elsewhere. Now if Grammarly did a local WASM-based version without data sending, we could allow its use as well.

#WASM #Mozilla #Translation #Grammarly

6 days ago

@sl007 @hi_mayank
#Mozilla 2011
Everyone Is doing Smartphones! We will create an operating system too!

Well would you look at that
#mastodon #mozilla loading mastodon logo
Johannes Ernst
6 days ago

Mozilla has a community portal listing events. I didn't even know that. Just listed #Fediforum there. Well, I guess better late than never! #mozilla #events

6 days ago

AI tools like GPT are changing the world, but how far you can trust these programs is another question. #Mozilla wants to create "responsible #AI," but is $30 million enough to even sit at the table? via @sjvn

Doug Belshaw
6 days ago

5 reasons why microcredentials are not Open Badges in name, spirit, or ethos

#OpenBadges #Microcredentials #DigitalBadges #Mozilla

6 days ago

Auch #Mozilla steigt jetzt ins #KI-Geschäft mit ein:

30 Mio. $ für die Open-Source KI „“.

6 days ago

Mozilla announces their foray into the AI space, by creating a startup with the aim of building an ecosystem that promotes "trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI":

Certainly interesting and something to keep an eye on. The democratization of AI is important to ensure the technology isn't only used (and controlled) by the major players, and on the surface Mozilla's high-level aims seem altruistic.

#Mozilla #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Tech #GPT4 #OpenSource

1 week ago

the #openWeb today has no champion. It's really as simple as that. The biggest competitor to Google in the user agent space (#Mozilla #Firefox) has no backbone, and innovation/resistance is mostly left to small realities like the partially closed source @Vivaldi or the one-person project #OtterBrowser —that still depend on #Google (or at best #Apple) for the rendering part. This is dramatic. This is even worse than the browser wars of lore.

1 week ago

The recent developments have made me realize that I should probably write a #FirefoxRequiem series not unlike the #OperaRequiem I started when the first news of its sellout came around, but the truth is that I've never been invested in #Mozilla #Firefox the way I was in the #OperaBrowser, and @mozilla's failure (intentional or not) to keep their browser at the forefront of the defense of #OpenStandards and a free web really doesn't help.

Dunbar's Number
1 week ago

@aral I'm incredibly vocal in my criticisms of #Mozilla. Mozilla only champion #opensource as a means of getting free labour. They genuinely do not care about the community. You only need to look at the terrible software that is #Bugzilla being at the heart of their community facing effort. Honestly, if Mozilla cared more, they'd at least have a clear vision, which should simply be "open, private and modern interaction software". Before Al, we should get a software keyboard. 📚
1 week ago

#Mozilla wants to do for #AI what it did for web #browsers with #Firefox

1 week ago

#Mozilla is moving forward in the #AI field with Here is their announcement:

A few years earlier Mozilla described their vision for a Trustworthy AI in a paper: .

Trustworthiness is a major concern with AI technologies and Mozilla appears to be advocating for more/better control and responsibility in their deployment.

iX Magazin
1 week ago – 30 Millionen US-Dollar für vertrauenswürdige Open-Source KI

Mozilla hat ein Start-up gegründet, das sich mit vertrauensvoller und offener KI beschäftigen soll. Startkapital: 30 Millionen US-Dollar von der Foundation.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #Mozilla #Startups #news

Arne Babenhauserheide
1 week ago

@julienw The one service of these that I care about is #MDN.

I very much do not want a VPN or Pocket.

I just tried to sign up for MDN + 5 yearly (4€/m is slightly more than I want to pay), but 2 minutes later, the attached image is still the result. It’s like they aren’t even trying.

This is me trying to give #Mozilla money, and it does not work.

an almost empty page with a spinning progress indicator in the center and a mozilla logo to the lower left.
1 week ago

@hi_mayank #mozilla are a lost #NGO that has been pouring funding and focus down a hole the last 10 years. It's a problem and when you talk to them about this you find out they can be prats as well.

Sebastian Lasse
1 week ago


#Mozilla 2017
We need to gamify all the things, we need games.

#Mozilla 2019
We need to make it all VR so that it is even more confusing.

#Mozilla 2023
Oh, we forgot to add AI.
Let's forget the browser.

People 2017-2023
We want a good and honest browser.

Arne Babenhauserheide
1 week ago

@hi_mayank My dream: the EU funds @igalia to take over some of the #Firefox devs cut by #Mozilla and shift FF development into Europe to increase its #digital #sovereignty. #digitalsovereignty #eu

Sicurezza Informatica
1 week ago

Mozilla è ciò che potrebbe essere Greenpeace se fosse finanziata dall'industria petrolifera.

cit @aral


Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Mozilla is what Greenpeace would be if Greenpeace was run by petroleum industry executives.


Federico Mena Quintero
1 week ago

Would love to hear stories from #mozilla people who were involved in implementing the layout tree / render tree. I'm doing that for librsvg and woah, it's a lot of work.

1 week ago

むむっ :tony_astonished:
#Mozilla #AI

Hmm… a suggestion for #MozillaSocial, dark mode by default? Or, at least a toned down whiteness?


#Mozilla @mozilla

#Fediverse #SocialWeb

Anthony Dean
1 week ago is a new startup created to build more open and trustworthy AI - The Verge

#mozilla #ai

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Mozilla: Trust Us™


Aral Balkan
1 week ago

“ Investing in Trustworthy AI”¹

At the helm is none other than Moez Draief.

Y’all know Moez, right?

He was previously chief scientist at Huawei’s Noah’s Ark AI lab² and Global Chief Scientist and VP of Data Science and Engineering at Capgemini³.

Mozilla, stop it! You’re making it impossible for me to parody you. I’m going to have to find a new hobby…

:sad face:




#mozilla #ai #BigTech #SiliconValley

Starting in few minutes, if you are attending MozFest:

"Dialogues & Debates: Making the Fediverse"
Mozilla is joining the Fediverse in 2023 to co-create its future. What are its greatest opportunities and limitations? How can we scale methodology and not solutions? What is the public discourse square of the future? Who is building it?

#mozilla #fediverse #mastodon

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Mozilla AI? Darn, I was waiting for Mozilla NFT.

:disappointed face:

#mozilla #siliconValley #ai
1 week ago

Today, @mozilla announced, a "startup — and community — building trustworthy and open-source AI".

#mozilla #AI #MachineLearning #news #tech

Screenshot from

"A new wave of AI is poised to transform the technologies we use everyday. Trust must be at the core of how we develop and deploy AI, everyday, all the time. It is not an optional ‘add-on’.

Mozilla has long championed a world where AI is more trustworthy, investing in startups, advocating for laws, and mobilizing the public to focus on human agency and accountability in AI.

Now we’re taking the next step: creating a company — and gathering a community — to build a trustworthy open source AI ecosystem.’s mission is to make developing trustworthy AI apps and products easy. To start we will focus on developing tools to build safety and transparency into the heart of recommendation systems and generative AI technologies.

See also: announcement."
Jeremiah Lee
1 week ago

Creating products people love is a great way to influence the world with the values you hold.

Firefox reignited the browser wars. Its marketshare today is not indicative of a loss. Just by being present and holding strong to its values, it keeps Google and Apple more accountable.

Your browser choice is more powerful than you realize. It keeps Mozilla relevant, which keeps Google from turning the Web into a total capitalist surveillance state via Chrome.

ML/AI needs such a player.


Jeremiah Lee
1 week ago

Will AI have its Firefox moment? Mozilla hopes so.

It just launched a new company to develop AI products with accountability, transparency, and openness at the core.

#ML #AI #Mozilla

Pelle Wessman
1 week ago

What all web developers ever wanted from @mozilla has finally become true in the shape of #MozillaAI:

It’s really nice to see #Mozilla focus their efforts on once again making #Firefox a competitive browser that pushes the frontier in what a good browser can be and stands up to the giants of Chrome and Safari.

Oh, wait, Artificial Intelligence!? Never mind then, I’ll try to keep my hopes up that Mozilla will one day do Firefox justice, but I guess it will never happen 😔

Marek Küthe
1 week ago

2. OONI Probe is an Android and Windows app from the Tor Project that collects Internet censorship data. The tool checks if websites or services are censored for you and publishes this data. This way you can globally track internet censorship.


#floss #tor #ooni #mozilla #mls #opencellid

1 week ago

Welcome to the debut episode of the Thunderbird podcast, which we're affectionately calling the ThunderCast!

#Thunderbird #Podcast #OpenSource #Email #Mozilla

1 week ago

To mark the start of the Mozilla Festival, I made this theme for Firefox. Hope you like it (the theme and Festival!):

#Mozilla #mozfest

Andrew Halberstadt
1 week ago

Happy to share that mozilla-central is now using the fantastic ruff linter for our Python linting needs!

It lints the entirety of the monorepo in under a second, (compared to 32s for flake8), also replaces a bunch of other linters we use (isort, pylint, pyupgrade) and has the best configuration system for monorepos I've seen in my many years of managing linters on mozilla-central!

#ruff #python #mozilla

David Chartier
1 week ago

#Medium has opened its #Mastodon server to all Medium members, which costs $5/month or $50/year.

They're exploring more support and integrations, such as a ‘share to Mastodon' button on all stories.

How do folks feel about this? My gut reaction is that it's probably good? This and other orgs like #Mozilla firing up servers might look more reliable to people who are wary of volunteer-run instances.

What say you?

1 week ago

#Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400%. #mozilla

1 week ago

I'm not the only person who thinks Mozilla's financial situation is nowhere near passing the smell test. #firefox #mozilla #thunderbird #google

Nemeth/Star Productions
2 weeks ago

Firefox Translations is now available.
The add-on allows all Firefox users to translate websites and texts in the browser without having to send the data to an external server.

Another step to more privacy.

#FirefoxTranslations #Firefox #Mozilla #Translations #Translator #Privacy #Internet #website

Dave Townsend
2 weeks ago

I'm moving my account from to here. Fosstodon is a great community but the fediverse does seem to have something of a scalability issue. I figure I can support Fosstodon by being one less user consuming resources. Plus we want to kick the tires on the #Mozilla instance and that's not going to happen unless it is my main instance.

Dave Townsend
2 weeks ago

Moving to a new server calls for a new #introduction...

I'm a principal #software engineer from #England working at #Mozilla.

I enjoy #coding, reading #ScienceFiction and #fantasy, #gaming and I periodically attempt to get back into #photography and generating #fractals.

Follow me to hear me ask dumb questions about tech I'm trying to learn or talk about projects I'm working on that will likely never go anywhere.

Richard J Tilley
2 weeks ago

@thunderbird I added it to my schedule. Does this mean that #Mozilla still will not have launched their #Mastodon instance by March 22nd? I have noticed that has gone from 18 to 103 active users. I am still not able to log in, however.

2 weeks ago

Who's checking out #MozFest next week? We'll be in virtual attendance, and this is one of the talks we're excited about (for obvious reasons):

▶️ Dialogues & Debates: Making the Fediverse | Mozilla is joining the Fediverse in 2023 to co-create its future. What are its greatest opportunities and limitations? How can we scale methodology and not solutions? What is the public discourse square of the future? Who is building it?

#Mozilla #Fediverse #Mastodon

heise online
2 weeks ago

KI-Entwicklung: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Die KI-Entwicklung schreitet rasant voran. Fast jede Stunde gibt es eine neue, große KI-Nachricht. Zeit zum Abwarten und Tee trinken, findet Marvin Strathmann.

#Bing #ChatGPT #Facebook #Google #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #Mozilla #news