Mikko Husari
1 month ago

Onko äänenvaimennin nimetty sen keksijän mukaan ja antoiko se innokkaasti oraaliseksiä naisille?

Oliko edes jenkki?


R0B0 G0D
8 months ago

Now, a fascinating piece of trivia here is looking at the early development of what became Transformers. This concept art has been unearthed for a character called "Muffy" (short for Muffler). That robot mode looks VERY close to what was released as Bug Bite, doesn't it? Meaning it's possible the design changed hands early on, and possibly Marvel *rejected* this mold in favour of the micro-change toy that would become Bumblebee.

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Concept art of "Muffy" changing from car mode to Robot. Noticeably this VW Beetle is a convertivle and doesnt have the large ponderous head Bug Bite has. So where Muffy's face/eyes would have appeared on the toy is a bit of a guess. But those arms asre classic Bug Bite though woth friendlier hands instead of pincers.