🦊 Artist: #NinaPelirroja in City: #Rotterdam Doelstraat, Netherlands 🇳🇱 - Title: "Stadsnatuur" - (City Nature
Stadtnatur) - (📷 by Rob Monologo) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Nature #Fox

Streetartwall. On a concrete partition wall is sprayed / painted an imaginative mural of a brown fox between green ferns. The fox is depicted upright and lies between green ferns, strawberries, a purple sun and a flying blue-beige bird.
The artist is standing next to her mural in the photo.
Info: The artist wanted to point out the foxes living in Rotterdam. There are about 30 to 50 of them, hiding from people and very rarely seen on the streets. They help to keep the rat population under control and they never attack people/children.
The mural was placed on the building "Pompenburgflat", which will be demolished in about 2 years.

❤️ Artist: #WalesKanomura in City: #SaoPaulo Jardim Tremembé, Brasil 🇧🇷 - Title: "Love and serenity" - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐

Streetartwall. On a rough, gray sandstone wall over which green leaves grow, is the enchanting, small mural of a girl sprayed in naive painting style. She has brown hair and her eyes are closed. She smiles and on her chest is painted a red heart.
Title: "Love and serenity"

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #Sensoale / #AleSenso in - City: #Berlin Revier Südost, Germany 🇩🇪 - Title : untitled (📷 by JealBerlin ) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟👋 see you

Streetartwall. On a red brick wall is sprayed / painted the enchanting mural (200x250 cm) with a young man who is kissed by a female nature fairy.
A young man in a white suit stands in a dark green environment with ferns and looks up. Upside down from above appears a female being all in green that puts a yellow cloth over his eyes and kisses him. The mural is bordered by a frame, but the arm of the green nature fairy towers above the frame and continues on the wall.
Artist's concept:
The blindfold represents the social and media constraints that undermine the human worldview. The acceptance (the kiss) of his own wild core - which is not limited by the frame - allows him to remove the blindfold. In this way, he can finally look at the world without any external filter.
Baa Baa Brighouse
16 hours ago

Sign ups are now open for the July Yan Tan Tourer Yarn Club!

We will be taking our inspiration from the image, 'Megaro', by @shutterspot

The image of the exterior of The Megaro was taken at Kings Cross, London, by @shutterspot

Find out more and sign up at:

#yarn #knitting #crochet #yarnclub #indiedyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyed #handdyedyarn #photography #london #kingscross #architecture #megaro #streetart #agentsofchange #mural

AmiW Streetart 👁️
1 day ago

⚪ Artist: #INOEXPO #Athens Agias Eleousis Street, Greece 🇬🇷 2020 - Title: "Apocalypse Now"- (📷 by Julian Canadas) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork

Streetartwall. On an approximately five-story modern building with stepped roof, is sprayed / painted portrait of a woman wearing a mask. The mural is designed in gray-blue. The face is covered by a dark balaclava, from which her eyes look at us hauntingly. The hands are ready to pull down the mask. A flash of light blue color streaks the side of the portrait.
The Streets of Melbourne
1 day ago

Checkout #DanielleWeber’s work. Danielle is a Melbourne-based artist and street mural extraordinaire!

Her work is amazing; the detail, colours, shades and love that has gone into this piece is obvious.

The subject’s feminine beauty, accentuated by her rich facial contouring, gorgeous eyes (lashes, shaped brows, shadow and eye colour), full lips and shades of black and indigo flowing hair is just something else.



With permission, from artist.

#fembeauty #femskill #fempower #feminineenergy #urbanart #urbancanvas #femaleartist
#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#muralart #melbourne #narrm #murals #mural #publicart #art #victoria #Australia #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

Lisa Miguez
2 days ago

Time to take this down. After 21 years, this mural I painted on our shed has so many cracks and missing paint that it just doesn’t look good anymore.
#retiredArt #mural #art

A mural on a dark brown garden shed. The theme of the mural was derived from the animated movie Dinosaurs. Various dinosaur species and lemurs feature in it. I finished this mural in March 2002

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #MichelFirma / # in - City: #Florianopolis #Campeche Brasil 🇧🇷 - Title : untitled - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟👋 see you

Streetartwall. On a street wall is sprayed / painted a mural of a young woman in pop art style. The mural is mainly designed in bright orange and green. The face of the young woman is surrounded by colors and lights. She herself looks directly at us. Her face is designed in green and red. She is made up and has three stripes on her cheeks. Ready to fight through the big city at night.
Wolfgang Tremmel
2 days ago

I have no idea what Sams answer was. #Rotterdam #Mural

Mural of a magpie with a wedding ring and "Sam will you marry me?"
2 days ago
damian entwistle
2 days ago

Today's photo with the mots hits was taken in Salamanca: the Museo Conventual De Santa Clara, church nave.

#salamanca #church #decor #architecture #museum #mural #nave

Simple church nave with one window, the walls are decorated with murals in subdued palette, creating a very dignified and collected atmosphere for prayer.
2 days ago

⚽ Artist: #SnblArts / #AndrianSchnabel in City: #Dortmund Hohestrasse, Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: "Westphalen Stadion" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #BVB #Bundesliga #Meisterschaft #WestphalenStadion #BVBM05 #VielGlück 👍

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a multi-story house and above a snack restaurant, is a mural for the BVB soccer club and the stadium in Dortmund sprayed / painted. An older, bearded man with brown cap and BVB fan scarf looks in the direction of a stadium. Next to it are black and yellow flags and a red heart under the lettering "Westphalen Stadion".
A typical fan mural and for soccer fans who this year 2023, could even achieve the championship.

🍎Artist: #EVOCA1 / #ElioMercado in City: #Ragusa Via Caronia, 132 Italy 🇮🇹 2016 - Title: "Resistenza di Incertezza" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural for #FestiwallRg #Classics ...see you 👋

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a narrow high-rise building in Ragusa, Italy is sprayed / painted a wonderful mural of a little girl with apples. The background is designed in beige. The dark haired girl in white blouse, stands with 3 red apples in each hand in front of her and looks at us. On her head she balances another apple.
Extramural Activity
2 days ago

south #Belfast #mural recalling the days of the Lagan Canal

🟠 Artist: #SokramDesOrdes / #MouMutante in City: #OCouto #Ponteceso Spain 🇪🇸 2023 - Title: "Memorias dun neno labrego" - (Memories of a working-class boy / Erinnerungen eines Arbeiterjungen) - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #IsaacDiazPardo #XoséNeiraVilas

Streetartwall. A mural of a young man between two oxen is sprayed/painted on an approximately three-story house. It is a mural in honor of the writer Xosé Neira Vilas and the painter Isaac Diaz Pardo. Both are from Galicia. The mural is designed in orange in the background. The color selection is very limited. Orange, gray, white and black for the lines. The young man stands in short gray pants and shirt between two oxen with white horns, in a stable. All three are looking at us. The drawing is done with black strokes and very precise, but also minimalist in the style of silhouettes. The poor boy represents the childhood of the writer and is executed in the style of the painter.

💋 Artist: #SloeMotions in City: #LosAngeles CA, USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Harley Quinn" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #HarleyQuinn #GoodMorning! 🥐☕

Streetartwall. On a black street wall next to a black iron fence is sprayed / painted a mural of the female comic character "Harley Quinn". She has two blonde braids with single colorful strands. On her cheek is a small black heart. She holds her hand in front of her red kissing mouth and sends us a kiss.
Info: Harley Quinn is the name of a comic book character of the US publisher DC Comics and was played, among others, by actress Margot Robbie in "The Suicide Squad". She is the "girlfriend" of the villain Joker.
The Streets of Melbourne
2 days ago

Just look at this cute mural created by Melbourne’s own, artist #Juzpop.

It features on a feature wall, opposite the bar in the city’s #herosmelbourne and was painted June last year.

I love the fem strength and sass of this woman featured. So too the gorgeous flowers and foliage that sits around the main feature.

Oh, and that pretty #butterfly… oh so good!

Justine (Juzpop) nailed this mural perfectly, matching perfectly with the vibe of this bar, in #melbourne #Australia.



📸 - Pic 1 and 2 supplied by artist, with permission. 3rd pic -


#fembeauty #femskill #fempower #feminineenergy #urbanart #urbancanvas #femaleartist
#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#muralart #melbourne #narrm #murals #mural #publicart #art #victoria #Australia #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

3 days ago

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #ALBFS / #ALBAFabre in - City: #Ferizaj Kosovo 🇽🇰 2020 - Title : "Lying on the River"- (for #MuralfestKosovo ) - #Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a five-story apartment block is a charming mural of a sleeping woman, lying by the river in the traditional dress of Kosovo.  The background is designed in the main colors of white, brown and various shades of blue. It is blurred sprayed/painted and looks like an oil painting of old masters. The young woman has put her hands over her head. She wears a white dress with a red apron. The eyes are closed and she lets the water trickle over her.
3 days ago

🥋 Artist: #DavidVillaEcija in City: #Barcelona #ElPoblenou Spain 🇪🇸 - Title: "The Dragon" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #BruceLee #MartialArts #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐 Hey.. I'm back, Mastodon Social 👏🙏

Streetartwall. On a black painted street wall is the mural of actor Bruce Lee. He is depicted sideways and looking to the right. He is wearing a yellow top and has his left arm raised. His look is very determined.
Info: Bruce Lee was a Sino-American actor, martial Artist and instructor. He is considered an icon of martial arts films and is considered by many to be the greatest martial artist of the 20th century. He developed the martial arts style Jeet Kune Do.

Streetartwall. Auf einer schwarz gestrichenen Strassenmauer ist das Mural von Schauspieler  Bruce Lee. Er ist seitlich dargestellt und blickt nach rechts. Er trägt ein gelbes Oberteil und hat den linken Arm erhoben. Sein Blick ist sehr entschlossen. 
Info: Bruce Lee war ein sinoamerikanischer Kampfkünstler, Kampfkunst-Ausbilder und Schauspieler. Er gilt als Ikone des Martial-Arts-Films und wird von vielen als größter Kampfkünstler des 20. Jahrhunderts angesehen. Er entwickelte den Kampfkunststil Jeet Kune Do.
The Streets of Melbourne
3 days ago

I just love this mural. I’ve posted some time ago, but can’t get enough of it

Found it again in my travels recently.

The #rosella is astonishingly good. So too the #wombat to the right of scene in the second pic.

Painted by in 2019, this scene complements another painted on brick, just off Acland Street in StKilda. It has the same humanoid figures and #Australiana themes.

I’ll visit that and feature it here, sometime in the not too distant future.

This mural (pictured in this post) however, is located in #Bentleigh #Australia.

Gorgeous, and intriguing huh?

#altext first pic 👇

#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#burbs #muralart #melbourne #MostLiveable #narrm #muralart #Australia#Australia #murals #mural #muralart #mastoart #publicart #art #melbourne #victoria #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

This scene takes in a portion of a larger mural (around 20 metres wide) on a brick wall. This section of the scene is around 4 metres wide by 4 metres high, with a vibrant rosella mid flight, tilted slightly flying from left to right, zooming through the air. 

The bird is looking at the observer (the camera) almost with human intelligence in its eye. Has various blue coloured wings, spread wide and individual / distinct feathers showing. Great painted detail. Very detailed. 

Its back and body is adorned with red and a bit of black individual feathers and it’s head is red, darker blue chin, grey curved beak and black eye. 

It’s a side shot and the bird almost has what appears to be a grin… most certainly has a cheeky look in its eye. 

Riding on its back (closer to its neck) is a slim and slender humanoid woman (has breasts) in a teal
Coloured skin suit. 

The woman has flowing blonde hair, flowing in the wind, but no face. It looks like a light brown (perhaps skin tone) disc, for a face. 

It is a real fun scene.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #NataliaRak in - City: #AsparnAnDerZaya Austria 🇦🇹 - Title : untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #ClimateChange #AustrianWorldSummit #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a one-story house is sprayed / painted a mysterious portrait of a woman with a mask. The background is designed in dark purple. On the side is depicted the face of a woman with black hair tied into a knot. Around her head sprout flowers in many colors and species. If you look closely, you can see that the face is a mask, because the flowers also sprout behind it.
Info: The mural was designed on the occasion of a project in Lower Austria. The rural area was converted into a so-called "Solution Hub". A place where innovations around the topic of sustainability should be discussed and presented. Arnold Schwarzenegger's climate initiative also takes place here. He was the host.
Extramural Activity
4 days ago

#mural by Friz of a pack horse being led over Con O'Neill's bridge, which still stands, in east #Belfast

❤️ Artist: #RNST / #RNSTart - in City: #Bergerac Dordogne, France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Climate Tipping Points" - (📷 by 33_philip) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Climate #ArttakFestival

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a one-story building is sprayed/painted mural of a girl in the wind. The background is designed in red. On it is painted in shades of gray and white a girl with dark hair. She wears a dark sweater with the inscription "Climate Tipping Points" and looks to the left. Leaves and her dark hair are blowing around her face. A storm is coming.

🌱Artist: #ChristobalPersona - in City: #Recoleta Chile 🇨🇱 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Nature #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐

Streetartwall. On a high street wall is sprayed / painted mural of a young woman with plant. The background is designed in light gray. The young dark-haired woman wears a blue T-shirt and holds a green potted plant in her hands against the sun. She looks at it with interest and the shadow of the plant falls on her face.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
🕯️Artist: #ROOSartpainting - in City: Stadsmuseum #Doetinchem Netherlands 🇳🇱 - Title : "The lantern lighter" - #Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetartwall. On an outer wall of a two-story modern building (a museum) is sprayed/painted mural of a man with a lantern. The background is designed in dark blue. The elderly gentleman with a long, full gray beard, wears a hat and coat and has his hand around an old iron lantern. In the other hand he holds a match with which he lit the candle in it. A dark mural with a bright warm candlelight. A tribute to an extinct profession: the lantern lighter.
Jon Bowie
5 days ago
A highland coo, castle, and eagle, are part of this scotrail mural
Jason Thorne
5 days ago

“All my attitudes are Indianapolis. My adenoids are Indianapolis. If I ever severed myself from Indianapolis, I would be out of business. What people like about me is Indianapolis.”

— Kurt Vonnegut (mural by artist Pamela Bliss, in #Indianapolis, of course).

#mural #publicart #KurtVonnegut #Indy

Mural of Kurt Vonnegut on the side of a building

👑 Artist: #MonDevane in City: #OsBlancos Spain 🇪🇸 2023 - Title: "La Reina Loba" ( The Wolfqueen/Die Wolfskönigin) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork

Streetartwall. On a wall of a modern two-story building is sprayed/painted mural of a child with yellow, three-pointed cardboard crown. The mural is mainly designed in blue, white and yellow. A small child with curls and a crown on his head, has put an index finger to his cheek and seems to be thinking. The look goes to the right. A drawn wolf is depicted on the cardboard crown.
Queen Lupa, in Galician Raíña Lupa (also known as Reina Lopa, Reina Luparia, Reina Luca and Reina Loba), is a character from Galician mythology. The Legend has it that a wolf queen exploited the subjects of her kingdom with taxes and tributes. One day they rose up and went to the castle to put an end to the tyrannical ruler. It did not end well for them. The artist has reinterpreted the legend. In his version, the wolf queen comes to her senses and decides to change her behavior.

🥚Artist: #CaseMaclaim in City: Macaé Brasil 🇧🇷 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Kolorius #EiEi #Egg
#GoodMorning !☕🥐

Streetartwall. On an outer wall of a low, modern building is sprayed / painted a lady and an egg. In the foreground is the egg that an older lady with gray hair and glasses holds in front of him. The hand with the white egg is hyperrealistically depicted. The woman is only blurred in the gray background.
The Streets of Melbourne
5 days ago

#Emerald #Australia, up in the hills is home to this bush setting mural.

It is displayed on the side of this brick wall of the local stock feed retailer.

It looks old though it conjures old time life here in Australia, on the land.

I really like it!

#Altext first image.

Artist: BigArtTed


#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#burbs #muralart #melbourne #MostLiveable #narrm #muralart #Australia#Australia #murals #mural #muralart #mastoart #publicart #art #melbourne #victoria #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

A brick wall around 7 metres wide by 3.5 metres tall, containing a rustic gum tree to the right, predominantly it’s trunk and a small part of its green leaves and foliage.  

Beneath it is a small, old slatted farm fence; the scene shows one weather-worn stump and two horizontal slats. 

To the left are the rear of three horses, grey in colour. Their dark tails are prominent. 

An old man sits on the back of the horse, we can only see his back… he’s wearing a white wide-brimmed hat. To his left, an old woman with her back to the viewer walks, and is wearing a blue shirt and light coloured hat and holds the reigns of another horse. The third horse (further left) is a little bit ahead in the distance, mid step, leading those others in the scene. 

The background contains an old rustic wooden clad farm house with rusted corrugated tin roofing, a verandah, surrounded by grey / blue waist-high bushes. 

Grey mountains frame the top of the shot, with shimmering blue sky and white clouds.
5 days ago

Cat mural by Sagie in the cozy town of Kristianstad | STREET ART UTOPIA #mural grey tabby cat on a rooftop

Grey tabby cat on a rooftop
Sara Kathleen
5 days ago

I drew this on my wall a few years ago. Looking forward to being one of the artists at the Cheltenham Paint Festival this July where I’ll be doing a tree and/or some other swirly paint nonsense on a public wall. 💚

#MastoArt #tree #treelover #trees #drawing #natureart #mural #MuralArt #art #artist

A drawing done in a grey paint pen on a white wall. About 6 feet tall, the trunk is simple and bare but the leaves are a mass of complicated, intricate doodling.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #DOURONE in - City: #Oostende Belgium 🇧🇪 2018 - Title : "OPIA" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟 👋 see you

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a beige, four-story residential and commercial building is sprayed / painted a portrait of a blonde woman in pop art style. Her striking face is shaded with color patches in purple and blue tones. Her hair is tied up. She is depicted up to her blue shoulders.
She is looking sideways at us and her gaze seems strangely longing.
The sky behind the house is bathed in a blue-purple and the sunlight makes the portrait glow.
Info: All 4 rows of windows in this house are a different size, by the way. An unusual ensemble that time has shaped. The following is a description of the house. The ones above are small and divided in the middle. The ones below are larger and triple divided. Below follow small simple windows. The bottom row of windows is very large and oval at the top. At the very bottom is a health food store with 2 display windows and a narrow door in the middle, all with beige shutters. Next to it is another large entrance with a green roll up door. A dark car is parked in front of the house.
6 days ago

🌺 Artist: #MikaHusser in City: #Bergerac France 🇫🇷 - Title: "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle que nul ne peut apprivoiser" ("Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame". /"Die Liebe ist ein rebellischer Vogel, den niemand zähmen kann") for #ArttakFestival- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Carmen

Streetartwall. On the outer wall
of a multi-storey house is sprayed / painted mural of a dark-haired woman between flowers. She has turned her face away from us. She wears a red dress and holds her right arm bent upwards under her chin. She is thinking about something. In her left hand, under her right arm she holds a thin staff behind her. On the staff is a small birdhouse. Around her are orange and purple flowers.
Title in french: "Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame."
A quote from the opera "Carmen".

⛓️Artist: #LizArtBerlin in #Dresden Germany 🇩🇪 Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork 🔗

Streetartwall. On a street wall is sprayed / painted mural of a woman with chains. The background is designed in dark gray , with some purple and black. On it is the portrait of a darkly made up woman in pop art style. She holds both hands lazsiv to her face. A rough silver chain serves as a headdress and frames her face. A cool mural.
Info: For "SPIKE meets Urban Up!" A festival with graffiti workshops, streetart and music in Dresden.

🥊Artist: #ADOR ( #ADOR_2049 ) - in City: #LaReunion Réunion Island 🇫🇷 - Title: "Diversité pour tous!" (Diversity for all! / Vielfalt für alle!) - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #Mural #Diversity #Diversité #GoodMorning ! ☕🍌🥐

Streetartwall. On a brown street wall is sprayed / painted a mural with a horde of cartoon characters protesting. There are about 20 of them. The green, long-nosed males in white pants and caps are all holding a sign with the text: "Diversity for all" (in French) and a banner in front of them. At the very front, a single baby male stands and raises his arms. They all look the same and you can understand the wish.
Tucker Teague
6 days ago

A track-inspired #artwork, Matt Small’s 8-by-8-foot portrait of #AfricanAmerican track and field legend Jesse Owens is a masterpiece of found objects. Using pieces of recycled materials, as well as wood from the recently dismantled Hayward Field, Small’s artwork is a three-dimensional #portrait unlike any other. This installation is part of the City of Eugene's 20x21EUG Mural Project.
#art #mural #foundobjects

I had the pleasure of watching the artist when he made this. Wonderful guy.

Artist Matt Small  Title Jesse Owens  Date June 2018  Type Of Art Installation  Address 749 Willamette Street  Location Description In the alley between Willamette and W Park St  About the Art 20×21EUG Mural Project’s first track-inspired artwork, Matt Small’s 8-by-8-foot portrait of African-American track and field legend Jesse Owens is a masterpiece of found objects. Using pieces of recycled materials he found from Bring Recycling, as well as wood from the recently dismantled Hayward Field, Small’s artwork is a three-dimensional portrait unlike any other. This installation is part of the City of Eugene's 20x21EUG Mural Project.  About the Artist Matthew Small is a British artist who focuses primarily on painting portraits. Where Small diverges from the classic painter, though, is he creates his pieces using reclaimed and found objects in the community, using metal objects like old fridges, other household appliances or even parts of wrecked cars. His portraits are meant to draw attention to the diverse and dispossessed. His final pieces are of the city and consist of things society has forgotten.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #BKFOXX in - City: #Paris Canal de l'Ourcq, France 🇫🇷 - Title : "Marion Cotillard" - (📷 by Streetart_in_Paris) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #MarionCotillard #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟 see you 👋

Streetartwall. On a house wall of a two-story concrete building directly on a Canal in Paris, is sprayed / painted the black and white mural of a reclining woman. It is the French actress Marion Cotillard, a dark-haired woman in a dark negligee lying sideways looking over to us.

🦴 Artist: #NYCHOS - in City: #Champaign IL USA 🇺🇸 2022 - Title: untitled - (📷 by #BarbaraPichi ) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Anatomy #Anatomie

Streetartwall. On a brown two-story brick wall is painted / sprayed impressive mural of a head with cross section. As in medical textbooks, the face of a man looking to the sky is "cut open" on the left side one sees in this detailed mural the anatomy of his skull with bones, veins, blood vessels. An energy pulse from outside leads from behind through his head into the eye. Fittingly, next to the mural is a real power pole with wires hanging across his head.
This image was already posted without AltText and now subsequently provided with it.

💧Artist: #CristóbalPersona in City: #LoPradon Waldo Taff 6273, Chile 🇨🇱 - Title: "Confluencia" (Confluence /
Zusammenfluss) - (📷 by Barbara Pichi) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Water

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a three-story house is sprayed / painted mural of a crying woman. The background is designed in dark green. On it is a naked, dark-haired woman holding her arms in front of her, hands reaching into her face. One arm is finely tattooed with a flower ornament. Her facial expression is anguished. Thick blue strands flow from her eyes, looking like woolen threads. They wind downward onto a sandy landscape where they become a river. On her shoulder sits a bird in colors of gray, brown, and black. To the right is another.
@metro.21's project "Confluencia" was about the central theme of water.Transience in the form of affection in the protagonist's story, abandonment and drought. Hopelessness as a common factor.

🐒Artist: #LuceKluceq in City: #Puebla Mexico 🇲🇽 - Title: untitled - (for Skyline Tattoostudio) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Monkey #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐

Streetartwall. On the outside wall of a tattoo studio is sprayed / painted mural of a small monkey in comic style. He stands upright in short black shorts, sneakers (black, yellow and white), a gray and above a yellow jacket with hood and a black wool cap on his head. He stands with his legs wide apart and looks at us.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
🎴Artist: #DanKitchener in - City: #BrickLane #London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Queen of Lights" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Geisha #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a two-story house is sprayed / painted a colorful mural in Japanese manga style. The wall is bordered on the left and right by other tall houses. The mural is designed in dark blue, purple and white. The main character is a finely drawn geisha with waving hair, dressed in an off-the-shoulder kimono. She looks sideways down to a house entrance. She is surrounded by a big city at night, which is slightly blurred and depicted with many bright highlights. The artist stands proudly in front of his huge mural.

💜 Artist: #INTI / #INTIartist in City: #Paris 13eme, France 🇫🇷 - Title: "La Madre secular 2"- (📷 by Streetart_in_Paris) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a narrow multi-storey house is sprayed/painted a mural of an elegant lady.  The upper part is a frieze of purple roses, below a light yellow background. Borrowing from Art Nouveau, on it is a lady in a lush dress in light yellow and striking drapery and wide sleeves. The dress merges into a bright orange cloth with bright flowers on it, which then covers her head. Her hair is under a purple colored cloth and her bright, finely drawn face is encompassed by a scarf in purple underneath, on which tiny white skulls can be seen. Her hands reach into the cloth of her dress in front of her chest. She wears Iila colored gloves. Here, too, the beaded bracelets on them can be recognized as skulls on closer inspection. A star on one hand and a diamond on the other complete the whole.
A very elaborate and detailed Mural. Title: "La Madre secular 2"

🤎 Artist: #Grasosobremagro / Javier #BARRIGA in City: #Santiago Chile 🇨🇱 - Title: "Astilla" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Painting

Streetartwall. On a modern approx. five-story house (7x12 mt.) is sprayed/painted a portrait mural of a young woman with pigtails.
The background is kept in black. On it is the finely drawn portrait of a blonde woman from behind. She has a black dress with a floral pattern on and sits on a yellow cushion. In front of her is a brown wooden dresser in the room. Her long blond hair is braided into two pigtails. One strand falls into her face.
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#mural #StreetArt Bernstorffstr. #STPAULI

🌃 Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
🪔Artist: #TelmoMiel /Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann in City: #LaLouvière #HoudengAimeries Belgium 🇧🇪 - Title: "Les Mineurs" / Portrait of Marco Recchia (Minenarbeiter) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Bergbau #Kohle #Coalmine #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetartwall. On an outer wall of a modern multi-storey building with steel frame and stairs is sprayed/painted mural of a miner with mine light. The mural is designed in dark blue, other shades of blue and red. An older gentleman in blue work clothes and helmet looks to the right side, lifting an old lamp with bright red light. The arms of the figure are painted three times to follow the movement of the lamp. It is a stylistic device of the artists.
Portrait of Marco Recchia (95 years) one of the last mineworkers from Bois du Luc. In  honor of all those workers and the mining history of the area.
Bois-du-Luc was a coal mine in Houdeng-Aimeries, near La Louvière, in Belgium which today is preserved as an UNESCO world heritage site. It was one of the oldest mines in Belgium, with recorded activity dating back to 1685. The mining site closed down in 1973 and has been a museum since 1983.

🟠 Artist: #NEAN /#NeanKingdom in City: #Belfast Northern Ireland ☘️ 2023 - Title: "Adrift" (Treibenlassen) - (For #HitTheNorth ) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork

Streetartwall. On a multi-storey house with brick wall is sprayed / painted between a row of windows a mural of a figure between tall trees. The background is blue sky. Several rows of orange colored bare trees fill the picture. The lower part is in gray darkness. Somewhat to the side, to the right stands a dark-haired figure, probably a woman, on a dark hill. She wears an orange-gray sweater and dark pants. She is looking at us. Title: "Adrift"

🩹 Artist: #LEmpreinteJoV in City: #Belleville #Paris France 🇫🇷 - Title: "La petite de Belleville" - (📷 by Alain d'Issy) #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #ILoveArt ❤️

Streetartwall. On a concrete wall in Paris is sprayed / painted a large portrait of a little girl with blue eyes. She has dark eyebrows and a big mouth and looks at us. Hair and T-shirt are only hinted at in gray and white wiping technique. In the middle of the child's nose is a plaster with a small red heart. Next to it is written "I and" love"
She loves the art.

🟠 Artist: #JoeThisisto in City: #Stigliano Casa del Volontariat, Italy 🇮🇹 2022 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork

Streetartwall. On a two-story house is a mural of a girl looking out of a door. The right part is painted in wide areas in alternating pastel colors. On the left is a girl with black hair, blue jeans and short white and blue tshirt. Her hand is on a (painted) wooden door and she looks down to the right to the real entrance of the building, a community center.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #STRIPE16 in - City: #San Salvador El Salvador 🇸🇻 - Title : "La Catrina" - #Streetart #Mural #Mastoart #Art #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟 see you 👋

Streetartwall. On a one-story black street wall is sprayed / painted the comic mural of a woman made up for Día de Muertos. She wears a green, very open-hearted dress and has colorful flowers in her black hair. The face is made up with circles and waves. She is squinting her eyes, has her red mouth pinched shut and presses her hands into her cheeks to make a grimace. Around her are lit candles. In the photo, a purple crescent moon glows in the night sky above the house.
Info: "Catrina" in Spanish is an expression for a wealthy or rich person, but with pejorative and sarcastic undertones.
"La Catrina" is a figure that has become symbolic of the "Day of the Dead" in Mexico and is particularly commonly depicted.
The female skeletal figure is specially made up in a striking way, has colorful old clothes on, a colorful umbrella in her hand and usually big black hats that are richly decorated.