Demi Murph fractionné :
- 1 800m de course ✅
- 50 tractions ✅
- 100 pompes ✅
- 150 air squats ✅
- 1 800m de course ✅
- 45min ✅

L'année prochaine, je tente de Murph fractionné, et on verra pour la suite 💪

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4 months ago

Today's #Workout was #Murph

Warm up with some jogging, shoulder mobility & quickly going over scaling options. Then onto the grind:

- 1 mile run (1.61km)
- 100 pull ups
- 200 push ups
- 300 squats
- 1 mile run

I did ring rows / elevated push ups / squats, and split it in 20 rounds of 5/10/15 (aka Cindy style).

Managed to finish my first scaled Murph in 49:25.
Tomorrow I might not be able to go up/down the stairs.

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Chris Free
4 months ago

Woke up early, had coffee with the sunrise. Did #Murph in honor of those who we've lost. Ate breakfast sandwiches with the fam. Messed about in the garden. Took a nap. Dreamed of heavy things. Woke up with Soundgarden's “Black Hole Sun” stuck in my head. Now sitting on my porch listening to said song and working on my tiny little app. My wife and kids are asleep inside.

All this within my small slice of this rock hurtling through empty space at 492,126 miles per hour.

To be alive is a gift.

David Anasco🐘
4 months ago

All movements strict.
No vest.
Time 47:30

Andrew Allen
4 months ago

Best #murph time yet. 52 mins flat. Did a new rounds scheme that really helped. #crossfit

Red shoes.
Brad Johnson
4 months ago

It took about an hour and 20 minutes (minus warmup, slow and steady) but at least I finished the #Murph workout. Maybe when I get this weight off it will be sub-one hour.

Pic showing time taken to complete the Murph workout and burning 1105 calories.
Minty95 :archlinux:
4 months ago

#crossfit Murph done today unpartitioned ( I'm not going to cheat and make it easier) . 56 minutes.
Eight minutes faster than in 2016. Didn't do it weighed, too old for that now. As I'm 65.
Today was a good day
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 pushups
300 air squats
1 mile run
#sport #fitness #health #crossfit #murph

Das verstehen jetzt wieder nur Crossfitter. #Crossfit #murph #murphday

Ich von hinten mit hochgesteckten Armen. Auf dem Rücken meines Shirts ist ein Aufdruck mit dem Schriftzug Murph Hero WOD
Brad Johnson
4 months ago

Anyone else doing the #Murph #MemorialDay workout on Monday? I signed up. Haven't done one in about 4 years so I already know it's going to be more brutal than usual.

Image showing Murph workout. One mile rule, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and finish with a one mile run.
Manni_P :mastolove:
4 months ago

Lieber @VQuaschning darf ich "#etwas" erzählen? - - > Danke - "echte" #Männer sind was sehr Gutes. Gute Väter sind was echt sehr sehr sehr Gutes! Danke 👍 :blobcatyes: :blobcatlove:
#Why? ich mag #Rätsel

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#dad :mastosob: #ghost #Storytelling #magic

Die Schwerkraft ist meine Mutter
Die Zeitdilatation ist ein Effekt, der durch die Relativitätstheorie beschrieben wird. Die Zeitdilatation bewirkt, dass alle inneren Prozesse eines physikalischen Systems relativ zum Beobachter langsamer ablaufen, wenn sich dieses System relativ zum Beobachter bewegt.Wikipedia (DE)
David Anasco🐘
5 months ago


"Cindy Full of Grace" 27 mins, 4 rounds
5 BB snatches, did 75lbs.
Cindy, 3 rounds
-5 pullups
-10 pushups
-15 squats
400 meter run

Capped round 4 at 200 meters.

Pre #Murph prep.

It was good for me to be afflicted. Psalm 119:71

6 months ago

Today's #Workout happened to be a #Murph prep round

Warm up (with partner): 2 rounds
* P1: 150 m run / P2: passive hang
* P1: passive hang / P2: 150 m run
* P1: 150 m run / P2: plank
* P1: plank / P2: 150 m run
* 5 synchro burpees

Technique work: pull-ups & push-ups

20 min AMRAP:
* 1-2-3-4-5.... pull-ups (did Australian:
* 1-2-3-4-5-... push-ups (did knee pushups)
* 150 m run

Managed 9 full rounds 😀

#CrossFit #CrossfitForYoga #Fitness #WOD #WorkoutOfTheDay

9 months ago
9 months ago

Murph looked cold so I put this shawl on him. He hopped up to get some water and took it with. #CatsOfMastododon #catsofwestphilly #murph

A cat drinking from his water dish wearing a red and black checked scarf.
1 year ago

Murph v1.13 intègre l'éditeur GrapesJS !

Pour permettre d'éditer du contenu de la même façon que #Elementor, #GrapesJS est maintenant nativement intégré dans #Murph depuis la version v1.13.