Erin Whalen
7 hours ago

40% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the construction and operation of buildings. (!!)

Here’s a cool article about a UK architecture firm hoping to help change that – by creating environmentally friendly biodegradable building blocks out of mycelium.

The future is fungal! 🍄 😁

#mushrooms #mycelium #architecture #sustainability #future

Mike Dank
11 hours ago

That's it for now. Next steps are:

- Modify the irrigation to make it more efficient and stop leaks
- Erect plant supports
- Erect fencing
- Add flowering plants to attract pollinators
- Build and fill a third garden bed, what to grow? (Use for #composting or #mushrooms?)
- Work on one of more #arduino-based solar "weather stations" to collect data on sunlight, rainfall, soil moisture, temperature, etc.


23 hours ago


#写真 #photo #自然 #nature #きのこ #mushrooms

2🪡 I've tried #mushroom and truffle soups, purees, chocolates (with *those* 'shrooms), even #vegan calamari.

I gag with every one of them.

Today I learned that humans and fungi share nearly 50% of our #DNA, and now I finally understand why I refuse to eat them.

🍄 I am half mushroom. 🍄

To eat fungi would be cannibalism, and as a vegan, I simply could not abide by that.

#Mushrooms #Fungus #TheresFungusAmongUs #Science

A 🧵 about #mushrooms...

1🪡 I am a #vegan, and I don't eat #fungi.

Not for ethical reasons but because I've always found them physically repulsive, much like meat. I spent decades trying to force myself, like a good little vegan, to be grateful for the giant portabello so many hosts have gleefully handed me.

Larena Woodmore
2 days ago

I just went for a walk and found something very strange. Do any of you know what these are? Maybe a slime mold, maye a jelly fungus but I really don't know.
#SlimeMolds #Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Mushrooms #Fungi #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #MysteryOrganism

Closeup photo of some strange shiny blobby organisms growing on a piece of weed. Each has a brown translucent cone-shaped "body" with a white glob on the top like a head.
Another photo of the same organisms from further back, showing that there are lots of them both in the open and growing under a lip of bark.
Larena Woodmore
2 days ago

So, over the past 10 days I've managed to post photos of fungi in every single colour. Alls that left are those without much colour at all. Transparent and semitransparent fungi!

For anyone who's interested, I have published every species I've found on my land at - currently 200ish species.

By the way, blue was the most popular colour, followed by black/grey and then pink.

#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Mushrooms #Fungi #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Transparent

Photo of some gooey-looking transparent fungi growing on the side of a log. In some places, it looks like someone has wiped some old glue on the log and on others it's thicker and rounded to you can tells that it's growing. The thicker areas have a bit of a frosted appearance.
Photo of a small bracket fungus growing from the side of a tree stump. Its top is sparkly and translucent light brown. The underside is covered in translucent white spines that look like tiny icicles. A few have broken off, and it looks like inside the pungus is probably transparent.
Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
2 days ago

This week's #TopChef challenge was mushrooms, one of my favorite foods! I didn't have a lot of time to cook this weekend so made a recipe I've made before, Herbed Mushroom Spoon Bread from Tanya Holland's cookbook Brown Sugar Kitchen. I think I overcooked it a little but it's a really good recipe. Like a cornbread soufflé! YUM
#cooking #CookBooks #mushrooms #vegetarian

A baking dish of herbed mushroom spoon bread, made with corn meal, milk, eggs, mushrooms, cheese, shallots, thyme.
Gigi 🥚
2 days ago


Asking the neighbours across the street if they want these beauties.

I don't know why all of them didn't get large — probably because the patch has produced so many so quickly.

I think it and I both need a rest.
Bring on the chestnut mushrooms and the black pearl king oysters.

#mushtodon #mushrooms

Two large wine cap mushrooms, and a midsize one on a cutting board.
A whole bunch of stunted one cup mushrooms at the base of a large one.

#Fungi may offer ‘jaw-dropping’ solution to climate change

> A study published Monday in Current #Biology found that fungi gobble up more than a third of the world’s annual #fossilfuel emissions.

> As such, fungi “represent a blind spot in #carbon modeling, #conservation, and #restoration,”

#PaulStamets: **glares**

#mushrooms #mycology #mycelium #mushtodon

3 days ago

Même les #champignons vieillisent. Preuve en est avec celui-ci qui semble en plus avoir lu dans la rosée du matin l'avenir du monde qui ne s'annonce pas merveilleux. / Even #mushrooms age. Proof of this is with this one who also seems to have read in the morning dew the future of the world which does not look wonderful. / Spéc. : Google Pixel 6, ƒ/1,85, 1/187, 6,81 mm, 97 ISO / #photography #photographie #Pixel #TeamPixel #Google #nature #Morvan #france

Champignon entouré de végatation
3 days ago

Thread I posted on bird site, containing detailed and nuanced thoughts on woodland microbial ecology and impacts on carbon fixation. And pretty pictures. Many pretty pictures. #fungi #mushrooms #CarbonCrisis #GlobalWarming #Ecology

Larena Woodmore
3 days ago

Bonus photo of shaggy taken from underneath. I'm not sure whether the red liquid came from the fungus of the log it's growing from. This is a splitgill mushroom - Schizophyllum commune - and will look very different if it lives to maturity (something already ate half of it)
#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Mushrooms #Fungi #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #White #Cream

Photo of a shaggy white bracket fungus, taken from below, growing on a wet log. It has sparsely placed creamy white gills radiating from its centre and beads of water underneath. There is also a large bead of unknown blood-red liquid.
Sean Riley
3 days ago

#fungi #mushroom #mushrooms #photography

Some fungi from the walk yesterday.

Close up photo of a bunch of shelf fungi. Light yellow undersides are dotted with red and dark specs against the dark black of a log. Some bright green moss is in the foreground.
John Colagioia
4 days ago

'Mushroom Coffin' a Last Best Wish for Some

Currently, Loop Biotech has a capacity to grow 500 coffins or urns a month, and are shipping across Europe. Hendrikx said they have caught on in the Nordics.

#Burial #Mushrooms #Coffins

Director Lonneke Westhoff and founder Bob Hendrikx of Dutch startup Loop Biotech display one of the cocoon-like coffins, grown from local mushrooms and up-cycled hemp fibres, designed to dissolve into the environment, in Delft, May 22, 2023
Haunted Owlbear
4 days ago

Indirectly re: last toot, because this was actually fun:

Here's the last of a series of large mushroom bricolage sculptures that I've been making out of reused materials for a music festival.

#mushrooms #sculpture #mastoart

A red and white flat model toadstool. Its cap is roughly carved out of foam and measures a little under one metre across.
The same toadstool, from the opposite side. But as the last pic, but you can see dark-painted gills made from ridges on the bottom of the foam from this angle.
4 days ago

Stormy Daniels Publishes First Novel, Based On Trump Affair

Book Instantly Banned in Florida under new trigger law by Gov. Ron DeSantis
🤡 🍄

image of book cover for the children's sci-fi novel Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet
Manny 🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇷
5 days ago

Bountiful harvest today!

It me, the Farmer in the Dell! 🧑🏻‍🌾🍄

#mushrooms #mushtodon #fungi #shrooms #mycology #fungidon

small white and brown mushrooms on a food dehydrator tray
mushroom grow blocks covered in white mycelium and brown and white mushrooms
mushroom grow blocks covered in white mycelium and brown and white mushrooms
G. Paul Randall
6 days ago

Another angle on yesterday's Ganoderma. This is a patch of gravel outside our kitchen door where this mushroom has been fruiting yearly since I moved here. The patch last year was massive.

Unlike previous specimens, these have short stems, which G. sessile normally lacks. But here's Michael Kuo on that subject:

"Ganoderma sessile can be confused with several similar North American species—especially Ganoderma curtisii. Ostensibly, the latter species has a fairly well-developed stem, while Ganoderma sessile does not ("sessile," by the way, is Mycologese for "without a stem"). However, both species are fully capable of breaking the stem rules, and do so often."

#fungi #mushrooms #Texas #nature

Two Ganoderma mushrooms sprouting from gravel.
G. Paul Randall
6 days ago

I noticed these fresh little puffballs from a distance under some oaks. They looked like white marbles scattered on the ground. As I approached, a squirrel scampered in and snagged one, scurried up the tree and sat on a branch, eating it like an apple.
Common Puffball (?)
#fungi #mushrooms #Texas #nature

Two small white puffball mushrooms in the dirt. About 2 centimeters in size.
6 days ago

#ForestForensics: the answer revealed! actually, it sort of revealed itself today: it is a Phallus multicolor!

the phallus multicolor forms a hairy ball first, which then cracks like an egg, revealing a slimy egg inside, then it'll make a phallus wearing a little skirt. so yea. she does it all! ;)

#ecology #mycology #mushtodon #fungus #mushrooms #tropical #hawaii #nature #forest

phallus multicolor "egg"
phallus multicolor fruiting body, where the egg previously was.
a couple phallus multicolor fruiting bodies coming out of my pot of baby patchouli plants
Ann LeBlanc
6 days ago

My mushroom farm is doing well this year! These are shiitakes we inoculated into the log about 2 years ago.

#mushrooms #fungus #fungalfriday

a picture of some shiitake mushrooms growing out of a log
Art Hunter
6 days ago

For Fungi Friday I have what I think is Scaly Ink Cap, Coprinopsis variegata. It's a new one for me!

#FungiFriday #Mushrooms #mosstodon #Fungi

A mushroom with a flattened bell-shaped cap, black around the bottom edge, and several smaller, immature oval-shaped examples growing from a moss-covered log.
G. Paul Randall
6 days ago

Ganoderma sessile (?)
#fungi #mushrooms #nature

Closeup of the side of a Ganoderma showing some of the cap, the margin, and the pore surface. It is difficult to recognize what is what given the angle and cropping. Very hard to describe.
Trash Robot
6 days ago

suppose you take #cardboard #trash and cut it and glue it into a cube. then you put some soil in the cube and do some kind of experiment. You could grow #worms, do a compost, grow #mushrooms build a battery from trash, grow the beginning of a tree, and possibly stack the cube with other cubes in a whole system of cubes. then you take videos of your results and put them all on a #peertube instance you host on laptops from the trash. You replicate this to millions of people, all hosting peer tube instances and uploading video results of their soil in trash cube experiments. that's a lot of data on what we can do with soil in cubes. we have goals we want from this, vegetables and mushrooms to grow, systems to get working. We can create algorithms which read in the video data and crunch on it to create summaries which people can use as a feedback loop to get the cubes working like they want. initially, this "#algorithm" is just #gardening enthusiasts watching and making their own videos. But as we scale we can add more trash servers which host software that automates more and more of the tasks.

this would be the internet of #soil.

it begins with a self-replicating 4 inch cardboard square, which replicates here:

Larena Woodmore
1 week ago

Yellow fungi
(A little late today because we had no electricity for 21 hours)
#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Mushrooms #Fungi #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Yellow

Photo of a thin vertical branch with some lichen and moss growing on it. On either side are large unstructured globs of a yellow fungus that looks like it may be lemon jelly. It isn't. Don't eat it.
Photo of two leather fungi growing one above the other on the side of a mossy log. The fungus looks like it has been torn from the non-shiny side of a piece of leather and then painted with lines of watercolours that blend into each other. At its base, the lines are brown, getting paler until, just in from the edge the lines have reddish edges and then suddenly change to a very bright yellow along the edges.
Photo of spiney little bright yellow capless fungi growing on a smooth log. They look like someone rolled plasticine into strands then posed them to look like flames on the set of a play. Some fork halfway, and the tips are very slightly orange.
Photo of two tall fungi, one in front of the other, with little caps shaped like the top half of an egg. They are light yellow all over, with darker yellow stripes running down the caps. The one at the back is lower and lined up so its stem is hidden behind the front one.
Swede’s Photographs
1 week ago

Good morning. 🍄🍄🍄

Before we moved to Louisiana, I had never seen an alligator in the wild. Then we drove south down towards the coast and there were many of them. Friends tell me they are in the freshwater lakes around where I live. But I've not seen one. There is even a small lake nearby named Alligator Lake, though again, I've not seen an alligator at Alligator Lake. True, just because I haven't seen them doesn't mean that they aren't there.

It's a little like that college introductory course in philosophy: What is it to know? I don't really know they are there; I only believe they are there because other people said so. When I say I know something, often, what I actually mean is I've seen enough evidence to believe it is true. I do know that I'm sitting in my office with Ben curled up next to my chair.

“Knowing it and seeing it are two different things.” - Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #mushrooms #alligators #knowing

This is a photograph of seven coprinaceae mushrooms, also called brittlestems.  They are growing in a grassy area. Morning dew is visible on the grass.  The area around the mushrooms is dark, but the mushrooms seem almost iridescent, glowing in the darkness. This is particularly true of white spots on the mushrooms.
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

These things are a bit weird. White Basket Fungus (Ileodictyon cibarium), growing under a pine tree. Why do so many fungi fruit near conifers - is it soil acidity from the dropped needles?

#Mushrooms #Fungi #Macro #Nature #NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #BasketFungus #Mushtodon #Sporespondence

Closeup of a white fungus that grows a bit like the shape of one of those 1970s crocheted indoor plant hangers (upside down). It's about 15cm (6 inches) across, with big gaps between lengths of white matter that join together
Autumn the Red Sage
1 week ago

Check out my series of small collage/paintings for Game of Shrooms this year! For those not in the know, it’s a worldwide game where artists hide mushroom art on June 10 for anyone to find. I am really happy with how these game out. I am going to keep 1 but will hide the other 14 in Oakland & Berkeley. There will be hints on where on my art Instagram squid.redsage. Do you want to hide or find some art?

#GameOfShrooms #GameOfShrooms2023 #mushrooms #mushtodon #sporespondence

Round purple table showing 15 small canvas boards with colorful backgrounds and collaged paper mushrooms against a golden spore print halo.
Bevan Weir
2 weeks ago

At the New Zealand fungal foray last week I tried a new (to me) style of mushroom photography, shooting on a white background for a 'technical scientific' representation rather than in the field.

This is the 'truffle like' mushroom Rossbeevera pachydermis named after my late colleague Ross Beever. I sliced it in half for the photo to show the inside spore mass.

You can see the field photo here:

#fungi #mushrooms #mycology #photography

A technical photo shot on a white background of the truffle like mushroom Rossbeevera pachydermis. it is a white ball with blue patches. inside it is a wet dark brown spongy mass.
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
2 weeks ago

Foraging Friends

Now available as a sticker/postcard bundle set in my SHOP! 🍂

#MastoArt #Art #fox #autumn #mushrooms

cat wearing a mushroom hat and a fox looking at all the foraged items they have collected. In the woods in an autumn setting.
Larena Woodmore
2 weeks ago

This mushroom reminds me of a disco dancer wearing those cork platform shoes.
#mushtodon #sporespondence #mushrooms #Tasmania #TasmanianRainforest

Close-up photo of a tall mushroom with a toffee-coloured smooth hemispherical cap growing on a log. Its stem is slender with a wider 'foot' at the bottom and has a graceful curve as if it's dancing. The stem is the same colour as the cap, but looks like it has been roughtly brushed with white paint that is denser towards the top. It appears to be wearing a toffee-coloured neck scarf.
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
2 weeks ago

🐾🍂 🍄 🍂🐾
Fairy Circle

#MastoArt #mushrooms #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Art

chubby cat in loaf mode resting in the middle of an autumn fairy circle.
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
2 weeks ago

🐾🌿 🍄 🌿🐾

Now available as a sticker in my SHOP! 🌿

#MastoArt #mushrooms #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Art

Orange cat wearing a mushroom cap. Surrounded by mushrooms and leaves.
Bob Benz
2 weeks ago

Dryad's saddle (Cerioporus squamosus) has stepped up after the morels stopped fruiting. This photo is chunks from several that were high up in a poplar snag. I used a long stick to knock it out of the poplar. It came down in pieces, but it was all young enough to fry in butter and serve with a side of noodles. #FungiFriday #fungi #mushrooms #athensohio

Chunks of Dryad's saddle (Cerioporus squamosus) that was high up in a dead poplar tree.
Deb Oppermann
2 weeks ago

These tiny, orange brown umbrella shaped mushrooms were sprouting all over this dead, damp, decayed log on the Speed River Trail in Guelph Ontario Canada. The fall season is a great time for discovering mushrooms of all kinds hiding in the forest.
Check it out here
#mushrooms #fungus #fungi #Mushtodon #nature #NatureMastodon #wild #MastoPhoto #macro #BuyIntoArt #NaturePhotography #photography #FungiFriday

Close up of tiny orange/brown mushrooms growing on log in the forest with cedar leaf and moss
Lisa Neuman Watercolors
2 weeks ago

Three Red Mushrooms

Here is a recent neurographic art design featuring three red capped mushrooms. The final painted design is reminiscent of stained glass.

#mushrooms #red #stainedglassart #neurographicart #spring #buyintoart #fedigiftshop

Three red capped mushrooms drawn in a neurographic art style and painted in vibrant watercolors.
Bo Jacobs
2 weeks ago

Poster warning about gathering radioactive mushrooms in the wild. Pic taken at the Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv when I was there in 2019.

#Chernobyl #nuclear #radiation @sts @histodons #mushrooms

Poster about radioactive mushroom gathering in the Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv
Amanda Makepeace
2 weeks ago

The final week of my Woodland Wonders pin preorder is almost here. It’s time to reveal another #mushroom, the Oyster!

Pins will be shipping in June. 🌿🍄

#MushroomMonday #mushrooms #fungi #woodenpin #pin #ecofriendly #artist #mastoart #artwork

Wooden pin of an oyster mushroom
The Wee Owl Studio
3 weeks ago

I have 5 original mushroom drawings available. They are 5 x 7 inches, easy to frame in a standard frame.
Find our more about them here☺️👇
Original mixed media drawings - Mushrooms via @Etsy
#Mushrooms #drawing #fungi #MixedMedia #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original mixed media drawings - Mushrooms
A photo collage of 5 colour mushroom drawings that I have available in my shop. 
They are 5 x 7 inches, mixed media on buff coloured paper.
3 weeks ago

"A cluster of giant mushrooms has popped up at Cockatoo Lake Recreation Reserve near Naracoorte in regional South Australia to the delight of residents.

The mushrooms are believed to be large boletes, Phlebopus marginatus, which are not commonly reported in regional South Australia.

Boletes are considered to be Australia's largest terrestrial mushroom and usually appear after soaking rains during autumn." #Australia #SouthAustralia #mushrooms #fungi #Naracoorte #boletes

Giant bolete mushrooms pop up in a nature reserve near Naracoorte to the delight of locals - ABC News

A baby has a little nap on a giant mushroom in a paddock on South Australia's Limestone Coast. (Photo Supplied: Alan Smith)
Deb Oppermann
3 weeks ago

The Turkey Tail mushroom, also known as Trametes versicolor or Coriolus versicolor, grows on dead hardwood trees throughout the world.This particular dead tree was just loaded with these fungi that seem to grow in layers vertically up the tree and make a lovely nature abstract.
Check it out here
#mushrooms #fungi #fungus #TurkeyTails #abstract #Nature #BuyIntoArt #Mushtodon #FungiFriday #NaturePhotography #AbstractArt #MastoPhoto #GiftIdeas #photography #macro

Close up of Turkey Tail mushrooms, fungi, in abstract
Laura E. Hall
3 weeks ago

4) Researchers at Tohoku University attached electrodes to mushrooms to track their electrical signal transfers after rain ⚡ 🍄

More interesting research on mycelial networks! Plus, it's lab confirmation of what mushroom hunters already know about how lightning affects fungi growth

Press release:

#Mushrooms #Fungi #Research

Mushrooms in the field with an electrode attached to the top and bottom. Photo by Yu Fukasawa
A cartoon showing the potential electrical signal transfer across mushrooms and its directionality. Illustration by Yu Fukasawa
Tim Chapman-Wilson
3 weeks ago

"Lady with #mushrooms" (1912)

Photo by Ernest Bloch.

#fungifriday #history #nature #photography

A black and white image from the early 1900s of a smiling elderly woman in an ankle length dress and a broad brimmed hat, holding up two enormous mushrooms, one spherical with a thick stalk, and the other flatter and seemingly round, one in each hand. 

She stands on a gravel path with trees and vegetation behind her.
G. Paul Randall
3 weeks ago

Ganoderma curtisii (probably)
A toddler and a newborn, same location.
#fungi #mushrooms #Texas #nature

Young Ganoderma mushroom has bright orange stalk with a white disc-shaped head protruding at a right angle.
Even younger Ganoderma mushroom has bright orange stalk with a white nub at the top.
G. Paul Randall
3 weeks ago

Caesar's Amanita (jacksonii?)
Memorial Park, Houston
#fungi #mushrooms #nature #Texas

A bright orange mushroom with a yellow stem.
3 weeks ago

Halfway through #AmiguruMay and it's time for something brand new!

Mushrooms are quite addictive to make and I have the urge to add eyes to the next batch

#Crochet #amigurumi #mushrooms

As some of you may recall, I started offering mobile wallpaper as a win-win way to get something fun and support what I do in lieu of a Ko-Fi and all that. The first two haven't been runaway hits per se but there's been enough interest to think it's a fair idea to continue to add more options. ❤️

So I hope you might enjoy seeing the latest choice!

Etsy Link:


#MushroomMonday #Mushrooms #fungus #MastoArt #CreativeToots #ArtMatters #MarkOnArt

Digital art painting of a "cosmic mushroom" illuminated in a small clearing at night. Rays of light are shining down on it beneath a night sky and a small path is picked out in the shadows.
Mockup of how my Mushroom digital art would look on an iPhone as the wallpaper  and/or Lock screen image. The phone is seen sitting on a light colored wooden table top.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 weeks ago

Last post for the day. Hope today has been good to you. Have a restful sleep with pleasant dreams, night night...
Original watercolour painting - Mushrooms via @Etsy
#mushrooms #fungi #painting #watercolour #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original watercolour painting - Mushrooms
A little watercolour painting of mushrooms on white paper. 
Width: 15.5 centimetres
Height: 23 centimetres

Asking those who know mushrooms: are these all the same type, in different life stages, or are they different mushrooms altogether?

**Edit: I am told these are inky caps, and that they can be used for making ink. I'm ridiculously eager to try that. (Thank you, @JoBlakely)

From a hike south of Bellingham, Washington (west coast, USA).

#mushrooms #mosstodon #moss #fungi #mushroom #forest #mycology #fungus #hiking

Moss and small green plants growing on the ground; in the middle of them, what appear to be a group of mushrooms in various stages of their life cycle, from light brown with domed tops, to medium brown with flat tops, to slimy black. Or are they different species?
Summer's Veil
4 weeks ago

always thinking about "you cannot kill me in a way that matters". drawn a piece for it before, but never been too fond of it, so here's a new one
#fungus #mushrooms #digitalart

digital illustration. roughly a circle, with the bottom half a black semicircle of "soil", grown through by curly mycelium. the top half has the text "you cannot kill me in a way that matters" in a bow shape, completing the top semicircle. in the centre, a mushroom threatened with crushing by a boot's sillohuette, but backed up beneath the soil by more mushrooms ready to grow.
The Wee Owl Studio
1 month ago

Happy Friday 😊
Hope you have great plans for the weekend. I'm going to be preparing my studio for major repairs and renovations will have to close for 5 or 6 days while this is going on from next weekend. So, if you need anything for gifts, order over the next few days so I can get it sent off to you before I shut shop.
Original watercolour painting - Mushrooms via @Etsy
#mushrooms #Watercolour #painting #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #CreativeToots #ScottishArtist

A watercolour and ink painting of mushrooms on white paper.
The Wee Owl Studio
1 month ago

I have 5 original mushroom drawings available, this wrinkly peach is one of them. An increasingly rare mushroom here due to the loss of the elm trees.
Original mixed media drawings - Mushrooms via @Etsy
#Mushrooms #fungi #FungiFriday #drawing #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original mixed media drawings - Mushrooms
This one is a drawing of wrinkly peach mushrooms, a pale stalk with a textured cap in peachy pink. 
The drawing is 5 x 7 inches on acid free buff coloured paper.

What are my chances of this being bioluminescent?

#fungus #fungifriday #mushrooms