2 days ago

I was lucky enough to see Violet Coral fungi for the first time at the weekend. This was in Liffey Forest, Tasmania

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Growing out of mossy ground with dead leaves and twigs around, a purple mass of coral shaped arms stretch out. Each arm ends  in a split, as if the arms are all pointing in the same direction
2 days ago
Antoinne Sterk
2 days ago
Just a photo of two mushrooms, albeit with some very strange post-processing.
Cobweb 🕸️
4 days ago

Adorable birds nest fungi I found on today’s dog walk.


1 week ago

Shroom in our yard. These always make me giggle. Wonder why.

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A close-up photo of a white mushroom called shaggy mane growing amidst grass. It looks like an elongated, fuzzy egg. Photographed in late afternoon sun, the blades of grass surrounding the mushroom cast sharp shadows on it.
2 weeks ago

Something Old, Something New

And if you're wondering where the fungi is, click on the picture to view the whole thing.

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a photo of two fungi, a fresh new one and an old withered and shrivelled up one, Birch Brackets, growing from the trunk of a dead Silver Birch tree, beyond which is a tangle of brown bracken and green bramble leading to more silver birch.
2 weeks ago

@nature #SixOnSaturday Still lots of green but it's more fun to look at #AutumnColour ! There's more of it every day (especially with some frosts).
Plus: there are still #flowers for #pollinators lots of #mushrooms and the year-round #birds are in the yard more with chicks grown up (and kitty gone ☹️ )
#BloomScrolling #insects #bees #florespondence #gardening #mushtodon #fungi #FallColor #September #Alberta
details in replies

Photo collage in 6 panels, 3 across top, 3 across bottom more or less square. Framed in red-brown in centre blending out to pale gold top and bottom. 
Top left a branch with bright gold oval leaves in front of another with narrow spear head shaped leaves in dark winey colour, and some green leaves farther back. Centre a small bird with black cap and chin, white swathe from eye to neck, grey back with some white and black on wings and tail, on partly bare branches with some yellowing leaves. Right tiny black shiny bee on  deep yellow  simple flat rose-like flower, dark shadows behind.
Bottom left compound palm shaped leaf of 5 toothed leaflets, deep wine colour, other leaves behind ranging from green to reddish. Centre cluster of many small to medium orangey brown emerging mushrooms- largest look like the tops of tiny dinner rolls, growing out of grey shredded wood. Right dense foliage of somewhat pointed oblong oval leaves in various shades and stages of autumn colour, bits of green through gold, pink, orangey red, all with darker spots and some holes made by insects.
2 weeks ago

When the flowers fade, fungi bring colour.

Nach den Blumen bringen die Pilze die Farbe.

#mushtodon #fungi

Zwischen Nadelbaum-Nadeln und trockenen Ästen wächst ein winziger Pilz mit einer roten Kappe und einen weißen Stiel.

A tiny mushroom with a bright red cap and a white stem among pine needles.
An Totholz wächst ein orangefarbiger korallenförmiger Pilz.

A brightly coloured orange fungi shaped like a coral.
Delta Wye
2 weeks ago

Unsure of what species of mushroom I got a 3D model of here! It sort of looks like Hen of the Woods but not quite? #mushroomhunting #mushtodon #fungi #lidar #3dscanning (Can’t tag but this is a 3D scan of a fleshy beige/orange mushroom)

Helen Clayton
2 weeks ago

Fortunately the only random encounters in the woods were of the fungus kind.

Wondered what these are…could they be dead man’s fingers or dead moll’s fingers? Any #fungi experts?

#Mosstodon #Mushtodon #Fungiverse

Close-up of a dead tree stump, thickly carpeted in green moss. Poking up through the moss is a cluster of what appears to be knobbly-looking finger-like black fungus.
2 weeks ago
Close-up of mushrooms growing on old birch.
Wif Stenger
2 weeks ago

Souvenirs from today's swimming expedition

#porkkalanniemi #SuomenLuonto #mushtodon #lingonberries

Hand holding orange chanterelle mushrooms and red lingonberries with reeds and sea in the distance
Jochen Diekenbrock
2 weeks ago

Gemeiner Schwefelporling, schmeckt angeblich nach Hühnerfleisch, daher auch Chicken of the woods genannt
#mushtodon #fungus

Ein Baumpilz, der an einem alten toten Eichenstamm wächst
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

Just a few months ago, the local trees were competing to see who could grow the best mushroom...

#FungiFriday #Fungi #Mushtodon #Mushroom #Nature #NaturePhotography

An old, large wound on a tree where a branch has been cut off. There's a dusting of orange lichen around one side, and a large mushroom growing out of a hole in the middle of where the branch used to be
A fresh, rounded mushroom just starting to grow sideways out of the old, rotting wood where a branch was cut off years ago
A cluster of mushrooms growing in and around the trunk of a tree. Some grow out of old branch wounds, some grow above them, populating the flat area where other branches start from
2 weeks ago
Two orange-ish mushrooms poking up from some decaying leaves on a branch in the woods.
Antoinne Sterk
2 weeks ago
Three parasol mushrooms stand proudly next to each other. The remains of an unlucky fourth lie against the third. In the background is a juneberry, blooming heather and some trees. This picture is taken in september 2014 on a late summer afternoon in Hilversum.
Tini Malitius
2 weeks ago

This one's just so the last two mushroom fashion people wouldn't be alone anymore. So here's another couple of mushroom inspired autumn clothing for you. I hope you like it :D

#art #MastoArt #illustration #mushrooms #mushtodon #fashion #autumn

mushroom fashion 2
Tini Malitius
2 weeks ago

Hello autumn-friends! Today I walked passed what felt like one hundred pumpkins that were stacked in front of the local farmer's house. So yes, it's autumn 🍂
To commemorate the start of this fine season, I drew two people wearing clothes inspired by mushrooms for ya. Please enjoy the mushroom fashion. Also, I wish you a swell evening/day, depending on when you see this.

#art #MastoArt #illustration #mushrooms #mushtodon #fashion #autumn

fashion based on mushrooms
3 weeks ago

Mushroom-lamp "Siblings".

Two casts of real mushrooms on a small driftwood, but all cables/battery are hidden underneath though. I really enjoyed working on these two, they had such a warm glow.

I'm open for commissions, feel free to ask me about your dream mushroom.

#mushroom #fungi #forest #moss #mosstodon #mushtodon #pilze #MastoArt

Two brown-redish mushrooms on a driftwood. The hats are made of epoxy resin and are casts of real mushrooms.
The two mushrooms switched on. Surprise, it's a lamp! They glow very warm, like an autumn sunset.
3 weeks ago

For #FungiFriday I present these two #mushrooms I found growing at the edge of a mowed area by some bottomland hardwood forest. This was near #Sorrento #Louisiana on September 1, 2023. Neither iNaturalist nor I can identify them, but they are interesting nonetheless. #mushtodon #sporespondence

Two tan mushrooms with irregular caps erupt from leaf litter and grass in this photo. The larger of the two has an upturned cap with gills visible on the underside. The smaller of the two has a downturned cap.
3 weeks ago

We've had the faeries, now it's time for some Pixies.....

Pixie Cup Lichen looking very splendid up on the local moors.

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a macro photo of some very tiny,  maybe 15mm high, pixie cup lichens growing in and amongst moss on a high peaty moorland
Bjorn Idle
3 weeks ago

White basket fungus, it pops up in lots of places around the city, in gardens and random bits of ground.

Such a interesting shape for something to take!

#Fungi #Mushtodon #Nature #NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #Mushroom #WhiteBasketFungus

Closeup of a white fungal structure. It looks like a set of inflatable tubes forming the shape of an open helmet, like the ones that boxers use
3 weeks ago
Bird’s nest / cup fungi
Peter McMahan
3 weeks ago

Finally get getting around to posting some of the lichen, fungus, and moss we encountered in Quebec a couple of weeks ago. More in the replies.
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A large patch of reindeer lichen among some mosses
Some kind of cool mushroom. I have no idea what. It looks like a paper cup full of Nougat.
A boulder with miss growing in prominent stripes on it

#mushtodon #mushroom #fungi

Found this today on a walk with friends. Just a little southwest (about 30km) of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. I have no clue what this is is appreciated.

Beige colour, spongelike appearance, baseball size & shape mushroom on a forest floor of pine needles & greenery.
4 weeks ago

forbidden scrambled eggs #LichenSubscribe or is it #Mushtodon?

An orange fungus grows on grey, rotting wood in a tight cluster, surrounded by little baby pieces of itself trying to grow.
AGF : poemproducer
4 weeks ago

time for spooky mushrooms #fungi #mushtodon

spooky mushrooms, lichen
AGF : poemproducer
4 weeks ago

lately I only take from the forest what I can carry with my 2 hands while fighting mosquitoes #mushtodon #fungi #mushrooms

Gigi 🥚
4 weeks ago


Oh! I must thank you!
My friends have all been regaled for years with my special version:

🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽

Bladder bladder bladder bladder bladder bladder bladder bladder

Washroom! Washroom!

🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽

I mean, I also sing the original probably more often than you would think, largely because I am a very big fan of growing 🍄🍄

I suspect there is a secret fanbase among the other #mushtodon denizens.

1 month ago

#FungiFriday #Mushtodon + a cheat for #ThickTrunkTuesday
I see lots of #fungi on #trees living and dead here, and lots of #mushrooms on the ground or fallen wood, but I do not often see regular looking, stemmed mushrooms on standing trees! In fact I think I've only seen it once before, and it was quite near this one- in a stand of Populus balsamifera /Balsam Poplar, in moist/mesic mixed woods on the farm. I forget, for sure, but this may be a dead standing tree. @nature #BorealForest #Alberta

classic looking mushroom with a whitish stem and broad beigey-tan cap, growing right out of the trunk of a tree, about eye-level. The bark is grey and dark grey, very rough with deep vertical furrows. Behind are several more of the same kind of tree trunk some with orange lichens, and surrounded by green grass and smaller shrubs and trees including a small birch. Light is even and overcast.
Same mushroom and site as described in previous  photo's alt text, this is a much closer view, showing some texture on the mushroom and close up of the tree bark.
Jake Rayson
1 month ago

Rather beautiful orange bracket fungus. Any recommendations for UK fungi ID app?

#fungi #mushtodon

Pale orange on top bracket fungus on tree, creamy white beneath
Nic Dafis
1 month ago

Rhywbeth pert yng nghysgod y clawdd yr ardd. Ddim 100%, ond dw i'n meddwl efallai taw “Eirin a chwstard" (Tricholomopsis rutilans) yw e. Ddim eisiau ei bigo gan taw dim ond un fadarchen sydd, a dw i ddim wedi’i gweld o'r blaen yn yr ardd.

#Mushtodon #Madarchodon

Madarchen sengl, nobl, gyda chap sy’n felyn ar yr ymyl a mynd yn fwy piws tua’r canol, gyda thagelli melyn a choesyn sy’n felyn ar y top a mynd yn biws tua’r gwaelod. Mae mewn porfa a mwsog, a rhedyn bôn y clawdd yn y cefndir
Aaron Reuland
1 month ago

Interesting fungi in the woods today.
#macrophotography #fungi #mushrooms #mushtodon

Purple mushroom growing from leaf litter
Tan coral looking fungi
Two purple mushrooms- damp looking
Helvetica Blanc
1 month ago

@takumar Tagging #lichensubscribe and #mushtodon for the folks that like to ID fungi!

Joanne Stocker-Kelly
1 month ago

Nearly Nora Ephron season at Florence Court today #mushtodon #woodland

Little patch of mushes in a clearing in the trees
Beardy Star Stuff
1 month ago

Tiny little fungi! Witch's Hat, Hygrocybe conica. Unidentified white mushrooms.
#LichenSubscribe #Fungi #Mushtodon

a very small, glossy red mushroom pushes through moss. Its cap is conical as it has not yet opened.
two mushrooms, growing near each other. They have orangish, stems and red caps. Surrounding the mushrooms is a mix of forest floor debris, including small steaks, and leaves. 
two very thin and small white mushrooms
1 month ago
What appears to be (though I'm not absolutely sure) orange-ish chicken of the woods mushrooms growing