1 hour ago

Reposting for Native mutual who is not recieving much support or institutional assistance.

"I’m an indigenous anarchist mother raising mutual aid for my newborn son. He’s in need of a humidifier, diapers, and other baby essentials Any support is appreciated at this time

CA: $trqmuliskwist"

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Maria Bruxxxa
2 hours ago

Please help Clara, a black trans woman from Venezuela. This is really urgent. She needs basic survival costs right like food, meds and other costs and is in a really desperate situation. Please share and help if you can. Any help is massively appreciated.


#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest

Hi, I'm Pixie, legal name Victoria.

I'm a NB currently in a homeless shelter with no income, no one to help, and a very tight deadline to finish training and certification as a phlebotomist as soon as possible so I can get a stable living situation where I have a bed. [OG plans have been canceled]

Anything donated with non-GFM ways will be added as offline donations.

Cashapp: $dragonromance

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6 hours ago @mutual_aid

Still nothing so far today....and now I am practically starving because I have not eaten yet today. Is there anyone kind enough to donate $40 or so so I can order some grub right now? It would be appreciated.

The rest is still active, too.


hal 🤸✨
7 hours ago

Coucou tout le monde,
Je galère depuis plus d'un an avec ma thune à défaut de toucher l'AAH que j'attends depuis un an et demi.

Chaque mois est compliqué, mais ce mois-ci est particulièrement dur. Entre mes dettes à mon thérapeute, les dépenses incompressibles que j'ai eues ce mois-ci et qui m'ont fait dépenser mes maigres économies, et le fait que je suis, comme tous les mois à 200€ dans le rouge depuis une semaine.

Si vous avez un peu de sous de côté, je vous serais reconnaissant.e de votre aide, dans le but de stabiliser mon compte en banque.

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7 hours ago

Reposting for Native mother (mutual).
Couldn't get any help yesterday, so we had no choice but to sleep in our car again.. Could anyone please help us with some food? Since I can't get enough to get us sheltered... Please help if you can. Anything helps

PP: http://paypal. me/ MYC223
CA: $MYC223 VM: MYC223"

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11 hours ago

Reposting for Native mutual:

"Just received a lovely donation from an amazing person, thank you! $84/$300 $216 left to clear rent and keep an indigenous family of five housed!

I E-Transfer (Canada) : "

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11 hours ago

Reposting for Ntv mutual:

"homeless covid+ native single mother needs your help!

please help a single native mother with grocery funds! $200 is needed, please anything helps! thank you!



c@sh@pp $pandamoonxo

#IndigenousMutualAid #MutualAidRequest #GivingWednesday #KindnessMatters #FeedSomeNtvs

AdingTanya on twt
14 hours ago

TBH I'm at the point of "throwing the towel" right this moment... thought I wouldn't need to post this again but here I am😞...

I have to raise $1000 to clear my goal, hoping that I can get at least $200 by 09/29. Donations and boosts are much needed. Thank you for your help 🙇‍♀️

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14 hours ago

:boost_ok: my family and i lost our primary source of income and are really down on our luck. we have very little coming in, which is making feeding ourselves and paying for rent/bills next to impossible

we have a little bit of a cushion right now but in the coming months we'll be at risk of losing our apartment

if you can help, we would deeply appreciate it. two of the three of us are disabled and unable to work

@mutualaid #transcrowdfund #mutualaid #mutualaidrequest

15 hours ago

Now down to only 4 days left before my $600 medical premium comes past due & I risk losing my medical benefits.

Plus, $250 for other bills & purchasing food.

Any donations would be appreciated.$AnthonyJK6319

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #disabilitycrowdfund @mutual_aid

23 hours ago

Indigenous Elder and fellow twitch streamer Lost Sioux is in need of help meeting there medical needs.

Donate if you can and at the very least boost this post for others to see and possibly help.

#gofundme #mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

Greenback Guerrilla Distro
1 day ago

Emergency fundraiser for food during a stressful time

Venmo: @ nayaleynay Put your favorite fruit as the only description please

A 19 year old woman is traveling to and from New Mexico for a couple days and needs some help paying for food.

#WeKeepUsSafe #MutualAidRequest #MutualAidIsLove #MutualAid

2 days ago

Need $55 for refilling my phone, used up a majority of my data lending my hotspot to a Ntv community member on Sunday. Thank u!

Cashapp & venmo: doublerainbowomg

#MutualAidRequest #EmergencyCrowdfund #GivingTuesday #KindnessNetwork #IndigenousMutualAid

2 days ago

Can we raise $25 towards Breakfast foods that need restocking for Native family of 6, 5 disabled?


Cashapp & venmo: doublerainbowomg

#DisabilityCrowdFund #IndigenousMutualAid #EmergencyCrowdfund #MutualAidRequest #GivingTuesday #KindnessNetwork

Hey all.

Things are quickly going to shit financially while I work on disability. I could really use any and all help I could get. I need about 1400 a month to survive but at current I need about half that.

If you can help out I'd really appreciate it.


#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transfund

Keeper of the orb
2 days ago

hey if anybody has spare $$ my old lady cat is really straining my wallet this month and i could use help?

i need:
115 for 4 weeks of prescription food
25 for a diffuser (luna needs it!)
40?? for a SC fluid injection kit for ren
& 85 for solensia injections next month

boosts are appreciated, help me out if you can!

i'll update this as we go...

#mutualAidRequest #cats #CatsofMastodon

ren the silver tabby hiding under a striped green and white blanket, looking at the camera. the blanket is over her head like a hood.
ren looking to the side, still wearing the blanket like a hood.

Hi, I'm Pixie, legal name Victoria.

I'm a NB currently in a homeless shelter with no income, no one to help, and a very tight deadline to finish training and certification as a phlebotomist as soon as possible so I can get a stable living situation where I have a bed. [OG plans have been canceled]

Anything donated with non-GFM ways will be added as offline donations.

Cashapp: $dragonromance

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

I hate to ask, but I've been hit with a few things this month, and could use a little help.

(It's not urgent, but would help me a lot.)

My partner's car was stolen last week, and I lost a few things I needed (my cane, and my glasses/sunglasses- both rx).

I also got a prescription that helps my inflammation, but OHP won't cover it. And on top of that, since we're using my car, and the rainy season is starting, we need new wiper blades.

So I need about 75 to cover all these things.

#MutualAidRequest #mutualaid

octo collective
3 days ago

:boostRequest: please boost? 🥺

so, I've got my bills covered for this month and that is truly amazing. I'm very thankful five everybody that donated and shared!

but those following me know that the the biggest of my financial woes is that I "own" some money for my father. you can check my ko-fi posts for more info on it but and I'd like to at least save something to pay it back because he is always threatening asking for all of it back at once even tho I don't have it.

currently I had all of my reserves wiped out so. I have already had my bill's for this month covered and that was really the priority but I'd really really like to be free from all of this. that would be the perfect birthday gift and there isn't really anything else I want more in this world.

so if you could boost, I'd be really grateful. if you can afford donating, that would be amazing too!

realistically I'm aware I'll never meet the goal but if I an build a little reserve to get myself started that would be amazing


ko-fi - accepts paypal and stripe.
stripe (USD) - (for those that prefer not using paypal)
stripe (BRL)
tarot readings info


#mutualAid #transCrowdfund #mutualAidRequest @mutualaid

3 days ago

Good Afternoon! Hoping everyone has a great day today.

Searching for help with some donations so we can reup on groceries today?


Cashapp & venmo: doublerainbowomg

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Johanna Taylor ✍️👻📚
3 days ago

Hey comics friends.

We all know Tess Fowler.
We all love Tess Fowler.

She’s in a *horrific* financial situation rn and needs our help!

Since bsky doesn’t do video yet, I’m posting screenshots of her vid and her call to action here, on her behalf.

Please donate and/or share if you can 💕

#artistsonmastodon #MutualAidRequest

From Tess Fowler’s IG account:

Today, just as I packaged the last order for the shop, we received a call that is potentially devastating. 

Everything has been going pretty great. Chris and I are doing well. We have been working and in really great head spaces. We found out we both have autism and learning more about that has left us with a lot of peace. Chris was back to work, and I was finishing up art lists.

Then, earlier this month, we found out that Covid support we applied for, while I was down with cancer and surgeries, and unable to work was, in fact, not approved, and we had only a matter of weeks to pay back rent, or be evicted. Back rent that totals quite a lot of money. A LOT a lot.

We have been on top of all of our paperwork, and even with the gofundme my friend ran for us, between cancer and surgeries, and now this back rent, it’s just not enough. 

We were granted a deal by the owner to pay it back monthly, so long as there’s a down payment; the deadline for that down payment is Sept 28th
(Cont.) so far so good! We almost had it covered. We were doing OK! Crisis averted. Or so we thought. Then today’s phone call: the owner, who made the deal with us, apparently did so without their lawyers approvals. We were told today the deal was suddenly off the table, and there was no explanation. So the weeks that we could’ve spent looking for and securing a new apartment are gone. In five days, the deadline is up for the eviction. Our rent has been returned. Even though we applied for the new back rent help program per the buildings request, that doesn’t even begin to be considered until October. And the waitlist for that is long.

So the situation now is dire: unless we can come up with $20,000 by at least Wednesday the 27th, or roughly $7000 to get us into a new apartment by the 27th, we will be homeless. 

We love you so much and we hate to do this to you, but I will have to pack up the whole studio and won’t be able to work on Commissions until we figure out where we’ll safely land.

Please forgive any typos here. More than a little stressed. All the love in the world to all of you. We are tough. We will find a way to come out the other side.
Call to action screenshot from Tess Fowler’s IG account:

PS: for those offering help, my PayPal is

Thank you and I will keep you posted.
3 days ago

Still in need of glutenfree bread, coconut milk, more fruits n veggies, oatmeal, cereal, meat, for myself & SO! Any donations towards our nutrition would be greatly appreciated!


Cashapp & venmo: doublerainbowomg

#IndigenousMutualAid #GivingTuesday #MutualAidRequest #TipANTV #FeedSomeNtvs #Kindnessnetwork #KindnessMatters

Hey everyone. We still really need help with food and my meds. If anyone can please help! We just $50 and we'll make it. I've been crying all morning from pain and anxiety. Please help me care for my family! We would never survive without all your help!

Amount needed: $50

Venmo: @RynSieler

#MutualAidRequest #mutualaid

5 days ago

Happy California Native day! My partner's Tribal ancestral territory includes California!

Raising $100 for toiletries & groceries. Help is greatly appreciated! Thank u!


Cashapp & venmo: doublerainbowomg

#TipANative #NativeFamilyFriday #SettlerSaturday #DisabilityCrowdfund #mutualaidrequest #CaliforniaNativeDay #IndigenousMutualAid

6 days ago

Hi friends, I have an emergency. My friend has just been left at the altar by her shitheel fiancé. She hasn't eaten in days to save money to put the deposit on the cake and flowers and just finished paying off her dress. She needs to eat, desperately.

CApp for immediate help: $ErikaStardust

Gofundme for longer term so she's not trapped

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #HelpRequest #food #poverty #BlackMastodon #DisabledFedi #BlackFedi #disability

tropical princess
1 week ago

Hi, my name is Clara, Im a black trans woman from Venezuela. Im in a really desperate situation right now. I really need financial suppot for survival costs. Please share and help if you can. Any help is a blessing.


#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

octo collective
1 week ago

:boostRequest:​ hey, I'm still in dire need for help.

I'm beyond fucked and I'm beyond frustrated. I'm just not that numbed anymore because I'm so angry that it woke me up.

I'd also love to spend a single day not being reminded of how fucking racist the world is but I'm unable to either here or IRL.

all I'd like is to at least to be able to spend my birthday month not worrying about being able to afford my bills but here I am.

I'm begging. Any amount helps and so does if you hit the boost button.



#mutualAid #transCrowdfund #mutualAidRequest @mutualaid

1 week ago @mutual_aid

Toughing it out until I get my disability payment later night. But, a bit hungry. Can anyone help, please? If I can get a donation before 8 PM, I can have my food delivered before the places close. $30 will do.

COBRA premium & other big bills due 9/30. $1,000 goal.

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #disabilitycrowdfund #BlackCrowdfunding

Souzou, Inc.
1 week ago

The funeral is over. My partner's mom was laid to rest beside her husband.

We're taking care of her house now, and we've barely had time to sit down. I brought my laptop, thinking I could work a bit in my downtime, but haven't even had a chance to plug it in. There's just too much.

As expected, I won't be able to pay my bills next month. Hell, I don't even think I'll be able to cover them all this month. And I honestly hate that I'm having to worry about this while I'm trying to comfort my grieving partner.

If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Even just boosting is helping.


#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #mutualaid #BegPost #begposting