SuperSluether :blobfox:
18 hours ago

Wow, I'm impressed. The standard Equate earloop face masks from Walmart have the stiffest nosepiece I've experienced in a non-N95 mask. I think this is the first earloop #mask I've worn where the nosepiece actually forms a proper seal.

I have a stash of #N95 masks for longer occasions, but I use earloop masks for quick interactions like getting gas or picking up food. #CovidIsNotOver

1 day ago

"One-way masking, as these Boston hospitals suggest, is far from ideal. If you are in such a hospital, wear an N95. The risk varies with the type of activity, ventilation in the space, number of people, etc. Lisa Brosseau, Ph.D., CIDRAP consultant, estimated it would take about 1.25 hours of exposure for a person wearing a non-fit tested N95 to get infected from someone who is unmasked but contagious."

#covid19 #N95 #MasksInHealthcare #HICPAC

Screenshot of article, Link in post
5 days ago

@chargrille PS: concerts, conferences (not performing) still possible, with #N95. A small consolation.

5 days ago

OSHA Must Protect Workers!

OSHA is taking public comment through Friday Sept 29


The Vertlartnic: International
[image: painting of two people sitting in a garden, one in a wheelchair]
Amid An Uptick in Covid Infections, Minimisers and Vulnerable People Are Divided Over the Need for Masks in Health Care Settings

I love how all these events are being cancelled "because of #Covid"

Because... too many of the people who are key to run the event have Covid ...

NOT to PREVENT people from getting Covid in the first place!!!

*flailing Kermit arms*

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #WearAMask #N95

6 days ago

Uh ok. So current tools are not adequate to deal with a worldwide #pandemic. Nurses are stretched beyond their limit. It’s so so awful.

But, pretty please #healthcare providers, could you at least USE THE TOOLS that are AVAILABLE?

#N95 #MasksInHealthcare ? Is it worth a dollar a day to save a few lives?

You could be heroes again.

Photo from 3M advertising n95 medical grade mask for healthcare providers. Please use.
6 days ago

Great wrap-up of the current state of all things COVID-related (vaccines, variants, wastewater levels, masks, masking in healthcare, etc.), from the People’s CDC.

@novid #COVID #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #N95 #N95Masks #CleanAir #USHealthCare #PublicHealth #HealthCareIsAHumanRight #CDC #PeoplesCDC @PeoplesCDC

6 days ago

Another good one:

Please consider signing this petition urging CDC Director Mandy Cohen to acknowledge and advocate for a multi-layered (Swiss cheese) approach to preventing COVID. Let her know that the current “You do you” and vaccine-only approaches don’t cut it.
😷 + 💉 = 🧀

@novid #COVID #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #N95 #N95Masks #CleanAir #USHealthCare #PublicHealth #HealthCareIsAHumanRight

6 days ago

Hello, friends. Please consider signing this petition urging Congress, the White House, and HHS to provide free N95 masks by mail within the US. 😷

@novid #COVID #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #N95 #N95Masks #USHealthCare #PublicHealth #HealthCareIsAHumanRight

1 week ago

Walking through several busy airport terminals yesterday filled with coughing and sneezing people, and every time I saw someone with an #N95 mask (maybe 1 in every 250 people) I thought to myself: wow, that is another smart and independent thinker! #covid #travel

Nurse #DaisyDoo reporting in: My mama has finally tested negative for #COVID tonight after 11 days since onset of 😃symptoms. A considerably shorter time than many bouts of bronchitis she's had in the past. However, she understands that continued infections could be very bad so is already scheduled for an #Updated #COVID vaccine n will wear upgraded #N95 masks #SheltieLife #MonDog

Good girl Daisy Doo on her pink quilt.
1 week ago

@jor Very true! If you're going to wear a mask, wear a mask that works, a respirator mask that is made to filter small aerosols: #n95 #FFP2 #kn95 #kf94 or better. NOT just a baggy blue surgical mask-- those are meant for droplets. #Covid Airborne. Surgical, cloth, or dust masks do not have the ability to offer adequate protection from Covid, TB, Smoke, and other aerosols. There is no shortage of respirator masks to choose from. Keep looking, Find your Cinderella slipper. #RespiratorMask

1 week ago

@revoluciana @trendless My faves, in order of fit, seal, and comfort on my face: (all N-95s with head straps)
1) Respokare fold-flat
2) 3M VFlex
3) 3M Aura

If I’m doing something quick with (imo) lower risk of exposure, such as going through a drive thru or accepting a delivery at the front door, I don KF-94 LG Airwashers.

#WearAMask #COVID #N95 #Respokare #3M #VFlex #Aura #KF94 #AirWasher

Quick trip to Safeway. Ugh. Sat night. I pass a woman with an N95 mask. She says "It's just you and me". I said looks like it. And it was literally true. 😔

Down a different aisle we pass again & she says "I gotta ask you..."

This is usually where they ask about my #FloMask.

"Do you ever see anyone else wearing an #N95 #Mask??"

I happily reported that TJs & Costco had quite a few this week.

Was obvious she was the lone mask wearer in her circle. Hope I gave her hope.

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid

Ed Suominen
1 week ago

#Spokane County #Washington #SARSCov2 #wastewater levels, showing that about as many people have #Covid as have for about half of the last 60 weeks or so.

No, #CovidIsNotOver and you should be saying #NoToBrainInfections by simply wearing an #N95 respirator.

I’m really tired of this #pandemic. It sucks. My social life is a smoldering ruin. But neither my preferences nor yours dictate what happens with a highly transmissible, immune-evasive airborne #virus.

Spokane County SARS2 concentrations in wastewater since the lull of Spring 2022. Levels are rising from a 2-month long local minimum, though with considerable variance that makes the upward trend less statistically significant. It’s difficult to estimate from the plot what the levels would be even if the first derivative since June remained roughly the same, and there is no evident exponential growth.

Horizontal red line shows the current levels compared to what they’ve been for the past 14-15 months. Contrast with the zero-virus level shown with horizontal yellow line, and note area under the curve overall vs limited to the red line. If levels had been constant over plot interval at current level, we would have had most of the infections we did. Red line appears to be near the median now.

MRI scans showed abnormalities in people who had had severe #Covid:

...14 times more likely in the lungs

...3 times more likely in the brain

...2 times as likely in the kidneys difference in the heart or liver

#LongCovid: MRI Scans Reveal New Clues to Symptoms
#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95 #BringBackMasks

Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

@crowgirl The Donate A Mask Project Canada actually is here! @donatemask

Adding some tags for visibility

#Masks #Covid #N95 #N95Masks

2 weeks ago

Uuugh husband went to cello concert this evening. He wore #N95, sat near some unmasked friends, stayed about an hour. I had thought he’d stay farther away from others. At least it’s a big airy space, wasn’t crowded. But I’m still anxious AF about it. Don’t enjoy the marital discord either. He’s higher risk than I am, too! BLURGH. #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

Julie Webgirl
2 weeks ago


I'm telling you, Taylor Swift is how we get ourselves out of the shit-show we're in.

Taylor I'm begging you, wear an #N95! Like... always! Please!


Dr Pieter Peach
2 weeks ago

It’s takes around 3mm of stubble growth to significantly impact fit of particulate filtering respirators.
#N95 #Infectionprevention #OHS

Screenshot of a tweet by Dr Satoshi Akima talking about 3mm stubble being the significant pint at which seal is impacted and a screenshot of the chart in the paper above that shows this
2 weeks ago

Health workers warn loosening #mask advice in hospitals would harm patients and providers | Health News Florida facilities are where some of the most #vulnerable people in our population have to frequent or stay…#N95 masks, ventilation, and air-purifying technology can lower rates of #covid transmission within hospital walls and “help ensure that people are not leaving sicker than they came.” Via @jvipondmd

Dr Joe Pajak
2 weeks ago

Given increase in infections, hospitalisations & deaths, time also for UK government to restart free COVID tests, reintroduce @ONS, weekly (COVID-19) Infection Survey, and to urge people to make use of #N95 masks, in crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation. #CovidIsAirborne

Ed Suominen
2 weeks ago

One of two people wearing effective respiratory protection against a dangerous airborne pathogen at the Costco today, my #Envomask #N95.

It’s surreal knowing that #Covid causes long-term misery and disability to a tenth of the people getting it, and that a lot of people are being infected right now, and yet nobody appears to give a shit about their own well-being much less anyone else’s. I really never thought I’d see mass delusion on this scale or with these disastrous consequences.

Bald old white dude wearing an Envomask elastomeric N95 respirator with prescription glasses made for people with dry-eye problems. Silicone eye cups keep most of the virus out.

Ohhhh I see now. I think.

"Biden administration announces $600M to produce COVID tests and will reopen website to order them"

Ok, you know what? I'm not going to bitch about this... not any part of it, bcuz I know you know, and it doesn't get us anywhere except perhaps more alienated.

So YAY BIDEN and YAY (the) people who listen to their president.

I don't care how you got here (taking precautions like #N95 #Masks) we're just glad you're here!!

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #LongCovid

Gosh I thought 24 hrs was all that's recommended as long as you don't have a fever.

He should buck up & get to work just like every other peon whose employer gives them that line of BS..

Just like every school tells parents of infected students..


EVERYONE'S EVERYTHING should be cancelled if they get infected.


"Live ‘Strike Force’ Show Canceled After Jimmy Kimmel Comes Down With #COVID"

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95

Ok what did the news say last night #Seattle??

I saw more #masks today then I have in a longgg time. 😯😷😁

Nowhere close to where it should be but by far I'm not the only one or two.

Even got complimented on my #FloMask and asked details about it. Always makes me happy to share.

I hope this trend continues.🤞

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #MaskUp #N95 #LongCovid

2 weeks ago

The Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA) has condemned the recent announcement made by NSW Health regarding the downgrading of COVID-19 response measures and the abandonment of mask mandates within healthcare facilities.

English translation of letter, adapted for international audiences:

#MasksInHealthcare #covid #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #longCovid #n95

After weeks of intense brain work ie coding, my brain informed me today that this was *not* a brain day.

So I did some organizing. Actual things, not thoughts or bits.

I'm not convinced tomorrow won't be the same.

#LongCovid #ListenToYourBody #Covid #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95

2 weeks ago

CDC/HICPAC keep trying defend their cruddy drafts by saying the goal is to "streamline"-- you want to streamline? Then put n95s/equivalents back in healthcare! That is what prevents transmission to your most vulnerable and what protects you healthcare staff. Just learn from your mistakes for once!

#covid #covid19 #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #MasksInHealthcare #longCOvid #n95

2 weeks ago

Had essential repair in our home this AM. Worker wore #KN95 over beardybeard, sigh. We wore #N95 & ran #CorsiRosenthalBox in his space, had window open, & vented with fan after he left. Yes I am truly exhausted/frustrated from doing #CovidPrecautions but better than having #LongCovid or complications. Husband swears while he sets up filtration but does it. Just like I swear when I put HIS dishes in the dishwasher! #Marriage #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

Those getting their #booster this week, please remember to #Mask with an #N95 or better. The goal is still not to get #Covid at all, because "mild" or not, short-lived it not, it messes with your immune system & can damage essentially every organ in your body AND you can end up with #LongCovid & fully boosted is not enough.

Stay safe!

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #N95 #LongCovid #CovidIsAirborne #Covid

2 weeks ago

The ability to tell the difference between political spin and real health advice is an important skill... so too is the courage to take a stand and do what's right instead of following the crowd. Both skills are rare on their own. Possessing both skills is even rarer. #covid19 #wearamask #n95

Madhouse Muse 😷🦋
2 weeks ago

"Masks work. Distorting science to dispute the evidence doesn’t.

New mask studies relying on a medical paradigm do not erase decades of engineering and occupational science that show they work."

For an airborne infectious disease, it's important to lower inhalation dose. "The ways to do so don't require empirical RCTs. Basic engineering science will do." -Richard Corsi

#Covid #COVID19 #SarsCov2 #maskup #mask #WearAMask #respirators #N95 #OccupationalScience

Dr Joe Pajak
2 weeks ago

'The science of #N95 respirators is well established and based on physical properties, engineered filtered materials, and our scientific understanding of how airborne transmission works.'
@TheWHN @kprather88 @trishgreenhalgh @jljcolorado @IndependentSage

Dr Joe Pajak
2 weeks ago

'Healthcare facilities are where some of our most vulnerable people are. #N95 masks, ventilation, and air-purifying technology can lower rates of Covid transmission in hospital and help ensure that people aren't leaving sicker than they came.' @gwendystar_

3 weeks ago

Aug 2023 study showing long Covid still affecting people 2+ years later.

The best way to prevent #LongCovid is to prevent infection from #Covid-19 by filtering this #airborne virus from the air you breath by wearing an #N95 equivalent or better mask, along with filtering and ventilating the air.

Screenshot from linked study Discussion section
Screenshot from discussion section of linked article
3 weeks ago

I haven't kept a super close eye on these Auras with the upgraded straps, but this is as cheap as I've seen:

$1.79/ea at KMSTools online or in-store :flag_BC: / :flag_AB:

#MaskUp #WearARespirator #BringBackMasks #N95

I swear if I see another picture of a person holding up a needle wearing a floppy blue surgical #mask I'm gonna lose it.

I'd like to take to the streets and burn all the floppy blues & blacks ala bra burning, WHILE WEARING AN #N95!!

#CovidIsNotOcer #LongCovid #MaskUp

3 weeks ago

WHN newsletter recapping the HICPAC (CDC Advisory group) meeting on infection control in healthcare, and the large public and expert responses to poor initial drafted guidelines:

@whn #healthcare #InfectionControl #n95 #MasksInHealthcare #COVIDisAirborne #covid19 #LongCOVID #CovidIsNotOver

Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

@mattblaze I’m in my fifties and am too busy grieving the loss of society being sensible about protecting itself from a brain-damaging airborne virus called SARS-CoV-2. You know, the one that has disabled tens of millions of our fellow citizens now, and is still killing a 9/11 worth of people every month.

Just curious, do you wear an #N95 at public events? If so, thanks for not being part of this particular tragedy or the massive hypocrisy of the thinking class.

Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

I live on some wooded acres behind a locked driveway gate. Tired of people and their #viruses. So when I let in some contractors to do some work outside, guess what I had stuck to my face regardless of what they might have thought? Yes, an #elastomeric #N95 w a pair of dry-eye Rx glasses to keep their #aerosol out of my eyes & not just my nose. Our interaction (outside) was just for a few minutes.

Extreme? Well, one of them turned out to have a nasty cough. I like not worrying about that.

I'm going to stop saying "Covid patients" and start saying "Covid victims" because really, anyone who gets covid at this point is a victim of the government and public health officials taking away protections and measuring and feeding us propoganda like "it's over" etc etc etc.


#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #Covid #LongCovid #MaskUp #N95

Friendly Reminder

to give friendly reminders to friends and family who might not stay up on the news

who may mask but have gotten lax the past few months

who you can give just one little "Oh hey we're in a surge, please be safe"

without nagging or yelling or

*flailing Kermit arms*

Stay Safe!!

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #LongCovid #MaskUp #N95

1 month ago

Kids respirators update:

The Kimberly-Clark duckbill N95 in small (54066) seems to fit *excellent* on my 3 and 5yos; 1yo's head is almost as big as 3, so expect it'll fit well, too

These are the first ones that seem to fit well enough to bother with a DIY qualitative fit test -- hoping to do one soon 🤞

Downside is the straps. They're good on first wear, but stretch enough that I assume fit will be worse, hence. There might be space on the edges of the 'bill' to staple on some new ones, though; might test a few hacks

Cost <$100CAD for a 50pk

#CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #WearARespirator #N95 #BringBackMasks @novid

Tried to edit and added this diagram from The Clean Air Crew website but I can't add alt text on edit.

"Someone in my home has #COVID. How do we isolate safely?"

#AltTxt for complete description of layout

#CovidIsNotOver #Isolate #N95 #MaskUp #LongCovid

Complete How-To:

Diagram of a bedroom with an attached bathroom. There is an electric against the wall on the left, a portable filter MERV 13 or better at the foot of the bed & a humidifier with UVC disinfection next to it. A window is open above the head of the bed and a CO2 sensor sits next to the head of the bed. The air return is sealed. The door leading out of the bedroom is closed undercut blocked with a towel. A box fan sits in the doorway to the bathroom, blowing air into the bathroom and the bathroom fan is on pulling air up and out.

Do you know what to do to protect yourself if someone in your household gets #covid ?

Plan now. There's a surge going on & if you're ready, you won't have to think too much.What I would do/have done:

1. #N95 on everyone in shared spaces
2. 15+ min w/window open between shared space usage
3. Air cleaners/ #CorsiRosenthal boxes
4. Stay/eat in bedroom
5. Towel rolled at bottom of door
6. Window cracked, attached bathroom fan on
7. Mouthwash w/CHC
8. Central air/heat off
#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid

There's all kinds of articles coming out now (September 2023) with headlines along the lines of

"What You Need to Know About #Covid and What to Do If You Get It"



*flailing Kermit arms*

Has everyone been living completely and utterly out of touch with reality the last 4 years???

Oh right.


Stay safe.

#MaskUp (I know if you're reading this, you do)

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #CovidIsAirborne #N95

Jeff Samsonow
1 month ago

The air is awful. And #ClimateChange will only make it worse. 🥵😮‍💨 Reminder that #N95 masks are very good for smoky days like this, so wear one instead of eating the air. 😷👍🏻
And let's pick up the climate fight with a lot more energy, as the world literally burns down around us.

I'm wearing a 3M mask in front of the climate emergency mural near Whyte Avenue.
Climate Emergency mural, with coloured stripes for each year moving from blue to dark red after 2020.
Looking up Gateway Boulevard from Whyte Avenue and downtown skyscrapers are barely visible in the smoky haze.
Purple Air reading of 268, Very Unhealthy levels of particulate matter in the air, approaching hazardous.
1 month ago

We ARE in a surge, we ARE seeing increases in cases and hospitalizations, prior infection does NOT prevent future infection, repeat infections=worse outcomes, and we aren't capturing near the number of actual cases: , Half our population is considered vulnerable. We matter! We CAN stop this! #MaskUp Stop telling people we are a necessary sacrifice. Stop neglecting long covid. Start calling for #n95 #masks #MasksInHealthcare

1 month ago

This is why I want the unvarnished truth from public officials about #COVID19

I can handle it.

What I can't handle is obfuscation, pandering and white-washing.

#CDC #Covid #N95 #PublicHealth #health

1 month ago

There's one layer of swiss cheese that I would never omit:


These are the only layer that can prevent close-proximity transmission.

As long as you're wearing one that you know seals to your face and isn't soaked or super old, it's going to protect you from all the invisible ways #TrojanAir can get into your nose and mouth.

And even if you haven't proven that it seals, it's damp, or you've worn it a bunch of times before, it's still going to provide more protection than any other layer(s).

Please, please don't think you can compensate for being unmasked by utilizing combinations of other layers.

All the other layers are designed to make a respirator more effective or provide backup in the event a respirator lets a bit of something through. Even vaccines were trialled in the context of universal masking; their original efficacy numbers are a product of that environment.


If you can't get your hands on any respirators, reach out and I'll connect you to someone in your region who can help. If I have to ship you some myself, I will.

#MaskUp #WearARespirator #N95 #FFR #P100 #Elastomeric


Kiwi PyCon
1 month ago

Hear, hear.
Conference acquired COVID is preventable and here is the #KiwiPyCon recipe
No #COVIDCon here.
We are throwing everything and the sink too.

#PyCon #CovidSafe #CovidIsNotOver #RAT #N95 #Sanitiser #AirPurifiers #ActivePure #CO2Monitors

Julie Webgirl
1 month ago

Remember the "Swiss Cheese" approach to #Covid risk?

The world has gone completely non-dairy.

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #N95 #MaskUp #Masks #Covid #CovidIsAirborne

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
1 month ago

The chief of staff of @CHEO asked #Ottawa to #MaskUp in 2022. As an infectious diseases expert, she was shouted down by anti-vax/anti-maskers. As a trustee in #Ottawa, I still receive antisemitic death threats for my motion in Nov 2022 for @OCDSB to temporarily mask.

Facing the triple threat of #COVID and #rsv and #flu, a layered approach is wisest again: #n95, #COVIDVaccine boosters, test, and support ppl to stay home when sick.

Dr Pieter Peach
1 month ago

Screenshots here.
As an anaesthetist I spend a good amount of time talking, in close proximity, to vulnerable patients while having young children at home coughing and unwell.
I owe it to my patients not to pass on whatever is circulating at home to them.
I've been doing it daily for 3 years and can do it as needed for the remainder of my career.

PS Don’t vape, kids. This is propylene glycol only and only for demonstration purposes

#n95 #MasksWork

an unmasked person, with a cloud of opaque vapor around their nose and mouth area, expanding in all directions. The vapor covers most of the details of their face except the eyes and ears. This demonstrates the spread of airborne particles and vapors without any mask.
a person with a single-use pleated surgical mask. The mask nose bridge is pinched to fit to the person's nose and fixed to the ears with elastic ear loops. The vapor is more contained in this image, but still noticeably escapes out the top of the mask and out the sides, where the mask lacks a tight seal to the face. This demonstrates the spread of airborne particles and vapors with a surgical mask, compared to no mask / N95.
a person with a 3M brand N95 mask, which has elastic straps going around the back of their head. No vapor is visible in this photo. This demonstrates the trapping of particles and forced filtration of a well-fitting N95 mask.
Dr Pieter Peach
1 month ago

This video demonstrates how well fit-tested respirators work as source control vs no masks vs loose fitting medical masks.
No complicated modelling required.
We can achieve higher levels of risk reduction by having our healthcare workers wear these when looking after vulnerable patients, particularly at times where staff are at higher risk of infection (recently symptomatic, close contact of someone unwell at home, or high community prevalence)
Screenshots in the next post.
#N95 #MasksWork


"I'm not liking what I'm seeing in the ER"

From an ER nurse on Reddit...

#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #LongCovid #N95 #MaskUp #MasksAreBack

I’m not liking what I’m seeing in the ER

by u/goofygrrrl
I meant to post this on casual Friday because I know it reflects my personal experiences and not necessarily healthcare as a whole. But I never got the chance, because my last shift was so busy. 

In terms of numbers of symptomatic patients, that is definitely up. Over the last year or so Omicron had been the dominant variant, and it’s been fairly benign. Patients would generally come in for a sore throat, low grade temperature rise, or because of direct exposure to Covid. What I’m seeing currently is a lot more symptomatic patients; fever over 101, shaking chills, and cough. These people know something is wrong and rather than coming in for confirmation, they are coming in for treatment. And because of the length of time to get a PCR Covid test vs the Rapid test, they are staying in the ER longer which begins to back up the waiting room/ambulance bay. We are doing PCR’s mostly right now because a) we’re running short on the rapids and b) they are more accurate for the newer variants. With more people, more bodies , it’s starting to give me early pandemic vibes. The ER atmosphere is starting to change too. It’s louder because there’s more EMS in there, more housekeeping, more bodies shuffling past each other and nobodies really walking anymore. It’s Walking With a Purpose time again.
We've changed because the patients are sick again.
I went from admitting older patient or those with
comorbidities, to admitting Covid pneumonia patients.
I can't remember tne last time | pulled a hypoxic 40 year
old patient out of the passenger seat of a car frantically
blaring its horn. 2 years ago? 3? But there me and the
nurses were, and we ended up getting back to back
hypoxic patients. It's probably a logically fallacy on my
part, because of the frenzied resuscitations but this
was giving me hard "Delta Wave" vibes. And I didn't feel
alone in that. Staff were side-eyeing each other, over our
masks, which are definitely back. When it's busy, and
the nurses are in the Resuscitation Bay reacquainting
themselves with the manual on BiPAP and the vent, it's
a little unnerving.
I don't know if this is tle new Pirola variant. I hear
whispers of concern that it has the contagiousness of
Omicron with the mortality of Delta. l'm certainly not
a Virologist or an ID doc. I don't know if l've become a
doomer or l'm just getting burned out. All I'm saying is
It's hard to shake that funny feeling after this week.


"Hi, I have an appt tomorrow w/ Dr. Danger for surgery & I'd like to request that the doctor & staff all wash their hands before my appointment. Oh & If possible I'd really prefer they use soap and not just water."

"No? That's too much of a bother for your busy office?

Ok.. um.. then I'd like to reschedule so I am the 1st patient on Mon AM plz so I at least don't have to share germs w/ other patients, just the staff & their families

#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #N95 #MaskUp

1 month ago


COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Remember, a cloth mask is inadequate to stop virus particles. Please make sure you wear an N95 or P100 respirator.

#respirator #N95 #COVID19 #vax #pandemic

(Video clip from josh_rimmey, tiktok,, fair use)

short GIF video of a guy doing woodworking, then he removes his mask and coughs and heavy sawdust comes out of his mouth.
1 month ago

We have every reason to create better infection control standards in hospitals. It starts by #MasksInHealthcare and making sure those masks are the kind that stops airborne/aerosols, #n95 or better. This should be our top priority as more people are seeing #reinfections #longcovid and #covidvariants . It doesn't matter if we have the tools if we don't have the brains and brawn to use them.

My comment to #HICPAC at their August meeting, with links to research cited:

1 month ago

From Dr Ruth Ann Crystal's #COVID newsletter

"Across the United States #hospital admissions with COVID are up 22%. More disturbingly, hospital admissions for #children under the age of one with COVID are increasing

"If you are exposed to a person who has COVID, you should #test every 48 hours x 3 (i.e. day 1, 3, 5, 7) if you have no symptoms. If you have any symptoms, test every 48 hours at least two times (day 1, 3, 5). It is best to wear an #N95 or #KN95 mask for 10 days after exposure to protect others and to isolate if you feel sick. #Paxlovid and/or #Metformin may be appropriate for some people."


Osma A
1 month ago

"When looking at the use of face masks and mask mandates, studies consistently reported the measures were an effective approach to reduce infection. The evidence further indicates higher-quality respirator masks – such as N95 masks – were more effective than surgical-type masks."
#N95 #FFP2 #Airborne #respiratory

Steffen Christensen
1 month ago

This is such a fantastic initiative!
We need free #N95-grade masks here in Ottawa as well. With EG.5 and friends blowing up, masking with a well-fitted high-quality mask is the cheapest way to protect ourselves from #COVID this fall!

Dr. Lucky Tran ( says,
Great news: Free KN95 masks are now available from public health vending machines in NYC.

This is amazing work! Not everyone can afford to buy high quality masks regularly. If we want more people to wear masks, high quality masks should be available for free everywhere. Having them in public health vending machines in NYC is a great first step!

Image of two posts from @MandateMasksNY and @nychealthy on Twitter, reading "Today we launched NYC's first public health vending machine. Located in Brooklyn and hosted by @sus_org, the machine provides 24/7 access to free, lifesaving harm reduction supplies, including naloxone. Learn more at"