Dusk approaches…and I’m not ready for the weekend to end. #NC #CraftBeer #SundayBlues #PrimalBrewing #LKN

2 days ago

Snagged a #covid #vaccine appointment early next week, but like early in the pandemic for me, I have to leave #Asheville and drive an hour north into #TN. Their uptake has always trailed #NC and my area in particular. Glad to get it.

3 days ago

What's the weather like in your part of the world today?

For us here in Winston Salem, NC, it's a nice and cool 59F currently. The high is supposed to only get up to 67F. It's going to be rainy most of the day which is ok with me as I'll be staying inside.

#Weather #WinstonSalem #NorthCarolina #NC #USA #Fall #FirstDayOfFall

Screenshot of the current weather here in Winston Salem, NC.
3 days ago

9 over 6 windows for #FensterFreitag
1821-1836 flag. #OldSalem #NC.

Four white painted wood windows with dark green shutters in a red brick wall. A 24 star American flag is hung vertically between the windows on the right.
4 days ago

Possible #surge from #PTC16 fairly far up the waterways in #NC. #NCwx #cyclone

Surge estimates of storm surge flooding of greater than 3 foot above ground up waterways connected with the Pamlico Sound
4 days ago

Well, that accelerated quickly... Head's up to those in #NC #SC #VA et al. -- NHC is indicating surge possibilities. #PTC16 #cyclone #TropicalStorm

Cone showing Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen, heading towarsd North Carolina and Virginia
Should Be Writing
5 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates in Wilmington #NC needed to complete a survey on rail, bus, bike, and pedestrian #transportation needs in the area. Responses will help shape the WMPO’s infrastructure plans for the next 25 years.

Survey available in English and Spanish until Nov. 30.

#Charlotte #Fayetteville #Greensboro #DurhamNC #AutofreiNC #NorthCarolina #FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling

Phoenix 🔥 🌇
5 days ago

Hey #NC friends and others who care about #news, #journalism and such things. Kansas isn't the only place where #newspapers should keep a close eye on authorities.

A Judge, A Reporter, And a Notebook

5 days ago

Today's #Hike was rockier and rootier than expected, so took longer than we'd hoped, but still fun and some great views.

Drove along the #NC #Asheville area portion of the #BlueRidgeParkway to Fork Ridge Overlook. The sun hadn't quite crested the ridges here, but you could see it lighting up ones further away (and see the fog captured in some of the valleys.)

About a 3 hour round trip up to #WaterrockKnob overlook, which we had previously only driven to. Really spectacular.

After dawn, but not bright here.  A long view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with a fir tree of some sort on the near horizon.  Multiple levels of ridges are visible, with a blue sky, lower white clouds, and some of the valleys still filled with fog.

This was at the parking overlook on the BRP.  It was a mile high, so that's some of my excuse for how slow I was on this hike.
A handsome forest of pines and fir trees, with the sun just slanting in along the (at this point at least) mostly dirt trail.  One of the trees is leaning across the trail from right to left.

So many different plants and trees live in the Asheville area, and as you move from one side of a ridge to the next, the forests change completely.
Our turn-around point, at the Waterrock Knob parking area (5719ft) , and one of our favorite picnic tables.  It has a super long view this time into the Smoky Mountain, to Clingman's Dome and beyond.  If you're into that kind of thing, you can also see the casino at Cherokee.  

There are hiking poles leaning against a concrete table, with a lime green backpack and a colorful Buff sitting on top.  The ground falls away quickly to a view of the mountains, some up to 50 miles distant.  

It wasn't hot, or cold, or too windy, unique for our visits here.
Back down at our starting point at Fork Ridge overlook, for the much-anticipated coffee.

The photo is similar to the first one, but much brighter (3 hours later) and this one including the overlook sign, which calls out the elevation as exactly a mile.

Balanced on top are a black coffee mug, and a green thermos.  My favorite part of the morning...
1 week ago

That puts you right around Pisgah National Forest... near Old Fort, North Carolina. #F35 #NC #aviation

380 km from South Carolina
Joe Vilas
1 week ago

It's clear that at lot of the pro-goose and anti-dog camps have never had to put up with a hostile goose or a lot of goose poop. #CanadaGoose #NorthCarolina #NC #CarolinaBeach #geeseAreAssholes

The Homespun Days
2 weeks ago

There is so much space in this area. I just need some trails. Dirt is fine. There are some wonderful trails in parks. But really. How about a shoulder so I don't have to drive to everything?

A trail? A road that isn't two lanes and 80 mph? Really anything would be an improvement.

#nc #triangle #ebikes

michael fulgenzi
2 weeks ago

‘Vote them out’: #UNC students rail against #NC lawmakers as they demand stricter gun laws

The Little Wars
2 weeks ago

Sometimes I tell people I moved to Seattle from #NorthCarolina and they start talking about #Asheville and I just roll my eyes and calmly try to explain that Asheville is terrible. Its a cute town to visit but its not a very good city and that, frankly, South #Raleigh is more fun than Asheville. But there is only one good city in #NC and its called #Greensboro

2 weeks ago

Visited Grandad's Apples again today, and many more apple varietals (and people.) The corn maze was open (pass), pumpkins were out, and the sunflowers were in bloom.

Stupidly I'd never really thought that there were multiple varieties of #Sunflowers, but we saw several. Excellent #cider too, but we can thank the apples for that.

#Bloomscroll #US #NC #Asheville #IsItFallYet

A collection of sunflowers against a very blue sky.  The smaller ones in the background are what I consider a standard color (if I had ever thought about it before today!) in a quite orangey-yellow.  

The larger blossom at center stage is a very yellow flower.  Just love seeing these happy blooms.
These blooms were my favorites (and apparently the #BumbleBees agreed.)  They were quite large, but the center of the blossoms is a very dark orange - almost a red, then about halfway out each flower turns to a more normal orange hue.  Glad to have seen these today.
Joe Vilas
2 weeks ago

This woman needs support, money, people to run for the Democratic Party in North Carolina, and a lot more, including probably a new car & mileage money. She sounds impressive, and she's from Roxboro. #NC #NCpolitics #DemocraticParty
"She wants to tap into colleges and universities in North Carolina, and she wants a presence felt in even the reddest, most rural parts of the Tar Heel state, with a personal goal of visiting all 100 counties by the end of the year."

maeve harris
2 weeks ago

North Carolina's governor Cooper appoints Allison Riggss, a Democrat and long time voting rights attorney to fill a recent vacancy on #NC Supreme Court. She is, at 42, the youngest woman Supreme Court justice in the state's history. Voting rights issues are sure to come before her, as the #gop majority legislature has a long history of voter suppression. She will serve out of retiring justice Morgan, and her name will be on the 2024 ballot.

Rogger Matamoros
2 weeks ago

For any #charlotte #nc peeps, I will be representing my employer, AvidXchange at #UNCCharlotte today at a diversity and inclusion mixer and corporate engaging event. If you’re around as a student or employer, come say hi!

Devin M. Ceartas
4 weeks ago

Google fiber internet suddenly flatlined. Hurricane related? AT&T cell network working if you’re seeing this.

#ChapelHill #NC

1 month ago

Flash Flood warnings in #NC, stay safe out there folks! #NCwx #FlashFloodWarning

Two areas, one between Wadesboro and Albermarle, the other in Sanford, NC on Flash Flood Warning

Under Those Blue Ridge Mountain Skies

When I was in college in NC, a guy from Cherryville ("Chervil" he called it) had a code for lighting up.

"I'm going for a ride on the Tweetsie Railroad!"

If you're from NC or have visited the Western NC mountains, you probably know.

#NC #70s #SmokyMountains #Boone

vintage postcard showing the train, platform and station for the tweetsie railroad.

For trans/NB folks in the Triad area of North Carolina, this place is being pitched as a general access discord for the entire Triad area

#nc #lgbt #northcarolina

2 months ago

Couple of unedited photos of the sunset last night here in Winston Salem.

#Sunset #Evening #Clouds #Colors #Sky #WinstonSalem #NC

A photo I took of the sunset last night here in Winston Salem.

This photo is unedited and you can see all sorts of orange, blue, gray and yellow in the clouds due to the sunsetting.
A photo I took of the sunset last night here in Winston Salem.

This photo is unedited and you can see all sorts of orange, blue, gray and yellow in the clouds due to the sunsetting.
2 months ago

Cool story about #hamradio, the #fediverse, and the #MooreCounty #NC power substation attacks, from @AE4WX

MishaMouse :serenity:
2 months ago

this is my official (re) #introduction!

i am misha. currently in #raleigh, #nc, but from florida originally. lots of fond memories, but i hate what the fascists have done to the place. don't feel like there's any way to go back there.

i'm nerdy and introverted, but looking to expand my social circle. i play video games, but i don't really consider myself a "gamer". i'm married and have a stinky but lovely #cat named o'malley. pics of him will surely follow.


Seagrass at Atlantic Beach fine art print.

Seagrass sprouts up at the edge of the dune zone along Atlatnic Beach at North Carolina's Fort Macon State Park.

Find it and more at

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #fineart #seascape #coastalscape #seagrass #AtanticBeach #ocean #NorthCarolina #NC #OuterBanks #beach #naturephotography #fediart #mastoart #creativetoots #art #photography #nature

Seagrass sprouts up at the edge of the dune zone along Atlatnic Beach at North Carolina's Fort Macon State Park.The Atlantic Ocean can be seen n the distance.
Damon Outlaw
3 months ago

There’s a Tornado Warning ⚠️.
Everyone please be safe. This is insane
#NC #NorthCarolina #Weather #weatherreport #tornadowarning #tornado

3 months ago

apparently, i haven’t done a proper #introduction yet!

i am misha. i’m in #NC, USA, but only because my wife’s family is from this area. i am from florida originally, and i hate what the fascists are doing to the place.

my #cat o’malley is my work-from-home co-pilot and best buddy. there are some pics on my page!

i enjoy #videogames, but i don’t normally consider myself a gamer. it’s just a fun way to pass the time. sometimes i play them on the #pc that i built, which was a super fun project.

i work in mortgages, but i’m the guy in our department that does all the #excel macros, data analysis, some database work, etc., mostly because i’m the only one in our group that understands any of it.

i’m introverted and nerdy, but am seeking to expand my social circle. i don’t usually start conversations, but get me talking and i can go for hours. my politics are left and progressive; i don’t like to “be political”, but the world we live in is political and we have to make it better.

Bryan Hansel
4 months ago

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

#photography #Fotomontag #BlueRidge #NorthCarolina #NC

The sun rising over a ridge line covered with green trees. Mountains fade into the distance.
Bryan Hansel
4 months ago

The Blue Ridge Parkway at sunrise

#photography #LandscapePhotography #NC #NorthCarolina

Mountain ridges at sunrise painted various shades of yellow and blue
4 months ago

This bunny rabbit has been coming to see us since we moved in here 16 months ago. He's pretty much here daily, but we often can go a few weeks without seeing him.

Kumquat, my male cat who used to be an outside cat, absolutely loves watching him run around the yard. We've named him Peter.

Picture quality isn't great due to how far I had to zoom in as he's on the far side of the back yard.

#Bunny #Rabbit #WildAnimal #Peter #WinstonSalem #NC

Photo of the wild bunny rabbit who regularly visits us. His name is Peter!
Photo of the wild bunny rabbit who regularly visits us. His name is Peter!
Photo of the wild bunny rabbit who regularly visits us. His name is Peter!
Ged Maheux
4 months ago

Great haul from the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market here in #Greensboro #NC These strawbereies are SO GOOD. 🍓

A few heirloom tomato plants, cucumber sprouts and a big basket of red, ripe strawberries shining in the sunlight
Bryan Hansel
4 months ago

Cell phone shot from this morning. Vertical.

#Photography #Waterfall #Pisgah #NC

Stone and concrete stairs leading to a waterfall.
Melanie Sill
5 months ago

One consequence of letting rules for firearms be determined by gun owners and the gun industry (via enthusiastic legislators) is that concerns like rising deaths and injuries of children and other safety factors aren’t even mentioned, as in #NC (now about to allow concealed carry w/o permits for people as young as 18). Media coverage could broaden the scope to the public impact and effect of changes in recent years on gun violence and public safety. #NCPol #journalism

5 months ago

Wowza. Remember Moore v. Harper? It's baaaack! Repub judges in NC court are siding w/ gerrymandered GOP results, trying to get back on SCOTUS so southern states can throw out liberal winners. Wow. They are brazen.
#SCOTUS #judges #conservative #gerrymandering #upheld #by #NC #court #who's #not #taking #sides #LOL #southern #GOP #GQP #brazen #states #rights #bull #again

Ruby Sinreich
5 months ago

@gregj Great question. I also had a list of accounts like this in Twitter. We should start one here.

Who wants to suggest good #NC #antifa #antiracist #BLM #queer #directAction fediverse accounts to follow?

5 months ago

I'm sure there's quite a few people here who have never seen one of these or don't remember the last time they saw one of these.

We only have a few left in downtown Winston Salem, NC.

#ParkingMeter #WinstonSalemNC #NC #WinstonSalem #Downtown #OldTech #AllThingsTech

Photograph of a parking meter I took in downtown Winston Salem, NC.

You can see flowers, cars, buildings in the background.
Erika Sumner
6 months ago

#BREAKING #NEWS: Clearly bought, #NC elected betrays #women, her constituents & #Dems . NO WAY a woman runs as #Prochoice in Nov & changes her mind in favor of #Abortion restrictions by April. And switching parties gives the North Carolina #GOP a #VetoProof majority. #TriciaCotham , #WTF ?

Jordan Hill Photography
6 months ago

Mountain Dreams

Sunrise at Mills River Valley. The Blue Ridge Parkway has so many amazing views, this one included. A great place to watch the sun rise over the mountain peaks and light up the valley.

#mountains #blueridgemountains #nature #northcarolina #photo #naturephotography #photooftheday #pic #landscapephotography #AYearForArt #nc #blueridgeparkway #smokymountains #pigeonforge #gatlinburg #tennessee #travel #travelphotography #mountain #mountainlife #sunrise

Joe Vilas
7 months ago

Have I complained yet about the Bradford pears blooming already? No matter when they bloom, they're bad trees. Why? Here's why:

The good thing is that in some areas in North Carolina, you can get free replacement trees. Also, some arborists are offering discounts as part of this removal program:

#NC #NorthCarolina #BradfordPear #CalleryPear #invasivePlants #landscaping #yardCare #treeCare

I also must tag @rossgrady for reasons. :)

This is the NC Legislature's response to Black Lives Matter. (Because they only like radical uprisings when white people lead them.)

"With support from those Democrats, the bill passed by a large enough margin to override a veto from Cooper, if he were to block the bill again. Moore said bill sponsors had worked to address concerns from Democrats, and that he hoped Cooper would not oppose it.

The bill, which would increase felony penalties for certain existing rioting charges, is similar to the earlier bill that Moore introduced in response to some of the violence and rioting that occurred during 2020 protests against police brutality in downtown Raleigh."

#NCpol #Republicans #NC #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #protest #democracy

Andrew (R.S Admin)
8 months ago

Selling toys, coffee, lunchboxes, and ceramic cryptids at #AssemblyRequired in #Ashville #NC today and tomorrow. Come see some work from artists much more talented than Mr.

Our booth at assembly required Ashville
The tall part
Another photo for our booth.
Andrew Chin
8 months ago

@democracydocket @kevinjelliott Nick Stephanopoulos wrote this in August 2022. I wonder how he might revise it having heard the oral argument. I came away from the oral argument under the impression that Moore would be decided on narrower grounds based on whether the Court thought the decision below could be fairly read as judicial review rather than legislating from the bench, perhaps adopting Rehnquist's standard in his Bush v. Gore concurrence. #law #elections #scotus #democracy #nc

Cliff :SoS:
8 months ago

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Tell me or show me what the weather is like for you currently.

As you see for me, it's cool and rainy. The cold feels nice as I much prefer it over the heat. The rain isn't too hard at the moment, but we're supposed to get rain pretty much all day and a bit more storms later.

#GoodMorning #Morning #Weather #WinstonSalemNC #WinstonSalem #NorthCarolina #NC

Screenshot of the current weather in Winston Salem, NC.
9 months ago

If you follow politics at all, I encourage you to go to Twitter or Instagram and follow JeffJacksonNC. He’s a new Dem Congressperson from NC, and he lays things out pretty plainly, and I feel in a balanced way. Here’s his latest IG post discussing the fiasco of the last few days. He’s got a substack too. #NC #NCPol #JeffJacksonNC #Politics

Tory Bae
9 months ago

40° felt like 0° but we had a great time at the Chinese Lantern Festival!

#northcarolina #nc

Illuminated multi color dragon next to traditional Chinese architecture