Neil Craig
1 day ago
3 days ago

I recently had some troubles setting up php-fpm and nginx on two different containers in Kubernetes. Finally, after lots of trial and error, I have figured it out. In order to avoid that hassle in the future I wrote a short blog post about it, which might also be useful if you end up in a similar situation.

#php #nginx #kubernetes

4 days ago

Angie 1.2.0 Web Server Released with Sticky Sessions Support

The third stable release of Angie, a drop-in replacement of the popular Nginx web server, comes with some exciting new features.

#opensource #nginx #webserver

5 days ago

Это удивительно, у меня три сервера и на все них разные веб серверы. - #caddy - #apache2 - #nginx


"Cthulhu-lu Lemon"
1 week ago

Praying to the github issue gods that my request on this stupid #websockets issue with #PeerTube and #Caprover reveals a solution. Its the last major error in the dom when I inspect, and I suspect it is also causing issue with my stream hanging when being watched on other federated instances.

I know it has to be something to go into #NGINX as mentioned by Peertube but everything I do doesn't change a thing...

If any PeerTube or CapRover admins might have an idea of how to resolve I'm all ears.

"Cthulhu-lu Lemon"
1 week ago

I'm 99% there on the #PeerTube Update. Found a websocket error I need to resolve, it's just a matter of getting some custom #NGINX configs working in #caprover.
It's not listening -_-

Dr Hitchcock
1 week ago

Has anyone managed to get #Castopod working behind an #Nginx reverse proxy with Let’s Encrypt #SSL all running in #Docker containers? If so, would anyone be interested in sharing their config files? 😇
I’ve been grinding away on this for weeks with no luck. 😭

John Bokma
1 week ago

Git init, Static Analysis, and HTTPS site with Docker and Nginx

#git #SoftwareDevelopment #RaspberryPi #docker #nginx

👉 Please retweet if you ❤ Plurrrr. Thanks! 👍

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
1 week ago

I'm a long time #apache web server admin having sworn by it and had it in regular use since I started learning Unix in 1998. Well, for the first time ever, I'm not using Apache in production. I just realized that my two current web servers are only running #nginx. Now granted the reason for that is NGINX is recommended for Mastodon and Ghost Blog

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
1 week ago

Mission accomplished. I've converted my setup to pure #nginx. I was able to stop and disable the #docker container for NGINX Proxy Manager. I am grateful to that tool for helping me get started. 😀

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
1 week ago

I had grand designs on starting my #nginx configuration project today. But I am just too tired and had too much thrown at me.

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
1 week ago

Okay, I've got a project. I want to learn more about using #nginx as a reverse proxy server because it works so damn well. I'm currently using the "easy" version of it called NGINX Proxy Manager. Everything gets hidden behind a pretty little point and click interface. Don't get me wrong as it's a damn fine product but I really want to know what goes on behind the scenes. I'm sure I'll break a few things while I'm at it but that's the fun of playing in a lab.

Patrick :linux: :nixOwOs:
1 week ago

Proxy pass configs mit #ssl unter #nginx und ich werden einfach keine Freunde mehr, auch wenns dann am ende doch läuft 😉 #grafana

vansari ✅
2 weeks ago

Today I tried to setup a PHP ecosystem on my MacBook Pro M2 with Podman. It was a little bit difficult but I have done it ☺️

Now I have a isolated pod where my #php fpm #nginx and #postgres are running. The only published port is 8080 for the nginx.

But the best benefit is: Each container runs rootless ! #podman #devops

Here is the link to the #github repository:

2 weeks ago
Meow.tar.gz :verified:
2 weeks ago

Does anybody have any strong opinions on #nginx versus #apache? I've found that I like nginx as a proxy and apache as a webserver.

2 weeks ago

✍️I just published:

A story about #Caddy, #Nginx, and some #Laravel routing

2 weeks ago

Having a #CrazyIdea right now.

Thinking about hosting some pages on my smartphone... is running on my Android with #nginx

Using #apache2 on #debian as #reverseproxy

#linux is crazy, isn't it? Amazing what you can do with #ssh and #portforwarding

Having some ideas for #loadbalancing now with #haproxy maybe, having copies of the website in several places.

A copy on a #raspberrypi, another copy on my #smartphone, perhaps another one on a free VPS tier or something.

Consummate Tinkerer
2 weeks ago

Use GoAccess for real-time traffic analysis of #Apache or #nginx logs:

2 weeks ago

#nginx 1.25 has been released with (still experimental) #QUIC / #HTTP3 support.

Hacker News 50
2 weeks ago

Nginx 1.25.0: experimental HTTP/3 support


#nginx #http

3 weeks ago

#Mastodon を構成する技術要素 】
要素名 ソフトウェア名 概要
web server #nginx HTTP/HTTPSリクエスト処理
web #rails Web処理(通常処理)
streaming #Node.js Web処理(Userstreamのみ)
media #swift 画像やカスタム絵文字の格納
db #postgresql アカウント情報やトゥートの格納
cache #redis キューキャッシュ
job queue #sidekiq ジョブハンドラー

3 weeks ago

@drh Using #docker and #npm ( #nginx #proxy manager) if that will be of any help

Rui Ogawa
3 weeks ago

Acabei de migrar vários sites WordPress de NGINX e Apache para Litespeed. O desempenho e absurdamente melhor!

#webservers #apache #nginx #litespeed #wordpress #performance

I got sick tired of people hammering my web server trying to exploit vulnerabilities on things like #log4j or #wordpress that I don't even run. My list of blocked IPs on #fail2ban was getting out of control, so I took off and nuked the site from orbit (only way to be sure). I blocked ALL IP addresses from China using #iptables and #ipset

#firewall #linux #nginx

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
3 weeks ago

It's always the little things that I forget to setup. I forgot that in the Unix world not all packages automatically configure log file rotation. Ummm, yeah, so I discovered a 80mb log file. That's huge. So as part of the maintenance duties, I configured log rotation for #nginx and #apache. Now I'm laying down and slow blinking until I fall asleep.

3 weeks ago

quelqu'un a il déjà eu le prob des certificats let's encrypt avec nginx qui ne sont pas capables de se renouveler alors que lorsqu'on fait le renouvellement avec #nginx stoppé et un webserveur ad hoc (celui de #certbot) ça veut bien se renouveler ?

Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
3 weeks ago

The main advantage of using #NixOS is that the whole system and its services can easily be configured with just one (or optionally multiple) configuration file. For example, in just a few lines of Nix (the declarative language used by the Nix package manager) I can tell what packages have to be installed, in my case stuff like #Nginx, #Jellyfin, #Syncthing, etc., and I can tell it how each service must be configured (Nginx virtual hosts, Syncthing config and data folders and so on).

Mike Kuketz 🛡
3 weeks ago

Seit einiger Zeit versuchen einige Hax0r den Blog bzw. die WordPress-Installation zu hacken. Ich wünsche weiterhin viel Erfolg bei diesem Unterfangen. Unmöglich ist es nicht, aber unheimlich zeitaufwendig.

Good luck ! 😜

#hack #wordpress #blog #server #debian #nginx

To the #geeks, but also the #ITspecialists and #networking guru's here.
If I install a #nginx webserver on a #raspberry pi4 connected via LAN to the Fritz router with #ipv4 and port forwarding, it works with one ISP.
The nginx web server has been reinstalled with #ipv6 instead and firewalls disabled (for testing) but with a new ISP (Sagemcom router) access from outside my network, only in or out of my network - AAAA field in DNS is set correctly.
Any idea what might be wrong?

mc ☕️
4 weeks ago

hat evtl jemand aus meiner Trööt-bubble ne idiotensichere self-hosting Anleitung für #pixelfed ?? idealerweise basierend auf #Docker und #nginx als reverse-proxy?

Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
4 weeks ago

After battling with #Nginx and #Traefik, I finally got my Lemmy instance up (! 🤓

#Docker #DockerSwarm #Linux #SysAdmin

Time to go grocery shopping 🛒!

<- hat heute den halben Tag versucht ein #nginx Modul für #apache2 zu kompilieren...

Und, mit was habt ihr sinnlos Zeit verbrannt?

Dr Hitchcock
4 weeks ago

Anyone got any tips on connecting a web app in a #docker container to the wider Internet via an #Nginx reverse proxy? I’m #selfhosting an #Azuracast server. I’ve given it custom port numbers so it doesn’t clash with the rest of Nginx. I think I just need a little help writing up the Nginx vhost config file.

4 weeks ago

fedicompis, necesito fediayuda por favor. Hace mil años que no trato con #webs yo solía manipular el archivo .htaccess de #apache para hacer url masking. Hoy en día, ¿cual es la mejor forma de cambiarle la url a una web? He visto #nginx, #caddy Es para un #peertube que estoy trasteando. La dirección larga es: me gustaría hacer que se comportara como uso hetznet como proveedor, como registro, y estoy usando yunohost para controlar la máquina,

Perdón por la novatez de la pregunta. Llevo mucho tiempo sin hacer estas cosas.

Neil Craig
1 month ago

Spent a few hours experimenting with NGINX caching today and I now properly understand the stale serving behaviour (inc. how proxy_cache_use_stale behaves - not how you'd guess from the name!) & found the magical settings which minimise origin requests without causing latency. Write up to follow but I'm very happy with the results.
#nginx #caching #webPerf

Al3x 👽
1 month ago

Eine #Nginx Config bauen, die auch mit localhost und ohne SSL funktioniert, eine Webseite hostet und eine API. Ohje, das wird was...

#Misskey #nginx

Thomas :damnified:
1 month ago

Hah! S3 caching for enabled and working ✅

(yes, it was the proxy_buffering=off that caused the issue ;-) )

#nginx #mastoadmin

Thomas :damnified:
1 month ago

I'm dumb. Of course Nginx caching for cannot work of I set proxy_buffering=off a few lines before. 👏😖

#nginx #s3 #mastodon

Der Archiv-Export auf dieser :mastodon: Instanz funktioniert nun :party:

Wenn du ein #mastoadmin mit #S3 und #Nginx bist, kannst du diesen Workaround anwenden

1 month ago

Anybody familiar with #wordpress here?

I have a weird problem with a dockerized WP installation that I HTTPS proxy with nginx to the Web.

Everything runs nicely but I cannot upload files larger 2MB.

I found a way how to override the php.ini settings and - in theory - could upload larger files, but now I get a weird error message that says something like "No valid JSON message".

I must admit: I am outnumbered and close to quitting.

#docker #nginx

Tim Nolte
1 month ago

@The_KamikaZEN have you contacted #DreamHost support at all. Do they support a `.htaccess` file in the `.well-known` directory? What web server software are they using? #Nginx #Apache #LiteSpeed #OpenLiteSpeed If they have have any special server rules/restrictions setup for that path that might be the problem. This is unfortunately one of the reasons why getting the #ActivityPub plugin working on all #WordPress sites is such a challenge. This needs hosting provider support.


1 month ago

@schenklklopfer @BafDyce also im #nginx kostet mich das 5 Zeilen Konfiguration ohne Downgrade 🤔

Thomas :damnified:
1 month ago

I've just run in to the problem again - so here's how to solve it: fails with error 404 - ACME challenge not found (Nginx)

#nginx #acme #letsencrypt

1 month ago

I’m having an unreasonably good geeky time at work today. Using nginx to dynamically rewrite a web page via query parameters and publishing the whole thing into AWS Fargate in order to tie two other technologies together at the client side. This is the sort of thing I never got to do at my old job.

#aws #nginx #NerdAlert

2 months ago

Posting this as a breadcrumb (for me to find... or someone else... or future sentinent AI when it wants to copy this info into source code LOL) #nitter #twitter #linux #docker #nginx #reverseproxy #rss #scraper #certbot #letsencrypt

2 months ago

Been playing with #Docker to containerize a existing #laravel application. Used php-fpm Alpine image with #nginx 🚀

Dan Jacob
2 months ago

Silly error on my part: had HSTS settings set in #Django, forgetting my #nginx config already did this, leading to two sets of headers. Firefox inspector will just show one set, this turned up in routing qualys SSL check.

Will Rehwinkel
2 months ago
One of my dreams is to make a project which is hosted on #nginx with no backend, so serving static files and using nginx-js for the API backend. Maybe a sort of #wiki software could be written in this way.
2 months ago
Andrew Tropin
2 months ago

rde-flavored guix system service for Nginx.

Flexible, programmable and extendable.

Pretty, isn't it?

#guix #rde #nginx #guile #scheme #lisp

On the left is nginx configuration defined in scheme language, on the right is result of serialization of such configuration.
Andrew Tropin
2 months ago

In less than a hour we will start implementing nginx guix service. It is different from one provided in guix repo and I'll explain why.

#guix #nginx #rde #guile #scheme #lisp

2 months ago

Посмотрел в логи nginx, особенно в лог ошибок. Подумалось сделать редирект куда-нибудь если лезут по голому айпишнику, не указывая хост. А таких много.

Как думаете, рикролл, или есть что-то лучше?

#nginx #linux #http #web

2 months ago

Just out of curiosity, how many #WordPress people out there actually have experience installing a #Nginx or #Apache server and configuring it for a WordPress website. I'm thinking it's becoming less and less common.

2 months ago

Shout out (again) to @beasts (not a paid ad, but pure ❤️ for their hosting). Got a 8gb #raspberrypi 4 #linux running #mastodon server,#nextcloud, #git server, #postgresql, #nginx, related mastodon-needed apps, & the system is running smoothly. Noting that I’m the only the sole user for my setup. Nevertheless, it works! It’s still a vps solution which I could have replaced with home-based hosting, but decided not to for convenience purposes.

3 months ago

Potrzebuję waszej opinii.

Mam w rozwiązaniu #Caddy.
Robi co trzeba, ale potrzebowałbym możliwości które znam z #Nginx-a lub #Traefik-a.

A słabo Caddy znam.

Poznać go i zmusić do roboty jak Nginx, czy od razu wywalić i przejść na sprawdzone?

Przejście byłoby na starcie szybsze, ale fakt, że wybrano Caddy mnie zastanawia, i dałbym mu szansę, by nie iść w fork.

3 months ago

I promised our Day of Defeat clan, the NEO Sr clan, I would get our forums back up and running. The previous admins got upset somehow, and took their domain and forums and left, which is annoying. Unfortunately, I use #Nginx instead of the default Apache, so I'm struggling with the setup of Phpbb, which is our previous software. I need to buckle down and figure it out today. Can't be that hard, right?

Neil Craig
3 months ago

I spent ~1 day in total this week trying to make NGINX (proxying) cache objects with a cache-control max-age or stale-* less than N seconds in a ramfs proxy_cache, everything else in an SSD cache.
Native NGINX definitely can't do it. The Openresty Lua module almost does it but it's unreliable. njs lacks the correct phase event to do it at all.
Anyone know another way? It doesn't seem possible which is a real shame.
#NGINX #webDev

Matti Järvinen
3 months ago

#nginx what a great idea? Lets just internally have whatever codes so nobody can guess what error pages would really be needed.

"The ngx_http_ssl_module module supports several non-standard error codes that can be used for redirects using the error_page directive:

an error has occurred during the client certificate verification;

a client has not presented the required certificate;

a regular request has been sent to the HTTPS port.

#activitypub #wordpress #nginx does anyone have nginx example config to avoid activitypub requests (accept:application/json) being cached by nginx? I'm trying to "educate" my hosting company ;-)

Neil Craig
3 months ago

Just had a quick look at the NGINX JavaScript module thingy (njs). It's pretty weird and kinda janky IMO. Despite JS being one of the languages I use a lot, I think I'd probably still opt for the OpenResty Lua module.
Anyone using njs? Am I wrong?

#NGINX #NJS #JavaScript #OpenResty

Nicolas Fränkel
3 months ago

RT ApacheAPISIX: Just getting started with Apache APISIX? 👀

Check out our comprehensive guide that covers everything from key concepts to features to help you get started with ease! 🚀
#ApacheAPISIX #APIGateway #DeveloperGuide #programming #nginx #k8s #opensource

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
3 months ago

#NGINX and other #HTTP servers will throw a fit if a client sends 1000 requests, and literally tell the client to go away. In the #java programming language, the #HttpClient built into the #jdk throws an IOException, without any further specialization. The #Jetty client for HTTP/2 does throw a specific error and also indicates the lost frame ID, for easy resumes. I guess we could switch clients, or I could find a nice way to catch this error and resume communications. Any suggestions?

3 months ago

My website is #down because I messed up its #Nginx via #YunoHost.

Going for a run, then fixing it.

Neil Craig
3 months ago

Long shot: Does anyone know of/have detailed info on NGINX timeouts (mainly in the http proxy module)?

The docs are, let's say, "terse".

What I need is more detail on the context and nuance e.g. are the timeouts per request/upstream, do the inter-byte (?) timeouts such as `proxy_send_timeout` act as first-byte timeouts too? (presumably yes, but the docs don't say).

#nginx #webDev #proxy #webProxy #webPerf #webPerformance

3 months ago

@garritfra Well to be honest #nginx is much more tested.
But sometimes FOMO (fear of missing out) hits and we want to use the latest shiniest technology available 😅

3 months ago

TIL: pushing to a #git repo over https (#nginx frontend) and getting this error?

[error] 32785#101051: *89072 client intended to send too large chunked body: 10477743+8192 bytes,

Look for client_max_body_size in nginx.conf , you may need to raise it.

(hint: after "chunked body:" you can see the max value in bytes for that setting, followed by the bytes sent "over the limit" in the push)

Ayo Ayco
3 months ago

@juev this was achieved with #nginx on the #server, meaning, it doesn't need to download any resource to your browser and the server will redirect them blazingly fast. ⚡️

add this to your nginx config

location /github {
return 301;

location /mastodon {
return 301;

location /linkedin {
return 301;

location /soundcloud {
return 301;

Ayo Ayco
3 months ago

My secret weapon is OpenResty. Probably the most stable, powerful and underappreciated web server. nginx + lua!!

Any fellow OpenResty fans out there???

#openresty #nginx #lua #webdev

Christian Tietze
4 months ago

New home network is set up again.

- #Unraid server booted up
- #Cloudflare tunnel for the custom domain,
- using #Nginx as the reverse proxy to serve the different applications

Took a while yesterday evening to figure out why some servers produced HTTP 502 Bad Request responses, but now we're syncing with the NAS again 🎉

Ok maybe this is news to me. Do you put your nginx websites in /usr/share/nginx/html and not /var/www/html? Is the latter another #Apache convention that carried over onto #Nginx users?

trying to set up my #selfHosted #mastodon instance to support all of these (using #hachyderm as an example of a working setup):

- apex domain points to mastodon:
- "www" subdomain also points to mastodon:
- arbitrary subdomain points to a different site:

what's the most straightforward way to configure #DNS and #nginx to accomplish that? 🤔 i have ideas, but none have worked so far, and i'm straying further from the light 🤪

4 months ago

Our website was targeted with a Distributed Denial of Service attack using HTTP/2 multiplexing within the 2 minute window from 2023-02-09T00:58:00Z to 2023-02-09T01:00:00Z. OVH detected it and enabled mitigation but enough went through to cause downtime due to memory limits.

#grapheneos #ddos #http2 #nginx #ovh

4 months ago

I try to switch to #Ansible on my server. Are there any tools which create an Ansible role or playbook from an already existing #Docker container? Apparently the Ansible role I wrote for my #nginx proxy container does not include all the information necessary, as it totally broke after an upgrade today. When I tried the docker-compose script which initially set up the container, everything was fine; so I am obviously missing something in my Ansible role :(
#askfedi #askfediverse

4 months ago

I also published another tiny piece that day. Completely unrelated, much shorter, and much more boring.

When is Kubernetes getting HTTP/3?

#http3 #quic #Kubernetes #nginx

Mathieu Poussin
4 months ago

Question to #nginx experts.
I am trying to configure nginx to make it buffer chunks of POST body before sending it to upstream, I only found proxy_request_buffering that only allows to buffer the whole request or don't buffer anything.
Is there a way to configure a custom buffer size to it would receive and forwards chunks of the request body of a specified size ?
It's to forward to an upload service streaming large object to object storage (via for example)
#devops #web

BT (Binary Tango)
4 months ago

#Nginx users, trying to figure out if this is possible and would appreciate any help.

I have a Nginx server facing the web and would like to proxy the connection to another server then proxy the connection again to a third server.

Would I set up Nginx on the first two boxes pointing to different ports using upstream {}?

Like so:
Internet p80 -> p80 N1 p7090 -> p7090 Nginx2 p8080 -> p8080 Webserver

Would this technically work and not break anything having an extra hop?

Thanks for any help!

Neil Craig
4 months ago

NGINX users: You know that tricky limitation where you had to buy NGINX+ to get re-resolution of DNS for upstreams? Well, looks like that's finally going away for OSS NGINX:

> The series is a compilation of patches with the upstream re-resolve
feature from the Nginx Plus.  The original commits were rebased on top of the current OSS code...

Shame we just spent several weeks building & validating the same done externally.

#nginx #dns #oss

4 months ago

#Development #Trends
Netcraft Web Server Survey January 2023 · Cloudflare becomes the most popular web server, surpassing Apache and nginx

#WebTechnology #WebDevelopment #WebDev #WebHosting #WebServer #Survey #Netcraft #Cloudflare #Apache #Nginx

4 months ago

I'm trying to make Liblast playable in the browser, but I am having trouble configuring the site to provide required headers.

I'm hosting using nginx.

Can anybody help me satisfy these secure context requirements?

#Liblast #HTML5 #Godot #Nginx #JavaScript #IndieGame #IndieDev

- unfa

Mike Gajda
4 months ago

#Introduction time!
By day I’m a software engineer at HubSpot working on load balancing systems (#Envoy, #Nginx, #Java) and at all other times you can find me biking around the Boston area finding good eats, (rarely now) writing stories about transit for Cambridge Day (#localjournalism, #Urbanism), or taking photos (team #Fuji). I tended to be a lurker on Twitter, so I’m trying to be more active on here!

Strange really how satisfying some geek-tweaking is. Like tweaking your nginx micro-cache settings and seeing it actually work. Awesome.

#GeekJoy #nginx
Renoir Boulanger
5 months ago

@vyr instead of many if blocks, there has to be a map you can use. Something can be done, there's cool stuff #NGINX map module [1], the following has cool stuff [2]

I can't write one right now, I'm on my phone, and my baby is asleep.

map $http_user_agent $should_block {
default '';
'~*Pleroma' block;
'~*Soapbox' block;
# ...