SweettheSour :over18:
3 hours ago

"Buttering Her Muffin"
Fifi's appetite aids her willingness to try all sorts of cuisine. However, her favorite dessert is always a pie.

#animation #NSFW #nsfwart #nsfwanimation #digitalart #digitalanimation #furryart #furry #dragon #bat #sex #POV #cumshot #cum #creampie

POV animation of pink anthro bat girl getting done vaginally ending in a big crreampie.
4 hours ago

Elle et moi Insta Bitches
#nsfwart #nsfw #instagram

10 hours ago

I have way too many WIPs on my plate lol, enjoy a teaser

#wip #Monsterfucker #monstersex #teratophilia #nsfwart #sketch #nsfw #originalcharacter #originalart

10 hours ago

Transformed earlier? Help others~
It doesn't matter who's a real Zipp anymore... watch as your personality comes out with each load... and you love it💚😳
#mylittlepony #gay #nsfwart #latex #liquidlatex #transformation

11 hours ago

Vicky has been grounded... She doesn't look upset tho!
I made this on March <3

Early access, exclusive art and offers (animated version of this piece too):

#anime #lewd #lewdart #lewdartist #nsfw #nsfwart #nsfwartist #hentai #oc #artist #artistonmastodon #MastoArt

A girl is sitting on a desk, in front of a blackboard.
She has her skin patched with fair skin and dark skin patches. She has red irises, heart-shaped pupils and black sclera, and red, wavy hair.
She is dressed like a cheerleader, in red and white colours, and is holding her sweater with her mouth, with a small smile.
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
11 hours ago

Alright, going to sleep now 🛌

Lines aren't quite coming out how I want them so I'll continue tomorrow or the day after with fresh eyes.

Goodnight everyone 👋
#MastoArt #FediArt #NSFW #NSFWArt #LineArt #Hentai #Tits #BigTits #HugeTits

Sweaty breasts going all over the place, don't know what else to say.
13 hours ago

Sauce for today.

Character: Hakui Koyori (vtuber)
Artist: rikatan
Follow me on Twitch:
8K upscaled sauce is on my Discord server:

#hololive #hakuikoyori #hakui_koyori #nekomimi #coyotegirl #nsfw #nsfwart #art #hentai

Wei Huan Arts 🔞
14 hours ago

Chunhua and her wet sloppy breasts gettin' railed #WIP

#MastoArt #FediArt #NSFW #NSFWArt #Hentai #Porn #BigTits #Tits #HugeTits #Boobs #Sex #Sketch

Chunhua getting railed from behind, her breasts bouncing her sweat.


Aujourd'hui, je vous propose un peu de lecture. Enfin, un aperçu du contenu de mon artbook. Je l'ai sorti en auto édition et ça n'a pas été une mince affaire. Je l'ai entièrement conçu seul avec les moyens du bord (merci Gimp...) 🙂
Je ne lui ai trouvé qu'un seul point en dépot vente pour dix exemplaires et je crois qu'ils doivent prendre la poussière au fin fond d'une étagère. Mais, au moins, sa conception a été une aventure très enrichissante... Et je suis fier de mon travail 🥰

#book #artbook #EroticGay #gay #gayartwork #NSFWart

Vidéo de présentation de "SLURP", artbook érotique gay.
16 hours ago

Punk girl #nsfw #NSFWart

Good morning - remember to eat your breakfast mushrooms 😝

#nsfwart #MastoArt #nsfw #lewd #TraditionalArt #Jenitales #Comics #ink

Work in progress shot of a woman licking the tip of a mushroom dick
16 hours ago
Two young, white women – Fanny and Phoebe – being intimate in a four-poster bed with curtains decorated in flowers. Phoebe is propped on an elbow with one leg raised, leaning over to fondle Fanny’s fanny (aka, her vulva). Both have their breasts and unshaven vulvas exposed. Fanny appears to be in raptures. This is an illustration from the old English erotic novel Fanny Hill and this scene takes place in the first part, when Fanny is still quite new to sexual pleasures. Phoebe is one of her many instructors in the arts.
Nudeful Art
21 hours ago

500 Followers! (503 already actually! 😁)
~ Thanks everyone for being part of the fam! ~
~ - 'Only' 497 more to the 1k checkpoint! - ~

Invite your cats, your parrots and your AI phone assistant! 😄

#nsfw #nsfwart #aiporn #naked #nude #fivehundred #followers #celebration #posing #trio #fivezerozero #chibi

1 day ago
1 day ago


A Big Lynel this way comes and he's huge!

Titoros, my lynel OC
Also #Biceptember

#nsfwart #nsfwfurryart #bara #baraartist #anthro #lynel #xtriplet23x

Chuck Draug of Murnoe
1 day ago

Pleasing the Diminatrix

[ES] ¿Es este uno de los dibujos más subidos de tono que he hecho? Puede ser. Pero ha sido entretenido. Y aparte, tras todo lo que mola, ella se merece una recompensa.

[EN] Is this on of the most explicit pics I've ever drawn? Maybe. But it's been fun. Besides, after being so cool, she deserves a reward.

#MastoArt #nsfw #NSFWart #MacroMicro #murnoensfw

Ilustración de Maggie Cid tumbada en una cama enorme, desnuda, sudorosa y rodeada de las distintas partes de su traje de Diminatrix. Está mirando al espectador, con un ojo cerrado, sonriendo y jadeando. Una mano enorme tiene su pene entre el pulgar y el índice, con manchas de semen en los dedos.

Drawing of Maggie Cid lying on a huge bed, naked, sweaty and surrounded by the several pieces of her Diminatrix outfit. She's looking at the viewer, one eye closed, grinning and panting. A larg hand is holding her penis between their thumb and index finger, with cum stains on those fingers.
1 day ago


Art for Skysweep

#mlp #mylittlepony #nsfw #nsfwart

Lusty Squirt!
This was a tentacle monster tier request.

Hi-Res Download:

Mainly referenced from my lovely Rosie 💗

#art #nsfw #nsfwart #nsfwartist #tits #boobs #squirt #POV #sexy #porn #adultart #adultartist

Black and white POV drawing of Lusty. She stands with her legs apart, looking down at you. One of her hands grips her breast, and the other spreads her beautiful labia. She's in the throes of ecstasy, and is squirting as she comes to orgasm right over your face. You briefly wonder if squirt is pee, but you hear a wise voice say "Don't worry about it, it's hot".
ElectricOcelot 🔞
1 day ago

Drawing of a naked man #erotic #nsfw #nsfwart #mastoart

Drawing of a naked guy sitting on the floor laying back holding his erect cock.
1 day ago

Public part of a "rope demonstration"~
Ponies living nearby know what time to look out of their windows 😏
#mylittlepony #gay #publicsex #nsfwart

2 days ago

That’s not the brain #nsfw #NSFWart

2 days ago

An edgy, angry, awkward(?) tween Sawyer experiencing what happens to futas who don't jerk off regularly for the first time... and other sketches.

No scars this time, though.

#OC #cock #loli #teen #balls #futa #nsfwart #mastoart #fediart #tits #balls #sweat #puss #ass #sketch #nude #originalcharacter

1. (Left) A futa lying on her stomach and looking back towards the viewer with her panties pulled to the side to expose her vulva and her balls. Her panties and bra are striped, her hair, which is over her shoulder, is long and she looks irritated and a bit sweaty. Her balls are unnaturally large. Her right leg is lifted, folded at the knee to show her sneaker and sock. 

2. (middle) Nude futa with an erection and unnaturally large balls. Her breasts are small with puffy nipples. Her hair is long and messy, and again, she looks irritated. 
Dialogue: Whaddya starin' at, old man?

Note: She's wearing way too much eye makeup in pics one and two.

3. Futa with messy hair in a training bra and panties that seem to be too tiny to hold her ever growing balls in. She looks stressed, possibly feeling discomfort from her balls and flaccid cock being squeezed by the restrictive fabric of her underwear. She also wears a wrist band on her right wrist.
2 days ago
robot girl entangled in cables
Alex-Ash Wolfe
2 days ago

From September 2021
Art by

Love the feeling of balls bouncing against your hole🥴​:ms_drooling:​

#furryart #furrynsfw #nsfw #nsfwfurry #art #nsfwart #sex #nudity #nude #gay #anal #nonbinary #balls #quoll

Two non-binary anthropomorphic quolls having anal sex. The tops dick is mid thrust, causing both his and the bottom's balls to bounce. The bottoms legs are being held under and around them by the top. Precum is leaking from the bottoms penis and asshole.

At least I've gotten some inking done today.

#Jenitales #NSFWart #WorkInProgress #Comics #NSFW #MastoArt #Ink #TraditionalArt

Ink drawing of a lady with her baps out, sucking on a mushroom that's shaped like a dick
2 days ago

Oh nooo not the tentacle pit 😏
Made for Golden Mango and Lastmidnight~
#mylittlepony #GAY #nsfwart #tentacles

3 days ago
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
3 days ago

WIP, Along with Today's Ziyou Lore! #5

She's a very business minded individual.

#MastoArt #FediArt #Sketch #NSFWArt #Hentai #NSFW #Anal #Squirt #Squirting #Pussy #BigTits #Tits #BigAss #Ass

An upward shot of Ziyou Chang getting assfucked and squirting all over the place! (Sketch)
Viy Sitante
3 days ago

Don't bluff the one who can turn into a beast now, you hear? ​ :meru_teef:

Good luck, Magnus! :meru_habby:

(Magnus and Astemar, from a few months ago. Yes, she can do this. Ask me more. :meru_omegalul: )

#nsfw #nsfwArtist #nsfwArt #femdom #OC #OriginalCharacter #OCArt #teratophilia #monsterfucking #art #FediArt #MastoArt

Color picture. Astemar (still in her human form) is very, very embarrassed, covering her face at how her beast pseudo dick is out and about at full mast. Her older husband Magnus looks very pleased in the meantime as he's paying very good attention to her pseudo dick while he's laying on his stomach. He says "Time to properly break in this bad girl now, hmm?"
Color picture. Magnus has fucked around and found out, oops. By now, Astemar has transformed into her beast self and is kneeling behind him. As her body is enormous, we only really see part of her legs, her claws and arms and a little bit of her neck. Her face and hair, the only human parts, is hovering over him. That said, her face is distorted with doll-like eyes that are glowing mostly red, blue and yellow, with her toothy grin barely open. She's saying: "Is it broken in yet, dear husbaaand?" Her text is mangled, wavering to show her current mood.

A sweaty Magnus, meanwhile, is kissing the pillow as his face is utterly smashed in. He keeps mumbling muffled moans, as he grips at the sheet for dear life while moving his hands up and down from the sheer intensity of Astemar dicking him. His rear is up in the air, his lower half still on the bed.

Her claws, by the way, are digging into his thighs and rear, causing the skin to start bruise and go red.
3 days ago

That was fast! 😸
Here's a tasty treat as a reward ✨ 🍈 🍈 ✨

Only two to go! 😉

#suggestive #erotic #DigitalArt #MastoArt #illustration #underwear #topless #sexy #digitalart #drawing #art #CreativeToots #NSFW #NSFWart

A raven-haired, busty secretary is seen from a high-angle shot. Her dark eyes peer with amusement at her pink phone. She wears dark red lipstick and nail polish. She is topless, revealing the glossy nipples on her voluminous breasts. Her waist-long hair go all the way to the back of her black thong, which is covered by dark transparent stockings.
3 days ago

“Paying the Bartender…”

Been a while since I drew something smutty…

This was a #commission#CommissionsOpen

#futa #nsfw #NSFWart #erotic #eroticart #porn #erotica #sexy #Mastoart

A naked, busty futanari(hermaphrodite/human female with penis) bartender sits on a barstool, smoking a cigarette having just ejaculated from oral sex performed on her by a skinny male patron, who is on his knees in front of her, apparently in lieu of payment for his drinks.

This was a Tentacle Monster tier request - now in colour.

Get the Hi-Res Download

#ffxiv #art #nsfw #nsfwart #nsfwartist #tits #boobs #topless #viera

Colour illustration of Steppingway, a hot viera bunny girl with freckled brown skin, reddish hair, and yellow eyes. She is wearing tight shiny black pants, and her jacket is open, revealing her breasts. She has nipple piercings, a navel piercing, multiple scars, and abs you could grate cheese on. She's also shiny and wet for some reason, but you don't question it.

CW: NSFW drawing / Ilustración +18
Yo tenía un Patreon no hace mucho y de cuando en cuando hacía contenido exclusivo. Ahora que ya no está, no quiero guardarme ese contenido para mí sola.
Así que ahí va una ilustración NSFW de Matsu y Arian. Es del año pasado. ^^
#MastoArt #CreativeToots #BoysLove #originalcharacters #NSFWart #AmiMercuryArt

Ilustración digital de una pareja. Cuidado, descripción explícita!
Son dos hombres jóvenes, ambos desnudos. Están sentados uno frente al otro con las piernas entrelazadas. Uno de los dos, a la izquierda, tiene el pelo corto y castaño con mechas. Mira al otro con gesto de frustración, muy sonrojado, y la punta de la lengua asomando entre los labios y está diciendo "¡Arian, por favor!" (pero en inglés). Se le ve parte del pene y está erecto. El otro es un poco más pálido de piel y su pelo es naranja, largo por la espalda, rizado y muy abundante. Tiene cejas anchas y el cuerpo lleno de pecas. Sonríe con inocencia mientras se muerde el labio inferior y mantiene la mano izquierda alzada con el índice extendido entre ambos. Con la mano derecha está sujetando la del otro hombre, que intenta tocarlo. Está diciendo (también en inglés) "¡Nop!".
4 days ago

Congrats! Kimberley's eager to show off the rest so she's doing a 2 for one discount 😉

Keep at it everyone! 💪

#suggestive #erotic #DigitalArt #MastoArt #illustration #underwear #sexy #digitalart #drawing #art #CreativeToots #NSFW #NSFWart

A raven-haired, busty secretary is seen from a high-angle shot. Her dark eyes peer with amusement at her pink phone. She wears dark red lipstick and nail polish. Her frilled black bra reveals generous cleavage. Her waist-long hair go all the way to the back of her black thong, which is covered by dark transparent stockings.
4 days ago

From "Mémoires de Suzon" [Memories of Suzon], by anonymous (1830 edition)

"il sortit de sa culotte un vit propre à faire plaisir à la femme la moins amoureuse, et me l’enfonça dans le con jusqu’à la garde" [he took out of his panties a penis suitable to please the least amorous woman, and thrust it into my cunt up to the hilt]

#EroticArt #NSFW #NSFWart #artwork #vintage #AltText #illustration


A young white couple, Suzon and Nicolas, having sex in a cellar. Suzon is sitting on a large wooden barrel, her legs wrapped around Nicolas’s hips, their arms wrapped around each other as they kiss. Nicolas’s trousers are unfastened and he is penetrating Suzon’s vagina.

And more Pockets, just with less clothing!
Because a.) I wanted to figure out her fur pattern and b.) I'm gay and like boobs. Girls in general, shocking I know
#nsfw #NSFWart

5 days ago

My contribution to the #FireEmblem #fe3h Three Holes Exchange for transfelix on #ao3 with, well, #trans Felix and Yuri and their token cis dude Sylvain. Sylvain enjoys pussy, that's it. With fanfic going along the sketches.

#fanart #nsfwart #mastoart #alt4me pls for the sketches, no spoons :c

several sketches of Sylvain, Felix and Yuri from Fire Emblem: Three houses fucking
screenshots of the above linked text
5 days ago

From "Vies des dames galantes" [Lives of gallant ladies], by André Collot (1929)

#EroticArt #NSFW #NSFWart #artwork #vintage #AltText #AndréCollot


Sitting atop bright green grass under a tree on a hill during daytime, a young white woman and man are having sex. In the distance behind them we see a large stately home painted yellow and two figures walking away from us, dressed in blue and red. The young woman is wearing yellow, her clothes fine as if to suggest that she may be one of the daughters of that great house we can see. The man is also dressed in the fashions of the high upper class, his clothes plush red and purple with black stockings. He has pushed his body eagerly against the lady, pressing his crotch forward towards her own. We cannot see his face, but we can see one of his arms wrapped tight around her shoulders to pull her closer. Her face is one of shock. She is looking up, her lips round as if saying "oh!" From her spread legs and raised skirts, we can guess that the man has penetrated her and she's rather surprised by the sensation.
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
6 days ago
Daniela Guzman, sitting in her dorm room, naked except for her tank top with the words "Retro Bitch" across it, and a desk of electric junk behind her.

The articles read "Best engineer from M.I.D.?
Daniela Guzman's brain is as big as her chest! (But not nearly as smooth) - Broken phone? Send it to our office to have it repaired by Daniela Guzman herself!"
Same as last image, but Daniela is completely naked.
6 days ago

"De Arte Venatoria" [Of hunting art], by Jean Morisot (alias: Jean de Sauteval)

#EroticArt #NSFW #NSFWart #artwork #vintage #AltText #Satyr #Satyrday #JeanMorisot #JeanDeSauteval


A monochrome drawing of a horned satyr having sex with a topless white woman while she is on all fours on the forest floor. A white man dressed as a hunter and holding a rifle in outstretched hands looks on in shock from a distance. The woman doesn’t care. Her eyes are shut and she’s being in the moment. The satyr is leaning with outstretched arms on her back and looking at the man bemusedly as he humps her from behind. His legs and tail are those of a goat and his upper body that of a man.
Alex-Ash Wolfe
6 days ago
A pink non-binary quoll being held up and fisting anally by a second standing red non-binary quoll. The pink quoll is leaning over the red quoll's shoulder and is holding up the peace sign with their right hand; their left arm against the red quolls back. The red quoll has the right hand and lower arm up the pink quoll's anus, and has their left arm around the pink quoll's waist, holding them up and the tips of their left hand's fingers are visible.
Georgia 🔞💗
6 days ago

a new oc, she's a ghost princess called Kaz

#lewd #lewdart #nsfw #nsfwart #mastoart #art

a color drawing of a transparent ghost girl floating against a blue circle. she has her long hair up in a high ponytail and wears a laurel wreath. her short toga is falling away from one shoulder, exposing her left boob. her arms and legs are wispy, making it look like her hands and feet are floating by themselves.
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
1 week ago

🎉Great timing, I've been accepted into #VGEN !🎉

To celebrate, I'm offering some $25 USD sketch commissions! (More details in replies)

+$20 USD for Additional Characters
+$20 USD for Backgrounds

☎️ Contact ☎️

🎨VGEN (Help me get verified!):


Or if you know how to private mention me on 🐘Masto, you can do that too!

#MastoArt #NSFWArtist #Commissions #Sketch #Porn #Hentai #NSFWArt #FediArt #BigTits #BigAss #Commission

Commission sheet for sketch pieces, featuring nude ladies!
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
1 week ago
Ziyou Chang laying on a desk, breasts pushed up into her arm.
She's throwing a sly peace sign with her other hand.

Tangy from Animal Crossing!
Ankha isn't the only cat from that game that I like.
#nsfw #NSFWart

Funsy edit of my older Ankha / Amenta drawings.
Here's a genderswapped Ankha, or Ankhu, as I decided to call him.
I don't really draw dudes often so this was a fun attempt.
#NSFWart obviously because of the DING DONG

Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
1 week ago


Never used the group feature before, lets so how bad it gets :meru_lul:

#krita #pinup #nsfwart #MastoArt @nsfw

Tattooed lady, peeking behind a curtain. With iridescent effects.
Timelapse of the drawing
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
1 week ago

Some Sketches of things to come!

#MastoArt #FediArt #NSFWArt #Hentai #Sketch #WIP

Chunhua Fu pressing her breasts down on a bed.
Daniela Guzman sitting up, relaxed, and completely naked.
Ziyou Chang posing seductively on a computer desk.
Daniela relaxing in a computer chair, room appearing to be her dorm.
1 week ago

"When your Prey begs to be caught, how does the Hunter react?" 'Phobiaphilia' is a new, 18+ (for erotic content) comic coming to the Shortbox Comics Fair ( this October! A puppy play horror comic about the difficulties of engaging with masculinity on your own terms.

( #nsfwart #nsfwcomics #webcomics )

Comic cover preview.
First comic page preview.
Second comic page preview.

This is Ivy, from 2018. The anatomy is a bit wonky here but uhhh I still think she's cute

#MastoArt #AnimeArt #lewd #NSFWArt #JSSLewd #JSSIvy

An anime-style drawing of my original character Ivy, a woman who's sitting on the ground with her legs in front of her, one arm holding herself up, and the other arm doing a bad job of covering up her large breasts.  She's completely naked, and she has a long tattoo of a leafy vine traveling from one ankle all the up to the opposite hand.  She has a big happy smile.
Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
2 weeks ago


Not sure if this works really here :meru_concern:

#nsfwart #artistsonmastodon

Who to tag?
@vsitante - new on my instance

Drawing of a red haired lady with golden chains around her waist
Gray haired elf with red tentacles
Another lady with white hair, tentacles and stockings
Nude Fanart of faye valentine with her Red tail (ship) in background
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
2 weeks ago
Daniela sitting naked on a stone brick wall in front of MIT.
Viy Sitante
2 weeks ago

My original characters, Kumiko and Ryuj, with flowers that represented them (where one of the flowers would be one they'd give to the other.)

Though the final product is different from my original color idea, I like how this turned out :D

#FediArt #MastoArt #nsfw #nsfwArt #nsfwArtist #OCart #OCs #OC #OriginalCharacter #pinup #DigitalArt #art #flowers #illustration #SomethingInTheAir

A reddish-haired woman with peach skin is kneeling and holding flowers in her arms. Her hands are twined as if held together by a ribbon. She's naked but not sexualized, and we only see her body from the side.

The flowers that are in her arms (with petals falling down) are forget-me-nots, lilies of the valley and apple blossoms. The text on the right top corner are the meanings derived from the flowers: good fortune, true love, and a return to happiness. These flowers are not for her, however, but for her lover.
A black-haired man with brown skin is sitting and holding flowers in his right arm. His left arm rests above the one knee that's resting upwards. He's naked but not sexualized, and the flowers cover his male parts.

The flowers that are in his arms are ranunculi, lilies of the valley and orange blossoms. The text on the left top corner are the meanings derived from the flowers: eternal love, dazzled by charm, and a return to happiness. These flowers are not for him, however, but for his lover.
Viy Sitante
2 weeks ago

I'm terrible at #intropost #introductions but I'll try my best! You should be forewarned, I'm also bad at CWs...but I also try.

🔞​ I'm a 18+ account! 🔞​

I'm Viy and due to being so busy in general, I usually have time to either

1) draw my OCs boinking in sketchy forms
2) pretend I'm a comic creator by doing few comics and more of the above

Hope to have fun around here!

#MastoArt #NSFW #nsfwArt #nsfwArtist #OCart #FediArt #art #OC #lewd #erotic

Two figures in front of a colorful red background interspersed with rabbit patterns and a large flower wreath.

The woman is wearing the Playboy bunny suit, colored mint green with a different bunny pattern. She's slightly turning to us, mostly seeing her from the back, as she has a bashful smile (possibly an expression full of nervousness?) while carrying a colorful egg-shaped container in her right hand. Her left hand is raising a chocolate bunny to the man in front of her. Both their eyes are closed.

Said chocolate bunny's butt is being bitten by said man, who's dressed like a Chippendale dancer. His own expression is nebulous, possibly equally as bashful as hers. His right upper arm has a tribal tattoo pertaining to his background.
The illustration is completely black except for the woman in the middle, who appears to be in the throes of ecstasy. Around and on top of her are black big serpent-like forms (in reality, tentacles) -- covering her eyes and her vagina. While her eyes are covered, we can determine her happy expression based on her mouth. The tentacles appear to be embracing her below her breasts, and we can see perhaps some teasing around her vagina, considering the fluids splayed on her thighs.

Above left, there's a sign saying "not for kids, for adults only" and at the bottom center, the text says "TENTALIA: story and art by Viy Sitante."
Color picture, with reddish beige and blue tones. A trans man is standing up in bed, looking back with a sort of sadness and longing, while a cis, hairy man is curling up from behind him. Second man doesn't know how the other one is looking at him.
Black and white picture with tones.

This was done for Kinktober and it's very sketchy as a result. Features two figures, both dark-skinned, but one has "white" hair and the other has "black" hair. Both are female, and they're just having fun in the shower, ya know? :v 

With the water hitting both of them, the one on the right is penetrating the other with a sex toy, holding onto her by her hips. The one on the left is trying to hold onto the walls with one hand and onto her lover's neck with the other.

That's it, that's all there is to it. Now go home!
2 weeks ago

Yesterday I had rol session! I have to create a tiefling someday...

Exclusive art, early access and offers:

#anime #hentai #NSFWart #NSFWartist #NSFW #lewd #lewdart #lewdartist #nudity #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #tiefling #fantasy #5e #artistonmastodon #MastoArt

A green skinned tiefling. She has small pointy horns sprouting from her forehead, pointy ears and a butterfly shaped tail. Her hair is red and tied up in a ponytail and she has purple eyes behind a big pair of circular glasses.
She has a staff made of silver wood, and a green light sphere on the top.

She is sitting crisscross, with her staff between her boobs, and a bottle of liquor called "fireball" between her legs, smiling at the camera.
Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
2 weeks ago

:meru_shy: - was only a matter of time, spacecowboy. Boosting appreciated 🍒

#NSFWart #mastoart #pinup #krita

Drawing of that hottie from the 90s anime where everyone had a crush on - bold statement, but true LOL. Vaye Valentine with her iconic ship in the background and a planet, no I have no fucking Idea what planet I drew. She is pulling a yellow-golden with holo effect panty up.
Timelapse, showing how hard I failed with gradient maps and eventually did it manually. Pff, who the fuck needs gradient maps.?
3 weeks ago
Comic, there's two characters:
Mizukashi (🐉) is a tall, humanoid dragon. He has blue skin, with long straight blue hair on a ponytail and eyes with black sclera and blue iris. He has horns in his head, and ears that resembles fins. He also has a long tail with darker blue spots on it.
Maverick (🌊) is a human, with tanned skin and red hair stylised at one side, and green eyes. He is wearing a neoprene suit but it's open and down of his torso.

Mizukashi is resting on a rock while Maverick is close to him and rubbing the dragon's groin with a mischievous smile.
🐉: You're visiting me a lot, human.
🌊: You can't complain.
🐉: I won't. I like your visits.
🌊: So cute~

They share a kiss while the dragon's genitalia rises.
🌊: Y'know, I've always wondered... how does a dragon taste?
🐉: Oh, curious?
🌊: Of course! It's so smooth...

Maverick keeps rubbing the dragon's dick.

🐉: Then, be my guest, human.
🌊: It's been some time since I did this... I'll try not to bite...
🐉: You better not.

Maverick starts kneeling in front of the dragon.
Maverick stares at Mizukashi's penis with a smile and anticipation, licks the staff and kisses the top.
Mizukashi's pupils dilates with delight
Maverick puts his mouth to work not taking it fully, though.
Mizukashi smirks, with blissful eyes, and letting out a small groan.
Maverick feels how the dragon grabs his head, confused at first, and surprised when Mizukashi starts pushing himself deeper in his mouth.


The next chapter begins now!

I also made 10 versions of the cover, for Shy Slimegirl tier <3

#nsfw #nsfwart #nsfwcomic #fantasy #comic #elf #werewolf #adultart #adultcomic #monsterfucker

It's a comic cover! The text reads "LUSTY and the BIG BAD WEREWOLF". The illustration is in greyscale, reminiscent of a golden age horror film. Lusty, a sexy elf adventurer, is front and centre, wearing a black leather bodice over a white top that shows off her tits, and a black cloak with a hood. She's in a dark forest, and moonlight shines between the trees. Right behind her is a ghastly black-haired werewolf, who towers one head higher than her. He is muscular, has wide shoulders, and his eyes glow fearsomely. One of his clawed hands closes around Lusty's throat. But she is not afraid~
3 weeks ago

Riley's friend Lucia is not the most graceful Splatball player of the team.

#NSFWart #illustration #comic #digitalart #drawing #oc #art #cartoon #mastoart #creativetoots #bsky #bluesky #anime #manga #OCart

1 month ago

Squidkit up for adoption.

Remember that Mastodon is algo-less, so boosts are the only way to help artists grow on the platform ❤️

Bsky acc:

#NSFWart #illustration #comic #digitalart #drawing #oc #art #cartoon #mastoart #creativetoots #bsky #bluesky

Georgia 🔞💗
1 month ago

Mabe the witch (a new oc) 🌙

#lewd #lewdart #nsfw #NSFWart #MastoArt #art

a color painting of a freckly young redheaded woman standing on a rock by the sea. the atmosphere is dark and moody, but there's a bright light shining on her. she wears a black hood and a billowing cloak, with semi-transparent black fabric draped over the lower half of her body, through which you can see her pubes. behind and around her head is a glowing protective spell, in her right hand she carries a potion bottle, on her face and scattered around her body are scars, and between her tits is a tattoo of the phases of the moon. she looks ahead of her with a determined expression.
1 month ago

The ice cream demon summoner, Gwenn :blobfoxpeekowo: :artpeek:

#explicit #art #nsfw #NSFWart #breasts #bondage #titties

1 month ago

Sooo I finally updated my #patreon for #NSFWart, I did a public post as an "inauguration" 😅
I don't have any subscribers yet, but I hope to have them in the near future so I can start sharing there more of my hidden erotic art 👀

If you want to join :18only: ➡

#eroticart #nsfw

Cropped digital painting of a blond girl, throwing a kiss to the viewer.
1 month ago

Ramona Flowers, my love 💜
Had to let this out after the announcement of the new Scott Pilgrim anime lol
#ramonaflowers #scottpilgrim #fanart #spreadingpussy #legsup #heels #wetpussy #nipplepiercings #blushing #mastoart #art #krita #nsfw #nsfwart #illustration

ramona flowers spreading her pussy on top of a bathroom stall with inviting eyes
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
2 months ago

Hey other 🔞 Artists!

Not sure how much this is done on Masto, but let’s try starting a thread🧵 of what you think your best works are!

Here are mine so far, comment with your 🎨Best Works🎨!

#MastoArt #FediArt #Artists #Artist #NSFW #NSFWArt #Thread #Art #Portfolio #Porn #Hentai

Harp Ju on a Dance Dance Revolution machine, text reading “Who knew Gym Queen Harp Ju did her aerobic routine at the arcade? - Get the fresh scoop on the Pug Wild condom recall!”
Chunhua Fu looking at the viewer while in a pool, text reading: “Need swimming lessons? Join Mrs. Chunhua Fu at the Metaphor Public Pool & Sauna - Is bulking up the wrong move? Study shows women prefer a leaner build!”
Ziyou sucking dick and blackmailing the viewer “Wow, was that your wife? Quite the scandal we got here ~ Y’know, 3%, no, 5% of your company sounds like just the thing to shut a girl like me up <3”

Did somebody say #BowserDay 👀

Trying to bust through some art block and playing with some new brushes!

[ #NSFWArt #Bowser #FurryArt #Mario #NSFW ]

Bowser reclining holding his big ol schlonga bonga
2 months ago

August from "Les mois amoureux" [The months of love], by Édouard-Henri Avril (1905)

Aout: Bains de Mer – Ecume d’amour. [August: Sea bathing – Spume of love.]

#EroticArt #NSFW #NSFWart #artwork #vintage #AltText #August #ÉdouardHenriAvril


On a rocky ledge beside a rough ocean with foaming waves, a young white woman lies with her legs open. Her legs are half in the water, her arms on the stone, her breasts and vulva exposed. A young white man in a red-and-white striped sailor’s shirt stands in the water between her legs, his trousers pulled down. He is suckling one of her breasts and masturbating with one hand. His penis is in the process of ejaculating, the semen hitting her vulva as the woman smiles, pink-cheeked.

I want to find my community.
Artists - especially nsfw artists.

Asking for any help whatsoever in using this confusing maze of a social media platform.

#help #mastodonhelp #nsfwart #nsfwartist #nsfw #art #artistsonmastodon

2 months ago

I drew this back when the Thavnair gear got gender unlocked...

Still need to actually use some of it oop.

#miqote #catboy #nsfw #nsfwart #ffxiv #ffxivnsfw

A tan Miqo'te (catboy) with a short tail from Final Fantasy 14 underdressed in a red outfit with gold trims.
2 months ago

Hi I'm Nai! I'm a smalltime NSFW artist mostly doing FFXIV/DnD and such. I'm looking for more art friends in the NSFW sphere!!

#ffxiv #dnd #miqote #hrothgar #elezen #nsfw #nsfwart #viera #introduction

Lusty Pride Party 2023!

Get all 67 sexy versions here:

Alt versions include:
- Nudity, pride body paint
- Each character individually
- Alt costumes, nipple tape/stickers
- Big Boobs Lilya, Ashmodai with a dick
- Milk (lactation), body writing
and MORE

#sexy #busty #elf #pansexual #petite #lesbian #witch #nonbinary #bisexual #demon #mermaid #pride #pride2023 #pridemonth #porn #nsfwart #lgbtqart #lgbtqartist #nsfwartist

2 months ago

NOTE: I'm still quite taken up with IRL matters so won't be posting regularly, but I'll try my best to pop on whenever possible

"Coucou!" by anonymous (1900)

Notice the husband's horns - for whatever reason, growing horns was an old European shorthand for being a cuckold (i.e., having an adulterous wife)

#EroticArt #NSFWart #AltText #vintage #AnonymousArtist


A drawing of a bedroom scene. A larger white man (the cuckold, as symbolised by the small horns growing from his forehead) holds a lit candelabra as he enters a bedroom. He is wearing nightwear and his eyes are covered by a younger white woman, who is presumably his wife. Her breasts are visible through her own nightwear, which her hapless husband is grasping to also expose her vulva. She is looking over her shoulder at a younger, blond white man, who is creeping out of the room behind them. From the coat and hat under his arm, he is possibly a soldier or sailor. He and the woman must have been engaged in a tryst when they were unexpectedly disturbed by the husband.
2 months ago

#shibariropes #bdsm #tiemeup #nipples #Nudity #nippleplay #bondage #nsfwart #ropeart #selfportraitphotography

I'm dressed in a little pink on my knees for you, my Dominant 💋


Black and white photo of a female in black panties and a pink rope frog tied wearing sliver nipple teasers.

My commissions are OPEN!!

I'm working part time as I search for a better job, and have reduced income until then. I'm banking heavily on getting commissions to help me through this time. Even if you can't buy one now, sharing this helps me a lot!

#kobold #furry #nsfwart #yiff #scalie #commissions #commissionsopen #art #mastoart #artistsonmastodon

Commission price sheet
3 months ago


Hi!! I'm Kiri, I'm a freelance illustrator and animator.
I focus on #NSFWart and #erotic content, mainly with my OCs and occasional fanart!
I can even do comics from time to time ^^

You can find my work here and in other social media, and support me on Patreon!

:mandala: All my links and info!

#MastoArt #anime #lewdart #artistonmastodon #art #artist #NSFW #shibari #comic #OriginalCharacter #OC

A comic.
First panel shows a redhaired tanned guy pinned down by an anthropomorphic blue dragon with blue skin and long hair of the same colour.
"Well, what do we have here? What are you looking for in my territory, human", the dragon asks.
"FUCK!!", exclaims the redhaired guy, feeling the embarrassment immediately after.
"Oh...", says the dragon.
A redhaired, dark skinned fox girl is kneeling on the floor. We are seeing her back, with her arms tied up in a heart shape shibari. Her fox ears are down and she's looking back at us with rage.
A redhaired girl wearing a reverse bunnysuit.
She has fair skin, but there's patches of darker skin in her torso and face. Her eyes have black sclera, red iris and heart pupils.
A black haired bunnyboy with clear blue eyes, winking at the camera. He is wearing black shorts with suspenders.

You can read "Easter frenzy"
Viy Sitante
3 months ago

Won't be tagging the series with the hashtag for now (I'll be coming back and editing it MUCH later), but my fave ship from Pumpkin Scissors :blobcat3c:​ Alice and Randel! aka lieutenant and corporal :blobcatcool:​

This was part of a larger sketch page but I only shared this snippet on Poipiku because...I don't know, look at it, it's cute :blobcatfluffpats:​ Alice is always understanding of his height :blobcatblep:​

I also wanted to play (and still do in my fancomic, it's just been a while) with the literal canon joke that his dick is so big, that he even breaks the L size of urine bottles. The nurse who's assigned to him almost makes it her life's mission to defeat the size limitation and find one that works 🤣​

In his wee defense, my good boy Randel is about 7-8 feet/~213 cm in height...

#sizeDifference #nsfwArt #handjob #nsfw #r18 #FanArt #PumpkinScissors #RandelOland #AliceMalvin

Alice gently stroking Randel's dick, kneeling between his legs, as he's gripping her butt very tightly on account of feeling very stimulated and into the whole handjob thing.
3 months ago

I do the occasional shibari bondage sketch 🪢

Follow me for more art like this.

#NSFW #PortfolioDay #Shibari #Sketch #NSFWart #NSFWPortfolioDay #drawing #LewdArt #LewdArtist #bdsm #Bondage #OC #LifeDrawing #FigureDrawing

Pencil sketch of mostly nude shibari rope model in a rope harness and kimono
Nude woman facing away with her arms tied behind her back in a detailed shibari tie.

Reference photo by ROPE MAGiC: via “LESSON", featuring Momo, photograph and ropework by Reiji Suzuki, Nobember 2017:
Pencil sketch of nude Shibari rope bondage model tied with her legs spread wide open to expose her genitals.
A pencil drawing of a petite nude woman with long hair on her knees. She is tied in a rope chest harness with her hands behind her head. A Hitachi want is tied to the inside of her left leg so that it is pressed firmly against her pussy.
BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
3 months ago

No seriously:

I'm looking for an art site where I can post adult art, aka NSFW art. Like sex, violence, kink, gore, etc. Queer Adult art.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm reading the TOS of several website options and I'm having no luck, as they severely restrict adult art to basic nudity.

#MastoArt #queer #gay #trans #artwork #NSFWart

Sloppy Tentacles 🦑
3 months ago

This is a rendering of EMELBEE's Cindarie a TES OC

#krita #MastoArt #NSFWart #teso

Drawing of a sitting naked elf with pointy ears, long orange hair wearing some decent gold jewellery

Heyo, this is my commission info + support post! Art is my primary source of income at this moment so if you like my work (and have the means), please consider supporting one way or another <3

★More info on comms:


#NsfwArt #NsfwArtist #Commission #CommissionAd #Commissions #CommissionsOpen