15 hours ago

@ct_bergstrom Beautiful photo! Among my very favourite Australian birds. They come and feed right outside our bedroom window every morning and they are SO NOISY. They continually squabble with the Rainbow Lorikeets, who also forage among the flowers.

They do seem to be seasonal, though, disappearing in the cooler months (Australian 'winter') and returning when it gets warmer. Aggressive and noisy, they're still always welcome in our garden.

#australia #centralcoast #nsw

S. K. Riley
17 hours ago

Before rushing off for a very busy fun time last weekend, we managed to plant out a few more Australian natives.

#NativePlants #Wildlife #Pollinators #BloomScrolling #Gardening #NSW #Australia

Lemon Myrtle [Backhousia citriodora]

One of the most popular Australian native herbs, Lemon Myrtle’s tangy leaves can be used in teas, syrups, glazes, cakes, biscuits, dressings, sauces, ice creams, dips and any protein dish. As a dried and crushed herb, it takes fresh seafood to the next level. This subtropical rainforest tree also attracts bees & insects. The essential oil distilled from its refreshing lemony scented leaves has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

From the centre of a clump of elongated glossy green oval leaves, a cluster of white fluffy flowers with pale yellow centres presents itself like a bouquet.
Native Daisy [Brachyscome multifida ‘Mauve Mystery’]

This easy-care Australian native daisy is grown for its dainty green foliage and masses of mauve and white flowers produced throughout the year. It’s also tough enough to withstand children’s play areas. Whether grown as a clumping perennial or ground cover, its flowers attract pollinators, especially butterflies. 

A pale golden butterfly rests on the petals of a pastel mauve daisy, seen in a group of other mauve and white daisies with bright yellow centres amongst soft green foliage.
Bower Vine [Bignoniaceae - Pandorea jasminoides]

A subtropical Australian native evergreen climbing shrub (a distant relation to Jacaranda) with beautiful bell-shaped blossoms gathered in bunches. They range in colour from white (‘Lady Di’) to pale rosy pink with a flower throat in deep cerise pink. A hardy, vigorous growing perennial vine in coastal environments, but avoid planting above pipes due to its penetrating root system. We are growing it in a large tub. 

This plant attracts bees and other pollinators, while its fruits open to release many seeds. Thus, it’s named after ‘Pandora’, which for us means seeds of hope, rather than the conventional connotations of Ancient History.

A cluster of soft white trumpet-shaped flowers with deep pink throats seen against a leafy green background.
Scented Gum [Eucalyptus olivacea - Summer Scentsation]

A hardy compact flowering gum tree with silver-grey foliage and fluffy yellow flowers, which produces a spectacular summer display from Christmas to early autumn. Their blossoms are rich in nectar and together with their alluring fragrance, attract native wildlife, including wild birds and pollinators. The flowers are also useful as a long-lasting cut flower for the home. 

Large frothy yellow flowers peak out from between grey-green eucalyptus leaves like pom-poms.
20 hours ago

Extremely heavy & in some cases record-breaking rain has fallen across NSW in the 24hrs... 351mm falling at one Sth Coast location.
...remarkable..., & not just because of the massive totals in many areas... widespread nature of the falls #NSW #NSWWx #OzWx #Wx

1 day ago

#NSW rainfall recorded In the past 22 hours since 9:00am yesterday:

Jervis Bay Airfield: 213mm

Ulladulla: 193mm

Moruya (Burra Creek): 192mm

Point Perpendicular: 176mm

Lake Conjola: 149mm

Nowra: 106mm

Deniliquin: 104mm

Mount Darragh: 102mm

Nerriga: 97mm

Kiama: 95mm

Braidwood: 95mm

Forbes: 93mm

Cowra: 54mm

Tidbinbilla: 53mm

Tuggeranong: 49mm

Young: 46mm

Canberra: 43mm

Thredbo Top Station: 32mm

2 days ago
Tim Richards
3 days ago

"Why can’t Australians enjoy such a pleasant way to travel, given sleeper trains are going through a major resurgence in Europe, partly in response to climate change? It’s a good question, and there’s a simple answer: because the New South Wales government doesn’t want you to."

For Traveller, I discuss the impending removal of sleeper trains between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane - and imagine what could exist instead, based on the European experience.
NSW sleeper trains: Why the government shouldn’t ditch them

#Train #Trains #SleeperTrain #Australia #NewSouthWales #NSW #RailTravel #TrainTravel

3 days ago

#Dutton’s picks lose in the run for a #NSW #senate seat #auspol #Sharma

Anthony Arblaster
3 days ago

My family saw this little fella near #Araluen in #NSW over the weekend.
#EchidnasOfMastodon #SilentSunday

A little echidna exploring a little ditch.
S. K. Riley
4 days ago

Protesters blockaded the world’s largest coal port for 30 hours over the failure of government to act on climate change, preventing more than half a million tonnes of coal from leaving the port of Newcastle.

“Pancakes were being made, tea drunk, #dolphins swam nearby and people watched the sunset and sunrise. Those involved say it was a magical experience.”

- Rising Tide local organiser Alexa Stuart

Protesters spent the night on the water, rostered in two-hour shifts.

#Newcastle #StopCoal #PeoplesBlockade #RisingTide #ClimateChange #NSW #Australia

Climate protesters take to the water in kayaks at Horseshoe beach in Newcastle to block access to the world’s largest coal port. Photograph: Roni Bintang/Getty Images. Source: Guardian Australia.
S. K. Riley
6 days ago

Figbird paid a visit today.
Here’s a male Green Figbird feasting on Palm berries.

#Figbird #Australia #Native #Wildlife #Habitat #Queensland #NSW #Birds

Figbirds, (Sphecotheres vieilloti), found in eastern and northern Australia, the Kimberley region in Western Australia and in PNG on the edges of rainforests, frequent Mangrove and Melaleuca swamps, woodlands and trees in suburbia. They are sometimes nomadic, chasing fruiting trees where they mostly feed high in the canopies. Insects and seeds are also on the menu. 

A number of Australian native fruit trees can only be germinated by fruit-eating birds eating their seeds. Figbirds are not endangered, having adapted well to human habitation. Plants associated with this species are: Moreton Bay Fig, Ficus macrophylla, Port Jackson Fig, and Ficus rubiginosa.

This Green Figbird male has a distinctive red patch of skin around his eyes, black head, white breast, with olive green feathers on his back. He holds a red berry in his beak, the abundant red fruit of a palm tree, seen completely filling the background of this image. Photo provided by Marj Webber.
6 days ago

Newcastle things.

#nsw #trains

A Newcastle knights painting between two freight rail containers
1 week ago

Stop killing koalas - Lower speed limits
Spike in koala deaths prompts call for better road design, lower speed limits in NSW

"We do have an issue that roads are being designed without wildlife mitigation as part of the initial design. We do think that any new infrastructure must have mitigation measures built in from the get-go and that makes people safe too, the people who are stopping and braking and swerving, and the wildlife rescuers who are putting their lives on the line to try and save these animals."

"30 koala deaths have been recorded on a short section of a road outside of Sydney over 12 months...In northern NSW, Friends of the Koala say 120 koala "strikes" were recorded on local roads over the same period with the majority dying."
#Koalas #roads #cars #NSW #GlenifferRoad #SaveTuckersNob #wildlife #crashes #speeding #MobilityDesign #extinction makers

S. K. Riley
1 week ago

In the Western world, yellow flowers represent emotions like joy, friendship, hope and truth.

#BloomScrolling #NSW #Australia

Taken during this morning’s rain shower.
These large evergreen shrubs have flowered consistently here for about 15 years, so probably not the short-lived variety of St. John’s Wort.

A 5-petalled yellow flower with multiple wispy stamens that end with a tiny white globe, seen against a background of green foliage.
1 week ago

This is shameful work from transport for #nsw

Pyrmont is a high density inner city neighbourhood with loads of #publicTransport options. All their process documents insist on putting people first but apparently ripping out a pedestrian crossing is fine.

#urbanism #sydney

1 week ago


#NSW #NSWPolice #StitchedUp
Wonder what he'll get.

The seriousness is extreme.
He corrupted the law enforcement process and the legal process and that resulted in an innocent person being jailed.

Thinking around 15 years could be in the best interests of the community in terms of signalling to others that corrupting law enforcement is most serious.

But would not be surprised at non-custodial sentence.

What you reckon for the sentence?

1 week ago

Ruling leaves koala populations exposed but door opens to further legal action

North East Forest Alliance laments Land and Environment Court loss, says koalas will suffer
"The Land and Environment Court has rejected an application to stop logging in two bushfire affected forests in north-east NSW."
"This was our last official legal attempt to try and save the koalas. "They're going to take out most of their feed trees."

#NativeForests #LoggingIndustry #koalas #wildlife #Bushfires #law #lawfare #NSW #Braemar #MyrtleStateForests #NEFA #EDO #EPA #court #vidence #ForestryCorporation #NorthEastRegionalForestAgreement #ClimateEmergency #biodiversity

S. K. Riley
2 weeks ago

Since Stormbird and others (Maestro Tree Frog and progeny) have been calling out for rain in the evenings, we took the opportunity to plant out some buddleia plants (butterfly bush), two different types of ginger (native and edible), and some palm trees - to help fill in a pocket of rainforest canopy and provide food for insects and birds.

During late winter, masses of bees and native parrots feed on local palm blossoms (and later fruit) when little else is in flower. And in the long term, cool shade will be at a premium for all living things during the hot summers ahead.

#Pollinators #Parrots #ForestGardening #NSW #Shade #Bees #Gardening #Climate #Australia

Alexander Palm Tree with masses of green and red fruit.
2 weeks ago

Killing for Country

" ‘I can’t argue away the shame’: frontier violence and family history converge in David Marr’s harrowing and important new book"

"A monumental study of the on-the-ground nature of colonisation in New South Wales and Queensland... His forebears’ role in murdering scores of First Peoples during the land grabs that preceded the creation of Australia."

"At the core of this narrative is a simple truism of colonialism: land is the ultimate commodity, the raw material."
#TruthTelling #colonialism #Australia #frontier #violence #SettlerSociety #FamilyTruthTelling #families #NSW #Queensland #archives #trove #book #FirstNationsPeoples #FrontierWars

2 weeks ago

The hunger for invasive weeds on the NSW Mid North Coasts

On the Weed Wide Web "we found 155 different declared invasive plants just being sold on one platform, and just in one year...Invasive plants have effectively cost Australia an estimated $200 billion since 1960, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor online trade of species."
#weeds #online #flora #gardens #exotics #NSW #MidNorthCoast #InvasiveSpecies #biosecurity #biodiversity

2 weeks ago

Why are #nsw trainlink so hostile to #bikes ? I just saw a woman get told off for trying to take a Brompton style fold up bike on-board. They did let her put it on in the checked luggage section but not without some shouting.

For context regular size bikes can only be taken on board if placed in a giant cardboard box.

There is so much scope for rail/bike tourism and ofc last mile bike trips.

It shouldn't be this hard!

#trains #publictransport #transit #sydney

2 weeks ago

Rural Fire Service (RFS) confirms the death of a volunteer firefighter in the Walgett region.

The RFS volunteer was working on the Hudson Fire in the Walgett region when he was struck by a falling tree.

Fellow RFS members rendered first aid until ambulance crews arrived - the patient was then transported to a Lighting Ridge medical facility where he tragically passed away.

Commissioner Rogers has expressed his sincere sorrow at the passing of a dedicated volunteer who was helping to protect the community.

"This gentleman made the ultimate sacrifice. His tragic and untimely death is a solemn reminder about the dangers faced by our firefighters.”

“Our thoughts are with his family, friends and firefighting colleagues at this terrible time. We are offering every assistance to his family and fellow brigade members.”
#RFS #Walget #NSWFires #NSWRFS #NSW #bushfires #Austrailia

Mojo ♻️
2 weeks ago

Italian confectionery company the Ferrero Group #nutella is giving up on a $70 million #hazelnut farm near Narrandera in southern #NSW, saying the long-term #climate is unsuitable #driestcontinent #globalwarming

@stufromoz that damn sneak probably knows (or pretends to know) a lot about other people's dirty laundry
#ZedZero #Zed #ACT #NSW

The old signage at Werris Creek Station is great - with an Xplorer sitting on the platform #werriscreek #newengland #nsw #bentsabout #latergram 

Aby Darling
2 weeks ago

⚠️Heroin has been found in cocaine in NSW⚠️

(⁠ Repost from ACON and DanceWize NSW)

NSW Health is warning of the potential dangers from heroin being present in the cocaine currently in circulation around Sydney following one death and two hospitalisations.⁠

A single line of ‘cocaine’ powder containing opioids (such as heroin) can kill or cause dizziness, paleness, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, vomiting, difficulty breathing.⁠

What to look out for?⁠

-Pin-point pupils⁠
-Difficulty speaking or walking⁠
-Loss of consciousness⁠
-Slow breathing/snoring⁠
-Skin turning blue (if light skinned) or grey (if dark skinned)⁠

How can you protect yourself?⁠
-Don’t use alone.⁠
-Tell your friends what you thought you were taking.⁠
-If you’re using a new batch, start out with a small dose.⁠
-Be careful if mixing different drugs.⁠

Carry Naloxone:⁠
Naloxone can be ordered for FREE (+ shipping charge) as a nasal spray or injectable from the NUAA website: ⁠


You can also get Naloxone for free from ACON NSPs in Sydney, Newcastle and Lismore. Or use the Your Room website to find your local NSP or pharmacy that stocks Naloxone:⁠


More info:


#Medical #Drugs #PleaseShare #Australia #NSW #DrugsUser #HarmReduction #HarmMinimisation

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Fur seals basking on rocks at Guerilla Bay Lookout, #NSW #Australia #photography

Fur seals on rocks

You can tell many abandoned CBC bank branches by the NAB branding name plate on the front - the local branch dates back to 1907 and closed in the mid 1980s possibly #werriscreek #newengland #nsw #bentsabout #latergram 

Tom Ellard
2 weeks ago

Just got surveyed by the NSW government about what assets I think should be provided for artists working in the inner Sydney area.

Took the chance to whine on behalf of a few people here - I hope my biases (music work spaces + live online with streaming visuals etc.) are in keeping with the omnes. Also some access to Moore Park (Disney/Netflix campus).

They also pitched an indigenous arts area on Macquarie St. Not much I can offer here for obvious reasons. #NSW #arts #music #studio

2 weeks ago

#NSW #austraila
Total Fire Bans will be in place tomorrow, Wednesday 15 November, for the Northern Slopes and North Western areas.

Hot and windy conditions are forecast across the state, increasing the fire danger, with several areas forecast to experience high fire danger.

visit the #RFS website:

#NSWFIRES #Bushfires

"a total fire ban means no fires in the open."
Map of NSW showing two areas of total fire ban in the north of thr state.
3 weeks ago

Sounds like the landed gentry of Gleniffer is practicing for the hunt or war. Some baron of the bush has been shooting around for an hour at 32 C. It has the sound quality of an elephant killing machine, a 44 Magnum? Wildlife are in hiding.
#WildWest #Bellingen #NSW #LandedGentry #Gleniffer #GunCulture #pollution #SoundScape #wildlife

Gleniffer, NSW mountains
Mojo ♻️
3 weeks ago

After years of lobbying the state government, traditional custodians have gathered to celebrate the removal of the name of Scottish #slave trader Ben Boyd from a #nationalpark on the #NSW far-south coast. #firstnations

3 weeks ago

#NSW #australia
A Total Fire Ban will be in place tomorrow, Saturday 11 November for the Northern Riverina area.

Hot, dry and windy conditions are forecast with high fire danger.

Landholders undertaking harvest operations should stop harvesting regularly to check the weather conditions against the Grain Harvesting Guide before deciding whether to continue due to the increased risk of fire.

For more information visit the #RFS website:

For information on Harvest Fires and the Grain Harvesting Guide check:

#NSWfires #bushfires

3 weeks ago

Why are dead and dying seabirds washing up on our beaches in their hundreds?

"Millions of short-tailed shearwaters (Ardenna tenuirostis), commonly known as muttonbirds, return to southern Australia from the Arctic each spring – a round trip of up to 35,000km.Muttonbird wrecks have happened on rare occasions since time immemorial, but are becoming more common.The many ideas about what is causing wrecks range from storms and overfishing to plastic, blue-green algae and irradiated water from Fukushima."

"When muttonbird wrecks occur, the casualties are starving. These birds weigh only half their healthy body weight. The factors leading to this starvation start before they reach Australia."
#birds #seabirds #muttonbirds #wreck #NSW #migration #starvation #MarineHeatwaves #salmon #overfishing

3 weeks ago

With a 75% failure rate I think it is clear that being selected by a #DrugDog is not a basis for #ReasonableSuspicion.

Looks like the cops are using the dogs to justify fishing expeditions.

In #NSW fishing expeditions would not be lawful.

(#Queensland on the other hand ... )

3 weeks ago

#NSW #austalia
#RFS :
We are currently monitoring a large number of lightning strikes caused by storm activity that is stretching across the entire length of the state and into Queensland. These lightning strikes can start new fires and with the fire danger likely to increase towards the weekend, it's important you report all unattended fires to Triple Zero (000) immediately.

visit the Hazards Near Me app or #RFS website: #NSWFIRES #NSWBushfires

Map of nsw showing a wide band of yellow Lighting strikes from Victoria to Queensland. 

From Eden out to broken hill and up the central west to Queensland
3 weeks ago

I'd love to get up to the Warrumbungles #NSW before summer so if you can help I'd appreciate it, otherwise fingers crossed the bushfires stay away this fire season and I can go next year once I have a job again.

3 weeks ago

Re-establish koala populations on fragmented habitats

"Where you've had a population grow from a small number of individuals, there's always potential for inbreeding."

"Drones with thermal cameras have been used to count the koalas and sound recorders are being installed in national parks, and on Crown land and farms along a 100-kilometre stretch of the river. We put the data through a computer and it takes hours and hours and hours of recording and just chops out the little snippets where it thinks there's a koala — then those little snippets get manually verified."

Best practice would be to refrain from logging koala habitat in the first place.
#StopLogging #NativeForests #biodiversity
#koalas #wildlife #telemetry #habitat #fragmentation #NSW #technosphere #SoundEcology #TheGreatKoalaGhetto #SaveTuckersNob

Mike Honey
4 weeks ago

Here's the latest variant picture for New South Wales, Australia.

As of late October, EG.5.* "Eris" (57%) was still dominant.

BA.2.86.* "Pirola" (6%) began rising in late October.

#COVID19 #Australia #NSW #Sydney #EG_5 #Eris #BA_2_86 #Pirola @auscovid19

Morpheus Being
4 weeks ago

#ClimateCrisis #WindFarms #Whales #NSW

Greenpeace offices and activists worldwide have worked to protect whales and the oceans they call home for decades. We’re also massive fans of renewables, which we need to build a tonne of to phase out gas and coal and tackle the climate emergency.

So when we started seeing posts online claiming offshore wind farms were killing whales, we decided to investigate.

The short answer: no, offshore wind farms aren’t killing whales.

The longer answer is a little bit more complicated – but building offshore wind is way, way better for ocean wildlife than fossil fuels, especially offshore gas and oil.

Morpheus Being
4 weeks ago

#Law #Complaints #MWM #NSW

Westy goes to the Office of the Legal Services Commission in NSW to complain about shonky lawyers. The commissioner complains back!

1 month ago

#NSWfires #austalia
As of 5pm, there are 67 fires burning across NSW, with 30 not yet contained. All fires are currently burning at Advice level, with over 600 firefighters and incident management personnel working to contain these fires.

Though there is still a large amount of fire in the landscape, milder conditions have allowed firefighters to establish and strengthen containment lines before elevated fire danger returns next week.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information through the Hazards Near Me app and #RFS website: #NSW #bushfires

Better Streets Australia
1 month ago

Free Try An E-Bike Event, Dyuralya Square, Waterloo. Sunday 12 Nov 10am - 4pm

Register for either a FREE group guided e-bike ride or, a DIY self-guided e-bike ride.

#bicyclensw #cityofsydney #nsw #sydney #cycling

1 month ago

#NSWFires #NSW Australia
As of 7am, there are 55 fires burning around the state, with 15 not yet contained.

Overnight more than 350 firefighters continued to strengthen containment lines on many large fires burning in the north of the State, particularly around Tenterfield. Firefighters supported by aircraft and heavy plant will continue to establish and strength containment lines, taking advantage of the milder conditions today.

I stay up-to-date with #RFS website:

1 month ago

#NSW Australia
#NSWFires #RFS

Fire affected landholders can call the Agriculture and Animal Services Hotline on 1800 814 647 to request animal assessment and welfare assistance, veterinary advice and if required, euthanasia and burial.

We encourage you to continue monitoring the situation around you using the Hazards Near Me app and the NSW Rural Fire Service website –

Please note the above hotline is for fire related requests only. Drought affected landholders should still call Local Land Services on 1300 795 299 for assistance.

If you are feeling distressed, Lifeline is available to support you by calling 13 11 14.

1 month ago

NSW Australia

The Bush Fire Danger Period is now in place for all local government areas around New South Wales, including along the southern border. If you’re planning on using fire on your property, you’ll need a permit.

Permits are free and help to ensure fire is used safely, minimising the danger to you and your community. You can get a permit by contacting your local Fire Control Centre or RFS Brigade.

Don’t be the fire risk to your community. For more information on the Bush Fire Danger Period and Fire Permits, visit the #RFS website:

#NSW #NSWFires #sydney

1 month ago

NSW Australia
As of 8am, there are 89 fires burning around the state, with 27 not yet contained. There are currently nine fires burning at a 'Watch and Act' level.

Throughout the night, crews continued to undertake property protection as fires threatened numerous properties, particularly around the Tenterfield area.

Today, while the conditions are easing, the forecast is for high and moderate fire danger across the state. Firefighters, supported by aircraft and heavy machinery, will spend the day working to slow the fires spread and establish containment lines.


Aby Darling
1 month ago

We had somewhere between 180 and 200 kids past our place for Halloween today, and every single one of them was incredibly well mannered and lovely.

I've done Halloween in the US before, but this was the first time I decorated here, and it was fantastic. The kids and teens who visited were SO happy and grateful, and it made the whole experience amazing fun.

(the cobwebs were taken down as soon as people stopped coming past)

#halloween #TrickOrTreat #Bathurst #NSW #Australia

The front of my house, decorated with giant spiders, gravestones and cobwebs
My front window, the lights are showing the silhouette of bat cut outs and gravestones
3 ghosts in my front yard, made from tablecloths draped over tomato cages topped with beachballs
1 month ago

As of 6:00PM this afternoon, we have over 130 fires burning across the state with 10 burning at Emergency level and 1 at Watch and Act.

Conditions remain volatile across the North, particularly around Tenterfield.


1 month ago

80 fires burning in #NSW as of 6pm. 35 are not contained.

Total Fire Bans will be in place tomorrow, Tuesday 31 October, for the Greater Hunter, Greater Sydney Region, Illawarra/Shoalhaven, Central Ranges, New England, Northern Slopes and North Western.

#RFS #NSWFIRES #sydney

1 month ago

Another total fire ban for #Sydney tomorrow.

#NSW #NSWfires #RFS

Mike Honey
1 month ago

The detailed daily case data for NSW has been updated, up to October 18.

The Illawarra region stands out, with the highest cases per capita (284/M) combined with the highest Reff (1.34) for the week.

Interactive Australian outbreak dataviz, code, acknowledgements and more info here:

#COVID19 #Australia #NSW #Sydney @auscovid19

Mojo ♻️
1 month ago

An impact crater thought to be almost three times larger than the one left by the #asteroid that wiped out the #dinosaurs may have been discovered in southern New South Wales. #nsw #australia

1 month ago

I've been following this wombat rescue group for years and have given to them several times. They do good work, and their planned sanctuary will save a lot of wombat lives. I know that there are lots of places that need money right now, but a little cash here will go a long way and do much good.

#wombats #Australia #NSW #ACT #critters #WildlifeRescue #WombatSanctuary

Woman in blue Wombat Rescue shirt holding large, healthy bare-nosed wombat.

Several years ago when I walked out of 477 Pitt St. #Sydney for the last time as an employee of #Transport for #NSW, hemp was illegal. Today I’m back to present at #SXSW our #Anandafood #hemp products.

Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Bushfires are blazing across Australia 🇦🇺🔥

#bushfire #bushfires #bushfiresAustralia #Australia #wildfires #nsw #qld

#NSW #police have been actively recruiting chaps who enjoy stripping #children #naked when the chance arises.

Lucky for the cops, most of the children they #sexually #assault are #First #Nations so no one will find out, or care very much based on our national racism quotient of above 64%.

Situation normal for #Australian #police officers. And for those officers with #PTSD - boo fucking hoo. Bugger it's not life threatening.

1 month ago

Most of Warrumbungle National Park will be CLOSED between 8am Monday 16 October to Friday 5pm 20th October 2023. This is because NSW National Parks is conducting an aerial pest control operation during this time.

Camp Blackman, Camp Walaay, Camp Wambelong, Visitor Centre, Whitegum lookout, and Wambelong nature track will remain OPEN.

#NSW #Warrumbungles

2 months ago

#AllTrails is pissing me off this morning, and not for the usual reasons. The website doesn't respect CTRL+Click to open in a new tab, and so much of the text I want to copy I either can't select or is inappropriately hyperlinked, and maintaining context as I drill into details and click back out is not easy. #NSW #Warrumbungles

A collage of photos of trails around a map of the Warrumbungles.
2 months ago

Video on fire management in Kosciuszko National Park #NSW

2 months ago

Total Fire Bans in #NSW for tomorrow, 12 October.

Map of total fire bans for the council areas of Bland; Forbes; Lachlan; Narromine; Parkes; Temora; Weddin; Dubbo; Bogan; Coonamble; Gilgandra; Warren; Moree Plains; Narrabri; Walgett; Warrumbungle; Gunnedah; Gwydir; Inverell; Liverpool Plains; Tamworth; Cessnock; Dungog; Lake Macquarie; Maitland; Muswellbrook; Newcastle; Port Stephens; Singleton; Upper Hunter;  The Hills; Blacktown; Blue Mountains; Burwood; Camden; Campbelltown; Canada Bay; Fairfield; Hawkesbury; Hornsby; Hunters Hill; Kogarah; Ku-ring-gai; Lane Cove; Liverpool; Mosman; North Sydney; Parramatta; Penrith; Randwick; Ryde; Strathfield; Sutherland; Sydney; Waverley; Willoughby; Woollahra; Bayside; Canterbury-Bankstown; Central Coast; Cumberland; Georges River; Inner West; Northern Beaches

How could this possibly go wrong?

The Government of New South Wales (in Australia) has sent around a link to encourage people to test how secure their password entering it on their website.

#SecurityFail #NSW

Screenshot of website asking the user to enter their password to answer the question "How secure is your password?"

☠️ On Saturday 14 Oct, I will be on a panel with @pirateradiomap and Stephen Dunifer:
Walking the Plank in the United Stages: Stories of Un/lawful Radio Transmission

We'll be virtual for the in-person event. If anyone on here is in #NSW & interested in #PirateRadio #MediaActivism, come check it out! Free to register

#radio @soundstudies #Australia @communicationscholars @sts #Commodon #STS

Dave Holland
2 months ago

I have just driven north from #Sydney on the M1, listening to “Into the bloodstream” by Archie Roach, and for at least 40km south of the Sparks Road exit, every single 110km/h sign has been altered to read “NO” - on both sides of the north bound lanes (maybe south bound as well?).
I wonder how long this has been the case.
Nearly 40 years ago I moved to #Australia from NZ and felt that I had gone backwards 20 years in terms of #Racism. (Not saying NZ was even near perfect) I thought we had progressed but the response to the #VoicetoParliament suggests it is not so. ☹️😞😕
#Yes23 #Referendum2023 #NSW

2 months ago

A growing number of Australian households are ditching cars for e-bikes but there are hardly any bike lanes.
"Cycling groups criticised the investment in active transport in the recent New South Wales budget, noting it was dwarfed by the broader infrastructure spend and under Climate Council recommendations."
#cycling #infrastructure #NSW #CoffsHarbour #FossilFuel free #mobility #ActiveTransport #ClimateEmergency

Massive infrastructure for fossil fuel mobility, Coffs Harbour
2 months ago

The main thrust of this front has moved over Canberra but we'll continue to get some patches of rain as it rotates around. #NSW

Surface pressure map of south east Australia showing cold front and decaying warm front with the low centred over Albury and moving east at 20 knots
Annotated rain radar showing rotation of wind blowing north out of Victoria, turning east and then pushing south east behind a large swathe of rain stretching from Taree to Lakes Entrance.
2 months ago

Bathurst, Mudgee, Orange, and Perisher Valley in #NSW all recorded over 30mm of rain so far today. 47mm at Mount Ginini and 50mm at Thredbo Top Station.

2 months ago

Getting quite a good downpour now. #Canberra #NSW

Rain radar map showing high rainfall from Yass down through the ACT to Jindabyne.
2 months ago

At the moment, all the thunderstorm activity is north of Parkes. #NSW

Thunderstorm and rain radar map of NSW showing lightning detected between Parkes in central NSW and the Queensland border.
2 months ago

Geez it must be windy down there, that Cobargo-Bermagui fire has reached the beach already #bushfires #NSW

2 months ago

Update on the fire between Cobargo and Bermagui #bushfires #NSW

Fire map showing fire pushing hard towards coast.
2 months ago

EMERGENCY level #bushfires at Cessnock and Cobargo. #NSW

2 months ago

Mudgee fire downgraded to WATCH AND ACT. #NSW

2 months ago

EMERGENCY level fire north of Mudgee. #NSW

Fire map.
2 months ago

Long Plain Road re-opens tomorrow after being closed for the winter. #NSW

2 months ago

Shannons Flat Road fire also upgraded to WATCH AND ACT #NSW

2 months ago

These strong winds are blowing the bushfire smoke out to sea #NSW

2 months ago

Two fires at WATCH AND ACT status in #NSW this afternoon, one near Bredbo and one near Bawley Point on the coast.