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View of NYC Health + Hospitals patient care locations – 2011 (Map)
#nyc #data #dataviz

View of NYC Health + Hospitals patient care locations – 2011 (Map)
Michael Fenichel
2 hours ago

Something Different: Gray Catbird

Most different for me, aside from something new, is where I saw it.

Recently transitioning from southern swamps & marshes to urban jungle, this oasis with flowers & birds which enjoy them is... Central Park, NYC.

Called a "catbird" due to its "meow" cry, but it is a relative of the mockingbird, & will mimic other birds in addition to cats.

While trying to ID it, I came across this short vid with a sample of song:

#photography #NYC

A gray catbird sitting on a wire fence surrounding a flower bed. It's a small bird, the size of a starling, finch, or wren, grey (with slight blue cast) and with a black crown.

Photo taken by Michael Fenichel in Central Park, NY

Downtown Brooklyn - DeKalb Avenue at Fleet Street

#NYC #Photography #Architecture #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of a skyscraper in downtown Brooklyn that is currently under construction. No people are in the scene.

Northbound Q trains are running with delays after we moved a train that had its brakes activated at Times Sq-42 St.

For latest updates, visit #nyc #mta #subway

The sun will rise in #NYC #NewYork tomorrow at 5:28, 31 seconds earlier than the day before.
It will set at 20:19, 47 seconds later than the day before.

7 hours ago

Lies & Cigars. My favorite NYC sign! Learn more in Naming Gotham: the Villains, Rogues, and Heroes Behind New York Place Names #NamingGotham #nyc #history #signs #histodons #bookstagtam #historylovers #Queens #historyteacher #streetart #Nonfiction

photo of a graffitied storefront. Half of sign is missing.  The remaining portion of sign reads "Lies & Cigars" with a coca-cola logo

Chelsea - West 24th Street at Sixth Avenue (noir alt)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of a brick apartment building along West 24th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. A few scattered clouds are in the sky. The brick building has an old sign hanging from it that says ‘LIQUOR’. A nearby skyscraper that is predominantly windows is reflecting the sky. No people are in the scene.
Ralf P. Loserth
7 hours ago

It's #MemorialDay and #nyc #FleetWeekNYC . Photos show the #USSIntrepid and the #usswasp - the #Italian Frigate Virginio Fasan a week earlier.

8 hours ago

Spring springing in #Manhattan #NYC #bumblebees 🐝 on giant allium🪻…doesnt get much better

A windy day on the boardwalk #nyc #streetPhotography #photography

Empire State Building Lights
9 hours ago

Tonight the Empire State Building will be lit red, white and blue in honor of Memorial Day.

Alex Simmons
11 hours ago

Someone opened a dispensary across the street from B&H and they didn't have the good sense to call it "Buds & Haze."
#NYC #photography

Gernot Wagner
11 hours ago

Wildly popular restaurant on the left, wildly popular ice cream shop on the right, 3 rows of 'burbanites searching for or currently enjoying their "free" parking in the middle.
#NYC #Chinatown #climate

Bayard Street between Elizabeth and Mott
11 hours ago

New York City is home to 17 supertall towers measuring over 984 feet, the most of any metropolis.
Writer Eric P. Nash claims the towers alter the skyline but add little to the city's character.
Instead, he said, these towers are an ugly reflection of billionaires' social and political power..,#NYC..#oligarchs..

Chelsea - Eighth Avenue at West 30th Street (noir alt)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of the screen scene outside of the entrance to Tempest Bar in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Signage reads, ‘Tempest Bar New York City’, and there are graffiti tags covering the entirety of the entrance. No people are in the scene.

Upper East Side - East 89th Street at Third Avenue (noir)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of an empty room. Large windows show nearby buildings across 89th Street. Two of the windows have partially open white blinds. A heater is installed into floor, and the cover has collected dust. An overhead fluorescent light is turned on. The floor is wood. The sky outside is overcast. There are no people in the scene.

Chelsea - Eighth Avenue at West 31st Street (color alt)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A photograph of Moynihan Train Hall, and nearby skyscrapers on a foggy morning. There is a taxi line, and people are walking, and standing in the scene.

Southbound 2 3 trains are running with delays after we requested NYPD assistance with a passenger being disruptive at 96 St.

For latest updates, visit #nyc #mta #subway

Andres Salomon
13 hours ago

@kristenrapp @mdruker It's also only 9'7" tall. That would solve a lot of problems here in #ForestHills, with for example the Q23 taking a longer route due to not being able to clear some low (10'5") bridges.


Grant Gould
14 hours ago

Almost uniquely among technology products, Google Bard has the capacity to instill hope.
#nyc #transit #mta

A screenshot in which Google Bard answers the question, "Will Moynihan Train Hall ever get benches?" with something other than the utter void of despair that human intelligences feel.
A Great Big City
16 hours ago

Top Stories from Midtown, Saint Albans, and St. Albans #NYC

Dominic Umile
17 hours ago

Too much good #art at MoMA right now — Ming Smith, Ellsworth Kelly and a luminous, eye-opening collection of early 20th-century charcoal drawings, pastels and other works on paper by #GeorgiaOKeeffe — grateful that my partner had this on the calendar #abstractart #photography #nyc

Abstract art by Georgia O’Keeffe at MoMA in NYC — pastels, charcoal drawings and more

A nice comment in /r/Brooklyn reminding everyone that despite our never ending desire to point out the inadequacies of the MTA, public transportation in #nyc has improved in some very meaningful ways over the last 5-10 years.

A Reddit comment stating the following:

Technology prevails. I’ve lived in NYC for almost 20 years and I can tell you the train is definitely better now than it used to be. Some of the improvements have been

	•	WIFI / CELL service on the platform and all subway stations
	•	Newer / better trains with better Air conditioning and ventilation
	•	The ability to tap your card / phone / smart watch to pay
	•	the MyMTA App has pretty good timing on all trains so it’s always good to check it before you leave.

What has really gotten worse is all the disrespectful people playing music / TikTok on their phones or people blasting music with speakers in public, and of course all the insane people looking for a fight. There used to be a lot less crazy people on the train.

Anyway, chin up - riding during rush hour is still pretty reliable and I would just try to avoid it at night (take an Uber /Lyft)

Back in 2005 you could wait for a train for 40 minutes and you wouldn’t even have cell service to know if it was coming or not
Blake Leyh
18 hours ago
Looking through an arched window half a couple hours sunrise the sky is light blue and full of watery white clouds. Pointed roofs of Harlem brownstones are silhouetted across the street, and a taller apartment building can be seen in the distance. Green leaves are entering the frame on the bottom and right, as spring growth reaches its peak.
Laurence Wolfe
19 hours ago

#Sunrise & #tea on the #water with #BestFriend in #NYC #harbour with #Manhattan in the background…#photography

Bob & myself on the boat off the coast of Manhattan New York City
Louanne Cooley
19 hours ago

Went to the city to see some beasts. Did not know that three fearful/enraged lemur could produce that much sound. People watching also fascinating. So many strollers. So many languages.

Had obligatory Happy the elephant discourse on animal rights.

#nyc #BronxZoo #animals #AnimalLaw

Close up of a handsome black and green monitor lizard in a habitat at the Bronx Zoo
Close up of a malachite butterfly resting on a leaf with wings closed showing the rust, white, brown and light green patterns on the undersides of wings
A roseate spoonbill bird standing on a slightly submerged stick in a murky pond. The bird’s long pink toes grasp the branch. The body is covered with white and light pink feathers while the folded wings are darker pink with a slash of bright pink feathers. The head is a featherless grey and the long bill is rounded and flattened at the end giving the bird its name. This bird was resting after dipping its bill in the water and gently moving its head back and forth to feed on aquatic invertebrates in encountered.
Three Inca terms rest on a branch in the sun with rocks and conifer trees in the background. They are dark grey with darker tails and heads, bright orange red bills and feet and curious thin white feathers curling back from the apex of the bill below the eye to make a bold comma behind the head. Just below the base of this feather is a small patch of bright yellow skin.

N trains are delayed in both directions while FDNY investigates a report of smoke at Coney Island-Stillwell Av.

For latest updates, visit #nyc #mta #subway

gianni contarino
1 day ago

Ray Livez - Statua della libertà.

#foto #nyc #cloud

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NYC Free Tax Prep Sites Map

1 trains are delayed in both directions while we investigate a loss of third-rail power between 96 St and 125 St.

For latest updates, visit #nyc #mta #subway

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More MOMA, this time some shots from the top floor "Signals"
show- a real mind melter. Im a Nam June Paik fan (loved seeing Zen for TV), but seeing these video pieces around media, "news", broadcasting and surveillance. If it didn't cost $25 per visit I would come back just to see the video show. Dara BirnBaum's intimate Tiananman square piece was well placed aside Julia Scher's Information America.

#nyc #moma #videoart #zenfortv #sculpture #manhattan #art #surveillance #videoart #signals

One of the "end of transmission" Dara BirnBaum pieces with Information America in the background
Information America all set up. A 90's predecessor to modern day surveillance attitudes
Julia Scher's Information America title card
Nam Jun Paik's Zen for TV- actually seen in a Nam Jun Paik room in the collections seen on the lower floors
1 day ago

While some friends were in town I tagged along with them to MoMa which did not disappoint! I found myself stuck in this "Systems" room as my friends explored the rest of the floor. Excellent work and my favorite room in a host of good current shows there

So I gotta look more into the work of Kate Crawford and Andrew Norman Wilson. Tough concepts to illustrate and wrap your head around, but so relevant and super interesting to me.

#MoMa #art #ai #amazon #systems #nyc #manhattan #google #echo

Title card for the giant amazon print. KATE CRAWFORD!!!!
Description of my current favorite room in MOMA
Giant wall print detailing how the Amazon Echo system works
Andrew Norman Wilson's "Workers Leaving the GooglePlex" showcases the artists experience interviewing workers based on their class. The workers were part of Google's top secret book scanning project- thus the artists employment was pretty swiftly terminated for their interest in the project
1 day ago


#StreetPhotography is great in #NYC !!!

Endless possibilities!

Data of New York 🗽
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NYPD Complaint Map (Historic)
#nyc #data #dataviz

NYPD Complaint Map (Historic)
Michael Fenichel
1 day ago

Change of Venue....

From tropical/semi-tropical swamps & marsh, to "urban jungle".

Here's a photo from yesterday, "Saturday in the Park"...


Back-story in the post.

Thin-sliced: I took a photo from this exact spot decades ago (KM, before digital film" OR social media). It got seen somehow (I think a gallery exhibit) & became a book cover.

Links to more #photography of #NYC and from around the world, nature & city - in the post.

Saturday, June 3rd, at 2pm, join me at the East 4th Street Community Garden in the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn for a Pollinator Safari with iNaturalist.

#Events #NYC #Brooklyn #Pollinators #CommunityGardens #OpenGardensNYC #NYCParks #iNaturalist

1 day ago

Glorious flowers at #NYBG #NYC

Rhododendron peak with a cluster of ~12 blooms pale to bright 5-petal fuchsia blooms with long stamens, and the top petal with ‘freckles of bright yellow.
A full screen of dogwoods in peak bloom.
One fragrant pale-pink lilac bloom cluster surrounded by leaves and post-peak clusters.
Mid size (between wild and store-brand size) rose bloom, yellow with pale pink tips and visible yellow middle. It smells like a rose with a bit of lemon.

SoHo - Howard Street at Crosby Street

#NYC #Photography #Love

A photograph of a graffiti adorned wall, and an advertisement for a campaign to raise awareness for gray wolf endangerment. There are no people in the scene.

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Neighborhood kitty Roxanne was all pissy that I woke her up just now until she realized I had whitefish salad with me.


#NYC #Photography #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Sunday

A photograph of a tortoiseshell colored, female adult cat named Roxanne laying all cute on the sidewalk along Broadway in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. No people are in the scene.

Columbus Circle, Manhattan - 59th Street Station

#NYC #Photography #Food

A photograph of an elderly woman sitting next to a fresh fruit stand she has setup on the subway platform at Columbus Circle. At the time of the photo she is looking at her smartphone.
Gernot Wagner
2 days ago

"Century-old restaurant from China"
#NYC #photography

Diners in a wooden shack on Thompson Street with the words "Century-old restaurant from China" written on its front, a NY cab going by.
Andres Salomon
2 days ago

Goddamn it, #nyc bike lanes are so criminally bad. Like, the engineers that designed them should be fined and lose their licenses. #BikeNYC

Gernot Wagner
2 days ago

Saturday mood.
#NYC #photography

Siri reading the paper in the glow of light streaming though a skylight.
R.A. Sinn
2 days ago

The #NYC of my pre-teens is alive and well... on the walls of the Ontario Gallery of Art gift shop. Not complaining.

Pricey skateboards on the wall with Warhol, Basquiat and Haring reproductions on them
3 days ago

I’d like to live in #NYC but where do you live with three bedrooms and good schools that isn’t $4000/mo (and even that doesn’t actually seem possible)???

(And don’t say “New Jersey”; I need somewhere remotely livable…)

Purple Rosemary
3 days ago

A travel map featuring an antique map of New York and a photo of the Statue of Liberty, taken by me, several years ago. I love creating these travel map composites. They are a way for me to honor the history of a place. #AYearForArt #TravelArt #CompositeArt #ArtPhotography #NYC

Stefan Bohacek
4 days ago

Nearly missed this, from two days ago:

"Today is the 140th birthday of the #BrooklynBridge and we're celebrating the icon that has been transporting New Yorkers since 1883!"

#nyc #brooklyn #BrooklynBridge #history #anniversary

A collage of two images side by side:

Left: A black and white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge taken on the pedestrian path looking toward one of the arches in 1914.

Right: A recent photo of the Brooklyn Bridge on a clear day. The two way bike lane is next to the vehicle lanes and pedestrians walk on the elevated path.
4 days ago

A few seconds of #citibike #nyc #NewYork1News fame TY
@CitiBikeNYC @NYC_DOT @TransAlt @bikenewyork @Streetfilms @StreetsblogNYC @JSadikKhan @LouisFinley

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Neighborhood kitty Roxanne is bird hunting this morning.


#NYC #Photography #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A photograph of an adult female tortoiseshell colored cat crouched down besides a light pole watching birds that aren’t in the image. No people are in the scene.
4 days ago

A complete glass surround for this deli on the lower east side makes its own statement on post-pandemic life in NYC. The media may be feeding the fear of crime here but clearly these business owners see something else #nyc #newyork

Sascha Segan
4 days ago

Train on a boat train on a boat TRAIN ON A BOAT!!!! #NYC #transit

Andres Salomon
4 days ago

It's weird watching #NYC get an influx of refugees/immigrants and seemingly not giving a shit about building more housing.

At least #Seattle kind of gave a shit (#HALA in response to what was effectively Amazon employee numbers growth wasn't great, but it was better than nothing at all). But NYC is just like, "meh, whatevs."

East Harlem - Lexington Avenue at East 125th Street

Upon first spotting a dog 🐶 coming into the store. 🐱👀

#NYC #Cats #Photography #CatsOfMastodon

A photograph of a corner store cat sitting on top of an ATM, and looking at a dog that isn’t in view of the camera as it walks into the store. Various food products are for sale on shelves behind the cat. No people are in the scene.
Andres Salomon
5 days ago

Imagine running a government program so popular that demand outstrips supply by 50%, that *also* helps the city's poorest families and gives kids something to do during the boring summer months.. and deciding, "Nah, we don't need to continue this once federal funding runs out."


New seats won’t be added, but filled seats might open up

Vadehra said they’re not planning to add seats — emphasizing that this program is being supported by federal dollars that are set to run out next year — and there is no wait list for seats. But they are expecting an unspecified number of spots to open up, either because fewer students will be mandated to attend summer school or because families may decline a seat they’ve been offered. The education department is working with DYCD to figure out how to make families aware of empty seats in June and how they can apply for those, she said.
5 days ago

Parking your #suv in a #bikelane like this can often be an indicator of how little someone respects the safety of their neighbors. That’s definitely the case with this motorist. A quick check of their plates on reveals this person has 34 violations since 2021, including 24 school zone #speeding violations. How is this person still able to #drive in #NYC ? And why is the ticket for speeding in a #school zone only $50?!

Selfish person blocking a protected bike lane with their dumb SUV
5 days ago

My office for today as I write an op-ed about Naming CUNY. Thank you NYPL. I love libraries! #History #histodons #NYC #CUNY #NYPL #library #NamingGotham

photo of the library reading room in a converted church. Low Book shelves line the walls and there are stained glass windows and beautiful dark wood framed doorways.  Facsimiles of library check-out cards decorate the walls above the books.

Broadway Bridge (noir)

#NYC #Photography

A photograph of the Broadway Bridge between Manhattan and the Bronx. There are graffiti tags, a passing 1 train, and one person is across the bridge walking. There are no cars.
1 week ago

New York Charter Schools Write Their Own Rules for When to Call 911 on Students Having a Mental Health Crisis

Families say Success Academy and other publicly funded but privately run schools are allowed to punish and discriminate against students by calling in emergency services.

Our latest in partnership with @THECITY

#NYC #NewYork #Schools #School #CharterSchool #SuccessAcademy #Police #MentalHealth #Students #Emergency

***Dave Hill
1 week ago

@futurebird Retroactive #NIMBY types are not restricted to #NYC, but (having just returned from a fun trip there), that variety seems to be particularly doltish.

Chelsea, Manhattan - Seventh Avenue at West 26th Street

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A photograph of the street scene along Seventh Avenue at West 26th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. People are walking, and standing on the sidewalk. Cars are driving, and one person is on an electric scooter. There is a Chipotle restaurant on Seventh Avenue, and multiple skyscrapers of various eras.

When you’re about to be upset that someone got on the train playing a video with no headphones on…but they are watching Curb Your Enthusiasm so you’re cool with it. #NYC


Upper West Side - Amsterdam Avenue

Decided to walk to the store, and came across neighborhood kitty Roxanne passed out from going heavy on the cat nip in a raucous #Caturday gone wrong.


#NYC #Photography #Cats

A photograph of a tortoiseshell colored adult female cat curled up sleeping in the grass along Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan. No people are in the scene.
1 week ago

Seen on the street in #Astoria. #NYC #Graffiti for the win! #Love over #Money. #StreetArt #NamingGotham

graffiti of a tic tac toe board filled in with red hearts and green dollar signs.  The red hearts won

Chelsea - West 28th Street at Seventh Avenue (noir alt)

#NYC #Photography #SilentSunday

A noir photograph of the graffiti adorned stairwell leading below the street to the uptown 1 train.

Inwood, Manhattan - West 207th Street at Post Avenue

#NYC #Photography

A photograph of the street scene along West 207th Street in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan. They are multiple brick apartment buildings starting with the intersection of Post Avenue. Cars are driving in both directions on 207th St. there is a ‘John’s Fried Chicken’ with its red and yellow signage, and many other shops along both sides of the street. People are walking, and standing in the scene. There are a few trees along 207th St. The sky is overcast, and the pavement is wet from a recent rain shower. Trees much further in the distance are the start of Inwood Hill Park.
1 week ago

#NewYork #NYC #FireIsland #LongIsland #LGBTQ #DragQueens #DragShows

'See The Queens offers folks in New York City, Fire Island, and Long Island an ultimate guide to the local drag scene. By setting preferences like date, time, and neighborhood, users are able to peruse more than 300 drag shows and events every month.'

Launches June 13th

Gernot Wagner
1 week ago

Morning run = exercise.
Morning run timed to be the very first customer at Devocion = bliss.
#NYC #Photography #Coffee

First customer at Devotion in Flatiron.


#NYC is sinking at a rate of about 1–2mm per year, although certain parts of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and northern Staten Island are sinking at a faster rate of 2.75mm each year.”

Gernot Wagner
2 weeks ago

When Silicon Valley-based, former tech columnists advocate head on for "lefty urbanist policies"
#climate #urbanism #NYC

If it sounds like I’m using the shift to remote work as an opportunity to advocate lefty urbanist pipe dreams — better public transit! fewer cars and more bikes! denser development! an improved social safety net! — you’re right, I am.
Farhad Manjoo: Office Workers Don’t Hate the Office. They Hate the Commute.

Central Park (color alt)

#NYC #Photography #Nature

A photograph of a pond, and winter time here trees in Central Park beneath a blue afternoon sky. There are no people in the scene.

Garment District - West 39th Street at Seventh Avenue

Think they planned for their hat to match? 🤭💛

#NYC #Photography

A photograph of a person standing underneath a big yellow button, needle, thread art piece wearing a hat that is the same color yellow as the button.
2 weeks ago

Tragic story of a person subway surfing on Staten Island with fatal consequences. The image from the local news just seems...unreal. It’s like an exaggerated movie scene.

#StatenIsland #NYC


West Village - Perry Street at Washington Street (noir alt)

#NYC #Photography

A photograph of apartment buildings, one with a window unit A/C unit, and a shuttered garage entrance. There is light shining onto the center of the scene. There are no people in the scene.

Lower East Side - Delancey Street at Suffolk Street

#NYC #Photography

A photograph of a white exterior wall next to a parking lot covered in graffiti tags. As seen through a chain link fence which is obscuring the entirety of the image. No people are in the scene.
2 weeks ago

If you're in NYC and enjoy photography and/or a good ol' time, my photowalk group is hosting a release party for our second zine tomorrow night in Ridgewood. All are welcome to join!

QT @nycphotostroll:

#NYC #photography #photowalk #community #zine #ridgewood #bushwick

Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

The couple’s office says the pair and Meghan’s mother were followed for more than two hours by half a dozen vehicles after leaving a #NYC charity event. The chase “resulted in multiple near collisions involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians and two NYPD officers.”