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Here's an exciting (for me) coin - A foreign coin I picked up in change, in Australia, AND it's got a mint error!

Learn all about that, and the beautiful symbols on this 2005 New Zealand one dollar coin here:

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Kiwi on a background of fern leaves, denomination below. Script: Latin Lettering: ONE DOLLAR Designer: Robert Maurice Conly
Fourth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, legend around, date below. Script: Latin Lettering: NEW ZEALAND ELIZABETH II IRB 2002 Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley Read more on Wikipedia
Closeup of the date on the 2005 NZ dollar coin showing the die break with the partly filled top on the 5

A view into Mātiatia Bay from the 3km/ 90min Mātiatia Headland Path (📷1); #Auckland’s Sky Tower is 21km as the crow flies from Waiheke’s Mahuehue Point. On that path we came across this orange #fungus—a spectacular rustgill/ Gymnopilus junonius (📷2). From Little Oneroa Bch another short path to the point affords views back into the secluded cove below Ocean View Rd (📷3); a lookout peers into Sandy Bay (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Mātiatia ferry terminal, seen through a gap in pōhutukawa
Orange-coloured mushroom-like fungus
A sandy cove with rocky outcrops either side separating it from Little & Big Oneroa Beach; red pōhutukawa flowers in foreground
A yacht in foreground l; small sandy beach across the bay behind it, backed by trees & homes
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#NewZealand #mapconspiracy
It is spreading, even the #NZ government!

(2/2) Oneroa to Mātiatia on Te Ara Hura. At Cable Bay (📷1) we found a sculpture that was part wagon, part dog (📷2). The track took us past multi-million dollar homes. As we approached the ferry port at Mātiatia, we had views through the Motuihe Channel to central Auckland, with the distinctive shape of volcanic Rangitoto in the background (📷3). We returned to Oneroa by road, closing an 8.5km/ 2.5h loop (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

A small stony beach leads to clear water; foreground rocks; tree-covered headland on opposite side
Wagon wheels on a section of track attached to what appears to be a stylised wooden dog; a triangular signs warns of a buried cable; a mansion sits on the hill behind
Red pōhutukawa flowers in bottom left corner; clear water next to a rocky outcrop; city & volcanic cone visible on horizon
GPS track showing the loop track described in the text

(1/2) Oneroa to Mātiatia, via Waiheke’s Te Ara Hura walkway. Beginning at Big Oneroa Beach (📷1), we next took in views over Fossil Bay (📷2) before continuing on to reach Owhanake Bay (📷3). We were accompanied trackside by the sweet scent of yellow & white-flowering Japanese honeysuckle/ Lonicera japonica—an unwanted organism in NZ (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

A curved sandy beach, with boats at anchor in the calm, turquoise waters of the bay; Oneroa village is seen left of frame
A rocky coastline, with trees perched of the edges of cliffs
Boats framed by a pōhutukawa and a cabbage tree
Yellow & white petals of the honeysuckle
Mark Darbyshire
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If Tesla was serious about solving climate change, they would offer a car share option. You shouldn't have to own an expensive hunk of embedded carbon that spends 95% of its life in a car park in a city with great public transport.

Toyota made tentative steps in this direction a few years ago when they bought Cityhop.

I enjoy my Hyundai EV subscription with Zilch but it's still not quite what I'm looking for.

#Tesla #Toyota #Hyundai #EV #Cityhop #Zilch #CarSharing #ClimateChange #NZ

💉Eliot B
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This is a reply to a toot of interest to #nissan owners in #aotearoa #nz

Approaching Stony Batter you’ll see the vines of another of Waiheke’s many vineyards: those of Man o’War (📷1). The name relates to nearby Man o’War Bay on the southern coast (📷2), which formerly supplied timber masts to naval vessels. It’s here where you’ll find the vineyard’s beachfront cellar door & restaurant (📷3). The bay offers sheltered anchorage & has views to Pakatoa Is & northern Rotoroa Is (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Vines in foreground; hilly peninsula in mid-distance; blue waters of Hauraki Gulf beyond
Green grass fronting a mixed sand & shell tidal beach within a curved bay
People at the winery’s beachside restaurant enjoying outdoor dining & wine tasting
Boats at anchor in Man o’War Bay, with the northern part of Rotoroa Island behind

Waiheke’s Stony Batter fort was built in WWII to defend #Auckland against feared Japanese invasion (a sub did launch aerial recon & a German raider mined the Gulf). Excavated by hand, the base housed ~200 soldiers & labourers under strict secrecy. A DOC concession allows $ entry into restored tunnels & chambers; free to walk around 8M yr old basalt boulders above. The 9.2” naval guns had a range of 34km.

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Magazine store with shaft for elevating munitions to the guns above; replica shells in yellow on floor
Colour illumination of concrete-lined tunnels; this one descends 7 stories to the bombproof plotting room 200m below ground
The red line on this chart marks the range of the 9.2” naval guns; target positions were plotted by combining information from several data sources
2 of 3 planned naval guns were installed; this is No. 3 gun position, which was never completed to save costs once it became clear the tide had turned against Japanese advances
Jon Sullivan
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Aotearoa-NZ has some marvelous endemic moths and one of the most extravagantly elegant of them all is Macarostola miniella.

Talented young Auckland naturalist Saryu Mae (@invertebratist on #iNaturalistNZ) took some amazing photos of one this time last year.

Keep a look out for them if you live in the upper half of the North Island. The caterpillars mine in leaves of swamp maire. The adult moths are small, but spectacular.

#Moths #Lepidoptera #NZ #Nature #Mothstodon

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Pic of a flyer for a free December event in Tamaki Makaurau. Text reads;


2023 15th December
Community Centre
3131 GT North Rd
Opposite Bunnings

6:30 onwards
Free entry Koha welcome
Featuring The Mhara Marimba band

Happy Uplifting Polyrhythms from Africa"

#Aotearoa #NZ #events #Christmas #Polyrhythms #PanAfrican #PanAfricanCommunityCentre

Flyer for "PAN AFRICAN CHRISTMAS PARTY", text in post.
Matt Marcha
4 days ago

Allez un nouvel épisode publié ! À ce rythme dans six ans j'ai fini de raconter mon été 2023.
#aotearoa #nz #roadtrip #invercargill #curiobay #catlins

Waiheke Island has a well-established 🧀 food & 🍷 drink scene. It would be a shame to visit without enjoying the experience of visiting a cellar door for a 🍇 wine tasting (📷1), sampling fine 🍕 cuisine in a peaceful outdoor setting (📷2), or deciding upon a favourite from a flight of craft 🍺 beers (📷4). Follow-on options include savouring a creamy 🍦 dessert from Oneroa’s Island Gelato Company (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Grape vines at Tantalus
Outdoor dining area at Stone Ridge
A selection of beers from Alibi Brewing Co
Storefront at a gelateria

Onetangi occupies the middle part of Waiheke’s nth coast; the Māori name “weeping sands” recalls an intertribal battle during the Musket Wars. Pōhutukawa edging the long sandy beach flower a seasonal red, earning the accolade “NZ Christmas tree” (📷1). Locals find them useful for hanging swings (📷2) & as a source of shade from fierce summer ☀️ (📷3). Beach access only to this property next to a large one (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Bright red pōhutukawa flowers on a white sand beach
A rope & wood swing suspended from a pōhutukawa tree branch over the sand
Shade provided by the dense leaves of a pōhutukawa tree
A property with a driveway leading directly onto the sand; it is situated next to a large red-flowering pōhutukawa tree

While our van “Curiosity” takes family on a South Island mini break, we’re having a pre-Christmas holiday with friends on Waiheke, #Auckland. Oneroa is the main settlement on the 92sq km island (📷1). From our rented house we’ve views into the Hauraki Gulf, out to Little Barrier Is (📷2). A small headland separates the inviting but chilly waters of Little Oneroa Beach (📷3) from neighbouring Oneroa Beach (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Looking down Ocean View Road, Oneroa, which is lined with mostly single-story shops
View out to sea from balcony of a rented house; a hatch is moored in the bay, which has a sandy beach
Transparent water at Little Oneroa Beach, upon which there are several sunbathers
Past rocks in the foreground is the settlement of Oneroa, which is adjacent to a long sandy beach


What does the new Government mean for the climate and nature?

Russel Norman and the team will break it down for you live on YouTube:

#nzpol #nz #newzealand #election #greenpeace #live #livestream

Post-election reckons with Greenpeace
4 days ago

@SrRochardBunson what kind of #libre services can the sorts of people who host tonnes of libre services host to facilitate your music? One of the topics today is ( #NZ ) someone who basically carries all of NZ's libre services on their back, but they don't really have any music-focused services or hosting yet.

4 days ago

Every time I travel to Te Wai Pounamu I ask myself; why, oh why, are there no ferries from Wellington to Nelson?

#Aotearoa #NZ #transport #ferries #CookStraitFerries

Rupert Brackenbury
4 days ago

An interesting #paradox of anti-māori #racism i see among some rightwing New Zealanders: #Nationalism that lauds #NZ as a unique place with a unique culture, language & landscape, but, rather than further that by promoting our history, culture, #TeReo or even our #environment, they seek to recreate a caricature of Britain (with nicer beaches)
#nzpol #Aotearoa

4 days ago

Check out this, especially the lead guitar at about 3m40.

Wow 🤩

#music #school #nz #talent #song #rock #leadguitar

The Times Of India
5 days ago

Pakistan women's cricket team broke a five-year drought by securing a historic 10-run victory over New Zealand in the second T20I of their series in Dunedin. This marks the first time Pakistan women have won a T20I series against the White Ferns in their history and their first T20I series victory away from home since October 2018. The improved Pakistan side posted a competitive total of 137/6 in their allotted 20 overs, with performances from Muneeba Ali, Aliya Riaz, and Bismah Maroof.
#Pakistan #T20I #NZ

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5 days ago

Ahead of its final year, the team behind Welcome to Nowhere let us in on the facts and figures of running an indie festival – and discuss why small NZ festivals are struggling to stay afloat.
#NEWZEALAND #Festival #NZ #Music #Culture #summer #VICENewZealand

Jon Sullivan
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It's that time of year in Ōtautahi-Christchurch when the plum and cherry trees in gardens are starting to ripen their fruit. At the same time each year I see more kererū venturing out from the Port Hills reserves into nearby gardens. Coincidence? I don't think so.

While the kererū seem pleased with their plums, they're also dispersing exotic plums into wild places.

#nz birds #fruit #gardens #Kereru #iNaturalistNZ

A photo of a kererū/NZ wood pigeon (a bird white and green bird) sitting on a fence looking at a fruiting plum tree.
A photo of a kererū/NZ wood pigeon (a bird white and green bird) in a fruiting plum tree in a garden. It was eating fruit.
6 days ago

#NewZealand central bank chief defended its use of the Maori language in official communications on Wednesday, as the country’s new centre-right government looks to roll back the use of the #Indigenous language in the public sector.

#Maori #language #English #communications #NZ

Our road trip north continued through the rolling hills of The King Country/ western uplands. The Makatote Viaduct was built in 1905–08, spanning 262m at a height of 79m, making it NZ’s 3rd highest rail bridge (📷1). A view of the Whanganui River to the south of the rural service town of Taumarunui (📷2). We overnighted in a 5x2.5m tiny home near Cambridge (📷3). A car ferry to Waiheke Island in #Auckland (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

A rail bridge spanning a bush-clad gully
A partially-forested river valley seen from an elevated vantage point
View of tiny home interior, showing mezzanine bed accessible via ladder, entrance to bathroom at far end, kitchenette left wall & table/ chairs along right wall
A red SeaLink car ferry disembarks vehicles at the terminal on a grey & wet day
6 days ago

Twenty-five years of #MāoriTouch has been celebrated in #Rotorua this weekend, as the final day of the #Māori touch nationals draws to a close at Rotorua International Stadium on Sunday.

A #PōWhakangahau was held on Saturday evening to mark the special “quarter-century” milestone of Māori Touch #NZ’s launch in 1998.

#Indigenous #NewZealand #NativeCultures #NativeNZ

#Subtoot #NZ
For a short but crucial time, New Zealand had a government that put the west to shame.

That didn't go unnoticed. Hence miillions in foreign dark money were spent to undermine democracy in a tiny state.

It worked.

CMDR Yojimbosan
1 week ago

#nz #covid Sad to report my second dose of covid as verified by RAT test.
Still hadn't recovered from the other one I caught 15months ago.

Mike Honey
1 week ago

Here's the latest variant picture for New Zealand.

As of mid-November, EG.5.* "Eris" (73%) was still very dominant.

BA.2.86.* "Pirola" (6%) began rising during November.

#COVID19 #NZ #EG_5 #Eris #BA_2_86 #Pirola

During our drive north we acquired some Continental Christmas goodies from the shop inside a working Dutch-style windmill in Foxton (📷1). In Taihape during the town’s Xmas parade; a demo of community cohesion (📷1). Incidentally, this is the “Gumboot Capital” of NZ (📷3); the official boot-throwing lane was in use as we passed! Its head in cloud, Mt Ruapehu couldn’t see the lush pastures surrounding it (📷4).

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Windmill styled after those in the Netherlands; a balcony half way up permits views over Foxton
The high street in Taihape, closed for a procession led by the town’s police & fire brigade
A sculpture of a gumboot in corrugated iron; the name of the town (Taihape) in front of
Snow-capped volcano with its head in cloud, flanked by forest with lush grassy pastures below that
Robin Capper
1 week ago

First in the metal sight of the Abarth 500e at the Andrew Simms NZ North Shore dealership opening. It's not quite available in NZ yet, but they had a pre-release press car on show.

#abarth #500e #weirdcarmastodon #NZ

1 week ago

Who says that the millions spent on road building in Aotearoa is at the expense of building enough public housing? Here we see both...

#Aotearoa #NZ #housing #PublicHousing #RoughSleeping

A mattress and a blanket under a motorway underpass.

Shakespeare Bay in #Picton can receive the world’s largest cruise ships e.g. Ovation of the Seas, seen here docked alongside timber for export (📷1). The other side of Kaipupu Point, Picton Harbour is the South Island terminal for inter-island passenger & freight ferries (📷2). Picton recedes as we head into Cook Strait via Marlborough Sounds (📷3); hello again #Wellington (📷4). We’ve swapped the van for a 🚗!

🚗 #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Logs in piles await loading for export; behind, a large cruise ship with a pale blue hull disgorges passengers onto waiting buses
A Cook Strait ferry loading at the Picton terminal
Picton seen from inter-island ferry, looking after between exhaust stacks
Mt Victoria, Oriental Bay & Wellington CBD, seen from the deck of an approaching ferry
Michael U
1 week ago

Someone was bold enough to call an outdoor event in Wellington "On A Good Day" ... and of course it's rain forecast all weekend


1 week ago

After the watch reported above the Sun produced an M9.8 solar flare at 1950Z on 30Nov2023.
The flare produced a fast moving coronal mass emission (#CME) directed at Earth.
This CME is predicted to overtake the earlier ones and combine to hit Earth at around 0600Z 1Dec2023.
The predicted plasma density is very high so New Zealanders may see #aurora after sunset tomorrow night.

Animated prediction of the impact on Earth at around 0600Z on 1Dec2023 of a Coronal Mass Emission emitted from the Sun at 1950Z 30Nov2023.
Jon Sullivan
2 weeks ago

Here’s a story on #RNZ of a project working to increase the numbers of mohua, the NZ yellowhead, in part of southern Aotearoa. Mohua are an endemic NZ bird (in an endemic bird family), once abundant through the South Island, but now very rare, and endangered. My wife Laura is working with a team on a high tech way of monitoring mohua populations, and individuals, with a network of audio recorders.

#birds #conservation #nz #mohua#EcologicalMonitoring #AudioMonitoring

2 weeks ago

@xurizaemon if you're free can you help me figure out how I can finish requiting 's unrequited request to rebroadcast the #lispyGopher #climate in #aotearoa #NZ . Especially with our government starting coastal oil exploration, NZ features a lot at the moment.

2 weeks ago

Apparently #NZ wanted brain dead conservatism

2 weeks ago

New Caledonia passes first sugar tax bill

Meanwhile in New Zealand we make it easier to die from smoking and consuming sugar.

#RNZ #NZ #Sugar #Tax

Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 weeks ago

The Aotearoa History Show S2 | E10: NZ Railways | RNZ #Trains #Aotearoa #NZ

2 weeks ago

Woot for the Kiwi Connection:
"In December 2014, Gordon-Levitt married Tasha McCauley, the founder and CEO of technology company Fellow Robots ... He has been living with his family in Wellington since October 2020, after moving his new TV production to New Zealand in response to the COVID-19 pandemic."
#NZ #NewZealand

St James Walkway “smalls” (2/2). The truffle-like violet pouch #fungus, Cortinarius porphyroideus (📷1). A close-up of the headdress of an inquisitive endemic South Island robin/ Petroica australis (📷2). The #native NZ everlasting #flower or “Hell’s bells”/ Anaphalioides bellidioides (📷3) & snowdrop wood-sorrel/ Oxalis magellanica (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Violet/ purple mushroom-like fungus lying on it’s side
The top of a robin’s head; the interlocking feathers are clearly seen
A small white daisy
Five white petals with a green central area
Cory, On Rails 🚂
3 weeks ago

Calls to restore the Southerner train have been gaining momentum lately - let's keep it up and bring the service back! 🚞

#chch #nz #Rail #Dunedin

Otago landscape with signature blue Southerner carriages speeding past
3 weeks ago

Oh hey I’ve tested positive for Covid. It’s still not over, and it’s still a multi-organ pathogen. Take care out there.

#COVID19nz #Aotearoa #NZ #CovidIsNotOver

4 weeks ago

Another horrifying expose of public sector IT incompetence by #PhilPennington of RNZ;

"But DIA told RNZ that racial bias was not an issue because in recent tests the tool was 90 percent accurate. The tests covered 250 people."

If you believe that, I have a cancer cure for you, that's definitely been tested on at least 250 people, and 90% are them are still alive...

#Aotearoa #NZ #FacialRecognition #RacialBias #DIA

1 month ago

"[LIANZA President Richard Misilei] says while obviously books are the basis of libraries, they do so much more.

They are polling places; adjuncts to WINZ where people are sent to print out forms or get help setting up an email account; homework clubs; job seeker support...

'There's a whole bunch of people who don't even have a laptop at home,' he says, which is why the computers set up in libraries are in huge demand."

#RNZ #TheDetail #libraries #Aotearoa #NZ

Jon Sullivan
1 month ago

The most dangerous time for suburban trees in private gardens is when houses get sold. Sometimes they're felled to tidy up a garden before sale. Sometimes they're felled by the new owners. Very few trees in private gardens are as old as the city.

This wonderful old kowhai tree on Samuel Street in Ōtautahi-Christchurch was cut down in the last two weeks when the house sold.

The tree had just finished flowering and not yet leafed out (so it wasn't looking its best).


#trees #urban #NZ

A photo of a kowhai tree (Sophora microphylla) covered in yellow flowers, in a suburban garden in Ōtautahi-Christchurch. I took this photo on 13 September 2022.
A photo of a kowhai tree (Sophora microphylla) covered in yellow flowers, in a suburban garden in Ōtautahi-Christchurch. I took this photo on 27 August 2018.

A photo of the same suburban garden with the old kowhai tree conspicuously absent. Probably not coincidentally, the house had just sold.

The Tax Dodgers Onion is a blight on our democracy.

Chiding in plain sight #nzpol #tax #democracy #election #poll #nz #newzealand #NZTwits